Flash Season 4 Spoilers Time Jump

Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on The Flash, Once, Lucifer, The Strain, Blindspot, Orphan Black, This Is Us and More!

How will The Flash‘s fiancee handle his absence? Who on Lucifer will literally dance with the Devil? Why did Blindspot “order Italian”? Is The Last Ship‘s loss The Strain‘s gain? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Any scoop on how The Flash‘s Iris will be grieving Barry after sacrificing himself to the Speed Force? —Fowsia
With the action picking up six months later, it’s unclear if time heals all wounds. “We still don’t have Barry out of the Speed Force,” Candice Patton told us at Wednesday’s Saturn Awards (where she was named Best Supporting TV Actress). “Iris is really struggling to deal with that, and she does it in her own way.” And while there’s buzz that Iris will have assumed a larger role within Team Flash, Patton was mum on what if anything Barry’s fiancée might be doing to try to get her love back: “That’s a very interesting question that I can’t really answer!”

Any news on The Flash? —Megan
A role being cast for Season 4, that you have not heard about yet, should put the visual effects department to the test.

Anything you can tell us about Lucifer would be greatly appreciated. –Adder
Aimee Garcia, who plays Ella, is bullish that despite how Season 2 drew to a close, we have not seen the last of Tricia Helfer on the Fox series. “I don’t know if we’ll see the Goddess back, but we’ll definitely see Tricia,” Garcia said at the Saturn Awards. “She’s such an icon and such a talented actor.” Bonus scoop: Ella herself “is going to be in touch with other characters” as Season 3 unfolds (starting Monday, Oct. 2), her portrayer shared. For example, “There might be a fun, little road trip that she takes with the Devil… that might involve some singing and dancing.”

Is there any info you can share for Once Upon a Time about who Henry’s wife will be? —Rebecca
Well, the casting call for [NAME REDACTED] describes Lucy’s momma as a “strong-willed, independent woman with a no-nonsense sensibility and a warm heart at her core.” Life hasn’t always been kind to [NAME REDACTED], but she is “sharp and resourceful” and never gives up on herself — or those she believes in.

Anything toThis Is Us Spoilers Season 1 finale tease yet for the return of This Is Us? —Amanda
It appears that Randall’s wish to adopt a child to add to their brood will come true, in the form of a Newark-born tweenage female with trust issues.

What can you tell us about Blindspot‘s recent jaunt to Venice, Italy? —Erin
I can confirm that the purpose of the FOMO-inducing trip was to film some scenes for Season 3’s premiere episode (airing Friday, Oct. 27 at 8/7c).

Do you have any scoop on Orphan Black? — Gerardo
It sounds like Felix may be getting some action amid all the clone craziness. “There might be some love” for Sarah’s brother, Jordan Gavaris teases. “But I can’t guarantee it’s, like, monogamous. He might have found someone to chill and watch Netflix with.”

Any news on Riverdale Season 2? —Michele
Marisol Nichols told me that the oft-mentioned Hiram Lodge “is going to shake a lot of things up” when he surfaces in Season 2. “He’s a very powerful and dangerous character, so when he comes to Riverdale, he’s not exactly going to blend in!” As for the casting of the key role, Nichols said that Pitch‘s Mark Consuelos “is exactly what I pictured Hiram to be in my mind!”

Any Olicity news? Arrow Recap Season 5Or any news on Arrow Season 6 in general? —Sarah
I choose Column B, so that I can tease that the next, yet-to-be-cast Big Bad has been on many a fan’s wish list.

Where I can get tickets to America’s Got Talent‘s live finale? —Yitzchok
That is handled through On Camera Audiences.

Did Zack get turned in The Strain‘s finale? —Scott
When the fourth and final season arrives on Sunday, July 16 you will see that Zack is no stranger to “the white,” though he hasn’t been fully turned just yet. Which is not to say that a major player doesn’t have big plans for the (still, and very, bratty) lad.

