'Pretty Little Liars' Finale Week
Pretty Little Liars Series Finale

Pretty Little Liars Boss Defends Killing [Spoiler], Answers All of Our Burning Questions From the Series Finale

How do you even begin to wrap up seven years of twists, secrets and mysteries? If you’re Pretty Little Liars showrunner Marlene King, you give it your all and hope for the best — knowing full well that you can’t please everybody.

“I had to stay off social media [after the finale], because people who don’t like things are always more vocal than people who do,” King tells TVLine. “We did our best, and you can see how much care, attention, love and hard work was put into that episode — not just from me, but from the actors and the crew. Everybody worked their butts off, and it was a labor of love. Hopefully people will jus take a breath and absorb it over time. Maybe even watch it again!”

Below, King answers all of TVLine’s burning questions about the show’s final two hours, including how Wren died, why Aria can’t have children and, of course, how the moms really escaped that basement.

TVLINE | I know it’s a bummer that the show is over, but it must also feel like a huge weight has been lifted.
As I tweeted yesterday, it’s like happy/sad. It’s such a weird feeling of mixed emotions, but “relief” is probably the biggest word of all. All that mythology was taking up so much space in my brain, and I can now release it.

TVLINE | But not before making that little cameo at the end!
[Laughs] I still don’t know how I feel about that. I didn’t write it for me, but someone in a prep meeting suggested I do it. After a couple days of saying no, I changed my mind and thought, “It’ll be fun.”

TVLINE | Before we get into the heavy stuff, I love that the finale revisited the moms’ escape from the basement. Is there a definitive answer to how they got out?
There’s really not. Each one of them has their own theory, which are so good. I feel like some great fan fiction could be written about how they got out. … I loved the line about how Pam didn’t drink for a year after that. Whatever happened, it was messy.

TVLINE | Shifting gears, I’m glad we found out who fathered Alison and Emily’s twins, but are they ever going to find out?
I think they have found out. In my mind, they have. Somehow that information got to them. Spencer knows it, so you have to figure that Spencer told them.

TVLINE | Does Spencer know?
I’m going to say yes. We didn’t see her learn it on screen, but I’m going to say yes.

TVLINE | I don’t suppose you heard the theory that Charlotte was the father. It was so insane, I kind of loved it.
[Laughs] No, I did not hear that theory. … We’ll send that one to Strawberry Patch Lane, which is our fictitious show where we felt like things that jumped the shark went.

TVLINE | Was there any significance to naming the twins Lily and Grace?
No, we just wanted pretty, sweet names. Girly names, for some reason. … No big reveals in those names, they were just names we liked.

TVLINE | And for a finale full of babies and pregnancy, why did you make it so that Aria was unable to conceive?
We needed a reason for her to have conflict in the episode. She needed to feel like she couldn’t marry Ezra, but not so bad that he would actually leave her at the altar. It was enough of a secret to make her doubt that he might not show up.

TVLINE | For being in their early-to-mid twenties, these girls really do have baby fever. If I was them, I wouldn’t want to bring any more children into this insane world.
Yeah, they all want to have their babies. … Maybe they just want one good thing.

TVLINE | Going back to Wren, this might sound morbid, but do we know how he was killed?
We were going to kill him on screen, but then we lost [Julian Morris], who was only available to us for one day. We didn’t in our minds say how she killed him, but I don’t think it was something he appreciated, and I think it was a surprise. She couldn’t stand the thought of him knowing she was Alex not accepting her as Spencer. In her mind, she really wanted to be Spencer. She was warped enough to say, “Well, I’ll jus turn him into a diamond so he’ll always be with me — and I’ll be Spencer!”

TVLINE | A win-win!
Yes, a win-win for Alex Drake!

TVLINE | I was surprised by how heartbreaking Alex’s backstory turned out to be, since we’ve always treated A.D. as this emotionless villain.
We’ve tried to do that with each “A,” to give them a deep-rooted sadness and a need to belong and be a part of something. That can fuel so much.

TVLINE | I noticed that Alex wasn’t wearing the Wren necklace in the final scene. What became of it?
No, but knowing Mona, she’s got it somewhere. She’s holding onto that.

TVLINE | Wren’s final resting place is in Mona’s jewelry box.
Yeah, could be! You’re very detail oriented, Andy. That didn’t even occur to me until right now.

