HAwaii Five-0

CBS Execs Talk Five-0 Exits, Status of Diversity Push ('Change Is Happening')

“There is change happening,” newly minted CBS entertainment chief Kelly Kahl said on Tuesday at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, where for a second year running the network’s lack of diversity in casting was a hot topic.

Kahl said that between this fall’s new offerings (which include the Shemar Moore-led S.W.A.T.) and midseason entries , diverse casting is up “almost 60 percent,” while inroads have been made in the writing and directing ranks as week. “We are absolutely moving in the right direction. We are making progress,” he reiterated.

CBS however once again did not greenlight any new shows fronted by a woman. Senior EVP Thom Sherman — also new to his post — reminded that a year ago there were “several female-led” pilots (that didn’t move forward), before adding: “I feel confident that we will be successful” in improving that representation.

Speaking of diversity, Kahl was asked to revisit Hawaii Five-0‘s big shake-up. Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim parted ways with the show in late June, when their reported request for salary parity with series leads Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan were not met. In a Facebook post about his “difficult choice not to continue,” Kim told fans, “The path to equality is rarely easy.” In response, showrunner Peter M. Lenkov said that H50 had been “extremely generous and proactive in their renegotiation talks,” offering “unprecedented raises, but in the end they chose to move on.”

Kahl echoed that at TCA, saying, “We love both those actors and did not want to lose them. We made very, very strong attempts to keep them,” offering “an awful lot of money.” But the reality, with long-running dramas, he said, is “sometimes you lose cast members.” As the CSIs, Grey’s Anatomy and SVU have all experienced, “At some point there’s some cast turnover.”


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  1. Joe says:

    CBS is happy to feature Asian-Americans in their programming on the tiny condition that they marry the CEO.

  2. Let it go.... says:

    Alex is the lead. The show is about Steve McGarrett and his Five-0 Team. Scott is his second in command. This is why they were paid more money. They have more screen time and more responsibility. Daniel sees it as a equality issue and that’s his right, but I can see why CBS turned them down. It has nothing to do with racism or equality, it’s just common sense. Why should they get equal pay when they do less work? How does that make sense?

    I fail to see the issue.

    • Ann says:

      I am Asian and I agree with this. Even though the show revolves around the team, McGarrett and Danno are the two in command and the two leads of the show. Yes, they also happen to be white. Who cares? Hawaii 5-0 probably features more Asians and Pacific Islanders than any other show on network television, including shows that star Asians (like Fresh off the Boat which features one watered-down, Americanized Asian family of 5-6 characters and everyone else is white, including friends…do they not have Asian friends around?)

      • Shaun says:

        the Huangs moved to Florida and it is mentioned many times how few asians live in the state.Also it is based on a real person.

        • Ann says:

          I know it’s based on a real person. Eddie Huang has spoken out against the show and it’s depiction of his family and Asians. It takes place in the early to mid-90s. There were more than one Asian family in Orlando.

        • Ann says:

          But my point is Hawaii 5-0 is actually better at featuring Asians than a show that is about Asians, like Fresh Off the Boat.

      • dean says:

        No, everyone else ain’t white. Eddie has a black friend, and there was also that other Asian boy who antagonized him. The cook at the restaurant is Latino.

      • bevcat says:

        I have to agree and I love these two characters. they seem very natural to the location and topic of the show. This show was originally mostly about those 2 main characters and on this new version it seems other characters get a lot more face time then the original. it’s a good show!

    • Lauren says:

      I will bet a million dollars you’re white and about half a mil that you’re a dude.

    • Max says:

      Nobody should get the amount of money that Alex gets.One still confuses me is that Scott with a reduced episode count gets the same amount. Is that not unfair to Alex? One might argue whether Grace and Daniel sould receive the amount of Scott.

      • Kelly says:

        The actors get paid per episode. Alex is in all 22 or 23 episodes, so technically he gets paid more in a year because he’s in more episodes. Scott will get paid less for the year because he’s in less episodes, but still the same as Alex per episode.

