The Originals Season 4 Finale

The Originals EP Promises Major Closure in Season Finale, Reflects on Klaus' Progress Since His TVD Days

There are bound to be a few moments during Friday’s hectic, game-changing season ender of The Originals (The CW, 8/7c) that you’ll find yourself wondering, “Wait, this isn’t a series finale, is it?”

And the truth is, your instincts won’t be far off. Executive producer Michael Narducci reminds TVLine that Season 5 wasn’t a done deal when this finale was written; it wasn’t until midway through the airing of Season 4 that the network made things official.

“We believed in the quality of the show and these phenomenal characters, and we knew there was still a lot of story for this family — yet we also knew it was the end of our season, so we wanted to put together a really good finale that closed this chapter,” Narducci says. “Worst-case scenario, if it was the end of the show, how could we provide some modicum of closure? So we talked a little bit about closing the door gently, rather than slamming it shut.”

But even if Friday’s finale — in which Klaus & Co. make a last-ditch effort to defeat The Hollow and save Hope — doesn’t mark the end of the road for the Mikaelsons, it’s still Narducci’s final episode as showrunner. And in keeping with one of the finale’s many themes, he’s ready to pass the torch to series creator Julie Plec.

“Stories are bigger than the people who create them,” he says. “So I’m happy to say that I did the best I could for as long as I did it, and now I’m stepping aside. Somebody else will get to make the decisions, call the shots and carry that torch. I happen to know a few of those folks — some of them are returning writers, as well as others who are starting on the show with Season 5 — and I’m so in love with those people.”

He continues, “When you know that this thing you love and are very passionate about, but are no longer part of, is going to be championed by people who you adore, it does take a little bit of the sting off of it. I really do believe it’ll be their best season yet. It’ll be an Originals unlike you’ve ever seen before, and I can’t wait to watch it.”

Narducci’s history with The CW’s smoldering undead population traces all the way back to the second season of The Vampire Diaries. And his first episode, 2011’s “The Last Dance,” centered around a just-introduced Klaus Mikaelson — so fresh on the scene, in fact, that he was still inhabiting Alaric Saltzman’s body. (We’re talking pre-Joseph Morgan here, people.)

“Julie [Plec] and Kevin [Williamson] wanted him to be devilishly charming, someone who enjoys the finer things, the party life and really makes the most of being a vampire,” Narducci recalls of writing Klaus at his earliest. “At first, he wasn’t like Stefan, who ultimately struggled a lot. Stefan had a great sense of guilt, a strong moral sense that guided him through his existence as a vampire. But Klaus had been through so much — abused by his father, turned [into a vampire] against his will and denied his werewolf aspect by his mother. He was someone who was just like, ‘I’m going to do what I’m going to do. That’s the only law that I need to follow.'”

Over time, Narducci notes, “We got to see that he actually did have an incredible love for his own family, as well as a warped away of honoring that vow of ‘always and forever.'”

He continues, “And then he discovered that he’d created this child with Hayley, and we really took him on a journey. He became someone who would sacrifice himself for five years or more of torment and solitude in order to protect the people that he loves. And this season, we got to see him being a dad. Joseph was phenomenal this season. I was really blown away by him, and I’m going to miss working with him very much.”

We’ll have a full breakdown of Friday’s finale — complete with insight from Narducci — immediately after the episode airs, but for now, drop a comment with your hopes for Season 4’s closing hour below.

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  1. kate says:

    I’m sort of worried about next season because as I discovered, I have liked this show more than I did TVD since it like fourth season,maybe. And I attributed a big part was because Narducci was in charge and he knew from the start that this was a much more adult show and that Davina, normally a lead on a CW show, was an anomaly.

    • Mel says:

      I feel the same way. The Originals, in my opinion, has been far superior to the later seasons of The Vampire Diaries and I have concerns about next season. Michael Narducci has done such a great job with The Originals and I’m afraid that Julie Plec will step back in and unravel some of the good he’s done. That said, I am glad that they planned for a series finale just in case. Most shows don’t do that. Here’s hoping that season five is good and that the rumors of Daniel Gillies not being involved are false. Elijah is my favorite and if he’s truly gone, I will be heartbroken.

    • ABG says:

      Have you seen the ratings? It’s probably gonna end next year, no matter the show runner.

