Supergirl/Mon-El Backlash Draws Reaction From CW Boss

The president of The CW found himself keeping a ‘ship afloat on Wednesday at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, defending Supergirl Season 2’s introduction and heavy involvement of love interest Mon-El (played by Chris Wood).

After network chief Mark Pedowitz alluded to MIA Mon-El’s possible return at some point in Season 3, the TCA member who had asked him the question at hand opined, “Nobody wants that.” To which the network boss promptly replied with a smile, “I think some people would disagree with you on that.”

After that executive session Q&A, Pedowitz affirmed for TVLine that he keeps tabs on all his shows and “I understand there is some backlash to [Mon-El].” He then went on to say: “I am a big fan of Chris Wood and Melissa [Benoist], and they get along great. And you know what, it’s the right way to tell a story.”

Supergirl returns Monday, Oct. 9 at 8/7c, now leading into the new military drama Valor.

Do you side with Pedowitz, or Unnamed TCA Member?

Supergirl Video: Cast Talks Up Season 3
Arrivals, Then Bursts Into Song

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  1. Mark says:

    Is he on crack?

    • Morgan says:


    • N.Kyl says:

      He is right actually, I’m not one to chase comment sections but I do love Mon el & Kara. And I’m sure there are many other silent fans out there. Being vocal does not mean you are the majority.

    • Reality says:

      Without Kat on the show, Mon-El has been the only thing saving the show to draw people in and keep the show entertaining and fun. James’ character was useless and unnecessary in S2 and should be written out. Love the actor, hate how he was used.

      • Gift says:

        Very well said.

      • KET says:

        The ‘only thing’?? I believe that Sanvers fans and Lena Luthor fans would disagree strongly. Mon-El was on a learning curve throughout last season, but Kara was also going through some self-discovery while they became more involved with each other. Season Three will likely explore a key difference between the Super-cousins, as Kal told Kara that he wouldn’t be tough enough to send Lois away, even if the situation was for her own good.

        • Emma Faque says:

          Sanvers and Lena haven’t been fun characters by any stretch of the imagination. They’ve provided for plenty of drama, but definitely not any comedy/fun.

          Why did you happen to pick those three over all the other characters? Hmm.. you smell like a Lena/Kara shipper. Get over it.

          • I Guess says:

            Why are you being mean?

          • Richelieu says:

            You see, the great thing about comic books is that they aren’t meant for any one group of people. Unfortunately, this doesn’t really carry too well over into the realm of television. People will always hate on what another group of people enjoy, and if you have a problem with people having fun with a piece of fiction, that’s on you. I will admit that there are some SuperCorp shippers who have been mean to Karamel shippers, and vice versa, but why not let people enjoy a show and make what they will out of it? That’s why we have this lovely thing called fanfiction. I don’t have to ship what you ship.

            Let me explain why some people don’t like Mon-el. Now, please understand that I don’t speak for the majority. I speak for myself and share the views of a few people that I have had in-depth conversations with on this subject. From a comic book reader’s point of view, the character is wrong. I’m not talking about his opinions. His real name is Lar Gand, which the writer’s made a completely separate character on the show. He also isn’t royalty. But back to the name. The moniker of Mon-El comes from when he landed on Earth. He met Kal-El and since they shared similarities, Kal-El thought that Lar Gand was a Kryptonian and named him after the day he landed (hence “Mon-El” and Monday). Lar Gand in the comics was associated with the Legion of Super Heroes and the Wanderers, not Supergirl, so you can hopefully understand why this has upset some viewers.

            As for the TV version, to be frank, he’s a bit of a wet rag. He doesn’t really have much of a character except for his “redemption” arc, which wasn’t really needed since he was just a douche, not a bad guy. A redemption arc could have been used much better on a villain. He wasn’t giving much character other than being rebellious and clinging to Kara like an annoying koala. I won’t get too much into the character’s other faults, as I really only want to say one more thing.

            I don’t watch Supergirl to hear about her relationship, whether it be Karamel, SuperLane, SuperCat, SuperCorp, or whatever. Frankly, in my opinion, the show would be much more plot-driven if Kara wasn’t in any relationship. I watch Supergirl to see Kara Danvers become Kara Zor-El. To see her become the superhero that we all have inside us. It’s an example that we don’t have to hate on other people just because we can. Watching her strive to be a better hero makes me strive to be a better human, and I hope it does the same for you.

            Have a nice day.

      • Alex says:

        They made a big mistake by casting him as James Olsen. He could have been cast as Mal Duncan (look it up) who actually did become he Guardian and was even featured on the Young Justice animated series. But he had no chemistry with the actress playing Supergirl — but the Supergirl/Mon-El coupling was believable and interesting.

      • Ratings have fallen since the show moved to The CW and focused on Mon-El

        • Muffy says:

          Which doesn’t have anything to do with Mon-El. The CW is smaller than CBS

          • JFINN says:

            Actually it did and were low for The CW. They were record high the first half of season 2 but after the mid season premiere it steady went down in the key demos once they start increasing Mon El’s screen presence.

          • Tini says:

            The very obnoxious and vocal part of the fandom that keeps speaking for everyone by saying “We don’t like him” are not the majority and I’m sorry but you don’t speak for the whole fandom, you also don’t speak for the general audience.Just accept that there are many people that really care about him including me. Funny how the people who don’t do social media and watch the show are not aware of the ship wars, love Mon-El and or are neutral about it. Good to know they are not doing fan service I think they’ve learned that the hard way with Arrow, this is THEIR story, not ours and they’re kindly inviting you to stop watching the show if you don’t like it.I am really excited for next season, especially Kara’s arc they’re finally exploring her abandonment issues, her anger, and her past on Krypton also Mon-El will bring the Legion of superheros and we will get to know more about Space dad’s dad!

          • Emma Faque says:

            JFINN: Supergirl NEVER held record numbers for the CW. Not even close to The Flash. Check out Vampire Diaries’ numbers in their heyday.

            How do you figure the ratings dip has to do with Mon-El and not, say, the focus on Alex and Maggie’s sappy and super drama-filled story line? “Waahh, I hate Valentine’s Day because baggage, Waahh!” “I have trust issues, WAH WAH WAAHH”

            And did you forget that the series break is when Alex came out as gay to her mother and revealed her love for Maggie? “Coming out” has been so played out that even I rolled my eyes. Dude, it’s 2017. Nobody cares. That’s as boring as a woman coming out that she had relations *gasp* before marriage. It’s no longer intriguing.

            As for many of the people who did actually care about Alex’s coming out, they’re a bunch of bigots who stopped watching and contributed to the ratings decline.

          • Emma Faque says:

            Exactly, Tini. I do think they learned a valuable lesson from Arrow that fan servicing tiny groups that scream loudly on twitter doesn’t pay off. They don’t represent the majority.

          • Tini: Neither do Karamel/MonEl Stans speak for the entire fandom. Truth is that ratings fell and Mon-El was pushed to the center. And the CW will try to used Chris/Melissa’s relationship to hype up Mon-El. Just like they did with Nian for Delena and that is why the CW president ignores Mon-El controversy, because he wants another real life/show couple for the CW to promote to high ends.

          • Ellie says:

            Interestingly the lowest rated episodes were 18,19,21
            They lost the male viewers (and please check out the viewing data to confirm this) all 3 eps lost male viewing share which made them the lowest eps, and they were advertised as female centric. Ep 18 – Lena’s ex (very hyped lots of adverts for it) Ep 19 Alex and 21 Cats return
            Make of that what you want

        • ninergrl6 says:

          Ratings are steadily declining for almost every (or maybe every) network show. Besides, CW doesn’t seem to care all that much about ratings.

        • Tini, I don’t speak for all viewers and neither do Karamel/Mon-El Stans. So accept that not everyone likes him.

        • Nayla Naboo says:

          But the episodes with the lowest ratings are the two focused in Lena and ‘Alex’. The episodes with ‘Mon-El’ have the highest ratings.

          This is the reason why the big bosses want to keep him. There are more viewers because of him

      • Annick Bellefeuille says:

        Mon-el has driven people away, though, too.

        • Freddie says:

          No he hasnt. Thats your own childish hate speaking. His ep had the best ratings actually

        • Sarah says:

          This is silly – if ratings fell in the second part of the season you could just as easily assume that they fell because Lena was featured more heavily or because Alex and Maggie’s relationship received more screen time. I’m not saying either of those things is true – all I’m saying is nobody actually has a clue why ratings fell so it’s ridiculous to decide that Mon el was the reason. It’s equally silly to assume he would be the reason for a ratings increase.

          • Annick B says:

            everyone I know stopped watching specifically because of the Mon-el / Karamel storyline. Not scientific, I know, but this is from my perspective. I’m sure people tuned out due to the gay storyline as well, but Lena was not featured very much so I don’t know if I would blame it on that character, or M’gann and so on. Mon-el was consistently featured and very publicly ummmm divisive.

          • Nayla Naboo says:

            I know many people (in real life) that were bored with Supergirl season one and started watching again and now love it because of Mon-El / Karamel. I do not know a person who doesn’t love him in real life.

            The fact that Annick B says that anyone who they know stopped watching because of him probably is because their friends share their opinion.

            I know that everyone in the Karamel fandom block the haters in social media because they are aggressive, and that is probably the reason that they think that everyone thinks like them.

          • Annick B says:

            I’m not on social media, so try again.

      • supergirlisaboutkara says:

        i love that you just admitted you don’t care about the title character. why are you even watching the show??

    • Agent 86 says:

      Probably not, but I’m guessing he’s just trying to keep his star happy.

