Blind Item

Blind Item: Drama Series Poised to Whack Fan Fave — In Season Premiere

The producers of a popular series are looking to take a page from Annalise Keating’s killer curriculum.

Rumor has it that an hour-long drama series on one of the Big 5 broadcast networks is poised to kill off one of its most popular characters (an original series regular), while tacking on a time-tripping twist straight out of How to Get Away With Murder

According to sources, if the storyline is approved by The Powers That Be at the network, the character in question would be murdered in the show’s forthcoming season premiere, at which point the action would jump back two months. Subsequent episodes would continue to chronicle the eight weeks leading up to [REDACTED]’s death all while dropping clues about the party — or parties? — potentially responsible for the shocking crime.

Oh, and to assist you in cracking this particular Blind Item, we went ahead and narrowed the field to nine shows. Yep, the series in question is included in the gallery to the right (click here for direct access). You’re welcome!

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  1. Jennifer says:

    I’m guessing Scandal. Fitz – or Olivia – will be killed, since the show is going into it’s final season anyway.

    • Ingmar says:

      Yes, this blind item screams Scandal.

      • Simon says:

        I have trouble believing that it would be Scandal because a Shonda Rimes show already did this.

        • Garbo says:

          So there is precedent for them to do it again. I also think it will be Olivia. That will be one heckuva setup for the final season.

        • dude says:

          You say that like Shonda is known for quality writing. They love a shocking twist regardless of whether it’s earned or not so this is totally in their wheelhouse.

    • Jennifer says:

      UMMM … This is NOT good for NCIS fans … Michael – any way you can confirm (this is from a 2016 article) “David McCallum is set to exit the show after Season 14. The Scottish actor has been playing Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard since the NCIS debut in 2003. The history buff Medical Examiner has been one of the fan-favorite characters in the show.” (

      “Fans of the American action police procedural television series, NCIS, will not be seeing much of David McCallum, better known as Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard, as rumors and speculations about McCallum’s potential departure from the NCIS Season 14 cast have finally been confirmed.” (

      Granted, both articles state the season 14 would be the last, and we know it was renewed, but still?????

      • claudiagail says:

        David McCallum is under contract through Season 15. It is not impossible that the actor, who is in his eighties might be ready to step back, but I can’t see the show writing Ducky out this way (or any of the other cast on the show now). Plus it would have to in some way be tied to the resolution of the cleffhanger. Actually I think this is a red herring and the inclusion of NCIS is just to get comments (as well as a few of the other listed shows).

        • MMD says:

          From your lips to God’s ears. David McCallum has had a tremendous career and I can see him wanting to be recurring, go on sabbatical or simply retire. I have such an issue with the term “whacked” because Ducky deserves a much better send off that that as his character is truly beloved and the fans would be outraged.

          On another note – they had better not whack Gibbs or Abby!!!

      • NightOwl1 says:

        It’s quite possible that NCIS is the show. Isn’t Jennifer Esposito leaving? That could be how they handle her exit.

      • arial2 says:

        I would just HATE it if they chose to kill Ducky. Since his back story episode, I’ve envisioned Ducky someday retiring to spend his twilight years with his one true love, Tilda Swinton’s Maggie.

    • Dee says:

      I hope it’s not Scandal. They literally just did this last season with Vargas being killed in the 1st 10 minutes of the premiere.

    • Art says:

      People have been predicting Olivia and Fitz death since Season 1 and it still haven’t happened.
      My guess it will be Cyrus if Scandal is the show. Cyrus the monster has it coming.

    • Michael J Angelo III says:

      I don’t know. A high percentage of Scandal’s dwindling audience is watching for an Olivia/Fitz endgame.

      I suspect either the Blindspot or The Blacklist. Both shows are in need of something fresh and new. The Blindspot jumped forward in time in the finale so it would make sense for them to jump back in time to explore what occurred during the time that Jane was missing.