        • Max says:

          OK – thanks for clearing that up for me. Yet again I cannot see Alex and Scott on the same level.

        • Elle says:

          I thought series regulars got paid whether they were in the episode or not. Isn’t that why an actor gets credited for the episode even if they’re not in it? Caan missed 5 episodes last season, yet he was credited for all of them. Why would they do that if it isn’t a money thing? I’m not trying to be rude, I’m just genuinely curious as to why they bother crediting actors for episodes they don’t appear in?

          • L L says:

            No. Actors are normally paid per episode in which they appear. That’s why, in a situation such as Scott Caan’s you don’t see even a short clip of him leaving for the airport, etc. to explain his absence. If he appeared in a single scene it would result in a full payment for the episode and be contrary to his contract to appear in five fewer episodes than Alex O’Loughlin.

      • mauif says:

        It’ a no brainer. Scott is the Tom of Alex’s Gerry or Robin to Alex’s Batman or Patrick to Spongebob. I can go on.

    • Angela says:

      Thing is, though, this network seems to have a real problem with pay disputes in general. The women of “Criminal Minds”, there was the whole thing with the women from “Big Bang Theory” recently, this show, supposedly that was an issue with Cote de Pablo on “NCIS” as well. It’s clearly an issue, and the fact that it’s constantly women and minorities who keep having to deal with this issue, well..that doesn’t exactly look good for the network and kinda lends credence to people’s “sexism/racism” accusations.
      Even if one doesn’t buy into the race (or sexism) aspect of things, though, these multiple examples are a sign that CBS has a bad history of not knowing how to properly handle pay disputes with their actors in general. You’d think they would’ve learned a better way to deal with this stuff by now.

      • Syl says:

        IMO salary should be based on how many eyeballs each performer adds to the ratings. For example, I’d still watch TBBT if they ditched Mayim Bialek [Amy] and Melissa Rauch [Bernadette]. In fact I could do without the Stuart character as well in favor of more Zach. Male leads are more appealing to both male and female viewers and tend to have longer careers overall. Mark Harmon has been pretty constant on TV for 40+ years. How many women have? Do you think Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy would have lasted with female hosts?

        • Angela says:

          Except that’s not always an easy thing to predict, and every viewer will have their own favorite character.
          As for your comments about how male leads are more appealing to audiences, well, first off, thanks for proving my point that sexism is an issue in these disputes, and second, I think people like Mary Tyler Moore or Lucille Ball, to name a couple examples who had long and successful careers (and who led shows of their own) would have something to say about that. One’s gender doesn’t have any bearing on how “appealing” they are to an audience. And considering there’s many female-led shows currently on TV that are quite popular, that further proves that people are more than willing to watch those shows, too. So try again.
          (As for why male actors have longer careers, gee, that couldn’t possibly have less to do with whether or not female actors can captivate an audience and more to do with Hollywood’s bizarre attitude that once a woman hits a certain age she can only get stereotypical “old lady” roles or is suddenly irrelevant and not worth hiring for shows or films, could it?)
          Do you think Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy would have lasted with female hosts?
          .Never know until you try, right?

          • Syl says:

            The fact that male leads are more appealing than female leads has nothing to do with sexism. It’s a matter of taste. More people like mac & cheese than asparagus. More like country music than opera. As for MTM and LB, neither lasted for 40+ continuous years on TV. I can only think of 2 current female game show hosts, Sherri Shepard and Brooke Burns and neither is setting any fires. Hundreds of years being a patriarchal society isn’t likely to be overthrown anytime soon.

    • Carol says:

      Exactly! Alex gets paid for his work and since the show revolves around him and his partner they gets the most scenes/work. Yes Scott does five less episodes each year which mean five less pay checks – a fact way too many choose to ignore. I for one am grateful he got that deal because their relationship/chemistry is what keeps me watching.

      • Valley Girl says:

        Their chemistry? Really? I find their “chemistry” annoying. It’s not witty banter. It’s not a bromance. They just bicker and annoy one another (and in turn, the audience).

