Steve Burton Returning to GH

Report: Steve Burton Returning to GH — Plus, Who's Leaving the ABC Soap?

Is Port Charles big enough for two Jasons?

General Hospital fave Steve Burton — who vacated the role of Jason Morgan in 2012 after a two-decade run — is heading back to the ABC soap, Daytime Confidential reports. Of course, Jason is currently being portrayed by Billy Miller, so it’s not clear if Burton would be playing a new role or replacing his replacement.

A rep for the sudser declined to confirm Burton’s return.

After leaving GH five years ago, Burton immediately jumped to rival soap The Young and the Restless. That gig came to an end in late January.

In other daytime casting news, Soap Opera Digest reports that suds vet Rebecca Budig is on her way out at GH, despite signing a four-year contract with the show last summer. She’s expected to make her final appearance as Hayden Barnes, a role she originated in 2015, later this summer.

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  1. Lynn says:

    Well he can’t really replace his replacement since they explained why he looks completely different so I’m guessing Helena has messed with them yet again and gave the current Jason false memories or something and the original Jason was being kept somewhere.

    • why not, they did it when James DePaiva returned as Max Holden

      • Tomm Huntre says:

        No they didn’t. Max just suddenly had his old face back and no one notice. JDP’s character returned with a new face / actor when Max came to town.

      • Ronald Heater says:

        It was more like the Todd Manning story. Two Todd’s. The one ended as Victor Lord Jr. as per the mom.

      • Ange says:

        And let’s not forget the awful Roman/John storyline on Days of Our Lives

        • Dana Beebe says:

          Omg no kidding! That and Marlena being possessed by the devil, himself, are the lame-ass story lines that made me stop watching. Talk about horrible writing! I hope GH handles this better. Regardless, it will be nice to see Steve Burton again!

    • JB Real says:

      …well this could explain why Sam is acting/feeling crazy…she knows this Jason is not HER Jason. SB and MB back together again. Dreamy! And SB’s Jason will find Morgan alive…just you wait. And SB and RB back together again…Liaison!

    • jr. says:

      I hope Vickie Lord ( formerly OLTL ), will escape from a secret tunnel on Spoon Island, where she abd others were held captive in Eterna by Helena and Vickies father ( i.e. who have been secret lovers, and masterminds of the real Eterna powers and riches). Lucky, Nikolas, Morgan, Alan, Emily, Stephan Jason, etc, have you been prisoners in Eterna too, and for what reason.

    • Ell says:

      Of course he can. It is a soap!

    • Ell says:

      Sure he can. It is done all the time in the soap world. Ratings should rise, which keeps GH safe.

    • leigh says:

      Read elsewhere he might portray a doc at GH, not Jason. But I’d like to see him as Jason. I like Billy Miller, though not as Jason.

    • Tracy says:

      I guess I’m late. I just found out SB is returning to GH. I was a few weeks behind so I had to catch up watching the episodes on my DVR but I think that would a good explanation and the closest thing that would make sense related to the recent storyline. Helena wasn’t done, fake memories for BM and SB was stash somewhere. I never believed BM as Jason. BM as Jason is too soft and sensitive. Yes I understand he’s differnt now etc, but No! Jason is who he is which SB played best, hardcore, rough around the edges but loving towards friends and family. BM can’t even get Jason’s mannerisms correct. BM never convince me as being Jason. Every time I see BM playing the role, i always feel something is missing. I’m so glad that SB is returning. The Jason character is not the same without SB. Sonny, Jason, and Carly back together again! Their loyalty and bond is Unbreakable. SB needs to come back and start kicking butt again. Even BM fight scenes as Jason is unbelievable. SB please come back as Jason please! It has not been the same without you.

    • Tracy says:

      I guess I’m late. I just found out SB is returning to GH. I was a few weeks behind so I had to catch up watching the episodes on my DVR but I think that would be a good explanation and the closest thing that would make sense related to the recent storyline. Helena wasn’t done, fake memories for BM and SB was stash somewhere. I never believed BM as Jason. BM as Jason is too soft and sensitive. Yes I understand he’s differnt now etc, but No! Jason is who he is which SB played best, hardcore, rough around the edges but loving towards friends and family. BM can’t even get Jason’s mannerisms correct. BM never convince me as being Jason. Every time I see BM playing the role, i always feel something is missing. I’m so glad that SB is returning. The Jason character is not the same without SB. Sonny, Jason, and Carly back together again! Their loyalty and bond is Unbreakable. SB needs to come back and start kicking butt again. Even BM fight scenes as Jason is unbelievable. SB please come back as Jason please! It has not been the same without you.

