Taken Season 2

Taken Shake-Up: 6 Cast Members Exit Ahead of Dramatic Season 2 Overhaul

NBC giveth and NBC Taken-eth away.

On the heels of Taken‘s surprise Season 2 renewal, the drama’s ensemble is undergoing a dramatic overhaul, with six series regulars on their way out.

TVLine has learned exclusively that Gaius Charles (John), Brooklyn Sudano (Asha), Monique Gabriela Curnen (Vlasik), Michael Irby (Scott), Jose Pablo Cantillo (Dave) and James Landry Hébert (Rem) will not be back for the show’s 16-episode second season.

That leaves Clive Standen (Bryan Mills) and Jennifer Beals (Christina Hart) as the only two regulars returning.

The mass exodus comes two weeks after Person of Interest EP Greg Plageman was named Taken‘s new showrunner, replacing Alex Cary, and one week after NBC quietly bumped the series off the fall schedule (relocating it to midseason). Per insiders, Plageman has a new vision in mind for Taken Season 2.

An NBC rep declined to comment for this story.

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  1. aren’t you forgetting Jennifer Marsala?

  2. justsomeguy says:

    Why not just cancel it instead if you’re going to fire almost the entire cast? lol

  3. Nicole Walker says:

    Good grief. I loved the chemistry of Brian and the team and especially loved Gaius Charles as team leader. Man, what a shake-up/reboot/overhaul.

  4. Valeria D Banks says:

    Why not just create a new show with the two leads? The whole season was focused on the Bryan gaining the trust of and fitting in with the team. Now, no team? Not cool!

  5. emacco says:

    You must be kidding me. These guys were the best thing about the show! Might as well cancel it now.

  6. Missy Kelly says:

    POI showrunner, Jennifer Beals – will have to watch season 1 now to see the difference when Season premieres.

  7. Um…WTH?! A basically whole new cast will completely throw off the dynamic I loved so much in the first season.

  8. rainey13 says:

    This is not making me excited about Season 2. I liked the first season arc of Mills learning to work with the team. I imagine I’ll give it a try when the new shows come on, but unless this new “direction” is exceptional, I won’t stick around. Not a fan of the old bait and switch.

  9. Shaun says:

    Good,the whole team thing was annoying

    • Temperance says:

      Agreed. The lead was fine (and please let him grow his short beard back out – so much more attractive!), but the rest of the group was a non-starter for me. I see why they are doing this.

  10. Elaine says:

    They just don’t get it, do they. It must be an ego thing or fear of not handling the series as well as their predecessor. It must be so tiring constantly working against the series instead of trying to improve it. Retool the show with the current cast or pass on the job. I agree with everyone else — just cancel it now.

  11. That’s no bueno. So much diversity gone. And I was hoping the show would give Asha more story in S2.

    I’m not happy about this news. This is reminding me of Sleepy Hollow S2 and we saw how well that worked out.

  12. JenJ says:

    Good Grief, what happened to the show? There was terrific chemistry between these team members, and the whole premise of breaking in Bryan Mills to a team, seems to have been totally wasted. WTF was happening behind the scenes that the viewers didn’t know about, if all of those cast members were let go? It doesn’t even sound like it will be the same show anymore, With the exception of Mills girlfriend, who kept him too distracted to see what was going on at home, I was enjoying the show as it was, I’m not sure how I feel now about the upcoming season.

  13. Derek says:

    So, the show has bad ratings, but you decide to renew it. OK. Letting 80% of the cast go, won’t help. You shouldn’t have renewed it.

  14. Uno says:

    Damn… That’s like almost all the color gone from the show… At least Jennifer beals is still there.. Tho unless she gets to point it out some don’t even know she’s mixed… I liked the dynamic they had… I’ll wait and see how they do in season 2

    • Amelia says:

      I assume they will replace at least a few characters. Hopefully they retain the same amount of diversity.

  15. MzTeaze says:

    Well that sucks!. I liked the cast as it was.

  16. Lizzy says:

    I liked the diversity of this cast!

  17. Veronica says:

    Not sorry about losing Asha because she just didn’t fit the show but the TEAM was great! This makes no sense. Getting rid of the team chemistry that was already there will only cause the few viewers who WERE watching to drop out.

  18. jason says:

    Do this major shake ups ever actually work in the way of ratings? seems like once an audience has given up they rarely come back in droves

  19. fightfan3 says:

    Guess they want to make it more like the movies where Bryan would (essentially) work alone.

  20. Diane says:

    I only was interested because of Gaius. Then really ended up liking the team. Well one less hour of tv to watch.

  21. Spikenalabama says:

    Couldn’t make it past the third or fourth episode. May have to give it another shot.