        • Carol says:

          Whether you call it bromance or bickering it is and has been central to the show since season one. For most fans it”s entertaining and if not there are other shows to watch….

      • Eric H says:

        He also get’s back-end money from the show’s profits (as does O’Loughlin), which likely more than makes up the money he misses from not appearing in five episodes a season.

        Also, I wouldn’t exactly call Steve and Danny’s relationship chemistry as it’s mainly endless and pointless bickering that gets old and annoying real fast. Chin-Ho and Kono brought a certain level-headedness, rationality and maturity that McDanno didn’t.

    • Lin B. says:

      I just started watching this show on netflix. Cannot stand Scott Caan, am okay with the actor who plays McGarrett, but I really love the interaction on Kim and Park. Will probably stop watching when I get caught up to where they aren’t on the show. And, no, I’m not Asian, I’m caucasian. The two male leads are not the best actors, they have a couple of “faces” for all situations. Kim and Park actually know how to be subtle.

    • Ange says:

      I don’t think we watch the same show. Last season especially you saw more of Grace and Daniel with Alex than Scott. This has long been an issue with CBS. They often undercut their female actresses. It’s widely documented.

    • Scott works part-time, and while gets paid more, and more days off, Grace, and Daniel pick up the slack, plus of course, with Alex retiring after Season 8, you had 1 youthful enough team-member to potentially Next-Gen Hawaii Five-0, Grace Park, she’s already been doing half the action-work, so she was key, and Scott was mostly sitting in the car, or standing at the interactive-table, but he barely walked for 3 seasons.

      So Daniel, and Grace have a point, time-wise, contribution wise, they deserve same-pay, because they put in the same work, and Grace even a little more than the rest.

    • Dan says:

      Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park have more screen time than Danno (Scott Caan). They seem to be in almost every episode where Scott Caan has 5 less episodes than everybody (in his contract) else so he doesn’t have to travel so much from his home in LA.

  3. Douglas from Brazil says:

    The problem with the lack of female fronted shows is that CBS old viewers don’t watch. The most watched shows are the ones fronted by men. So basically is an economic and ratings decision.

    • dan says:

      I don’t know, my grandmother loved “Murder She Wrote” which starred Angela Lansbury and was one of CBS’s biggest hits for years. And isn’t “Madame Secretary” fronted by a woman? I assume it gets plenty of older women viewers.

      • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

        CBS did dump Supergirl to the CW even though Supergirl was their 2nd highest rated new show and 8th highest overall while keeping several shows with lower ratings that had male leads.

      • Syl says:

        Right, but that was a very different generation and mindset. The 18-49 demographic has nothing like the same values as baby boomers. If The Waltons launched today it would fail after two episodes. Same goes for The Mary Tyler Moore Show or I Love Lucy. Millennials and younger have no patience for clean humor, sentimentality, modesty, manners or ideals.

        • Angela says:

          Millennials and younger have no patience for clean humor, sentimentality, modesty, manners or ideals.
          Not even close to true.

  4. kmw says:

    Well now we know what network the Blind Item is on. CBS can say diversity is coming all they want but I don’t see it, especially with them saying making a lead gay is one of the ways. No women leading their shows( except Leoni on Madam Secretary) firing Erin Hayes for a comfort pairing on KOQ( whoops meant KCW) and continually dragging out contract negotiations with their actresses and letting important minorities go( Kim and park on Five o) Whoever their ” leading character” who will end up coming out as gay is doesn’t make up for CBS’S almost completely white, and male dominated, leads on their shows. FOX has become diverse quite fast over the last couple of years and so has the other networks. Nothing will really change at CBS until the old white boys leading it are gone. Gee I wonder who that blind item is about now?

    • kmw says:

      Sorry a bout the Blind Item reference but CBS let that one out at another interview

      • ellajasper says:

        Sorry I missed it. Who was the blind item about? Thanks

        • TV Viewer says:

          The Blind item was that a CBS show would kill off a major character.
          It turns out the program was Kevin Can Wait and they are killing off Donna, (Kevin’s wife), who left the program recently.