  2. Adam says:

    Totally saw this coming. I knew when Jill was let go from Y&R as EP, he would follow her. Please find a way to bring Billy Miller back to Y&R where he belongs!

    • JB Real says:

      …BUT, JFP is not the EP at GH. And if she comes back, she’ll ruin GH just like she ruined Y&R.

      • Marnee says:

        JFP returning to GH? Please NO!!!! She’ll run it of the air. She’s been fired everywhere, why bring her back. You’ll be sorry!

    • Mary says:

      That’s the first I heard of her returning. Are you sure or just assuming. She had her run I hope they keep her far away.

    • I think it’s more about Burton chasing one last big payday. He signed a huge contract at YR because of who the producer was. When she was gone it was inevitable they weren’t going to keep him at that rate. The last place where he is a “draw” would be a return to GH. So, he’ll return, get paid and probably leave again in 2 years when Monaco does too.

    • Elaine says:

      Nothing like taking a step back in his career.

  3. Big Cheddar says:

    The anvils have been dropping on the show for sure. I hope the find a way to keep Billy Miller. I actually like his version of Jason.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I do too. Actually I liked him better as Jake Doe than as Jason Morgan. JM lost my interest at least 10 years ago. TWO Jasons? UGH.

    • Tenney says:

      I like Billy Miller as Jason as well. I am completely over Jason being “stone cold”, working for Sonny, and the lack of connection with the Q’s. I like this version of Jason so much better.

  4. He left the role of Jason in 2015, and a lot of people love what Billy Miller put into the role. So no thanks.

  5. mike says:

    NO we don’t want him back.

  6. Mark Donavan says:

    Wasn’t Robin the the car with Jason when he got in the car accident that required reconstructive surgery> How will they explain that?

  7. shar says:

    I truly appreciate how RB gave her energy and good acting talent to a VERY poorly written role. She survived so much trash writing and had finally become an interesting sister, aunt and business analyst at GH. I didn’t watch the finn addiction nonsense, but her recent scene handling the kids was abslutely adorable. Wish her ALL the best.

    Jason, knowing GH Burton will be back for a quick story that makes no sense and then off, so as long as GH isn’t going to continue with their jason/sonny good guy killer sickening nonsense. That’s fine. I just worry if I will lose my Curtis/Jason scenes. Best bromance on TV for me! Those two were must see TV even though they were so RARELY on. Nope, stuck with the awkward MB/Miller scenes instead. Who wants that mess when we can have Curtis and Jason magic!

    • Mike Whittaker says:

      True. Great bromance.

    • Mary says:

      I never thought of that. Maybe he will come back in Sam’s mind due to her illness. I could handle that one but not as a far fetch story line thanks to Helena. Oh well time will tell. I agree about the bromance – Curtis is a gem great chemistry with everyone.

  8. A.D. says:

    The one and ONLY Jason Morgan…he better not be back as someone else…Helena brainwashing Billy Miller…her curse…etc…that’s how we get this right!

  9. They will do the Todd Manning/Victor Lord Jr ending from OLTL. The original actor came back after getting recast and it was revealed that the recast actor wasn’t the REAL character.

  10. Wrstlgirl says:

    A Tale of Two Jasons

  11. Mika says:

    Steve Burton is Jason. But I really like Billy Miller especially when he was with Liz. Hope they can both stay.

  12. Paul says:

    I still just see him as Evie’s boyfriend on Outta This World haha I still miss that tv show, I was like 7-10 when I watched it and it was amazing haha

  13. gottabril says:

    If SB comes back (as Jason) I’ll start watching again!

    • Patty says:

      Agree!! Nothing says StoneCold like SB’s portrayal of Jason Morgan. Also, try as I may, because I like BM as an actor, but the JaSam magic just isn’t the same without KMo and SB together. I’d like to see BM go back to the character of Jake, or better yet, back to Y&R as Billy Abbott, He’s always done an awesome job with that character, and he and Victoria are super hot together, just as the original Jason and Sam are.

  14. Iechoice says:

    Please let him come back as Jason!!!!

  15. Tomm Huntre says:

    I like Billy so much better as Jason than I did Steve. Billy gave Jason actual emotions, not just Jason the robot hitman.

    Sorry to see this happen.

