Fall TV Preview
Arrow Flash Crososver 2017

Arrow-verse's Next 4-Show Crossover Event Set for Two Nights in November

The CW’s Arrowverse crossover event will take place across four shows on two nights this fall, it was announced on Wednesday at the Television Critics Association summer press tour.

The action will kick off on Monday, Nov. 27 on Supergirl, followed by a special Monday episode of Arrow.

The crossover continues Tuesday, Nov. 28 on The Flash, then concludes on that night’s Legends of Tomorrow.

No storyline details were revealed, though that could change later today as assorted #DCTV EPs appear at TCA panels.

Explaining the scheduling change-up/special Monday Arrow episode, CW boss Mark Pedowitz said that with The Flash and Legends already paired up on Tuesdays — and after discussions with producers and the marketing department — “We felt that it would be better and tighter in storytelling…. This was the best way to go.”

“Next year we may go back to four nights,” he allowed.

Pedowitz also made clear that unlike last year’s event, which technically started but barely took place on Supergirl, “It’s a full, four-episode crossover.” As for how one tops an alien invasion as a premise for the all-star team-up, all he would say is, “Romance is in the air.”

The Arrowverse’s December 2014 crossover event took place on The Flash and then Arrow. In December 2015, Legends of Tomorrow villain Vandal Savage targeting Central City barista Kendra Saunders, triggering the involvement of Flash and Arrow heroes.

Last year’s four-show, three-night event folded in Supergirl, as the many Superfriends battled the alien race known as The Dominators.

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  1. becky boo says:

    I feel like the crossovers are more trouble than they’re worth. Don’t like Arrow having to move to the Monday (even for a one off, it’s disruptive) and having it over two nights rather than four makes it much less of an event.

  2. Phun says:

    Interesting that they’re moving Arrow to air after Supergirl. The two night even might be good instead of it being stretched over 4 days. I hope it works out for THE CW.

    • KET says:

      The scheduling actually makes sense if one takes into account that #TheFlash and #Supergirl are usually the net’s two strongest rated shows. They’re kicking off both nights with their Monday and Tuesday champs, in their normal time slots.

  3. superfriends4e says:

    Petition “Let Alex In A Crossover 2017” begins now. ;)

  4. Shaun says:

    They always end up being garbage because they can’t commit fully.Should either do it at the beginning of the seasons or not at all.That way the actors on the same page and all could be there full time for it.

    • Butch says:

      I think there are too many characters on all the shows for every supporting character to be in every episode of the crossover. I don’t think characters disappeared during the last crossover because they were needed on their own shows. Probably more to do that there are too many characters to service. All the lead characters appeared in all the crossover
      episodes. Flash and Supergirl on the Arrow episode could have been cut with no loss to the story. I think they were in the episode just for the sake of having them in all parts of the crossover. The scene in the last episode where Oliver tells Kara he doesn’t want her to participate is odd but it may have been story related rather than Melissa being unavailable for filming or for budget reasons. They plan the crossover very carefully with shows scheduled not to be filmed on days when actors on that show were working on another show as part of the crossover.

  5. The members of Team Arrow and Team Flash are either vigilantes, wear masks, or both.

    Flash is indisputably Supergirl’s best friend who is a hero — who wears a mask.

    During the crossover, she interacted with the masked vigilantes of Team Arrow (who self-identified as vigilantes in her own series, either before or after the crossover, I forget when).

    Following the crossover, once she was back in her own Earth, Supergirl went out for drinks with her friends, and during that conversation she said, in regard to Guardian, that she does not like vigilantes and she does not like people who wear masks, remarking that if they were real heroes they wouldn’t wear masks.

    In one statement, she badmouthed the members of Team Arrow and dissed her friend. Let us not forget that Ollie — and consequently the members of Team Arrow — only wear masks because Barry suggested it. Before then, Ollie wore eye makeup.

    She’s a horrible person, lol

  6. Dominique says:

    awesome! this particular ‘verse’ is really good at crossovers, i enjoyed the last one immensely. i do hope they’ll be able to work out schedules and the actors don’t get overworked.
    i’m excited! :D

  7. Kelly says:

    I just want Winn, Cisco, and Felicity in one room working together doing what they do best. That would be AWESOME!

  8. Ram510 says:

    Ooooooo I like this idea. Way better than spreading it over 3-4 nights.