    • Ann says:

      Nothing will really change at CBS until one of the other networks knock them off their perch as the #1 network channel that has the highest rated comedy, highest rated drama, highest rated news magazine, etc.

      • Chris says:

        I think when it comes to this network the history says there pretty sexist when the only contract disputes involve women.

      • No no no says:

        Maybe the lack of “diverse casting” is the reason they’re still number one. Like it or not, whites are still the majority of the population.

    • Iris says:

      *claps* You said it all.

    • drhenning says:

      ummm.. I guess he didn’t matter the 7 seasons of the Good WIFE with a woman as its lead star… main reason it ended was everyone wanted to move on but if having a woman lead was such a ratings boost, it would have stuck around… it’s nice for everyone to promote diversity and all… I also can’t shed any tears for Danial and Grace for chucking their 200K/episode salaries they were offered to stick around even if it was somewhat less than the leads of the show…

  5. mikeam1978 says:

    Nothing worse than diversity for the sake of diversity.

    • Iris says:

      Women represent half of the population, anywhere, anytime. If CBS has to go out of their way to include them, then there’s a problem with CBS.

    • Angela says:

      Why do people automatically assume that a show or network becoming more diverse is doing so just for the hell of it, though? Is it really going to hurt anything if we have more diverse types of shows on TV?

      • Ann says:

        I don’t think the problem is with the network. The problem is with the audience. The top tv series on television (with the exception of Empire) are all fronted by white male leads, or are predominantly white casts. The networks didn’t do this…we, the audience, did this. Why should CBS change when they have the top shows on television? Why is Big Bang Theory the number one comedy when a show like Black-ish is so more well-written but commands half the audience to BBT? ABC has a lot of diversity on it’s network, yet their highest rated shows are all white dominated casts…even How to Get Away with Murder with their strong, emmy-winning female lead barely breaks their top ten show in programming. I’m basing my numbers on TVLine’s numbers from Fall 2016: http://tvline.com/2016/12/23/ratings-2016-2017-tv-season-winners-losers/

      • I think because people are so used to everything written from their POV they don’t realize that “white, male” isn’t actually universal.

    • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

      I would say lack of diversity because there has always been a lack of diversity is worse.

  6. Kevin Tran says:

    Still no official word on whether or not Hawaii Five-O ends after 8 seasons. Losing Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park is going to be difficult for the series moving forward.

    • ellajasper says:

      I think it will really hurt the show. I have never liked the Danny character, much preferred scenes with Chin and Kono. And how will Adam be full time with no Kono? Doesn’t sound fun anymore.

    • gayla says:

      I agree. In my mind they could lose Scott and not miss a beat.

    • TV Viewer says:

      The ratings and Alex O’Loughlin’s health issues will be the ultimate factor if there is a season 9. If the ratings hold up and Alex O’Loughlin wants to return, the show will come back for a season 10.
      CBS owns the show and it’s ratings are adequate for Friday night. There’s no more Shark Tank on ABC to compete with, (it moved to another night and The Inhumans/Agents of Shield probably will not get the same ratings as S.T.). CW, Fox. and NBC don’t put much on Friday night at 9PM to compete for ratings. Friday night is the second worst night of the week for ratings, (with Saturday being the worst day).

  7. Natalie says:

    I dont watch this show but from what I have read, it seems that throughout the seasons the show had started to become an ensemble project instead of the regular two leads and support char. These actors were asking parity solely because of that, if the writers are going to write more for them and have them work as much as the two leads are doing then it does not matter how the show was introduced, they wrote the show so that it had 4 leads instead of two and that explains why they wanted equal pay

    • L L says:

