Big Brother Season 19

Big Brother Season Premiere Recap: Which Vet Returned? Who Got Evicted?

According to the calendar, summer technically began on June 21 — but for Big Brother fans, the season hasn’t officially started until Julie Chen utters a well-timed, “But first…”

Fortunately, CBS offered a return to normalcy on Wednesday night with the Season 19 premiere of its reality staple, cheekily dubbed “The Summer of Temptation.” Over the course of their 90-day stint, this year’s 16 houseguests will be offered tempting perks that, if taken, will introduce consequences into the house.

As every BB premiere does, Wednesday’s episode followed a typical trajectory: Alliances were formed too quickly (though I do kind of love the quirky quartet of Alex, Megan, Ramses and Jillian); the word “showmance” was dropped early and often; and, of course, jaws hit the floor when Julie introduced the season’s forthcoming twists.

Speaking of which, let’s recap all of the twist-induced drama from Night One: 

* After first learning about the Summer of Temptation theme, the houseguests head outside, where they are presented with the chance to win $25,000. The perk? If one of them goes for the money, his or her identity will remain anonymous. The pitfall? Should the cash be taken, the houseguest who wins it will unleash the season’s first big twist into the game and won’t be eligible to become Head of Household for Week One.

Thanks to his fast fingers, Kevin — the three-piece-suit-loving stay-at-home dad — snags the money, but, upon winning it, maintains a poker face that Lady Gaga herself would envy.

* Once Kevin scoops up the cash prize, the summer’s first real consequence is introduced: Paul Abrahamian, runner-up of Season 18, walks through the front door — but since he’s moving in for the summer, he’ll be taking another houseguest’s place… and that person will be getting evicted tonight. Gasp!

Paul is then given a box of friendship bracelets, eight of which he’ll hand out to the houseguests he wants to keep safe from eviction. (Paul’s anxiety-ridden reaction, appropriately: “Oh, I’m throwing up somewhere.”) Once each contestant has a moment alone with Paul, offering him everything from pinky-swear promises to cheese sandwiches in exchange for safety, he announces who’ll get a coveted bracelet: Kevin, Raven, Dominique, Mark, Jason, Jessica, Ramses and Elena.

* As for the other houseguests, they’re left to compete in a Garden of Eden-esque endurance challenge, from which Cody and his chiseled bod emerge victorious. The unlucky trio that ends up on the chopping block: Jillian, Cameron and Christmas, each of whom grabbed a “poisoned apple” from the garden after falling off their trapeze.

* After being presented with the final temptation of the evening — let the eviction take place by a house vote, or compete with one another to decide who leaves — the nominees opt to let their fellow houseguests cast votes, leading to a whole lot of uncomfortable “Please keep me!” conversations in the final minutes of the episode.

Ultimately, though, by a vote of 8-3-2, microbiologist Cameron is the first one sent packing, proving it doesn’t always pay off to be a BB superfan.

With that, I turn it over to you. What did you think of Big Brother‘s Season 19 premiere? Are you rooting for any houseguests yet? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Wrstlgirl says:

    I need Elena gone stat, please!!!

  2. Simon says:

    So we have a season where once again the twists favour the returnee. I like Paul but cmon this blows. He already has 8 houseguests who will owe him for saving them, and now he’ll must likely have this new safety beaded necklace. The producers of this show are so obvious. And I don’t care who it is, there should never be first night evictions. Poor Cameron. Terrible start.

    • LaDonna says:

      They have to do something to prevent the newbies from immediately targeting the returnee. Paul would have been an easy first eviction without some twist to keep him safe for a week or two. Last year, they made the returnees the team captains for the same reason. Force the newbies to play with them instead of ganging up on them from the get-go. I’m torn on whether I like it or not…I see the why, but am tired of all the returnees every season. As for Cameron, he’s going to have a chance to come back into the game… guaranteed. Probably after 4 or 5 evictions, we’ll see a comp to return.

      • Wrstlgirl says:

        Exactly. I’m glad the returnee is Paul, he and Victor were who I was hoping for. I remember when they kept bringing Rachel back and I hated it. And no matter what they do they’re never going to be able to please everybody so I just take all the twists in stride and enjoy the game.