Will Rhona Mitra return for Season 4 of The Last Ship? —Nick
That would be a neat trick, seeing as Mitra has been busy filming a role on another Sunday-night cable drama about a viral outbreak. In The Strain‘s final season, Mitra recurs as Charlotte Watkins, a quick-witted rancher’s daughter who is as good with a rifle as she is with her words. She will prove to be both a useful resource to the splintered team and a pleasant distraction for Fet, as the two engage in a passionate romance while out on the road.

Do you have any information on if/when Christina Ochoa’s Renn will be back on Animal Kingdom? —Liv
Though Ochoa had been busy with The CW’s Valor pilot and her starring role on Syfy’s Blood Drive, she somehow found the time to return to TNT’s Animal Kingdom, next appearing in the Aug. 8 episode, titled “Treasure.”

Are Emily Tyra and Noah Gray-Cabey coming back for Season 3 of Code Black? And Emily Alyn Lind? —Luis
Yes, yes and… yes. Drs. Kean and Dixon will be back, as will orphaned li’l Ariel.

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  1. Liza says:

    I’m so excited for Flash season 4. Thanks for the Iris West scoop!

  2. Dev says:

    Not thrilled about the adoption story line on TIU because it’s been so overdone. But I have high hopes that the writers will find a more nuanced way to portray it than ‘i’m going to act out and fight you until you prove you won’t abandon me’.

    • I agree that is the trope for adoption stories, in the same way that pregnancy on a TV drama will almost inevitably lead to either a difficult delivery or postpartum depression, and pregnancy on a TV comedy will almost inevitably lead to a out of the hospital birthing scenario with “the least likely character” delivering the baby. But even if “This Is Us” treads familiar ground, I have confidence it will do so beautifully.

    • Tennisnsun says:

      Would be interesting if the pre-teen turned out to be the spawn of Kevin and Sophie’s marriage that Kevin didn’t know about and Sophie gave up for adoption.

  3. KM says:

    Thank you for the flash and the Iris one, I love her, i really hope we’ll get to see the reporter side of her,
    on the side note, why does it say a supporting tv actress, shouldn’t she be a leading actress?

    • ndixit says:

      Nobody apart from Grant is a lead on The Flash. Everyone else is supporting.

      • KM says:

        Thanks, I get it now, and thank you too Matt.

      • Lauren says:

        Well they did cast her as a lead actress and the show being called the flash doesn’t negate it having a female lead as well. I’m just glad she won an award for her outstanding work on the show especially with the sometimes weak writing and storytelling. Very excited for season r

        Matt was also king enough to highlight the actresses in thr lead category and as you can tell majority are in ensemble cast with a main male protagonist bar SG og course.

        • ndixit says:

          Well Candice definitely isn’t a lead in the way Farmiga, Balfe, and Benoist are. People keep confusing having a female romantic lead opposite the main character as a lead role. In terms of actual screen time, she is no more lead than Carlos, Danielle, Tom, Jesse etc… on the show. The only one who is classified as a lead is Grant.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Best TV Actress nominees:
      Melissa Benoist “Supergirl” (The CW) *WINNER
      Caitriona Balfe “Outlander” (Starz)
      Kim Dickens “Fear the Walking Dead” (AMC)
      Vera Farmiga “Bates Motel” (A&E)
      Lena Headey “Game of Thrones” (HBO)
      Sarah Paulson “American Horror Story: Roanoke” (FX)
      Winona Ryder “Stranger Things” (Netflix)

      • Cheryl says:

        All excellent nominees, but my pick for winner is Vera Farmiga. She was so amazing this last season playing Norman’s version of Mother. Love her!

        • Alichat says:

          Yeah, I’d have gone with Caitriona Balfe or Winona Ryder before Melissa Benoist.

          • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

            I’m guessing Melissa won because she can do both comedy and drama well. Most the other ones are in roles that force them to be serious all the time so we don’t see as much acting range. In a single episode Kara can go from giddy and goofy to dead serious to heartbroken.

      • Mark Calki says:

        Any such list which does not include Tatiana Maslany, cannot be taken seriously.