  9. Joey Padron says:

    Excited for crossover episodes! Last year’s crossover event was so good.

  10. Lily says:

    “Romance in the air” means that a wedding is happening, imo. It’s Barry and Iris. Everyone will gather for their wedding and the festivities will be crashed by some kind of villain, they will get married in the Flash episode, and then maybe the villain crashes the reception on Legends or something. That’s how I’d plan it out.

    • Agreed. Supergirl episode might be the wacky “there are complications before the wedding” hour, Arrow might be a “making plans to protect both cities so they can have a honeymoon” episode with that team fighting a Flash-level villain, Flash episode would be the wedding, crashed by a villain leading to the fight in the Legends episode.

      Just a hunch. Lower global stakes, higher personal stakes for some of them.

  11. Ericia says:

    I love the crossovers personally. I am not a fan of Super girl so much, but during a crossover I watch her show.

  12. mecksg1 says:

    this is how barry should come back, not just 2 or 3 episodes in. make it a big event

  13. spooie says:

    Last season’s crossover was easily forgettable. Very little that occurred had a lasting effect on the other shows except a small piece in Supergirl, which, oddly, was the smallest part of the crossover.

    Hell… the entire Arrow lineup goes into space and the president of the united states gets melted and there is nary a single reference to any of this ever again. And what does the crossover lead up to? The fate of the entire world comes down to a dozen characters tracking fisticuffs with aliens on a random building’s rooftop.


    • Alex says:

      You just reminded me how bad it was. Forgot about the whole national tragedy part of it and how little consequence it had. Kind of like when Felicity nuked a city and after five seconds of moping it’s back to business as usual.

  14. Mo says:

    Ok if romance is this year’s theme then last year’s xover kicks this year’s @ss and last year’s wasn’t that great. Keep lowering the bar, CW.

  15. Elle says:

    I really hope they don’t try to cram in Barry and Iris’ wedding into this crossover. As excited as I am to see them get married, I want their wedding to be about them and their love. I want the focus to be on their wedding and not whatever crisis brings the teams together. If there has to be a random wedding during the crossover, let it be Nate and Amaya on Legends. Legends will be the last episode so after all the fighting is over, let them spontaneously decide to tie the knot. Then Barry and Iris (and Oliver/Felicity if it goes in that direction) can get married later in the year.

  16. coby preimesberger says:

    still loved though at the very end of the crossover event they did poke fun at brandon routh’s failed run as superman when they had him say i think it was she looks like my cousin, to kara, that made me lol, as i never watch legends, but i think the writer’s wanted that line in

  17. Amy Wegner says:

    When I heard that Arrow was going to be after SPN, I was wondering how the crossover was going to happen. Like was it going to start on Arrow and finish with Legends or was it going to start on Supergirl and end on Arrow. Even though pairing Supergirl and Arrow is odd, it’s not like they have any other choice, especially since they just want to keep it at 2 nights. Personally, I liked the crossover last year where it was stretched out over the 3-4 nights and all in the same timeslot, which made it easier to remember.

  18. Agent 86 says:

    Fair enough. Although, I think the two show cross-overs are stronger and I’d prefer more of them (especially Supergirl / Flash) than convoluted four way cross-overs which inevitably end up sidelining valuable characters due to budget, episode length or other reasons.

    • ekolint48 says:

      I was just about to comment on how I missed the two show crossovers. Those are some of the best episodes of those series, and it doesn’t have to be a 2-way. A character can just guest or 3 could just guest on another’s show (like the Supergirl/Flash ep essentially was and the early seasons of Flash with Felicity or Arrow showing up).

  19. “Romance is in the air” SMH Way to guarantee your shipper wars vs romance gives you cooties audience groups have everything to complain about and won’t be able to see any other plot.

  20. ekolint48 says:

    Romance is often the weakest aspect of these shows. So please don’t write a cross over event revolving around this.

  21. Brian says:

    I think with supernatural’s new advanced weaponry and same us against the bad guys as arrow,flash,legends,and Supergirl that it would be nice to see all of them team up in a 2 to 4 episode crossover,probably 2 hope to see all these shows for awhile!

  22. Adrain smith says:

    The wait is over. The Next Arrowverse Crossover Event Date Has Been Revealed