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Roseanne Revival: Darlene and David Are Probably, Most Likely [Spoiler]

Make some more room around the kitchen table.

Although Johnny Galecki’s involvement in ABC’s forthcoming Roseanne revival remains an open question, new details have come to light that suggest his character, David Healy, will at the very least have a strong presence in the eight-episode continuation.

ABC declined to comment for this story, but TVLine has learned that producers — which include Galecki’s onscreen squeeze Sara Gilbert as well as titular star Roseanne Barr, actress-comedienne Whitney Cummings and sitcom vet Bruce Helford — have quietly begun searching for a young actress and actor to portray the children of Gilbert’s Darlene and Galecki’s David.

The news essentially confirms what we strongly hinted at back in May: The twist in Roseanne‘s 1997 series finale that erased David and Darlene’s entire relationship — and instead paired David with Becky and Darlene with Mark — will, in fact, be undone. (The twist in question revealed much of the show to be a figment of the title character’s imagination. It also posited that John Goodman’s Dan had succumbed to a heart attack, something the revival will also gloss over.)

Of Darlene and David’s two kids, one of them — daughter Harris — was actually introduced to viewers in Season 9’s 19th episode, when Darlene delivered the baby very prematurely. I’m told the now 14-year-old hellion will be the spitting image of Young Darlene, in appearance and attitude. Their other child, meanwhile, will be a boy under the age of 10.

The big question remains: Will David have a hands-on role in his kids’ lives? Or will Galecki’s Big Bang Theory commitment force Barr to make Darlene a widow — or even worse, turn David into a deadbeat dad? (Note to ABC and CBS: Please hash this out!)

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  1. McKaylee says:

    Isn’t Darlene and David’s daughter Harris supposed to be 21 not 14 in 2018?

    • datdudemurphy says:

      yeah….they have some questionable math going on here.

      The show has been off the air long enough, Darlene and David could be grandparents by now.

      • terrapin says:

        Guys, it’s make believe. They can do anything they want. HELLO-OOOO???

        • Sarah Poole says:

          It might be make believe but more like real life and more down to earth before they hit the lottery they knew about hard times

          • TJ says:

            @Sarah Poole
            If you watched the last episode/finale, then you would know it was all in the character ‘Roseanne’s’ BOOK which was one based on her own family because in real life the daughters were actually married to the opposite brothers an Dan died. (Which in this one they will gloss that over) So, in her book they were the ‘every day 90’s middle wage American family’ who hit the jackpot so life changed just like in a dream…her book.

            In the new one because the character ‘Mark’ will be deceased in honor of the actor who played him, Glenn Quinn, who in real life IS deceased (2002 heroin drug overdose) I highly doubt they will have the character ‘David’ dead.
            Sarah Chalke, who played Becky in later seasons will also return to the franchise in a different role.
            I read in another article that Sarah Gilbert (who plays Darlene) has also had thoughts of writing in her character as being gay, so maybe she and the second Beck (Sarah) could be girlfriends.

            However, until it airs we can only imagine and IMO it will turn out great no matter what!

          • TJ says:

            Or DJ’s girlfriend…just thought of that one. Lol.

        • TJ says:

          Apparently some people have no imagination and feel on how T.V. works! Lol.😂

      • TJ says:

        No they aren’t grandparents jeez.

        • datdudemurphy says:

          Scroll up. Read again. Let me know if you can find where you got it wrong…. If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask

          • TJ says:

            >>>”Darlene and David could be grandparents by now. <<<
            I know and understood just fine so you can direct your smart alleckness to someone else.
            It doesn't matter if they 'could be', I was saying a they're not.
            Obviously they aren't going to be aged 15 years.

          • TJ says:

            Yes, I also know I have the letter ‘a’ in my current reply to you that doesn’t belong, but there isn’t an edit button.

          • datdudemurphy says:

            I didn’t say that they were. If you don’t want “smart alleckness”, try reading the comment posted before replying….you obviously noticed that I had said “could be” the second time you read it.

          • TJ says:

            Nope. I noticed it the first time!
            Done speaking about it. It was my opinion and it still stands.
            Have a good weekend. :)

          • datdudemurphy says:

            That’s cool and all…and you are entitled to your opinion. However, opinions are not more important than facts…AND reading comprehension is still very important.

            Have yourself a pleasant weekend.

    • TJ says:

      Just because the baby was born back then doesn’t mean the year in the show has to be 21 years later. So in fact a 14 year old is fine.

    • Çee Cee Bloom says:

      I noticed the math error too.

