The Originals to End After Season 5

Prepare to say goodbye to the Mikaelson family: The Originals will come to an end following Season 5, TVLine has learned.

Creator Julie Plec made the announcement on Twitter, via a letter to the fans inviting them “to help us say goodbye to The Originals, which begins shooting its fifth and final season on Monday.

“It’s both a gift and a burden to be able to control the ending of a series,” she continued. “Many shows are not lucky enough to have a hand in deciding when the end has come. Being able to celebrate the completion of The Vampire Diaries was a joyful  and deeply emotional ride, a luxury gifted by Mark Pedowitz at The CW and Peter Roth at WBTV, who, as TV fans themselves, know what it means when a fan is able to say goodbye. Ending a show is always bittersweet, but for me, it’s a true blessing to be a part of making that choice.”

The Originals‘ fifth and final season is slated to bow in spring 2018 on The CW.

Are you sad to see The Originals coming to an end? Sound off below.

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    • Jenn says:

      I am so sad. Why do they cancel all the good shows like TVD and TO, but keep all the bad ones nobody wants to watch. I wish everyone on the show good luck on their next adventure.

      • Patrick says:

        This is literally the opposite of what happens. You may disagree with the shows people watch, but low rated, or unprofitable, shows get canceled. If a show has low costs, it can sustain low ratings. The Plec shows had HUGE casts by CW standards, and simply lacked the ratings to justify what were expensive production costs.

      • Tracy Brady says:


      • Aaliyah says:

        Right!????what’s that about!no more Klaus or Elijah…..i shutter to think..

      • Lindsay P Salinas says:

        I know I agree ! :(

      • Seb says:

        Because The Vampire Diaries stopped being a great show after the third season and the ratings and quality of the storylines just kept dropping gradually each season.

        The Originals had a good first three seasons too, but season 4 wasn’t that great and it’s not bringing in viewers like the DC shows are. It has struggled to maintain good numbers since season 1.

        • Bob says:

          I thin with TVD its a matter of opinion I really like the first 4 SN of TVD and though it was done well after that it suffered a little but not to the point I did not wan to watch it.

        • Lilian says:

          The DC legends arent even in there 3 season so u dont know if they are also going to drop viewers in the 3rd season so if I were you I would think before talking.

      • luvprue2 says:

        I agree 100 percent. There a lot of shows on tv’s who do not have the audience that The Originals have that are still on the air. However they are on a different networks who have a bigger budget. The WB/CW was the same show that cancelled Buffy the vampire slayer in season 5, and the show was pick up by another network and ran for two more Epic season. That same network cancelled Angel, and replace it with the old tired Drew Carey show (after it’s prime). So I think cancelling have more to do with what’s in their budget then the ratings itself, although season 4 totally suck . Who’s idea was it to put Marcel in charge to keep the Originals in line? Or to focus on Hayley? Or to end Always and forever? But what I hated about season 4 was it seem they wanted to shame the audience for liking the Originals by constantly reminding us that they are horrible vampire. Hell, they are actually no different then all the other vampires.

        I hated part of season 3 (The ending ) and all of season 4. I felt someone should have step in and told the writers what the main focus of the show, which was family, and Klaus’s redemption through his daughter. In their story (as Klaus told Elijah) they are the heroes. That the way it should have been told. From their point of view….just like TVD is told from Damon and Stefan point of view.

        • The Wiz says:

          Also the thing about it is The Originals was always an underrated show. It never had that popular buzz that TVD had when it started. They’re ratings were always low from day 1. And so they probably wondered each year if they were coming back or not. But it kind of depends on the network not having a big budget. Supernatural is the longest running show on there so they’re doing something right. But the reason Angel got canceled was due to Joss Whedon asking for an early renewal as soon as they got a season 5.

          • luvprue2 says:

            But the Cw always did that even with Charmed which was their high rated show on tv, yet they was hardly ever given a early renewal .

