The Blacklist Season 4 Enrique Murciano Julian Gale

The Blacklist Exit: Enrique Murciano Won't Return for Season 5

Well, someone else is going to have to hunt down Red Reddington: Enrique Murciano is leaving NBC’s The Blacklist after one season.

Murciano announced the news himself with a tweet on Monday, promising to “see you all very soon”:

The Without a Trace alum joined The Blacklist in April as obsessive FBI investigator Julian Gale, appearing in Season 4’s final four episodes, including the two-part finale. Murciano had an option in his contract to become a series regular next season, but that was declined by the show. (In other, perhaps related news: The Blacklist: Redemption was cancelled last month, clearing the way for original cast member Ryan Eggold to return in Season 5, which debuts Wednesday, Oct. 4.)

Murciano’s other recent TV credits include Netflix’s Bloodline, Sundance’s Hap and Leonard and Starz’s Power.

Will you miss Julian Gale? Or can The Blacklist survive without him? Give us your snap judgments in the comments below.

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  1. Wrstlgirl says:

    Dang that’s to bad, I really like him. Hopefully we’ll see more of him on Hap and Leonard, love his character on there.

  2. ziggybr549 says:

    Rats. I liked him as a potential thorn in Red’s and Ressler’s side.

  3. Ellen says:

    Good! I’m glad he’s gone. They should finally start writing good storylines for characters like Ressler and Cooper!

  4. Good actor but the character was horrible written…

  5. Kevin Tran says:

    Started to hate Enrique Muricano’s character on The Blacklist but I’m happy he won’t be back for Season 5.

  6. nabocane says:

    Sorry for my Cuban little brother, but people/characters (in RL and on TV) who don’t respect personal space get WAY on my nerves. Glad he won’t be back on ‘Blacklist.’ Wish him well in everything else he does.

  7. Barbara says:

    I am glad he won’t be back. Didn’t really like him in the blacklist

  8. Mike says:

    I’m wondering why I’m supposed to care about someone that was around for a half of a season. When someone announces an exit, it’s normally a regular. I feel myself yawning. And I’m not blaming the actor…I just don’t think the character is worth mentioning an exit.

    • Amelia says:

      It’s summer. They have to do something for content.

    • mary says:

      Because there was an open story line. I like to see how they’ll close it, besides saying he was “transferred’ or died off screen.

    • PatriciaLee says:

      Because some or us enjoy him in anyrhing, especially in shows we like, that’s why. The actor does have fans from other shows. He was fun to have on the show.

  9. Natalie says:

    I usually love him but on the Blacklist his charactor was horrible.

  10. fightfan3 says:

    I’m glad he’s not coming back as a regular, but hope to see him in an episode or 2 to close that storyline.

  11. Sarah D says:

    Good. I didn’t really like his character.

  12. Andrea says:

    I never understood why he was even there. They already have a male FBI agent they hardly ever use. So, good he’s gone!

  13. Wen Igle says:

    I disliked his character from the start. I not only had an “in your face” attitude, he actually got so close to others I though he was going to kiss them. He was a stereotypical smart aleck on a show that is better than that. His character, had he been on more often, nearly had me switch off. Considering I stuck by the show even during the season of the pregnancy (which was really bad), I decided to suffer through this character & pray he would not come back.

    • R.O.B. says:

      LOL – I just wrote the same thing, didn’t see your post first. I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed this!

  14. Wayne says:

    Yes, the show and I will survive. Didn’t like his character.

  15. Casanova says:

    Is it wrong that I hoped it was going to be Megan Boone that wouldn’t be coming back even though it has been established that she is Red’s daughter?

    • Eacha says:

      No. *lol* It’s not established that he’s her father, though. Remember that they used DNA from a 30 years old shirt, not Red’s DNA (which is completely weird because they must have it in their database) and that Dembe asked him why he didn’t deny it.

      On topic: I’m glad Gale is gone. Didn’t add anything to the story and like others said, I also hated the way he was in everyone’s face.

  16. ndixit says:

    The character was just weird and didn’t really feel like it had long term potential anyways. It was nice for Ressler’s to get someone to play off though.

    • Andrea says:

      With this guy right in his face? No, thanks! They’d better written a real storyline for Ressler, not that “you’re the victim here” garbage.

  17. RST says:

    One of the best new characters. Too bad. Now the same old boring character. Thank god Tom will be back.

  18. R.O.B. says:

    I don’t mind the actor, he was good in Bloodline, but he played this character as the worst close-talker since the one on Seinfeld. It was very unsettling how he always got so close to everyone’s faces whenever he was talking. Several times I thought he was going to kiss Ressler.

  19. Walkie says:

    His acting style appears to be getting two inches from the other actor’s face and then moving his head side to side.

  20. I don’t even remember this guy’s character that sucks though…

  21. G says:

    Thank god his character was a bore as was his over the top acting

  22. Amy Wegner says:

    I was surprised to hear this news because I didn’t realize he had an option for Season 5. I thought his storyline was over when the “trial” got thrown out. That being said, I am glad that he isn’t coming back. I didn’t like the character of Gale and the way Gale acted it seemed like he was high or drunk all the time. He constantly was moving around, never really staying in one spot.

  23. Hal Grimes says:

    Good actor, bad script writing , THANK gOD rYAN IS BACK. oTHER SHOW….THE PITS

  24. Michael says:

    His character was horrible. I’m glad he won’t be back.

    I hope he’s back in Hap and Leonard season 3 though.

  25. texmike says:

    Ha, I was also bothered that he was a close talker. I didn’t care for him.

  26. Bo says:

    I didn’t know who he was til The Blacklist but he overacts. I didn’t care for him at all. Good choice to let him go. (Don’t mean to be mean…maybe this just isn’t the role for him)

  27. tahinas says:

    I don’t even remember him on, so, I won’t miss him then.

  28. bhenkeblog says:

    Sorry wasn’t impressed with him in this role. It seemed like he was trying to hard to imitate Pachino. I have enjoyed him more in other roles.

  29. v chakmakian says:

    murciano’s character julian gale lacked depth, substance, a compelling narrative and likeability. sadly and repeatedly in each episode, he tended to sound more like a idiot savant than an FBI agent determined to bring justice upon his arch enemy, reddington. murciano’s too fine an actor to be deprived of a decent script. seemed sometimes he had to overplay the role because there was nothing else to do with it. maybe his departure from the show is a saving grace, an opportunity to salvage his dignity. too bad for murciano, too bad for blacklist. and i am still digesting mr. kaplan’s demise. RIP to both!

  30. I’m really sad to see him go. I love those quirky characters and I was looking in to seeing them wrap Gale into the fold permanently. I would have loved to have seen the snarkfest that would have been Gale and Tom on scene together. :-/

  31. Art says:

    Won’t be missed. Character was a little too creepy and made no sense at all. Kind of like what Megan Boone is becoming.

  32. Maine says:

    love the idea of a character running after Red but Julian Gale was badly written and over acted, he is a cliche cop character not suitable for a show like The Blacklist