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Hawaii Five-0 Boss: Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim 'Chose to Move On' Despite 'Unprecedented Raises'

Hawaii Five-0 boss Peter M. Lenkov has issued a second statement regarding Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park’s controversial exit from the CBS drama.

On the heels of Kim’s apparent confirmation that he and Park walked away from the series after failing to secure pay parity with fellow original cast members Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan, Lenkov issued an open letter to the “H50 Community” via Instagram in which he corroborated CBS’ earlier assertion that the actors were offered “unprecedented raises” to stick around. 

“The truth is this: Both actors chose not to extend their contracts,” the EP wrote. “CBS was extremely generous and proactive in their renegotiation talks. So much so, the actors were getting unprecedented raises, but in the end they chose to move on. No one wanted to see them go — they are irreplaceable.”

Lenkov also revealed that an effort was underway to have Park return “for a handful of episodes” next season, but “for several reasons that didn’t work out.”

CBS on Wednesday insisted in its own statement that it “tried very hard to keep” Kim and Park,” offering them “large and significant salary increases.”

Read Lenkov’s entire statement below.


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  1. Mark says:

    “Large” and “significant” are not refutations of the lack of pay parity.

    • It is most likely a comparative issue. Large and significant compared to what they were earning.

      • EJ386 says:

        True but still if they really were offered those significant raises and still the total wasn’t pay parity (or close enough to accept), this only proves that they were significantly underpaid in comparison to the white leads. This only is more reason for them to say enough is enough. To bad because they were the heart of the show and I’ll miss them (or miss the show because I will probably stop watching)

        • Justice says:

          The so called “white leads” are the stars. Kim and park were the costars and should not be making as much as the main stars.

          • Justice 2.0 says:

            I’m not sure how you can consider Scott Caan a lead or star of the show. A lead or star of the show should carry the story line and well if you only appear in half the episode it kind of hard to carry the story line. So the fact the Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park can’t get salary parity to Scott Caan is inequality at it best.

        • Tracy Gates says:

          Sad I already stopped watching the show because Season 7 was horrible and did not compare to seasons 1-6. I dont blame them for leaving. Go where you’re paid and appreciated.

        • This has nothing to do with white leads and Asian leads. This is about leads and supporting cast, that’s it. If the inverse was true, the situation would be the same. These two particular actors played supporting characters, not the leads of the show. CBS could make 21 episodes out of 22 with their two leads and the supporting characters never showing up.

          Being in the opening credits does not mean they all earn the same. What if McBride earns less than Kim and Pak? Would people say that it’s because he’s black and they’re Asian, or because they rank higher in the cast list than he does?

          What if Garcia earns less than McBride, Kim, and Pak? Will people say that it is because he’s of Cuban descent or because he ranks lower than the three of them in the cast list? What if he earns more than McBride?

          People are blowing this way out of proportion.

    • Jaime says:


    • Riley says:

      They’re pretty much confirming Dae Kim’s and Park’s complaint here. There’s not an actor alive who isn’t offered a ‘significant’ pay rise for renegotiating their contract post-season 7. CBS are clearing missing the principle that asian, or female actors should be getting the same pay as their white, male colleagues. I hope that CBS reconsiders this one, because it’s unjustifiable in the modern era.

      • Delilah says:

        Ain’t watching anymore. As a person of color, I have no plan to support a project which does not treat POC equally.

        • Charissa29 says:

          Not a person of color, but I won’t watch either. It is unfair, and it won’t be the same without them. Steve and Danny bickering, while delightful isn’t enough.

        • Mark says:

          People are missing the second part of the equation here. Equal pay for equal work. The “equal work” part is not the case with either of them. If you’re asking for the same amount as the two leads, you should be working as much, and neither of them are leads in the show.

          • Ronnie Anthony says:

            Well if you’re talking equal work, they’re in more episodes that Danny.

          • Ange says:

            Equal work – Danny missed half the season last year while these two are in every episode

          • KenL says:


          • Mimi says:

            Sorry Mark, but you don’t know what you are talking about. They worked more last season than Danny. By your standards, they should be making more than him!

          • Anne says:

            Then they should give them more of a focus in the stories. AO is getting a bit tired (understandably) and Caan is already missing episodes….give Kim and Park more to do then. Make the pay equity equal to the work equity. But cbs doesn’t want to do that; having Asian leads would just be *unthinkable*

          • Dysturbed says:

            As others have pointed out, you’re missing the fact that the second part of the equation…equal work DOES factually apply to them. For the last few seasons at least, they both have consistently had fairly big storylines that emphasise their characters just as much as the two primary leads have.

          • Andrea says:

            Dysturbed, even if we take Scott out of the equation, and we’re just talking parity with Alex, no I do not think Daniel and Grace have achieved work parity with Alex. Especially not Grace. Yes, both Chin and Kono have had stories of their own, but so has Grover. Alex still does much more of the action stuff and Steve is still the major decision-maker on the team. As in many types of work environments, Chin and Kono report to Steve. Alex is the sticking point for me. I know what was given to Scott, and yes, it seems that was handled very poorly. However, I don’t think the “fix” for that situation is just to make all four actors the same. Everyone keeps talking about the optics of race. There are also the optics of workload. Alex, Daniel, and Grace could all be white or all be Asian, and I’d still have an issue with putting them on the same plane and being told that they have done the same amount of work at this point in the series. I don’t believe that is the case.