  2. Tom says:

    Again with the death. No need to kill him off just because Galecki might not be available. Stop being so morbid

  3. knd24 says:

    Also how are they going to deal with Mark with Glenn Quinn dead?

    • Cranky says:


      • Lucy says:

        I’d imagine they’d go with death. I imagine they’d want to find a way to honour his character. If you ignore the figment of Roseanne’s imagination, it ended with Becky being pregnant with Mark’s child. I can’t imagine that they’d have him as an absentee father.

        I remember years back Roseanne saying that Mark probably joined the Army and died, but then I think at the time she was spouting weird theories about where the characters were.

    • Jessie says:

      I heard that they will make it to where his character was killed in the line of duty.

    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly they will probably act as if Becky is a widow now or something

  4. laurelnev says:

    They probably can’t afford Galecki anymore. :D
    I’d rather see Darlene having separated from David when she “came out,” rather than “the good brother” ending up a deadbeat dad.

    • Tom says:

      I’ll sign on to that idea

    • Skyrous says:

      They couldn’t afford Galecki… But he’d probably do if he was asked. By all accounts he’s on good terms with the rest of the cast.

      • Sarah says:

        I know Galecki and Gilbert are good friends, at the very least. She did a recurring guest stint on TBBT alongside Galecki. He makes $900,000/episode on TBBT (down from a million, as he and the others took a “pay cut” so that two of the leading ladies could have a pay raise). If he’s willing to take that large of a pay cut (over the course of a year) so that his friends/co-workers can get the raises they deserve, I think he’s got a good heart. I really think it’s going to boil down to whether or not CBS and ABC are willing to cooperate with each other. CBS can be a real jerk here and not budge on their scheduling (or pull some type of “you’re under contract” stint) or they can play nicely with ABC. The daytime bosses have been nice about sharing contract players between the soaps on CBS and ABC for short stints, so here’s hoping the primetime bosses can play just as nice.

    • I’m sure they can “afford” Galecki.

      Just because he’s making a million per episode on The Big Bang Theory doesn’t mean he would charge that for other appearances. Jim Parsons takes tons of roles where he’s not the highest paid member of the cast.

      David Duchovny is making a lot of money for The X Files but he still did a Twin Peaks appearance for either no pay or very little.

      It’s just a matter if Johnny Galecki wants to do it or not.

  5. Jennifer says:

    They could pull a Mrs. Wolowitz (RIP) and have David off screen. May be a nice shout out to Galecki and TBBT.

    • AlliDone says:

      If they can’t get Galecki I would MUCH rather this than killing him off or separating the two.

    • TJ says:

      Mrs. Wolowitz was never shown on screen while she WAS alive in real life. After her death, they had her die on the show too they didn’t continue to have her ‘talk.’

  6. AlliDone says:

    I’m more curious on how they’re going to handle the death of the actor that played Mark.

  7. annieo53 says:

    This is going to be oh sooooo interesting! Glad they’re ditching the finale canon. I was a fan of the show up to the last season, then I dropped out after the first few episodes.

    • Dove says:

      Maybe HIMYM can do the same someday!

    • TJ says:

      @No One Of Consequence

      First of all that’s disrespect to Glenn and will not happen.
      ‘Mark’ will be deceased in the show. Possibly as some others stated above, through the war.

    • TJ says:

      They didn’t “ditch” the finale.
      If you watched the last episode/finale, then you would know it was all in the character ‘Roseanne’s’ BOOK which was one based on her own family because in her real life the daughters were actually married to the opposite brothers an Dan died. (Which in this one they will gloss that over)
      So, in her book they were the ‘every day 90’s middle wage American family’ who hit the jackpot so life changed just like in a dream, the lavish things they could do & have were all part of that…for her book.

  8. Maybe the revival is a second book.

  9. MissMel says:

    I was actually asking these questions about Becky, not Darlene. I’m curious how the show plans to address the death of Glenn Quinn who played Mark. Will they recast the role, make Becky a widow, or simply talk about Mark as if he’s off-screen somewhere?

  10. TV Gord says:

    I really hope they don’t mess with David and Darlene’s relationship. I had always hoped for a spinoff focusing on them. In fact, I kind of spun them off myself. Back in the day, with the aid of my nice, little editing suite (man, do I miss those days!), I made a couple of VHS tapes that had only the key scenes in David and Darlene’s relationship, from the first time they were onscreen together (and his name was Kevin) to the birth of baby Harris. It’s one of the best relationships for those with a dark, twisted soul (such as….mmm…me!). I still take those tapes out from time to time and relive the absolute hilarity! Many of my peers had Ross and Rachel. For me, it was–hands down–David and Darlene!