            As for the ratings . It’s hard especially since they kept playing Hollywood shuffle with the show ‘s time slot. Plus no one watch the show in real time anymore, and the ratings system is a joke .

          • The Wiz says:

            Charmed’s last season was terrible though but that’s getting into something else. But you’re right, it’s stupid how live numbers are still being considered when hardly anyone watched live anymore. Honestly The CW is evolving worse and worse each time they’ve try to reinvent themselves. If it wasn’t for Supernatural I probably would’ve stopped a long time ago. Arrow’s already down the toilet.

          • luvprue2 says:

            It wasn’t the best season. I really didn’t care about Billy and her sister. I wish Julian aka Cole had returned for season 8. Originally he was supposed to return to for season 8, and we were supposed to find out why was he sent to help Piper. The role he was supposed to play in season 8 was given to someone else.

          • The Wiz says:

            I didn’t know that about Cole. I liked him but then they ruined his character in season 5. Season 8 was horrible for so many reasons. Billy was extremely annoying Kaley Cuoco is horrible. And they cut back their budget just so they can blow up the Manor at the end. And they take out Leo for half the season. And it was all rushed so each sister can be married to someone. They should’ve just ended with season 7.

          • luvprue2 says:

            Originally Cole was supposed to return as Cupid. But he couldn’t return, and they couldn’t afford him.

          • luvprue2 says:

            The rating system is ridiculous, especially if you take into consideration that few people own a Nelson box. I do not know 1 person who actually have one.

        • Joanny L Tost says:

          I totally agree

      • Joanny L Tost says:

        I hear you

    • Ben says:

      I’m glad for the cancellation considering that the writing sank the past season and the show become TVD continues instead of TO (seriously.. it was so dumb and boring… wth happened with the exciting season 3 writing?). The cast is hot and talented.. they deserve more.

      • luvprue2 says:

        I felt that the writing for season 3 and 4 was the worst. Especially season 4. Too much of the season focus on Hayley,Vincent and Marcel. I think that turned a lot of people off. They added Rebecca and Kol, yet they hardly appeared in the season. They only appeared for 3 to 4 episodes. They lost a lot of their credibility (what little they had) when they turned Marcel into a super original ,and have him compel Elijah. I never liked Marcel beside in season 2. But this season made me hate him.

        • Tito Ortega says:

          You right,Marcel.,Davina & Kol what a trio of inepts Plus horrible people.the rest were ok., I relly don’t like the finale too much mediocre episodes,,I hope they fixet to the end.

    • Belle says:

      Me too…no vampires to watch on tv will be quite depressing for me!!!

  1. TJ says:

    Saw this coming. Glad the CW allowed a final season. Will miss this show and the whole TVD/TO universe.

  2. CSM says:

    Maybe a couple of reunion movies on the future?

    • Vampie says:

      IT does not sound like a bad idea. I mean a reunion of TO and TVD all the characters together that must be fun

    • Sam says:

      How would they explain everyone aging?

      • Edyn says:

        They became witches again. Haley ages, Hope ages, Freya ages, and she had her mother’s grimoires as well as her aunt’s knowledge. I am sure she can concoct a spell. If they can make Marcel and Klaus’s other protege invincible, why cannot Freya make her family witches again?

      • Peter Palmer says:


      • LANY says:

        Daniel is 41 and looks 26 and he doesn’t even wear makeup I bet they all could Go a few years or so and still look about the same

  3. Lucy says:

    My only disappointment with the announcement is that it’s only getting 13 episodes. That’s not enough for a storyline and an ending. Reign were able to get extra episodes to finish off their show. Also I hope Julie finishes this better than TVD. The issue there was that it felt like she forgot that it was the last season and hastily wrapped everything up in 20 minutes so the rest can finish the characters.

    • Michael J Angelo III says:

      I agree. Last season was excellent until the very last episode, which felt terribly rushed. It was as if they brought in a writer who had never written for the show and who had only watched a couple episodes.

