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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Arrow, Goldbergs, Superstore, Roseanne, Originals — Plus, Blind Item Hint!

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Question: If you’re not going to solve your blind item about the series that was so bad it was nearly pawned off on a streaming service, can you at least give us another hint? —Sarah
Ausiello: It’s a broadcast network show. And it’s currently airing.

Question: Any intel on potential ’80s homages on The Goldbergs this season? —Craig
Ausiello: You’re going to want to break out the chips, dips, chains and whips for Season 5’s premiere: Though the episode won’t be a full-on homage to Weird Science, it will include elements of the 1985 comedy that re-teamed Anthony Michael Hall with his Sixteen Candles and Breakfast Club director, John Hughes.

Question: I am excited to have Katie Cassidy back on Arrow as Black Siren. I hope she stays a villain, because it’s cool to have a regular female villain. What can we expect for her? —Diana
Ausiello: You can expect much of the aforementioned villainy, sprinkled with the occasional wish for a turn-around, at least by those who knew her Earth-One doppelgänger. “I don’t know if there’s any question about whether or not the [idea] of redemption will come up; it has to,” co-showrunner Wendy Mericle told TVLine. “Her father is there. Oliver is there. Everyone is going to be asking whether or not it’s possible to find a little piece of Laurel, the Laurel Lance they knew and loved, in there somewhere.” That said, “I think she’s interesting as a [villain],” Mericle asserted. “Black Siren is a badass.” BONUS SCOOP: Even with Adrian Chase dead, Oliver’s battle to conceal his secret identity is far from over. Rumor has it he will be dogged by a curious FBI agent this season.

Question: You have a great first name, and great initials. Now that I’ve buttered you up, do you have any Superstore intel you can share? — Michael Anthony
Ausiello: As an aspiring vegan, I’m not a big fan of butter. You hummus’d me up, MA. And it worked: I’m hearing that Mateo will become smitten with a handsome construction worker named Scott who’s helping to put Cloud 9 back together after last season’s finale-worthy storm. As for how this will affect Mateo’s relationship with Jeff — don’t forget about the L-bomb he dropped in that voicemail! — only time will tell.

Halt and Catch Fire Season 4 Lee Pace JoeQuestion: Could you boot up a scooplet on the final season of Halt and Catch Fire? —Joanna
Ausiello: Word around the computer lab is that the series finale will be titled “Ten of Swords.”

Question: Please tell me you’ve got something to tease about Suits. -Lindsey
Ausiello: The absence of Gina Torres’ Jessica will be felt as Harvey takes on the role of managing partner at Pearson Specter Litt — but the former boss lady won’t just be mentioned in Season 7 (premiering this Wednesday at 9/8c on USA Network). “Jessica will be coming back from time to time,” executive producer Aaron Korsh confirms of the spinoff-bound Jessica. “Sometimes because she’s wanted. And sometimes, maybe, because she’s not.”

Question: Desperate for some Originals scoop! What do you have?! — Chloe
Ausiello: It’s not exactly earth-shattering, Chloe, but let’s see if this at least makes things rumble: The CW drama’s fifth season will introduce a “calculating” vampire (aren’t they all?) named Margot, whose glory days trace all the way back to 1920s Europe. Two things you should know about Margot: She recently moved to New Orleans, and she has an “almost zealous devotion to her family.” Sounds like she’ll fit in just fine.

Question: Thanks for all the Roseanne revival scoops. Do you know how producers plan to handle the death of Mark’s portrayer, Glenn Quinn? —Mitchell
Ausiello: Two big clues: They’re not recasting the role and rumor has it that David and Darlene’s son is named Mark. (For intel on their other child, daughter Harris, click on this here link.)

Question: Can I get a little Fosters scooplet? —Janine
Ausiello: The fam is getting some new neighbors this season. Reggie Austin (Agent Carter) and Kristen Ariza (StartUp, Confirmation) are moving in next door as charming estate/tax lawyer Dean and his orthopedic surgeon wife Theresa, respectively. And they’re bringing along their handsome football-star son Logan (NCIS: New Orleans‘ Christopher Meyer), who has “a spark” with Mariana, teases EP Peter Paige.

Question: There are rumors going around that Quinn may not have died on Homeland. But your story this week seems to contradict that. What’s the scoop, Aus? —Charlie
Ausiello: Quinn is dead. Homeland already pulled one too many bait-and-switches on us with regard to Rupert Friend’s invincible hitman. The. Dude. Is. Dead.

