Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode Titles Descriptions

Game of Thrones Season 7: Deciphering Those Cryptic Episode Descriptions

Any of you maesters out there have the “Figuring out what’s really going on in vague Game of Thrones episode descriptions” link in your chains?

If so, now’s the time to use that expertise: HBO on Friday released the titles and synopses of Season 7’s first three episodes.

Staying true to form, the network is giving us mere morsels of the action in each episode, but we’ve got a few ideas about what might be going on in each installment. Let’s break it down, shall we?

Season 7, Episode 1: “Dragonstone” (airing Sunday, July 16, at 9/8c)

OFFICIAL SYNOPSIS | Jon organizes the defense of the North. Cersei tries to even the odds. Daenerys comes home.
OUR THOUGHTS | Dragonstone castle once belonged to House Targaryen and is a logical place for Daenerys to “come home” to when her forces reach Westeros. Cersei’s clearly not willing to let her ascension to the Iron Throne — however twisted it may be — go away anytime soon, so perhaps this is where we’ll get that cool map-room scene from the trailer? And “Jon organizes the defense of the North” could be apply to half of the Season 6 episodes, honestly.

Season 7, Episode 2: “Stormborn” (airing Sunday, July 23)

OFFICIAL SYNOPSIS | Daenerys receives an unexpected visitor. Jon faces a revolt. Tyrion plans the conquest of Westeros.
OUR THOUGHTS | Daenerys came into the world during a violent meteorological event; it’s why she’s often referred to as “Daenerys Stormborn.” Might an event of equally huge importance, perhaps tied to khaleesi’s “unexpected visitor,” happen during the season’s second episode? Jon’s revolt is likely among those he’s trying to unite in the North, and as much as we don’t want to see that happen, is it wrong that we kinda do just so little Lyanna Mormont can shut everyone down the way she did last time? Finally, we’re most excited to see Tyrion in his element: Drinking wine, knowing things — such as how to help Daenerys take over Westeros — and finally (!) having the backing of a leader who values him for his strengths.

Season 7, Episode 3: “The Queen’s Justice” (airing Sunday, July 30)

OFFICIAL SYNOPSIS | Daenerys holds court. Cersei returns a gift. Jaime learns from his mistakes.
OUR THOUGHTS |  The title is tricky — to which “queen” does it refer? Daenerys? Cersei? Both? — but “Jaime learns from his mistakes” is very intriguing. He didn’t act quickly enough when Mad King Aerys laid waste to King’s Landing, but will he have the fortitude to stop Really Unbalanced Queen Cersei before she does even more damage to the city and its people? (Or, you know, it could be that he finds out he has another sister and chooses not to sleep and/or fall in love with her.)

We want to hear what you think about Thrones‘ first few bits of intel. But don’t send a raven, hit the comments!

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  1. Marc says:

    Cersei returns a gift possibly from Euron Greyjoy who will be attempting to form an alliance with her.

    Dany’s unexpected visitor is Jon Targaryen (AKA Jon Snow) along with the Onion Knight.

    Jon faces a revolt possibly caused by the tension between him and Sansa and undoubtedly created by Littlefinger’s meddling.

    Jaime learns from his mistake of not blindly supporting his sister and instead consider the moral implications of their actions instead of relying solely on love/ lust?? That one is a bit trickier.

    • Shaun says:

      nah,think the visitor will be from Dorne.Could be Eurons fleet,but I think the gift could be something of the Tyrells.

      • Marc says:

        pics were leaked months ago of Tyrion, Dany, Missandei, Grey Worn, Jon and Davos on a beach

        • LK says:

          Gotta be much later in the season.. I cant imagine Jon leaving the revolt in the north to travel all the way to Dragonstone to meet with Dany at this point.

    • I think “Cersei returns a gift” will have something to do with her getting revenge on somebody. Perhaps Dorne? They did give her Mycella’s corpse last season so maybe she is going to kill one of them in retaliation?
      There are many possibilities for Dany’s visitor. It could be Jon Snow or it could be Melissandre, Euron Greyjoy, Jorah or even a warlock. Or it could be none of the above. I don’t doubt that she’ll meet with Jon eventually but this episode doesn’t necessarily have to refer to that meeting.
      Jaime learns from his mistakes could be anything. It could be him finally realising that Cersei isn’t worth his loyalty. Though he already started on that path a while ago. It could be him learning that releasing Tyrion was a bad idea for his family. It could even be him being betrayed somebody he once trusted like Bron. Or a Riverlands uprising? It could go anywhere.

    • Think you’re close except the Jon/Dany meet. Too early. But then, there’s only 7 shots at it this season. Personally I think Jon dies at Littlefinger’s hands Ep2….

  2. Cas says:

    All I want is for Cersei to pay. Even if it is in the very last episode.

  3. threeifbyair says:

    “The Queen’s Justice” means somebody’s getting executed (that’s the title of the executioner). Best guess both somebody at Dragonstone and somebody in King’s Landing. I really hope it’s not Davos Seaworth!

  4. Martina says:

    Stormborn could be read as something more methaphorical though and even not be referring to Dany at all (or only partly, as she indeed is known to be “Stormborn”).

    You know what last name Baratheon Bastards usually got… That’s right, Storm. And even though Gendry is born in Kings Landing and the should be named Waters, he is indeed “storm born” – born the bastard son of Robert Baratheon.

  5. Kevin Tran says:

    Episode 703 titled “The Queen’s Justice” is going to run 63 minutes long.