      Sorry but what you have read is inaccurate even though I’ve seen several opinion columnists/bloggers trying to state this as fact. As a fan of the show I can tell you that while the characters of Chin Ho and Kono are important members of the team to the fans such as myself who were invested in their personal storylines the roles were always supporting ones. They did not have the number of storylines/character-centered episodes as either Steve McGarrett or Danny Williams. The actors’ filming responsibilities were also not nearly equal. You could also include Lou Grover as part of the tier of supporting roles. Take the last season (25 episodes) for example. I made a quick look and by my count 1/2 an episode centered on Lou’s character while Kono and Chin each led a story in 1 1/2 episodes. Two episodes centered solely on Danny and at least 5 episodes were Steve-centric. In addition at least 2 more episodes were centered on Danny and Steve jointly. Call those the bromance episodes. The remaining episodes were general case episodes which generally involve a more usual split of screen time i.e. slightly more Steve/Danny with rotating pairings of the remaining 3.

      For the Kono-centric episode which was a Danny-less episode, Kono was partnered with Steve so at most Grace Park had slightly more screen time than Alex O’Loughlin. A similar situation occurred with the outstanding episode where Chin’s niece was kidnapped. Daniel Dae Kim had a couple of extra scenes but Alex O’Loughlin also had separate important scenes and otherwise they were in scenes together. Conversely, the Steve, Danny or bromance episodes concentrated mainly on their characters with the actors filming the bulk of those episodes either individually or jointly with the other 3 characters appearing sparingly.

      Even though I know this reply has already gone on too long I think it’s important to note that in the polls posted on various sites at the end of the season by far the episodes receiving the most votes were the ones centered on Steve and Danny either individually or together which I don’t say to diminish fans’ love of the other characters as they will truly be missed.

    • Coop says:

      As someone that’s recently watched the entire series, it was Alex was clearly the main lead and then Caan was right below him. Those saying the characters of Kono and Chin got anything close to Danny’s storylines, scenes, etc. are just ignoring reality. Park and Kim were clearly supporting roles.

  8. Elle says:

    The thing is though, despite these apparently HUGE raises the actors were offered, they STILL didn’t reach pay parity with their co-stars. Doesn’t that tell you something about how LITTLE they were making in comparison to the other two?

    CBS and the show-runner can keep trying to blame Grace and DDK, but if they were being paid so much less than their co-stars that “an awful lot of money” could only get them within 15-10% of their co-stars’ salary, it’s not the actors who are to blame. If CBS has been paying them THAT much less for all these years, they were right to walk away.

    • L L says:

      You are ignoring the contract negotiation cycle. I am not sure about the others (Scott Caan renegotiated at some point regarding the reduction of episodes and Daniel Dae Kim signed a separate development deal with CBS to fund his company 3AD.) but the end of season 6 was the first time Alex O’Loughlin had entered into a new contract with CBS for the show so it makes sense that if he received a raise at that point it may have resulted in a larger pay discrepancy for last season. It would then make sense it would take a larger amount to bring the supporting cast members closer to parity with the leads who have larger storylines and more filming obligations.

    • Anne says:

      Exactly!!! Like that more than anything shows this disparity between their pay grades.

  9. I predict it’s the beginning of the end for the series. I will likely no longer watch; I will miss the ensemble. The network should have just paid them what they were asking.

  10. Eric H says:

    And from the looks of filming, the new hires are nowhere to be seen. The only one I’ve seen so far from their filming in public is Meaghan Rath and that was on the first few days of filming. Since then, the only cast members I’ve seen filming are AOL, Caan, and McBride. Seems the newbies were added to give the illusion the show had some diversity when in fact the show is intent on hiding or barely using them. Should have known that was the case when they went with a bunch of unknown actors over ones with a little more name recognition who could potentially pull in or keep fans.

    • L L says:

      They attempted to negotiate with Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim until right before filming began. Since Grace didn’t want to return full time they knew they would need a full time replacement and hired Meaghan Rath who has been in Hawaii filming since day 1 of season 8 as her character had already been written into storylines. There is a lot of filming that is not visible even to the most dedicated observer. I believe they planned all along to promote Ian Anthony Dale’s character to regular but he has to complete filming of Salvation first plus he has a baby arriving in a couple of weeks. The actor playing Junior Reigns was completing a film so he should be filming full-time soon.