      • KevyB says:

        The Blacklist is actually a good idea. It’s clearly on its last legs and killing off Red would be an endgame that viewers could live with. Plus, the way the story left off, there’s still a lot of people out there trying to take him down. My only real problem with it is that the first part of the season will show the period leading up to the death, with the rest of the season consisting of people trying to solve it. I can’t see this show doing a bunch of episodes without James Spader, or with him in occasional flashbacks. They could kill off Elizabeth and the season could be about Red and Tom trying to find her killer, but she’s not really a “fan favorite”. Aram could be considered a “fan favorite” but I don’t see them needing permission to kill him.

        Of the 9 shows hinted at, I’m eliminating Exorcist, because it doesn’t have anyone that could be considered a “fan favorite”. And killing anyone on that show wouldn’t be all that shocking. Plus, it wouldn’t be a whodunnit. The DEVIL did it. Duh. Blindspot is also a no, because nobody cares about that show so “fan favorite” is also stretching it. Plus, “from the beginning” doesn’t really work for shows with such short runs. Which gets rid of Designated Survivor. Scorpion isn’t that kind of show, and it’s also fairly new. Elementary? Who would be the fan favorite? It’s Sherlock and Holmes and a bunch of background people. NCIS knows better than to pull this kind of stuff on its fans, though if everyone already knows an actor is leaving…

        Which leaves Blacklist, Scandal and Supergirl. Scandal is the obvious choice, probably too obvious at this point. And CW shows love to kill off characters (sometimes REPEATEDLY… I’m looking at you, Flash). This could be the reason they dragged back Calista Flockhart at the end of Season 2. She left the show after two episodes because she didn’t want to film in Vancouver. My only problem is “if the storyline is approved”, because who at the network would actually care about killing someone who was missing from the show for 18 episodes? And I don’t think Shonda Rhimes would need any sort of permission to kill off anyone on her shows, especially one in its last season. This sounds much more like a “we’re killing James Spader” type of hint.

        Guess = Blacklist
        Dark Horse = Supergirl

        • Jim A. says:

          The only way “The Blacklist” kills off Red/Spader is if they are truly in their last season. Red IS the show and without him it is nothing. Since we normally hear that shows are in their final season before those seasons, I do not agree with your guess. If anyone on the Blacklist goes, it could be Liz, and maybe the show becomes more about Tom and Red.

    • GregJ. says:

      I thought Scandal as well. It’s their last season and they have nothing to lose. I also thought about The Blindspot.

    • Jude says:

      Since Shonda is on record as saying she has know all along how this story ends, I suspect if it is Scandal, then Fitz will be killed in a random act in Vermont (skiing, snowmobiling, hunting, etc. rather than murdered). After Shonda allowing “the kiss” on the WH grounds with all press watching, I bet the flashbacks see Olivia visiting Vermont, accepting they might have a future there, and maybe even planning to marry. But, Fitz dies. The the last few episodes put Olivia back as her white hat self with her gladiators as a tribute to Fitz that she let all the baggage go and she plans to live a life to honor him. She might even get pregnant during that time and then have Fitz baby to raise as his/her legacy. This would counteract the abortion from earlier

    • dude says:

      But it says fan favorite and I dont think either Fitz or Olivia are considered fan favorite characters anymore. My money is on Mellie.

  2. tracyg36 says:

    Maybe Supergirl, with Floriana Lima, who went from series regular to recurring? Would make sense, I think.

    • shemark57 says:

      She’s not one of the show’s most popular characters,

      • Brian says:

        Um, yes she is. What she isn’t is an original series regular.

      • Wordsmith says:

        She’s pretty popular, but more to the point, she’s not an original series lead.
        If the blind item is really Supergirl, it would have to be somebody like J’onn, Winn, or James. I doubt they would go there.

        • Red Snapper says:

          Please let it be James. He is completely useless. They have no idea what to do with his character since him and Kara didn’t pan out. They had zero chemistry. It happens. If it is him, I hope he finds something where he is better utilized. However, the whole flashback to before the murder doesn’t sound like something Supergirl would do.

