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Supernatural EP Teases 'New' Big Bad (and No, It's Not Lucifer's Spawn)

As if the arrival of Lucifer’s offspring — not to mention, the losses of pal Castiel, mom Mary and frenemy Crowley — wasn’t enough for the Winchesters to contend with, Supernatural is also pitting Dean and Sam against a familiar enemy in Season 13.

“[Lucifer’s child] Jack is not the biggest threat they are dealing with,” executive producer Andrew Dabb revealed during a San Diego Comic-Con interview. While the EP declined to identify which evildoer gets that special title, he hinted that “it’s an old — let’s call him friend — who we have not seen for many years.”

The mysterious foe “probably is not currently in our world,” Dabb added. “He [is] from the alternate world,” where some of the show’s deceased characters are still alive and kicking.

Could the Big Bad be the archangel Michael, who was trapped in Lucifer’s cage during Season 5 and, last we heard, driven mad? “I’ll plead the fifth on that one,” Dabb responded.

Whoever the returning player is, he “will create many, many problems” for Dean and Sam. (We wouldn’t expect anything less.)

Supernatural Season 13 premieres on Thursday, Oct. 12 at 8/7c on The CW, where it will now lead into Season 6 of Arrow.

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  1. Missy says:

    Azazel, good ole yellow eyes. I bet!

  2. Lilly says:

    But what about Adam…it would be an interesting twist to have all Winchesters present for the final full season. Azazel would also work. Seeing as how Mary is back. What if Azazel came back as Jessica? Dun, dun, dunnnnn 😂

    • Brittni says:

      This is the last full season?!

      • Val says:

        No. Or at least it has not been confirmed by any sources. It’s just a rumor being spread by fans.

        • Lilly says:

          I’ve read articles and interviews that have stated this will be the last full season season 14 will be partial so the can end on 300 episodes. Not a rumor.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            From legitimate TV news sites….? I would love to follow up!

          • Lilly says:

            Also note that Misha Collins’ GISHWES hunt is in its final round. He will not be doing another hunt according to his FB page and videos posted by him.

  3. N says:

    If it was a she I feel like eve was massively underused. I liked her

  4. Cari says:

    Methinks it’s about time we get Adam out of hell. Any other takers?

  5. Brenda Duvall says:

    Whover it’s going to be I will absolutely love the new upcoming seasons(😉) just see Sam and Deans faces makes my day.Or days! Love,love,love each show.

  6. Stacey O'Donnell says:

    Azazel, old yellow eyes! My first thought at least!

  7. Dominique says:

    if this is michael in adam’s body then heck yes!! i want adam back, it’s gotten ridiculous how they don’t even adress him anymore. he’s their brother ffs.

  8. Ninamags says:

    I hope its Gabriel. Or Balthazar. Could it be Rafael?

    They didn’t say if he was mortal or otherworldly.

    Gordon is dead, right?

  9. Nick says:

    Its Azazel

  10. Sue Case says:

    Maybe Jesse. He was a kid back in Season 5 but it’s now almost 8 years later and maybe he’s “conflicted” now that he’s grown up.

  11. david says:

    Whatever happened to antichrist kid that went surfing in Australia?

  12. Chuck says:


  13. Cathy says:


    • Jennifer says:

      I was thinking the same thing

      • Sydney Rimmer says:

        YES YES YES! They said “let’s call him an old friend”. My immediate thought was, ohmychuck, what if Bobby is the bad guy. What a complete TWIST that would be!!

        • Tams says:

          My first thought it’s Bobby from the alternative Universe also. They will make him there enemy. Will be wiered too watch.

          • rowan77 says:

            Would be awesome to watch, but Dabb said we haven’t seen this guy in many years, and we see Bobby almost every year, so… It’s too much to hope it’s John, I know. Maybe Michael in Adam’s body?

  14. Andrew Dabb’s words were “an old “let’s call him friend” who we haven’t seen in many years” so this “person” is someone who we already know from the last 12 years but has died in our world but not in the A.U. so I think either it’s Balthazar or Gabriel they both were friendly but also can cause an assload of trouble!!!👼🍸😎

  15. Deb says:

    Bobby. It says “let’s call him friend”. My other guess would be Ash.

  16. Sylvia says:

    I cross my fingers every season that John will come back. Alas, it hasn’t happened yet, but I’m still gonna hope. AND I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT HOW BAD A FATHER HE WAS. JEFF DEAN MORGAN IS A SEXY BEAST I WANT HIM BACK DAMMIT. -DFTBA kids 🐢

  17. fatalsin says:

    I miss ruby and meg.. i know a weird miss but I do!

  18. Sam says:

    Ellen and Jo I hope come back. They might be alive and maybe even Jo’s dad. I would love to see Ash again too.

    Surely not just Bobby alive in this AU world.

  19. Jared says:


  20. Tanner says:

    What of it’s Bobby from a parallel earth? Dun dun duuuuuun!

  21. lilacrose82 says:

    I’m SO utterly disappointed that they are venturing further into that alternate world. It one of the most ridiculous and awful elements of the season 12 finale. Minus the slaughtering of all the women.

  22. Weezy says:

    Gotta be Azazel, Alastair, or Michael right? I think I’m cool with any of the 3….

  23. Brenda Sayles says:

    I love Supernatural I have watched the entire show from first season to present several times I can’t get enough of it and I especially loved the demon but good side of Sam and his powers were awesome and I’m glad mother Mary is off the show but we need Cass n Crowley to keep up the turmoil…anyway love loyal to it and will watch as long as yall keep making it…

  24. Paula says:

    Remember when Dean killed Sams friend Amy and her son saw him do it? I’ll bet he’s finally going to make good on his threat to kill Dean.

  25. joel says:

    Death- old friend. He also mentioned a while back that he would be returning. Also he would be a powerful villain to face, it has to be him

  26. TanyaLeigh says:


  27. Brett says:

    My money is on Kevin. He got locked out of Heaven and he was with his mom and he also died because Dean lied to him and didn’t tell him what was going on with Sam and Gadreel. Kevin is extremely intelligent and this would be an awesome twist. Really it could be so many characters though. Many old friends have died. Kevin died in Season 9.

  28. Mia woods says:

    Supernatural is different then other shows ive watched this one is fool of mysteries abd miths but the miths might be true on Lucifers son is jack then what will happen between the winchesters after that I wonder???