      • Lucy says:

        Agree, I liked that Stefan died, personally I think both Stefan and Damon should have died, if Stefan had to die due to his misdeeds (and killing Enzo) then Damon deserved to die for killing Tyler. But the execution was awful. Personally I didn’t like Season 8, I loved the premiere but it went downhill and there was a lot of pandering like the wedding and rewriting history so Stelena looks bad while Delena seems good (I just really hated the locket thing).

      • Allah3221214 says:

        The last 3 episodes sucked ***!

    • Ken says:

      Where does its say only 13 episodes?

    • Carla Krae says:

      Agreed. But the CW has never respected this show. Why would it now?

    • Tracy Brady says:

      I agree!!! I would have LOVED to see Damon & Elena getting married & everything else that would’ve happened I NEVER their lives considering in her last diary entry she did say she lived a long happy life. I’m not saying they had to take a lot of time doing that, but they could’ve thrown in like a slide show of their lives. I’m not knocking the finale bc I still loved it, I just think it would have been a more fulfilling end & closure😢

    • richard bentham says:

      No-good love this show no Julie this is my most favorite show I rush home every Friday to watch. I’m so heart broken sorry to see it go

    • edyn says:

      Shows are doing that now and from what I see it is the shows on Syfy. I don’t know about other channels or local ones, but I do know the Syfy shows I watch/watched have 13 episodes a season. It is better than 5 or 6 like TWD first season that I almost gave up on because how can you fit so much story into a few episodes? That peeved me wanting to know more about Rick and company.

  4. Angela says:

    I’m not happy about the cancelation, but glad they’ll get to write a conclusion to the story.

    • Shontee Odom says:

      I agree. One thing I hate is when a show I love is left on a cliffhanger and THEN they announce that they won’t return and so we will never know what happened… Like with devious maids

      • Edyn says:

        Yes. Banshee was one of those shows also. What I hate is when a show ends and the last episode was not what one thought it would be. I notice on most shows, they only last 3-5 years if lucky or get canceled quickly leaving a cliffhanger. I am not a newbie to cliffhangers.

  5. Donna says:

    They could at least give it a full season since it’s the end. I’m sad. Great show hope they do it justice.

  6. MDEP says:

    One the few shows left that I truly enjoy. All good things must come to an end I guess :/

    • Peter says:

      I just started binge watching this show on net flix and i reall liked it alot, this is what happens to me when i like a show i’am cursed like Klaus but with shows, sorry to see it go hopefully they could do one good movie and do it the justice it deserves

      • Shontee says:

        Omg I’m the same way lol every single time I fall for a show I find out it’s ending or has ended already lol

      • Christy says:

        I binge watched TO last week and I hate that it is going to end. I find shows that I really enjoy and they are cancelled!!! I hope the will reconsider and keep it.

  7. Lynn says:

    Why do goes end great shows?

  8. Sharon says:

    Well this bums me out. Just as I was getting excited for this season. I wish there were more than 13 episodes.

    I better get a klaroline endgame.

  9. Kepler says:

    That’s really too bad and actually to me it seems like a strange decision to make before seeing what Caroline’s presence might do to the numbers. I haven’t watched The Originals in years but I certainly would have tuned in to any episodes that she would have been in, and I’m not even like a crazy shipper. Well I’m glad it sounds like they’re going out on a high.

    • Anne says:

      This was my thought as well. I don’t watch Originals, but I was definitely going to start with Caroline moving over in some capacity.

    • luvprue2 says:

      I agree. Their rating might have been better if they never made Marcel a super original, and if season 4 didn’t focus so much on Hayley,Vincent and Marcel. But if they had brought Caroline on this season instead of next the ratings would have been through the roof.

      • AGW says:

        Why? Caroline couldn’t save TVD and not all fans ship her with Klaus. He and Hayley are much better suited as a couple. They have similiar backgrounds, are both hybrids and share a child.