          • mpsutts says:

            It’s gotta be Scandal. Im guessing Huck. Hypothetically though I’d rather they keep working with these characters than kill them off. I think Wynn was an original character for the series (was he from comics?). but it would be a dick move to kill off such iconic characters as Jimmy Olson or J’onn. Jimmy is so poorly done and since Superman is now a possible recurring character, it would be crazy to end it when there is possibility for improvement. Also, I agree, flashbacks is really not their style.

      • Brandy Danforth says:

        She is a fan favorite

        • JenJ says:

          She may be a favorite to some, but the major point is that she isn’t an original series regular. As someone already pointed, on Supergirl that could be James, Winn, or Jon Jonzz. I hope it’s none of them. I pray it’ not this series at all!

          • jericho says:

            Lets move on from this one. Even with the “Powers” line I dont see them killing off Jon or James, so it would have to be Winn and thats just stupid.

    • chiguy79 says:

      “poised to kill off one of its most popular characters (an original series regular)”

      That line scratches her off the list.

    • Kelly says:

      I don’t think she’s an original character.

    • Mark says:

      I definitely think it’s Supergirl. The article made me think it was one of the CW’s superhero shows, and Supergirl is the only one of those in the gallery.

      It’s definitely not Floriana Lima, since she wasn’t in the first season. My guess is Calista Flockhart.

      • dansue says:

        Would explain how there’s been no info about Supergirl season 3. EW has had lots of articles about the other CW shows for their comic con special and nothing about SG. They haven’t gotten the go ahead for this storyline yet.

      • LK says:

        Something like that isn’t really what the CW would be doing.

        • Marli says:

          The CW already did it, in season 4 of “Arrow,” with a flash-forward in the premiere that showed the grave of an unknown character (later revealed to be series regular Laurel Lance).

    • Phun says:

      I was thinking the same show but not sure it’s Floriana’s Maggie.

      • Phun says:

        Need to add. I missed the “original series regular”. Then, I think it’s Cat Grant. With the series relocating to Vancouver, maybe it’s hard to get Calista on the series as recurring.

        • Jane Q. Doe says:

          But, that happened last season as well. Calista was only in 4 eps in Season Two, and garners a lot of positive attention and reviews – she’s irreplaceable as Cat. The only way Cat Grant would be written off (I think) is if Calista was ready to be done.
          Plus, it seems like they’ll have other issues to work on (new villain, etc.).

          • Phun says:

            Yeah, that’s what I mean. I wonder if Calista is done and doesn’t want to fly up to Vancouver anymore, therefore, kill Cat Grant. Just a thought….

    • John NYC says:

      With the time shift I’d think the victim would have a bigger role rather than what recurring implies: unless it’s all front loaded and she were to “refute” in the segment leading to the death then not at all I suppose.

      BUT as I think about it she isn’t an original cast member so that eliminates her. And I’m glad, I like the character and would prefer she not “die”.

    • kenny38606 says:

      I seriously doubt it’s Supergirl. This doesn’t fit the show’s lighthearted style at all. Also, Supergirl couldn’t do a flashback story like this, as they have to keep in continuity with the other Arrowverse shows.

      • Mark says:

        That doesn’t stop Flash from traveling in time. Or altering canon in the other series. (Diggle’s kid, etc.)

        Supergirl is in a parallel universe. It only has to match up when they do the crossover episodes.

      • Jared S says:

        I agree. A murder mystery story isn’t really Supergirl’s style.

      • Jane says:

        Agreed. Really not the MO of Superhero show to spend most (all) of the season stuck in “before” trying to solve a murder.

        • Not sure where these doesn’t fit the Arrowverse, superhero show comments are coming from. Arrow did it with Sara and spent the first half of the season doing a murder-mystery and then did the “grave” mystery for basically an entire season with flashforwards and Flash hinged on Iris’s death.

          2 months is just about right to get it all worked out in time for the crossover event.