      Unfortunately that means more Mon-El, unless they use Chris Wood as Mon-El’s doppelganger and create an interesting character who could actually add something to the development of Supergirl’s character.

  2. Amy says:

    Sigh…..I take issue with how quickly James was replaced with Mon-El tbh i felt super rushed. She decides James was a crush and then oh look now she’s in true love with Mon-El that’s bad writing at least give it a season first, what happened to build up?

    • Emma Faque says:

      That coupling was very unpopular as they had zero chemistry. I’m glad that’s done, but yeah, agree more build-up with Mon-El could have been great. He’s hilarious and I hope he sticks around.

      • jason says:

        They were not unpopular. The writers didn’t write for them..people at most were indifferent about them. “Kare and Mon-el are unpopular. its day and night the reactions they get

        • Amanda says:

          kara and mon el are hugely popular. if you go to youtube, their fanvids have a huge amount of likes and comments. barely anyone ever vidded james and kara.

          • kath says:

            Kara and Mon El are popular among a certain segment of the fandom. But a lot of people who don’t have time to make fanvids really dislike them.
            Of course there aren’t many vids of James and Kara. They were over before they started.

          • The scene with their second kiss on yt had more than 2 million views, before it was deleted. People loved it.

          • Olivia says:

            I think what you mean, Amanda, is “they’re popular within a segment of rabid and vocal teens who are in fact a minority”. Where have I read that before? Oh right, it’s the usual argument to invalidate and dismiss entire groups of fans in every fandom ever. So I have to ask: are they really that popular (based on youtube and stuff) therefore Supercorp is even more (I can’t cite Kara/James as an example since they were DOA and they gave them nothing post S1); or we can assume that no pairing or character really stands out beyond loud subgroups and the ratings will provide answers along the line.
            Mon El has almost single-handedly ruined the show for me. When a single character makes you stop watching because going through an episode is tedious, something is definitely not right. S3 will be without me, many shows deserve that one weekly hour waaaaay more… and Mon El being “central” as well as the cast being insensitive and immature recently quashed any doubt I might have had until last week.
            Just an piece of advice, Pedowitz: if you have to convince a reluctant audience (and critics) that what you’re doing is “the right way”, then the story/direction is really bad. Otherwise it wouldn’t even be an issue as people would wholeheartedly embrace the characters and the story.
            iZombie is the only other CW show I watched and even this one is getting utterly boring, I’ll probably ditch that one too. I’ve decided that I’m not going to follow my fave actors on CW anymore, they’re bound to end up in a show that’s not deserving of my time and attention. I should have realized that a long time ago, anyway. Oh well.

          • N.Kyl says:

            @Olivia “they’re popular within a segment of rabid and vocal teens who are in fact a minority”.
            If anything, Supercorp and anti-Mon el are the rabid fans who seek to demoralize the entire SG fandom with their vitriol & bitterness. The cast and showrunners of SG are constantly attacked and threatened on SM. Go on any social platform and you can see how much Monel/Kara are constantly being attacked. The rabid fans are def not the Karamel fans. During Comic Con when Jeremy J made a joke about Kara/Lena being just friends and nothing more…all hell broke loose and supercorp fans went on and on about their coupling being dismissed and being made fun of.
            This TCA interviewer is one of those entitled rabid anti Mon-el fans who wants to dismiss an entire section of the fandom. By saying ‘No one wants that’….who was she/he speaking for exactly. How about being professional and realizing that she/he may not be a fan of the couple but there are other people who like them. I’m glad Pedowitz had a good response. People like different things, if you did not like s2 then fair enough but guess what, there are those of us who really liked it. Frankly it doesn’t matter if they are popular or not, this show is not after pandering to fans, the writers & showrunners will determine the direction of the show and not the fans. If you are not happy then stop watching. So sick of entitled TV audiences who think they are above the rest.

          • EssieMcGowan says:

            look I rewatched the Jane and Michael kiss from JtV abvout a million times… doesn’t mean its individual people ;p It could be just that one fan rewatching over and over and sighing contently. Which no shame to that game… its just hardly reflective of a fandom as a whole. If you want to watch that scene over and over… you get it baes.

          • Olivia says:

            @N.Kyl I don’t even know where to start:
            – the hypocrisy (pot, kettle etc) of your complaints
            – the entitlement of the Kara/Mon El fans (you know, that subgroup who tells gay kids to go “kill themselves” over a ship every chance they get… you must know since you’re an expert at seeing horrible stuff on SM?)
            – you being dense (what do you think the C in TCA stands for?)
            – or you trying to sell me your warped vision of what happened over the SDCC fiasco. I don’t need your drama queening, thanks, I can make an opinion for myself and it happens to be that this cast, minus KMG, CL & DH seems to be as mature as the audience their show is aimed at.

            Not to mention that you have the nerve of blaming that critic for generalizing while your ilk is doing exactly just that with everyone who barely even begin to criticize anything Mon El and going “y’all Supercorp monsters, everyone knows that!” in this very comments section (FWIW I’m not, but then again I don’t care about bruised kiddos opinions and I actually do like the idea of that pairing. Who cares ffs? I felt mocked just the same by the cast, because I have some self esteem and won’t accept that a straight dude wants to be the authority on what’s offensive or not.

            If you — general YOU, Mon El stans– actually take the time to watch reaction vids (I did), you’ll probably see people from different orientation, color, gender and age making sound arguments and explain why they feel that way; but it would disrupt your agenda to make these fans seem like psychos so I guess you can skip that part and commiserate in your Karamel echo chamber.

            I personally can’t subscribe to the mindset of only respecting fans according to what THEY think is worth “joking” and having a hard-on over. Sorry but that [basic male > strong female / straight > gay / white > poc / toxic canon > baited fanon / female hero downgraded to fixer upper > female hero who wouldn’t have so much as glanced at a frat boy slave enthusiast] is really not making for a fun show to this lesbian (white but fighting for all representations) feminist. So as I am a grown up with standards and precious limited time to give to shows, I just won’t return, like many others. You’ll soon be a fandom of like minded fans/shippers who will cry foul when the show’s expenses dig such a deep hole into the network’s pockets that they will cancel it over the $$$/ratings ratio. It’s not a drama with no sfx, makeups and stunts. It’s a sci-fi show with all of this and then some.

            So you’ll understand easily why many of us can’t take you guys seriously.
            All the problems that have been raised by many different groups and publications — and conveniently brushed aside by TPTB, the network and Mon El fans alike — will be this show’s downfall. We’ll either align/cross over or at least add up. And if the dozens of people I’ve read are any indication of the ship jumper profile: we’re young adults to adults, we’ve seen enough tv to have higher standards and not to be spoon-fed BS without biting back (especially LGBT and POC) and we are the ones the advertisers desperately want to reach, with all that income and spending stuff, y’know.

            Anyway, enjoy it and fangirl to your heart’s content because at this rate the axe might fall sooner rather than later.

          • N.Kyl says:

            @Olivia…Yikes, I’m not tryna diss you but how about trying to make your thoughts more coherent. Stop rambling, focus, pick an argument and argue it well…
            For example, WTH does this rant even mean? -> “I personally can’t subscribe to the mindset of only respecting fans according to what THEY think is worth “joking” and having a hard-on over. Sorry but that [basic male > strong female / straight > gay / white > poc / toxic canon > baited fanon / female hero downgraded to fixer upper > female hero who wouldn’t have so much as glanced at a frat boy slave enthusiast] is really not making for a fun show to this lesbian (white but fighting for all representations) feminist.”
            Anyway like I already said before, entitled audiences are ruining this fandom. Just because you are not happy with the direction of the show, you have to ruin it for everyone. There’s no one more rabid than SC in the SG fandom. Writers and showrunners are not here to appease any particular fans, be it straight, gay or poc. You are not special because you belong to a certain fandom, and I’m sorry about your self esteem issues, but those are your issues to deal with and the show, cast and the rest of the fandom should not have to be affected by them.
            SG showrunners do not owe you or me or any viewer anything. If I get to a point were I do not appreciate what the show is delivering, then I’ll stop watching. If you feel the direction of the show is beneath you then do us all a favor & stop watching. If you got a problem with my arguments then that’s on you.
            P.S Advertisers don’t care where their revenue comes from, they are out to get everyone’s money not just LGBT & POC $$$.

        • Uno says:

          They as a couple are polarizing is the term I think ur looking for.. Just like the character of james… From the moment he was introduced

        • Mara says:

          Are you kidding. Kara and mon-el are very popular and very loved!!! Read before you comments. Your totally wrong!!

        • Jeremy says:

          I’ll be honest, I’m a 46-year-old married man with two daughters and we’ve been watching the show since the beginning. I never knew there was any issue with them as a couple until this article. Granted, I don’t go online or belong to any fan groups, but we were all disappointed when it look like Mon-El may not be coming back. We’ve always thought they were a great couple and have great chemistry. We’ve always attributed that to the fact that they’re dating in real life (or so my teenage daughter tells me!). If anything, I thought that most viewers were “on their side”.

          • Alex Garcia says:

            Most? No one really knows what most fans like bc the online viewers (ie. those who are active on the internet, social media, etc) who bother commenting/liking /retweeting/reblogging or even checking Supergirl-related articles IS NOT EVEN 1% of the entire viewership watching Supergirl. A group claiming they are the majority based on the number of likes or comments these social media/articles have would be misguided. Statistics doesn’t support their claim.

          • Alex Garcia says:

            Most? No one really knows what most fans like because the online viewers (ie. those who are active on the internet, social media, etc) who bother commenting/liking /retweeting/reblogging or even simply checking Supergirl-related articles is NOT EVEN 1% of the entire viewership watching Supergirl. A group claiming they are the majority based on the number of likes, views or comments these social media/articles have would be misguided. Statistics doesn’t support their “we’re majority” claim.