        I doubt Caroline would improve the ratings that significantly in the long run (maybe initially or short term). The Originals ratings were never as high as TVD. It’s not like the ratings were ever fantastic and then season 4 changed it. Marcel has only been stronger for about 15 episodes out of more than 80. Starting at the very end of Season 3. Obviously the problems began earlier than that.

        If it was that simple, the solution seems equally simple.

        Vincent didn’t even have much screen time (as Vincent) until Season 4. Yet, they only ordered 13 episodes before it even started shooting.

        Hayley is Hope’s mother. Her story does make sense. She also has a backstory of her own which matters because it affects Hope. Hayley found cures for all the Mikaelsons.

        • luvprue2 says:

          Few shows on the CW have very high ratings. If they did they would likely be on a daily different networks. But the Originals had higher ratings when the show focus on the family . Season 3 started to sink once they brought in characters that seem more annoying than entertaining.

          Can you think of one character who beat Damon and Stefan and didn’t leave or befriend them? The leading men should do just that. Lead.

          • AGW says:

            Marcel was never introduced as a throw away character. His backstory and history with the mikaelsons made him family. I can’t think of a character in TVD, that had a similiar relationship with Stefan or Damon.
            You may dislike the character. But, that is the story the writers were telling from the beginning.
            Marcel has a very complicated and unique relationship with the Originals. But, I think the writers made it clear. He isn’t just some ordinary Villain or generic Ally.
            The theme has always been that Klaus considers him his son. Klaus and Elijah are still the leads. But as with Stefan’s death, that doesn’t mean viewers will always like the direction the story takes.

  10. Tammy says:

    I will miss this show. I really like all the main charters. I do love how the Michelson stick together even when they disagree. Now we won’t have any more vampires, werewolves or witches to tune into.

  11. *sigh* Love this show. At least they decided and hopefully will give it a good ending!

  12. Suzi Dee says:

    ugh! so sad! LOVE LOVE the show and the entire cast!

  13. Anne says:

    Klaus & Caroline better end up together

  14. Teresa Lume says:

    What? Can’t believe…. Why? Love tihs show so much!

  15. Donna says:

    They at least gave Reign a full season and that ended with a huge time jump because they squandered the whole season on trivial stuff with Lord Darnley. Hope Julie Plec gives this one a better send off than she did with TVD and the limited time frame.

    • Lynne says:

      Reign was my favorite show. I was disappointed they took it off the air. I was upset when they moved it to the Friday death slot. I feel as though they signed it’s cancellation certificate by moving it there.

      It seemed like some parts of the storyline weren’t as developed as they could have been. They could have played it out more and had more of a story. It was an interesting show.

      I agree with you about the last season. It felt rushed. I felt like the show focused more on Darnley and his plots than Mary.

      I read about Mary Queen of Scots. Her life was complicated– especially at the end. It should have been longer and played out. They had it all scrunched together and left things out. However, I expected that. They heard the UK is producing a Mary Queen of Scots series. Maybe it will be good?

      I do like the Originals, but the show went the same way. It was good at first. But look where the seasons went. I had a hard time getting into this season I didn’t care for the storyline much. I expected it would be the end of the series. Julie did give Vampire Diaries somewhat of a good send off. It was acceptable. Yet predictable. Maybe she will surprise us with the Originals?

      Anyway, I don’t know why they give up on their shows after awhile. They do great at first. And then.. it’s crap. Maybe we should tweet about it? Seems like that is what people do for Riverdale.

      • Lucy says:

        The writers were rude to a portion of fans around S2 of TO because the fans weren’t enjoying the show, the canon-breaking etc. It contributed to the toxic environment of the fandom and resulted in many leaving the show.

        • luvprue2 says:

          I think towards the end of season 3 I stop enjoying it. When they made Marcel a original. Normally I wouldn’t mind, but to make him stronger than the original. Stronger than vamp Alaric, and Mikael.