        • LC says:

          When this show started weren’t both of them coming off of hit shows (Lost, Battlestar) and Alex was coming off of 2 or 3 failed shows? And Scott Caan isn’t even in all the episodes? And after 7 years they still couldn’t get equal pay? True, neither of them need the money but it’s the principle. I’m happy they walked. They deserved better.

          • Amen LC, Amen. I concur with your thoughts. I forsee this altercation a blessing in disguise for social studies, history, and equality in textbooks for years to come.

          • evababy says:

            Thank you! My thoughts exactly.

          • Gail Lessard says:

            They agreed to whatever pay they were comfortable with, hit shows or not. Alex’s shows didn’t fail due to any fault of his. If you were a fan you’d know that CBS refused to let him slip because he had the it factor. This show is McGarrett centered. Without him there simply would never have been a successful reboot. Without the show, Hawaii and other local actors will suffer loss of income. Alex will be successful in the future regardless. He feels a sense of responsibility to the locals or he would have walked after 7.

        • EXACTLY!!!! As a person of color I cannot continue to support this show.

        • Justice says:

          Oh shut up. You have zero idea what you are talking about. Go back to your safe space.

          • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

            Another broflake that thinks there should be straight pride parades and white history month.

      • Coop says:

        No, the principle everyone seems to be missing is that leading and supporting roles aren’t equal, nor should they be paid the same. It has nothing to do with race.

        • jj says:

          well, there’s still a race issue. Why are the white men the leads and the Asian characters supporting?

          • Coop says:

            Because it’s a remake of the original show and Steve and Danny were white? Do you guys think Daniel Dae Kim was paid on the same level as some of his co-stars on Lost, even though he was a main character from the beginning? Of course not, because he wasn’t one of the leads.

          • Andrea says:

            Bur the question of the ethnicity of the leads of any show needs to happen when the show is starting, not seven years later. That’s a separate (although related) issue. I think there needs to be more transparency to the actors of any show about who is and who is not a lead, as well as what the pay increase (or range of increase) could potentially be for lead actors vs. supporting actors. I realize that networks might not be able to give full details when a series is starting, but if they tell an actor. “We view this character as a supporting asset and we’re going to make decisions with that in mind,” the actor (whomever it is) can make better decisions about whether such a role is something that he or she wants to do, Someone on another site brought up the example of Lucy Liu, Lucy Liu and Grace Park are like apples and oranges to me. Lucy Liu gets lead money because she’s a lead actress who happens to be an Asian actress as well. Grace Park and Lucy Liu are not equals either. Kono is a supporting role.

          • Coop says:

            Andrea: They already know whether the character is lead/supporting/recurring/etc. going into the series. It isn’t some sort of big secret.

          • jj says:

            Coop, the ethnicity of the characters on the original series is irrelevant. For the new show, they didn’t have to match. There are many examples of newer take on old shows, old source material where the ethnicity was changed, or the sex was changed. A good example is Lucy Liu. John Watson was a white man in the original Sherlock Holmes novels and in every adaptation of those novels until Elementary. The writers cast an Asian woman in the role instead.

          • Andrea says:

            Coop: Do they also know the range (I know it varies) i.e. Supporting actors over the course of a successful run usually can make between X and Y amount? You and I agree. I think actors need to be told what a role is (or is not) and there needs to be the opportunity for financial increases within that range, but as long as they are told that information, once they agree to it, that’s what they should expect to be the case. If they don’t want to take a supporting role, that’s fine, too.

          • Coop says:

            Andrea: A lot of it is simply dependent on the show’s profitability, but yeah, their agents generally know what to expect under several different scenarios that could happen during a show’s run. Different actors, whether they be lead or supporting roles, start out at all kinds of different salaries too. If you’re a big-time supporting character in the industry or you’re a “name actor”, you’re going to get a higher salary from the start compared to the average. The fact that people immediately bring up race when it really isn’t a factor annoys me. The only color networks/production companies care about is green.

        • Ben says:

          Why are they supporting roles not leading roles? On what basis is the distinction made? They are all series regulars aren’t they?

      • Justice says:

        Take your bs liberal victim crap elsewhere. The fact is they were the costars not the main stars. Nothing to do with race.

      • BarryFlash says:

        Cry Cry Cry

        • Gail Lessard says:

          Well he’s welcome to pursue his pay demands elsewhere. I suggest he secure a lead actor role and prove he can maintain the audience. If people watch for his performance somebody will pay. After the way he threw the racism accusation I won’t be his audience ever again. Any residual feelings Alex and Scott had for him is surely tainted now and it was totally unnecessary.

    • Ben says:

      I’m glad people can see that immediately. There’s a difference between the amount of money you get, and the principle of pay equity. When the Asian cast members can’t earn as much as the white ones, that’s a problem.

    • I don’t watch the show, but from an outside observer’s perspective it doesn’t seem like they are as crucial to the show as the other two.

      Sean Murray and Emily Wickersham should not be getting pay parity with Mark Harmon on NCIS for example.

      I am sure people will try to pan it as racism or something, but it is just the hierarchy of a show. Lead actors get more than supporting stars.

    • JMill says:

      And “unprecedented” can also just mean ‘long overdue’.

  2. darcyrailip says:

    Unprecedented raises because they were grossly underpaid before.

    • MMD says:

      Exactly. For that matter, even though it is a remake, they all started together as an ensemble show. I enjoyed Grace as the surfboard queen and sharpshooter who always hit her target and Daniel as the “cus” who worked just as hard and as often as any other actor from the beginning. In my head, McGarrett may be head of the Five-0 task force but not the lead in the show.
      It’s all or none for me (although Scott Cain has been getting on my last nerve for a couple of years and wouldn’t miss him at all).