        • Jane Q. Doe says:

          I agree, Jane to Jane. Supergirl is (or at least was) a more light-hearted show than others, this would be a really out of pace change. It just doesn’t fit their style.

      • Alex Jones says:

        it could work, they did it with arrow back in season 4.

    • Julian says:


  3. Oran says:

    My guess is Scandal’s Fitzgerald Grant

  4. My guess? Virginia Madsen on Designated Survivor. Then they go back before the attack a few months to delve more into the conspiracy.

  5. katina says:

    Scandal..that is my guess!

  6. Paul Dailly says:

    It sounds like a twist Scandal would go for and considering it’s going to be the final season for the show, it would make the most sense.

  7. Kari Knowles says:

    Am I the only one who is tired of this narrative? Ugh.

    There are creative people out there, right? There are other ways to tell a story than to show the aftermath FIRST then go back in time and draw it all out for the viewer. Don’t get me wrong, killing a main character does build intrigue, but there has to be a new way or at least a less-tired way of telling it.

  8. 777 says:

    I’m guessing scandal.

  9. MzTeaze says:

    I think it’s probably the Blacklist although Scandal might do it since its under the same production as HTGAWM.

    • jericho says:

      Im hoping its Blacklist and its Keene. The best episodes of the show were when they faked her death the last time. Although if you despise her character as much as I do, I don’t know if she is actually “Popular”. I finally stopped watching the show because she is just annoying everytime she’s on screen.

      • Jason says:

        The only characters essential to Blacklist are Red and Liz, so it’s definitely not going to be her. Especially not after faking her death. The show runners have said as much.

      • John says:

        I think it’s the other Keene. Liz’s husband, returning to the show from his spinoff.

      • Sweet Boo says:

        There was a lot of talk that they had originally planned to kill of Lizzie after season one, because of how unpopular she was. They scrapped the idea then, but maybe they’re finally doing it now?

        • John says:

          It was her husband they planned to kill off. Tom was supposed to die in season one, but they saved him for a spinoff that was supposed to offer him redemption. It didn’t get renewed, so I believe they plan to kill him off now, and the issues they need to discuss with the network has to do with Ryan’s contract. They can’t redeem him, so they have to kill him to “even the score.” I believe that’s why it’s an 8 week flashback, and why they brought up a memory wipe in season four. Because Liz’s dialogue went from holding Tom prisoner on the boat for four months in season two, to holding him prisoner on the boat for two months in season three. And as everyone knows, The Blacklist is huge on flashbacks. This would definitely be a move by them. For The Blacklist, he’s the only one they’d fake a death for at this point, but I do think they plan to kill him off for real.

  10. Rob says:

    Supergirl was my first thought because Maggie won’t be a regular but then I’m not sure the timelines would sync up for November sweeps 4 way crossover so hmm…

  11. Jennifer says:

    If it’s NCIS, it would have to be Ducky, Abby or Gibbs, because those are the three who have been there since the beginning.

    • Jennifer says:

      Oh God, no. Not Ducky. Or Gibbs. Or Abby. Although this sounds more of a Shonda tactic than anything (and all the references to HTGAWM makes me lean towards Scandal). But I will not watch NCIS anymore if they kill anyone off. (Could be NOLA or LA too)

    • Karen says:

      I’m not sure how they could manage it on NCIS. They need to get Gibbs and McGee out of Paraguay first.

      • Jennifer says:

        Unless it IS Gibbs. That would suck. It opens with everyone in DC, McGee & Gibbs safely home. Gibbs is murdered, then the action jumps pack to Paraguy, since the murder had something to do with what happened there (Or Abby gets killed as retribution).

        But my money is still on Scandal, or maybe Grey’s. (Jo’s ex goes after Alex??)

        • DryHeat says:

          Grey’s is not one of the 9 shows listed…

        • Karen says:

          That would suck but I’m still skeptical. The article states: “According to sources, if the storyline is approved by The Powers That Be at the network…” They started filming NCIS today. If they were the subject of the blind item, the story would have been approved weeks ago so that the scripts would have been ready for filming..