Question: Please give us more blind items as they are so much fun to figure out. Thank you in advance. —Tobi
Ausiello: The producers of a buzzy new drama on one of the broadcast networks is toying with the idea of revealing their seemingly straight lead male character to be gay around the midpoint of Season 1.

Question: I’m really worried about Josh and Kelsey hooking up on Younger. Like, too much to enjoy the episodes. Help? —Susan
I’m not sure I can help you with all of your issues, Susan, but at least I can make your Wednesday nights a little less stressful: If Josh and Kelsey do get together, it won’t be for several more weeks. Maggie’s assistant Montana will have Josh pretty securely under her spell for a bit.

Question: Please tell me that Issa and Lawrence get back together on Insecure. — Kyla
Ausiello: Sorry, I can’t tell you that. But having seen the HBO dramedy’s Season 2 premiere (which airs Sunday, July 23, at 10:30/9:30c), I can tell you that there’s definitely unfinished business between the estranged couple. “Hella Great” — which, by the way, lives up to its title — also introduces us to a new version of Molly that’s making a real go of fixing her infamously “broken p—y.”

Question: Anything on my new guilty pleasure, Syfy’s Blood Drive? —Oliver
Ausiello: Episode 7 (titled “The Gentleman’s Agreement” and airing Wednesday, July 26) “is kind of like the Slink showcase,” series creator James Roland told Matt Mitovich. Likening Colin Cunningham’s cunning racemaster to another animated trickster, Roland said, “Bugs Bunny is always winning, which is fun for like 10 minutes. But for [a season running] 13 hours, you need to find dimensions. And Slink is most interesting when he’s bouncing back and forth between total control and no control.”

Question: What happened to the bombshell twist that was purportedly coming in your Mister Scooch Poops Everywhere Instagram story series?! I keep refreshing and nothing! —Jill
Ausiello: First off, the show is called The Untitled Mister Scooch Mystery Project. Secondly, I never specified when exactly the bombshell twist would be dropped. And third, truth be told, it was supposed to be shot last night but when I got home Mister Scooch was napping and when he woke up he immediately segued into his nightly 90-minute self-wash routine and then when he was finished with that I was already knee-deep into The Keepers Episode 5 and I didn’t feel like pausing it.

This AAnd That…
iZombie will kick off Season 4 with a “story about corruption,” previews exec producer Rob Thomas. “There are barely enough brains coming in to feed Seattle zombies. There’s a black market for brains. Zombies are going hungry. It gives us a world of story opportunities.”
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  1. Who Dat Diva says:

    The blind item is definitely Still Star Crossed.

    • Brian says:

      Has to be. It always seemed to be either that or Inhumans and the currently airing part rules that out.

      • Ws says:

        There was never any sign that it would be Inhumans.. that didnt match up at all

        • skyebright8 says:

          Agree ABC wouldn’t turn down a marvel tv show, that’s crazy.

        • ScottJ says:

          The timing was all wrong for it to have been Inhumans, but that didn’t stop all the claims that it was. That show had barely started filming when the blind item came out.

          At lease we now know its definitely not Midnight, Texas. I have high hopes for that show.

    • Wenders says:

      I didn’t think it was as terrible as the BI made it out to be, but the fact that ABC barely pushed it at all and has shafted it all over the place in their lineup shows that they clearly wanted it to fail.

    • Lysh says:

      Yep, I’m thinking that, too. I’ve still been meaning to watch it.

    • JennyfromGeorgia says:

      WIthout a doubt it is Still Star Crossed—the promotion is awful and not even Shonda is hyping it anymore. Also have not seen any other Shondaland series actor promote is except for the first week.

      • LaDonna says:

        Agreed. Has to be this. The original blind item talked about the PTB being powerful enough to put the kibosh on moving to streaming. Shonda and Joss are the only two I can think of with enough clout to pull that off.

    • lrdslvrhnd says:

      Yep, been thinking that almost from the start.

    • Sarah says:

      Could be Doubt: it’s currently airing, and the writing is terrible.

      • Jimmy says:

        Yeah not a very good show. I’m a fan of Katherine Heigl and she and Elliott Gould are the only good lead actors on the show. I’m a fan of Dule Hill as well but he’s so robotic when he speaks. He was similar in the West Wing also but not as bad.

    • david7118 says:

      Now that it’s had it’s premiere I’m thinking “Salvation.”

