American Idol: Ryan Seacrest Set to Return as Host of ABC Revival

Seacrest… in.

ABC is now confirming what has been speculated about for months: Ryan Seacrest will reprise his signature role as host of American Idol for the network’s spring 2018 revival. Seacrest made the announcement on Thursday’s edition of Live With Kelly and Ryan.

“It’s genuinely hard to put into words what American Idol means to me,” Seacrest said in a statement. “I’m so grateful for the show and all the career and life opportunities it’s allowed me to experience. It’s been an incredible journey from day one. To be asked to return this year, at my new home at ABC, is an honor, if not a bit surreal. I believe ABC is the perfect home for Idol, and I’ve every confidence the show’s legions of fans will love it – especially Idol‘s best traditions of showcasing heartwarming stories, remarkable talent discovery, and, best of all, making dreams come true.”

“So much of American Idol‘s overwhelming success can be attributed to Ryan, whose larger-than-life personality and laudable dedication to creating quality entertainment has made him a true master of his craft,” ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey said in a statement. “His talent is limitless, and I can’t think of a more appropriate person to honor the Idol legacy as it takes on new life than the man who has been there through it all.”

New Idol judge Katy Perry immediately responded to the news on social media, saying that “all the right ingredients are coming together” ahead of the singing competition’s return.

Watch Seacrest Kelly Ripa make Seacrest’s big announcement below.

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  1. Sarah T says:

    Wow, I thought this had already been confirmed a couple of months ago but I guess not. Honestly though, I think Katy Perry is a misstep. I think they need to go back to the basics when it comes to judges and I don’t really see her bringing a lot to the table.

    • Syl says:

      Right there with you. If Ryan wasn’t returning I’d skip it because IMO Katy Perry is a huge mistake. Even with Ryan I passed on the Mariah episodes. Ryan IS Idol and without him, it would sink like the Titanic.

      • WallE says:

        I dunno about that… (And apparently it was sinking with him on it- see FOX cancellation.)

        • Syl says:

          A lot of that was due to Nigel Lithgoe’s manipulations and the recording company’s interference not to mention the band overwhelming the singers. Hopefully none of the above including Ricky Minor will be involved in the reboot.

          • Brandon says:

            Ricky is already confirmed to be on the show, but in my opinion he was never part of the problem.

      • Jake says:

        Problem is, it had already sunk, bringing it back isn’t going to fix that. I will be surprised if it lasts.

    • WallE says:

      I did too… Pretty sure I even read an article about how he discussed it w/bosses re: how he’s going to manage everything. It even talked about how they made a “low-ball” offer at first and he was “offended” and said no, but that they came back to him afterwards and he was OK with it- and how he’s going to be one of the producers of this iteration!

    • Lee says:

      I agree, Susan T. A reboot should go back to the basics, including bringing back Simon Cowell.

  2. Philip says:

    Expect a lot of guest hosts in the future for Live with Ryan and Kelly. Ryan is going to be busy!

    • TV Gord says:

      He goes to LA from Thursday to Sunday anyway, so I imagine he’ll red-eye it back to New York after the show on Sunday. He mentioned on today’s show that all of those eliminated will be on Live right after.

      • ninergrl6 says:

        He hasn’t been going to LA much. If you follow his social media, his recent time away from NYC has been spent in places like Miami, Mexico, France, Greece, etc.

        • TV Gord says:

          Well, that’s because he’s only recently back from a couple of weeks of vacation. He has said on the show that he ‘ll leave for LA after Thursday’s show (Friday is always prerecorded) and be back for the show on Monday. Michael Strahan used to do the same thing.

  3. Lynn says:

    Is there no one else who is not working and needs a job–it has to go to someone who already has 3 (Live, KUWTK, New Years…,) or more jobs?

    • Jake says:

      Not to mention an annoying individual.

      • Syl says:

        Judging by his popularity, I’d say most people disagree with you. He doesn’t sing, dance or act yet he’s wildly successful.

    • Roe says:

      Ryan is money hungry!!

    • Roe says:

      I agree totally!! He’s money hungry!!

      • georgee says:

        The problem is ABC has no money, always has major budget problems, cancelling good shows one after another in the last two years. First it was Castle after Stana Katic won three PCA they could not afford to pay that star, then it was Nashville had to go, In 2016-2017 it was LMS, had to go could not afford that show once they had to pay for it. Now on American Idol we can pay one judge 22.5 million, wonder what the other ones make, I’m sure Ryan is not cheap. ABC must be happy settling in the 2nd,third and fourth in ratings numbers every day. They can not even coming in first in the ratings on Monday nights against reruns. At one time they owned that night.

  4. kmw says:

    Not going to make enough of a difference. Idol was already worn out at FOX. This isn’t going to be any better at ABC even with him. I guess Kelly Ripa will be solo for awhile again.

  5. shir says:


  6. Brandon says:

    As a huge fan of the show, I’m so relieved he will be back. I’m a little worried about the judges (Kelly Clarkson would’ve been a DREAM), but hopefully they can work it out. They overpaid Katy way too much.

  7. MelodyAZ says:

    Idol has NOT been gone long enough. Most of the other singing competition shows have dropped a bit in the ratings too. The fad is slowly fading out. This is going to be a major epic failure for ABC. A huge debacle.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I agree. I LOVE Idol & watched it to the very end, but it hasn’t been gone long enough for people to miss it.

  8. Leesa says:

    It’s no surprise at all that Ryan is hosting the show. It was a great show though when Paula , Simon and Randy were the judges. It would be fabulous if Adam Lambert was a judge instead of Katy Perry. Celine Dion would also make a great judge .

  9. Michael J Angelo III says:

    I don’t know why they are rushing this show back into production. It has not been off of the air long enough for anyone to miss it. They should have waited another 4 or 5 years until the Voice had run its course.

  10. Roe says:

    I’m tired of looking at his face!! 😖
    It’s too bad, it would have been nice to give someone else a chance at hosting American Idol.

  11. Timmah says:

    Ryan is not the heart and soul of the show. It pretty much died when Simon, Randy and Paula left.

  12. Tina says:

    Katy Perry was a HUGE misstep! She is not someone I’d watch. I will watch whatever show Kelly Clarkson is on. Go KELLY!!

  13. Eudora says:

    So the last time Ryan Seacrest was host, the show was cancelled.

  14. Shawn says:

    Does this mean Idology will be coming back?

  15. Ray Mahaffey says:

    New show needed new host.

  16. flipper says:

    Ryan you might want to run to the bank with the check you get from ABC, many budget problems in the last two years. That is what we are told when they cancel all the good shows.