    • Jennifer says:

      Sorry about mentioning NOLA and LA – didn’t see the gallery. :(

      Please not Scorpion

    • Paige says:

      Based on the wording of the blind item, it can’t be a series with a traditional series run (Sept. – May) Series like NCIS have already started filming and writers returned in June. There’s no way they’d just now be trying to get permission from tptb. These writers are already several episodes into the season.

  12. M says:

    Scandal. My money is on Jake to die since his character hasn’t really served a purpose for the last few seasons.

  13. LK says:

    Scandal makes the most sense considering it’s the last season

  14. Amit says:

    Before I saw the series listed, I thought it would have been Riverdale. Now? Scandal.

  15. Chuck says:

    I would guess Scandal, but all of last season was about who killed Frankie Vargas and was told in a lot of flashbacks, and I just don’t think they’ll go down that road again.

    I think it’s The Blacklist, and either Dembe or Ressler will be the unfortunate character.

    • John says:

      “Poised to kill off one of its most popular characters (an original series regular)”

      If it’s for The Blacklist, it won’t be Red or Ressler, Dembe or Liz. It’ll be Tom Keene, the one who left for a spinoff and is returning to the original series. Balance for all that is “uneven.” Liz’s words to Red- “Can the score be even now? Can this be over?” Yeah, it can be over… when Tom Keene gets killed off.

      • John says:

        Add the 8 weeks of flashback, since that would even out the claim in season three. At first, Liz said that she held Tom prisoner on the boat for four months. In season three, it was only for two months.

    • dean says:

      It’s def Donald Ressler. He’s been boring for quite awhile now.

  16. Daisy says:

    I hope it’s the Exorcist, Scandal or Supergirl – as I don’t watch those shows. :D

    But seriously, I can see this happen on Designated Survivor, Blindspot or The Blacklist. Let’s hope for more cluess before fall season starts!

  17. Wrstlgirl says:

    If it’s Scorpion I’ll hurt somebody. Leave my team of wacky geniuses alone!!!

    • Chuck says:

      The only character on Scorpion they could kill off is Cabe, and I just don’t see them doing that all. I don’t believe for a second that it’s Scorpion.

    • MelindaB says:

      I am doubtful that it’s Scorpion….and I’d better be right. That’s the only show listed (and among those that I watch) where I would be devastated to lose any of them.

    • JenJ says:

      I can’t see them killing any of that team off, because they ARE the show. Even Cabe has a function in the series which would change the whole dynamics and make the show into something else if he wasn’t around. I doubt it would be him, and I’m praying that it’s not this show.

    • nervdax says:

      Too dark for Scorpion to kill off someone through murder.

      Besides the Scorpion characters sre basically immortals now for surviving every deadly and ridiculous missions they went.

    • Ben says:

      The approach (8 week flashback of how someone dies) really doesn’t fit with Scorpion at all. It immediately stood out as the one that it won’t be.

      • suzi says:

        The 8 week flashback thing made me think it might be Watson on Elementary. Am I correct in remembering that the show will probably have a limited season, and that Lucy Liu has another gig?

  18. PLEASE BE SUPERGIRL. The problem there is that she’d be replaced by four Supergirls, like Superman was in the comics. Unless she’s replaced by Matrix, which would be awesome.

    But it won’t be Supergirl :(

    Unless it is, but they bring her back, which would suck.

    If Once Upon A Time was on the list, I’d have guessed Emma.

  19. ember69 says:

    Thanks for the gallery hints, b/c my first thought was Lindsey on Chicago PD, since she’s leaving without explanation :( (insert sobbing here). So my guess is Jennifer Esposito on NCIS, though you don’t usually make blind items that easy.

  20. ember69 says:

    Whoops, nm, Quinn on NCIS is nowhere near a series original. GAH! Now I’m worried about McGee and Abby!