  2. D says:

    Still waiting for an interesting Arrow spoiler… I know you guys have to get tons of questions about Diggle/Felicity/Olicity, hope to see some stuff about them soon :)

    • Lizzie says:

      Same. I’m desperate for some Diggle and Felicity scoop, Diggle especially because he barely had anything to do last season & my guy deserves a good storyline. Olicity hints would be a bonus!

    • Meg says:

      If you want spoilers on those characters send in the question. You can’t get answers to questions that aren’t asked.

    • Anne says:

      It’s always about them. I loved the Laurel love for a change

  3. Jill says:

    Still Star Crossed for sure, but I don’t think it’s that bad. I kinda like it.

    • Eli Oberlander says:

      I do too. I love it.

    • grazelled says:

      I watched part of the first episode and gave up but recorded last Saturday night’s episode and found it had improved a lot. I don’t have a clue how Rosaline (sp.?) became a “Lady” or the what’s going on with most of the characters but I enjoyed it.

  4. Lysh says:

    I still want that Arrow/Hamilton tshirt you wore last year. There’s a great Cult TV Collection section on TeeFury you could check out!

  5. "A" says:

    Margot is sooo Roman’s sister !!

  6. Max says:

    Yeah, I’d say Still Star Crossed for the blind item.

  7. ellajasper says:

    Could the Blind Item be Doubt on CBS with Katherine Heigl? They pulled it after two episodes but are now showing them on the weekend, Saturday or Sunday nights.

  8. Kate says:

    “The producers of a buzzy new drama on one of the broadcast networks is toying with the idea of revealing their seemingly straight lead male character to be gay around the midpoint of Season 1.”

    I actually like that idea because that’s how it is in real life most of the time. With TV characters you almost always know at the beginning that a character is gay and it’s much easier for homophobic people to avoid having their worldview challenged since they can just choose not to watch those shows. But if a family member or friend in their life comes out, it can be harder to avoid, and I’ve personally seen at least a few anti-gay people change their minds when they realized they actually knew a gay person and they weren’t evil. Obviously TV isn’t exactly the same, but given how many articles I’ve read that credit wider exposure to LGBT+ people on TV and in the media for society in general becoming more open-minded, I think this could be a good thing.

    Is this a currently airing show or one that hasn’t started yet?

    • JD says:

      The wording makes it sounds like it will start during the fall.

      My immediate guesses were The Resident or Deception. But are either considered buzzy? I dunno.

      • DryHeat says:

        What about David Boreanaz or Shemar Moore on their new fall shows…gay AND military/police. That seems buzzy to me. ;-)

        • Wordsmith says:

          I like the idea of a hyper-masculine lead turning out to be gay, though Boreanaz at least has a wife and family in his show, so that might get messier than the network would want.

          • kmw says:

            Well it seems like DB’S character is split from his spouse but you are probably right. Too messy for CBS. And in fact the show in question probably is getting better buzz than Seal Team not that it isn’t buzz worthy I am saying there are several more shows that are getting more attention.

          • captainoats says:

            That WOULD be interesting! Maybe even enough to get me to watch one of those shows.

        • Eric H says:

          Shemar Moore’s character on SWAT was shown to have previously been in a relationship with his new female boss so I don’t think it’ll be him.

          I’m wondering if maybe they’ll have Freddie Highmore on The Good Doctor be gay.

          • Tony says:

            I don’t think Shemar would be comfortable playing a gay man on TV. He spends too much time claiming he isn’t in real-life.

      • captainoats says:

        It would be extra interesting if it was The Resident, because didn’t Good Wife flirt w/ the idea of making Cary bi, or there was a thing w/ a male coworker or something?

      • Aeol says:

        The Resident was definitely my first thought.

      • Gabby says:

        I immediately thought of The Resident too. I think it would be a good change from the classic lead doctor in a show like this.

    • Jared says:

      As a gay man myself, it’s always refreshing to find gay characters on TV or movies that aren’t written so stereotypical. Most of the time the gay character is the sassy best friend or the sidekick of the main character. Not all gay men act the way the media makes them out to be. Having a male character come out midseason who isn’t written like a caricature sounds kind of cool.

      • MMD says:

        I totally agree. While straight myself but an avid supporter because of a close family member, it will be nice to have a character that people are invested in live authentically. I totally agree with you on the media portrayals/stereotypes. Every single person on this planet is on a spectrum of something.