  11. Ronnie says:

    In regards to Kim and Park, I’m guessing the deal breaker was that they wanted they same or a portion of the same back end deal that was offered to O’Laughlin when he signed on at the beginning. Those kind of deals aren’t made too often and I’ve always found it rather curious that an unproven actor with 3 failed series to his credit could have such a deal. It just doesn’t happen for a new show, but CBS has been all over this guy despite his failed record and his less than stellar reputation. Aside from Ed O’ Neil, who set up his backend deal on Modern Family at the beginning by taking an initial salary cut, (and he’s an established and successful performer), it doesn’t really happen. And it’s not something you’ve ever heard anyone from a network doing for a female actor or an actor of color to get them to sign on. CBS used to be better at diversity and more female-led shows, but they have been failing over the last few years. And letting Julie Chen host the Talk and Big Brother does not count, for obvious reasons.

  12. Kay A. Murray says:

    What I don’t understand is this: The series will probably end after another couple of seasons (hopefully a lot more), why would Grace Park and Daniel Kim walk out of a very successful show which has probably elevated both of them to much higher paying jobs than they have had. Frankly, I don’t remember seeing either of them in anything prior to Hawaii 50. They are representing Asians in a very well liked show, now. Hopefully they will get residuals. So now they have gained the reputation of being “trouble makers” and temperamental for any one looking for their ethnicity. How much money do you have to make to live super comfortably. Truthfully I think they might have cut their own throats with their demands. I liked the characters they played, they were good doing them. But as with any show you get used to the characters and it is not difficult to replace them, , However without McLaughlin and Caan the show would suffer.

    • Eric H says:

      Park was on the popular sci-fi show Battlestar Gallatica while Kim was on Lost. The only things AOL was known for were a couple failed dramas on CBS and a rom-com with JLO. The only person with any semblance to name recognition when the show started was Caan, as he’d been in the Ocean’s trilogy of movies, Entourage, and bunch of other movies while also being James Caan’s son.

      While you may think it won’t be difficult to replace them, I think you overlook how well they worked with the other cast members and how they could carry storylines when needed because of how well-liked they were by fans. It remains to be seen if the newbies they hired can do the same.

      • badgerly says:

        Eric H: I’d bet that both Grace and Daniel got fourth or fifth billing (or lower), on their respective shows. Neither was a star. I’d actually like to know.

  13. Robert Raymond says:

    Talk smart. Here ya go. I Will No Longer Watch Hawaii 5 0. Those two actors are just as important to most story lines as the rest of the main cast. Main meaning original cast members. I’m a newby here, but all you long winded commentors need to get a life. Have a great day ya all. I’m out.

  14. dextersm says:

    They are not “the” lead, but they are core members of the regular cast. And they are not bad actors and also have previous hit shows. It’s safe to say that both of them were underpaid before. The suits at CBS are probably not straight up racists but it’s apparent they don’t value diversity as much as some of the other networks. But after all CBS is the network for old white dudes, no wonder their shows are mostly about old white dudes.

  15. Nemo says:

    Funny thing about social justice warriors: even if they got everything they wanted, they’d still complain, because deep down they’re a bunch of miserable, self-loathing people. They don’t care about high ideals, or equality, or blah blah blah. They just want to make everyone as unhappy as they are.

    • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

      You mean SJW people like Jesus Christ, Buddha, Martin Luther King jr, Rosa Parks, Mahatma Gandhi, Harriet Tubman? No, that want people to be as happy as you white breads seem to think you are. When you are really only happy as long as you can keep your foot on the neck of anyone who isn’t male and white.

  16. Judy Lusty says:

    Oh stick it!!!!

  17. Judy Lusty says:

    Oh stick it!!

  18. Judy Lusty says:

    Oh stuff it!!

  19. Judy Lusty says:

    Not interested!!

