General Hospital Burton Returns Jason

General Hospital: Steve Burton's Return Is Confirmed — Playing Jason...?

The first shoe has officially dropped.

ABC’s General Hospital confirmed with a teaser promo on Wednesday that Daytime Emmy winner Steve Burton is in fact en route back to Port Charles — begging the million-dollar question: As whom?

After all, the role that landed gold on Burton’s mantel — that of rich kid-turned-hoodlum Jason Morgan né Quartermaine — is currently being played by three-time Daytime Emmy winner Billy Miller (formerly of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, where Burton most recently hung his proverbial hat. Daytime-TV is so very incestuous anymore).

For what it’s worth, the teaser promo glimpses (half of) Burton in the standard-issue black tee he wore as part of Jason’s “uniform.” Or maybe that is theoretically the actor’s own GAP-issued shirt. We don’t know.

As the promo says, “Stay tuned”!

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  1. Jeff hunter says:

    To quote Homer J. Simpson:”Whoo Hoo”!jeff

  2. Natalie says:

    I might have to start watching again.

  3. Timmi HILL says:


  4. Donna Salvi says:

    since billy miller has a recurring role on ray donovan, he must be concentrating on his primetime career…I like both of them, but steve IS Jason.

  5. Mary says:

    Hoping it is just a short stint that plays with Sam’s illness. I actually like Miller and how he portrays Jason now. I am not thrill if they got rid of R. Budwig to make this happen especially if it is short term. I have been an avid fan for a long time but sometimes they really test my limit on how much I will stay tune. It better be a great story line and not at the expense of other characters.

    • Hallie says:

      Doubtful SB hasn’t even begun taping at GH nor is he close to taping and story’s are taped 6 weeks ahead so by the time SB comes to the screen the sam s/l will probably be done

      • Mary says:

        Maybe not because we all know how these shows like to drag things out. I will give it a chance but if the story is way out there or it is going to be a mob mentality again I will be gone. Nothing against Steve but I found the Jason and Sonny show to be boring and repetitive. I think Billy has done a great job making the character likable and more human.

        • I agree. I loved Billy Miller on Young and the Restless. He is the reason I
          started watching General Hospital again. Love the chemistry between him
          and Kelly.

          • Sherri Sharp says:

            I didnt like him on Y&R but love him as Jason

          • renee russell says:

            I love Billy Miller I hope steve is a twin

          • Linda says:

            Of course Billy Miller has dedicated fans just like Steve Burton. I started to watch Y&R when Steve went there to create Dylan. But Steve IS Jason not a twin. Let Billy be a twin. Steve and Kelly made Sam and Jason an amazing couple. I am now watching GH again because Steve is coming home!

      • Kim says:

        Soap opera’s story lines can take literally years to conclude! I’m sure he will be back long before that story line ends!

    • Lorraine says:

      Think it wrong he wanted go leave never was crazy about him as Jason this guy Billy was so much loving his family his nephew the could gave him another part to play he could have been Steve Webber or even blackie or even Morgan or a dozen other guy parts

    • Sue says:

      I agree. It’s to crazy for fans. We mourn Steve as Jason, then over time fall for Billy. Fans get pretty emotional about this but they don’t care. So what will happen to Billy??

    • leigh says:

      Read somewhere that it’s Buddig herself who wants to leave

    • Lisa Burns-Dylla says:

      I’m with you. Billy is soooo much better as Jason. All around better actor

    • Linda Cookingham says:

      To each their own. Steve made Jason. IS Jason and anything else pales. Move over Miller. The REAL Jason is back in town! Let Miller make his own character and leave my Jason alone. Not that I didn’t try to accept him as Jason but…no, can’t do it!

  6. Wrstlgirl says:

    That’s a pretty cool promo. Dying to know what the plan is. I know that Kelly and Billy are really good friends, rumored to be a couple although I don’t know if that’s truth or not, but anyways, that would be tough if they fired him.

    • Dr. Opossum says:

      There could be room for both actors. After all, Jason does have two ladies in his life and loyal fans for both pairings. Why not Billy’s Jason (or twin/double) with Sam and Burton’s Jason with Liz?

      • Hallie says:

        Oh god no they only need one of them i think BM probably is leaving which is why they went to get steve back because if they lose jason again they will be in trouble

      • Kelly says:

        That would work for me! I always preferred him with Liz, Sam crys too much!

        • Shelly Crabtree says:

          Sorry, disagree, Elizabeth is the biggest cry baby ever

          • Julie T Potter says:

            I do agree with u. I can’t stand her character. She should focus on her kids instead of always trying to find a man. Where is Franco by the way?

