Sleepy Hollow Season 5 Story Molly Lara

Sleepy Hollow Star Hints at What Would've Happened in Season 5

Sleepy Hollow is, sadly, still deader than Ichabod before Katrina worked her magic. But that didn’t stop star Janina Gavankar from throwing us a ye olde bone or two about what might’ve happened if Fox had renewed the supernatural drama for a fifth season.

“I do think that we ended on a great note, story-wise,” she told TVLine before the Saturn Awards Wednesday. “Crane is off in [Washington,] D.C. He’s really found his footing. Jenny and he have found a new home there.” And, as we saw in the final moments of the series finale, “He and Diana are going off strong, taking down a kraken, of all things!”

In fact, that mythical sea beast likely would’ve returned in a “big, big case” at the start of Season 5, continued the actress, who next will voice a character in the Star Wars: Battlefront II video game. “How do we handle the sirens and the kraken, all water-worldly creatures?”

Other floated plots involved Diana’s daughter, who appeared in the series both as a young girl named Molly (played by Oona Yaffe) and as a time-traveling young woman from the future named Lara (played by Seychelle Gabriel), Gavankar said.

“Nobody told me the answer, but they were deciding whether or not Lara — older Molly — was going to be part of the cast and all of the stories,” she recalled, adding that she wondered how that relationship would have played out among the trio. “I wanted to know what happened to my baby daddy? Did we call to tell him, ‘It’s OK, we know that you’re not a werewolf?'” she said, laughing.

Ultimately, Gavankar said, Sleepy Hollow‘s legacy is that “they never shied away from having a plethora of complicated, strong female characters. There are so many shows where there’s only one female series regular, and that show, there were so many. Everywhere you looked, there was some badass girl running around, taking down monsters. I loved that about that show and I hope many, many more follow suit.” — with reporting by Vlada Gelman

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  1. Wordsmith says:

    There were some intriguing story possibilities that they could have pursued if they had continued, particularly if Lara had stuck around.
    However, at a certain point, it just stops being Sleepy Hollow and starts being a whole new show that happens to have Ichabod Crane in it.

  2. Tiff says:

    Wow….yall really are reaching

  3. Darsan54 says:

    I only watched it in the last year out of loyalty to Tom Mison, who was a charming actor. Once they had gotten rid of Nicole Beharie, it was simply counting the days.

  4. Mauve_Avenger says:

    Still dancing in this show’s ashes, tbh. Strong female characters indeed…

    • Wordsmith says:

      I can feel the waves of cynicism radiating off of your comment, but can’t quite tell which way they’re pointing.
      Are you saying that Sleepy Hollow didn’t have strong female characters? (Some weren’t, sure, but several were.) Or are you saying that strong female characters are overrated and the show was silly for trying? (In which case there’s a whole big separate argument we need to have…)

      • Mauve_Avenger says:

        We don’t need to have any argument. And I am being cynical because this show treated all its “strong female characters” like Crane’s step ladder. I’m thinking of one in particular (you know EXACTLY who), but ALL the women in Crane’s narrative were treated like some form of disposable prop. At least up to season three, when this show lost my respect and it’s mind. I’m glad its dead.

  5. kirads09 says:

    TPTB over in Whoville have probably already made their choice for #13, but Mison would be a great Doctor – IMO

  6. aveburygirl says:

    Stopped watching when abbey was announced as being killed off. Sleepy Hollow in DC? Erm no. And the thing is if this is the same universe as Bones, the kraken!!!/??????? Really?????

    • Wordsmith says:

      I would have loved to see the Bones episode where they discover and have to identify a kraken skeleton.

    • kmw says:

      They don’t think of things like that now do they? And Bones wasted an episode for them and for what? Nothing that helped either one. That whole thing about Ichabod Crane dealing with a kraken!!! Um really wow that would have been even worse

  7. kmw says:

    Sleepy Hollow’s legacy is as a show that wasted its premise and talent.

    • Mauve_Avenger says:

      Criminally wasted.

    • Nancy says:

      Most on point comment ever made about that show.