TVLINE | Trust me, I’ve never combed over a series finale this closely before.
Well, that’s good. OK, we’ll say it right now — Mona’s got it.

TVLINE | How long can Mona really expect to keep Alex and Mary Drake in her dollhouse?
[Laughs] Not forever. We may hear more of that story in the future, fingers crossed.

TVLINE | I’m surprised Alex lived, to be honest. Was there talk of possibly killing her off?
Oh, yes. All of the writers were pitching what they thought that ending should be, and a lot of people thought Spencer should find Alex and kill her. We talked about a Silence of the Lambs ending where Alex gets away, then calls Spencer, and Spencer walks up behind her and shoots her. But I felt like for Mona to win the game and for the girls to live happily ever after was perfect.

TVLINE | I have to say, I think her finest achievement was that crazy underground recreation of Spencer’s house and yard.
That was pretty cool. I saw online these amazing underground bunkers, like there’s one of Las Vegas. And you can buy these underground bunker kits and build them under your house, which is crazy. So it’s possible!

TVLINE | If the finale had been three hours instead of two, what would you have included?
Probably a little time before the one-year time jump. It would have been nice to see more from that. I could have gone on for a couple more episodes, but it ended where it should have ended, absolutely.

TVLINE | Lastly, you’ve talked a bit about another spinoff. Is that a real conversation that’s happening?
It’s a real conversation that is happening, but it doesn’t have a definitive answer yet.

OK, you tell us: How do you feel about the series finale after reading King’s explanations? Grade the episode below, then drop a comment with your full review (along with any questions you still want answered.)

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Daniel says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about it. I was fine with the AD reveal and the events after- the storytelling was much more linear than Charlotte’s reveal. I think they could’ve done a MUCH better job at at the closing scenes. I wanted a montage or at least something that would tug my heart strings and I didn’t get that. Also, the acting in the last scene was so unbearably bad but I will try to forget that.

    • Andy Swift says:

      The last scene meaning the one with the other girls? The recreation of the pilot moment?

    • Casey says:

      Agree on the terrible acting and the terrible backdoor placement of these characters for a potential spinoff. If you know you want to leave the door open for a spinoff and have limited time to show these new teenagers because you have to focus on the core show, at least try to make those teenagers compelling so people consider watching the spinoff. I’m scratching my head a little what Marlene would do in this spinoff that’s fundamentally different than PLL. Big changes to the DNA of a spinoff can be done, but continuing seems at odds with the broadly-felt concept that PLL itself went on for way too long with a lot of pointless plots all over the place. What new, meaningful stories can a spinoff tell?

    • Jessica Rose Ruvak says:

      Finale was an epic fail. Most fans didn’t want a genesis A story! We wanted to understand why the PLLs were being tortured all those years. Cece and,Alex were weak explanations, that made no sense. She put best into the finale, eiw ygst us sad. Obviously, Marlene and all involved did not understand the PLL fans.

  2. Television says:

    I really liked this show from the beginning, but that last 2 hour episode was AWFUL. Too many twins! The accent was so horrible, I couldn’t tell what she was saying for most of it. She didn’t seem very bright either, so how did she pull off all that stuff and make the game. And to repeat with the exact same scene but new girls? stupid. At least the horse knew that it wasn’t Spencer. Too much baby fever. It didn’t really mesh with the other seasons and feel of the show. Not really spooky or fun or anything. And that wedding dress, I actually laughed, no way Aria would wear that. It seemed super rushed, which is odd, since they knew they were ending. I would like a spinoff, but with original show characters, not that new group of young girls they introduced, I wouldn’t watch that.

    • Tanya says:

      I completely agree with the comments above. I loved the twin theory coming true but did not like that she had an accent and from England or Ireland? (Cause she sounded Irish at some point) So confusing. And then not even tying Archer Dunhill and Wren and Alex together just all randoms with a vendetta? What was Wren’s motive? What was Alex’s motive to hurt the rest of the liars? What made Alex so smart as to make that game and have all this advanced technology? Why did she drive a away and then come back? Why was Spencer hooked up on an ivy and heart rate monitor or is Alex a doctor too?. Why did Any of them want to impregnate Ali with Wrens sperm? Wren had nothing to do with Ali or Emily for that matter. What about the last book “End Game” where did that go? SO much confusion….yes everyone got their happy ending but I’m left confused and disappointed. I don’t think it needed to be that complicated:(

      • suzi says:

        Totally agree with you both in questioning Alex’s ability to pull off all the Game technology. The horse and the blind girl could tell it wasn’t Spencer, but not her mother, best friends and lovers….