          • Steven says:

            Yeah I disagree. I think the chemistry between Jason and Liz was always better than Jason and Sam. Sam was always a sneak. Liz wears her heart on her sleeve which I like.

        • Sue says:

          Are you kidding? Lol Sam hardly cried, Liz is known for her constant crying.. what are you watching?? Liz and Franko are so cute together, he needs Liz. This is all to nutty

    • Hallie says:

      I doubt they fired billy it sounds more like billy may not renew his contract and go to primetime which is probably why they sought out steve. The whole reason he left to begin with was money so gh had to have come up with some so he would come back no way they will spend that money to make him anyone but jason

    • Vail says:

      That rumor went around a few years ago but was pretty quickly squashed. If you are famous and you are at a beach with a co-star, someone will take a pic, et volia, you are a couple! Kind of yuck, isn’t it?
      I am so sad out that some of you are being so hateful to Billy Miller. Steve cannot just say he needs time with his family, show up on Y&R in a part made especially for him, then for another reason (what, he doesn’t need family time any more? Is he leaving his home in the middle of the USA?) just drop back in to GH.
      I have only heard nice things about SB, but it isn’t fair to say he is better than BM who took over a really hard part to re-cast. Billy brings all kinds of facets and dimensions to Jason that I never saw before.
      Two good men, two talented men. We can cheer for both of them!

  7. Kevin Tran says:

    GH fans are very happy that Steve Burton is back. Wonder if this should be a tale of two Jasons between Steve Burton and Billy Miller.

    • Hallie says:

      I don’t think so i think that BM probably wants to leave the show and they know they need to keep jason on the canvas so they made steve an offer

  8. Tomm Huntre says:

    Not every GH fan is happy. Scroll the message boards. A lot of us prefer Miller’s improved Jason.

    • Margie says:

      Thank you 😁

    • Hallie says:

      Steve Burton is a fan favourite and a lot of fan are very happy about the news but everyone likes BM too so i think a lot of fans are just on the fence about it. I personally like them both but i do not think they need both i can’t image him at gh without being jason that would be just to weird

    • Jennifer Jones says:

      No way is Billy Miller a better Jason Morgan. Steve Burton will forever be the original “Stone Cold.”

      • Paula Mattson says:

        I agree , Billy was never Jason , he acted just like Billy Abbott playing Jason

      • Arlene L Drakeford says:

        Amen Jennifer!

      • CSW says:

        Billy tried too hard to make Jason work…Jason is like a completely DIFFERENT character now…i dont like this new Jason…what does he do for work…the only thing interesting about Sam was Steve’s interpretation of Jason…her voice grates on my last nerve…bring back Steve FULL TIME and pay whatever it takes

      • Deborah says:

        I totally agree, Steve Burton will always be Jason Morgan. I’ve waited a long time for his return. Sooo happy! Welcome home Steve.

  9. Keni k stone says:

    ABC network is doing everything to stop Ron and Days . But this is going to happen. By September GH will be last in the ratings.

    • Rhonda Richardson says:

      They are last because their writing sucks. 38 years now and I have to quit. Months I put this off but Hayden, possibly Billy Miller, no more. Get rid of Ava and her brother, Alexis is boring as hell.

      • Trena says:

        I agree. Alexis is VERY boring I actually leave the room when she comes on and even when I DVD it I fast forward her part. Ava and her daughter and brother are also boring. I don’t see the purpose of them but I guess you can’t just get rid of the whole Jerome family. I would like to see Ned and Olivia get married already. I would love to see Heather back too.

    • IE says:

      WTH, Does ABC care about Ron & Days and stopping them? There are 4 soaps left if anything GH has gone above & beyond by being a team soap player. Instead of keeping to GH rich history they are killing it all by themselves by rewriting ALL that made GH so gteat over the decades ! If the writers were fans they would build on the characters legacies instead of breaking it down and making them look like morons-example, Why on earth would Sam be grabbing a knife when she has a license, permit , and registration for a gun.
      Also, as much as I love Finola- Jean Passanante created a charsher on AMC whend Finola returned to Daytime, Alex-Anna Devane’s twin. The least she could do is have some consistency-Alex was NEVER in the WSB, & nother a villainess -She was a Dr & SAVED Anna’s life! When Jean asks fans “How do you know?” Well we watched. It really is hurtful for a fan to get that Q every time & tell you considering she got paid to insult fans doing it. I for one will not be sad to see her go. Douglas Marland wrote rules on how not to kill a soap – think GH writers need to reread them.
      Oh, another example A+ blood type is not considered rare. Elizabeth Webber has that type we know it from a previous story- yet.. writers are going to say it is. Guess her type just spontaneously changed or disappeared with Jasper Jacks Dual-citizenship. Because we know that you can NOT deport Jax! Or how about the fact that Josslyn had TWO KIDNEYS replaced during that transplant when she had cancer? So, we know Nelle donated ONE. Who donated the other one? Paging Dr. Terrell Jackson !! I know ppl on the soap boards are asking that one!
      There are just so maNY
      Now Sonny is going to get out of of the mob? Lol. Guess he thinks try # 4, I think will work.. ugh

