@Midnight Cancelled

@Midnight Cancelled After 4 Seasons

Chris Hardwick’s days of burning the @Midnight oil are coming to an end.

Comedy Central and Hardwick have mutually decided to end the hashtag-themed late-night show after four seasons. It will conclude with its 600th episode on Friday, Aug. 4.

“It was a little bit of the audience telling us over time,” explained Comedy Central president Kent Alterman in an interview with Deadline. “And we mutually thought, ‘You know what, maybe we should walk away holding our heads high and proud, full of appreciation and gratitude.'”

In a statement, Hardwick said, “@Midnight has meant the world to me these last four years. It has been a dream to come to work 600 times to make inappropriate jokes about the Internet with my fellow comedian friends. I could not be more proud of this show, staff and crew and at the end of the day, I think we accomplished everything we wanted to accomplish.

“Spiritually it just feels like it ran its course,” Hardwick continued. “I’m not sure we had many more hashtag games in us… I owe such a huge debt of gratitude to Comedy Central and [network president] Kent [Alterman] for taking a chance on the show, always being great partners and allowing us to exit mutually, which is rarely a gift you are given in this business.”

Even without @Midnight, Hardwick’s TV plate remains full. He is both the host and executive producer behind AMC’s Talking franchise, which includes Talking Dead, Talking Saul, Talking Preacher and Talking With Chris Hardwick. Over on NBC, he currently serves as host of The Wall as well as the forthcoming Awesome Show, an innovation-themed unscripted series from executive producer Mark Burnett.

Are you sad to see the sun set on @Midnight?

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  1. awnb95 says:

    Dang it I’ll miss the show. Been watching since the beginning.

  2. peterwdawson says:

    That’s a pity, it really just felt like a batch of people having pure joy each night, riffing on current events and other subjects.

  3. KateMcQ says:

    I will sorely miss it. :(

  4. Drewer says:

    Oh sad, this was like The U.S.’s one panel show-and I thought it was a pretty consistently entertaining one at that!

  5. TV Gord says:

    I love @Midnight and never miss it. I do understand, though. It does feel as though it’s time. If it were up to me, though, I would have it as an occasional series, perhaps running on the weeks when The Daily Show is off. I’d be more upset if there weren’t other opportunities to indulge my irrational Chris Hardwick fanboy habit.

    • The13th doctor says:

      good thing we have the nerdist podcast, talking and the wall for us hardwick addicts. Except I miss Matt and Jonah on the podcast :(

      • TV Gord says:

        I’ve been having phone troubles lately and haven’t been able to download podcasts. The last time I listened they were talking about how busy they all are. Is that why Matt and Jonah aren’t around? (I know Matt writes for @Midnight, so I guess he’ll have more free time than he’d like soon.)

      • Don Clifton says:

        Saw Jonah Saturday night. He;s gone to a much better place :)

    • snrvlakk says:

      Agree! Nice idea. I hope someone picks up on it.

    • Jim F says:

      I thought the same thing… bring it out 3 or 4 times a year for sweeps or before some big event.

  6. Walkie says:

    Hardwick has achieved that rare feat of being incredibly over-exposed.

    • TV Gord says:

      He is doing a lot of stuff, but unlike Seacrest, I can’t get enough Chris.

      I’ve been adapting to Seascrest with Kelly in the morning, but it’s not easy. I love her, but find him to be insufferable. Also, he has an annoying habit of saying “litrally” all the time, which drive me nuts. Not “literally”–which is bad enough–but lit-TRA-lee. It makes me want to hold his head underwater until he stops squirming (figuratively), and now that he says it every day, she has started saying it, too.

      I may have to turn it into a 9am drinking game.

  7. Jason says:

    The dude is approaching Ryan Seacrist levels of busy, so he’ll probably appreciate a little more spare time. I always liked the show, but it was one of those that I only watched when I was channel surfing.

  8. Simon says:

    This very much saddens me. I love this show. It had real comedians being funny and big stars who surprised us by being quite witty. Last nights episode had Kristen Chenoweth showcasing how hilarious she can be.
    Now we are gonna have to suffer with Jimmy Fallon’s terrible hashtag game

    • quack says:

      You do realize all of the jokes were written beforehand, right? I was semi-surprised to find that out recently. (Though of course I knew it about Hollywood Squares long ago.)