      • sophiee louisee says:

        None of these things was expected and i think thats why they came up with the ideas , Its a twisted story, its not also for everyone cup of tea.. Makes sence to me!!!

      • DL says:

        They were all tied together through Charlotte. And Alex said that she, Charlotte, Wren, and Archer became basically inseparable until Charlotte went back to Rosewood to play the game. That was Alex’s first taste of feeling part of a family and it got her addicted.

        • Jessica Rose Ruvak says:

          Sorry, that was just weak writing. Nothing Alex and Cece went thru had anything to do with the Plls, why torture them!??

  3. Casey says:

    LOL. OK. First, I totally understand that stories aren’t going to satisfy everyone. You have to make choices when you tell a story, and not everyone is going to like the path you chose out of all of the paths. But I hate the way Marlene talks about it, like the show really did tell a legitimate, well-conceived story and sorry if some people didn’t like it. No. People are responding to the horrible storytelling. And putting a lot of care and attention (debatable on “attention” there) in the finale doesn’t erase the years of nonsense. Anyway, I did enjoy this quote – “We’ll send that one to Strawberry Patch Lane, which is our fictitious show where we felt like things that jumped the shark went.” LOL. Because nothing shark-jumping went into the actual show. I personally won’t watch a spinoff because I can already see what I’d be getting into (similar to how people don’t want to watch a How I Met Your Mother spinoff bc they don’t trust the showrunners now and are not going to go down the rabbit hole again), but if that’s what the network wants, go for it. I think they’ll see that the ratings are low, though. And to try to say something positive, as I was once a real fan, I did legitimately enjoy the show for the first few seasons. But then they went all Strawberry Patch Lane on it just to keep the show going, forcing it to outlive its natural life, and pretended that all of the problems in the show didn’t exist. I actually feel like Marlene, other key members of creative direction, and diehard fans who say the show/finale was really great and what are people ranting about – I feel most of them are gaslighting the rest of us who saw it clear as day. I know I could have stopped watching the show, but that doesn’t change the quality of the show.

    • Anne says:

      “I hate the way Marlene talks about it, like the show really did tell a legitimate, well-conceived story and sorry if some people didn’t like it. ”
      This. This sums up everything about PLL.

    • DL says:

      The show has always been campy, surreal, and borderline insane. It sure did escalate over the years, but coming from a casual fan who’s watched the show mostly in binge-worthy chunks after each season airs, it’s always been pretty bonkers. The writing’s been on the wall for years that this probably wouldn’t make a ton of sense. So why come this far expecting the show to deliver in a way it’s never done before? I’m not saying you’re not allowed to be disappointed, but you had to have seen this coming.

  4. james says:

    All I wanted was for the finale to tie back to the earlier seasons. They so easily could’ve made Alex come back earlier on and be pulling the strings with Mona and Charlotte in the earlier seasons.

  5. Mary says:

    Lol of you had more time. Girl you didn’t need more time you could have had like an extra 45 minutes if you cut out all the sex scenes. We got it they have sex. I wanted an actual story not the set up for a soft core porno.

    • Cate says:

      Agree! Must have been 20 mins of soft focus love scenes – we get it, they’re grown ups now!

      Troian’s accent as Alex was ok at times but Dick van Dyke bad at others. And REALLY? An evil twin??! Well I guess it fits with the ridiculousness of the show as a whole.

  6. I can’t deal with the way Marlene choose to explain who was A/A.D creating a character from nowhere to fulfill the plotholes… I liked the show from the very beginning but 3 seasons later I kept watching just for curiosity. The girls are always making the worst decisions. Like really stupid decisions. Also the show has romaticized so many serious themes like teacher/student relationship, Alison’s body violation, etc. Anyway. Finale could have been better.
    (Please don’t mind my english, I’m not a native speaker.)

    • Billie says:

      Totally agree. A new character was worst idea ever. I wanted a big shock. Kinda hoped it would be a long running character, besides partners of the girls as they have done it to many times. I wanted answers but also to feel seriously emotionally conflicted.. it’s pretty little liars I feel like a happy ending doesn’t make sense.

