American Horror Story Cult

American Horror Story: Cult Confirmed — Plus: Who's Returning in Season 7?

We can finally put a name to the growing ball of patriotic insanity that is American Horror Story‘s upcoming seventh season.

As promised by series creator Ryan Murphy, the official title for AHS Season 7 was announced Thursday as part of a major event at San Diego Comic-Con. Following a series of title dismissals — including HiveColony and Ann Coulter — the new title was finally revealed to be… Cult! FX confirmed that the new season will premiere on Tuesday, Sept. 5 at 10/9c.

Murphy also fielded questions from fans on Twitter, revealing that the 11-episode season, set in Michigan, will be the “heaviest season yet” for Evan Peters, who plays a character named Kai. Additionally, we can expect to see returns from Frances Conroy and Mare Winningham — among “others.”

Previously revealed to be election-themed, Cult boasts one of the most curious casts in the show’s history. Aside from several returning favorites — including Peters and Sarah Paulson, whose character’s name is Ally — the ensemble is largely made up of newcomers, including Lena Dunham (Girls), Billy Eichner (Difficult People), Billie Lourd (Scream Queens), Leslie Grossman (What I Like About You) and Colton Haynes (Teen Wolf).

And according to Murphy’s Instagram account — which is essentially a treasure trove of spoilers, in case you’re not already following him — we’ll also catch a glimpse of Twisty the Clown (aka the best part about Freak Show) this season, though not in a traditional form.

Your thoughts on American Horror Story‘s official seventh title? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. Ann McCluer says:


  2. Yeahman says:

    Called it.

  3. Ray says:

    Mary Cherry and Hannah Horvath sharing the screen? This portends disaster.

  4. Jimmy All says:

    It will be about evil Republicans killing or imprisoning gays. Its the Lefts biggest fear that hasnt happened and wont happen. At least not until the Lefts favorite religion takes over and then they will be chucked off of rooftops, drowned, burned alive, shot or decapitated.

  5. Eve says:

    So it’s about how the left is obsessed with Trump? They act like a damn cult. They all have the same opinion and demonize anyone with a different view. I’m not sure if I will watch this season. I get enough Trump bashing from the media.

    • dude says:

      Yeah, Republicans have a very healthy relationship with Trump.

    • WallE says:

      You get enough Trump “bashing” from the media… (which should tell you something)…
      I get pieces of my pride and patriotism “bashed” away, little by little, from every Trump Tweet, country visit, press conference, offspring’s activity, etc.

  6. Yeah… It’s really hard for me to get on board the Ryan Murphy hype train. For AHS, it’s just disappointment after bitter disappointment. I know some people with learning difficulties appreciated Coven but for most it was the beginning of the end. I don’t even think I’ll try this season, even though the theme is moderately interesting. I just know that the first episode will be ok and then it will devolve into a mess like always. Murphy’s already neglected this show so maybe it would be kinder for him to just walk away completely or put it out of it’s misery.

  7. Me says:

    Well at this point i’d call Trump followers a cult, so hey, it works for me!

    • It’s very relevant politically as both sides are behaving like cults. It’s not just Trump supporters, liberals too. Politics is basically cult against cult these days.

      • DL says:

        The loudest on both sides are behaving like a cult. But the loudest are not the majority. Everyone has to stop demonizing the other side based on online flame wars and media bubbles.
        As a liberal, I have nothing against conservatives and am happy to have robust debates around policy. However people who want to have those debates are generally not those who garner the most attention, and so in their quietude they end up being lumped in with partisan firebrands and “libbie”-haters.
        Same goes for the other side depicting all liberals as faithless devils propping up some subversive New World Order. For the record, I’m not only a liberal, but a devout Christian. I pray every day, for all people. Yesterday most of my prayers were for Senator McCain. There are good people on both sides.

        • Andrew says:

          Here here! The smartest comment I’ve read online in ages

        • JMC says:

          This is an excellent comment. Respectful, concise and so very true! Thank you for putting into words the way I also feel!

        • WallE says:

          Nice job DL

        • AnnieM says:

          Really. I’m old enough to remember when Democrats and Republicans respectfully disagreed with each other. I blame the internet for turning American politics into something like the Hatfields and Mccoys. I’m sure there were always party extremists on both sides, but the internet not only gave them a place to rant as long and loud as they want, it provides a means for like-minded nuts to connect with others of their kind. :-p

    • Joey says:

      Based on polling, one can definitely say that Trump supporters specifically act like a cult. I believe in a recent poll, at least a third of Trump supporters still believe that Don Jr. never met with the Russians even after he admitted it, Veselnitskaya admitted it, the emails were released, and Trump Sr. acknowledged it.

  8. Jerry says:

    if Lena Dunham is on there I won’t be watching

  9. Timothy J. Baxter says:

    I have bee watching American Horry Story, for the first six season. I love the show. And I’m very much looking forward to watching the new season!

  10. Timothy J. Baxter says:

    This new season sound great!

  11. chloe says:

    no kathy or angela?

  12. begum says:

    Too many people commented here

  13. tammy ball says:

    i really liked the cast of actors up til now so i guess i.ll wait and find out but im truly disapointed there none going to be in it

  14. Babalooo says:

    Cult of Trump or Cult of Bernie. Either one was scary.

  15. Jeff says:

    With Lena Dunham in the cast I will not be watching. Last season was bad but the addition of Dunham will make it unwatchable. Good lord I hope she keeps her clothes on but she just can’t help herself

  16. Jonathan says:

    I belong to the culture of Evan’s butt

  17. Madeleine says:

    Is Twisty gonna be a U. S. President? Love the name Cult!

  18. LMF says:

    didn’t watch last season, started but quit. Doesn’t look like anyone is a draw. Kathy Bates was the best, Sarah ok ( she was great in Oj simpson ). It will be on the if nothing else to watch list.