    • Brandy says:

      Reign had 16 episodes not a full 22 episode season

  16. Ken says:

    How many episodes do we get for the final season?

  17. Lynne says:

    I thought last season was crappy. They have done better in the past. It’s like they have given up on the whole Vampire Diaries/Originals stories as a whole. Vampire Diaries became ridiculous toward the last couple seasons and also could have been better. Who is working on these projects? Writing and producing them? It’s where they are going wrong.

    • luvprue2 says:

      …They went wrong when they start beating the audience over the head with how bad the Originals are, and telling us that we are not supposed to like them, and how Marcel is needed to keep them in line. We already know they are horrible people. We do not need to be reminded of that. Marcel do not need to keep them in line. (That is how they justify Marcel staying a super original) Than they had Hayley say she was in an abusive relationship with Elijah.(I do not recall Elijah being abusive to Hayley??) and killed a ship that a lot of people liked meanwhile ruining Elijah ,and making people who already don’t like Hayley , hate her even more. They turned Vincent into Marcel’s lap dog. They turned the witches into Marcel’s cheerleader without so much of a explanation. The witches killed Davina because of Marcel, yet they turned Marcel into a super original to get rid of Klaus. Why? It was the witches who brought Klaus to town to deal with Marcel. Klaus only killed witches who threatened to harm his daughter. Marcel (in season 1) killed witches on a whim. At least (according to season 1) Klaus let them practice magic. Under Marcel they couldn’t.

      They brought in Hope, yet we didn’t get many scenes of Klaus and Hope, and there is not one scene of Elijah and Hope. This entire season suck. They need to go back to focusing on the original family, and bring back always and forever. They need to take away Marcel powers, get rid of the Hollow, and put the family back together.

      • AGW says:

        Elijah was shown in Season 4 killing four teenage witches. They didn’t threaten his family. He had no reason to believe it would even work. Then he bullied Vincent in to performing the ritual. Which wouldn’t even have worked accept for Davina. Because, the ancestors hate the Mikaelsons . They actually created Lucien to destroy them.

        Marcel was given the serum by Vincent.

        Marcel only killed witches who used magic. He was only actually shown killing one witch for using magic.

        • luvprue2 says:

          Like I said , they ruin Elijah’s character. Elijah has always been more level headed than Klaus.
          Marcel had the witches living in fear, which was why Vincent (and others) called on the hollow in the first place. It makes absolutely no sense for the witches to punished Davina for always siding with Marcel, than turn around and help Marcel. Vincent gave Marcel the serum, but it was the witches who help Marcel.

      • Lynne says:

        Yes, I totally agree! I think the writer’s stray from the original idea and that’s why the show becomes uninteresting and they lose viewers. They do have to create plots stemming from the foundation of the story to keep the show interesting, however, I believe it becomes a bit ridiculous when it starts straying too much from the original storyline as you have said making the entire season suck. It’s the writer’s fault. If I wrote for a television series, I would want certain truths to be certain throughout the series– everything else is game.

        • luvprue2 says:

          Exactly! They strayed too much from the Originals story. The Originals was about family .Always and forever. It was never a story about good vs evil.

  18. Deion says:

    5 Seasons is a good number. And a heads up is best. Hopefully, doesn’t look like they’ll make 100 eps, but 5 seasons is a good run.

  19. I’m both happy and sad to hear, notice, read and see that “The Originals” are ending after Season 5, but I have the utmost respect and caring for Julie Plec’s choice/decision to end it and I hope pray wish that they’ll never ever forget their motto for the Mikealson Family credo “Always And Forever” will stay in Our hearts always and forever ever more! By the way the entire Castmates and Crews GOD BLESS You ALL!!

  20. Dominique says:

    i think this is a good thing. i love this show, more even than TVD, but it has to go out with a bang, and not on a whimper. in a way, i was already satisfied with the season 4 finale, but i’m curious to see what the final season will hold.
    any chance michael narducci could come back, even just for the finale? given tvd series finale, i fear what they might do to this show.