  7. Keely says:

    If you won’t mind but could you please do a season 8 of pretty little liers thank you

  8. Marsha darrington says:

    Im sick of the writers stop writing for other writers start writing for the fans then you dont have to explain every episode

  9. Marsha darrington says:

    Just like the originals writers they dont care about what the fans think but when there episode come on and nobody likes it then they want blame on the shipping

  10. roguelm says:

    This finale has got to be one of the worst in recent memory. I embrace the show for all its camp and absurdity, but this final season was awful. A final episode filled with a terrible accent, excessive sex scenes, and Allison’s awful hair basically. It is so obvious that they couldn’t pace this story out properly when the finale was filled with added in flashbacks. Very disappointed that it didn’t focus on the 4 liars as unit and really be a finale focused on their dynamics. The focus on Spencer (who is my fave) really lessoned the impact of the other 3 girls. The 5 year jump was such a wasted opportunity, it could’ve been on the nose with the girls actually going to jail or even having Allison actually die. :(

  11. Cate says:

    More of the wine moms would have improved things! Definitely the best bit of the finale!

  12. Goldenvibefan says:

    I was kinda annoyed that Lucas showed up for like 2 minutes at the beginning, but then didn’t really show up again in a 2 hour finale. Also, too many twins, like yikess.

  13. Brock says:

    Loved it. Not a single complaint.

  14. Allyson Porter says:

    I’m very confused on why they chose to add the little clip of the remake of the very first season with different girls… is that supposed to be the hint that the supposed spin off will be focused on them and their new “A”?

  15. Z says:

    I liked the finale, but I didn’t take it too seriously, I just basked in the cheesy fun of a “movie paced” finale. I understand why people didn’t like it and they’re entitled to their opinion, though I have to say I doubt the spin-off will feature the girls seen in the end scene, at least I hope not, I thought that was just a full circle moment that wasn’t really necessary, though I really don’t like any “full circle” moments in series finales as it’s a cheap cliffhanger for a story that mirrors the first that won’t ever, and should never, be told again.

  16. LK says:

    That was all of your burning questions? Surely there are more.

  17. Billie says:

    I was so disappointed by the finale. Like I loved this show but it should of ended seasons ago. all the sex was pointless, I am so fed up of twins and none of it was surprising or made any sense. I miss the days when this show actually surprised me. The happy ending was just boring, maybe it’s twisted but I actually hoped 1 of the girls was AD… or even a parent that we cared and liked.. something that shocked me to my core.
    BTW as an English person I was mildly insulted by the acting and choice of words. Like I cringed when he asked for a vodka soda… so American. 😂😂

    • Melanie says:

      I was hoping another Brit would think this… WTF was that accent about, If that was an English accent I’d love to hear her do an Australian one. I loved Spencer’s character throughout the entire show, what an amazing actor, but why oh why did they let her do that??

    • TK says:

      Omg I was hoping for the exact same! That it could have been one of the girls or even their parents all along. That would have really shocked me unlike the boring ending they went along with. There was even theories that Aria was A which would have been a pretty big shock too and could have made for a better storyline. I’m annoyed that they brought this AD character (Alex) out of nowhere, I wanted it to be a long running character – someone we’d known from the start who we liked at trusted. How can they just say in the end that A/AD turns out to be an entirely new character and someone we didn’t even have time to consider or think about because we didn’t know they existed! So dumb and so unfair on the fans.

      P.S As a fellow Brit I also thought the British accent and acting was soo cringe but she played the part well

  18. KRYSTAL says:

    I dont know how i feel about the younger teenagers… but i enjoyed it, just as i’ve enjoyed every other episode in previous seasons. It was a fun ride and at the end when they said goodbye, i cried. i’ve journeyed with these girls for so long i feel like they’re a big part of my friends. (weird, super fan right here). When i saw Melissa could’ve been A.D i was disappointed, but I LOVE THAT SPENCER HAD A TWIN. I’m relieved it happened that way. I just wish we followed Alex’s story a little further. And Spencer and Alex together was a blast to see. All in all, i miss PLL a lot… especially Spencer and Haleb. I also feel like Alex’s stare at the end leaves an opening for a new season… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEEEE GIVE US A NEW SEASON!