  20. Dolores says:

    I’m not going to be as invested in watching H50 with these changes & that’s a big decision for me since I love the HEll out of O’Loughlin but he & Dano are a team cut from Original show

  21. Jeffrey McGraw says:

    He left to executive produce his own show and I believe Grace left to start a family. Does Barba get as much as Benson? No. Did James MacArthur get as much as Lord? If you lose McGarrett the show is toast unless you hire the Rock as his half brother. Raises yes, directing and writing, yes. Parity with the star? I think not. I am surprised that the two leads didn’t offer to pare their own salaries to help with the two dissatisfied cast members.

  22. Not interested in your excuses!!

  23. parstl says:

    what’s ironic is that older audience , above 45, is used to female lead shows under former CBS executive regimes: Lucy, Mary Tyler Moore, Maude, Rhoda, Murphy Brown and others. They cant blame it on the older demographic.

  24. I really. Wish grace&dan. Would. Stay with. H50. Both. Excellent. Actors

  25. I have watched 50 since the very beginning, I was also around for the first Hawaii 50 it is sad to say I will not be watching any longer, I really like alex and I love grace and Daniel Scott I can take him or leave him he is more irritating than anything you have lost a loyal fan!

  26. Bill S Jaffe says:

    bla bla bla to force change viewers most stop watching all shows not just one or two

  27. Tracey says:

    Season 8 will never see my dvd stand its about a time not 1 person u already had replacements waiting while Daniel and Grace where getting a kick in the guts

  28. Margo Langley says:

    CBS execs don’t seem to realize that treating minorities as though they are “interchangeable” is just as racist! When you have beloved characters, you find a way to keep them. On Grey’s Anatomy, one actor referenced a co-star in a homophobic rant, one married star connected, on a less than professional level, with a make up girl, and one decided (a la David Caruso) that she was too big a star for the show! Not the same as veteran actors, who fulfilled their 7 year commitment. And, please stop talking about lucrative incentives, that still only brought those important people to within 10%-15% of their top tier co-stars! Only underlines the fact that they were “low-balled” in the initial contact negotiations!

  29. Yochabel says:

    It’s great that they offered Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park a raise but not offering them equality in pay says a lot. I’m a huge fan of both of them and feel that it is unfair that this had to occur. I feel that they play just as an important part on the show and have similar amounts of time on screen. Hell there are even episodes that revolve mainly around them. Take friends for example: they all fought so they would all get the same pay, regardless of who had the least or most amount of screen time. They can continue to increase the appearance of diversity but until they offer equal pay that diversity will disappear.

    • Coop says:

      It says that they aren’t leads. How hard is it for people to understand this concept? Take a show with a strong ensemble cast like Lost, do you actually think all those folks were paid the same amount of money? Of course not!

      What happens if a network concedes “in just this one case!” to pay supporting actors the same as show leads? Other supporting actors across the television landscape are going to demand the SAME treatment. And those actors with a higher pedigree and larger salaries from the start are going to demand even more money, whether it be for starring, supporting, recurring or guest roles. As I said in another post, money doesn’t grow on trees.

      Comparing H50 to Friends is apples to oranges.

  30. CBS suffering from colonialist-denial, claiming diversity, while dismissing new-shows for ‘testing too female’, and just having fired 2 minority stars over equal-pay, equal pay that they deserve by the way,
    Daniel and Grace picked up the slack when Scott went part-time(they put in more work, had more screen-time, and Grace does most of the action-scenes), Grace is the future, if Hawaii Five-0 had any chance of continuing after Alex retires.
    This report just says CBS hired more people they won’t pay equally.

    • Eric H says:

      In fact, they hired or promoted 6 actors to regular status to replace the 3 that left.
      Considering 4 of the actors were already recurring characters, their bump to regular status likely isn’t going to affect the budget much and the 2 newbies are probably not going to make anywhere near what even McBride or Garcia get. Gotta imagine the CBS executives are happy about saving all that money even though it came at the expense of cast chemistry and cohesion.

    • Matt says:

      Again I just have to stress, Grace is older than Alex so this notion that she is the future makes no sense.