      • scoopie77 says:

        MMD, couldn’t agree more. I’m a not-size-zero woman, so I’m also used to seeing people like me as the sassy best friend. Wouldn’t it be great to have TV shows and movies with all kinds of main characters?

    • Lauren says:

      I’m thinking The Good Doctor. Freddie Highmore

  9. kmw says:

    First off its a good bet that bad show is Still Star Crossed I cannot believe it would be anything else. As for the other blind sort of item, it depends on which of the shows has ” buzz” around it and I cannot make a good guess on that one

  10. T.W.S.S. says:

    Is it too much to hope that the curious FBI agent on Arrow turns out to be Dale Bozzio?

    • Wordsmith says:

      Things could get very interesting if it turns out that iZombie is part of the Arrowverse. I suppose that it could a part of the Flash-multiverse, because theoretically every TV show could be…

      • clintbrew says:

        Riverdale should be part of the arrowverse too cus i want an Arrow Vs Archie episode they did it in the comics with archie vs the punisher hey maybe Archie Andrews or jughead is the Vigilante LOL

  11. fernando933 says:

    I’m thinking Freddie character on The Good Doctor will be the new blind item

    • Brian says:

      Would that be the first autistic/gay character on TV?

    • Jo Grant says:

      That would be very different than the Korean version.

      • Red Snapper says:

        It could work if they sub the Moon Chae-Won character for a guy. Or they introduce a very similar male character. I just hope they don’t change too much because the Kdrama was great. They have some pretty good source material to work with, I hope they stick to it.

  12. Gospino says:

    If a new fall, not midseason, drama the blind item possibilities include: the Brave, Dynasty, The Gifted, The Good Doctor, Gospel of Kevin, Inhumans, SWAT, Seal Team, Ten Days in the Valley, Valor. Midseason: Black LIghtning, The Crossing, Deception, For the People, Instinct, The Resident, Reverie, Rise. Probably missed a few, but it’s a start.

  13. sarah says:

    Excited for Black Siren. I’m hoping that she’ll be more of a Catwoman type character, working with the bad guys or the good guys depending on the situation. Heroic and villainous at the same time. Fill the grey morality hole that Merlyn left.

  14. Gospino says:

    As for the first blind item, SSC is horrifically bad. And nothing else seems to fit with all the clues.

  15. iHeart says:

    I am still hoping the writers will say that Mark actually died at Darlene’s wedding instead of Dan

  16. Casanova34 says:

    I gave up on SSC after 20 mins of the first episode. Definitely fits the blind item. Doubt isn’t great but still watchable…sorta

  17. Red Snapper says:

    I think that pretty much confirms that the Blind Item was Still Star Crossed. It was at the top of my list before it even aired. That and Midnight, Texas were the two that seemed to fit the clues the best. It’s pretty bad, I can see why ABC wanted to dump it. I’m still watching it though. I sometimes enjoy cheesy/bad TV.

    • :-) says:

      I’m enjoying still still star crossed. My expectations were very low after all the reviews. I’m liking it’s soap operaesque story. Every character working an angle.

  18. Jared says:

    Not many scripted series are currently airing on broadcast networks so Still Star Crossed has always been my guess. That and the fact that ABC pretty much cancelled it 3 episodes in pretty much confirms what we all thought. LOVE the blind items BTW and on another note how good is The Keepers on Netflix?? By far one of the best docs I’ve ever seen.

  19. Lyndy says:

    I was thinking Freddie Highmore for the new Blind item …until I read “seemingly straight lead male character”.
    If I’m to think of a “seemingly straight male”…Freddie Highmore in TGD would def not be top of that list. He doesn’t seem straight or gay. This has to be another new show.

  20. Steve F. says:

    Hi Michael! Not sure if you’re reading this, but will you be having a Comic-Con meetup at SDCC this year?

  21. Nemo says:

    Regarding the new blind item, it would be really interesting, not to mention thematically relevant, if Stephen Moyer’s character on “The Gifted” turned out to be gay.

  22. Gilded Lady says:

    That Originals spoiler means nothing. Boo! LOL

    • luvprue2 says:

      The Originals spoiler means that it will be a totally new show base on Hope. With all new characters. No Elijah, No Klaus

      • Gilded Lady says:

        And how do you figure? It’s a classic antagonist description.

        • luvprue2 says:

          Well I supposed. However I read the casting sides for the new episodes and it is set in Mystic Fall and none of the characters are in it. The only one who is mention is Klaus. Who mention missing New Orleans, and her dad. So far all the spoilers that have came out about the show have been about new characters, or Hope. There is no mention of any of the Originals characters . So do you know if any of main characters will be returning for season 5?