    • Bertie Robertson says:

      Agree 100%….Billy Miller is now Jason….Steve Burton did fans wrong the way he left….

      • mary says:

        Did fans wrong? These actors are for the most part human beings. After playing the same character for so long, why shouldn’t he want something else? Cranky, that’s as bad as when people say women shouldn’t get pregnant if they have a role that doesn’t “call” for it. Does your life revolve entirely around what others want?

      • leigh says:

        How can an actor have done fans wrong by leaving a role that was not in his and his family’s best interest at that time? These actors are people first, with lives they’re trying to juggle. You forget that?

      • Theora says:

        Susan was Jason Morgan real mother who had twins something happen to the other twin Billy Miller is going to be that twin.

    • Alli says:


    • Julia says:

      Totally disagree. The new Jason is just mean, pushy & aggressive. He has no heart! The old Jason was nothing like that! Billy Miller is basically a new character because he’s definitely not Jason.

    • mary says:

      Funny how many are saying this. Yet the character was normal when he started the role. He was “stone cold” in the middle years. In the end he had changed. And being that he’s been “gone”, & what he may have gone through while “missing”.-that could change how Jason is again.

  16. Kevin Tran says:

    Very happy about the news that Steve Burton is returning to GH but it’s likely that Billy Miller should still be playing the role of Jason Morgan if the series has plans for a new character for Mr. Burton. Also I’m sad that Rebecca Budig is leaving Port Charles soon.

  17. Ash says:

    If he’s coming back as “the real Jason” and not another character, I’ll actually a little disappointed in this news because, despite hating the idea of going forward with a Jason who isn’t Steve, I really do enjoy Billy Miller and his chemistry with Kelly.

  18. kath says:

    It was a good 5 years.
    The two worst things about General Hospital were Steve Burton’s insistence on playing Jason as Stone Cold, the soulless hitman whose greatest love is Sonny, and Maurice Benard’s insistence that revolting mob boss Sonny is the romantic lead of the show and always wins. Now they’re both back.
    I am so sick of Sonny’s mob taking over the show. Bring back the medical stories, not the mob ones.

    • Mark Donavan says:


    • ninergrl6 says:


    • Tenney says:

      Preach it!!

    • Amy says:

      After watching for decades I did finally stop watching. Like most things decades later…it’s evolved into something else. The clincher for me was the whole “re-write” of the Luke & Laura legacy, due to Tony Geary not wanting to play “that” anymore. I’ve never been “in love” with the “Stonecold” Jason character, SB either (never “got” why he came to have such clout and popularity, but whatever…I get it, some GHr’s just love him.)
      My only reason for occasionally tuning in On Demand lately is the return of Genie Francis of Laura. I do like that they’ve finally made her a real person again, and I love her with Kevin. I’m happy she finally got some “come-uppance”, came back in a good way. I’ll always be mad at them for deconstructing L&L, but am always happy to watch Genie. The rest of the show tho’ these days is a total bore to me…I’d fast-fwd through most of it but On-Demand doesn’t let you.
      And yea…Sonny, Jason…mob after mob after mob after mob story for decades? No thanks.

  19. Meg says:

    Original actors have returned without taking over their original role (think Sarah Brown as Claudia Zacchara).

    But Heather originally told the story that Jason and Franco were twins separated at birth, but Franco isn’t related to the Quartermaine family at all. They could just make Steve the twin.

  20. Alli says:

    Nooooo….I love Billy Miller!! Honestly the best recast on a soap. I was really upset when Steve Burton left but Billy as Jason adds so much more to the character. He has a personality!! Just kidding kind of…but seriously he really does add a whole new dimension to Jason. And Billy and Kelly have great chemistry. I really don’t want a Roman vs Roman on GH, its a better program than that!

  21. Bertie Robertson says:

    Keep Billy Miller as Jason….he and Kelly have great chemistry and his love for his children is believable….Stone Cold needs to stay gone…if Burton comes back let it be as a much needed New doctor or even Nicholas

  22. Julia says:

    Not a fan of the new Jason so would love for Steve Burton to return! The new Jason & Sam have to be one of the most boring couples ever on daytime TV. I fast forward through all their scenes. Chances are if Steve Burton returns it’ll be for a short term storyline, though, & that would be disappointing. He will always be Jason!!

    • Julia says:

      And can’t believe they’re getting rid of a great actress like Rebecca who has the potential for so many great storylines & instead they’re keeping the actress who plays the annoying character of Amy! Really??!! Who is making these decisions at GH? Getting rid of Rebecca is not a good one! Get rid of Amy instead…please!!