  10. Rao says:

    Loved Steve but…. Sorry Steve, I didn’t think I’d like Billy but frankly I prefer Billy’s portrayal MUCH BETTER. Hmmm 3 daytime Emmy’s….Billy…. you’re AMAZING

    • LT says:

      Burton has two Emmys…so this seems like a silly thing to focus on.

      • Hallie says:

        That is a really stupid comment steve burton won 4 soap opera digest awards for his portrayal as Jason Morgan in 1997,1998,1999 and 2003 , He won the OFTA award best actor in 1998 for GH and has won two emmy’s one of which was for General Hospital for his portrayl of Jason Morgan

        • Jennifer Jones says:

          Exactly! Steve Burton will always be a star.

        • Beth R says:

          Here’s the thing, Steve Burton made Jason . You can’t compare the two actors, as the Jason Steve played is nothing like the Jason that Billy plays. Apples and oranges people.

    • Audra says:

      No way is Billy better than Steve.

    • Paula Mattson says:

      Oh no he just like Billy Abbott playing Jason ! They need to bring the real Jason back !

  11. Jamie Lee Ann Byrd says:

    I so happy Steve back part of me want him as Jason but I know it would be the same old mess and me and my fellow Liason fan would get run over but at the same time Billy don’t have the same spark with Becky that Steve do they only have that spark when the writer write them together or when they write them happy to be around each other with Steve the reason us Liason fan lasted for all 13 years of Stecky Liason is because even when the characters are not together and with other people and barely friends or mad at each other you put them in a room together and it could be a quick look in each other direction you see the sexual chem. there you see the eye sex Stecky plays it like their is always a chance even if it small that we can get them back together.

    The other part of me hope he plays someone else and they put him with Elizabeth because STECKY IS BEST

    don’t let SBu be a dream so something like that.

  12. Mary says:

    If it is the tale of two Jason I wonder who gets the real Jason. Is it sad that I have no real faith that this show can make an interesting story that makes sense and doesn’t change course halfway through (I’m looking at you Fluke)

  13. A.D. says:

    I am sooo excited as long as he is playing Jason Morgan!

  14. rebecca says:

    OG Jason & Sam are my absolute favorites.. Billy Miller is great, but just not the same. Can’t wait to see Kelly Monaco in this storyline!

  15. Brenda Johnson says:

    This is a soap I know. If he is going to portray Jason how r they going to undo the DNA test that was done that proved Billy Miller is Jason?

    • Dr. Opossum says:

      Soap DNA tests are easy to fake. Such poor security…

    • Normandy says:

      Soap operas are the worst at rewriting history. They hand-wave anything and everything away that they don’t want to deal with. That’s why they have the worst writing. John Black had a DNA test to prove that he was an Alemain. Then years later they find out he’s a DiMera and was adopted by the Alemains.

    • grazelled says:

      So what about Spinelli’s facial reconstruction program that showed that BM’s Jason looked like OG Jason before the accident…along with the DNA test?

  16. Marilyn C says:

    I loved Steve but Billy has really made this character his own. And Billy ‘s chemistry with Kelly is off the charts. I hope GH keeps Billy as Jason.

  17. Kay says:


  18. Lainie says:

    Billy is a good actor but he wasn’t Jason, There is and always will be only one – Steve Burton! And what an great plot line affecting so many character’s! Can’t wait to have the “real” Jason back and watch the fireworks!

  19. Martha jenkins says:

    Steve should have stayed when he had the job.Billy miller has the job now.To bad so sad.

  20. Valerie Jackson says:

    Love Steve Burton as Jason . Billy is good however he just doesn’t have ump. I want Jason to remember going to Medical school to be a doctor

  21. Tammy Davis says:

    Not a fan of Burton. To dry and boring.

  22. Ian Lee says:

    They are probably going to do the same thing as Days with Roman and John Black.