          • Alex Garcia says:

            Most? No one really knows what most fans like because the online viewers (ie. those who are active on the internet, social media, etc) who bother commenting/liking /retweeting/reblogging or even simply checking Supergirl-related articles is NOT EVEN 1% of the entire viewership watching Supergirl. A group claiming they are the majority based on the number of likes, views or comments these social media/articles have would be misguided. Statistics doesn’t support their “we’re majority” claim.

          • ninergrl6 says:

            Thanks, Jeremy, for speaking up and proving that stereotypes are wrong.

        • Emma Faque says:

          @Olivia: Gay fans aren’t victims because a network doesn’t cave to their demands that a certain character become gay. What kind of entitled brat thinks they’re so special to make that kind of demand in the first place? Yeah, take your ball and go home when you don’t get your way. Wah!

          I’m only a casual fan of the show who sometimes reads comments, and just about every time I see weirdly irrationally hate of Mon-El, it’s from Kara/Lena shippers. Till this thread, I had no idea how bad it was and that this bizarre behavior is so widespread that many others have made the same observation.

          Relative to the population, gays are way OVER-represented on Supergirl and on CW in general. You’re seriously barking up the wrong tree. If you really care about inclusiveness and others besides yourself, then start with Asians or Native Americans who are actually under-represented.

      • Eric says:

        To be fair she hasn’t had chemistry with ANYONE except Barry. We know that’s not going to happen because he has his own boring love interest.

        • ninergrl6 says:

          I disagree. I think Kara has chemistry with lots of folks (including Mon-El, Winn, and Lena), just not with James.

        • Alex says:

          She had chemistry with her ex (Cat’s son) as well. But if you don’t see the chemistry between Kara and Mon-el — you don’t want to see it. What is this crap about Kara/Lena?! Do people just invent this stuff in their heads?!

      • kath says:

        I thought Kara/James had great potential But it would have been an adult relationship, unlike Kara//Mon El which is for little girls and dude bros who can’t take strong women.

        • Yes, because pinning after a guy who was in a healthy relationship is soo, soo mature and an adult thing to do :)

        • JC1 says:

          which is for little girls and dude bros who can’t take strong women.
          Wow. Condescending much? I bet you don’t like it when people say things like that about Olicity shippers. I’m no great fan of Karamel, but certainly can’t we criticize the ship without sneering at the shippers? And I don’t really see how Kara/James was so much more adult, seeing as how she tended to act like a twitterpated teenager around him.

        • T.W.S.S. says:

          My problem with James and Kara from the very first promo was that he seemed too mature for her. Kara is practically a teen with her adorkable self, and James is all about being a serious, independent man.

          • Mary T says:

            Another problem was the whole pining over Kara while starting back up a relationship with Lucy. What kind of guy goes off for a weekend with one woman, only to call another one that he’s shown interest in and knows that she’s into him? And also the looks he’d give Kara at game night while with Lucy. He was bad for both.

        • N.Kyl says:

          …where there’s no chemistry, there’s no potential.
          Kara would have died of boredom with James.

    • zzz says:

      You felt it was rushed…Hm, your generation really expects these things to be all written to your specific needs. JFC.

    • Gift says:

      Nothing was rushed there. James was no point nd almost killed the show. Mon el was just right for Kara.

    • kalinis says:

      james and her never clicked. and it was months after breakup. not like supergirl started right up after the broke up.

    • Kahlan says:

      CW’s idea : why let a poc character like James be Kara’s love interest while we can just bring a white guy being a douchebag to save the day ?? Yay applause. A total moron who decided to try to become a super hero to be able to stay with a woman. …what a great arc. ….magnificient …groundbreaking. Meanwhile most of Kara’s arc this season was reduced to. ….her relationship with him. ….awesome…

      • I’m black and I’m usually very sensitive about how POCs have been treated on many shows, but I also have a problem with people crying race whenever a POC character doesn’t work out…because when it is really legitimate, we won’t be taken seriously. Sometimes the character just doesn’t work and that’s what sadly happened with James. I was actually excited when they mentioned that James would be black, but when was disappointed with the casting because he had absolutely NO romantic chemistry with Kara…but neither did Winn,for that matter. Whoever did the casting in season 1 didn’t have a clue about chemistry. At this point, I don’t care if he’s white…..Chris Wood’s character works. The actor is excellent and has tons of charisma and they were lucky to get him. I’ve been on tons of sites where fans bash terrific POC characters just because they aren’t white, and it’s not a good feeling. And while I understand that whites have a much easier time getting roles and fan support than POCs, I still think it’s unacceptable to bash any character just for being white or straight.

        This may not apply to you, but a large number of Mon-el haters championing the POC cause don’t seem to have a problem with the lack of decent black female representation on the show, and clearly don’t have any issue with all of the major female characters being white. J’onn and M’gann were excellent characters who actually did deserve more screentime..yet the same people complaining about Chris Wood being white showed little interest in these two characters who could truly be an asset to the show if given more screentime. Most of the outrage was over the decreased screentime for people like Lena or Maggie or Alex not J’onn and not M’gann. In a show where the white females have the most vocal fans, I wish people would stop using Chris Wood’s race as a reason for why they have an issue with the character.

        • THANK YOU! Exactly this. This show is dominated by white women, but I don’t hear anyone crying out about it the way they are about Chris Wood. And don’t think some of us haven’t noticed that the Kara/Lena ship is about two cis white women. This is coming from a multi-racial gay man. Tired of the insistence that the entire LGBTQ community is upset about Supercorp and Mon-El

      • Marco Piazzo says:

        I’m sorry, but did you watch season 1? They had as much chemistry as a fish and a bicycle! And it’s not because of race or whatever, it’s because James was written terribly, and to my knowledge that hasn’t changed in s2. Mon-El, for all his problems, is 100 times the character James was. With James it was like they stopped at ‘now he’s black’. So… if he’s black now, he has no character? C’mon SG writers!

    • I personally don’t want to see interracial garbage jammed down my throat. I’m glad her love interest isn’t a black.

  3. Michelle says:

    The right was to tell a story is to unceremoniously dump the Black love interest for a white slave owner? Okay….

    • Reni says:

      Yes!!! that what i thought! CW f*ed up changing a Boss Black Man, for a white Whinny annoying boy. they dumbed down Kara because of it.

    • Paul says:

      Not everything in a fictional tv show has to bring race/color into it, it’s make believe people. Stop pushing agendas onto a tv show that they didnt set out to push.

      • Anne says:

        Oh look, I get to hit a square on my White Privilege Bingo card now. The square for “someone says it’s just tv and to shut up about representation”.

        • Zayne says:

          Oh look, I get to hit a square on my “White Privilege is the Reason for Everything” card. See, we can all be sarcastic a-holes. Let’s allow that to bring us together.

      • renisimon says:

        The day people stop being Rascist, we well stop mentioning it. is not an agenda… is reality

        • Anne says:

          I actually have ‘end the white hetero patriarchy’ IN my agenda though so….. :P

          (It’s on my to do list).

        • Angie says:

          Just stop being stupid altoghter and people won’t think you actually are stupid. It’s NOT ABOUT RACE. James sucked as a character, he and Kara had anti-chemistry. The James role was just horrible.

          • EssieMcGowan says:

            TBF the only people on the show I felt Kara has any chemistry with was Barry during his guest spots and Lena. Everyone else has been ‘eh’

          • David Mccarthy says:

            TV going vanilla again shame

        • Zayne says:

          The day people stop assuming that disagreeing that everything is about race is racist, we’ll stop mentioning it. James Olsen is an objectively poorly written character with no place on Supergirl regardless of race. Mechad Brooks deserves better material. I wish they’d let him go shop for pilots.

          I’ve never saw legitimate outrage at Jimmy being made black. I saw irritation that Kara/Jimmy was being shoved down our throats in season 1 despite a lack of chemistry and then I’ve heard how since the show moved away from CatCo, he’s become obsolete and the Guardian plotline isn’t great.

      • Shaun says:

        These TV shows nowadays have only two real edgy situations. Black/ white relationship OR the lesbian relationship. These two situations are seen in almost every show now. But the white female LEAD never gets with the black guy. She may think about it but it never actually happens. On the other side, it’s almost always two WOMEN not men. I don’t care one way or the other, but please get more variety! Life is more exciting than those two situations!!!

    • Brynna says:

      I loved Mon – El! Hope he comes back. He brought a great light hearted touch to the show.

      • Jordan says:

        Yeah, it was so lighthearted when he abused Kara and disrespected her at work.

        • N.Kyl says:

          Oh goodness stop with the victim mentality…..What you just said is highly offensive to real abuse victims. Yes, throw your hissy-fit but stop throwing words like abuse around because you obviously have no idea what it means.

      • Cali56 says:

        I haven’t checked any comments at this site for a while because I got tired of all the negativity and hate. I see not much has changed. Kara and Mon-El have the best chemistry on all of television and Mon-El is one of the best additions to a show I’ve ever seen. Season 2 is far superior to season1 and Mon-El is the main reason. Can’t imagine the show without him but I’m sure all those that can’t handle a great relationship for Kara on this show will continue the negativity. The CW boss was right. Most viewers don’t spend time complaining and most definitely like Mon-El.

    • JZ says:

      This has nothing to with race and everything to do with chemistry. I’m not sure James has any chemistry with anyone except Finn. LOL! I agree that taking time to build up Mon-El and Kara would have been nicer. I have grown to like them as a couple but it was too quick.

    • That actually represents the Democrat party pretty well.