      • MMD says:

        Correction – Caan

      • Andrea says:

        See, i don’t think that’s the case. Fans may view it as an ensemble show, but unless the network does (and states such), fans and possibly actors may be operating on a premise that the network doesn’t share. Just because actors get along and have great chemistry doesn’t mean their show is an ensemble. I think fans use the terms “team” and “ensemble” interchangeably, and they don’t mean what people think they do. CBS loves team shows, but NCIS is not an ensemble. As Michael Weatherly often said, it was Mark Harmon’s sandbox…and I’d be willing to bet that Bull is Michael’s sandbox even though Jason Bull does indeed have a team.

        • Not buying it,, Grace and Daniel left because they were getting the doody end of the stick. You try to save face buy saying they choose to go. We don’t buy it. You’re corporate greed must stop. By the way you only have two more shows on C B S that I watch, So program with extreme caution. 😎

        • Gail Lessard says:

          Yes, well stated!

          • Gail Lessard says:

            My reply was to Andrea. This forum jumps and places replies in random order where it makes no sense. Andrea gave a perfect example. Michael Weatherly was a supporting actor on NCIS and on Bull he is lead.

        • Gail Lessard says:

          @AndreaYes, well stated!

    • Termy says:

      Very true. Plus, why do they make less than the guy that misses every fourth episode? I will no longer be watching, the bickering between the two leads is getting old.

  3. Jaime says:

    My guess is, the “significant raises” weren’t close to what Alex and Scott were getting so they decided to move on. They wanted equal pay to what their costars were getting and as they’ve been on the show just as long and are just as responsible for making it successful, I think they should be paid the same. I love Daniel and will follow him where ever he goes. Hawaii 5-0 is neither here nor there for me, I’ll watch it if I can and won’t worry about it if I can’t.

    • The Rookie says:

      Another article stated they would be paid about 90% of Alex/Scott’s salary.

      • Jaime says:

        Hmmm, that’s interesting. I think I’d be happy with that big of a raise .. LOL!

        • Riley says:

          Clearly missing the principle of the matter then… why take a 10% pay disparity just because of your gender/skin colour?

          • Delilah says:


          • BarryFlash says:

            Make a crapload of money or quit? I’d take the money. Who said it was about skin color or gender? That is projection on your part. I am sure that you always see racism, sexism, etc everywhere. You must be a very unhappy person.

          • Gail Lessard says:

            Amen to that. When I watch or think of those 2 as actors, Asian was never my thought. Any time something unpleasant happens to a minority that’s a knee jerk reaction to claim racism. The accusations are usually generated by true racists. Sad but true.

        • Eric H says:

          I think a big issue was that DDK and Park couldn’t get any kind of back-end deal like Caan and AOL, which is fairly lucrative for them. CBS sounds like they only offered DDK a production deal for his company, which is nowhere in the ballpark monetarily as the back-end stuff.

      • Izzy says:

        But Alex and Scott both get back end on top of their normal salary; cushy retirement plan.

  4. Say what what you want, CBS, you dimish your supposed ‘respected’ departing actors by calling them greedy.

    And ignore the fact that corporate greed is the real culprit.

    Hey, greed is good. Your property, you can do what you want with it.

    Don’t mean I have to watch it. Dropping Blue Bloods because your political messaging went too far, too, so this is icing on the cake. Elementary is my last CBS show — and its recorded. No big deal if I just drop ol Sherlock and Joan while I’m at it.

    See ya’, ya’ big dummies!

    • Anne says:

      And the fact that this is playing SO badly for CBS…..is just kinda fabulous. Kim & Park are coming out of this as heroes while CBS looks like greedy racists

  5. evababy says:

    Heck, how underpaid were they that an “unprecedented” raise wouldn’t give them parity with Caan and O’Loughlin? And after seven years no less.

  6. Aeol says:

    Unprecedented maybe, but still not equal to the other two cast members they shared equal billing with…
    Any reason CBS won’t come out and reveal their reasons for not paying them the same?

  7. Brad says:

    I expect they will add a hot woman to the cast and I’m looking forward to it

  8. K. says:

    So sad and too bad. Won’t be the same at all without these two very talented actors. Scott Caan is even in all the episodes.

  9. Diz says:

    CBS is racist? I’m so shocked! You’d think with all the shows starring people of color they’d be a little better about things like this………. oh, wait.

    • Billy Bob Johnson says:

      Well, there’s that one show, uhh, and that other show, umm… Oh, oh… Lucy Lui on Elementary!

  10. This is not a racial issue. Neither one of these two actors are main characters, they are on the same level as Chi McBride or Jorge Garcia. Why should they be paid what the stars make? Yes, we all loved their characters, but the show is built around Steve and Danny, not Kono and Chin Ho. Someone yesterday said “Ethel wasn’t paid what Lucy made, Robin wasn’t paid what Batman made”. That’s the case here also. They are not the stars of the show.

    • Rick says:

      Kathy, I will agree that they are not the same as Steve (Alex). But come on Danny is no longer a regular, he isn’t there every week and his character is sorta the same every episode he is in, I could actually do without him. This show has become more of an ensemble with Daniel and Grace being in it just as much as Alex. If anything this show is like the Big Bang Theory when Amy and Bernadette both held out for a salary similar to the others since they are just as part of that show like these two. CBS should have opened their pockets and at least paid them the same Scott Caan.

      • Helen Elaine Byrne says:

        I agree with you, Rick. I could do without Scott Caan entirely but will sorely miss Daniel and Grace. Too bad CBS couldn’t make it work, but I’ll follow Daniel and Grace wherever they go!