  21. Andrew says:

    I’m not surprised, especially considering how lackluster Season 4 was (compared to the first 3 seasons).

    For me, it started going downhill when Cami and Davina were killed off and never recovered (even though Davina was brought back).

    I just hope the quality is salvaged and it goes out on a good note.

    I still can’t get over what they did to Cami, though. What a raw deal!

    • Arya Stark says:

      Me too 😭😭😭

    • Shontee says:

      Yeah like when they did it I swore it was a joke I’m like no they’re not gonna actually let her die Klaus will figure something out… Then Im so she’s dead someone is gonna resurrect her… Now I’m like damn she really never came back… I loved Cami they should’ve brought her back instead of Devina

    • luvprue2 says:

      Yeah, Cami’s death gutted me . I really didn’t think they would kill her off so soon after turning her. Davina’s death was a long time coming. But Cami? Wow. I rather have them kill off Marcel than Cami. I loved Cami and Klaus . Actually at one time they seem like they flirt with the idea of Cami and Elijah (remember Elijah protecting Cami and Hope) another time they seem to flirt with the idea of Cami and Finn (RE: Finn in Vincent’s body like Cami) . So at first I thought Klaus and Cami was never going to get together. But I was happy when they finally did get together…..then wham! They go and kill Cami off . Hopefully they will bring on Caroline and rekindled the magic that they had on tvd.

  22. Cheryl dunn says:

    I’ve nevered watched the originals I’m vampire diaries fan nothing as or ever will come close for me

  23. rita says:

    I am sorry to hear this, However I thank the originals for 5 years of enjoyment. Wishing all good luck in their new adventures.

  24. Janet says:

    GUTTED !!!! 😫😭

  25. Katie says:

    I can’t friggin’ believe this!!!!!!! Some of you may say that it’s good to end on a high note. The hell with that!! This is the one and only show I watch on television, the one and only show that helps me escape my OCD/Tourette’s Syndrome/depression and every day life. I loved last season, was so looking forward to next season and hoping for at least one more! This has to be the worst year of my life: a bad fall in February, involved in a car crash with my mother earlier this month, fell again yesterday and now this?! Ugh! This sucks!

    • Lindsay P Salinas says:

      I feel same Katie and I suffer from some of those thing tvd and to were 2 shows I looked forward to. Super sad.

      • Edyn says:

        Plec made the announcement. We are all sad because it is ending, but what’s wrong ending it on a high note? The Mikaelsons need happiness after turning to vamps, father trying to kill them, even in spirit he is vengeful, trying to kill Klaus because he is half wolf and mom trying to cure “her” vampirism placed on the children. Everything they have been through in the centuries and now, so yes, it needs to be on a high note. everything ends. Watch re-runs if you like watching it. I am sure I will at a later date.

  26. Jason Barefoot says:

    Just want to say a big Thank you to ALL the cast & kru of T.O. but a massive shout out to my 2 Fav actors and directors.. Joseph Morgan & Daniel Giles. It’s been an Epic Ride fellas an it’s been a privilege watching you perform & direct. You will be sadly missed. From your acting I have shed a few tears. I hope to see you in some movies in the up coming years. Always & Forever

  27. Irma clarke says:

    Are you crazy. The originals is one of the best show ever. You better reconsider.

  28. Ryan says:

    Sad, absolutely love this show, really going to miss it.

  29. Jason Barefoot says:

    If it has to end then so be it.. But plz make an ending better than S4. I agree with one comment.. It felt rushed like the writer was late for a date.. But all jokes aside TVD ending was Epic.. I sobbed my eyes out the part were the Salvatore brothers did there say to each other.. I no That these are The “Original Vampires” but plz make it touch my heart.. make my eyes stream. An my hairs stand on end.. This might sound stupid but I owe alot the these 2 series they got me threw some dark days..