    • Zayne says:

      The right way to tell a story was to drop a love interest where zero chemistry existed, regardless of the actor’s race. If they’d made Mon-El black and he’d been played by black Chris Wood, and they had the same chemistry that Kara and white Chris Wood had, I don’t think you’d have heard any complaint from anyone outside of actual racists. I’m a fan of Mechad Brooks but James Olsen is a useless character that needs to be written off.

    • Scribe says:

      Yeah has nothign to do with the fact that the relationship between her and Jimmy had the chemistry of a dead rock but keep throwing out the black white thing because that doesn’t trivialise real social injustice at all.

  4. Jake says:

    Soon, I am sure it will be like Arrow. All relationship bullcrap and not a superhero show.

    • Anne says:

      And badly done relationships. I loved Olicity and then the show went and did it so stupid. Instead of showing us them being in love, they just told us about it.

      • Patrick says:

        I say it all the time, and it is especially true WRT the CW. Writing Comedy is hard. Writing drama is easier than writing comedy, but writing drama is still hard. Writing melodrama is easy. And the CW shows all eventually devolve into melodrama. It is easy to do, and it placates the screaming howler monkeys of the fan base, aka the shippers.

        • Toni says:

          Actually, these writers are very good at comedy as seen with LoT, The Flash and Supergirl. They just happen to be obsessed with romantic drama.

    • Chris says:

      It’s a cw show your stupid to expect that a network geared towards woemen doesn’t have love stories in all there shows. I loved Olicity on arrow and liked how they handled it and where it’s going for next season.

  5. N. says:

    not surprised to see how all the salty supercorp people show up suddenly with their hate in the comments section. and with their sudden fake care about James.

    • DCL says:

      I couldn’t care less about supercorp, or any other relationship on that show, hetero, non-hetero, alien or what not. The fact that they replaced James ( a black man) with a white slave owner and portrayed him as some superdooperclassyeveryonewantstodatehim man, as Supergirls love interest is repulsive and wrong on so many levels. Just because Benoist and Woods are schtupping, and Pedowitz has a thing for them, doesnt mean that that story line wasn’t complete bull and offensive as hell and that Woods should return. Joffrey from Game of Thrones is more likable than Mon-El and everyone hates/ed that character. Not to mention that they turned Kara into this pathetic little girl and destroyed her character all for the sake of white boi.

      • renisimon says:

        I agree! they destroyed Kara, to the point that she dont mind losing her dream job cause she has a man… my kid loved season 1, but i wont allow her to watch season 2 when it comes to netflix.

      • Paul says:

        Racist much? You keep referring to the actor and character as “white”, “slave owner”, “white boy” lol you’re projecting an awful lot onto a silly tv show that provides millions with entertainment. If you dislike it so much, watch something else.

        • DCL says:

          Oh boy. I am so white that you cant see me laying on white sand, if I go streaking on the field of snow, you couldn’t spot me. So me calling out that they replaced a black man as Kara’s love interest with a white man is racist to you? Then, yeah, sure go ahead. Whatever floats your boat. Oh wait, you are probably projecting reverse racism here aren’t ya… Oh and I gave up on the show the second they moved it to CW. Thank you for your suggestion!

          • Adi says:

            So you’ll completely forgive James for toying around with Kara and Lucy’s feelings in season 1?Or the fact that he tried to manipulate Kara into telling Lucy about her being SG to save his relationship?Or that he pushed Kara away when she had the worst week of her life (Red K,her aunt’s death) just because he’s black?First off,they had NO chemistry,it felt awkward as hell. Second off James is no saint,even in S2 he pushed his article about Guardian over Kara’s SG article on Snapper,knowing too well he can do that because he’s boss.
            But yeah,James is perfect.

          • DCL says:

            I wont pretend I seen much of season 2, because when they announced that they are moving to CW I knew that they are gonna mess it up. We are after all talking about CW. Network that is well known to destroy all that can be good and is good in a show. Honestly, they lost me when Calista wasnt returning, because she was the best thing about that show.
            I disliked everything that was James in S2 and preferred S1 James. Kara was awesome and so was Alex in S1. The show was about their relationship about their bond, it was what made this show great. In S2 they sidelined their bond for the rushed story line of Sanvers and toxicity of Karamel and whatever compensation James was trying to achieve with whatever his story line was.
            I loved season 1. It was great. It wasnt about who is sleeping with whom. It was about Supergirl and her relationship with every character in the show. Season 2 was complete and utter bull, because they removed that aspect of the show that made is so great and change it to all about Kara and Mon-El and with it destroying Karas character. And it shows on the ratings and viewership.
            So yes, I dont watch it anymore, but I reserve the right to be p*ssed about the show that could be about a woman superhero but was turned into yet another “girl cant live without her boy” show.

        • Anne says:

          Racism against white people isn’t a thing.

          • Lohan says:

            Yes it is you racist.

          • Mary T says:

            No, Lohan it really isn’t. Just an FYI because I know you’ll say something. I’m white.

          • a says:

            If you believe that, then racism in general doesn’t exist.
            However you’re probably the same person who uses racism or sexism as an excuse for any possible setbacks in you’re life.

      • Yeah, slave owner that couldn’t do a thing, said more than once he was not happy about his planet politics, was put into a cell for 4 years when he tried to persuade his parents and finally changed himself to be a better man. Because wow, of course all characters are spotless and flawless and amazing. Thank you for banning people from trying to be better, you just questioned basic human rights. Congrats. Also Mehcad didn’t move to Vancouver, his family is still in USA and that’s why his screen time is reduced. He also didn’t know if he wanted to stay in the show after s1, that’s why they replaced him with Mon el, to have a more sure love interest. But if you think that Mon is worse than Joffrey then I just can say that I’m sorry for you.
        Btw, if you watch Disney movies, use Apple things, buy things in Walmart or eat things produced by Nestle – congrats! You support modern slavery and big companies that use children as a cheap workers in less developed countries. But well, it’s so easier to throw gross things at a fictional character, from fictional planet with fictional slaves, huh? :) have a nice day

        • When was he in cell for four years? He never really changed for the better. His parents brought war to Earth because he wouldn’t leave with them. His dad was killed by his mother because of it. He didn’t change into a hero. He was the same person, horrible and self absorbed. No one liked him but, Kara.

          • emarasmoak says:

            Her mother was to send him to prison for 4 years. Episode 2×17. You should try not to fast forward his scenes, it shows

          • Sweetheart, his mother put him into a cell, for 4 years, but Winn saved him. What show do you watch? :) Oh yes, he didn’t stay with Cadmus for (fake) J’onn’s sake. He didn’t went to that ship, even if he didn’t know what was waiting for him there. He didn’t agree to go with Rhea to save Kara. Right? He left the ship, because his father allowed him too. And omg, did you just blame him for his crazy mother doings? SHE killed Lar Gand. Like? How blinded by hatred you need to be to blame Mon el here? And of course he didn’t betray his own people and fought against them to save Earth. He didn’t also sacrifice himself in the end. Yeah, he is absolutely selfish person. And sweetheart, even James likes him now. So the question is what show you watch, because for sure it’s not Supergirl. Kisses ;*

          • Caio says:

            Primeiramente ele decidio ir embora para salva a cara quando ele estava na nave indo embora a kara foi traser ele de volta .
            Depois mon-el mesmo pedil para kara usar o dispositivo que ele sabia que o mataria . entao voce deveria rever o que pensa blz .#karamel

          • Agent 86 says:

            I don’t think he was. Rhea said that she would keep him in a prison cell for four years since that was how long it would take to get back to Daxam. But, that never actually happened. Rhea didn’t head back to Daxam with Mon-El as her prisoner, so he only spent a short amount of time in prison.

          • Freddie says:

            What the hell are you babbling about. He absolutely changed. He went into a bar with alien poison even knowing he might die himself, he was willing to sacrifice himself in season 2 finale, he continued saying he hated how the politics of Daxam was. He wanted to change it But got thrown in jail for it by his OWN MOTHER. You really have no clue what you are talking about at all and i just proved it

        • Mon-El, just like family members of real life slave owners in history. Benefited from slavery and having slaves be forced to serve him. Whether he directly owned slaves or not he benefited from them. And to just keep excusing it off on his parents, is offensive to all of the slaves in real life history who were forced to slave not only slave owners =, but the slave owners families. Stop excusing slavery in the name of defending Mon-El. Admit that he benefited from it.

          Do you think that Mon-El was so against his parents owning slaves, that he volunteered to do everything for himself and work for himself, and turned down slaves being forced to serve him and do tasks for him.

          • LOL. Yes, his family owned slaves and yes he benefited from it. That’s the fact. Horrible? Yes. But his whole planet was that, he was living in this system for his own adult life. Do you think it’s easy to go against the whole system when you are brainwashed for your whole life? You compared fictional planet to real world, so tell me – how easy is to change systems in our world? Huh? Tell me, how he was supposed to change it when his own mother threatened him when he tried and he had no power there? Awful? Yes, he was. And he ADMITTED THAT. He said he was a thrash. He said he didn’t understand it. But know he DOES. And that’s the point of his character journey. Why you people can’t understand that humans can change and stop their wrong behaviors? Like, this is the most human thing to do. Change. Wth? Do we really are going to thrash people of things they have done but are ashamed of for their all lives? Great, Jesus is so proud of us.

        • I compare a slave owner on the show, to real life, Since slavery was a very much part of a awful history in America. Considering that there are white people today who benefit from the fall out of slavery, then being a part of a slave owning family shouldn’t just be brushed off as “his parents owned them” “It’s not his fault” “He was against it”.