  23. Cathy says:

    I hope that they keep Billy as Jason. With Steve back and if they put him in the role of Jason, we will be back to the Sonny/Jason/Carly show. And they will lose viewers who are enjoying the variety of stories that have been shown since Frank Valenti took over. Now we will go back to the Guza mob focused show.

  24. Tomm Huntre says:

    The only thing that will sell this story for me is IF mama Helena is involved – front and CENTER !!! I’ll accept just about any story that involves Madame Cassadine!!

    • Kelly says:

      I was thinking she would be back for this storyline, when they showed her on the Jake scenes, I was hoping then she would come back for a visit!

  25. Debra Tolliver says:

    Yeh!!! Jason is coming back. I missed his character so much!

  26. Debbie says:

    Personally, I don’t want Steve Burton back as Jason. Billy Miller allowed Jason to grow as a character and I’d hate to see all of that flushed down the toilet for an actor who made disparaging remarks about finally feeling like he was working on a soap after JFP left GH and lied to fans about wanting to spend more time with his family and his music only to announce his jump to YR 2 weeks after leaving GH. Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t begrudge any soap actor a job, as they are far and few between these days, but when all of that played out with Steve Burton, AMC and OLTL had recently been canceled and fans were circling the wagons in an attempt to keep GH on the air, so his decision to leave resonated more than it would have if it happened today.

    • Tamara says:

      I went to one of his events and he said people are going to believe whatever they want no matter what he says. He did not stay on gh because they would not work with him in regards to traveling from Tennessee to California. He was willing to stay if they did that. He was also on gh as. Leading man. When he took the job at Y and R. They worked with his traveling schedule and he was on as a supporting actor. I watched Y and R the entire time he was on there and he was not on screen as much as he was on GH. So I believe him, he also did not spk bad of gh when he left. He is a decent guy. 😁

  27. Tamara says:

    I am a GH Fan from way back in the Anna and Robert WSB days and I have watched Steve burton from Q to Morgan and he is the only Jason Morgan to me. Billy Miller has brought out a different side of him because of the accident and lost of memory. He can be stone cold if he needs to be. That being said and because I follow SB on twitter and FB and have been to his restaurant and buy his products I truly believe this is short term and SB will be coming back as “Jason Morgan ” but in Sam’s mind. He will help her deal with the hallucinations and stuff. I am thinking she is also angry at Jason for “dying” and possibly did not really deal with it when the “Jason” revelation came out and when she almost died from being pushed off the bridge. I am thinking this s/l is gonna be some type of closure for what happened when Jason “died” and because that “Jason” had SB face. That is the one Sam will be dealing with. She may even yell at BM but see SB. I think it will be a great s/l and everyone kind of gets what they want. I love the way both actors play the character, but I really believe SB is temporary. He really is happy with what he is doing. I am just saying.

  28. Christol O'Neal says:

    It’s about time!! But please let it be the real Jason (Stone Cold). Then let Jake Doe find out who he really is. I like Billy Walker, but no-one plays Jason like Steve!

  29. lillian s kasper says:

    How about Jason is coming back as Nicolas Cassadine…had to have plastic surgery after his
    fall out the window..Spencer needs his Dad and they need to get Wyndemere back…

    • Where's Brenda? says:

      That would be fantastic. They seem to be foreshadowing Nic’s return via Spencer, and giving Burton a big family with Laura, Lulu, Alexis, Valentin would be a plus. He was bored playing Jason, and it showed. Billy Miller was mote engaging as Jake Doe than he is as Jason, and Sonny is beyond tedious.

      He’d also be interesting as Lucky, or as a heretofore unknown relative of Lila’s.

      Or, as a new character, maybe a veteran?

  30. Hallie says:

    As much as i like BM version of Jason there was always something missing there and really there is only one jason so i hope he is coming back as jason because if they bring him back as another character that would be stupid. Steve burton is jason and i don’t really think SB would come back unless he plays jason

  31. Angie Sharp says:

    OMG! I love Steve Burton so much, I hope he is taking over as Jason again, and they can give Billy Miller to Liz or they can bring him in as Jason twin and give SB to Liz I miss Liason so much

  32. Lisa Echerd says:

    I like Billy Miller in this role so much better. He actually has facial expressions. Burton jumped ship to go to Y&R with some lame excuse about spending more time at home when he really was following his favorite producer out the door and across the street. If he’d just been honest, then fine. But now I guess he is out at Y&R and wanting back to GH. I don’t see a place for him and would rather they give the crowded cast they have storylines.