  4. Wordsmith says:

    I certainly don’t picture Mark Consuelos when I hear the name “Hiram Lodge”. That’s clearly the name of an unassuming Jewish man in his late 50s.
    But after all of the fun/terrible things we’ve heard about him in season 1, I’m excited to see him arrive in town.

    • I was thinking he’d probably be a white guy — I didn’t read the name Lodge as Jewish, more WASPy, but Hiram sounds Jewish, yeah. My dream pick was John Slattery (MAD MEN’s own silver fox), but having Veronica’s entire family be of Latinx origins is OK with me. The casting department has proven its worth by this point, I think.

  5. Matt says:

    I’m already sick of hearing about Hiram on Riverdale. The same quote about him over & over.

  6. Karen says:

    Thanks for the flash scoop

  7. Emily says:

    Thanks for the Candice quotes! I can’t wait until we get more scoop on Iris (and Barry, of course!) in S4.

  8. Kim says:

    Thanks for the Candice quotes. I’m hoping season 4 is the year of the reporter. Happy to see her take on a more leadership role. Also so proud of Candice’s win last night

  9. T.W.S.S. says:

    Whatever happened to the Vigilante on Arrow?

  10. RobMF says:

    So I’m taking your Arrow comment to mean Onomatopoeia is finally coming. That’s the only big bad from the comics yet to be seen. And if so YES.PLEASE.

    • Wordsmith says:

      Good thought, though his gimmick of saying sounds works better with word bubbles on a page than it would on the screen.

      • RobMF says:

        Kevin Smith already said he had a new idea for how to do it in live action. Hopefully he gets to direct too. He’s never done Arrow. So it should be great.

      • AnnieM says:

        They should get Michael Winslow to play him – that guy from the Police Academy movies who can do all of the sounds.

  11. Wordsmith says:

    Trying to think of which fan-fave villain Arrow might be introducing. They’ve covered so many of the grounded-and-gritty baddies already. Who’s left? Sportsmaster? Bane? Somebody mystical?

  12. ndixit says:

    Honestly, I think Iris needs to be away from the Star Labs team and have her own storyline, maybe with Joe. Something to do with maybe an ongoing investigation all season. She’s just not a good fit in the Star Labs team because she doesn’t bring anything particularly relevant to the table there. I think the Star Labs team is getting a bit too big. I don’t know what’s the deal with Anna Dudek’s character next season but including her, Cisco, some version of Wells, and Julian, along with Barry, Wally, and Caitlin, it already feels overstuffed. I think they should really boil the star labs team down to maybe 3 people with Joe and Iris helping on the outside and with Barry and Wally as speedsters. I do miss the classic season 1 Barry/Cisco/Caitlin interaction. I am curious how Caitlin is going to get incorporated next season.

  13. Mary T says:

    I’m guessing that Supergirl and Arrow will jump ahead 6 months as well, so that they’re matched up for the crossover. Legends doesn’t matter since they time travel, but they’ll probably go ahead a bit from where they left things in the finale.

  14. Goldenvibefan says:

    Still hoping to see the rogues form in season 4 of the flash, even though it’s looking like Devoe’s the big bad of the season. Curious to see who the visual effects villain is. Arrow wise, I still wish we would’ve gotten outsider’s war adapted.. I’m hopeful though since the villain is apparently on a lot of fan wish lists, which is a good chance of it being a classic ga villain. Unless the fans in question are Olicity fans..

  15. ninergrl6 says:

    Henry’s wife sounds like Tiana. I guess that description could apply to a variety of already-existing female characters, but she’s the first person I thought of. Plus “name redacted” leads me to assume that the character’s name would be a give-away rather than a completely new character of OUAT’s creation.
    On a similar note, was it established that Lucy’s mother is/was Henry’s WIFE? They don’t have to be *married* for Lucy to exist, just like Henry’s parents were never married.

  16. Rob O'Brian says:

    That role in The Flash – it’s got to be Ralph Dibny/Elongated Man, right? That would require a LOT of CGI…

    • Ann Marie says:

      Yes, please! Ralph should be on the show. He and Barry have a long and fun history in the comics. Include Sue Dibny too.