  22. Doris says:

    It was one of the best diversity shows as well as the cast chemistry on tv. Why did NBC renew the show to do such a stupid re-tooling and to move it to mid- season? It was different, it was intriguing and was definitely a winner the way it was. The new show runner, will now bring in people from “People of Interest” . Or some washed up actor or actresses. No solidarity there. How come Jennifer and Clive didn’t walk away when they fired Alex Cary since he hired them? And they aren’t walking way with the firing of the diversity team either! All ego. Horrible!

    • mooshki says:

      “How come Jennifer and Clive didn’t walk away…?”

      Probably because they have bills to pay.

      • Lisa says:

        Completely agree! We all have bills to pay at the end of the day.

        I am shocked and disappointed at the decision. BIG risk. I wonder how many other shows in the past where they’ve fired more than 80% of the regulars have fared in the ratings??

    • Louis E. says:

      I assume you mean Jennifer Beals?
      I’d be surprised to see Jennifer Marsala back since she’s married to Alex Cary.

  23. Sonics79 says:

    Just cancel the show and bring back Chicago Justice by transferring the leads to that show and call it a day.

  24. westwingwolf says:

    Despite less than average ratings after The Voice which is supposed to help new shows with ratings draw, NBC renews Taken because it is a in-house production. Now they are trying to fix what probably isn’t broken which will likely lead to even more lower ratings. I only wonder if they are going to put it back behind The Voice at midseason. They weren’t when it was supposed to start in the fall which was only going to make things worse. Now if they don’t put it behind The Voice at midseason again, a bad timespot plus this retooling isn’t going to do well with the ratings. I’m not even sure if Friday nights could help this show considering it was already fractional post The Voice on a Monday. The next possible bad news will be that they cut the production order boost that they originally gave it back to where it was or less.

  25. PatriciaLee says:

    It made sense he was part of a team before he retired. It made sense he worked alone when he rescued his daughter, later. This makes no sense, and it sounds like the fun is gone.

  26. Couchmom says:

    Hmm….if they are going to make more like the movie, Brian only had three other folks on his team or that he worked with so I could see them taking that route. If not not sure what direction they could go unless they have him get married and have his daughter but the whole idea of the show is to show how he acquired his particular set of skills in the first place. Will just have to wait and see.

  27. Randy says:

    Why not change the name of the show also. Just stupid.

  28. MMD says:

    I had deleted my entire season because I was so sure it would be cancelled. Since I had only watched a couple of episodes, I regretted my decision after the renewal news. Now I’m knowing I made the correct choice originally.

  29. Nancy says:

    Hate to see Brooklyn leave. Thought she was really great!

  30. Jared says:

    It must be a horrible feeling to have your show renewed for another season yet you still get fired due to changes within the plot.

  31. Rylie says:

    WTF…terrible move, especially getting rid of Asha she was the one character keeping Bryan grounded. I’m not sure I’ll be back for this retool

  32. Will says:

    It’s going to be Person of Interest 2.0.

  33. Corly says:

    They “retooled ” Person of Interest by killing off Taraji Henson character and I stopped watching…looks like I’ll be doing the same again..really liked Asha and the team….I’ll find something to watch on HULU instead….NBC sucks!

  34. RichieS says:

    The show would work better if Clive (Bryan) could be more like his Vikings’ character Rollo so when he gets in a tight spot he just goes berserk with his axe and roars.

  35. Carla Krae says:

    After Brian and the team had bonded as a *team*? That makes no sense.

  36. Mara says:

    Extremely bad move for many reasons — the chemistry of the cast was great, the diversity of the cast, this is a ridiculous, stupid move. It’s like the new showrunner has to erase everything previously that worked just to suit their own ego instead of building on it. This is extremely disappointing and will most likely be the nail in the coffin of the show unfortunately.

  37. Dumbing down the show by the same guy who dumbed down person of interest. Ratings are a schmooze, the show was intelligent and tense. New style will be to pander to the kiddies and the big mac and fries crowd.

  38. Sandra says:

    Taken, may have been the best NBC had to offer, cast was great….left you begging for more! Hate you made changes…might be a big mistake!

  39. Thao says:

    Waiting for season 2. Too bad it will going to be different cast members. Don’t know will keep up like season 1, but disappointed to see most of familiar faces have to go. 🤔

  40. vko says:

    taken won’t b taken without the entire team.rather u just stop taking season 2 out, cox it won’t b taken

  41. Greg Johnson says:

    I might see doing a major shakeup after 4-5 seasons but not after 2 geez what a freaking mistake, the team had great chemistry! IDIOTS