  2. Jane says:

    I always wondered if having a baby was the right story for TO. I mean Klaus went from “‘I’m going to do what I’m going to do ” to been obsessed over Hope being proud to call him daddy. And even when they decided to have baby plot I hoped Klaus’d stay “kill her and the baby” kinda guy and then would go through hate/love relationship with his kid and his family

    • Agnis Nero says:

      I agree. This is too out of character for Klaus.

    • Sharon says:

      I think this show had so much potential but the baby plot kinda ruined everything. I had always hoped the the baby would turn out to be someone else’s or just a trick by the witches.

    • Klaus has always been presented as a Byronic Hero from day one. And everything they’ve presented has been in line with that characterization. Byronic Heroes tend to focus in on people they obsessively love more than others. While he has a love/hate relationship with his siblings, his Byronic obsessive focus with Cami and then Hope has been completely consistent with good storytelling and understanding of the archetype. To have him want to kill his own child would have been a bit of an odd choice. I appreciate the creative direction they made. Because what if a monster suddenly was able to feel real love other than the twisted co-dependency he has with his siblings? Byronic Heroes are often dark characters but they also are impassioned and filled with love (at least for one person).

      • Jane says:

        Byronic Hero my arse. Klaroline/Klamille are typical Beauty and the Beast stories. One is a copy of the other because the actress wasn’t available for the spin-off. Now TVD ended, Caroline can move to TVD, Camille was killed off. As for the baby, it was supposed to be an original plot, till Candice got pregnant and we ended up with a pregnant vamp and more babies. They’re simply inconsistent in their writing and mess with their own mythology. I mean have Kol ever lived up to his reputation of the wildest Mikaelson since TO started? They all fell for different girls and decided to be better men but struggled with that. That’s just lazy writing.
        I still enjoy the show, though. Obviously. Actors are lovely and aesthetically pleasing to look at :) S05 will be different, hard to say better or worse

        • gift says:

          I agree with your point about kol, they’ve never really made home live up to that wide Mikaelsons. I’ve said this before they all don’t have to fall in love and change. They can be in love and still be who they are. Klaus change is a little acceptable because it’s for his child.

        • Stacey says:

          I agree 100% with you Jane!

          • Jane says:

            Thanks Stacey ;) Btw I heard a few spoilers and I think we are lucky to get S05, otherwise it’d be very unsatisfying ending, would hardly give us a closure

        • Based on all the evidence presented, Klaus is a Byronic Hero. Yes, Klaus/Caroline and Klaus/Cami are Beauty and the Beast stories. That is clear. (Though one a copy of the other? No. The only similarities come from how Klaus does romance as a consistent Byronic Hero. Cami and Caroline are very different. I see Caroline as the precursor to Klaus’s Byronic focus with Cami. Kind of like how Drusilla was for Spike until he found his real, true Byronic love with Buffy. But I digress…)

          The Beauty and the Beast story, as well as the Byronic Hero archetype, have almost always crossed paths. Beauty and the Beast is a story of transformation and easily transitions into stories about romantic monsters seeking redemption while falling in love with a woman.

          The evolution of the Byronic Hero itself is also quite interesting. Even the first fictional vampire was based on Lord Byron. A ruthless romantic vampire that all vampires today are influenced by (It’s called “The Vampyre). Then take a look at monster literature, as well as Beauty and the Beast.

          And then with the Bronte’s, there was the introduction of a new kind of Byronic Hero. Let’s look at “Jane Eyre.” Jane Eyre, clearly influenced by Perrault, Lord Byron’s poetry, and other fairy tale writers as well as being arguably a reimagining of Beauty and the Beast uses vampiric imagery to tell its story. Charlotte Bronte also presents this dark, Byronic Hero steeped in romance. Charlotte and her sister Emily transformed The Byronic Hero combining it with elements of Beauty and the Beast and Monster literature which we can see in stories today (Angel, Spike, Anakin, Snape, Edward from Twilight, almost the entire paranormal romance genre, etc… )Let’s call it the Byronic Monster.

          Your quote: “They all feel for different girls and decided to be better men but struggled with that. That’s lazy writing.”

          No. That’s understanding good storytelling and archetypes. Narducci clearly understands the history of the fictional vampire in literature as well as the history of the Byronic Hero and Beauty and the Beast and incorporated many of those elements into the series. People throw out this lazy writing argument too easily. One may disagree with a writer’s creative direction but that doesn’t necessarily mean a team of writers are lazy.

