The Originals Cast Talks Caroline's Arrival, Hayley's New Man, [Spoiler]'s Wedding and More Final Season Scoop

Wedding bells are ringing in the final season of The Originals — or, rather, they’ve already rang.

The CW drama’s cast joined yours truly in TVLine’s San Diego Comic-Con suite to preview the final season, as well as to reveal some of what went down during the latest time jump. And, yes, one of those events was the Kol/Davina wedding we were promised at the end of Season 4.

“It happened offscreen,” Joseph Morgan said, “but we will see a sort of cutaway of People magazine where they had the photoshoot.” (He may have been joking, but executive producer Julie Plec wasn’t when she said “we can assume” the wedding happened.)

This being the show’s final season, we also discussed which fan-favorite characters could potentially return for an encore:

“Much like when we ended The Vampire Diaries, we made a wish list of all the people — whether we loved them personally or loved their characters — that we wanted to try to see again before the series ended,” Plec explained. “There’s a plan, with luck, to see Davina again. And Kol, and Rebekah.”

And if you think we didn’t talk about the long-awaited arrival of Caroline Forbes-Salvatore — though Morgan said she’s “dropped the ‘Salvatore’ now, apparently” — you’re sorely mistaken.

“In the first episode, she really just has scenes with Josh,” Plec said. “They have good chemistry, they’ll have good banter and I think the audience will really enjoy it.” (And thus, the good ‘ship “Closh” set sail.)

(Side note: At the risk of not repeating all of the same questions I’d previously asked the cast during the show’s Comic-Con panel, which took place just a few hours before this interview, we didn’t get too much into “Klaroline” or “Freelin” in this video. Rest assured, Klaus and Caroline will interact, and Christina Moses will return as Keelin for at least a handful of episodes.)

Hit PLAY on our interview above, then drop a comment below. What are your hopes for the final season of The Originals?

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  1. Riana says:

    Caroline and Josh? I’m in. I imagine Davina will be back for the finale at least.

    • Jane says:

      Josh is gay. Klaroline all the way, can’t believe they included Klaroline TVD scenes in the promo for TO. I like Joseph’s comment on Caroline’s last name, and I’m happy for Kol and Davina too! Can’t wait to see Klope scenes with teen Hope, the dynamic will be different but I’m sure I’ll enjoy their scenes just as much as Joseph/Summer moments

      • Haylscat says:

        Can’t we Ship a friendship? But yes, that detail should have been mentioned in the article since people presume Ships to be romantic.

        • Jane says:

          The whole “Josh” talk was Julie’s joke. She thought the idea of Candice finally joining TO to have scenes with Josh was absurd enough for people to get that she’s joking. But apparently some took her words seriously. Joseph, who actually knows that Candice has scenes with him, supported Julie’s joke.

    • terri badge says:

      they talk about fan favorites bring cami back at least for the finale with klaus

  2. Daniel Nicks says:

    Josh is gay. Closh. What is wrong with you people.

  3. Television says:

    Two of them look like they don’t want to be there.

  4. dragenphoto says:

    Just a small suggestion; maybe don’t put the lady with the short skirt on the tall chair in the back?

  5. Stephanie says:

    I’m confused, was the Caroline and Josh scenes a joke? Or was she really just saying that in 5×01 Caroline will have scenes with Josh?

  6. Charissa29 says:

    If Caroline and Klaus interact, I will watch that episode! Never been a fan of the originals and haven’t watched vampire diary in years, but Klaus and Caroline are ALWAYS entertaining!

  7. Melissa says:

    Wasn’t Julie joking when she said Caroline and Josh would have scenes?

    • Hallie says:

      We don’t know last year when they jokely said they wanted Rick to show up he did if it was a joke no one else got the joke because the cast didn’t say anything and JP looked a little taken back when JOMO mentioned having scenes with Candice. So either it is a joke or JOMO just let it slip Candice is in more then one episode.

  8. Mery says:

    Thank you so much Andy for these awesome news! You’re the best and also I can’t wait to see Klaroline and the Mikaelson on screen again! It’s gonna be a great season!

  9. cjk51 says:

    Seriously!? After all the fighting, planning, scheming and sacrificing for his daughter, now they are making Klaus a dead beat dad? The entire show was premised on Klaus finding redemption through fatherhood.

    • Nicky says:

      Well i suppose i committed to 4 seasons for klaus to end up with Karoline…sad..this was so predictable….not at all interested. In watching if this end up been the end game ….

  10. Juan ortega says:

    Please don’t end this show…… the originals this is my favorite show…. better then vampire diary…… this is the only show I watched and is it over I don’t have anything else to see…. so once again make some season of this show….. Thanks

  11. Jane says:

    Julie on giving us Caroline’s scenes with Josh “…I think the audience will enjoy that…”
    Joseph adds “They’ve been asking for that for a while”… British sarcasm at its best. Lol

  12. Beth d says:

    Klaroline-I can’t wait!!😍

  13. Sharon says:

    Great interview!

  14. Alicia says:

    We still dont know Klaus real power….he suppost to be strongest than he is right now.

  15. J.B. says:

    Do any of them even want to be there? LOL Some look like they’d rather be baking bread in the Texas heat without air-conditioning.
    Julie…Julie, Julie, Julie….
    Why are sitting on that stool in that kind of outfit?

    • Television says:

      That is what I said. The two in front on right look pissed. Like they would rather be anywhere else. Geez. He is going to strangle that water bottle.

  16. Priscilla says:

    If I’m being honest why bring Caroline back if your not gonna end her with klaus , legit that’s the only reason half of the fans want Caroline back. (And isn’t Josh gay? Do they mean ship as in like friendship cuz how tf?)