          And there was a whole Southern part of the United States who was against Slavery. So excusing Mon-El for doing nothing, just because it was the society that he was raised in. Is like excusing those in the South who did nothing and sat benefiting from slavery. Mon-El could have the choice to actually fight to put a stop to it, and not just say that he doesn’t agree with him.

          Be truly selfless at no matter what cost of himself and stand for the people, who have zero choice and control over how their lives go. If he is willing to let slaves suffer because he is afraid of what will happen to him, doesn’t want to get into trouble, and is wants to preserve his well being, over people who have no free will. Then he is truly Selfish and not the hero/good guy that his Stans try to make him out to be.

          True bravery is taking a stand against wrong, even when one knows that they have to risk themselves and put themselves on the line.

          • The problem is no one on Daxam was against slavery, as far as we know :) Slavery was and still is a part of this world. If you use Apple, if you watch Disney movies, if you eat Nestle things, if you buy clothes in H&M or buy things in Walmart YOU support modern slavery. Think about it for a minute. What WE are doing to stop it, huh? And it would be much easier for us to stand against this, than for Mon to stand against his whole planet. But it’s so hard to forget about Nutella, huh?
            I repeat myself – yes, Mon was a thrash. A frat boy. Probably a coward who swam with the flow because it was easier. A guy who drugged himself to not feel anything like all Daxamites. But this was all in the past. After he landed on Earth, after he met Kara, he has changed. CHANGED. He risked his life more than once. He sacrificed himself in the end. He was not selfish in the end. He was not the same frat boy in the end.
            You said “True bravery is taking a stand against wrong, even when one knows that they have to risk themselves and put themselves on the line.” And he was not like that? When he went with Rhea to stop her from killing Kara? When he stayed with fake J’onn when he was caught by Cadmus? When he went to that ship even if he didn’t know what was going to happen with him? When he jumped in front of Kara when a big, bad guy was aiming a big bad gun at her on Slave Moon? When without hesitation he encouraged Kara to unleash the lead to the air? Knowing it was going to kill him? Like? ??????

        • Don’t care how hard it is. Mon-El was the prince of Daxam and could use his position over others to start a movement on his planet to put a end to slavery. He chooses to stay on Earth and be with Kara, over trying to go to Daxam and fight. Because his whole planet is for slavery then it’s alright for him to just sit and watch people being unfairly treated, being used/abused, and forced to work, and have no freedom or free will of their own to do as they wish.

          It’s like if his parents robbed a bank and he says that he doesn’t agree with them robbing the bank. Yet, he willingly takes the money to his benefit and spends it to buy what he wants for himself knowing that it’s stolen. Which makes him just as at fault as his parents were for robbing the bank.

          Mon-El willingly let slaves work for him and didn’t turn down their tasks and volunteer to do everything for himself. Also if his women “servants” were made to sleep with him as part of them servicing him and he slept with them, knowing that they were being forced to so so, then his words about being against slavery mean nothing.

          Because he was willing to benefit from all of the labor that the slaves did for him. And took advantage of his servants who were sent to sleep with him and please his sexual needs. Which is like rape, because they were doing what they were ordered to do, with no free will and Mon-El knew that they were ordered to be with him. Yet didn;t turn them away from his bed.

          • SKY says:

            It’s a superhero show and it’s based on the characters how they were presented in the comics. You don’t have to compare this with Amistad or 12 years a slave.

          • Brigid says:

            So we are all beholden to the sins of our fathers? You sound ridiculous. Go home, you’re drunk!

          • So you don’t care about the FACTS, because he couldn’t change a thing. He held NO power. It was clearly seen in the LenaxMon wedding ep where even guards were not listening to him. He tried to talked with his father and what? Rhea locked him in the cell. She killed her husband who let him go. She was a crazy abuser. So what he supposed to do, huh? And excuse me… there is no Daxam right now. Daxamites are scattered around the universe. Rhea tried to gathered them and failed. He betrayed Daxamites when he fought with them. HE is a traitor for them right now. He has no power over them. It’s obvious?
            *sight* You missed the ep when he abandoned his parents and decided to stay on Earth? What benefits he got from it? NOTHING. He chose a job of a bartender over being the prince. Hello?
            Do I really need to repeat myself AGAIN? He was like that, but he has changed. How do you know that woman didn’t willingly slept with him, huh? HOW do you know she was forced to do it? It is not even clear she was a servant. You are speculating here. You are accusing him of doing disgusting things, when you can’t be sure. Congrats, seriously, congrats. I’m speechless. Everything is good if it fits your accusations, huh?
            And again… it :) was :) before :) he :) realized :) he :) was :) a :) trash :) how :) many :) times :) I :) need :) to :) repeat :) myself :)

          • @Sky When the writers make Mon-El a slave owner then,I’ll compare it to anyone that I want to. Superhero show or not, he owned slaves.

            @Brigid. Yes, in Mon-El’s case he is beholden, since as I said he benefits from his parents owning slaves. Stop excusing it just because Mon-El is your fave, because it makes U look like you’re willing to excuse slavery to defend the white man who owned them, I”ll voice my rightful views.

        • Since U want to say that Mon-El had no power, then his servants had even less power and couldn’t refuse to sleep with him. If pleasing him and serving him was part of their “duty” that they had to do for him. And knowing that as slaves they couldn’t refuse orders or otherwise they would face punishment. Like they could really say No if they were sent their to be with him and if they are “servants”

          And Mon-El was the type who looked down on women and had no problems taking advantage of his servants in all different ways.

          • You are speculating and basing your opinions not on facts, but on your biased and prejudiced fantasies that have nothing in common with the canon. Congrats. Just say that you don’t give a damn about his development, you just want to hate on him because of his past mistakes and nothing else matters *Metallica in the background* Basically you are depriving people of the basic right of admitting that all people make mistakes and their ability of changing. It’s gross.

      • emarasmoak says:

        Seriously? Joffrey?

        Oh well, he is not in the middle of your imaginary ship. I suppose that it makes sense.

        You should check your priorities

      • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

        The white slave owner was murdered by the white slave owner’s wife. Their son didn’t own anything.

        • He benefited. He was a partier and would sleep around. He didn’t care or speak out about owning the slaves. He was complicit. So, no he doesn’t get a pass and he doesn’t get redemption. He didn’t do anything in s2 to earn redemption.

    • K says:

      I couldn’t care less about a crack ship, so nice try. He completely destroyed Kara’s character.

      • emarasmoak says:

        Because Kara pining over James and being bullied by Cat was much better?

        The way she acted with these 2 characters in season one was not and independent strong woman.

        You know when she was? When she told Mon-El again and again what she wanted and not wanted from him.

        • Agreed. I think Kara showed far more growth with Mon-el than with the other characters and Mon-el showed a lot of growth around her. In fact, her influence over Mon-el was far more powerful than his influence over her. I don’t get the anti-feminist complaints at all, given their dynamics….if anything, this relationship was all about female empowerment.

    • Emma Faque says:

      Thank you!. The people who want Lena and Kara together, AKA supercorp shippers, are just a small group who happen to be very loud.

      Shippers have ruined other shows. It was too late before those showrunners realized that people who Tweet the most and cry the loudest don’t represent the majority of people. I’m so glad Pedowitz knows better than to cave to them.

  6. Steve says:

    Nice Calculator Watch Though

  7. Toni says:

    Sooner or later, the Mon-El haters will realize that the CW is fully behind the character. All the whining and complaints will make no difference so either you get over it, or you stop watching.

    • MichaelP says:

      did stop watching it along with many others; which is why it’s ratings when from 1.0 down to 0.5 by the end of the season. and now that lucifer’s showing at the same timeslot there’s no reason to come back.

      • TVProfessor says:

        That was my thought process exactly. I was always going to watch Lucifer live, but now I don’t feel at all guilty for not giving Supergirl my time.

      • Toni says:

        That’s cool. Move on and watch something else and those who don’t mind him will watch with the low ratings. The network is apparently fine with that.

      • Kepler says:

        I am crying I am laughing so hard. A few silly shippers do not make up .5 of the demographic. Nice try.

        • MichaelP says:

          think more before typing. it doesn’t matter if it’s all shippers or not. the show lost 1 million viewers between the beginning of s2 and the end. whether they all left because they were sick of the boring mon-el story or not doesn’t matter. something in the story bored them and they left.

          • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

            Supergirl lost 7 million viewers between episode 1 and episode 20 of the first season. Was that Mon-El’s fault too?

      • dansue says:

        Yeah, I think I’m out too. Just too much nonsense in the writing. A good cast can’t overcome all the stupid this show puts out. And it looks like it’ll be more of the same next season.

        So long Arrowverse (Legends, I might see you later, we’ll see). Hopefully Krypton will be good. And Tom Welling on Lucifer – not his biggest fan, but he was good at points in Smallville

        But I did like how he said Chris and Melissa get along – yeah, they were going on romantic vacations together 2 months after she filed for divorce. Wonder what will happen when they break up…

      • Interesting that eps that were promoted with Mon el have basically higher ratings. Oh boy, I wonder why.

        • NameisUnknown says:

          Actually episodes with drops were the ones with Mon El compared to other episodes in season 2.

        • MichaelP says:

          which episodes are those? you seem to think you know this so provide the data on those peisodes; and not from the wikipedia where the fans fill in the numbers. there’s many reputable ratings hosting sites that break down the demo ratings for supergirl week by week.
          would you consider the last 5 episodes of the season mon-el promoted? guess what the actual ratings were: 0.50, 0.48, 0.57, 0.51, and the finale was 0.63. those are among the show’s lowest ratings for the year.