    • KLS says:

      Totally agree. I think scripted shows should last 1,3,5 years. Once they make it to their first renewal, year 3 is quite a stretch, creatively. Year 4, the series is revamped and by end of year 5, everyone wants to move on. Some flameout in year 2, but are generally saved through year 3. Sleepy Hollow is a prime example of this.

  8. Rex the Wonder Dog says:

    That sounds lovely

  9. Tina says:

    I think Sleepy Hollow’s legacy will be how outright racism and a bunch of horny male dudebro writers can absolutely destroy a once promising show.

  10. delorb says:

    There are so many lessons to learn from Sleepy Hollow. First, if the network asks you to make changes that are COUNTER to your premise, put your foot down and say ‘NO!’ Second, NEVER TELL A BLACK WOMAN TO STOP WATCHING YOUR SHOW IF SHE DOESN’T LIKE IT! She just might stop watching your entire network. Third, never tell your co-lead that people won’t turn out to see just her, omit her from the DVD commentary or treat her like a day player who is easily replaced. In short, don’t be D’s.

  11. Cali says:

    Well I see the usual cast of commentators are back for more with regard to SH. Let me ask the BFC (Tina, delorb, etc.) what exactly to date has Ms Behaire done other then the remake of “Jacob’s Ladder” which appears to be stuck in post production woes of some sort. The short answer: Nothing. Zip, nada, not a damn thing. There is usually a reason why this happens. The first one being producers don’t need the hassle of developing a project be it a movie or TV project to have someone who is touted as their lead/co-lead wanting to exit the project early or contributing to onset issues (which IS what happened on set when Ms Behaire was signed on for a 5 yr contract at the beginning of SH in 2013 wanted out as early as the end of S1). Many people associated with SH originally thought that the series would not take off like it did in 2013. In fact by the 2 or 3 episode it was renewed for S2. It’s a gamble with any new show. However that is why the arc suddenly went to the family narrative vs the Crane/Abbie narrative that many fans wanted at that point. You can’t push a story arc when one half of the arc doesn’t wish to be there. Additionally by the 4th episode of S2 is when the reduction of filming time became an issue and a doctors note was produced indicating that the actor/actress could not film more then “X” number of days. That produced all kinds of issues as well. All of this translates into set issues which is why the actress has not signed on to another TV project as writers/producers/directors don’t need those kinds of issues popping up on the new set of any project. It’s just not helpful at the onset of any new project. So it had nothing to do with racism or any other perceived slight that has been repeated ad nauseam as if the truth in the comments section here anytime something is written about SH and had much more to do with the fact that she was a problem on the set. Ms Behaire was not the only female on the set who was African American. So it’s time to put that myth to bed once and for all. Frankly I had no issue with her wanting off the show. It gave her exposure which is clearly what she wanted and it should have been left at that. I think had the producers done that early on maybe things would have turned out differently. But who’s to say. I did like the 4th season but people were so ugly about what they thought happened that the show literally had no shot. I also think FOX can have blame laid at their feet as well. Really from midway through the S2 they literally stopped doing any promotion of the show. Most of their promotion is saved for Empire so that also did not help SH in the least this past season as many people that I know did even know it had been renewed let alone on. When the fall shows premiered and SH wasn’t there they thought it had had been cancelled. There were still many of us that hoped Hulu or Netflix would pick it up ala the Mindy Project and I’ve heard there is some talk with regard to that but as of now nothing definite. So who knows.

    Sad to see SH not renewed for a 5th season but like much else today when some untruths are being bantered about and sold as absolute truths shows tend to die as a result.

    • Winkle43 says:

      Lol. Stop reaching and have a seat!

      • Amy says:

        That person’s desperation shows. And no Netflix or Hulu is not going to pick up a show that failed so badly. Best to move on.

    • Amy says:

      The question of what Nicole is doing now can be asked about Tom Mison. To date he have not be seen or heard from. He had his chance as the ‘Big Star’ and failed. As was assumed with Nicole, maybe no show want to take a chance on HIM. Maybe they feel he will not be able to carry his own show ala Sleepy Hollow Season 4.