  31. Rick Brown says:

    Love the show and most definitely continue to watch faithfully, Very tired of the strong arm approach of actors of minority stance using race as a pretense for more money nothing short of greed, if your not making the money you think you should fire your agent and get a new one .Playing the race card is doing you no favers , with most of population. Least ones that have the balls to say so ….

    • Anne says:

      Ah yes, spoken by a true white man.

    • Anne says:

      And it’s been critics and the public who “played the race card”. We were the ones to start talking about it. The actors asked for equal pay, as actors and as human beings. When that was denied, critics and the public started talking about racial inequality and the sexism/racism happening at CBS in terms of pay rates and their programming.
      Those are fair assessments to make and fair comments to make.

      • Coop says:

        It’s all negotiating ploys. Anyone that takes an objective look at Hawaii Five 0 will realize that O’Loughlin is the lead, followed by Caan. Kim and Park are clearly in supporting roles. It’s not debatable. You can look at screen time, past story lines and overall direction/theme of the show, etc. and it’s obvious.

    • Angela says:

      Yeah, how dare they start demanding their fair share and ask to be treated with respect! Only white men are apparently allowed to do that!
      Seriously, do you realize how ridiculous your post sounds?

  32. Snazzy says:

    Although there have been some fair to good shows on CBS, I think it is the Murder She Wrote, NCIS, Diagnosis Murder, Network. Not much new concepts or innovation going on, and it sticks to a formula that works for the mature crowd.

  33. ellajasper says:

    I think this is the end of the line. They had discussed this being the last season, why not pay them what they deserved and go out with a bang? Now they are losing loyal viewers and getting lots of complaints. I can’t imagine the show coming back for another season. As for the pay, my husband and I would laugh sometimes when some of the regulars wouldn’t be on the show and say, couldn’t they afford to pay everyone tonight?
    And speaking of CBS shows and diversity, we have been watching Doubt. It was cancelled after two episodes and they are showing the episodes they had already filmed on Saturday nights. We really like the show and can’t imagine why it was cancelled so quickly. They had a very diverse cast and interesting story lines. But it did have a female lead.

    • Coop says:

      It was canceled because nobody watched it. It premiered to a .8 rating and fell to a .6 for the second episode before being sent packing.

  34. OhNoYouDidnt says:

    I am a thirty something gay male from the midwest and I can say I enjoy white shows. I am very likely to watch if the leads are while males with no tattoos. That’s what I like. I am not against anyone, I am just focused on what I am for and it’s that simple for a lot of us. I find forcing diversity into all shows isn’t necessary. There are some shows I can tolerate some diversity like Pure Genius, but overall I am now watching less new shows and more old shows and movies I own. Now I fully agree that the pay situation is not right and should be corrected. That’s unrelated to casting diversity, but still worth mentioning I agree with fairness. Everyone complaining all the time is getting to me. Now if everyone else is doing more of what you like go there. Stop making everyone change to what you want. If that’s what people want and ratings get hurt then they will look to change. All these changes have already made me cancel my cable and I watched 80+ hours a week and talked non-stop about shows. With so many options now can’t everyone find something they like and let the rest be?

  35. Enia One says:

    Move on! Nothing to see here!! These Asains chose to move on.

  36. Larc says:

    I suspect CBS is crass enough to be more concerned with having financially successful shows than in being diverse. Just imagine such a thing. How dare they put money first?

  37. mauif says:

    This issue has been talked about ad nauseam. The 2 actors am quite sure have move on and so must everybody.

  38. Enia One says:

    Let it go. These Asians chose to move on. So should the rest of us!

  39. sunshine says:

    The audience doesn’t care about diversity they just want good shows. Enough of this quota nonsense.

    • Angela says:

      *Looks in this comment thread*
      Well, apparently some people who watch these shows clearly care. Try not to speak for everyone on this topic.

  40. Alec says:

    CBS can say diversity is coming all they want but I don’t see it +1

  41. Debbie says:

    I wish that Parks and Kim would have continued on with H50 they are awesome as well as the others, I’m very sad they’ll be a change with the show!!❤️