          • Eps with Mon that “upstick”– 2×05, 2×07, 2×11, 2×12, 2×17, 2×20, 2×22. 2×09 is 0.78 and it’s after the crossover. No, the lowest was ep centered around Alex 2×19 (0.48) and Ace Reporter 2×18, promoted as Lena ep (0.50). After these two ratings went up, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

          • Toni says:

            The two lowest episodes had little Mon-El and no Mon-El promotion. Instead, they were heavily promoted as Lena and Sanvers.

  8. Sam says:

    Am I the only one who finds it incredibly rude for that Journalist to say that at an exec session ???

  9. Dominique says:

    i’m going to be honest about this, and i just wanna say first that i understand people wanna see representation on tv. believe me; as an asexual bi-romantic, i understand the importance of representation. and that the way they handled kara/james in favor of kara/mon-el was NOT well done, and quite frankfully disrespectful towards mehcad brooks.
    however, another thing that’s disrespectful? the way a portion of the fandom, as well as critics, have been attacking this show and chris wood, and now the entire cast after SDCC, for introducing mon-el, and putting kara and mon-el together, instead of lena and kara. i don’t know how else to put this; a show and its crew- and castmembers are not obligated to constantly respond to fans and critics about a non-canon pairing. they are not obligated to pretend this pairing is real and is going to happen. ship what you ship, it’s fun! but it’s not fun to force your headcanon ideas onto people, and then rage when they tell you it’s not going to happen.
    this idea that people have, that mon-el and karamel are unpopular, is false, and has only been out in the open because a small but very vocal and rude part of the fandom keep shouting it from the rooftop, and some very specific websites and critics post it as THE opinion that represents the entire fandom. the other day, i read an article that claimed that Supergirl is only still on tv because of the lqbtq+ fans, and that mon-el’s presence will get the show cancelled. it’s absurd that peoples minds work like this.
    and quite frankly, i feel that any press member who so blatantly says rude things like this, should not be allowed to be at the TCA.

    • Emma Faque says:

      THIS! Yes, I realize gay relationships on TV are important to have but Kara suddenly become gay to be with Lena is not believable and would be totally contrived.

    • lana says:

      this!!!! FINALLY someone who perfectly analized the situasion. These “journalist” are been so unfair to the cast, crew and everyoune who work on the show.

    • Diz says:

      This is exactly what tca’s are for. Tv critics get to ask questions (even ones you don’t agree with!) about tv shows to the people in charge of the tv shows. Not all critics like what you like. Personally having such an awful and sexist male character at the forefront of a show meant to empower girls is rude. And I don’t care about shipping or whatever it is you think this is about, and that critic probably doesn’t either.

      • Regis9 says:

        “nobody wants that” is not not a question, and its also inaccurate because she dont speak for me

      • DE says:

        “Nobody wants that” isn’t a question. It’s an opinion, given by a journalist that’s there to work (and theoretically be unbiased) to a network executive who answered her question. It’s got nothing to do with who likes what. Journalism has no room for your opinion, even at the TCA’s.

      • Nayla Naboo says:

        ‘Nobody wants that’ is not a question. It is an opinion, and an incorrect one based in his bias. Just look at the comments section here.

        Haters think that everybody think like them because we block them because they are aggresive

    • ninergrl6 says:

      Well stated. I agree with you.

    • Toni says:

      I completely agree. My only prayer is that these people make good on their threats and leave the fandom so the rest of us can enjoy it in peace. I’m sick of the constant negativity.

    • Kepler says:

      You are a perfect human being.

    • emarasmoak says:


      There is a gay relationship in Supergirl

    • Alichat says:

      Well said!

    • Elena says:

      Very well put and I agree 100%

    • Carla Krae says:

      Thank you!

  10. Toni says:

    I suppose my comment didn’t post? The bottom line is he’s staying. They like him regardless of what you think so either get over it or stop watching the show.

  11. lana says:

    this is getting ridicoulous. the romance with james was not ended because he is black, but cause the chemistry was missing and it was very boring.
    Mon-el has a really larg fan base, and I’m happy to see the president support him too

  12. I found Mon-El’s plot line to be rushed and overbearing, taking up far too much of the show, but to say “Nobody wants [him back]” is simply false. I hate what shipping wars do to otherwise reasonable fandoms. I understand both those who love Mon-El and those that would very much prefer he never returned. But given that his return does seem to be confirmed, we should be trying to hold TPTB accountable for giving all characters balanced screen time and acknowledging the legitimate concerns of fans- not just shouting out things that rile up crowds as opposed to promoting discussion.

  13. Himbre says:

    I really like his character and development on the show and our family for one, is really pleased he’ll be back.

  14. TV Fanatic says:

    I personally love Mon-El and Kara together! Chris and Melissa have great chemistry and I really loved the way they built that relationship in Season 2 and look forward to seeing what Season 3 holds for the duo.

  15. Morgan says:

    My complaint is that Mon-El served no purpose. Neither did James or Lena for that matter.. The 2nd season focused so much on Mon-El, that it got away from Kara being a superhero. I don’t care how much Chris Wood is liked by the CW. His character is useless, and took up entirely too much screen time.

    • Mary T says:

      Actually Lena did serve a purpose – to finally give Kara a female friend to spend time with, since they decided to leave Lucy out in the DEO’s desert base. But I don’t want them to reduce Kara’s time with Alex or the times she had with James and Winn in the first so that she has time to have lunch with Lena.

      But yes, Mon-El was pretty useless and only seemed to be there to verbally attack her most of the time because of his own idiotic actions when he wouldn’t listen to her.
      James being a hero was poorly done and after the trouble he had of only just one day of running Catco in the first season and the problems he had starting off with it in the second, he had all of that time to run out and be a hero?

    • Nayla Naboo says:

      Mon-El did serve a purpose. The big bad in the season (Rhea) existed because of him. The dramatic conflict with that big bad existed because of his romantic relationship with Kara. How Kara is going to start season 3 will happen because of their relationship.

      He also was important in the message of the season about accepting others and not being guided by prejudices (other 2 characters in a similar arch were Lena and M’Gann).

      The fact that you don’t like whatever Mon-El brought to season 3 doesn’t mean that he did not serve any purpose. Your bias is showing

  16. Jesus Christ. Just put the focus back on Kara instead of this guy who for some reason owned slaves. They didn’t need to add that to his backstory and yet here we are.

  17. K says:

    Maybe if he didn’t suck up so much screen time and was better written, there wouldn’t have been such a big backlash? Just a thought. One of the worst written characters I saw on TV last season and watched a crap ton.

  18. Emily says:

    It doesn’t SEEM like the right way to tell a story, but ok. It’s not like I ever entertained the hope of CW letting Chris Wood go, so…

  19. Emma Faque says:

    There’s a relatively small but loud group that wants to see Kara and Lena Luthor get together. It’s less anti-Mon El and more pro-Lena is all.

    Mon-El is a great character who injected some much needed humor. I think with the constant Alex/Maggie drama, people are just feeling relationship fatigue.

    • Mary T says:

      I must have somehow missed the “constant” Alex/Maggie drama, with all of the Kara/Mon-El drama going on. When were Alex and Maggie anything but supportive of each other?

      • Hailey says:

        They mean all the drama from the homophobes on the internet constantly whinging when a TV show includes a homosexual character and claiming that it is some ‘gay agenda’ forcing it on them and trying to ‘turn’ people gay. They conveniently forget all the years of homophobia in movies and TV shows with homosexual characters being made into the brunt of jokes, gay slurs, lesbians being turned straight when the ‘right man’ comes along and worst of all, the ‘bury your gays’ trope which is still in full force and saw over 60 lesbian and bisexual female characters killed off in the past 2 years ’cause unless we have male love interests we are not allowed to be happy… The inclusion of the Alex/ Maggie has been one of the few good things about the show but I think the writers should have spun off Batwoman so we could finally get a superhero show with a lesbian lead!! Though with Geoff Johns announcing he has big plans for more female superheroes in the DCEU after the success of ‘Wonder Woman’ and more Bat Family members with a Bat Universe finally reflecting the comics the chances of getting Batwoman on screen are higher than ever. We will most likely get a proper Supergirl on screen too with a Supergirl movie since I highly doubt they won’t make a ‘Supergirl’ movie with their plans to make more female superhero movies since she is the second biggest selling female superhero of all time and we are getting a Flash movie with no connection to the TV Show.

      • Nayla Naboo says:

        For example the moment when Maggie didn’t want to have a Valentine’s Day and Alex disrespected her wishes.

        For example when Maggie lied about her cheating on her ex.

        Neither one of these look like a super healthy relationship to me.

  20. I don’t care that Kara didn’t end up with James and I’m black. It was how she went from dating a black guy to a slave owner and they acted like it was no big deal. Then, Mon-El took up so much screen time from the other characters for a storyline in which he really didn’t become a better person. If it doesn’t work then they should get rid of it and this storyline isn’t working. They are doubling down on it with her going bad next season because someone she dated for a few months left. Come on now. Let’s get real here. They messed up Kara’s storyline big time. This is BS. I’m also a lesbian and I don’t care about the Supercorp ship it’s cute and stuff but, I’m not mad it wouldn’t come to fruition. What I’m mad about is the writers and network doubling down on something that doesn’t work.

  21. Brian says:

    All they have to do is tone it down with Mon-El and he’s tolerable. It’s when he’s getting too much airtime is when he’s annoying to watch.

  22. Summer says:

    I think that the story could have been handled better, but I really did like Mon-El.

  23. Casey says:

    I love Mon-el. The actors have great chemistry and I enjoy the pairing. I never saw the chemistry between Kara & James. It felt forced and I was glad they realized it wasn’t working and abandoned it. The fact that the James character has become extraneous is unfortunate because I do like that actor.