          Now, I can’t say what direction the series will go in next. They may completely revamp it with Julie Plec taking over. But I think Narducci’s vision has been pretty consistent. Sure, nothing’s perfect. But it’s a pretty fun, entertaining show with some great literary, film, and TV influences behind it.

          • Faye says:

            Bravo.. Well thought out keeping to the point of our Love/Hate/Love relationship with Niklause. Our LOVE/LOVE NEED SOME MORE OF HIM ELIJAH. AND WHAT of That Youngest Kol. If any one can make this Hollow(Possession) work in their favor??? We’ll have to hold on to our seats. I DEFINITELY AM LOOKING FORWARD to S5 . Hope it brings even more of that and I then SOME…HOPE😂

    • gift says:

      I think the show went the right idea when they made him want to be a better person for his daughter. I mean having another person hate him is just cruel, he’s had a life time of hate. He deserves one person who doesn’t judge, throw blames, criticize or see him as ruthless or a monster. which other direction would be better?

  3. Sharon says:

    Well I’m glad Narducci won’t be around for season 5.

    • Tina says:

      Same. I have never understood why he is so horrible to the fans. I also have found his seasons where he is in charge, lack luster. I think he thinks his stories are better than anything ever written on he vampire diaries and I disagree. The first 3 seasons of TVD were amazing and that’s because of Kevin Williamson. The originals has spent four seasons repeating the same story over and over again. I look forward to this time jump and what Julie Plec has in store. season 5 has so much potential. Season 4 has been extremely disappointing, especially when Klaus is going to be separated from his daughter forever. What kind of Finale is that?! They are lucky that it got renewed, because I’d have been really mad if this is how Klaus’s story ended.

      • Sharon says:

        I am thankful for the renewal because this sounds like it would have been a terrible series finale.

      • gift says:

        hahaha I would too, I don’t get why any of them have to die for them to defeat the hallow maybe one should die for the others to live that is real sacrifice after all.

        • Jane says:

          Oh yes as much as I like TO, first 3-4 seasons of TVD were brilliant. Oh I remember when I watched the first time, Katherine and then Klaus really freaked me out. And I was so confilcted between Stelena and Delena. After Kat and Klaus villains were so so. I loved Kai though, great villain and didn’t have to be some ancient dude to be scary and creepy as hell. TO I mostly watch for Klaus and his siblings. And I think Summer is really good, especially taking into account her age.

          • Ella says:

            Really, having Katherine as the villain only for her to be completely terrified of Klaus was *genius* the first few seasons of TVD were masterfully plotted, most characters got significant development and I actually believed the tension in the romantic storylines. TO’s characters are pretty stagnant, the conflicts repetitive and the romances dull. I stick around because I genuinely adore The Originals as characters (and a couple of the newer characters have really grown on me) but the show itself isn’t that good. It seems like they’re getting new writers next season, fingers crossed some of them are actually good.

      • lisa says:

        I agree w/ you and hope that S5 will still take place in New Orleans!

    • Stacey says:

      You and me both! Have you read the spoilers? This finale sounds ridiculous!

  4. M says:

    I honestly hope Klaus doesn’t get a happy ending. This dude has killed innocent people just for the fun of it, hell the other characters are no better. If they go off until the sunset instead of dying a horrible death I’ll be pissed.

    • Jane says:

      I’m conflicted. I want a happy ending for Klaroline, but Klaus so doesn’t deserve one. On the other hand, if he’s alive, it’s better for everyone around him if he’s happy. So maybe happy ending for him for the greater good?

  5. Ally Oop says:

    I’m disappointed Julie is taking the reins. She’s good at creating a series and great characters but sucks at keeping it going.

  6. Ally Oop says:

    This show also had its strongest season yet…

  7. Dizzle says:

    I have really enjoyed seasons 1-3 of The originals, more than their corresponding seasons of TVD (5-7). So when I first heard Narducci was stepping down I thought it was a massive shame. But tbh, this current season has been a bit of a chore at times – The Hollow’s been a spectacularly underwhelming villain, despite the deep history and links they’ve used to tie her to the city and the backstory of some of the characters. And the last few episodes have just been churning through character arcs and plot that we’ve seen a dozen times before across both shows. I’m ready for a reboot, and I think – without the all-encompassing Delena/Stelena hook taking up so much room for years on end – a Plec-led season 5 could be a great change of pace.

