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Grey's: Matthew Morrison Returning as Jo's Hubby for 'Big' Season 14 Stint

Looks like Alex is gonna get another chance to clock Jo’s hubby.

Matthew Morrison is confirming what many Grey’s Anatomy fans had suspected: We have not seen the last of Jo’s abusive husband. In an interview with The Argonaut, the Glee alum said his character, Paul Stadler, will play “a big role” in the ABC drama’s upcoming 14th season. An ABC rep declined to comment.

Morrison made his Grey’s debut as Paul in Season 13’s penultimate episode when Alex tracked down the fellow doc at a medical conference and imagined various incendiary scenarios involving his archnemesis. Ultimately, Karev walked away without confronting him, although the two did share an awkward moment jockeying for a cab (during which Paul seemed to recognize Alex).

Grey’s kicks off Season 14 with a two-hour episode on Thursday, Sept. 28.

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  1. Jess says:

    Finally! They better do this storyline justice and let Jo be the hero in what is supposed to be HER storyline. So far they have sidelined her and turned this into Alex + Deluca or Alex tracking down her husband and I need Grey’s to do better. I’m sick and tired of all the victim shaming I constantly see.

    • Iris says:

      ITA. I was mostly on a break with Grey’s. I’ll check it out again this season, in case they finally do justice to Alex, Jo, and such an important topic. Not holding my breath since those two characters always get the short end of the stick, but keeping an open mind and hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

    • T-dad says:

      Although I agree, I think part of the reason why Jo wasn’t utilized as much is because the actress who plays her was pregnant.

  2. Michelle01 says:

    I’m excited for this and hope Grey’s will do it well. Show us what a manipulative dirtbag he is. Hopefully his role will end with him dead or behind bars. For all DV victims who died at the hands of their husbands and couldn’t escape their Pauls.

    • Not all victims of domestic violence are women, or have husbands.
      That said, I do agree. They should actually make him likable and manipulative. They shouldn’t make him obviously evil, because one aspect of people like that is that they can play the good guy very well, around most people.

  3. Dominique says:

    it’s good they’re going back to this storyline, but i also think alex should be moved away from it. i know it’s in part due to the actress’ pregnancy, but alex and jo have spent so much time apart, and jo hardly any time on the show at all this past season, that it only made it even more obvious how much better things are when they are not in the same scenes. they don’t want the same things out of life. jo is still at the part in life where alex was 10 years ago. she’s not ready for the things he wants, an dit’s hardly fair to keep pushing them together anyway.

    • Amber Yael says:

      If you think so I don’t think you understood very well. Jo does want the same thing Alex wants, she said so. She does want to marry him, she just can’t And I personally disagree that things are so much better when they aren’t together. For me the show has been horrible watching Alex hang out with the sisters 24/7 instead of working through the issues he has with the woman he’s in love with. Grey’s did them dirty by ignoring them as a couple so much, but Alex is still the one person who understands Jo best, even moreso with this DV storyline since his own mother went through it and he did everything in his power to protect her. And now he will protect Jo. It’s been a long time since season 10 but back then Alex was going through things and Jo was there for him and now I want to see it the other way around like it should always be the case in relationships.

      • T-dad says:

        I’ve always liked them as a couple, because I think both of them have a background that dealt with struggle, so neither of them take what they have for granted. In spite of their difficult and challenging backgrounds, they became doctors! I’ll never forget when she reveals that she was a homeless teen and lived in her car and took showers at school. I think in that moment Alex realized that she was kind of like him and unlike any of the other women in the hospital.

    • May says:

      Dominique again, commenting negatively on every Alex and Jo related article. I want to know why you’re so obsessed with them and why you don’t even seem to pay attention if you are so obessed. Nobody is ‘pushing’ Alex and Jo together. They were together for nearly 4 years without breaking up once. Which is a rarity on Grey’s. They were happy, they understand each other and saying that they are better when they’re not in the same scene is very objective of you because I love seeing them together. Jo is the first love interest Alex got who makes me think she’s perfect for him because she gets where he comes from and vice versa. Last season they were barely given a chance to talk or they would have probably worked through their problem after Alex found out why Jo couldn’t marry him. Which brings me to your weird statement that she isn’t in the same place as he is but where Alex was 10 years ago. 10 xears ago he was acting like a frat boy, flirting with everything that moves and sleeping around. I never saw Jo do that? She is already married and has clearly stated she would marry Alex if she could so how is she not in the same place he is? Wish you people would actually make statements that are at least true for once, not some made up stuff that doesn’t even follow the show’s canon just so sou can sell your opinion as a fact.

    • sunshineee says:

      I’m just laughing because what you said doesn’t even make sense. Jo called Alex the love of her life, said “I want to marry him but I can’t”, would be down for having children with him but she’s not in the same place he is? Of course Alex will be involved, he’s the one person who actually had to live with an abusive husband in the same house for years and had to watch him beat up his mother the way Paul beat up Jo. And because he loves Jo. He was the one tracking down Paul, how could he not be included?