    Mon-el and Kara makes more sense and I like the way they evolved his character from selfish a$$h@ole to someone worthy of Kara. She didn’t change for him – he changed for her and I think that is a big deal.

    • YodaJonez says:

      Except he didn’t change. He started off by lying to Kara about who he was, which was understandable in the initial few episodes, and then kept on lying to her while simultaneously professing his feelings for her. He slept with her and still didn’t tell her and the worst part was, he never felt guilty about it. What charge do you see there?
      He was disrespectful towards Kara, disrespectful towards what she stood for and what Supergirl meant to her, disrespectful towards how she wanted to deal with Jeremiah’s return just to have the chance at a “I told you so”. The only time that he listened to Kara was in the final episodes when Kara told him to go save his own life. All through the second half of the season, we were told he was changing for the better, by Alex, by M’gann, even he himself said out loud that he was trying to be better, but we actually never saw what this better was. If he really was such a changed man, why didn’t he go save his planet and his people from the slave culture that it was still under and that he claimed to hate but powerless to do something about? Because Kara wouldn’t have been there to pat his back and give him access to her pants, which was what his motivation was to change his ways. That’s not a hero, that’s not someone who is changing themselves to be better because they saw the error of their ways and genuinely wanted to help people. He just wanted to show off to Kara that he was now worthy of her, which is what his fans picked up on. But there was never any groundwork laid for this hero journey and he was still a selfish je®k 12 episodes into his transformation into a hero. This isn’t a romcoms with relationship drama at its heart, it’s a superhero show that should concentrate on the growth of Supergirl as a hero and as a person.

      Kara basically lowered her standards from a man like James to someone like him just so the writers can play into the tired and tattered cliché of ‘girl meets je®k and turns him into a decent human being.’ Kara worked her butt off trying to be a reporter and getting Snapper to recognize her as one but when he fired her, she didn’t push back to get the most important thread to her human identity but accepted defeat because she had a boyfriend and that was enough. How is this aspirational to kids watching this show, that if you get a man to take up your time, you don’t need to become the president or the astronaut no matter what. This is not chemistry or love, this is blatant sexism.

      Your issue with James springs from him being a smart, capable, noble guy who was perfect for Kara, whom she didn’t spend episodes on fighting about the same things as the day before and the day before that. He was never supposed to be the only thing she focused on the entire season while taking up the most screentime. That’s what the CW did, making Monel and his family problems the central storyline of season 2 and Kara was the Girlfriend ™.

      • SKY says:

        Okay you see, to be taking this a little extreme. It’s a superhero tv series you don’t need to go into such depth.

        • YodaJonez says:

          Wow, really? Should I tale pointers on how deep I am going to dig into a show? So many comments here are drowning out the legit concerns from people who were also fans of the show with the shipping argument and this is your reply to what I thought the problem with Monel was? If you don’t have enough grey matter to deal with deep stuff and actually respond with a meaningful argument, don’t respond at all.

      • Lesbebritches says:

        Finally someone who got to the heart of the issue! It isn’t about shipping its about treating the characters right. Mon-El never treated Kara with respect. It was a disfunctional relationship AT BEST.

      • Nayla Naboo says:

        He did change. If you are unable to acknowledge this then it is clear that you fast forward his scenes and ignore facts

  24. Meme says:

    I don’t ship anyone on this show except Alex and Maggie.So am not a biased SuperCorp fan (think I’m the only viewer that’s seen nothing but friendship between them) when I say this: Mon-El wasn’t written well. There is backlash and that falls on the showrunners and writing team. Also, maybe Mark Pedowitz, critics, and some fan alike can understand that the discourse with this character isn’t all about ship wars and maybe it’s the fact that Mon-El is ill written.

  25. John says:

    It’s funny how this unprofessional TCA member though his/her opinion represents all the viewers and all these online haters as well, their own opinion about Mon-El doesn’t represent the entire majority of the viewers. It’s been proven a lot of people love his character. This is just like with arrow when all the people who hated Laurel thought they were the majority because their online hate was loud and look how that turned out. They were proved to be wrong! All this online hate and negativity about characters doesn’t represent all viewers and the general audience who have no idea about online fandoms.

  26. ninergrl6 says:

    I LOVED the addition of Mon-El in season 2. He’s one of the reasons why I enjoyed season 2 MUCH more than season 1.

  27. Paul says:

    I love Mon-el and Kara’s chemistry and they’re a great on-screen couple. Hope they keep him around.

  28. Judi Ward says:

    Mon-El (Chris Wood) should definitely stay. He was a great addition & the chemistry is terrific!!

  29. Narraboth says:

    @ that TCA member: you are my hero. Pedowitz can watch the S3 ratings tank over Mon-El.

  30. Super12 says:

    This is so dumb. Them dating is not reason enough to keep a hated character around. Good luck this season guys. Don’t surprised when ratings tank.

  31. Mel says:

    I like Mon-El. He is an entertaining character. So I am all for keeping him on the show.

  32. ggny says:

    My problem with Mon El is that they made him too much like Kara. As for James i think him and Lena Luthor would be a dam good couple

    • tw says:

      Kara and Lena have more chemistry.

    • Toni says:

      I think Lena and James will be a couple in Season 3.

      • Marco Piazzo says:

        They have heavily suggested Lena/Winn in season 2, so I don’t think so. Not to mention James is as interesting as a block of wood.

        • Toni says:

          Time will tell but I’m pretty sure it will be Lena and James. He’s getting a love interest this season and Winn isn’t the type of character to get a series regular love interest. He’s more like Cisco.

        • ninergrl6 says:

          Lena/Winn? Really? I must’ve missed all of those hints because I didn’t get that vibe AT ALL in season 2. I loved Winn’s relationship with Lyra. Who am I kidding? I love *everything* Winn-related. Jeremy Jordan is the star of the show in my world.

    • Too much like KARA? Erm? Hmm? They are both totally different? The only simialr thing is that they are both aliens from sister planets?

  33. tw says:

    “Nobody wants that.” You got that right!

    • Anne says:

      Right?! That tca member is the best

    • Freddie says:

      Here is the cold hard facts. The only haters for Mon-El has is Katie/Lena and sanvers stans. Very telling its them and its all for selfish agenda. Its childish and rude behavior. Of course the cast and writers are sick of them. This fake side of the fandom are so toxic. REST and real fandom all like him very much and his addition to the show

      • I’m a lesbian and don’t ship Kara/Lena but, I’m also not a fan of Mon-El at all. He made season 2 almost unwatchable for me. So, no not all people that don’t like Mon-El are Supercorp shippers. I don’t care if they are a couple in real life. It’s like Kara dated Mon-El because everyone told her she should and she liked him. She showed no interest in him it was like she did a 180 in one episode.

  34. Nikki says:

    Personally I love Mon-El and I like the relationship. Not everyone hates them so please stop clumping everyone together for your own agendas. There are other relationships I felt were more forced and shoved on us than that one. Has anyone thought that maybe they stopped the James thing because the actor isn’t around as much? Perhaps like with Cat getting him up to Vancouver for filming has been harder for the show. And I never could see her with James (it has nothing to do with him being black either) They just didn’t work well together. He has always seemed way to high and mighty in my opinion. Personally I wanted her with Winn but now with Mon-El its great. I hope they find a way to get them back together quickly(ish) next season.

    • Uno says:

      I’m gonna assume you didn’t mean this but you basically called James “uppity”… And it’s something that pops up a lot when I see posts abt James (it’s not that he’s black but some other not totally apparent reason) nebulous statements like “forced ” and “no chemistry..

      • Nikki says:

        I stated it that way because the way people seem to be now a days is everything is because of race. I didn’t like them together because he always appeared to me as someone who thinks so highly of himself. It always looked like he was trying to show he is more important and better than everyone. I didn’t mean anything bad by the bracketed comment. I do apologize if I offended anyone. I just don’t like it when people assume I’m bashing because of that reason because I am not. I love that actor, It’s the character I don’t really care for. I don’t think the character is well written.

  35. Diz says:

    I’m sorry, I’m reading a lot of comments about Lena? and the LGBT community? Can someone please point me to the part of this article where either of those things are mentioned?

    • Mary T says:

      Not this article, but interviews from Comic Con, specifically the MTV interview.

      • Diz says:

        ok, so people are projecting? The two things aren’t really related. Seems odd to me they would bring it up. Was this reporter a LGBT spokesperson?

  36. Allie says:

    Yes, definitely the right way to tell a story, it got me hooked!

  37. Megan Ziots says:

    I really enjoyed Mon-El’s character and watching him evolve because of Kara’s influence. I think it’s good that Kara had someone to mentor and also fall in love with. I was sad to see him go and I hope he comes back at some point in the series.

  38. Rosie says:

    The un-named TCA member should take a few journalism classes and stop espousing his or her personal opinion and the opinion of his/her personal followers as the opinion of an entire fandom. The critic has a right to an opinion but not to state it as “no one wants that.” #Karamel fans want to see Mon back as well as the non-shippers who are Legion fans. Bravo Mark Pedowitz for giving a straight forward unambiguous opinion.

    • Anne says:

      Dude. The TCA member’s job is to give their opinion about tv. That is LITERALLY their job. And it’s not like they said “we surveyed every viewer and now have statistical proof…”

  39. No Issues with Kara and Mon-el.. in fact, their relationship makes the most sense. Olicity though.. that one I wish would die a horrible death.

    James had no chemistry with Kara.. he had no chemistry with Lucy come to think of it. His Guardian foray I like as I like the charcter.. ( make the outfit in Guardian Yellow!) and it gives him a better storyline opportunity rather than Kats replacement ( which never made sense) or photographer.

