Supergirl @ Comic-Con: Kara's Grief, Mon-El's Return and a New Villainess

Supergirl flew into San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday with some fresh scoop on Kara’s hardened state, James’ new love, Mon-El’s return and much more.

* Kara has always tried to balance Kara the journalist with Kara the hero, but this season, “the scales are leaning very heavily on Supergirl,” star Melissa Benoist previewed. “I think that’s how she’s coping with this grief of sending her boyfriend to this giant chasm in space.” The Girl of Steel “really is trusting herself and only herself right now.”

* No surprise here: “Mon-El will return at some point,” executive producer Robert Rovner confirmed. “But how he does is one of the central mysteries of Season 3.”

* “We have amazing things in store for James,” EP Jessica Queller teased, before dropping this juicy intel: “He’s going to have a new love interest.” In addition to continuing his role as Guardian, James will get “back to his roots as a journalist and photographer” at Cat Co. in a way that “harkens back to Jimmy Olsen’s character.”

* J’onn’s dynamic with his recently cast father (played by Alias vet Carl Lumbly) is “not an easy one,” David Harewood described. “There’s going to be some complications. J’onn always thought he was the last Green Martian. It’s going to be extraordinary to discover that not only is he not the last Green Martian, but the other one is his dad!”

* Having fallen in love, Alex will “be weighing that against her work in the D.E.O. and managing those two sides of her life,” Rovner shared. And despite Floriana Lima’s recurring status, Queller promised, “We have an amazing, beautiful story to tell that is emotional and modern and honors the love between these two women.”

* New cast member Odette Annable described her Big Bad character Reign as a villain with “a very specific agenda. She doesn’t want to just rule the Earth. She has her own reasons for dispensing her justice, which will be revealed throughout the season.” The actress has already worked with Benoist “a little bit” and has been “hearing that Reign will be a real match for Supergirl,” Annable added.

* As seen in the Season 3 trailer, Lena Luthor will be going up against Adrian Pasdar’s Morgan Edge. “It’s always good when you see two powerful characters butt heads,” Katie McGrath shared. “But I feel like I’m going to win.” And McGrath has no problem with the fact that Lena has yet to clue into her friend’s secret super identity. “I kind of like not knowing,” the actress said. “Part of the magic of the show is people not knowing it’s the same person.”

Supergirl Season 3 premieres Monday, Oct. 9 at 8/7c on The CW.

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  1. jason says:

    I wonder who James new love interest will be,

  2. I’m looking forward to Season 3 but James (if he survives the Blind Item death watch) getting a love interest isn’t “Amazing”.

  3. V.J. says:

    I´m super excited about S4 because it looks promising. And I think I´m kind of glad that James get a good storyline. I think his charactere deserves better than in the last two seasons. And I´m really psyched about the question how exactly Mon-El will manage to return. And my personal wish for the next season is that the comment section will relax a little bit about the shipping. But well…

  4. Joey Padron says:

    Good scoop about season 3. I can’t wait to see the trailer for the new season!

  5. Dominique says:

    sounds exciting, i’m ready for the new season to be here already! :D
    curious to see how mon-el will return, and how he will manage to stay and not die from the toxic atmosphere. i’m just glad he’ll be back.
    excited for lena’s storyline as well, can’t wait to see her go toe to toe with this new guy.

  6. Kyle says:

    I really liked Mon El, he was a refreshing character. Not always likeable but ironically that’s what I liked about him. Couldn’t care less about James though, he really doesn’t serve a purpose at all.

  7. Kristina says:

    Loving all of this. I’ll be anxiously awaiting Mon-El’s return. And seeing Jimmy actually do his job will be refreshing (sorry but it’s true) and hopefully actually give him something productive to deal. And I’m really excited about the guest stars coming up!!!

  8. Red Snapper says:

    So, they are essentially rebooting James’ character again? I hope they make him a little more like classic Jimmy Olsen, just a little,then maybe I’ll stop wishing death on him. I’m glad they confirmed Mon-El’s return. I really thought he was a great addition to the show. Love him and Kara together.

  9. Tessa says:

    Ugh wish Mon El could stay lost. His character felt useless, distracting, and disrespectful

  10. ALM says:

    I wish they would stop trying with the different incarnations of James/Jimmy Olsen. The problem began with the creation of this version of the character. If they had wanted a leading man type of character to cast Mehcad Brooks as, they should have created that. He has never worked as any version of Jimmy Olsen, and I don’t think he will because the character only works as the comic book character. I wish they would just admit it didn’t work, ship the character back to Metropolis, and move on.

  11. CW says:

    Anything about Alex?

  12. Jason says:

    I’m the most curious about the direction they take Lena. I so desperately want them to avoid falling into the cliche, villain mode with her. I’d also like to see her interact with Alex. I’m curious about their chemistry. With Maggie likely to exit stage left, I think Lena and Alex would be a very cool potential romantic relationship to develop. It would also be an excellent way to let both characters evolve, independent of Kara.