    • Lauren says:

      I hardly see any pushing when this is Alex and Jo’s first real break up. There are so many other couples on the show who constantly show us that they actually can’t coexist very well and for some reason they aren’t pushed together but a couple who got through most of their hurdles and only got stuck on this one because Jo didn’t feel safe enough to talk about what happened to her, is? You just seem to be a classical hater who doesn’t want them together but then you could say so, not make up excuses that aren’t even true. Jo is nothing like Alex 10 years ago. She was ready for all kinds of commitment with him very early on, the only thing she couldn’t give him was marriage, and that wasn’t because she didn’t want to. She even bought them a loft so they would have their own home together. She wants everything Alex wants and they actually don’t need a marriage license to be considered married. Grey’s Anatomy has taught us with the post-it note or Callie and Arizona’s wedding that you can be married to someone just with your heart. And I’m sorry, but how do you expect Alex not to be involved in this storyline when he was the one who couldn’t let it go and searched for Paul? I’m not even mentioning the obvious link between his mother and father and Jo and Paul. This is a storyline that screams to be told for Alex and Jo, and I hope finally this season the writers will come to their senses and do it properly instead of what they did last season. For me personally it was a horror watching Alex eat lasagna with the sisters or go pick up Maggie’s mother when he and Jo still had so much unfinished business. The writers only use him as everyone’s BFF instead of giving him a storyline with his romantic partner on the show and you people say that’s so much better to watch. Well for me it’s not. I don’t want to see everyone find someone to be happy with and Alex take care of all their children living in Meredith’s basement wondering why he didn’t just talk things through with Jo who loved him more than anything.

  4. Amber Yael says:

    Jo is the first main character on this show to suffer from DV directly (I think Alex never mentioned having been hit by his father, only his mother) and I am very excited for this story to be told, except that so far the show has disappointed me so much in how they handled it. Basically they ignored it, made us watch an ugly trial instead for half of season 13 and let Jo barely say two sentences about how she managed to escape or what exactly went down. For a show that praises itself on being so feminist Grey’s has failed so far. I just feel bad for Camilla Luddington who seemed so excited for this storyline and even mentioned buying books on domestic abuse to prepare herself the best she could. She got ignored all last season and they didn’t do a better job handling her pregnancy. Shonda Rhimes has showed zero interest in this storyline so far when it means so much to so many women who go through domestic abuse. Do better, Grey’s. If you will continue to fail showing us the terror Jo Wilson had to go through and how she is one of the strongest characters on the show for overcoming this all, then you will lose me as your viewer. I know I don’t matter much but this topic does.

    • Josucks says:

      she is one of the strongest characters

      Gag,vomits,is this some kind of sick joke?

    • Hannah says:

      Alex was physically abused by his father – he’s mentioned it multiple times. I think once he even said something about his father breaking bones. But that doesn’t qualify as domestic violence, but rather abuse by a parent.

  5. The Rookie says:

    He is getting tons of work! I think he has been very successful after Glee. Good job Mr. Shue.

  6. Josucks says:

    Jo is one of the worst characters ever.

    Can they please kill her off?

  7. Mara says:

    Jo lied to Alex for a very long time instead of being an adult and having a mature conversation with him about her past. Jo uses her past as an excuse for not taking responsibility because she “can’t” — in fact she can if she stops playing the victim. I am not looking forward to this storyline at all, the less we see of Jo the better. Love the character of Alex but am not interested in him with Jo or him having to deal with anymore craziness.

  8. jj says:

    Just one more reason to not watch GA.

  9. dsrbroadway says:

    So this means more Jo? Blech. She’s the only character/actor that hasn’t eventually grown on me in 13 seasons.

  10. Emor says:

    Between this and the return of Hunt’s sister, Grey’s is turning into a soap opera that happens to be set in a hospital…not the other way round. I enjoyed the show when It focused on the medical aspect, with personal character elements, not what it has become. I will tune in to see where the show is going, but it has been steadily dropping down my must watch list since the end of season 12. Might finally be time to put a stake in it.

    • Hannah says:

      Hate to break it to you, but this show has always been a soap opera. Literally the first thing that happens in the first season is Meredith sleeps with a random guy at a bar and then shows up at her new job the next day to find out that he is her boss. Season 2 was overly dedicated to a love triangle between Meredith, Derek, and Addison. Soap opera staple right there.

  11. Leslie albritton says:

    I thought she said her ex husband was a cop??

  12. Paloma says:

    Bah. Not that this comment will get posted because somehow none of mine get posted and nobody will respond to requests for explanations.

    I couldn’t care a fig about Jo’s husband or her, for that matter. Just don’t care. It’s time for her to move in and the actress to find other work.

  13. cathy viviano says:

    i am giddy giddy giddy about Matthew Morrison joining Greys anatomy for this upcoming season. hee hee :)