  19. Woody says:

    You have to vote A. IT WAS A GREAT SERIES overall. The author made you wanna watch it again. I’d say she did her job. And leaves you wanting more with a spinoff for once in life. Most series are meant to be confusing, and should leave you with questions. Only the most perfect series ever, which hasn’t been created yet, will leave you breathless and in awe when the final curtain closes. Sopranos was the closest I ever came. There is a wonderful series. Breaking bad, sons of anarchy, house of cards, I’ll give lost credit, bloodline, mad dogs, are to name a few classics. But I’m a guy, and pll is a guilty pleasure. Haha. Long live A

  20. Scarlett Casey says:

    I really am gutted over the last series u brang someone who wasnt even no where to be seen in the whike the series and was jus so mest up like i really so angry was my favioute prgoame u litetly jus runied the hole seven yrs show enyways u didnt really csre ovsily done now 😊

  21. Hayley Smith says:

    At the end of final episode it went back to the beginning of the first episode with the new teens from school what that all about

  22. Charlie says:

    I feel like this show became so contradicting and confusing that it was going to take a miracle for the finale to actually make sense and answer everyones questions. PLL always had so much potential but it got caught up in trying to shock, fool and confuse the audience that it never really lived up to it. Each season felt like a different storyline that was patched together by flashbacks and Marlene’s interviews afterwards explaining everything. It would of been great to see how AD was involved from the very beginning and she was the mastermind the whole time, but that would’ve been a way too cohesive story for them to figure out.

  23. Jay says:

    So the show started out really good and then after they revealed Mona to be the first “A” just became ridiculous, but I kept watching out of curiosity. Since they had a whole season as the FINAL season, I don’t understand why the finale was so rushed. For a show that DRAGGED things out so much, this was just too weird of a pace and didn’t fit well with the show. It seemed like episode 19 was a season finale and they got the axe and through together a 2 hour special to “wrap” things up. It was just average and boring. Oh and the scene that kicked off the 5 year jump back, when they finally went back to it in episode 19, was a major let down (all a dream?). It only goes to show is that the writers really didn’t have a clear path laid out and were just flying by the seat of their pants.

  24. Bryann says:

    Pretty little liars needs to keep going to see what happens with the new girls when their friend goes missing

  25. Wooster182 says:

    Omg. A spinoff. I’m equally delighted and dreading it.

  26. Lottie says:

    So where was Spencer when Alex was pretending to be her all those times? I’m so confused?

  27. Trey says:

    This just hurt me so much it was such a good show but the ending is just terrible I had no emotions. Just anger because I knew u guys could do better I feel like u rushed this episode and the comments above me are so true pretty little liers can’t end like this and I understand the girls are getting older and stuff but u guys can do 1 more season I know Alex is not the real A thts just so stupid it makes no sense 😪 Ty anyways for a good 7 years just disappointed hope some one sees all these comments I feel its important ty ;)

  28. NR says:

    The ending was okay…not spectacular. I did like the twist about Spencer having an evil British twin and Troian Bellasario played both roles like a pro. I am also glad that the girls (more or less) got their happy endings. Two things bugged me: why they had to use the whole “Aria won’t be able to have kids” plot to create strife between her and Ezra (though it was resolved by promises of surrogacy or adoption). That sucked and seemed like an unnecessary plot device that was stuck in the middle of the story to add one last bump in their already rocky relationship. Aria has already payed her dues over and over again and now this? BS. The thing with Mona and the living dollhouse in the end was just plain creepy. I wish Mary and Alex had wound up in the slammer in adjoining cells instead of locked up in Mona’s cellar of craziness. That would’ve been payback enough. Otherwise, an okay ending to a generally entertaining series. I will miss it.

  29. That was the WORST British accent ever. We invested years into the show and then didn’t get half the answers we needed. Who killed Ian? Why was Bethany Young killed? Why did Ali’s mum dress them (Ali and Bethany) the same? Who shot Spencer? Why didn’t Peter Hastings get a vasectomy and stop sleeping with random women? How was the NAT club involved with everything? Why hasn’t there been more made about teenage boys spying and filming everyone? When exactly did Charles become CeCe and what happened to his/her Adam’s apple?What happened to Aria’s file?

    • Evelise says:

      Exactly! There are a lot of unsolved puzzles in this game.