      • TV Gord says:

        …hence Chris calling it a fake game show from the start. (Also, don’t pay attention to the points.)

      • danlman says:

        I feel rather naive now. I did not know this tidbit. Can I assume that the jokes were at least being delivered by the comedian writing them?

        • TV Gord says:

          They had a team of writers, but they usually had a jam session with the guests and came up with the best lines for each guest (at least, that’s what I’ve been told).
          Think of that one recent show where Kristen Chenoweth was the guest. She had no idea she was doing @Midnight. She thought she was doing his talk show. Still, she had a bunch of lines ready to go. They never hid that it was a “fake game show”. Chris used to say it all the time on the show. It didn’t ruin any of the fun for me!

          • danlman says:

            I’m not accusing them of hiding anything and also still enjoy the show. I just recall being suspicious of how so many people could be so spontaneously funny and that quick on their feet. Apparently my suspicions were correct.

          • TV Gord says:


  9. Rich says:

    I wish they wouldn’t say “Cancelled”. That makes it sound negative. It would be much better to just say “@Midnight is ending after 4 successful years”

  10. Kevin Tran says:

    I’m bummed Comedy Central pulled the plug on @midnight after four seasons. Now that Chris Hardwick is going to be busy with The Wall on NBC and his AMC talk show Talking with Chris Hardwick.

  11. JenInChicago says:

    Thanks to my DVR, I haven’t missed an episode. I’m pretty peeved right now…..

  12. LAwoman says:

    Ah, that’s sad. I really enjoyed the show. It was silly, but everyone seemed to be having so much fun.

  13. SEAN James says:

    BEST SHOW ON TV , Besides “The Wall ” “Talking Hardwick”, “Talking dead”, “Talking Saul”, and “Talking preacher” , But get ready” The Awesome Show” is coming in January #HARDWICKRULES

  14. Liz says:

    Bummer! Especially in the time of Drumpf, I could always rely on @Midnight for an antidote. WTF will I do now?

  15. blogwoody says:

    Hate to see it go. Where can I now go for the Stella Artois commercials?

  16. Cynthia Gens says:

    Although the scoring always was random and impossible to figure out, this show was the perfect companion to “The Daily Show” with its combination of social/political humor. Chris Hardwicke’s humor is on target without being mean spirited. Worth staying up for everytime.

  17. Angry Fan says:

    This is ridiculous! How could they cancel @midnight? How am I going to get all my internet trends now, go online? This is sad and stupid, probably just another reason to run South Park reruns more often. Another great show lost before it’s time. Shame on you Comedy Central.

    • Diane says:


    • Erika Landorf-Kelly says:

      While I totally agree, (and this shiw has actually made me feel kind-of with the #trends) I don’t blame Comedy Central entirely. I think that this may actually be a mutual decision. -but am sooooo bummed.

  18. Gerry says:

    Really, this show is great! Why get rid of something that has brought us a whole world of young comedians or lesser unknowns. We have been going to see these comedians now when they tour because we saw them on @midnight. This should be reconsidered.

  19. Floyd Perlman says:

    I gave up on The Daily Show when John lefT. Finding something of Interest like @ Midnight will be hopefully Easier then replacing the Daily Show which was a complete failure for me. I’ve tried to like The Daily Show but so much of the time it’s a little bit better than that very whatever show with somebody named Larry as the host and turned out to be nothing but Annoying black quote humor unquote

    • TV Gord says:

      Some of you Americans and your obsession with categorizing things! The Daily Show isn’t black humor just because a black man is hosting it. Jon Stewart isn’t Jewish humor. Samantha Bee isn’t woman humor. John Oliver isn’t British humor. Stephen Colbert isn’t South Carolina humor. It’s all humor. Whether you can appreciate it all depends on YOUR ability to empathize with their perspective, whether it’s reflective of their ethnicity, nationality or individual perspective. If you don’t “get” someone’s sense of humor, that’s not their problem, it’s yours.