      • ninergrl6 says:

        I like Amy, but I’ll be sad to see Rebecca go. Hayden *finally* has a decent storyline.

      • Tenney says:

        Sad that Rebecca is leaving as well. She’s such a great actress, but they barely do anything with her character. GH has become the Sonny and Carly show and anyone who doesn’t fit into their storylines will not get much of a story. It’s a shame.

        • Julia says:

          They had this big reveal with her being Liz’s sister & then nothing really came of it. Typical with GH. Big build up & then big let down when it comes to storylines.

    • Judy Shannon says:

      I tape the show just so I can fast forward through Jason and Sam and Carly and Sonny and Alexa and Julian.

    • Tracy says:

      I agree. Very boring. Sometimes I cringe watching their kissing scenes. It’s just not believable. Steve on the other hand is where it’s at!

  23. Phil says:

    Ugh, not a fan of Steve Burton! Billy Miller is a far better actor!

  24. mfarris70 says:

    I could have lived forever without Steve Burton back at GH. Get ready for Jason and Sonny 24/7. Shelley Altman just signed a new contract as Head Writer, so I don’t think JFP will be back anytime soon. But absolutely anything is possible now at ABC.

    • Wrstlgirl says:

      I’d rather have Jason/Sonny 24/7 than most of the other characters. Hopefully Dr. O is on her way out and what purpose does Griffin serve, he does absolutely nothing on a regular basis. Ava and Julian are also useless, and don’t get me started on Jordan, Finn, Hayden and so on, ugh. And I’ve never liked Sam. As far as I’m concerned the entire cast needs shaken up because the one they have currently has been stir fried to death.

      • Mary says:

        Why do you watch. You listed about the whole cast on who you don’t like. Whom do you like?

        • Wrstlgirl says:

          Mainly because I’ve been watching since I was a teenager….a very long time, lol. I like Valentin, Dante, Lulu, Anna, Liz, Michael, really miss Morgan, Robin (when she’s on), Jason, Sonny, Carly (most of the time, haha), teenage Joss is fun, Kiki and Dillon make a great pairing, etc. I like Billy Miller but preferred him as Jake Doe.

      • leigh says:

        But he sure is good on the eyes. Would love to see more of Griffin

    • Tracy says:

      Sonny and Jason (Steve Burton) makes the show. I would hate the day if or when Maurice leaves, it would never be the same. I think the ratings will seriously drop. I think I would not watch anymore.

  25. Billy Bob Johnson says:

    Of course. He lost his benefactor at Y&R, so why not return to GH.

  26. Robbee70 says:

    Do not want Burton back! Was glad when he left. Billy Miller is doing a real good job. Sad to see Rebecca Budig leaving. GH doesn’t need any more new hires. They need to use legacy characters more. I like what they are doing with Monica, Finn and Obrecht. They need to get rid of Obrecht and Amy.

  27. Juke says:

    Yuck. I could actually stand Jason with Billy Miller, which I couldn’t with Burton. If he’s back, I’m probably out again. I’ve loved seeing Finola Hughes and Genie Francis back, and James Patrick Stuart has been a great addition as Valentin, but… Nope. Steve Burton and Jason the Brain-dead Holy Hitman eating up everybody’s screen-time is more than I can stomach.

  28. joanna says:

    I like steve but don’t bring him back as billy as jason

  29. AJ says:

    Well it’s official – ABC just ran a 5 second promo announcing SB’s return

  30. Ell says:

    This is great, if he cones back as Jason. Actors leave and come back all of the time. That should not be a big deal. Steve is Stone Cold! So excited

  31. Ell says:

    Actors cone and return all if the time, as their character. Steve coming back as mob Jason/ Sam’s husband would be so amazing. He is Stone Cold.

  32. Ronnie says:

    Ugh. Not interested in seeing him suck the air out of Port Charles, constantly on screen, never emoting.

  33. Blackcurry says:

    I don’t care if Steve Burton never comes back. I like Billy Miller so much better in the role.

  34. Gidgetwitch says:

    Maybe Steve will play Nikolas Cassadine?? We all know he’s not really dead!!

  35. dansue says:

    This show had some great storylines when I was growing up, especially BJ’s death and Stone and Robin. Turning Jason Q. into Jason M. was a great twist all those years ago, really gave Steve B. alot more to do. The good old days, haha.

