Fall TV Preview
Chicago PD Tracy Spiridakos

Chicago P.D. Promotes Tracy Spiridakos to Series Regular for Season 5

Chicago P.D. is losing Det. Erin Lindsay, but the Intelligence unit won’t be without some girl power this fall.

Tracy Spiridakos, who recurred as Det. Hailey Upton during Season 4 of the NBC drama, has been promoted to series regular for the upcoming run, TVLine has learned.

A member of the robbery homicide unit, Upton clashed with Voight when she was first introduced in a May episode. She eventually earned the Sergeant’s respect — and even a spot on his unit while Burgess took a leave of absence. Now it looks like that placement will be permanent (and hopefully, we’ll get some insight into the mysterious undercover assignment that earned Upton her detective shield).

There are plenty of cast shake-ups in store for Season 5 of the Fire spinoff: While the unit will be saying goodbye to Sophia Bush’s Det. Lindsay, they will also be welcoming back Jon Seda’s Det. Antonio Dawson, who departed the cop drama in the middle of Season 4 to join Chicago Justice‘s D.A. team as an investigator. Following the legal offshoot’s cancellation, it was announced that Seda would rejoin the P.D. ensemble as a series regular.

Prior to appearing on P.D., Spiridakos starred in NBC’s sci-fi series Revolution. Her credits also include recurring gigs on MacGyver, Bates Motel and Being Human.

Chicago P.D. returns with new episodes on Wednesday, Sept. 27 at 10/9c on NBC.

P.D. fans, are you excited Upton is sticking around? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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  1. Meme says:

    I’ll miss Sophia Bush and Erin Lindsay. While the writing had become a bit predictable, I was still here for her. Wishing luck to the rest of the cast and the viewers that will stick around. ✌🏽

    • Pia says:

      I really wish Det Lindsay was staying. I like her acting and she fit in. Besides Voight she was second actor I liked on the show

      Not a fan of Det Upton yet I’ll have to see

      Glad Dawson is returning

  2. Lambsilencer says:

    Perfect, I’ve been waiting for and anticipated this since I heard that Sophia Bush wouldn’t return. Glad I was right. She’ll be a fine addition.

  3. Viviana says:

    In a move that surprised no one. Still sad about Sophia leaving.

  4. Ally says:

    Any clue if we’ll be getting a send off for Sophia Bush’s character or at least some closure to her storyline with Jay? Or are they just going to ignore it??

    • Pam says:

      They gave her her send off at the end of the season with her going undercover to get her out of trouble for covering and helping her murdering mom.

      • Ally says:

        I remember that but it just seemed like there was a little more to the storyline than that…guess not..oh well..

  5. Dean says:

    I’m glad wasn’t a fan of her’s on Revolution but her other gigs since have been pretty good she definitely improved a lot from what I saw on CPD. I onky hope she doesn’t shack up with someone in the unit for love drama the way Jay and Detective Misery did.

    • 👻 says:

      Come on, 75% of the Chicago franchise’s content is characters hooking up in increasingly unlikely combinations.

  6. Kevin Tran says:

    Really bummed about Sophia Bush leaving Chicago PD. Hard to believe whether or not Tracy Spiridakos’ character is the next Erin Lindsay.

    • Dean says:

      Hope not because from what I saw Upton didn’t walk around the office constantly talking about how crummy her childhood was.

  7. Lisa says:

    Well duh. I don’t think there is anybody surprised by this. Just waiting to hear about it being official.

  8. Wrstlgirl says:

    Meh, whatever. It won’t be the same without Lindsay and I’m still missing Burgess. This doesn’t make up for that, nope, no way.

    • Cat says:

      Burgess will be back, they only wrote her character needing some time away so the actress could have her baby.

  9. lisa says:

    Great! I really like her and I’m glad she is getting a regular spot on a successful show. I do wish Sophia Bush wasn’t leaving. I hope she comes back and we get both. Anyone want to start a countdown till she hooks up with Severide? (half joking)

  10. Cassie says:

    Ugh! Not a fan of her or her character at all. As long as they don’t partner her with Jay. Or romantically so either. I was just expecting Jon Seda to fill Sophia’ s empty spot!

  11. Sue Sturgeon says:

    I would like to see Burgess come back. Is that happening?

  12. T.W.S.S. says:

    I’m still waiting for them to rehire Sumners, whom Voight unjustly fired back in season one.

    • Uno says:

      Yeah they never did revisit that she was a good detective who voight just misread completely and they just kept it moving.. I guess ms. Poitier had some else going on

  13. Pam says:

    I will be fine with her on board as long as Burgess is not rooted out! Don’t forget she is to come back and Antonio will be back so it seems like she makes an extra to the Intelligence Team.

  14. Stella says:

    Can’t wait for Chicago pd to get back on as well as Chicago fire and Chicago med will miss watching Chicago justice

  15. Angela Woods says:

    I think it awesome Upton I see going to in intelligence Unit🙌

  16. K Plummer says:

    Why are we losing Sophia Bush??

  17. rimom5 says:

    I assume Maria will be back from maternity leave to complete the squad? So happy Jon is back too!