      • Ange says:

        Amy and Bernadette, Garcia and JJ on Criminal Minds, Ziva on NCIS…and now these two. I thought it was a woman thing but now Daniel adds a different obvious component.

    • Sarah says:

      Disagree. They are not st all on the same level as Chi McBride and Jorge Garcia – neither of whom were part of the original cast. The four original cast members should have had equal billing and equal pay – it’s pretty ridiculous that they didn’t. I’m out for this season.

    • jj says:

      it’s still a racial issue. White men as the leads and Asian, African, and Latin characters are supporting characters. There’s definitely a racial issue there.

    • simonizer77 says:

      I 100% agree Kathy. I posted almost the identical response on the original post. 1) There is 0 fact that money was involved. It’s ALL supposition. 2) Just because they aren’t Caucasian means nothing. Here’s a simple way to look at it: Nobody knows the truth except CBS and the 2 actors. If you disagree, don’t watch it. Making massive drama over suppositions and rumors. It’s NUTS!

      • Kathleen Gilbert says:


      • dextersm says:

        Is this Donald Trump’s account on tvline?

      • former H50 Fan says:

        If you read the post on Daniel’s Facebook you’ll learn that it was about money and whether or not the money, being offered, has anything to do with race, it’s a conclusion people drew because of the salary different, on average, between caucasians male and the rest of Hollywood (or any other field for that matter) which is understand as we live in a world where pay equality is hard to come by.

  11. Tos Al says:

    I can’t believe what he says if true because this isn’t the first time that CBS didn’t want to pay the actors on successful shows. Brad Garrett, Mayim Bialik, and Melissa Rauch also had fight to get pay raises and still didn’t get the same as their coworkers. And that’s just the ones we hear about, I don’t want to know what’s going on behind the scenes.

    • John NYC says:

      Entire casts don’t get paid the same because the roles are considered of differ levels of importance to the show. The lead actress who is the title character will always receive more compensation than a third level background actor.

      Not all roles in a show are equal.

  12. The Owl says:

    Going to miss Daniel and the very hot Grace. Good luck and maybe someday you’ll both return.

  13. Orville says:

    This is about respect and CBS does not respect Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim. CBS is wrong here this is racism.

  14. e. says:

    They decided to move on despite us almost paying them like real people! I don’t understand. They were within 15% of master race and gender people!?!? How could they turn us down!

  15. KLS says:

    The story that keeps on giving…

  16. diane says:

    What the heck with this statement.! Just say: I will miss them dearly.

  17. ellajasper says:

    I don’t know about you all, but I’m not buying this explanation. Why would they have walked if the raise had been so great? I can understand Alex making more since he is the “star” of the show, but Scott, seriously? There is no reason that Daniel and Grace should not have been making as much as him. Big mistake, CBS. It was only one more season. Cut some of those big name extras you are always bringing in. And for that reason, I’m out.

  18. Sara says:

    I don’t see how this puts CBS in any better light than before. They are giving them “significant” and “unprecedented” raises, and yet it still isn’t on the same level. How much were these actors, ones who do more conventions and publicity than the “leads”, underpaid before? I find it distasteful that CBS and the executive producers are trying to paint these hardworking actors as greedy for simply asking to be paid fairly for their level of work.

  19. maltru says:

    How sad for them that an “unprecedented” pay raise still couldn’t get them parity with their white costars, and because of it this show will be losing two talented actors, and the TV landscape will be losing two talented POC representatives, at least until they find their next gigs.

  20. Butch says:

    Apparently the show and CBS are afraid of backlash from fans and so they keep insisting that it was the actors that choose to leave rather than the show and CBS failing to pay the actors what the actors felt they deserved which was the same pay as the other actors. Kind of like The Big Band Theory where Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar eventually got the same $1 million per episode salary as the Jim Parson and the other original cast members. The rest of that cast which started a few years after the original cast did not get the same salaries as original cast this coming season but the original cast agreed to waive some of their salaries so their cast mates could get a larger increase. This apparently didn’t happen on H5O.

  21. Paul says:

    It’s not racist, its standard industry practice, to pay supporting cast members less than the leads.

    • Coop says:

      I’ve tried to explain this to people too, but all I end up doing is wanting to slam my head against a wall. :)

      • Ben says:

        Perhaps it’s not that we don’t understand your explanation, but that we already understood your explanation before you started explaining it and don’t agree with the idea that the two white guys are ‘leads’ and the other two are ‘supporting characters’, yeah?

        The problem IS the industry practice. Telling us it’s industry practice doesn’t solve that problem. Dae Kim and Park are making an appropriate stand against bad practice, and by the looks of this comments section people are overwhelmingly in support of them.

        • Coop says:

          You may not agree that they’re the leads on this particular show, but the original make it quite clear that’s the case, as does how the remake was initially unveiled. The leads started at a higher salary because that’s how this works.

          People are overwhelmingly in support of them because they love their characters and/or don’t understand how the business works. You can’t just pay supporting actors on the same level as show leads. There’s a bunch of different tiers and what you do on one show may very well have a negative domino effect. The idea of “equal pay” is ridiculous when characters and the actors’ values aren’t the same.

          • Ben says:

            The original is irrelevant. I don’t agree that ‘they’re the leads’. Whether you like it or not, the concept of ‘leads’ vs ‘supporting’ for series regulars in not a necessary distinction, and it causes an inherent racist and sexist pay divide.

            Perhaps the problem you have is you don’t understand the difference between pay equality and pay equity, which are two different things. If you don’t, time to bone up.