      I’m a white male Canadian from an Irish mother and Scottish father. If I limited my humor consumption to toe parameters, I’d be missing out on a lot of laughs. When Trevor does a funny bit on yet another example of a black person being discriminated against, I appreciate it for the humor and for the point it’s trying to make. It helps me to understand what black people go through, even though I will never experience it first hand. I can’t understand why any compassionate person would choose to close their eyes and their mind to it.

      • Dave Carlson says:

        Great answer! And I will also miss @Midnite for showcasing so many comedians riffing on whats happening.

      • Eric says:

        TV Gord = mentality handicapped snowflake.
        Floyd Perlman was referring to the horrible Larry Wilmore Nightly Show. It was absolutely horrible, with non-stop race baiting.
        BTW, aren’t you obsessed with categorizing… you know, us Americans?

        • TV Gord says:

          I wrote, “SOME Americans”. Most Americans (in fact, ALL of the Americans that I know personally) are broad-minded, kind and compassionate people, who are embarrassed that Trump and his sheep are (wrongly) changing the way the rest of the world thinks of you. I’m more hopeful in the past week or so that this will only be a temporary problem, since the hilarity of watching Trump’s administration imploding has provided more laughs than anything in late night. By the way, thanks for categorizing me as a mentally handicapped snowflake. I find irony hilarious.

  20. I hope that the comments I wrote are being looked at for editing your publishing now that I felt at the space below with the name of this my name email address and the site that I wanted to be on everything I wrote in here before has been erased or shipped off to editing land if it hasn’t. If it hasn’t been sent off to editing or publishing there’s something wrong with your website bouncing around and then all the sudden erasing what I wrote thank you

  21. Mena Sprague says:

    We watch or DVR @ Midnight every night it is on. We will miss @ Midnight! Just like we miss Nightly. Cancelling both shows are a screw up.

  22. Reid Baccio says:

    Yes, I am very disappointed in the decision to cancel the show. I have been a huge fan of Chris, the hashtag wars, and the whole cast of funny people for several years. I, for one, will not be watching Jordan’s show as I don’t think he is funny at all!
    FYI: I also think cancelling “The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore” was a bad decision!

  23. Trudy says:

    I will really miss this show! It was the only thing on TV where I knew I was guaranteed to laugh out loud every single episode. The wordplay was so clever and the politics pretty much unabashedly liberal. While I enjoy a good dick joke as much as the next gal, that wasn’t what I loved about the show, and the increasing reliance on them means maybe they are right to say it’s time to go before we ask them to. Still, Chris, come back soon– don’t go fully Seacrest, ya big nerd.

  24. Trudy Elins says:

    I will really miss this show! It was the only thing on TV where I knew I was guaranteed to laugh out loud every single episode. The wordplay was so clever and the politics pretty much unabashedly liberal. While I enjoy a good dick joke as much as the next gal, that wasn’t what I loved about the show, and the increasing reliance on them means maybe they are right to say it’s time to go before we ask them to. Still, Chris, come back soon– don’t go fully Seacrest, ya big nerd.

  25. Sully says:

    Definitely bummed that @Midnight is ending. I am grateful that it aired for the 4 years.

  26. Glenda Michael says:

    This has been one of our Go To shows ever since conception…damnit..!..So sorry to see it go away…I think it’s a mistake to take it off….I looked forward to it every night after work. Any way to change your minds?…please???????

  27. Bernie Oakley says:

    Chris is obviously one of the funniest & talented guys on TV. Late night won’t be the same without him. On the positive side, after August 4th I’ll have an extra 30 minutes in my day not watching @Midnight.

  28. Andrew Schauer says:

    This sucks! @midnight was a great show, and I watched it religiously. It gave all sorts of comics a great opportunity to flex their comedy muscles and get exposure. I’m traveling to Los Angeles at the end of the month, and wanted to see you taping. But it looks like I will not get there in time. Excellent work, Chris, and all your staff. That said, if it is just because Chris is too busy, Comedy Central should seriously consider turning the show over to another comic. The format works. There’s no reason to end it.

  29. woody21 says:

    This sucks. However, I am LOVING Jim Jefferies new show. Perhaps they will expand that?