  18. Coleta says:

    We will miss Lindsey Aaron and birds famous Chicago justice as well really like that show I hope Lindsay does come back cuz she can’t stay away from her papa or her boyfriend yeah looking for the new season

  19. Lynn klan says:

    Where is Sofia Bush going

  20. Grace says:

    So happy for her. Loved the character. However, for me, Sophia was the only reason I ever watched. I shall follow her wherever she lands.

  21. I liked her from the get-go. I’m happy she’s going to be a regular. WELCOME!!!!! 👍🌹

  22. Barbara says:

    The show won’t be the same without
    Sophia Bush!

  23. Robert Fleming says:

    I had almost quit watching PD after Seda left for Justice, but I hung on because of Bush. NOW, because Seda’s back, and even though Bush is gone, which in my opinion, really sucks, but oh well, that’s show biz I suppose, but Season 5 will be interesting with the new girl, “Hailey Upton” taking over for Bush, what the heck. I’ll still watch!

  24. Janet Flores says:

    Ok , I guess. Gonna miss Erin. So glad Antonio is back.

  25. Jean BREWER says:

    No!! I want Lindsay back!! Why did you replace het??

  26. SM Brasch says:

    Great addition look forward to her performances. Really enjoyed her in Revolution.

  27. Janet says:

    The show will not be the same without Erin. Also loved her and Jay together and their relationship. Looked forward to watching them grow as a couple each week. I am not yet a fan of Upton and did not enjoy her character last season.
    I do love that Antonio is coming back!

  28. Steven says:

    Curious as to whether Lindsay’s role will ever return to CPD..?

    Think she plays/played a vital role on the show, not very happy with her relationship with Halstead. Thinks his character is too emotional and whiny.

  29. Jessica says:

    Not excited all. Couldn’t stand upton in the last two episodes. I was hoping with Antonio coming back to fill Erin spot, they would get rid of Upton. She doesn’t fit well in the Unit

  30. Devin Davineaux says:

    Not really surprising. They need someone to fill the female void. It will be weird without Lindsay, but I definitely won’t miss the constant storylines surrounding her and her family. It was really getting tired.

    And i do wonder with promotion of Spiridakos, and the return of Jon Seda, will that leave any room for Marina Squerciati to return as Burgess? Or is she already gone?

  31. Alison says:

    No big surprise that they promoted her. Especially with them filming already. Sophia landed in Chicago yesterday or the day before (according to her IG Stories), so they are going to film her closure. Marina is back filming also (per her IG stories)

  32. RB Oye says:

    Awesome, she is a great addition, I’m not happy about Sophia Bush leaving but I’m not upset either, just surprised. The show focused on her way too much and other characters like Atwater got ignored, after 4 years all we know about him is that he’s raising his younger siblings that’s all. I hope that now that Jon Seda is back they won’t keep underutilizing him, he truly is great.

  33. stacie88 says:

    Very sad to see Sophia Bush leave she was on of my absolute favorites, I was hoping they figured out a way to bring her back after a couple of episodes.

  34. Kayla Summy says:

    YES!!! So excited. Not gonna lie, I initially watched the series FOR Sophia, but fell in love with Voight, so I was sticking around no matter what next season. However, I am a huge fan of Tracy’s (LOVED Revolution!) and the team needs a good “replacement” female badass, so I super excited about this.

  35. Sonics79 says:

    I think a lot of viewers came to the show because of Sophia but also others because of Chicago Fire, I was a combo of the two but I was going to watch it regardless. I love all of the characters on the show but to me Voight makes the show so I can live without Sophia’s Erin character not being on there. I was very interested to see who was going to be the female replacement on the show and I knew it would be Tracy as a leading candidate and I like it. She seems like a natural fit on the show and I think eventually a lot of people will become fans of hers as her acting ability has improved a ton from her Revolution days so I’m actually excited to see her on as a regular.

  36. Did that mystery ever get solved? You know, the one where Bush’s departure was announced by entertainment news outlets but Bush herself, NBC, her co-stars, and the show itself never made any statements or comments? Was I the only one who found that weird?

    • Carla says:

      Yes, I agree with you. Honestly, I still think she is coming back..
      No one of the show or sophia herself confirmed that she is leaving!

  37. Pat McGinnis says:

    No. Don’t like her personality. She doesn’t fit in. Why is Sophia leaving and will Burgess be back? Glad Antonio is coming back!

  38. Bill says:

    Question why is Erin leaving

  39. Mandy says:

    Oh wow I didn’t know Sophia was leaving for good I thought this was only temporary. I like that the door has been left open for her return though, I am going to miss her but I welcome Tracy being a series regular. I’m also happy Seda is coming back!

  40. Cassie says:

    Not a fan of her character at all. As long as they have closure for Erin and Jay. And they don’t have a romantic relationship starting between Upton and Jay Halstead. Would love to see them work with his PTSD, they mentioned last season.

  41. odett says:

    Chicago PD won’t be the same without Sophia Bush (DET LINDSEY) it is sad knowing that she won’t be part of Season 5. we will miss her. it would be great if they could end the final with Jay ask her to get married and she said yes. we will miss her. hope she will return to Chicago PD.