          • Coop says:

            Okay, how about by actually just viewing the show from the beginning? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the show centers around McGarrett and then Danny. With that said, opinions are irrelevant when it comes to deciding the leading and supporting actors in a series. The creators did that for you before the series even premiered. And yes, it is 100% necessary to break it down that way. You can’t lump everyone into the same category, even if they’re all series regulars. Thus, you have a bunch of tiers and different pay associated with them.

          • Sara says:

            When “supporting” actors do more in terms of publicity and convention appearances than the “leads” and also have more screen time (since Caan doesn’t appear in every episode like these two), then yes, I would say they have been upgraded from their original “supporting” position to “lead” roles and should be paid appropriately.

          • Coop says:

            Sorry Sara, I can’t take you seriously when you want to factor in convention appearances.

        • Andrea says:

          Ben, they’re supporting roles because those are the roles they played. If Daniel had tried out for Steve and not gotten it, you better believe there would be a racial issue, but being on a show from the beginning does not make the role a lead role. TV shows need to have supporting roles from Day One just like they do lead roles. DDK could paint himself purple. If he was playing Steve, he’d be a lead. If he was playing Chin, he’d be a supporting actor.

    • jj says:

      there is a race issue at play here. White men are in lead roles, and Asian, Black, Latino actors are relegated to supporting roles. That’s a race issue.

      • Coop says:

        CBS has SWAT premiering this season starring a black man, Shemar Moore. Of course it will surely be a race issue when it’s cancelled if nobody watches it.

        • Scribe says:

          Shemar Moore is a proven quantity. If he were an unknown, this would be a very different story.

          • Coop says:

            Not in terms of headlining a show, which he is doing in SWAT. Big difference between his role on Criminal Minds and now being expected to carry a show.

        • Fact says:

          It still maybe a race issue if Sherman Moore is being paid significantly less to be a lead on SWAT then, for example Michael Weatherly on Bull. But because this type of information is confidential no one really know whether race or gender are factors in what CBS pays there actors, but given the optics of the situation it’s not hard for fans to jump to certain conclusions. Also, CBS’s long history of withholding salary parity between cast member (who share similar screen time) until they sand up for their rights, does not help fan think otherwise.

    • Kathleen Gilbert says:

      Agree. Why does everything have to be racist? It’s ALWAYS about the bottom line. They were supporting actors. They get paid accordingly. I love them so much and do wish they could have stayed. But we will never know what really happened. Get over it.

      • Tribal Mischief says:

        “Everything” Doesn’t have to be racist. But Racism tends to be racism, people in the same quantity of scenes since the beginning of the series as the two supposed leads and in more than one of them deserve equal pay. If you disagree with that you are essentially admitting that you can’t understand how not a white male lead could be a lead and that’s on you.

  22. I don’t believe you? You might have made an offer, but Daniel and Grace felt you could have done better,And since you didn’t give them what they wanted they choose to leave.H50 was one of the good shows. I will miss it. 😓

  23. Tony says:

    Don’t forget another issue here. This show films in Hawaii. Park reportedly only want to be in half the episodes, so she could be home with her family more. H5O forces the actors to either be away from home for long periods of time or move their families to Hawaii (although if I made anything like $150K per episode, I would not be complaining).

    • Ninamags says:

      Sheesh, only in Hollywood would living in Hawaii or having to move to Hawaii be considered a hardship. JFC.

  24. awnb95 says:

    First Criminal Minds & now this. Way to go CBS, not.

  25. Eric H says:

    Funny how just about every single one of the people he mentions are either supporting or recurring characters. It’s almost like he doesn’t think DDK and Grace don’t deserve to spoken on the same level as Caan and AOL. Plus his statement seems to almost put blame on those two while it could easily have been avoided had CBS not been so stingy for so long.

  26. Scribe says:

    Well my mum who is a big fan told me outright, she won’t watch it without Park or Kim because they’re the heart of the show. I tend to agree and I’m not a fan. I don’t think ours will be an opinion in isolation.

  27. Roxie says:

    “No one wanted to see them go — they are irreplaceable.”

    …….but we’re totally going to replace them with much cheaper actors.

    • Eric H says:

      Basically. Wouldn’t be surprised if the suits are happy since they don’t have to spend as much money now and can continue reaping millions of dollars worth of salary and rewards for little to no work on the show itself.

    • Ange says:

      And the casting for Kono’s character was out there right after the season finale so go figure.

  28. Kathleen Gilbert says:

    I’m glad to see that they were offered unprecedented raises. They are two of my favorite actors. I wish them well. They are not leads so they shouldn’t get equal pay. BTW, I’m sick of the bickering of Danny and Steve. A little goes a long way and they have been overdoing it lately. Please stop some of it. Thanks.

  29. kmw says:

    Sorry CBS it apparently wasn’t enough and their protestations to the contrary isn’t helping. I realize these two aren’t the leads but the fact that this show is most likely in its last season, why not give them parity for one year. If they are irreplaceable than Alex isn’t either and he has already stated he wants to go after this year. Also CBS wouldn’t have to do any of this if they would actually go to the trouble of diversifying their line up instead of most of their entire schedule is made up of white males. I have to wonder how much longer Les Moonves and CBS will have the title to” most watched network” with this kind of crap

    • abby says:

      I read (speculation and not confirmed of course) that Alex and Scott are supposed to have back end deals that will get them a nice sum when the show goes into syndication etc. My best guess would be this is what Daniel and Grace were after more than a more bump in for the final series.