    • Jennifer says:

      McGee isn’t an original cast member. He did come in early, but he wasn’t original. the only “originals” left on NCIS are Gibbs, Ducky and Abby

      • John NYC says:

        Unless the definition is squishy enough as iirc he did appear in the second episode I.e not the pilot.

        • Jennifer says:

          Actually, the first episode he was in was Sea.1, Episode 7. So I wouldn’t count him as an original member.

          • John NYC says:

            You’re right I should have checked first. Ep 18 UnSEALed. Too late in that season for “original” I agree.

          • John NYC says:

            AND ep 7, still not enough, Sub Rosa. When I hit the blank going back after 18 I stopped, probably recurring at that point…

  21. Pat L says:

    Before I looked at the list, Tim on NCIS popped into my head.

    • Winter says:

      Not original so he should be safe.

      • Karen says:

        Not to mention, I don’t think the show would be THAT cruel to kill off McGee just after he got married and has a baby on the way.

        • brandydanforth81 says:

          Dowton Abbey says hi

        • Haz says:

          I honestly don’t think NCIS could survive losing McGee, Gibbs, or Abby. That being said I do wish they will write off another character along with Espositos, they had way too many cast members this past season.

          • KM13 says:

            NCIS has skunked us enough with their character deaths: Kate (original), Ziva (popular and offscreen for Pete’s sake), and some really good recurring characters (Mike and Diane).

  22. iHeart says:

    eh it’s probably Once,because since Jennifer Morrison is supposed to appear in the season premiere and that’s it for her, that’s my guess anyway

  23. yermum says:

    The Blacklist, and Tom Keene? Since the spin-off did not get picked up, they probably don’t know what to do with him. Fitz is probably a good choice, though, except for the re-do of the Vargas thing.

    • George H. says:

      Tom Keene would be my choice. His storyline should have played out a long time ago.

      • ziggybr549 says:

        Agreed. The best episodes from last season where the ones without him in them IMHO

      • JenJ says:

        It’s already been announced that he’s returning to the series. I doubt if they would kill him off after bringing him back. If it’s Blacklist, my guess is that it would be Ressler, he’s been involved in some pretty tricky stuff lately, especially last season.

        • me says:

          Yes but remember the article is saying the character is killed in the premiere and they are doing flashbacks leading up to what happened. So this means he will be in most of the season and means he would technically at the ‘end’ of the season time line wise. I think they could have realized he was a fan fav but not enough to carry his own show. I think even Tom fans became frustrated and bored because they strayed too much from the actual plot of the show with Tom. So having him exit now would actually make the most sense because he does have that briefcase with remains in it that Red does NOT want Liz to find out so I can see this playing out bad for Tom.

        • John says:

          It won’t be Ressler. He’ll make it to the end. It will be Tom Keene if it’s for The Blacklist.

    • Chris says:

      Was Ryan Eggold a series regular in the beginning? I thought he was recurring, but I don’t remember.

    • Sorscha Marie says:

      As long as it is not Aram or Ressler.

      • ziggybr549 says:

        Me too

      • KCatty says:

        Aram is safe (at least in terms of this blind item). Was recurring in season 1 and upgraded in season 2. :)

        Ressler on the other hand…

        Eggold is a regular in the upcoming season, though he would be appearing in a number of flashback episodes in this scenario.

  24. dansue says:

    Don’t really think this fits the CW, but James on Supergirl? They didn’t know what to do with him on last season.

    • Toni says:

      Although they didn’t reveal the character, Arrow did something similar in Season 4. However, James is not one of the most popular characters.

  25. Troy says:

    Scandal. They’re going to kill off Liv.

  26. patricia marone says:

    My guess would be Empire maybe

  27. Cue the Oncers screaming Emma Swan despite Once not being in the gallery.
    I hope if it’s SG it’s not Alex or J’onn or Winn.Coukd be Maggie but she’s not a original so I guess that rules her out .Same with Mon El.