  11. Degra says:

    Please no David in the revival!

  12. richard says:

    I assumed that Darlene came out and divorced David. They shared custody, so David never has to appear, they talk on the phone and he picks up and drops off the kids without getting out of the car.

  13. Jeenee says:

    I hope the awful Darlene attitude and absolute meanness in treatment of David and others, that was such a part of her in the previous shows does not show up in her or any character in this new season. That is mean-spirited and is such a turn off. There are too many people these days who aspire to be or are that way.

    • Marie says:

      I LOVE that Harris will have the same personality as the teen aged Darlene! Talk about karma & repeated family patterns.

  14. The show was always about working class people, trying to make ends meet for the sake of their families, right? So, have both brothers out on an oil rig or some other job that brings good money, but takes them away from home for months at a time. Problem solved. No need to kill anyone. Just because Glenn Quinn died doesn’t mean that Mark has to be dead, or a deadbeat.

  15. Erin says:

    Nicolas Bechtel (Spencer from General Hospital) would be great as the son. He is great and I could see him really going a great job!

  16. Bryant K Davis says:

    I hope they do not trun David into a dead bet dad because that’s not him. If David is not coming back are just coming and going make it have to do something with his job are get someone else to be David but I hope that they bring back the David that we love and know. Ps love the show can’t wait to see it.

    • Sarah says:

      Agree, it seems like it would have been more likely that David was the caring, stay-at-home dad, while Darlene was the main breadwinner. But they could do it like Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce main male character and have him finally following his passion as an artist and going abroad or something like that. I hope Galecki shows up at least as a guest star–he had great chemistry with Roseanne and DJ too.

  17. Bryant K Davis says:

    I hope they start off just a few years ahead. Maybe act as if they are in the 1990er

  18. Bryant K Davis says:

    I don’t think that the big bang has that much more to go maybe another year are two. It’s not as good as it once was. It would surprise me if it lasts any longer than that. And johnny could be wide open for the Roseanne show if it takes of and it could if they go back to their roots that made it such a good show. 1996 is when it start to suck.

  19. Laura cagle says:

    So when is this Roseanne revival suppose to b on tv and the time and channel. Don’t want to miss it.

  20. Cindy says:

    Nothing has been mentioned about the last child of Dan & Roseanne Jerry! Will he be apart of the show or will he not be mentioned! How are they writing out Mark? Since he is deceased

  21. Cas says:

    Everyone is all about Darlene coming out. Why can’t she be gay in real life and play a straight character?!

  22. Kate says:

    Darlene and David’s pre-mature infant daughter dies in that episode…

    • Michelle Moore says:

      No Kate, the baby girl almost died because she was premature. They brought her home after a long stay in the NICU. Darlene and David decided to stay with Roseanne. They named the baby Harris Conner Healy.

  23. Leesa says:

    I’m sure there will be a way to keep David in the show even if he is there by FaceTime or just in person for one or two episodes. David was a big part of the show . As for Glenn Quinn , there should be an episode that explains him passing away in the line of duty or some kind of accident and a tribute of some sort to honor him. I enjoy watching the reruns because it is such a relatable show for a lot of people and a good show and I am looking forward to the return of Rosanne.

  24. Lee says:

    If they do bring Johnny back, in some capacity, then I hope if he interacts with Laurie (Metcalf) that they bring Sheldon up somehow. I love when shows do inside jokes like that.

  25. Eli says:

    Another possibility, though probably unsatisfying, is continually make excuses why he isn’t in the action. He can always be just off screen.

  26. Jon Webster says:

    If Galekci is able to do some episodes, then have David out of town working on his art or maybe he’s at a convention or something. Maybe Mark died of an overdose, like the actor. The opioid epidemic would probably hit an area like Lanford, IL pretty hard.

  27. shadester says:

    why cant he just be away on business or visiting relatives or something.

  28. Andrew Hass says:

    My guess is the show will say David has a job that makes him travel a lot to explain his absence in some of the episodes. .

  29. Jerry Garcia Conner says:

    Um, Harris would be 20, not 14. Unless each episode encompasses an entire year.