  3. laura wiland says:

    Have waited for this all year. Glad you are back. I have watched BB since day one. Absolutely love it. I sit for an 85 year old lady and we watch together. She likes the hunky men and roots for the nerds. We also watch Julie on the Talk everyday right after lunch. Missed seeing her today but know she was busy getting ready for tonight. Hate to see anyone voted off so soon. Would love to see him return later in the season. Maybe he could return as a mouse causing some havoc from time to time during the season. If he makes it through the first half of the season without getting caught he could re-enter the house or win a prize.would give the players something to do trying to trap the mouse in the house. A Mystery to solve. Audience could even vote on things the mouse could do. Eat cheese from fridge, leave large poo pellets, nibble marks left on walls, mouse prints on the walls etc. Thanks for making two old ladies summer more eventful.

    • Taja J Chandler says:

      Your right I would love to see Cameron come back….they need to put a twist in that when Paul gets voted off Cameron gets to come back in the 🏠 for his FAIR chance to win!!!!! Can’t wait to watch all the new twist!!!!!

  4. Dale says:

    I think there’s something up with the dad of 7! He seems off

    • aria808 says:

      I loathe Paul, but I was offended that Kevin didn’t know who he was! Did he not watch last season? Do some of these contestants really go into the game blind without watching the latest season?

      • z says:

        remember that Paul went in not knowing a lot too last season

      • Gospino says:

        What a thing to get offended about lol. Yes, not everyone watches the show. The rodeo cowboy knows little about it and said in an interview that he thinks that’s an advantage since every season is different and you need to adjust based on how things happen. I’m sure that Kevin the dad was NOT the only one who didn’t know Paul, he was just the one who got the airtime about it.

      • Brendan says:

        Kevin doesn’t watch the show! It was his kids who forced him to apply to the show. He/his kids have a YouTube channel and they briefly talk about how it would be funny if their dad goes on reality tv.

      • WS says:

        His daughters are the fans who convinced him to go on the show.

  5. Pat steele says:

    The show was to be NEW people but NO you kick off very popular guy to Bring on a previous winner! Where is fair in that? Bring cameron back !

    • saved97 says:

      Paul did not win last season he was runner up to Nicole but I see where your going

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Cameron was popular?

      • Brendan says:

        In a lot of the Big Brother fan sites and Big Brother polls/pools… many people chose Cameron as going really far. Or at least on jury.

        • Wrstlgirl says:

          Awww, so he’s not really popular just an lucky (or unlucky) guess. I feel bad for him but that’s the game, it’s nothing new.

        • Sheryl says:

          It’s not like we voted him out or the producers for that matter…it was the houseguests. Why would they know that fans liked his intro video and were voting him to go far? If you saw who voted it was mostly the girls who got rid of him which makes sense since it was night one. Girls stick together when you have nothing specific to cast your vote on.

  6. saved97 says:

    After waiting and waiting all year my favorite summer temptation returned. Big brother is a must got summer to begin and tonight I went into the show expecting the unexpected as normal but more came out than I expected. With Kevin accepting the cash Temptation I say his poker face will not stay long and Cody the quietest houseguest to ever play the game and also one of the pretty boys of the season comes out and wins the safety competition, I was surprised. When Christmas, Cameron, and Jillian​ went into the diary room to vote for their Fate I was hoping for a eviction vote and it happened and I was expecting Christmas to go home but Wasn’t surprised that The first nerd got evicted. Cameron was likable but he just went into campaigning for votes, I mean honestly showing your butt to two girls just is not right. But overall I see an interesting season of big brother this year.

  7. Michael says:

    Cameron and Cody are most hated houseguests this season, so I’m ecsttic that one of them went home first! WOO!

  8. Stella Roberts says:

    I looooooved the premier., as always. BB writer’s know how to make a hit show. I’m pulling for Mark or Raven! I always pick a male and a female fav the first show…we’ll see⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  9. I.M Spooky says:

    That piece was good, especially because I accidentally deleted it from my DVR, and this piece led me to the end of the story. thanks!

  10. Robert Jeffrey Taylor says:

    I’ve been watching BB since season ONE,Great show but I truly think that the producers and wirter’s of the show should be more diverse by selecting the HG’s come on let’s see more people of color,can’t we all just break bread evenly for once after 19 season,as for who I believe will win the $500,000 well unfortunately it would be ME of course!!!!! UNFORTUNATELY I WAS NOT CHOSEN TO BE A HG mm mm mm mm!!

