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Star Trek Discovery Jonathan Frakes Director

Star Trek: Discovery: Jonathan Frakes to Direct an Episode in Season 1

We’re not sure that Jonathan Frakes was Star Trek: Discovery‘s Number One choice to direct an episode, but it’s safe to say he was pretty high up there.

The Star Trek: The Next Generation star will helm an hour of the CBS All Access sci-fi drama, EW.com reports.

Frakes played the dashing Commander William T. Riker in the late-1980s/early-’90s iteration of the Trek franchise. His directing credits include LeverageCastleBurn Notice, NCIS: Los Angeles and The Librarians, as well as an episode of Fox’s upcoming Trek spoof The Orville. Frakes also directed eight episodes of TNG, as well as a few Deep Space Nine and Voyager eps and the Trek films Insurrection and First Contact.

The long-delayed reboot will premiere on Sunday, Sept. 24, at 8:30/7:30c on both CBS and its streaming arm CBS All Access. Subsequent episodes will drop every Sunday only on CBS All Access, with the second episode available the same night as the premiere.

The Walking Dead alum Sonequa Martin-Green will play Discovery First Officer Michael Burnham, while Jason Isaacs (The OA) plays Captain Lorca. The cast also includes Doug Jones (Falling Skies) as science officer Lt. Saru (an alien), Anthony Rapp (Broadway’s Rent) as astromycologist Lt. Stamets, Rekha Sharma (Battlestar Galactica) as security officer Commander Landry, Shazad Latif (Penny Dreadful) as Lt. Tyler.

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  1. TVLineCommentator says:

    should just have Frakes & Lavar Burton (not Ball) every episode

    • Snakeman518 says:

      I don’t think even Frakes will be able to save it. It has just been too FUBAR since the get go. I heard a rumor that it has fallen back into chaos and they are going to be pressed to finish post by the premiere date. No matter, I didn’t plan on watching it any way, will not pay for it.

      Guess I will wait for the 30 minutes of Axanar to finally come out and watch the story that this time should have been about.

      • Jennifer says:

        Where did you hear that? I’d love to know. Last I heard (from this site) was that they ordered extra episodes. Can’t be too bad of a cluster, right?

        • Snakeman518 says:

          My sisters boyfriend is a DP (other projects, not Discovery, to be clear) and knows crew on the show. We were talking over Memorial day weekend and the topic of the show came up. This is what he told me. I don’t know the person, but I know who they are, but won’t say.

  2. First Contact was the best TNG movie. No problem with Frakes. I’d guess with his connections to the ST universe he’s a safe pair of hands.

    I”m still not sure about Discovery. I should be more excited by show, but I’m finding it hard to muster any enthusiasm for this show.

    • Jennifer says:

      I’ll second you. First Contact was the best of TNG cast (with Insurrection a close Second – seeing a trend?)

      I want to be excited. But i’m getting very tired of all the shows i want to watch on different streaming / premium cable outlets. People aren’t really made of money. :(

    • Anne says:

      First Contact is a damn good movie. Easily in the top 3 Trek films.

  3. Billy Bob Johnson says:

    Sorry, but I still won’t pay the $6/mo for All Access. Trust me, CBS will figure out a way to prevent you from watching with your free 30-day trial. Then they’ll prevent you from bingeing the series in one month.

    • S. says:

      Oh cute, someone doesn’t know how trials or internet subscriptions work. They’re not going to ‘find a way’…take the tinfoil hat off. They’re banking on you going ‘this is awesome’ and sticking with it. It’s no different from Hulu, Netflix, etc. If you’re a real fan, you don’t balk at paying what amounts to $1.50 per episode not even counting how it spreads out if you take the opportunity to watch other things on CBS Access. The Good Wife spinoff is on there too. I also can’t fathom how people are gonna have the self-control to wait to binge after so many years sans Trek series but whatever. Most people remember back when you had to anticipate from week to week and–I think this matters particularly with Star Trek–shows that do make you wait can allow for time to discuss the issues in the episode and anticipate the next. There’s value to not getting it all at once. If you’re binge watching the eps, you can’t possibly be taking the time to value what you’re getting to the fullest. It’s Star Trek, not a cheap snack. Slow down.

    • Viewer 23 says:

      Don’t forget, it’s not just Star Trek you get for your $6/month. It’s Star Trek and 18 minutes of commercials.

      • drhenning says:

        unless you upgrade to the $10/month version like I did without commercials.. For those of us who like CBS Shows ( I know I’m a non-demo viewer that likes their stuff), it is also a handy to way to watch without DVR and having to bother FF’ing through commercials. It also has some older shows that are harder to find elsewhere very easily in the library..

  4. Anne says:

    Excellent. He’s directed episodes across 4 different Trek series and knows the fanbase. Excellent choice.

  5. lrdslvrhnd says:

    I can’t wait to not watch his episode because I still refuse to pay for CBS All Access! I bet it’s gonna be one of the top episodes I don’t watch…

  6. I want to be positive about this show but I don’t see casuals paying for it. I love Star Trek and I refuse to pay to watch it. I just don’t feel it will succeed. Bummed about it.

    • S. says:

      You didn’t refuse to pay for cable when it was about getting the other syndicated ST series did you? It cost a lot more for that. Do you have Netflix? HBO? Anything like that? How is this any different? Discovery’s their flagship show just like Voyager was UPN’s and they’re trying to get subscribers vs ratings on the night. Much more likely to lead to the success of the show. Balk at refusing to pay for this, and you’re part of the reason it fails if it does. If people tune in for Discovery and this CBS Access really takes off, there are so many shows that might have a new outlet to survive. CBS is also very male oriented as a network but shows like Discovery are sci-fi which has a high level of women watching. You’re helping lead to shows that aren’t so 18-34 male dominated. It’s better for everybody. Give it a shot instead of naysaying.

      • Jennifer says:

        But you see … that’s the point. I already PAY for cable (well, satellite), AND HBO, AND Starz AND Netflix. I’m not made of money. It’s getting to the point where you have to subscribe to EVERYTHING. And it’s getting to be VERY expensive. I love Star Trek. Grew up with it (my mom was one of the original fans in the 60s). Watched every episode of every show. All the movies (except Nemesis). And I still can’t see paying ANOTHER $6 when I already pay and get CBS. It’s CBS counting on all the Trek fans to pony up the funds. Other than The Good Wife spinoff (can’t remember the name, not a fan), what else is on All Access? It’s not worth it. How is that fair?

        So, on another note … anyone have one of those boxes that gets everything? My brother swears by it, but i’m on the fence.

        • skyebright8 says:

          The good fight. As a non American I just get Netflix, so I don’t really have a voice in this conversation. I agree several paid subscriptions is too much, others have suggested waiting as long as possible and getting the free month or paying just for one month then cancelling

  7. YouAreAllStupidGruntBrains says:

    you people who refuse to pay to subscribe to CBS All Access are losers. boo hoo hoo you are not getting star trek via free tv anymore. too bad. keep whining. nobody cares about you.

    • Jennifer says:

      We may be losers, but you’re an a$$. Why insult us? Because we refuse to pay for something else? You may have a money tree in your backyard, but not all of us are that lucky.

  8. Weary says:

    Don’t “frakkin'” curse?? What kind of admonition is that? And Re: Frakes – it will probably be so PC as to make one retch.