  13. Jane Q. Doe says:

    Disappointed to see how much the show keeps focusing on Mon-El; the vast majority of professional reviews considered the elevation of his character and Kara’s background status and lack of growth as the major downfall of Season 2. Not to mention the diminishing of the MOST important relationship on the show – the Danvers sisters.

    I get people like the character and the relationship – and I might have as well if it hadn’t been so badly bungled, telegraphed from the moment the pod door opened, and rushed. Kara dumps James and wants to focus on herself, and 10 eps later she’s in bed with a man who seems totally unworthy of her. Even in the very last episode, he’s doubting her. Contrast that with Cat’s unwavering support for Supergirl in the very same ep.

    I could care LESS about his “journey”. I am not watching one of the multiple other shows about a male hero. I fell in love with a show about SUPERGIRL. If they’re so focused on Chris Wood and Mon-El, then spin him off to whatever the comics say he’s supposed to be in his very own series. Let Supergirl and Kara have her show back. (Side note: I think he’s got good comedic timing, and would really do well in a sitcom actually.)

    The fact Melissa said @ CC Kara’s world was ending over losing her boyfriend of 6 months was extremely disheartening. What happened to the girl power message of Season 1?? That was the show I wanted my kids to watch, and told everyone about. It wasn’t perfect, but it was better than this. I stopped recommending Supergirl very early in Season 2, and stopped caring about watching it at all by the time the last 2 eps came. If this is how they see Kara, I doubt I’ll stick around for much of Season 3. It’s really a shame. Maybe they need to go watch Wonder Woman a few dozen more times?

    • D Oracle says:

      Your comments are exactly my thoughts on this show. The Danvers sister is the most important relationship which would behoove all real life sisters. In my mind, I’ve just copied and pasted what you said under my name😊. Good job!

      • Kate says:

        You can be a strong woman AND be sad that you lost your boyfriend.

        • Jane Q. Doe says:

          I absolutely agree. And since that relationship is now canon, it does make sense for Kara to miss him. It would seem odd if they just never mentioned him again (like they did Lucy Lane and Max Lord, for example).

          But. Given the level of focus placed on that character last season, it seems as if they’re setting it up to be along of the lines of Kara can’t be who she is because she lost this guy (who wasn’t all that great anyway). It can be done well, and still maintain the integrity of who Kara/Supergirl is outside of any relationship – but I really doubt their ability to do that.

    • Fred says:

      You are misinformed. All like Mon-El except your toxic loud small fake fandom

  14. dansue says:

    I like the idea of losing mon-el as the straw that broke the camel’s back re: Kara. She’s lost so much and the accumulation of it all is what makes her go darker. The scene in the trailer where she’s tearing off her glasses while still in the room with people who don’t know her secret identity made me think she just doesn’t care about Kara Danvers anymore because she isn’t that person. She had an entire life on a different planet that she remembers and it’s all gone. mon-el was a link to that and his leaving brought all those feelings up again.

    Plus, for all that is good and right in the world, don’t make mon-el come back and “fix” Kara. It would be so cheap for him to come back and everything being back to normal. Make her grief mean something longer that a couple of episodes. Heck, I don’t like the character (his greatest accomplishments were making breakfast and being good in bed) but if his coming back leads to real character development for Kara then great!

    I also hate how they’re being coy with the Legion. Just say he’s having adventures in the 30th century already!

    • Jane Q. Doe says:

      You know, if they could spin it that way, that would be watchable. After the mess they made of Season 2, and the continued promoting of this character (he’s continually mentioned, and was so front & center at Comic Con you’d think the show was about him officially), I honestly don’t think the writers/producers have the ability and subtlety to sell it. Or, frankly, the desire.

      They’d have to approach it that it wasn’t so much him she was wrapped up in, but what he represented (and at a time when all of her other support systems were missing – Alex, Cat, James, Winn all off doing their own things), and after losing her world, Astra, etc. it just was too much. And then Cat Grant could come in and fix it. LOL I guess we shall see…

  15. Kyle says:

    MonDouche, the sexist slave owner from space returns. Kara’s character once again whines and is entirely focused not on being a super hero, or the main character, but about the loss and return of the white slave owning sexist boyfriend that’s pissed off so many viewers.

    Well, what can you expect. Their on the CW now. Where storylines automatically become 100% more sexist, queerbaiting, and rape culture rewarding.

    Why not slavery apologist too.

    • Fred says:

      You are really filling it on with the lies. Actually he is not a slave owner. His mom was one. And all like him except your small loud toxic fanbase

  16. Cato says:

    The show should drop both James and Mon-El – both are either boring or unlikeable and bring nothing to the show. Would love to see them drop those two, focus on Kara/Alex/J’onn and some kickass action with a cool villain instead of Supergirl’s relationship drama. They can bring in Braniac 5 for a love interest for Kara next season, since you know the CW won’t have anyone single for long.

    • Fred says:

      All like Mon-El he got so much love at SDCC and they will not do another love interest when karamel is endgame now

  17. sarath says:

    ah just end that mon el character. this season kara must focus to be a superhero. please u can stay single atleast for this season