    • Jill says:

      Mona thought Bethany was Ali and hit her with shovel, Melissa thought Spencer had done it so buried the body to protect her sis. Jessica De Laurentis gave Cece all the same clothes as she bought Ali and Bethany stole the clothes when she broke out of Radley That Night. Noel Kahn shot Spencer.
      But yes the NAT club was a good plot and should have been more important in the show!!! The finale was so stupid and left too much unaccounted for

      • Anonymous says:

        I dont have o reply but i could not find the comment buttun

        I have a question for king
        In the end addison is missing andbthe same thing that happened to ali happend to her would there be another show for that im sure lots would love that and you could have some of the PLL cast on the show

  30. Evelise says:

    The show ended without telling what really happened to the 2 guys murdered on the first season and what their secret club Melissa was part of had to do with their murders, right? Did I miss something? I don’t recall Charlotte or Mona explaining that. Also, the murder in NY just became a cold case that never got back to Aria nor the girls? And why they were so paranoid about everything and when they got suspicious about a friend, this character would be declared innocent after soft questioning and then disapear for a while? It was a confusing from season 3 on. But I just couldn’t stop watching anyway… Please answer my questions if you know the answers and I was a lame viewer. Tks

  31. sophiee louisee says:

    Absolutley loved the season finale.. I am such a big fan of pretty little liars. I started at the very beginning and carried out until the very end.. I have watched all seasons 3 – 4 times over& can honestly say i am gutted to see the show go.. But it would be amazing for king to release a brand new spin off.. I am very intrigued to see what you come up with next& it would be my pleasure to watch yet another amazing show.. I really hope something else come s of this, Dont let us PRETTY LITTLE LIAR FANS DOWN!!!! We support you.. X

  32. Lindsay says:

    Not sure why Marlene claims the twin theory is a unique idea or a major plot twist. Did no one on this show read the book series? There Alison is the one with an evil twin.

  33. Jessica Kestner says:

    The ending was really good but I feel like it was not the end. Like there should of been more. Or better to the ending it was cool how the girl came back saying her friend was missing and heard a scream like they did at the beginning with Allison and Spencer. I just feel that they should make a season 8. Show how all the girls are doing and married life and the babies.

  34. Jill says:

    So disappointed by the finale it was ridiculous! Definitely should have been Allison as A all along she was so evil! So many plot holes!! Would have made so much more sense and been so cool if Ali was A. Or Aria. Or if Spencer’s twin had been Avery (the Sara Harvey friend we never saw but was hinted to be in Radley) even Lucas being A would make more sense! This was lazy writing and just so stupid Alex Drake had no reason to hurt the girls and if she was craving family why turture her own twin?! So so dumb. Marlene King u need to check into Radley ASAP for thinking this was a good way to end such a good show :(

  35. Jessica Rose Ruvak says:

    She worked so hard on this finale.. I call BS. Stick a character in at the last minute, with no real motive to torture the pll, I have no words….it was horrible…

  36. Nelda McCone says:

    What is the significance of the new mean girls in the final episode of PLL?

  37. Leslie says:

    How can ya,ll let them not show Hannah having her baby on TV.

  38. Delaney says:

    I can’t believe it’s over. When spencer went with the Hastings how did Alex leave radley?

  39. johnathon.petrie-bishop says:

    i wish yous would make just one more season because for one of my reasons is we didn’t get to see alison and emily get married please email me back

  40. Teagan says:

    I loved how it ended. I thought it was funny how Alex got what she deserved. How she asked Mary Drake if Mona would keep them there forever like Spencer asked Alex that. I want to see more of the ending and I think a spinoff would be a great idea. Just try to switch it up. Like maybe there can be many A’s. Each girl can be assigned an A. Each person Addison has been rude to. It will be like that episode when all the A’s come out and confuse the girls.

  41. Bobby says:

    Not really sure what to think. Still amazed at how almost magical A was throughout the entire thing. Like its impossible to be all, see all, record all, everywhere, all the time. Plus, alot of the stunts A did were not realistic at all. A was just unrealistically powerful. The twin thing was definitely not expected and kinda felt it was too rushed. The fact that Mona is good guy, then bad guy, then good guy, then bad is so dumb. She should have died earlier in the show, just get rid of her. Honestly, I think the show should have ended after the doll house. I felt that would have been a good ending with charlotte being A and being caught. Mary was okay but still almost too much. Like was she really needed? Then add Alex into it and its pushing it. Like I said, should have ended with the doll house in my opinion. Still really enjoyed the show, kept me always wondering what was next.