  28. Natalie says:

    I think it’s either NCIS, Scandal or Supergirl. These are three loved shows with a large cast of original series regulars so it’s definitely possible. If it’s Supergirl, then no way is it James Olsen. I really like that character but he is not a fan fave. Maybe Chris Wood who was a series regular in s2 or Floriana, these are two beloved characters and people are saying that CW is still a series regular for season 3 even though Mon El went into the Phantom Zone for the finale. Blacklist could be another one but I dont see how it could be Designated Survivor or Exorcist. Are these shows even liked, do they have fan fave characters? And Elementary was never really an option to me but let’s wait and see

    • brandydanforth81 says:

      It says ORIGiNAL SERIES REGULAR-a chapter there from the begining-Monel and Maggie are not.James,Winn,J’onn are.

      • Natalie says:

        Yeah, I posted with modifying my comment. Super frustrating. but it’s still not James though. No one likes him. If Supergirl then it’s Jon or Winn or Cat, if it’s SCANDAL than it’s Fitz, Olivia or Huck. If it’s NCIS then it’s either Abby or that coroner( have not watched this show in ages, is he even on there. But I know that he and Abby are fan faves) These are my guesses.

        • LK says:

          I really don’t see Supergirl doing a season long serialized storyline.. they don’t really operate like that.. and its awfully dark for that show.

    • dansue says:

      James is a comic legacy character who the general public knows. That might be “fan fav” enough for this purpose. Plus, what does he really add? Killing him off with a bang would be the most interesting thing the characters done.

    • Amelia says:

      Some of the shows might not be hugely popular but a fan favorite would just have to a lot of fans among those that watch the show, however small that might be.

  29. Connie says:

    Thinking Erin on Chicago PD. Since Sophia is leaving anyhow.

  30. Diz says:

    Supergirl, Cat. It’s not a show about strong women anymore, they just want to focus on the dudes. So I say they’ll probably kill off Cat.

    • Jane Q. Doe says:

      That’s true, Season 2 was a big disappointment for me. But, unless Calista swears she’s totally and completely done – they’d be idiots to kill her off. They forgot she existed for 18 eps, if we want another season of dreck, they could just do the same thing. Cat’s role is irreplaceable. But, TPTB clearly may not give a damn.

  31. Kelly says:

    I’m thinking Blindspot. They already jumped ahead a couple of years in their season finale so they would already have to jump back to explain what happened in the interim. I just don’t know who. But then that would be too easy, I guess.

    • Sara says:

      I was thinking Blindspot too. Since 3 of the original characters were left up in limbo in the finale, having been kidnapped, it would make sense to go back 2 months…but then, Jane probably wouldn’t be too involved in that since she’s been climbing a mountain for a while.

    • OT from Norway says:

      All I need to know is that Patterson is safe. But still, I don’t think it will be Blindspot, as their already shooting the next season and the actors have already returned to set, according to the Instagram account of Martin Gero.

      It would be interesting if they dared kill off Kurt. I could see that happening. But it would make a very different show.

  32. Gina says:

    From the list, I only watch Supergirl and Scandal. So my money is on either one of those. And I think it’s Supergirl, J’onn J’onzz. David Harewood has recently expressed publicly that he isn’t happy with the way his character is going.

  33. Landry Dale says:

    I don’t think it’s NCIS or Scandal. CBS already has some casting brouhaha between Jennifer Espisito on NCIS and the Hawaii Five-O changes. I doubt they would be in the market for another shakeup.

    I also feel like Scandal would want to go out with its full original cast intact. Seems like they would want to bring viewers back, rather than risk some leaving if a favorite character is a goner.

    • Jenny says:

      Plus they are casting an actress to play Gibbs love interest, so it can’t be Gibbs either, that wouldn’t make sense at all. IIRC they also stated they would start where they left off (and then probably make a timejump from May to September). With Esposito leaving, I really don’t see them killing one off.

    • Amelia says:

      I don’t think Scandal will go out with its full cast intact but I think they will wait until later to kill some people off.