    • yay says:

      Lord you will forever come here to talk about what Nicole has been doing. Why are you so pressed about her career? Shouldn’t you be wondering what Big Star is up to? He has had not a word for his “fans.” You liked s4 huh? What did you like? The light skinned woman partner for Crane. The dumb kid witness? The black man who had to fawn all over Crane? What exactly? The show averaged about a 0.4 – 0.5. So you were likely the only one who did watch. Don’t bother answering any of my questions. I don’t want you to be late for your KKK meeting.

      • delorb says:

        yay, they NEVER bring up the episodes. It’s almost like they didn’t watch the episodes for the episodes. Everything must have been about Timothy’s fingers or his wig or eyebrows. Come to think of it, the Katrina stans did the same thing with regard to her. They didn’t talk about the horrible writing for the character until she was (thankfully) killed off. But while the episodes aired they loved it all. The Ichabod stans should have put up a stink when that character became a joke. Didn’t he start out as a smart military man? Answer me this Call, how was he able to fly to Europe AND BACK on his own and yet not know to read the instructions on a frozen dinner? He even managed to get from the airport to his destination with no help. I know this even though it wasn’t filmed because I’ve traveled before! But that’s pushed under the rug in their adulation. It would seem that only the Abbie fans and fans of the whole show complained.

    • fallcolors71 says:

      LMBO. This post is really a joke and by the way her name is spelled Beharie. But I’m sure that was done on purpose to show the least bit of regard and respect for the actress on your part. But to address your comments. I find it awful funny that you bring up Nicole getting sick on set ONCE but ignore Tom being sick and missing filming as well. Guess its ok for Tom but not Nicole. You talk about her wanting off the show before the five year contract was finished but ignore the fact Tom renegotiated in the middle of the SAME five year contract because he was tired of the show and it’s antics as well. But yeah let’s just ignore all that right???? Lets ignore how they didn’t invite her to do commentary for S2 DVD, sidelined her character, attempted to overshadow her character time and time again with random White/Lighter WOC actresses because they indeed wanted to draw what they felt was a more mainstream WHITER audience. Lets ignore how the writers wasn’t even man enough to take responsibility for THEIR poor narratives or the failure of the show after that S3 finale. They continued bullying and blaming Nicole even though she remained silent about the entire thing. Also, don’t get it twisted by claiming this show gave Nicole exposure. She had success BEFORE Sleepy Hollow. Nicole loved this show as well as playing the character of Abbie Mills and has not once said anything negative about the writers or the show. On the other hand Tom Mison, Katia Winters, and John Noble ALL have publicly made negative remarks about the writing, direction of the show, and terrible storylines yet Nicole (who has never done this) is labeled a problem. Hmmm I wonder why the Black woman wanting respect and to be treated fairly is labeled the problem but not the three White actors who publicly blasted the writers and the show they were on???? But I guess with some people Black women automatically = Bad Attitude and a Problem. Tom Mison knew this show only worked with Nicole Beharie. He said that on many occasions. He also made it known that he was NOT happy with the way Nicole’s character was killed off and the final words the writers had her say was not only a disservice to her character but to his as well. He was so happy to be done with this show he didn’t do interviews, help promote, or send a thank you or good bye to fans after it was cancelled. Fact is each season Nicole was sidelined ratings/viewership dropped. The following season after killing off her character was the worst season of all. Here’s a suggestion, next time they should try treating Black women with respect. Treat us like human beings instead of stepping stones to move White people forward and maybe your shows won’t get cancelled.

    • delorb says:

      Everything you posted is null and void after saying ” that is why the arc suddenly went to the family narrative vs the Crane/Abbie narrative that many fans wanted at that point.” Hahahahaha!!! Please stop with that lie. We SAW how much people loved the Crane family drama, which was not at all. It seems that you guys (the SH apologists) will continue to trot out lies and excuses for the demise of this show. Almost all of which is put at the feet of an actress who didn’t WRITE and episode. If it’s not her fault, according to people like you, it’s her fans fault for not continuing to watch. These guys had a great show that was easily written and they turned it into endless placeholder episodes where the villain sat around talking about how they’ll kill the witnesses. Episodes where there would be a scheme put forth by Henry or Pandora that would make Acme proud. Henry spent part of season 2 building a model of the town just so he could make a pentagram. That was the huge payoff, meaning it wasn’t a payoff at all. He could have printed that thing and it would have been the same. The Hidden one had Ichabod at his mercy when they were both trapped. So why not kill him? Or what about the endless episodes of Katrina lying about EVERYTHING! Lies that a wife wouldn’t keep from her husband. Not the husband she loved so much. But when they decided to force her into the story it created so many problems. And no, her insertion wasn’t because Nicole was bad on set. Her insertion was the reason Nicole wanted to leave. And if you’re honest, you wouldn’t have stuck around either. Her insertion was part of the renewal. As in Fox saying they’ll renew but with changes. Make the white woman the focus and the black woman the sidekick. BTW, since you’re confused. Having black women on the show and not making them full human beings is NOT progress. Jeez. Promotion for a bad show wouldn’t have changed the outcome.