    • Brandie Diaz says:

      I think this every season…. There is almost always one black person, one gay guy and one person who is not black or white. I would love to see more lesbian’s, more than one gay guy in the house, more people of color and less white washing. The one time there were two gay guys in the house, Nick had to self evict a week later for a family emergency. The one season where I can distinctly remember to people who were black…. Marcel was gay so he fit both of the categories on their checklist of an attempt at diversity.

      • Tim says:

        Over the years, people of color have slowly increased on both Big Brother and Survivor. For the longest time, it was two, then it went up to three. We are now at 4 people of color a season, or 25%.

      • WS says:

        BB17 had three LGBT people in the cast.. I know BB8 had a couple.

  11. Alex says:

    I love big brother

  12. Brendan says:

    Can we also talk about how there were three temptations, but only one was actually a temptation by definition (25K). The other two were merely decisions/choices.

    And the next twist of the game, the “Pendant of Protection” is BB productions way of making sure Paul is safe for three weeks (aka their twist doesn’t fail).

    Also, it does pay to be a Big Brother fan, but it sucks when BB tries to ruin the mechanics of the game!

    • LaDonna says:

      I agree about the temptations…calling it the Summer of Temptation is misleading. From last night, I’d call it the Summer of Decisions. They get to decide how the game is played, but they weren’t really tempted, except for the money.

  13. WS says:

    Another season rigged for a returning player… Why couldnt they just let it be a season of newbies? This cast was good on its own.. adding Paul really messes up the dynamic and makes it all about him.

  14. Taja J Chandler says:

    I am a super fan !!!! I Love Christmas , Kevin , Dominique , Matt!!!! These are my favorites….at the moment!!!! I so want to be on next year’s season 20!!!!

  15. Billy meacham says:

    Great this fricking show is back. Why can’t this and survivor just flipping die already!! They overstayed their welcome!! No wonder why better shows get cancelled over reality garbage like this!

    • LK says:

      It’s fairly cheap and has a rather large and devoted fanbase… and occupies three hours of television a week during the summer… CBS more than gets its money back on this series.

    • jovigurl says:

      You don’t have to watch the it. Or read the recap. Or comment on a show you apparently don’t even like. ???????????

  16. Chris says:

    I was hoping this would be a season without the past house guests coming back. But at least it was only one.
    But getting rid of one house guest before we had a chance to know him just doesn’t feel right. All that time and effort you go through to pick them and they get thrown out in 12 hours. Give them a few days in house before you cave in their dreams.

  17. Ron says:

    Stupid CBS typical show would rather watch reruns of CBS News

  18. JoviChick says:

    I like the All Star ones but that is the only time returning houseguests should get that opportunity. I like a good All Star season every 5 or so but otherwise they should limit the previous houseguest to hosting comps and things like that.

  19. Janice Kelly says:

    I love to watch big brother, but let’s be real all they put on the show is young people. I have always wanted to see a new group, why not baby boomers, they are smart, creative and it would be exciting to see how well they play the game. I would be very interested in going on the show.

  20. EVELON says:


  21. abz says:

    Not sure why I keep watching this show as it makes me feel like I’m losing brain cells each episode, but it’s a guilty pleasure.

    I hate that Paul came back. Why do they keep thinking that bringing back vets is interesting anymore? Especially an annoying one like Paul. I’m debating if I should keep watching if I’ll have to hear “Your Boy” and “Friendship” every other minute. If they want vets then they should do an All-Star season. Having a vet just makes a lot of the gameplay targeting that vet or aligning with that vet. It all feels so predictable

    On a completely shallow note. Matt is so HOT!! Love the grey hair.

  22. Sarah says:

    I am so upset about yet another BB season with returnee house guests. and this time it’s PAUL…UGH I couldn’t stand him last year and now I have to listen to his friendship your boy BS. I wish CBS would Fire which ever butt monkey came up with this plan…expect the unexpected BS, more like expect the same damn thing every year!!!! I was so in love with this cast until Paul showed up and now I think I’ll boycott big brother. I have watch every single season since it stared and now I’m done. RIP BB

  23. Marlene May says:

    I have never seen a bigger bunch of losers. where do they find these people? There are some good, intelligent young folk out thee, but I guess they do not make good TV. I will not be watching for the first time in years