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Mindy Project: Chris Messina Returning for 'Multiple Episodes' in Final Season

Mindy-Danny fans, your happy-ish ending may be nigh.

At the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour on Thursday, Mindy Project star/EP Mindy Kaling announced that Chris Messina will reprise his role as Danny for “multiple episodes” during the comedy’s 10-episode sixth and final season (premiering Tuesday, Sept. 12 on Hulu). But don’t expect the exes to ride off into the sunset, at least not in the traditional sense.

“We aren’t super interested in [tying everything up in a bow],” Kaling told reporters of the series finale. “We’re trying to avoid [that], while also leaving the audience with the sense that [Mindy] had some growth.” And although Kaling copped to being a romantic at heart, she was quick to note, “‘Happily ever after’ can sometimes be romantic happiness, [but it also] can be a feeling of contentment about your life as a professional person and as a mother.”

Regarding Mindy and Danny specifically, fellow EP Matt Warburton said, “One thing we can promise the audience is a little bit of clarity about where they stand.” Added Kaling: “They’re both married to other people, so we went into the [final] season with that [complication], which is fun and delicious.”

Other notable tidbits dropped at the panel:

* Modern Family‘s Julie Bowen will guest star as a “rival mother” in one of the final episodes.

* Kaling flirted with the idea of following up Mindy Project with a spinoff built around Garret Dillahunt and Fortune Feimster’s sibling characters, but ultimately jettisoned the idea because, “We just have such a good [series] finale.”

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  1. ZR says:


  2. Maria says:

    I miss Danny and I miss him and Mindy together. 😭😭😭

  3. Toni says:

    It’s been a while but they are both married to other people? What? I heard they destroyed his character before he left, though.

    • Gern Blanston says:

      They didn’t really destroy his character. He just didn’t have the softening that most rough around the edges male characters have when they get with the girl. So, when he continued being the same, grouchy, jerk that he always was people freaked out and claimed character assassination.

      • qriffic says:

        You know, that is a really interesting take on it that I hadn’t heard or considered. I’ve always thought about the destruction, but neglected to take into account the gloss they did originally give him to get them together in the first place.

    • maltru says:

      He went to AZ to take care of his dad after his dad had a heart attack, so Mindy had to take care of Leo on her own right after having him, then when Danny finally came back after months of being gone, he criticized everything she did- he basically called her a bad mother because not only did she not quit her job to stay home with Leo, she actually added on a second job. Never once did he consider quitting his job, though, and he actually scoffed at her the one time she suggested it. She made it clear she didn’t want to have more kids, especially not right away, and he went out of his way to try to get her pregnant again. So, yeah, they took his “traditional guy/fuddy duddy” character and turned him into a full blown misogynist. It was hard to watch sometimes.

      • Gern Blanston says:

        This is what I don’t get about the criticism of Danny’s character arc. By your own admission he was “traditional guy” so, how are his actions after having a kid out of character or him turning into a misogynist? Being “traditional guy” means that these thoughts were always part of his character. He didn’t turn into a misogynist, he always was.

        • Amelia says:

          My criticism revolves a lot around not telling Mindy he was engaged but simply mailing her an invitation to the wedding. And then sleeping with her in the meantime before the invitation was delivered.

        • maltru says:

          How about the episode where she made it clear she didn’t want to have another kid in the near future, and he still went out of his way to try to impregnate her? That’s about eight steps beyond “traditional guy” and into misogynist territory.

          • Holeigh says:

            This. And also, being traditional doesn’t mean you’re a misogynist, that’s so unfair. They definitely tried to make the audience hate him because Chris was doing other acting work and obviously that just made people mad.

  4. Ken says:

    All that sounds like she’ll be choosing herself over any guy hence Mindy Kaling’s words “happily ever after…..can be a feeling of contentment about your life as a professional person and as a mother.”

  5. Matt says:

    Yea, I get the feeling she knows what to do. I imagine they’ll try to get them to a better place with the time they have him available.

  6. Lori says:

    Big arms.

  7. Joey Padron says:

    Good news Chris will be back for the final season of the show!

  8. Mary says:

    Honestly couldn’t care less. I loved Danny and Mindy and Danny but Messina bts crap and bailing for a horrible movie that bombed soured me on having him around. Now he doesn’t really fit on the show.

    Besides the show isn’t about Danny or even them as a couple never was it’s about Mindy! So if he’s there fine if he isn’t fine.

    But I love the Mindy project with or without Messina it was fabulous with him and fabulous without him so I can’t wait to see how it ends.

  9. Television says:

    I stopped watching this show when he wasn’t on it. So sick of on again off again crap. It was so great when they were together.

  10. Amelia says:

    I’m glad Danny will be back. Don’t need a happy ending but an ending with them both single and in a good place co-parenting wise would be good. I do like her husband but we all know that’s not going to last. Feel bad for him and his daughter. I wonder how big of a time jump there will be and if Danny will have any kids.

  11. Salena Slayer says:

    We watched your show because we enjoy the traditional happy endings. Ugly Betty had such a disappointing ending. Now that I know you are going to end it split, I wont bother to watch. Its not about reality here. You rich writers and actors have happy lives. You should have at least gave the devoted fans a happy ending for Slutty Mindy. That her and Danny finally learned how to compromise. But no you Satan worshippers (see youtube Hollywood) want to see torn apart families and money to be the most important thing in life. None of your shows are worth watching these days. Just trash!

  12. Salena Slayer says:

    Danny wanted more kids. There was nothing wrong with that. However, that was something that needed to be discussed before they got involved. They made Mindy out to be more manly. Get as many guys to f her as possible and make that cute because she dresses cute and is wacky?. Dannys character was more representative of the old fashioned guy who is still very attractive. I don’t want a man who is sensitive or feminine. I want a man who isn’t afraid of any situation. He WANTS to provide for his woman. Your babies upbringing should come first or don’t bother to have kids. However taking turns is the way for both parents to contribute. The writers did Mindy a disservice. You cared about her character, but she became unlikeable.

  13. Em says:

    I hate the Ben character Mindy married. I would love to see Mindy and Danny back together but sounds like she’ll just realize she doesn’t need a man to have happiness and contentment in her life. I somewhat agree with that given that I am a career woman who lost her soulmate and am coming to terms with the fact that happiness doesn’t have to include a man.

  14. Gyagenda Swabrah says:

    Can Danny and Mindy just end up together we all love happy endings please please please.