Iron Fist Renewed Season 2

Marvel's Iron Fist Renewed for Season 2, New Showrunner Is Named

Danny Rand has more punches to pack, now that Marvel’s Iron Fist has been renewed at Netflix for Season 2.

The announcement was made by Marvel TV chief Jeph Loeb on Friday evening at the San Diego Comic-Con, four months after the martial-arts series released its freshman run to the streaming service.

In the wake of middling critical reviews, TVLine readers gave the Iron Fist series premiere an average grade of “C+,” while on Metacritic it scored a 37.

Update: Raven Metzner (Sleepy Hollow) is taking over as showrunner for Season 2, Deadline reports, replacing Scott Buck.

Sister series Daredevil has been renewed for Season 3, while Jessica Jones and Luke Cage will each be back for Season 2. The next salvo in Netflix’s Marvel-verse, the team-up event The Defenders, arrives Friday, Aug. 18, starring Daredevil‘s Charlie Cox, Luke Cage‘s Mike Colter, Jessica Jones‘ Krysten Ritter and Iron Fist‘s own Finn Jones.

VIDEO: The Defenders Cast ‘Spoils’ That
Moment, Talks Possible Season 2

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  1. T.W.S.S. says:

    Really expected Netflix to quietly cancel this. At least it means more Ward.

  2. tvloverSA says:

    The definatly the worst of all the four it warranted a cancellation. ..

  3. Jimmy says:

    Now that we’re stuck with this actor somebody please teach him some martial arts skills.

  4. spitalo says:

    yet sense8 is cancelled?

    • Tribal Mischief says:

      At nine times the cost per episode, yes. That being said it isn’t an either or – sense8’s budget isn’t being used for Iron Fist. Marvel money is its one bag.

      • Temperance says:

        And there were easy ways to cut sense8’s budget by half or more. Considering that’s it’s awesome, gorgeous, and groundbreaking, it’s about a billion times better than IF.

    • MOjo says:

      Exactly my first thought

    • Quang says:

      Iron Fist had better ratings and was cheaper to produce that a lavish international production like sense8. Iron Fist cost 40-50 million a season, while sense8 was 105 Million a season.

  5. Tribal Mischief says:

    I’m glad, I enjoyed it a bunch and thought it was the most consistent of the Marvel shows to date. I recognize I’m alone, but I’m good with it. For once TV has saved a show just for me.

  6. leo says:

    Yikes. From Scott buck, the guy who destroyed everything he touched.

  7. Anne says:

    Any chance of recasting the lead lol

  8. Tomm Huntre says:

    I liked IRON FIST a lot. More than DD season 2. More than LUKE CAGE.

    I’m glad for the renewal.

  9. Chris Spera says:

    I am actually not sure what people disliked about it. It was easily better than Luke Cage or Season 1 of Daredevil. I thought it was on par with Jessica Jones as the best of the Marvel shows.

  10. 51cards says:

    Was this with the stipulation that the leads get acting coaches? The Netflix/Marvel partnership would be way better off without this show.

  11. Ross says:

    I’m all for this, I just hope it’s not Scott Buck show running.

  12. Simon says:

    I admit it had a very slow start which almost turned me off, but by the end of the season it was at the level it should be for a Marvel tv show

  13. Lori says:

    Yes looking forward to Misty joining them.

  14. Jim says:

    I promise the show can be a lot, lot better than what we got in season 1. They barely even showed K’un-lun! It was like they purposely ignored all the best parts of the Iron Fist comics, especially by not including Misty. Or Luke, though I do understand that one. But seriously. No flashbacks to K’un-lun? No scene of him fighting the dragon, no Thunderer, nothing? Sheesh. What a waste. If they’ve learned from their mistakes and want to do Iron Fist RIGHT, I’m all for this.

  15. Lilly says:

    While it did have some really big problems, I enjoyed Iron Fist and I’m glad it’s coming back. Ward was my favorite, I hope he’s also returning.

  16. Bill says:

    I waited a while to watch this show because the initial reviews were bad. When i finally did get around to watching it I went into it thinking this show is supposed to be bad. Each episode went by and the “bad” never came. Turned out t his show was good. Far better than luke cage…

  17. J.B. says:

    I couldn’t even finish the 1st season. I tried, I really tried. Just could not get into it. To be fair I found DD & LG to be “meh”. I enjoyed most of JJ but I’m not sure S2 can live up to S1. I want to be wrong. Kind of disappointed in the Marvel TV shows. Hope The Defenders wows me enough to want to maybe revisit IF.

  18. Nicole says:

    This is good news! I really enjoyed the first season. I’m not sure why so many people disliked it, but I loved it.

  19. Harvey says:

    Iron fist was really really bad. The main lead was the main reason! And after seeing action of daredevil we got such bad action of iron fist. I just hope they change the lead or train him for the next 2 years. Actually take him to a secret island this time lol where he is trained to fight or to make it look like as if he’s fighting and make him a better actor.
    I am a huge mcu fan, and yet I couldn’t get myself to watch more than 6 eps of iron fist.

  20. jj says:

    Not surprised however there is really no need. They should cancel the show and replace Ward with someone that actually can do martial arts in the Defender.

  21. No no no says:

    So they’ve replaced one terrible showrunner with another? How exactly will this help?