  30. Carolyn M Lazar says:

    Unless it was equal pay it doesn’t count.

  31. nan says:

    I’d like to know what the offer was compared to Alex and Scott

  32. Ange says:

    This seems to be a real issue with CBS. I thought it was just the women but now I think otherwise.

  33. Kate says:

    Considering Hawaii Five-0 is an aging commodity for CBS, isn’t a ratings juggernaut and has flirted with being cancelled due to expense and ratings the last couple years, and considering S8 is probably the last season (due to O’Loughlin’s rumored departure), I think CBS probably offered a very decent pay raise to Kim and Park; just not what they were seeking. Hawaii isn’t a cheap place to film the show, and ad revenue for Friday nights isn’t huge.

  34. Marilyn Hay says:

    Oh, good, blame the actors and make it sound like they were extraordinarily greedy and ungrateful. After all those years of outstanding performance in what has always been an ensemble cast (and being the two actors who gave credence to it being about a Hawaiian law enforcement unit) they deserved pay parity. I’m done with 5-0.

  35. abby says:

    The fact neither actor thought it was a good enough offer to make them stay kind of makes me dubious of how generous and fair an offer they were really given.

  36. Jbj says:

    For those arguing that Kim and Park don’t deserve parity because they aren’t leads, consider that pole positions can change in tv ensembles over time. In the beginning of Friends, Joey and Phoebe were the most minor characters. After the entire cast collectively bargained for raises and parity, they began to have more prominent storylines. So parity is not just about money, it’s also about screen time and story quality. Kim and Park have earned and deserve all three through their talents and recognizability. Kim, in particular, should have had parity from the start of the series because the quality of the work he was doing on Lost greatly surpassed the quality of work by O’Laughlin and Caan in their previous roles.

    • Andrea says:

      @jbj, the issue with that (for me) is that parity (in this case) means being equal with Alex. Scott”s deal throws a wrench into the whole thing. I’ve read so many things about his deal that I don’t know what is true or not. With his reduced deal, I would have no longer considered him on par with Alex. I would have placed him a bit below Alex based on Scott’s desire to do less episodes. However, that did not happen. Now, the only way to get around that is to make Alex, Scott, Grace, and Daniel the same, and I just don’t agree with that. It may make things “fair” in this one instance, but it would also be like saying that there’s no difference between what Alex does and what everyone else does, and that’s not right either.. Not only do I believe there needs to be a distinction between lead and supporting actor, Alex also drives more story, does more stunts, and just is generally involved in more stuff. Paying all four actors exactly equally is like saying there’s absolutely no difference between what they all do…and I think there is.

    • Kate says:

      Good point, but also consider that Hawaii Five-0 isn’t remotely the ratings giant that Friends was, and doesn’t pull in that kind of ad revenue. Factor in the expense of filming in Hawaii, and the situations regarding the options for pay parity are very different.

    • Coop says:

      They definitely can change and when they do, they get new contracts with sizable increases in pay. Speaking of Lost, Emerson went into Season 2 expecting to be nothing more than a seasonal recurring character. After a handful of episodes, he got promoted and become a key series regular for the remainder of the series’ run. On the flip side, they can get demoted too.

      If Kim had a problem with not being the lead or being paid less in the first place, he didn’t have to take the role. Fact is, he knew exactly what he was getting into and fully understands how the industry works. He got paid less than some of his co-stars on Lost for the same exact reason.

  37. Aimee says:

    I’m surprised CBS didn’t just pick on of the two to target and offer them a deal good enough to stay because; 1. losing two original characters in one swoop is a bigger blow to the show than one. And 2. If only one Asian actor leaving in a salary dispute while the other re-signs people would be a lot less inclined to shout racism. I would genuinely be interested to know what was asked for and what was offered here.

  38. Mary Smythe says:

    Alex O’Laughlin is leaving after this season, so there goes the show anyways. I love H50 & hate to see it go

  39. former H50 Fan says:

    Television is fluid and roles change over time. The fact that H50 was initially conceived with Steve and Danny as the lead character of the story and Chin Ho and Kono as supporting characters is irrelevant 7 season in. A lead character should be in almost every scene of a show. Since this is not the case on H50 it stands to reason that the show has become more of an ensemble cast. To continue labeling Chin Ho and Kono as supporting character, even tho they get just as much air time as Steve and Danny, is CBS’s lame excuse to justify paying Daniel and Grace less money. It’s like say Daniel and Grace are second rate actors compared Alex and Scott and therefore should be paid accordingly. It’s also hard to over look the fact that CBS has had a long history of paying female actors and minority race actors less then their caucasian counter part and the fact that these actors have to demand pay equality is extreme sad to see in this day and age. I’m glad Daniel and Grace left as they should not have to put up with this bias. I wish both of them luck in their future endeavours and hope this backlash will wake the CBS brass the f*** up and stop treating female and minority race actor as second rate actors.

    • former H50 Fan says:

      Also, if you remove race and gender out of the equation and factor in the fact that actor are paid on a per episode bases and the even with an “unprecedented raise” Daniel and Grace did not receive equal pay, show that CBS has been grossly under paying Grace and Daniel for the same amount of work Alex and Scott have been doing on the show. And to insinuate that Daniel and Grace are being ungrateful is wrong. And anyone else who believes that CBS is not at fault in this matter is missing the whole point of the equal pay movement.