      • clintbrew says:

        he supposed to have died in season one but there is plastic man same powers as elongated man plus he more popular

        • But Ronnie was supposed to have died, too, and we know how THAT turned out.

          Now if Ralph was transformed into someone elastic … maybe even scattered into molecules across the city … he could just now be getting it somewhat under control enough to be reforming himself. That could be a pretty cool visual, akin to when a certain earth elemental would manifest in a house plant or something that suddenly grew to a full-size Swamp Thing.

  17. ReneCat says:

    Why is this in Designated Survivor news on IMDb? It’s all interesting I guess but I didn’t see anything about DS.

  18. Mo says:

    Love how Iris is the unofficial second in command at STAR, but I do hope we get to see her as a reporter. There are fun ways for flash to tackle metas of the week with joe as a cop, barry as csi and Iris as a journalist the show doesn’t take advantage of them.

  19. arnaud says:

    About Lucifer,any other caracter(s) from the divine beings,likeJesus,Peter,Joseph…

  20. Luis Roman says:

    The KGBeast?

    • Well, given Ollie’s falling out with the bratva … that’s plausible. But he’s traditionally be a Bat-villain. I’m wondering if it will be a third and final version of Count Vertigo — with the hypnotic power innate to himself — or, as others suggested, Onomatopoeia. Maybe with the character’s co-creator, Kevin Smith, directing the episode.

      I really hope the visual effects-heavy character for Flash will be Ralph Dibny, and that he’ll bring along his lovely wife Sue.

  21. Bella says:

    I thought Rhona Mitra’s character died on The Last Ship? Although it’s been so long since I’ve seen it, that I could be mistaken.

    • Wordsmith says:

      She got shot in the first finale, but with the time jump, we never saw a body, so the conspiracy theorists have never been fully satisfied.

  22. Rebecca says:

    Elena of Avalor is probably Henry’s wife since the actress playing Lucy is Latina. Or Henry & his wife adopted Lucy.

  23. Naina says:

    Between this scoop about how Iris is dealing with losing Barry and Candice additionally stating that season 4 will see a harder Iris taking on more of a leadership role,
    I’m really excited to see what’s in store for Iris in season 4. I guessed that she’d be harder and more serious when season 4 opens, and hopefully we’ll see her struggling but trying her best to keep her promise to Barry. Thanks for the scoop.

  24. Ole Thorvald Helland says:

    Also, for Blindspot, Patterson will now have long, brown hair. Ashley Johnson revealed on Critical Role last Thursday that she has taken extensions for Patterson’s new look after the time jump. I guess this also confirms Patterson’s survival (from the uncertain fate of May sweeps).

  25. Liza says:

    So henry married his mother(s)…

  26. David Hess says:

    I said it yesterday, I think Henry’s wife is Esmeralda. I just have this “hunch”. (Get it)?

  27. Ooh, thank you for The Flash news!!! I jumped for joy when I saw the picture of Barry and Iris. It’s good to hear from Candice and I’m so happy she won the Best Supporting Actress Saturn Award. Very excited for season 4. The Flash is such an amazing show :)

  28. Justice says:

    Yay thanks for the scoop on the strain and last ship.

  29. RDT says:

    The “This Is Us” adoption storyline sounds super similar to the “Parenthood” adoption storyline from a few years ago. Parents want to adopt a baby, but end up taking in an older child.

  30. Matt Burden says:

    I sure hope the Bring Barry Back somehow or else I’m just not going to watch “The Flash if “The Flash” wont be in it cause it would seem pointless!!!

  31. Lydia Amah says:

    congrats my sweet,pretty and adorable Candice Patton I love you.hope to see you do more next season……..#westallen

  32. marapem360 says:

    When is MAJOR CRIMES premiering this summer?????

  33. billy says:

    Maybe the Flash character is Rex Mason. That would be visually intensive.

  34. Mo says:

    At a minimum sounds like everything can be skipped except the last 5 minutes of the season premiere of Flash.

  35. luvprue1 says:

    I’m looking forward to the Strain. But I can’t stand Zack. That kid is worst then Joffrey from Game of thrones.