Scandal Finale Ratings

Scandal Farewell Update: Final Season Episode Count Revealed

Shonda Rhimes has a handle on the length of Scandal‘s farewell season.

TVLine has learned exclusively that the ABC drama’s seventh and final season will consist of 18 episodes. That represents a two-episode increase over Season 6, which was scaled back from 22 to 16 episodes due to leading lady Kerry Washington’s pregnancy. 

With the 18 additional installments factored in, Scandal is poised to end its seven-season run with a grand total of 124 episodes.

“Deciding how to end a show is easy,” Rhimes lamented in a statement last month. “Deciding when to finish is quite simple when the end date is years away. But actually going through with it? Actually standing up to say: ‘This is it?’ Not so much. So, next year we are going all out. Leaving nothing on the table. Creating this world in celebration. We are going to handle the end the way we like to handle the important things in our Scandal family: all together, white hats on, gladiators running full speed over a cliff.”

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  1. Larc says:

    I hope all the regular characters can get through the season without being killed off, possibly excepting Fitz and definitely excepting Papa Pope. The former sorta deserves it and the latter does in spades.

    • Michael J Angelo III says:

      Yes, unlike Huck who has tortured and murdered many…or the new head-Gladiator’s fiancee, who has also tortured and murdered people. Most of the people on this show have done deplorable things whose actions have resulted in tragic consequences. You simply don’t like Fitz and Pope, which is fine, but let’s not pretend that most of the characters on this show don’t deserve their comeuppances.

      • JoviChick says:

        If you wanted only “good” people left on the show it wouldn’t leave very many. Marcus, bring back Susan, Michael ,perhaps worst crime for him was being a prostitute (that I can recall) maybe you could leave David Rosen- He has been more a victim or witness to the more violent things. Throw in Ella and the two Grant children …..slim pickings. Of course I am not advocating this approach because despite all of his numerous flaws I wouldn’t want to lose Jake!

  2. Adrienne says:

    I want Vermont. I’ve seen the scene many times in my head and wish I could write it!

  3. S. C. says:

    18 is ok but wish it was the full 22. Hope we get a happy Olitz in Vermont ending as well.

  4. Matt C. says:

    Now we just need a premiere date! My birthday is Thursday September 28 so it would be an amazing gift if TGIT returned that night :)

  5. LT says:

    My OCD says can we have just one more to make it a clean 125 episode run? :)

  6. Brian says:

    Hope the final season can continue with the creative upswing we saw in season 6.

  7. Gospino says:

    I really hope that Olivia and Fitz don’t end up together. I despise Fitz! Charlie, Quinn, Abby, Susan, Mellie all need to survive. I kinda hope they kill off Rowan, but it would have been better if it had happened a couple seasons ago. Might be too little, too late now. I guess 18 is an okay number. I would have preferred at least 22, but it’s way better than the puny 13 I was afraid it would be.

  8. danoregon says:

    They all need to get what is coming to them. Fans who have watched the show from the beginning realize none of them deserve a happy ending. Seeing them all suffer would be must-see TV. I think Huck and Rosen are maybe the only redeemable characters, but even they went along with some very bad things. Maybe have them all subject to a Congressional investigation. Bring back guest stars from seasons past recounting the wrongs that were done to them by Pope-ists. And have Sally Langston or Edison Davis end up as President. It would be pretty sweet to see them reject the requests for pardons.

    • JoviChick says:

      Rosen I can possibly see saying is redeemable but wondering what criteria you use to determine redeemable with all of the things Huck as done. Not that I wasn’t to see either of them suffer- Well ok I don’t really care what happens to Fitz, Olivia, Rowan or Cyrus but the rest I would not enjoy seeing suffer.

    • Cas says:

      Seriously? Sally killed her husband. Fairly certain Edison was not a good person either. Maybe David could be redeemed but let’s not pretend anyone else on the show is remotely good.

  9. Caesar says:

    I want Maya to be exonerated, run off with Papa Pope. I want everything brought down on Cyrus including his partner keeping the baby. Of course there has to be sadness so Jake somehow gets sacrificed because Charlie was playing Quinn all along. It was a GOOD CON, she believed it yet he can’t be a dad so he tries to eliminate both. Fitz realizes Mellie stuck by all the time, thick n thin and they stay together. Olivia realizes anyone with her is in danger so stays alone running the country in essence… Red and Quinn raise the baby.

  10. HomeGenie says:

    I really can’t wait for it to end. Loved it in the beginning now I hate it, and all the vile negative content.

  11. Penny says:

    I have loved this show since the beginning and while it will be sad to see it go, it is definitely time. Getting 18 episodes to end this story is awesome, I really thought it would be a shortened final season just to tie up loose ends. So yes, please cover EVERYTHING, and leave nothing on the table!

  12. Judiwb says:

    I was hoping for a 22 episode season but oh well. Even though I have not liked Olivia as of late I do want to see her with Fitz in Vermont.

  13. I think after season two when they did the episode 7:52 that centered on Huck. He had a free pass to do whatever he did. That was, to me, the best episode ever of that show and really showed me just how people’s lives can be ruined by the government.

  14. Sandra says:

    I just want Mellie to be happy! Love that character! I’ve grown to really dislike Olivia over the last couple of seasons, was that supposed to happen?!

  15. Laura says:

    Olivia Carolyn Pope and Fitzgerald grant will have their wedding in vermont. Yes.

  16. Laura says:


  17. Laura says:

    I hope the best couple in this show end up in vermont . OLIVIA AND FITZ. .Jake and papa pope can die in the first episode of season 7. like they said in french bon debarras.

  18. Frida says:

    Olivaia and Fitz

  19. Caroline says:

    If I’ve stuck (pretty much) with the show all this time – there sure as hell better be a happy happy ending for the two reasons I started watching the show. #olitz together forever

  20. lisbeth says:

    Mellie and Fitz are divorceder. Mellie loves only power . they are divorced and i am really happy. Mellie supposed to be born to be president. Mellie is lady Macbeth. ha, ha , ha. the only woman who count in Fitz heart now is definitely Olivia. he has been proven during season 6. Even Papa Pope admitted it to Fitz. Get over this Mellie and Fitz stuff. The only woman Fitz loves is Olivia and it always be.

  21. Nickolas says:

    I have been watching this show since season one , and i watched all interview from the cast . the two popular people on this show is of course FItz and Olivia. I do not understand why some people hate them. because they are the show. Scandal became famous because of the tumultuous love affair. i want and hope a very sweet ending for Olivia and Fitz , they deserve hapiness together . Mellie can find hapiness with another man, but she loves so much power I am not sorry for her at all..

  22. tmclubmarketing says:

    Used to enjoy Sandal. Season 7 was the worst. Can’t even imagine what was in Shonda’s mind for authorizing this crap under her name. I am taking Shonda’s master class on TV writing and now wonder if there is any value there after she allowed this horrible season 7 to air. Should’a just stopped after season 6. Season 7 was worse than horrible.

  23. Karen says:

    Would love to see Eli Pope kill his “son,” then himself. Those two have eaten the show since they debuted. Without all this B613 crap, the show might still be going strong.