    • Andrea says:

      I’d agree with the “ensemble cast” viewpoint if Alex had decided to move on and do other things, and the rest of the cast remained intact, but he’s still there, There are scenes in which he does not appear, but they are few in comparison to all the ones where he does. Also, in the early years of the series, I can recall many episodes where he seemed to be in almost every scene. All of that still must be taken into account, and while I will agree that Daniel and Grace have done more as the series has progressed, it still hasn’t reached the level of Alex, and they should not earn what he earns. Kono and Chin (taken together or taken separately) do not equal Steve.

      • Former H50 fan says:

        I can agree that Alex may be in more scene then Daniel and Grace but not Scott and the fact that CBS can’t even give pay parity between the 3 baffles me. Also, past screen time should not be an excuse to pay Daniel and Grace less. With Scott decrease in the number of episode he appears in and If, I’m not mistaken, Alex has also asked not to be in every episode of the season the work load for Daniel and Grace have increase and therefore all 4 salaries should reflect that.

  40. rose dauria says:

    I love them both! VERY disappointed in CBS for letting them go. I as a long time fan of the show will not be watching any longer!!!!

  41. Gail Lessard says:

    OMG, they left very high paying acting roles. Bye bye. Do you seriously think all costars on all shows are paid equally? Shame on everybody trying to make a race issue. It’s filmed in Hawaii and employs countless Asians. It would serve everybody whining right if they just shut it down now and walked away. CBS has countless great shows without all the hassle. I won’t watch another thing that either of these 2 work on.

    • Eric H says:

      And now the show no longer has any Asians or Pacific Islanders in anything other than recurring roles. The producers and CBS had a chance here to update the H50’s character dynamics but instead they insisted on keeping it the same, for old time’s sake and to save themselves money.

  42. grazelled says:

    Well, this H50 release is sure helping CBS improve their image regarding their actions towards DDK and GP… While I do think this has more to do with their status as supporting actors vs leads and not a racial issue, any way you look at it, CBS comes out looking bad. I can see a case for Alex being the lead but after 7 years, the team of Kono, Chin, and Danno are equal and the actors who play them should be paid the same. Scott should be getting less pay for appearing in less episodes as part his contract. The characters of Lou and Jerry are not the as equal and even though I like Lou, I’d rather have the original cast back than all the added supporting cast.

  43. Billy Bob Johnson says:

    I said it before and I’ll say it again. If they were that “irreplaceable”, then the producers and CBS would have made it happen, just like they did for the two actors on The Big Bang Theory.
    You screwed up, CBS, and there’s no squirming out of it by dumping it back on the actors.

    • Gail Lessard says:

      This is all nonsense and whining. They need to cancel and just leave Hawaii. That’s gonna unemploy a whole bunch of Asians but as long as the divas make their statement. I don’t care one bit about costars. It’s Alex who got me watching. When he’s done so am I and the sooner the better. This has escalated beyond repair and I will never watch either of them ever again.

      • former H50 Fan says:

        Spoken like a person who’s never experienced inequality. It’s not whining or being ungrateful to stand up for what you believe is right. Unlike may people in the world that can’t afford to turn down a job, because the have bills and families to care for, Daniel and Grace can and we should be applauding them for bring awareness to the inequalities people face and not criticize them for being ungrateful spoiled actor that they are not.

      • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

        For what it’s worth, Grace Park was the reason I started watching. And with no Grace Park, no longer a reason to watch.

    • PatriciaLee says:

      Right on! And to quote Mama’s Family,Thelma Harper, “Well, it’s a stupid business decision!” (something to say for watching reruns with the husband while reading TVLine)

  44. kalli says:

    Anyone who ‘chooses’ to leave a workplace when they’re not being paid what they’re worth, where conditions are not the same for everyone, or if they’re being unfairly diminished in some way… doesn’t actually choose to leave.

  45. Cassandra Greene says:

    As far as I’m concerned they can get rid of Caan. He is not there most of the time and it would be a pleasure not to hear his whining!!! He always looks like he rather be some place else!!! Daniel and Grace will sorely be missed. At the end of the day, they chose to move on and make new choices. Mahalo to both! They were ohana!!!

  46. ludivine Vernet says:

    I still think that the best thing is to get rid of Danny, I never thought that Scott Caan really enjoyed the part, and give more to Daniel and Grace who really are 5-0….Just say that Danno finally did go back to New Jersey. He has been whining about it since the first episode.

  47. drhenning says:

    Grace Park don’t forget was away for half a season when she had her baby.. And she wanted a reduced schedule as well which makes perfect sense at her age ( she’s in her 40’s) and wanting to be a mom… DDK has a behind the camera show he’s moving to ( starring Freddie Highmore) for ABC… Be pretty tough to do that and be on H50 so my guess is decided to leave unless he got an even bigger bump.. CBS said no so that’s that… To me… it’s simply economics and career choices… I am pretty sure, another Asian actor or 2 can be easily hired for the team…

  48. Bud Glenn says:

    This statement has nothing to do with race. Please put that part out of the equation for a second.

    Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan are the stars of the show. Sadly, Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim are considered co-stars or supporting players. They are not the main leads, even though they have been with the show since day one. For instance, if they were up for Emmys, Alex would be listed as “lead actor for a drama series,” while Daniel would always be showcased as “supporting actor.” This is how the casting is structure currently.

    Now, there have been rare times when supporting players move up, like in the case of “The Big Bang Theory,” Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar. They were supporting players, but they are finally considered higher on the billing. Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch are also supporting players, but they got a raise (they are not the original five) … with the additional help from their co-stars. I know the women of “Criminal Minds” went through the same thing and got a satisfactory offered from CBS, but they are not the lead stars.