  30. Casey says:

    Why does David from Rosanne have to be written off or be made a dead beat. Why can’t he be the run of the mill dad, who doesn’t get along with the ex wife

  31. Edna Sollis says:

    My problem with this. Is that Dan died in the last episode.So how are they goung to sell that to us

  32. Peter says:

    So simple Rosanne jumped the shark when they won the lottery the show was finished and then killing of a main character
    Remember the 80’s Dallas did it it worked!
    Rosanne wakes up after dreaming they won the lottery. Dan Cheets on her then dies. Great dream she wakes up and the last season never really happened and the show goes on for another 10 uears

  33. Peter says:

    As far as actors r concerned
    Most of the characters r there remember when the 1st Becky was replaced to attend college?
    Then returned. Many people didn’t even realize there was a different actor. I mean seriously how many different actors played James Bond, Superman, Batman,Spider-Man etc etc etc

  34. Joetta Jones says:

    No David and Darlene are perfect together. They made the show interesting they should have a relationship like Roseanne and Dan. Yes I am a huge fan.

  35. Joetta Jones says:

    I am very excited for the reunion. I think David and Darlene should be portrayed as the 2017 version Roseanne and Dan.

  36. Peter says:

    I would try: Roseanne wakes up from a dream goes to a table and revues the book she’s been writing reading how they won the lottery and dan has a heart attack then dan wakes up complaining Ro bee writing for 20 yrs that she wins millions and he died She returns with well I had you have an affair with that nurse they then go to kitchen for breakfast where EVERYONE is already eating
    Mark &Becky live with The connors
    Mark working the motor Cycle shop making a low income doing odd side jobs maybe with 3 kids
    David and Darlene having 2 kids one could be disabled cared for by a loving aunt who is a certified care giver with out a real life. Then keep David a few towns over as a teacher, Bringing him in as his schedule permits there divorce came after Darlene found out she was Gay
    She could work for a small local radio station as the assistant to a sex therapist. Both being good loving parents they stay in each other’s lives though fighting like Ro and Dan do.
    DJ could be a odd ball librarian or something. But keep them low middle class that’s what made the show so good. Maybe through in a 80 yr old uncle named ARCHIE who is a ignorant racist but doesn’t realize it. Showing current happenings as well as what happened over the past 20 yrs
    I could go forever on this but others want to give their views to the next 10 yrs+++

    • Peter says:

      Characters dying is in poor taste just remember there where to beckies just find a close look a like
      As a veteran I’d rather not see someone who dies. Keep it as a comedy

  37. Carrie says:

    I hope Galeki will make some appearances. David and Darlene were my favorite parts of the show. I always wished they would have gotten a spin off. How nice it would be if their characters were still together.

  38. justin says:

    If it were me, I would just pretend the last season wasn’t real and just all part of a book that Roseanne wrote.

    Roseanne is a somewhat successful writer so they have money but are not rich. Dan re-opened the bike shop (which is now a custom bike/ car shop) and is also somewhat successful.

    Jerry works with his dad in the shop and is a spitting image of his dad, if Darlene’s kid is @ 14 then he should be @ 16.

    Mark joined the Army and died in Afghanastan. Becky had one child, a girl, who is around 13
    Becky has since come out as gay and Sarah Chalke is her partner

    David and Darlene are still together, and have 2 kids; a daughter @ 14 and a son @ 10. Darlene is a art teacher at a local community college.

    David and DJ started a company, originally to make movies and animation but turned it into a commercial making company in Chicago. David spends the week in Chicago and the weekends at home in Lanford.

    DJ is single but is dating a woman who is a younger Roseanne and it drives his mother crazy.

    Jackie never remarried and her son Andy is Jerry’s best friend and works at the shop with Dan and Jerry.

    Dan’s half brother little Ed @ 21 and also works at the shop with Dan, he is a loose canon and always counting on Dan to get him out of trouble. He ends up getting Gerry and Andy in trouble as well. He is the new Mark.

  39. Çee Cee Bloom says:

    I think Sarah Chalke makes a much better Becky. To bring her in as DJ’s wife is gross. And to bring a transgender into the mix pleading the 5th on that one. It is Roseanne

  40. Çee Cee Bloom says:

    Transgender and Sarah Chalke as DJ’s wife. Sickening on both accounts. Wouldn’t expect anything less from Roseanne. Sarah makes auch better Becky though. I won’t be watching it’s disgusting

  41. Linda Thompson says:

    Mr. Ausiello: Get your facts straight, okay? That “hellion” as you refer to above from the 19th episode of Season 9 came from the actual air-date of February 25, 1997, so she would be 20 and NOT 14 !!!!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      They are “playing” with her age and she will only be 14 when the show returns. Your apologies have been proactively relayed to Mr. Ausiello. —Mgmt.