          • Gilded Lady says:

            We haven’t heard anything to the contrary. I’m guessing it’ll take a bit to deal with that curse. How many eps are they not there?

            But ultimately, you can’t have a show called The Originals with none of them in it, you know? (Or you can, but I sure won’t be watching)

          • Gilded Lady says:

            And now that I think about it – Daniel is off on the otherside of the world doing Oxfam stuff at the moment. I’m assuming the show is filming now, which definitely backs you up.

  23. Cathy says:

    I think the blind item could be about Twin Peaks.

  24. AKH says:

    I’m going to second the hope that Black Siren is more of a Catwoman-esque antiheroine than villain, in part because no one I know who actually liked E1 Laurel wants her to be purely villainous. The writers have a major opportunity with this storyline to fix the messes of season four (no- the out of nowhere Dinah Drake bandaid didn’t help anything)- hopefully they’ve finally learned.

    As to the blind item, Alan Cumming’s character in Instinct has already been described as gay (or bi like Cumming himself) in that his husband’s a regular. The most likely is the teacher from Rise, as the real-life teacher is gay, but I’m going to go ahead and hope for even more: the lead in Deception (which is a Berlanti production) seems very Neal-Caffrey ladies-charmer, and yet… Then I would go with the Czuchry character in Resident (though presumably bi in that case) or the Highmore character (and his seeming nemesis?) on Good Doctor. Meanwhile, I’m definitely taking comfort in that Anissa Pierce on Black Lightning is said to be a lesbian like her comics inspiration.

    • Lucy says:

      Matt Czuchry’s character is more than “seemingly straight” in the pilot’s script and is romantically involved with EVC’s character. Maybe “Bi” could fit but gay would be a bit of a stretch.

  25. Tony says:

    Speaking of BI’s, there was one given at the beginning of the season that claimed a show had yet to announce a major casting coup. The star of said show had a spouse that was a major star and major star was going to be appearing on the new season of said show. People were guessing Calista and Harrison, but it wasn’t them. And Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston, but it wasn’t them. So what/who was it?

  26. More reliance on ’80s kitsch as a gimmick, as if we don’t already have enough of a playing fast & loose w/ ’80s timeline w/ a Breakfast Club reference (1984) then a Parenthood reference (1989). They must perpetually live in November 1989, where they can cherry pick events where anything can happen in the same time. Oh, wait… they can’t set in in November because they’re supposed to live outside Philadelphia yet has there ever been snow? The Palm trees in the distance down the block for outside house scene are a nice touch.

    • JoviChick says:

      I think they way they blur the years is fun- I just enjoy anything related to the 80’s so I don’t really mind when they say it is whatever date 198(something). I think the weather thing is kind of funny.

    • scoopie77 says:

      I pretend that they live in an alternative universe where things are similar to our earth, but not the same in terms of weather and timing.

  27. PatriciaLee says:

    Blind Item: Deception or Instinct

    • PatriciaLee says:

      But Rise, Swat, or The Resident could work. ‘buzzy’ might be a clue

    • ndixit says:

      Deception would be an interesting choice since it would mean bypassing the will they-won’t they dynamic of the male and female lead that has been the staple of shows of that kind.

    • Billy Bob Johnson says:

      Key phrase: Currently Airing. These are show for next season.

      • Jamie Moffat says:

        It does not say currently airing anywhere, it just says a buzzy new drama on a broadcast network. That does not mean the show has started airing yet.

        • Answer to very first question this is a comment on:
          “Ausiello: It’s a broadcast network show. And it’s currently airing.”

          • J.B. says:

            Um, what?

            “The producers of a buzzy new drama on one of the broadcast networks is toying with the idea of revealing their seemingly straight lead male character to be gay around the midpoint of Season 1.”

            What new broadcast show on the big 5 is currently airing that would fit the “buzzy”? I doubt that asteroid show would even come close. Therefore this is clearly about a new fall show for the 2017-18 season.

          • In this AA he gives a hint that it’s a broadcast show that’s currently airing. Most people are thinking Still Star Crossed but I’m wondering if it’s Salvation on CBS.

    • luvprue2 says:

      Deception. I think the title is very telling

  28. Westindiesgirl says:

    Ausiello, glad you’re feeling better. Your posts are a lot livelier!