    Last seasons story lines and arcs were terribly executed. focus on the story and characters and make this show fulfil the initial promise it had.

  40. emarasmoak says:

    Yes, there are many of us who want Mon-El back. Chris received the loudest cheer at the Supergirl panel during SDCC and the Karamel videos get more views than any other in Supergirl.

    The antis yell louder, but they are not the majority of the viewers of Supergirl.
    I’m delighted to have more monel and Karamel in season 3

  41. Gale says:

    I started watching Supergirl for Chris Wood because I loved him as Kai on TVD…but I had to drop it because Mon El and the romance was dull. I’m saying this as a Chris lover and I pray he moves onto something better (and a fandom that doesn’t bully him…basically come back as Kai, everyone loved you!)

  42. Mary T says:

    If they have shipped Mon-El off to the 31st century, then he can’t come back for very long. All you have to do is to watch any series or movie with time travel or read stories, you’ll know why that is.
    But for those who haven’t (or won’t), he will have knowledge of events that occur in Kara’s life and he’ll have to keep that to himself. If he tries to save someone that died previously, he alters the future. If he lets someone, say Alex, die because he knew that she was supposed to or else X would have happened (like maybe Kara dying instead), then Kara will be upset with him because she will realize that he knew what was going to happen and didn’t prevent it.
    So he can’t hang around whenever he returns if he did indeed go into the future, like he does in the comics. So they might as well bring that relationship to a complete end because bringing him back and forth is also not a good idea. Same issues would happen every time.

    • emarasmoak says:

      Possible solution: causing him amnesia

      • Nikkib says:

        Seems like saturn girl mind wiped him and he’ll spend 22 episodes trying to remember. Brainiac 5 by Christmas or Easter?

        • Mary T says:

          He’s not going to be in all 22 episodes. And no. He already took up way too much time in season 2, he’s not going to hog it all again in season 3.

          • Mary T says:

            And don’t give me the “But he’s a series regular” bit. He was in season 2 and not in all 22 episodes (he hogged a lot of time in the episodes when he was in them) and Mehcad also a regular and not in all 22 episodes.

          • Nayla Naboo says:

            Let’s see what happen. I think that you are hoping too much him not to appear. I believe that you will be wrong.

            Chris was in season 2 and appeared in all of the episodes, including the two that were filmed while he was filming TVD (2×11 and 2×12). His presence was minimal while he was sleeping (2×01 and 2×02) and in a couple of episodes later in the season (2×18 and 2×19), but he appeared in all of them.

            Check your facts. You are wrong

  43. Oncer says:

    I like Mon El, i just think they gave him too much screen time, a little less of Mon El, and less of Mon El/Kara, the Flash has done the Barry/Iris pairing just right, having them be a couple but in the backround, but Iris still being suportive of Barry. And i wish they would have ended the James/Kara relationship in a better way than how they did it.

  44. “Nobody wants that.”? Ok, I am nobody then, cool. Thanks, journalist for your not biased opinion! :))))
    Mon el is a great addition. He is a flawed character. Yes, he makes mistakes. Yes, he repeats them. Yes, he screws up. Yes, he can be annoying. He is far from being perfect. That makes him very human character, a character I can attach to. What people don’t understand is that he is on a journey, from the frat boy of the universe to someone much better. A guy who was brainwashed and didn’t need to move a finger for his whole life can’t change himself in a week. But he tries and he is almost there.
    Big kudos for Chris Wood. He did a splendid job, he nails emotional and funny scenes. He created a character – that easily could have been annoying – intriguing, with many, many layers. Like a space onion.

  45. Lorraine says:

    Want chris to come him and Melissa r cute together better then Jimmy olsen

  46. Hailey says:

    The problem with this show is it is nothing like the comic books it was based on and makes all of the same mistakes the awful TV adaption of ‘Birds of Prey’ made by making it into a Superman show with a female lead instead of a Supergirl show. Supergirl (both Kara and Linda) have long been portrayed as edgy and aggressive characters and Kara was angry over her planet being destroyed and was far less trusting of humans than Clark and was more Kryptonian ’cause she spent more years on the planet than Superman and remembered it.

    What happened to the Supergirl that was awesome and bad ass and flew villains up in the sky and threatened to drop them unless they told her what she wanted to know and then dropped them and flew down and caught them before they fell or threatened to burn them into ashes with her heat vision and set part of their clothes on fire? Kara’s aggressive personality and her being seen as a threat by the government and not a symbol of hope was one of the main things that separated her from Superman not to mention she enjoyed fighting villains and didn’t hold back. A good example of the differences here was Kara stopping a guy from raping a woman on the street and telling him if she caught him trying to do it again she would tear his nuts off and shove them down his throat but Kara’s best insult in the TV show has been “go away you mean girl….” Ehh. What is this?

    On top of that Kara spent a lot of time flying around in space by herself and she didn’t have all these side characters that have taken up 75 percent of the show. The characters who made the most appearances in Supergirl comics apart from Superman were Power Girl, Comet, Twilight, Buzz, Nightwing (who she dated on and off) and the Legion BUT instead of having appearances from them we have gotten Alex, Winn, Jimmy Olsen, Cat Grant, Martian Manhunter and her earth parents (Ummm….what???) – A separate superhero, Superman characters and characters made up for this show. What is worse with Mon-El is Supergirl didn’t have a long term love interest. She dated characters like Nightwing (her most consistent love interest) and Mon El on and off but they would appear in one or 2 comic books and then the focus would go back to being about Supergirl on her own.

    This show has turned Kara into a submissive boring nerd just so they can have the stereotypical big male come in and steal the spotlight ’cause God knows we can’t have a female superhero being the main focus of her own show. It has to revolve around a male and romance ’cause she is a woman and our lives have to be all about romance, right? We can’t have a life unless we are pining over men. One thing I like about ‘Atomic Blonde’ as Chalzie pointed out it did away with that stereotypical bull crap. With the Flash doing ‘Crisis On Infinite Earths’ soon hopefully they kill off Kara and replace her with Linda Danvers like they did in the comic books. Then we would get a show about a female superhero and not her side characters.

    • SKY says:

      You have way too much free time if you had to write all of this. Also that was in the Peter David series in the 90s.

      • Hailey says:

        No. Linda Danvers was the main star of the Peter David series in the 90s and early 00s. Linda Danvers wasn’t Kryptonian and was a former drug addict and member of a demonic cult who sacrificed people to demons and when her boyfriend, Buzz (the leader of the cult) turned on her and tried to kill her she merged with the Matrix to become Supergirl and fought demons, vampires, werewolves, monsters etc to redeem her darkened soul. The following series with Kara after that (2003-present) all had Kara as an edgy and aggressive character as I described who was less trusting of humans and more alien. I have been reading Supergirl comic books for over 30 years and the TV show is nothing like any of them and borrows far more from Superman. The scene at the end of the first episode between Kara and Maxwell Lord was almost identical to the scene between Superman and Lex Luthor at the end of the pilot of ‘Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.’ Ohh and we are only now getting Supergirl villains like Reign instead of Superman villains when Supergirl (as Kara and Linda) has one of the largest rogue galleries of any superhero going back to the 70s.

        It is typical sexism and the exact same thing as the awful adaption of ‘Birds of Prey’ which was written by writers who later admitted they had never read the ‘Birds of Prey’ comic books until AFTER it got cancelled and made it into a Batman show with the Earth 2 version of the Huntress taking Batman’s spot instead of a TEAM show with female characters the same age. The Mother/daughter relationship between Barbara and Dinah was ridiculous to say the least when they were meant to be best friends and team partners and while Barbara was Oracle in the original series and become Batgirl again in the ‘Birds of Prey’ New 52 Dinah was the Black Canary in ALL the Birds of Prey comic books and not a 16 year old girl with weird psychic powers.

        I don’t need time to write about these things. I have been a fan of these comic books for decades and had to watch many of my favourite female lead comic book series not have their movies go through like Witchblade, Red Sonja, Darkchylde, Supergirl/Linda Danvers (early 00s with Peter David writing the script, Tim Burton directing and Alicia Silverstone playing Linda), Fathom, Shi, Vampirella, Aphrodite IX, Danger Girl, Black Canary, Warrior Nun Arelala, Soulfire, Hack/Slash, Raven, Spider Woman, Lady Death, the Huntress, Wonderland, Jinx etc all ’cause up until the recent success of Wonder Woman studios refused to take on a chance on comic book movies with female leads despite a number of them having far higher sales than many male superheroes who have had countless movies and TV shows ’cause they have penises so when one of these goes through (as a movie or TV show) I’d like to see them done right and not have the female character turned into a side character for a male like Mon El.

        When they had Kara lose her job and put all the focus on Mon El it become the Mon El show.

  47. Kepler says:

    This makes me so happy. My entire family and I are huge Mon-El fans and love his relationship with Kara. She helped him grow and the two of them are adorable together with out of this world chemistry. I’m glad Mark Pedowitz decided to stay with the trajectory that he’s planning rather than listen to a couple of angry SuperCorp shippers (I’m sorry but every one knows about 90 percent of those whining are SuperCorp shippers). Once Upon a Time is a PERFECT example of the damage a show can do by listening to shippers and abandoning the story they started out telling.

  48. Ken says:

    I wish it returned September 9th ;)

  49. fiberlicious says:

    Sorry, haters – I loved Mon-El and will be delighted to see him return.

  50. Luis Roman says:

    It’s a little odd when the network president defends the romantic relationship between two characters by saying the actors “get along great.” I mean, they’re actors, so they don’t have to be best friends, right?