    • Stacey O'Donnell says:

      Lol, Care will interact with Josh in the premiere. JoMo then said Caroline has at least 3 scenes with Klaus, in the scripts he has read so far. It seems she be in more than just the premiere and will definitely have screen time with JoMo. Klaroline is coming!

  17. My 1st thought is I hate for the originals to end!! I have 3 autoimmune diseases and I am quite isolated but the originals and the wonderful cast gives me something to look forward to! If it has to end I want the family to come together and be able to have peace and love in there lives for sure and Hope growing up with both parents and aunts and uncles. Thank you for such a great 9 yrs, i pray success, good health and love in all your lives!!

  18. I will miss this show so much it actually distracts me from the pain I live with every day but if you must go, leave with the family coming back together and they find peace and love.
    there li

  19. I want the family to be able to reunite and stop all the darkness to be able to be happy and Hope can grow up with her mum and Dad and aunts and uncles!!

  20. I have tried 4 times to comment but you keep stopping my comments and there was nothing frakkin wrong with anything I said!!! It’s to bad because my ending was a peaceful one with love!!

  21. Please bring the family back together and the show ends on a loveing place between them all!! Best of luck!!

  22. Polly jackson says:

    I will not watch anything julie plec does again tired of her just quitting on her shows. I’m also never watching the CW again! I’m trying to get people to boycott it. Your getting rid of the only shoes that are good!

  23. ajacksonk says:

    I loved this show. If it’s gonna end it should go with a bang. I say let hope be bad. Start her own coven of bad witches n seek out her family. I don’t want to see Caroline and klaus. She bores me. Let klaus be with some hot witch. Let Rebekah adopt some mystical witch wolf baby. PS u guys suck for canceling this show :(

  24. Mariah says:

    Im hoping that they ressurect Camille. Im in all the way for klamille. Not some phony like klaroline. I hate Caroline but i like kandice king shes okay if u say so. So it means that closh should happen. #teammikealsons #teamkavina #teammarbecca #teamklamille #teamclosh #teamoriginals #teamfreelin im a ll in.

    • Stacey O'Donnell says:

      Closh is not a real thing, they were kidding, lol. Carina even tweeted that it was on a joke on her Twitter account. Plus Josh is gay anyways. Caroline is a wonderful character and klaroline was genuine and came way before cami and klamille. With the time jump, Cami has been dead for about 15 years and Stefan for 10. Klamille and Steroline had plenty of time, it’s our turn now.

  25. Stacey says:

    Can’t wait for Klaroline. I survived years of Steroline and Klamille, both of which bored me to tears. It’s time for Klaroline finally!

  26. Karen says:

    They are hilarious. I literally laughed out loud watching that. Especially about Klaus in the wall singing “All by Myself”. I haven’t been thrilled with the past couple of seasons of either TO or TVD but I love that world and the characters. I will miss it.

  27. Cathy Jones says:

    Hope there will be a happy ever after for the FAMILY.

  28. Weezy says:

    Great idea. Let’s bring a character I’ve hated since day 1 to a show that completely doesn’t need her. In the final season no less. Damnit Julie…you are going all out to destroy another show now aren’t you?

  29. Terry says:

    I wish Kai could team up with the hollow I mean he also got no weak spots plus he’s the best villain

  30. Kim Mclellan says:

    I was so disappointed to hear this will be the final season,i thought if i cant have Vampire diaries, than at least i have the Originals,so now im broken hearted!

  31. Debi says:

    Seriously love this show…hate to see it end..hope Claus finds love with Caroline…

  32. Diane Auger says:

    I’m So Angry , More than Angry with CW . Don’t they have anything better to do than taking All Fans Favorite Shows off . 1 by 1 , The Original’s was the last Vampire show left on tv and now there’s nothing. It’s a Great Show , I Love Klaus and the whole family dynamic . If CW takes it off I’ll NEVER watch that channel again. .

  33. Lina says:

    I’m all for the thrill ,twist and didn’t expect. I love the show, the cast, everyone is amazing in there own way. Just wish it wasn’t going to end so soon . But thank you for what you all have done. I’m sure I’ll be watching the seasons over again .

  34. Joshua Bailey says:

    So my question is will the show take place in Mystic Falls or will it revert back to New Orleans? Marcel left it behind, Klaus left it behind…the only ones who MIGHT still be there is Freya & Vincent.

    Now this might take a lot of doing, but while filming scenes in Mystic Falls, I’ve would love for Klaus to show up on Damon & Elena’s doorstep so he can see with his own eyes that Damon became human for someone he loved. I could imagine Damon’s face would be priceless at that. In addition, with this being the series finale, maybe there is a time jump at the end and you see an older Damon dying (from cancer or old age etc…) and let Klaus take the cure from him (TVD never showed how he or Elena died, just that there life together was over) so Klaus can finally live out his days in peace. Seems far fetched, I know, but as much as Klaus has changed since his time in New Orleans, I believe some kind of happy ending is due for him.

  35. ali says:

    why the season 5 should be the final ????? why why why ??? i thought its gonna be 8 season at least.. just like vampire diaries.. i beg you.. dont end the show in 5 season.. i beg you

  36. ali says:

    you have a wonderful idea with hope.. and when she most grow up.. you want ends the show ?i cant believe it.. have you any idea how much story can ve made about hope and she’s power ? she’s Cooperation with her dad and her family is wonderful.. you cant ends the show so soon😢😢😢😢😢

  37. Donna Moore says:

    I I really enjoyed the series and hope that it extends out for more than just five series I hope that Clouse can be reunited with his daughter and find love I wish for Haley and Elijah to Marry Rebecca and Marcel to Mary I would really love to see Damon in Stefun to return as well I really enjoyed the series and I hate to lose them and Elaine of course