  36. Taylor beran says:

    So glad the old Jason is coming back, never was the same. Please give Sam more of apart with Jason. No storyline for her, she is such a good actress.

  37. Lisette says:

    I think it will be so awesome and Steve are in returns back to General Hospital he has a lot of action in him he’s a great actor north fence to Billy but I love Steve he is so hard GH needs to bring him back as Jason Morgan and yes we can bring back Morgan corantos to his family please Steve come back as Jason Morgan we love and miss you

    • Debbie Kemp says:

      Steve was so angry and burned out when he left gh he said some real mean things.
      I’m glad he’s back but not as Jason maybe part of Sams dilusiond.
      Steve made it clear he wanted and needed more family time and gh wouldn’t negotiate. He was gone not looking back. I just don’t think he will be happy for long. Not at all as Jason. I think Billy has done a great job.

  38. Lisette says:

    I think it would be so awesome for Steve Burton to return back and she said Morgan we need more action and we need more excitement and General Hospital and I’m pretty sure his costar workers will be happy to see him Billy’s good but Steve is better and he’s more sexier please Steve come back and we also need you to bring back Morgan Corinto’s

  39. Louise says:

    Suds writers can do anything. I have watched Burton literally grow up on GH. He was the first and only actor to play Jason as a young boy as a Quartermaine and then through to accident that wiped his memory, as Morgan. He is the character. I never felt the new actor (no reflection on his talent) had a connection with Monaco or Benard. It will be Interesting to see how the story lines will develop.

  40. Elaine says:

    I think it’s about time that every time a storyline goes awry, they stop blaming Helena. The woman is dead, let her rest in piece in Hell where she belongs. If they replace Billy Miller with Steve Burton just because he wants to return, then I’m done with GH. I’ve only been watching the last 4 years but the way they seem to throw away actors is distasteful to me. I only started watching because of Maura West. Since they threw away Rebecca Buddig, who knows who will be next but I’m betting Michael Easton. After all it would not be the first time.

  41. Cathy says:

    I am happy to see Steve Burton return. When he left GH I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing that role. However, I love what Billy Miller has brought to the character and would hate to see him leave. He has expanded the character, and has shown us a softer side of Jason, which I love. I hope in the end that some how they will both be on the show.

  42. Andre Collins says:

    I think Steve Burton will be jason and Billy Miller will really be A.j quartermaine that’s why the DNA matched!

  43. Steve Burton will be jason. And Billy Miller. A.j.

  44. Tami J Frerichs says:

    It’s actually perfect!!! Think about it…. Helena could have deleted new Jason’s memories and planted original Jason’s memories in his mind just to have everyone think that Jason is back… only to pull the rug out from under EVERYONE when the real Jason shows up!! Sam has fallen in love with “Jason”, married him AND had a baby with him!! What could scream Helena better than the agony this new revelation would cause??!!

  45. Robert says:

    Please don’t let Rebecca leave without revealing the truth about Sean. He is in prison for a crime he did not commit. Jordan needs some more LOVE LIFE confusing. lol

  46. Carl Irwin says:

    Roman and John GH style

  47. Joni Frye says:

    I love Billy Miller has Jason Morgan.. Steve Burton should stay on young the restless. I don’t want Billy Miller to leave.its always Sam and Jason Billy Miller..I got used to him being Jason..I hate changes on soaps Billy Miller is handsome guy next to Nathan.dante.and of course Sonny. They are all the guys i love on general hospital and of course I forgot Finn..I love him to

  48. Trillium says:

    I like the multi-dimensional Jason that Billy Miller portrays far more than the Stone Cold portrayed by Steve Burton.

    I am reeling from the firing of Rebecca Bundig. With all of the meddling, boring and truly unbelievable storylines lately, Hayden and Finn are the magic that keeps me tuning in. What a huge mistake by ABC!

  49. Hoa says:

    billy miller he is okay ” Jason ” not like Steve Burton he is the best I miss Steve Burton on GH

  50. Nita says:

    I just found out that Steve Burton is coming back to GH…I’m ecstatic, but he better come back as Jason or I will not watch it again. Billy Miller was ok, but no one can play Jason like Steve. I want JASAM back together again, their chemistry was great. Maybe Rebecca Herbst and Billy Miller can get together, her and Franco don’t make sense. Just not Jason and Elizabeth don’t like them together. Welcome back Steve Burton, this is a dream come true!!!