    It’s sad that Grace and Daniel are leaving, but the fact is … they are not the leads. In our minds, they are. We see them as equal, but they are not the main stars. The worst part is in the whole story, other people are making this a “race” issue. Nowadays, there has to be other reasons: race, gender, weight, and other things. For once, I don’t think this is a race issue. Unless CBS and CBS Television Studios want to consider all four actors as the leads, they are simply supporting players, who worked hard for over seven seasons.

    • former H50 Fan says:

      I can see the argument that this situation may not be a race issue as Leslie Moonves, CEO of CBS, is married to Julie Chen who is Asian (chinese) and I can agree that Alex would get top billing as the lead. But what I can’t see is Scott being labeled as a lead (he doesn’t even get lead role air time on the show) and in an Emmy situation he would most likely be considered a supporting cast. Therefore, if Scott get paid the big $$$ then Daniel and Grace should be getting paid the same not less.

      • Coop says:

        I just started watching the series on Netflix a little while before this whole situation became an issue. I’m a good way through the series and O’Loughlin/Caan definitely have had more screen time/storylines during the series’ run. That was especially true in the first few seasons. Not only that, but their roles are far more tied to the structure of the show.

        It’s not about “equal pay”, it’s about understanding that all roles and actors aren’t created equal. Some actors are going to be more valuable given their name recognition, do more work and/or be key to the central theme/plot of the show. People keep talking about how it’s an “ensemble cast”, so they should all be paid equally. Go take a look at some of the show’s that won ensemble cast awards and check out the vast differences in salaries. It’s not about race, it’s about the bosses not wanting to shell out lead money and/or more back-end money.

        Once again, I’d like anyone to answer the question I’ve posed (this article or the previous one) about the possible negative ramifications of giving supporting cast members lead-level money on networks/production companies when dealing with all the shows they own now and in the future. It’s not as simple as “just gives these two the money!” and move on. If they do it on this show, other shows’ supporting actors are going to demand that standard be applied to them as well.

      • Andrea says:

        I actually agree that Scott should be paid less than Alex given his reduced contract. If there were a way to get the money back, I would do it, but there’s not. Those are legally the terms of his particular contract. I do not think the solution is to pay Grace andDaniel to be equal with Alex and Scott because that sets more flawed policy. Then where does it stop? Pretty soon everyone will be wanting lead money. A poster brought up Sean Murray of NCIS (who happens to be white). Sean has also been there from almost the start of the show (about a year difference.) That show has been on double the amount of time as H50. Sean has also done more as the years have gone by. I think Sean is great. Do I think he deserves raises as a supporting actor? Absolutely! Do I think he deserves Mark Harmon money? Not a chance…because McGee is a supporting role.

        • Justice 2.0 says:

          Given that all 4 actor work roughly the same amount of hours (in ressent seasons) have been a regular case member since the start of the show calling Grace and Daniel supporting actor is just another form of racial bias that exists, if you want to look at it that way. They work just as hard and spend just as many hours on set as Scott maybe even Alex but yet Scott and Alex get the title of lead and Grace and Daniel supporting actor just doesn’t seem fair.

          • Andrea says:

            It’s not only the number of hours that count, but also the demands of the role. Alex does all sorts of stunts and fight scenes and other physical stuff that the others aren’t asked to regularly do. On that basis alone, the roles are not equal—and I’ve already said that I believe there should be more space between Alex and Scott than there is. As long as Alex/Steve is part of the conversation, I can’t agree that Chin and Kono are equal to him. They’re not.

          • Justice 2.0 says:

            I can agree that Alex does slightly more then Daniel and Grace but not enough to warrant withholding pay parity to them. To consider the fact that Alex does his own stunt and fight scene and therefore deserves to be paid more is not fair. Networks hire stunt people to perform the stunt and fight scene, the fact that Alex chooses not to use his stunt person and prefers to do the stunts himself should not have any impact on how much more work he does compared to other case member. Alex get paid his salary whether he does or does not do the stunt.

          • Andrea says:

            Hey Justice 2.0, thanks for the nice back-and-forth on the conversation. I do disagree about Alex doing “slightly” more than Grace and Daniel. It seems like he does more than “slightly ” more to me…which someone on another site brought up an interesting point about. In situations like this, no matter who is/are the people being discussed, stats would be helpful. I gotta say I agree with this person. I know it wouldn’t tell the whole picture, but it would provide more information. Like you say slightly more, but it seems like more than slightly more to me (even without the stunts) Stats might also give a more complete picture of how Scott’s contract has affected the overall situation

          • Justice 2.0 says:

            Agreed without hard stats it’s impossible to know for certain what is truly true and what is plan fan perception and network propaganda. Also, we only see the final product on screen for all we know Grace and Daniel do just as much work as Alex and Scott but they never make it to the final product because for example network directives say if the initial cut of the episode passes 40 minute the director are asked to cut more Grace and Daniel story line and less Alex and Scott story line (not say that this is actually true just a hypothetical). I would think and hope that if Daniel and Grace are ask for parity it is because the amount of time spent on set film between all 4 actors are so close that they all deserve equal pay and should not be defined by the label the network gives them to justify the pay differences.

  49. Louise says:

    I remember the original H5O. All 4 characters are the show. All should have been given the same pay. Caan has not been in half the episodes the others have. I kept wondering where he was. They have every right to be paid the same. I stopped watching because it became too formula. I stopped watching when they added ‘Jerry’, what was his job anyway.

  50. Diane says:

    It doesn’t matter to me why they’re no longer on the show. They were the main reason I watch so I will stop watching.