Power Season 4 Spoilers Premiere

Power Season 4: Ghost Behind Bars, Kanan on the Attack and More Scoop

Not that we’re that surprised, but orange really isn’t Ghost’s color.*

And yet the Power protagonist finds himself wearing a lot of it in the Starz drama’s upcoming fourth season, in which the drug kingpin/wannabe legit businessman is forced to don a jumpsuit and live behind bars after his arrest for the murder of an assistant United States attorney.

Meanwhile, Ghost’s wife is scrambling to figure out her next step, his mistress is working to make sure he never again tastes freedom and his longtime nemesis is moving forward with a revenge plan seasons in the making.

And all of that is just the beginning of what unfolds when Power returns on Sunday (9/8c). We talked with stars Omari Hardwick and Lela Loren and executive producers Courtney A. Kemp and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and grilled them for scoop. Some tidbits:

* Jamie will fight to keep his Ghost persona a secret in prison, which will be better for his prospects of getting out but perhaps less beneficial to his day-to-day survival. “That’s the challenge of the whole series. It’s encapsulated in one sentence: You need to just be James St. Patrick, which by the way, he would like to be able to do,” Kemp says, chuckling. “Guess who can’t ever do that? Have you ever seen him be able to sustain a few episodes of what we like to call James St. Patrick sobriety? Ghost pops up at the worst times, all the time. We’re gonna see that.” Jackson agrees: “It’s hard, because he’s trying to be conscious of it, but the actual jail itself forces situations.”

* “Things happen when they’re supposed to,” Jackson says of Kanan’s patience in waiting to destroy Ghost via his teenage son, Tariq. And when you think about it, Kemp adds, “Ghost, Tommy, Dre, Tariq, they’re all Kanan’s sons. And I think it’s funny, because the young always sleep on the old. The young always sleep on the old. They always think, ‘I can do this better. I’m younger, I’m fresher, I’m hipper.’ But the thing is, experience is invaluable, and you only get it with time. So Kanan is just as vicious as he always was, and he has experience? Watch out.”

* Meanwhile, Ghost’s women — wife Tasha and former lover Angela — are spinning, albeit in different directions. Tasha struggles to keep a handle on her family (and the family business) in her husband’s abrupt absence, while Angie has a realization during the season that — because of spoilers — we’re not allowed to tell you about. But we will present this context-free quote from Loren: “With Angela, it’s not that everything she thinks about him is turned on its head. It’s that she is accurate.” Speculate away!

* Hardwick adds that Ghost’s perceived guilt in Greg’s death has unleashed a painful bit of self-awareness in AUSA Valdes. “She knew that this monstrous entity was within this guy, and she couldn’t check it,” he notes. “She’s mad at herself and feeling the guilt, because she couldn’t check it.”

Are you planning to tune in for the Season 4 premiere? Hit the comments and let us know!

In a purely metaphorical sense, of course. Ghost could look runway-ready in a burlap sack.

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  1. Nichole says:

    Ooh!!! I can’t wait for Sunday!

  2. Brian F White says:

    I bet the ada dude will be the new “lobos” and get ghost out to sell that powder like Johnson &Johnson

  3. Toni Charles says:

    Wouldn’t miss it for the world! Can’t wait!

  4. Mara says:

    Not really interested in watching a long story arc with Ghost behind bars and this turning into a prison drama. Very skeptical about this season.

  5. KIMO says:

    Hell yeah!!!!!

  6. Meriel says:

    Oh yes will be watching. I think Tommys girlfriend should come back and with a baby she didn’t really die. What happen to the hair dresser? Yea you got me. I have waited 9 months. As long as carrying one of my chidren.

  7. Sani says:

    Can’t wait. After all it’s been so long!!!

  8. Derwin Campbell says:


  9. Mimi says:

    Absolutely. I’m all in.

  10. Gemini says:

    Is he gonna be in prison all season please tell me no

  11. Sal says:

    Is Valdese pregnant or what??…… Please DON’T!!

  12. Andrea L Burdunice says:

    This should be good! I will be glued to the tv tonight!

  13. Tasha says:

    Yasssss been waiting all year, can’t wait ☺️☺️☺️

  14. Tasha says:

    Yayssss been waiting all year for this!!!’ Can’t wait

  15. Tana says:

    OMG…this show has so many twists and turns, hard to know which direction it’s going but I am down for the rollercoaster ride!! #GHOSTRIDER
    F AUSA Valdez–thirsty bird!
    Tasha? #BOSSCHIC

  16. Duke says:

    Ghost is innocent

  17. Tireka says:

    I love Mr. James St. Patrick! Angela makes me sick to my spine. Tasha needs to hold it together regardless of the circumstances. Ghost will be out soon. I really cant picture him being locked up for the whole season. Btw Kanan, gots to GO!!! I really dislike him.

  18. Princess says:

    I love this show!! My only problem is that each season is too short!!!

  19. Elisha B says:

    I saw the new episode a minute ago and as usual, it was intense. I really hope Proctor can create a miracle for Ghost. It’s time to play hard ball and play dirty!

  20. Hans,solo says:

    I can’t believe ghost going to be in jail all four season.that turn me off. A fab of ghost.kanan should be dead!!!!!

  21. Theodis young says:

    Ghost being in jail the whole season is a turnoff, when tarik finds out who Kanan really is he will get revenge for his dad btw I hate that bitch Angela thirsty ass.

    • Lame says:

      Yeah I’m already over this ghost in prison now death row how you going to have season 5 with no St Patrick smh

  22. patsy says:

    If Ghost in prison whole season, might have to cut my season short

  23. Lame says:

    If Ghost is in jail for the whole season that’s just stupid

  24. Floredia says:

    I am on it!!!

  25. Gail says:

    Why didn’t Ghost tell his lawyer that Angela came to Greg’s apartment while he was there…..

    • Jeff says:

      That would put him at the crime scene..

    • Kari says:

      That’s right!! Totally forgot about that, I think a lot of people did because this is the 1st I’ve seen about it. Thanks for the reminder! I can’t wait till Sunday!!

  26. Tireka says:

    Prediction::: Angela will help Ghost get out of jail. The old white guy in prison is Tommy’s father.

  27. John Campbell says:

    Set Ghost free and kill Kanan. Also, bitch slap Tariq for being a young dumb asshole. That’s what people want to see and don’t ear down Ghost for the sake of fake American values. Quiet as its kept some drug dealer don’t go to jail or die.

    • Elliott Burgess says:

      This time it’s too much waiting for Ghost to get out of jail. I hope this doesn’t drag us into the next season with this trail and prison crap. This prison story is reminding me of R.Kelly’s”Trapped in the closet”. It’s good but needs closure.

    • Karen says:

      I knew teresi was Tommy’s dad…im mad at Tasha for creepin with Silver..can’t she see he got ulterior motives?
      Someone please smack tyriq for going against family and shoving his sister …
      I want kanan to come back and rejoin the drama…

  28. Saundra says:

    Yes i am love it

  29. Ceejay says:

    I think Tasha get with ghost atty Silva. The real kicker is 50, and his cousin going to destroy ghost 👻?

  30. lee says:

    Who is the little girl that suppose to be Tasha’s and ghost daughter on the show