  8. gift says:

    How sweet, I love the way Klaus character is explained and written. so he isn’t actually a complete monster like many thinks. He also has a simple and loving side and Hope brought it out in him. I’m not going to voice my fear for S5 but I really hope I don’t regret tunning in. And I’m very eager to see tonight’s episode

  9. gift says:

    I appreciate your insight Amber Topping and everything you’ve said is just right. I’ve always seen Klaus as ruthless, conflicted, lonely and paranoid but I never thought he was a monster. He’s always wanted to have his way and be everyone’s center of attention and most things he did was just to have that attention. Klaus wanted more than anything to be loved by his family accepted and not seen has the bastard child but his parents didn’t help much. so he wants Hope to have a different and even better life.

  10. Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gilles and this cast is outstanding. I have no doubt Klaus will keep his family always and forever. It would be devastating to lose the last great vamp show there ever was.

  11. Valerie Mendez says:

    I want to see Klaus show is full wolf like Haley did. She can control her wolf form. It’s time for Klaus to be alright with him being a wolf and show his daughter he can control himself. He’s not a beast , he is beautiful.

  12. Alistair Lowe says:

    The Originals is my favorite TV series ever ! So it really bothered me that it ended just like that ! Its sad the TV series could have done some more new seasons ! People loved this series ! Now there is nothing to watch on the cw no more !

  13. Kim says:

    Season one was by far the best. I like the concept of Klaus evolving into a better character, however, as the seasons progressed his character in my opinion was watered down. The evolution could have happened without him changing at his core. He was characterized a weak. I was intrigued by his persona’s cruelty, selfishness and at the same time love for his family in season 1 and by extension season 2. I lost interest in the show as time went by. I kept watching as I hoped for redemption of the characters.

    As the seasons went on there was less vampirism and more emphasis on witchcraft. The show is called THE ORIGINALS. I hope next season will balance vampirism and witchcraft

    Luckily I read the finale spoiler that justified that ending. I am giving this show one more chance to get back to basics yet evolving

    • Kim says:

      I do agree Alistair that I am now without a Friday night show to watch on the cw as THE ORIGINALS is my favorite series.

      • Kim says:

        I am disappointed in Frya’s character. She spent centuries with one of the greatest witches yet she’s not the strongest or even a very strong witch on the show. Divina’s character was more powerful in the role than hers

        Vincent’s character demonstrate more knowledge of the craft. Let’s hope they show us why she’s an asset to the family.

        Maybe season 5 hope will grow up to becoming a great witch to break the spell and bring them back together

  14. Cathy Cody says:

    I love this show more than game of thrones, and that’s big. …. if you don’t bring it back I truly think my life will be over. …:)

  15. Erica says:

    I have absolutely enjoyed this show & loved how all the characters grew in all aspects. I’m looking forward to season 5 & very sad Klaus won’t be in it, if I read this article right…

  16. Joyce Johnson says:

    I love this show

  17. Keisha Parker says:

    I cried all through the show. It was really emotional. Can’t wait to see how they”ll recover.

  18. Peggy says:

    I loved TVD and I love the Originals. I really was disappointed that Season 4 did not have their usual 22 episode venue.
    The season 4 finale truly was bittersweet. I look forward to season 5 to see how the storyline continues and cannot wait to watch it all play out and hopefully with more episodes next season.
    So thankful there will be a season 5 of the Originals.

  19. mizelle says:

    dissapppointed season…the intro was great but there after the series got bored. Klaus omw what happened to his character. Really just looking forward to an exciting season. not a fan of Julie Plec but her work is great but look where VD ended up.

    • luvprue1 says:

      It was a little disappointing. But that’s mainly because it was focus on saint Hayley, superhero Marcel, and righteous brother Vincent which took way too much focused of The Originals family. That and how they kept trying to convince us that we should choose to like seeing them 3 over the evil Mikaelsons.

  20. TONYA WOOTEN says:

    This is one of the BEST series ever really! Stories of love, hate, loyalty and lies. I am hoping for another 5 seasons please… lets do this. What an amazing job with bouts of suspense, the balance of good and evil.❤