Miami Vice Reboot From Vin Diesel Eyed at NBC for 2018-19 Season

NBC is looking to pick up a new Vice.

Fast and the Furious star Vin Diesel is developing a Miami Vice reboot at the Peacock network, which he will executive produce, reports. Should it move forward, the reimagined series could be on the air as early as the 2018-19 season.

The original Miami Vice, starring Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas as undercover detectives in the titular city, ran for five seasons on NBC before its cancellation in 1989. The series was already remade once, as a 2006 feature-length film starring Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx.

The new Miami Vice is being written by Peter Macmanus (The Mist), and also counts Fast and the Furious scribe Chris Morgan among its EPs.

Have at it, folks: Would you be interested in a reboot of Miami Vice, or is this one iconic property that would be better left alone?

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  1. J.Norman says:

    It’s not literally the case, but it seems like every idea NBC has is a reboot of some past show.

  2. xskip says:

    another reboot…WTF #noidea

  3. Leon says:

    Here’s an idea, how about a new idea!

  4. Miami Steve says:

    Casting has got to be right. Don Johnson was 35 or so when show went on the air. Don’t cast someone younger than that. Josh Holloway would have been a good choice 5 years ago. Tom Mison would be a good choice if he could lose the accent. People may laugh at this but Ashton Kutcher would be a good choice as well. I’d also look at Anthony Starr. Go Common for Rico. You going to do this, go after the best choices available.

  5. Haz says:

    Dear God why? I’ll admit I haven’t seen a single episode of This Is Us but it’s ratings prove viewers enjoy original concepts. I’m curious if this means the Law & Order and LA Law reboots have been scrapped?

  6. kmw says:

    Just no please get new ideas. STOP with reboots!!!

  7. rarefied says:

    Miami Vice was such an 80s show. I don’t know how they could recapture that mood nowadays.

  8. Judy says:

    Absolutely. The original made it a crime to go out before 10pm/Ct. it also made me purchase my first and most costly VHS, with no remote! Bring it on!!!

  9. Carol_R says:

    It doesn’t make sense to do a reboot. The entire point of Miami Vice was about the drug violence that went on in Miami during that time period. That type of drug violence isn’t going on in Miami today. The other great thing that Miami Vice had was the original music and Versace fashions. I don’t see that happening with a reboot.

  10. Michael says:

    Miami Vice was great because of Don Johnson and Phillip Michael Thomas. Noone can replace them. A reboot will be horrible. Just look at that horrible movie.

    • Toni says:

      I agree! It also had Michael Mann as a producer and an awesome soundtrack! It’s not possible to recapture that atmosphere pictured by pastel colors, linen outfits, art nouveau architecture, great writing, supporting and guest cast. Really, it’s better to watch the original than a reboot

      • Penny says:

        Michael Mann produced BOTH the show and the movie. He also wrote and directed the movie. Even he couldn’t capture the magic of his show into a movie.

  11. Victoria says:

    Enough with the reboots, PLEASE!!! And Miami Vice?? Really?? There was a reason the movie didn’t do well, why would anyone think a reboot will work?

    • Nettie says:

      The movie didn’t have Philip Michael Thomas and Don Johnson nor the bold sizzling colors of the series. Bring it back with the 2 “mature” original stars but working with younger muscle who’ll provide the action with less ethics — like some of today’s corrupt officers.

  12. Lyn says:

    They ‘ll never find anyone as sexy as Don Johnson and PM Thomas.

  13. Craiger says:

    What about rebooting Airwolf and The A-Team? I know they did an A-Team reboot movie. Maybe even give Knight Rider another try but with doing an all new Trans-Am just for the series?

  14. Pamela Daly says:

    Please don’t bring it back. It was a ridiculous show and I was never a fan. (Miami Vice) . Thank you

  15. Carlos Lee says:

    Ugghh. Did they not learn from the Collin Farrell/ Jamie Foxx movie that bombed?

  16. Kevin Tran says:

    More like FAST & FURIOUS: MIAMI VICE STYLE. Hope it doesn’t become a carbon copy of the Hawaii Five-O reboot (CBS).

  17. Tell Tale Two Tones says:

    You shouldn’t do it because Miami Vice was lightning in a bottle that can’t be reproduced, though often imitated–even the last two seasons with all the same characters couldn’t reproduce the original magic, so how could it be done with new people thirty years later? The movie also proved the falseness of that idea.

  18. Larc says:

    Reboots are necessary when you lack people innovative enough to come up with new ideas that are even close to being as good as those old series.

  19. Bark Star says:

    Not even Michael Mann himself could pull off a reboot so what gives ? Vice is intrinsically linked with the 80ies. Transplanting it into the 21st century would be like taking an ice cube from the fridge and putting it in a … shoe. It just makes no sense…

  20. Syl says:

    Good grief! How long before they regurgitate Cagney & Lacey, M*A*S*H, Barnaby Jones, Ellery Queen and The Snoop Sisters? Leave them stand as they were and put out a hiring call for writers with original ideas.

  21. Tell Tale Two Tones says:

    If they absolutely must re-make Miami Vice, which they shouldn’t, they need to recognize one of the most important things that made it memorable. They need to find an actor who can do what Don Johnson did: while everyone else in the show cared, sometimes passionately, about their jobs and what they were doing, DJ’s character, Sonny Crockett, cared about people. Despite his acerbic humor and cynicism he was compassionate and always tried to find a way to save people out of whatever mess they’d gotten themselves in.

    Don Johnson wasn’t just sexy, cool, funny, smart, drove a hot car, and looked great in blazers and pastels–he made Sonny Crockett one of the most memorable characters of all time because we really believed that he cared about people, that he was never going to give up on them, no matter how many times the system, or people themselves, disillusioned him. I think that’s why you can watch those old Miami Vice episodes and be immediately caught up in them, no matter how out-dated the story, clothes, and technology.

    Can you find an actor who can do all that? If not, don’t re-do Miami Vice.