  12. bhoney says:

    While I have no gripe with Tom Mison, there is definitely a subset of geriatric female fans who think he is God’s gift to the planet and will someday take over Hollywood. Let me ask some of you old birds this? Have you ever seen Tom Mison outside of Sleepy Hollow? I am sure you have, and let’s be honest, he has been less than stellar in his other roles. He just appeared in the film Dead Cat and I’m positive he was playing the cat.

    Before Sleepy Hollow Nicole had already fronted three films of her own? How many had Tom fronted? Zero. Tom has been in the business twice as long as Nicole and achieved far less. Men like him are a dime a dozen in Hollywood. He’s nothing special. The writers thought he could carry Sleepy Hollow on his own and learned he couldn’t when the second season flopped.

    Nicole enjoyed her time on Sleepy Hollow and loved working with the cast. Her enthusiasm was well on display in the early days during interviews and fan conventions. Later on you could clearly see a difference as she began to hold her head down and let Tom and the writers do most of the speaking. This began after fans started showing an interest in the Abbie character and the Ichabbie ship. The powers that be resented that and started taking it out on Nicole and her character. Nicole admitted as much in her first interview a few month ago.

    Try as some of you might to prove otherwise, Nicole didn’t tank the show, the writers did. Ten million people didn’t tune out over the course of 4 seasons because of nothing. Poor decisions, like making the fight for Katrina the main focus, as well as turning the Headless Horseman into a lovesick school boy is why fans abandoned the show in droves. Even those who tuned in for season 4 weren’t impressed. Unlike other shows whose ratings tick up for the finale, Sleepy Hollow’s ticked down to a series low.

    Had Tom Mison been the big star Fox claimed he was, the show would still be on the air. But Tommy boy was never a big star. Showing up at events with no socks on and generally looking homeless. Big star my big butt. He didn’t even promote his own show. Lyndie Greenwood did more interviews for season 4 than he did.

    Mark my words, those of you convinced Nicole will never work again will discover different. Nicole will rise like the phoenix, while Tom will slink back to the trailer park British stage from whence he sprung.

    • fallcolors71 says:

      LMBO!!!! Watch out the Crane grannies will be after you once they read this. Like you, I don’t have any gripes with Tom either. I one hundred percent agree with you that he is not a big star. If those in charge had any sense they would’ve seen that after season 2 failed. Nicole made that show. She made everybody else better including Tom Mison. Yes, fans loved Ichabbie but they also cared more about Abbie’s story than they ever did Crane’s. Another thing that bothers me is the lie Nicole signed on to the show expecting it to fail. So when it was a hit she felt stuck and wanted off. That is the dumbest logic I have ever heard. Who would sign a five year contract hoping the show failed in its first couple of episodes? How would a show that couldn’t make it off the ground past it’s first couple of episodes help anyone’s career? The stuff these stans put out there just to lay blame on a Black woman is beyond ridiculous. They can’t just say the truth and that is the writers screwed up. TPTB gambled and loss thinking Tom could carry the show. Thinking the audience preferred a White or lighter WOC as co-lead when fans wanted Nicole all along. It kills them to admit this beautiful extremely talented dark skinned Black woman was THE true star of the show and sidelining and eventually killing off her character ruined the show. I’m glad they failed. I’m glad their big star ignored the ignorant racist stans after it was over. I’m glad Nicole stood up for herself demanding better.