  30. Owen Long says:

    Love this show. Always good for a laugh. I’ll really miss it.

  31. Esteven sanchez says:

    Thank God!~

  32. mike says:

    First Craig Ferguson, then Chelsea Handler, now @Midnight. I always knew I would laugh at something on these three shows.
    Chelsea & @Midnight would also introduce me to new comics. And as a non tech savvy 40-something, @Midnight was about the only way I had at staying somewhat up to date on pop culture.

  33. Alexis Hernandez says:

    I would have loved to see this series go forever but as long as Hardwick is content I guess I’ll have to be as well… Good news is that I do have tickets to Monday’s taping so I can check something off of my #bucketlist
    This show has turned into a place where I have constantly looked to check the pulse of pop culture and I will genuinely miss seeing Mr. Hardwick and co. appearing in my living room 4 nights a week… Time to cancel your free trial it’s FTW Series Finale Edition ♡

  34. T TANNER says:

    @Midnight is my favorite show on CC so I’m taking its demise personally. It has given me belly laughs till tears ran down my face and I could barely breathe. I’ll miss the outrageous comments, Ron Funches’ giggling, and Tom Lennon desperately trying to win. And I’ll miss Chris Hardwick’s “Be nice to each other, goddammit!” at the end. Wah!

  35. BGorvich says:

    Jeez! First Larry Wilmore, now @Midnight. Yet South Park just won’t die. What’s up w Comedy Central? Anything for people over 8-yrs-old gets a few seasons then the boot?

  36. Jenl says:

    So sad to hear @midnight is ending😂 Finally a show I like and it’s over.

  37. I truly enjoyed the show. Thanks for showcasing nerds Chris.
    Peace Out.,Continued success for you Chris


  38. Iceman says:

    I’ll miss this show. I’ve seen every episode. Not that I’ve enjoyed them all, but Chris is a star!

  39. Emily DeJan says:

    I can’t believe it! I love this show and have never missed a show….what to do At Midnight?

  40. Sandra says:

    Love this show…will miss it

  41. Stephen Magan says:

    I hope they doing something like this show. Maybe bring back Larry Wilmore you racist POS!

  42. Diane says:

    Was so sad when I heard. Love the show. I’ve watched every episode. It will be greatly missed 😢

  43. Erika Landorf-Kelly says:

    So sad to see this show go away, my husband and I have watched since the beginning. It’s been a great way to laugh when the world gets crazy, and a fantastic showcase of some pretty brilliant comedians. Thank you Chris!!

  44. Renee says:

    I will sorely miss @Midnight, Chris Hardwick has got to be hands down my favorite celebrity, with Stephen Amell a close second, I wish he toured comic cons as his own celebrity cause I would go to see him, I started watching The Wall because he hosts it, I listen to the podcast, just a huge fan of him as a person, and while I am not sure how to put this, I’ll do my best, the normalization and acceptance he brings to the “nerd” and “geek” culture is amazing, and makes you feel less weird that as a kid you played D&D with your friends, you enjoy going to comic conventions and your house is full of collectables. What a loss to my late night routine :(

  45. John says:

    Yeah, it should stay on as a weekly show for an hour.

  46. Jim Halsey says:

    It was a great show, glad to see it’s going out on top. I will miss the humor of the show. Thanks Chris Hardwick!

  47. melynn2 says:

    This SUCKS!! I watch this show religiously

  48. Beth Shuravesky says:

    @midnight is such an enjoyable show that we watch every night it is on since the beginning. We would always pause the show if our son came in to say good night or something and he was always begging for us to let him watch it; now that he is older, he watches it with his friends and they love it. Chris Hardwick is such a good host and his nerd knowledge made him so relatable for us; it was a nice way to relax at the end of a work day & just laugh at some of the comments/answers. We will miss this show very much. Thank you for all the laughter 💜

  49. Cheryl says:

    Nooooo! @midnight can’t be done. There’s so much more on the internet to make fun of! It’s truly been one of my all time favorite shows. I’m absolutely gutted it’s over.

  50. Cathy Chavers says:

    Loved the show and Dad to see my fav “hahaha” go away!