  30. Sarah G says:

    Been obvs for a while + tbh I took the Hope spinoff talk as unofficial confirmation S5 would be the last – bc why else consider that??? ITA with the ppl saying if Reign got 16 eps for its final season so should TO – guess that’s not on the table, tho, seems like 13’s been confirmed.

    Fwiw, loved S1-4 + sad its over. But tbh, was so turned off by the timejump idea I was planning on tuning out anyway – lolariously enough being confirmed as ending might be the 1 thing that can get me to stick around lol, bc it feels silly to quit so near the end. Lol I’ll wait + see how I feel when it premieres I guess.

  31. Tyra Cobb says:

    Why does it have to come to an end? Taking away Vampire Dairies wasn’t enough?

  32. Cathy says:

    How many episodes?

  33. Wiz says:

    People say that the 13 episodes are bad for the last season. But does anyone remember the horrendous series finale that was TVD? Julie new the show was ending, she new how many episodes she had to work with, and yet she dragged everything on the whole season and the last episode was so rushed. I just hope this last episode is better than TVD’s because I still cringe thinking about that one.

  34. Drose says:

    Im deeply sadden by this news. Pleae give us a full season to this epic conclusion.

  35. saved97 says:

    Sad to hear that the show is ending but at least the fans of the mikealsons get one last season to say farewell. I’m disappointed that the originals is ending but not completely as I saw the end in near after the final episode of season 4 they could have ended it there but instead of just one episode we have a full season to see what happens to Klaus and the rest of the gang.

  36. Tierra N Capers says:

    I’m sad 😣😣😣😣 I’m like obsessed Klaus is my fave 😢😢😢😢 nooooooo whhhyyyyy now I have to watch reruns to get my Klaus fix lol smh … but really breaks my heart hope the end isn’t disappointing

  37. Mary says:

    My daughter in law and I very much enjoy the originals. Could not wait til beginning of each season to see what klaus has gotten into next. Very sad to hear it’s ending. End it with the class the mikealsons deserve please.

  38. Barbara says:

    What the heck is wrong with you guys??? Why in the world are you ending The Orginals? It is a great show.

  39. Bethany says:

    Klaus and Caroline never got back together. I knew this would happen if they put her in charge!!!!! IM PISSED!!!!!

  40. Cbs says:

    Fantastic show… Much better than it’s parent show. It should not end!

  41. Linda says:

    Gutted. Just gutted. Favorite show! Thank you for giving us one more.

  42. Cindy Gersky Gersky says:

    Why ??why is it ending so early, what is happening,us fans deserve to know why there will be no season 6

  43. Anna Hobson says:

    First I took Vampire Diaries away which was a really good show now they’re taking away their Originals too! Why are always the good shows to be the ones to be removed why not ex-girlfriend or iZombie or Jane the Virgin

    • Diane says:

      AMEN!!!! The only show they will have left that is worth a crap will be Supernatural! I once watched three shows on The CW. After this, I’m down to one. The CW will be down to dumb ass/pointless shows and Arrow verse, which BTW, they have already screwed up storylines there.
      I’m giving up on t.v. and sticking to Netflix./Amazon. At least watching a series on there, you know its only so lo long and dont get attached.

  44. Gina says:

    I cannot believe this is happening it’s such an amazing show I am truly saddened to see this end! It’s not fair!! One of the best shows on the CW ! Thank you to the actors for the seasons it’s had thus far lots of luck in the future! Thank you for bringing me the wonderful fantasy weekly!

  45. Tamica Mims says:

    What!!!!! This is my favorite show,I’m devastated right now!

  46. Richelle Vincent says:

    I’m super sad! I absolutely love the entire cast.

  47. Lupe says:


    Such a great show and you are going to end it. Horrible!!! Extremely sad!!!!!

  48. Jennifer says:

    Noo! This is my favorite show.

  49. Janice says:

    Should never end! Will miss it! Great show!