  42. Jessica Rose Ruvak says:

    Finale was an epic fail. Most fans didn’t want a genesis A story! We wanted to understand why the PLLs were being tortured all those years. Cece and,Alex were weak explanations, that made no sense. She put best into the finale, eiw ygst us sad. Obviously, Marlene and all involved did not understand the PLL fans.

  43. Jessica Rose Ruvak says:

    If a show’s creator continuously has to do interviews to explain her show storyline, then its time to find a new job!!!

    • Allison says:

      Yes I agree completely. I was just discussing this and how Marlene would say you need to follow her Twitter to understand things that happened in an episode for it to make sense. Why not make the episode make sense???

  44. Boog says:

    First and foremost *Spencers accent was brutal…* the whole evil twin thing was a bit to much for me… It would have been much more shocking / satisfying if AD was someone we actually knew… I don’t feel like it was a very good ending… too much shoved into a last episode. I don’t feel like I has given any closure :( Sad it’s over though!

  45. Allison says:

    I started watching this show out of curiosity during season one, I like mystery and I thought this show had the potential to be really good.

    After countless twists and turns during each episode, it became hard to follow and there were too many storylines to remember. I don’t understand why Emily ended up with Alison, she was an awful person and was so horrible to everyone and anyone. She couldn’t let Paige and Emily be happy together and helped to distance them in the last few episodes before Paige left. Emily should have seen this was not behavior from someone who cares about her. The fact Alison was impregnated using Wren’s sperm made NO sense and using Emily’s egg…..what on Earth did this have to do with anything?

    The storyline with Ezra and Aria when they started dating when she was in highschool bothered me so much. This was an adult taking advantage of a minor. Yes he didn’t know when he Aria met in the bar, but after she showed up in class, he should have ended it. This storyline made an adult/child relationship seem ok to those watching it when it’s not ok. what if a teenager watching this show thought it was acceptable for that to happen and engaged in a relationship that isn’t legal, all because a show made it seem sexy and taboo??? Not ok.

    The amount of twists and turns in the last episode were comical at times…..Mona wearing the Melissa mask made zero sense. The evil twin being Spencer’s and introducing this character in the last episode of a series was bad timing. It should have been someone who had been there all along like Mona.

    Anyone else find it bizarre that Ezra and Aria got married at the Radley? Or that the Radley was the old insane asylum?

    The last scene of the show made me shake my head and laugh….they made the last scene exactly like the pilot of PLL and no one wants to watch another show that’s the exact same as one they finished. This show as popular as it was/is was beyond ridiculous and hard to follow, thank God it’s over. I always made jokes about just waiting till it ended and watching the last episode because it was so tiring watching it. I wish I had done that.

  46. madason says:

    are you carrying on from where Addison goes missing so like a new pll and is there going to be a movie

  47. Trinity says:

    I think the season finale was perfect it kept Mona insane but happy and she was on top of the ones who doubted her…There could maybe be a spinoff which would be cool but maybe even pointless, unless it’s a movie and not made into a whole series because we don’t want to sit through the same thing again. And if the spinoff’s plot is close to the original plot than the original girls should be helping the new girls…and plus i knew it was gonna happen again because Addison was begging for it…the town should really be cursed that would be soo cool. I’m a writer and I just love the way it ended…I might even do a fan fiction of this. Thanks

    • Trinity says:

      But yes it did seem a little rushed and they realized it wasn’t spencer way too fast. And the with wren thrown in the mix, he never seemed like the guy who wouldn’t tip spencer and her friends off…but it made since now because I did some of the things spencer did seemed out of place but there’s no way she did that and never became close to getting caught before Ezra caught her…the finale could of been stretched a few episodes or made an entire movie that would of been fine

  48. Joceline says:

    I really love it though I really think they should make a spinoff because it didn’t end as the liars going their separate ways, but instead it showed Addison as her friends repeating what happened with Alison when they thought she was dead. This got me wondering what should happen next. Personally I think if a spinoff isn’t made, you will leave people wondering what happens to Addison and never give an answer which would cause hate. Overall I think this show is great

  49. Rocky says:

    This ending was ok, but not surprising at all. It was weird to throw a new character that we didn’t know and could not really suspect, we didn’t even have the time to hate or like her.
    It feels rushed but it was still a nice ride but not spectacular. (sorry for my mistakes, I am not a native)

  50. Ava says:

    Was the last scene, where they do a recreation of the very beginning of how A all started, going to go anywhere? We’re they going to be tortured by a new A?