  33. Scott says:

    Oh, good, the wooden actor who shows no emotion, stares off into space, and sleepwalks through his scenes just like his best bud Maurice, is returning. ZzzZzzz.

  34. Kelly says:

    This Makes Me So HAPPY!! Steve is Jason! Billy Miller is a great actor, but Jason is not a lovey dovey touchy feely character and that’s what I like about him! I do hope the mob story doesn’t get more airtime! I hate that part, give Jason more time with Quartermaines!!

  35. Trena says:

    I’ve been hoping that the real Jason Morgan was coming back to GH. We have missed you terribly, the show hasn’t been the same without you. I’ve missed you and Sam together. I can’t wait to watch GH again now that you’re coming back home. I just hope the writers keep you and Sam together or else there will be trouble. Welcome back #SteveBurton #therealJasonMorgan #SamMorganhusband #Sam’s baby daddy #Jasam #thereasoniwatchGH.

  36. kpmom says:

    My guess is that maybe Heather Webber wasn’t lying when she said Jason has a twin. Maybe she was only lying about that twin being Franco. So now maybe Steve Burton will come back to play the twin, who still has Jason’s original face since he wasn’t in an accident like Billy Miller’s Jason.

  37. Sherri Champagne says:

    this has nothing to do with the topic at hand but do any other GH fans have a problem with LuLu’s pregnancy not being worked into the script??? It just bugs me that we are pretending that she is not obviously pregnant….

  38. SSG says:

    I hope he’s not Jason, and that he’ll play a completely new character. He could be the guy Sonny will vet to take over his business.

  39. Judiwb says:

    Not happy for his return. Love Billy in the role. I don’t want the Sonny/Jason/Carly/Mob Show over and over.

  40. Jo jo says:

    Love that Burton is coming back as Jason . U know Elizabeth had feeling for the today’s jason. As Sam is acting strange with her feeling abut Jason with trusting him, it could be used he’s not the real Jason. When elizabeth had feeling thinking he was Jason, they could rekindle those feelings. They have alot to work with there. But I liked it when today’s Jason was with elizabeth, Burton with Sam.

  41. Margie Baker says:

    Why is carley daughter look older then Elizabeth oldest son and he was born way before her.Tell me that.

  42. Anna says:

    The thing I’m thinking of is, if he returns as Jason…. How do they explain that now his face is back to the way it was before the accident? Also the fact that Jake was afraid of Jason the way he looked before. I didn’t think I would like Billy Miller as Jason but to me he is the face of Jason now. Don’t get me wrong, I really liked Steve Burton and didn’t think it would work with someone else as Jason. I’ve been watching GH almost since the beginning in 1963.

  43. Linda Mannone says:

    I think its sad that They are making us worry about Billy Miller, he is fantastic, I pray he stays!!!!

  44. Jane says:

    I’m so excited! I love Steve Burton as Jason. About time he returns! Love Steve Burton as Jason 4 ever!

  45. Sue Little says:

    We want to keep Billy Miller as Jason!!

  46. mabelle says:

    Heather Webber claimed two babies where born and one died. She then made it so people believe Franco was the twin who died so she could pass off her/Baldwin’s baby as the real twin. So Steve Burton and Billy Miller can both be the twins – it’s just a matter of what actor is the real Jason Morgan and who is the lost-twin

  47. Mare says:

    I can’t wait love him I was ready to give up on GH but since he is coming back I will continue to watch it
    Been watching 36 years
    That being said I do like billy miller
    I think they should bring Steve burton back as Jason and billy can go back to being Jake doe but now he should stay with Sam she had to have him
    And Jason can go back to Elizabeth
    Because no matter what Jason always had a bond with Liz and the way they had this new Jason treating her was not realistic considering what they have been through

  48. Jane Schmoe says:

    I like Billy as Jason. Hope Steve coming back is temporary.
    Now, if only Ava would meet her demise already (how many lives does she have???) and either get to the point of the Ana/Valentin/Nina/Lulu/Charlotte storyline or move on. Same with Jordan/Curtis et. al.
    I want excitement and action and intrigue, not boring storylines that drag on for months and months.

  49. Tracy says:

    Omg! I stopped watching GH when Steve Burton left, this is amazing news can’t wait to start watching once again. When the REAL Jason left the show, it was over for me. I’m beyond excited that Steve Burton is coming back!!! Congrats

    • Steven says:

      Me too!. SB is the real Jason..period. Nothing against Billy Miller who is good…but Jason was started by SB. When is his 1st official airdate back on GH?