  34. JTQ says:

    NCIS…Abbey is toast!!!

  35. Shazza (UK) says:

    My guess is it’s Watson on Elementary. It scraped a renewal and as far as I’m aware it didn’t get a full season order so that would make sense. Either that or Fitz/Olivia on Scandal as it’s the final season for them, too.

    • brandydanforth81 says:

      Look at the gallery-it’s one of those showd

    • tvfan says:

      Sadly, I totally agree. This show has only 13 eps and has a midseason premiere date(?). This gives them time to get permission for this story. It also sets the stage for this season being the final season – no fun continuing without Watson. Bonus, it always seems that Holmes is reckless and could easily do something that ultimately gets Watson killed.

      • Jane Q. Doe says:

        You’ve got some good points – the mid-season start, 1/2 season order, it’s pretty clear this is gonna be the last season. I’d hate to see it end without Watson or Sherlock, or any of them, but if it had to be Marcus or Gregson…that would certainly give the last eps some emotional heft.

  36. Rushda says:

    i actually have a feeling it might me reid from criminal minds…..

  37. Gina says:

    I’m sorry if this comes through twice. I’m having trouble with Safari on my phone. lol
    My guess is Supergirl and J’onn J’onzz. David Harewood has publicly expressed his disdain for Cyborg Superman, so I can see them writing him off.

  38. Butch says:

    How about Joe on The Flash? He is beloved fan favorite and original cast member.

  39. Arizona says:

    Patterson on Blindspot so Ash can come back to Critical Role

  40. 51cards says:

    I’m really really hoping it’s not Marcus or Cpt. Gregson on Elementary. Or anybody on Elementary. Also, this doesn’t seem like a Supergirl type of thing; I feel like it’s too light of a show to pull something like this off.

  41. Kristina says:

    So the death would happen in the premiere, but it hasn’t yet been approved by the network? Does that rule out Blindspot, because they are already filming their season premiere? (Please say yes.)

  42. El S Boy says:

    BLINDSPOT seems the ovious, they show in the season finale time twist with the 2 years laters
    so it look like a par for the course

  43. lame says:

    Jennifer Esposito is leaving. So I’m guessing she’ll be shot, ala Caitlin Todd, Jenny Shepard, Jackie Vance and Diane Sterling, leaving out Ziva David who was blown up. Ha

  44. Gospino says:

    Scandal, please let it be Fitz. I’ve never liked him. This sort of story would fit Scandal better than most of the other shows, imo. They have so many characters that there would be lots of suspects. And it’s the final season so why not go for something big.

  45. Anna says:

    Shonda only has one season of Scandal left, and she can really do whatever the heck she wants with it. She basically runs ABC, so the network wouldn’t tell her no. I’m thinking Scandal, because its definitely something she would do.

  46. MattySi says:

    I don’t think it’s Scandal because as the article says, it’s an arc straight from HTGAWM. Those shows are too close to do the same thing. The only other shows in the gallery that I watch are Supergirl and Designated Survivor so I hope it isn’t either one of those.

  47. The Blacklist, Red will be killed

  48. CF says:

    I doubt it’s Scorpion. If it’s an NCIS original cast member, that would be pretty shocking, but I don’t see it happening there either.

  49. Chance says:

    It’s not gonna be one of the CBS shows. My money’s on Designated Survivor or Scandal.

    • DryHeat says:

      CBS already did this with The Good Wife…there’s no reason they couldn’t do it again with NCIS or Elementary. ;-)

      • Chance says:

        Those are procedurals. That type of story line would be weird with a procedural. So no, the CBS shows are out.

  50. Feels like Scandal, in which case I’d guess they kill Abby or Fitz, but they did something similar at the start of last season. Blindspot has a major time jump to deal with, so killing an original seems like an odd move. Maybe Elementary kills Marcus Bell or someone from The Blacklist dies.

    • LK says:

      I originally thought Scandal.. but they basically did that storyline last season with Frankie and it seems unlikely that they would repeat themselves.