The Originals Season 4 Finale

The Originals Season Finale Photos: Is This the End of 'Always and Forever'?

The Mikaelsons’ final fight against The Hollow could also end up being their final fight as a family.

New photos from Friday’s season finale of The Originals (The CW, 8/7c) find Klaus & Co. desperately cooking up a way to save their youngest family member from the evil force’s deadly grip. But judging by Hope’s rampage through the city streets, it doesn’t look like they’re making much headway.

As revealed in the promo for the finale, Vincent’s plan to stop The Hollow involves breaking it into four pieces, each of which will be stored in the body of an immortal being connected to Hope by blood. This would mean that Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah and Kol would need to stay as far away from each other as possible for the rest of eternity — and that’s if all goes according to plan!

Fortunately, the show has been renewed for a fifth season, which means this isn’t the last we’ll see of the Mikaelsons — even if it does turn out to be the last they see of each other.

Browse our gallery of new finale photos — you can click here for direct access — then drop a comment with your, ahem, hopes for the end of Season 4 below.

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  1. Erica Smith says:

    They can’t do that. Elijah and Klaus have to be together. I figured they would use Marcell power somehow. I don’t like that he stronger than them. To tell my girl she was a mustake really.

  2. Gift says:

    Is that a joke? they can’t do that. klaus and Elijah has to always be together. oh no my worst fear for this show is coming through.

  3. Terry M says:

    what’s the use of Marcel if they don’t use him now huh? I’m already pissed before watching​ the show’s finally. you should not destory the originals family or this show would have been for nothing.

  4. Oke says:

    Alright now there is so much I can take from​ this show! if you writers destory what I love about this show I won’t watch S5. Think of your audience please. And why, why does Marcel get to keep that power. I really hate it that he is stronger than the originals. it’s ridiculously dorm no offense. I dislike Marcel’s​ strength. The show is not about him.

    • Joey says:

      Marcel should be fourth piece so elijah and klaus stay together.

    • AGW says:

      Why Shouldn’t Marcel keep his power? The Mikaelsons are powerful because their mother cast a powerful spell on them no other reason.

      They didn’t earn it or work for it. It was given to them and because of Mikael and Esther no less. What makes them any more worthy than Marcel or the Hollow for that matter?

      Vincent was able to extract the serum and give it to Marcel. This makes Marcel a new kind of Vampire. The only one of his kind.

      He has as much right to exist as them especially if he’s not hurting anybody.

      He’s willing to coexist but he should still be the sacrificial lamb? Lol!

      • gift says:

        yes, worthy or not he should loose that power.

        • AGW says:

          Lol! No he shouldn’t.

          Marcel should get his kingdom and his queen.

          • Jane says:

            Marcel didn’t torture people even when he had power to do that. Klaus did things like turn a human into a vamp and compel that man to kill HIS OWN KIDS AND WIFE. It wasn’t a ripper doing, it was conscious act, and one of many too. So does Klaus deserve anything after crimes like that? Marcel is a power-lusting man, but out of two evils, Marcel is less demonic even now, being on the top of food chain. As much as I enjoy watching Klaus and indifferent towards Marcel, I can admit it.

  5. Stacey says:

    Hayley is a potential option as well. Maybe she’ll take a fourth so Klaus won’t have too. But that would be the true end for HE, not sure if they’ll go there. Sure they’ll figure a way out of this in 5×1, since there is a time jump.

  6. Esther A says:

    I pick Marcel, Hayley, kol since he is no use and Rebekah because she keep going back and forth for Marcel’s​ love which is clearly wrong for her and he moved on. This I can live with. Klaus and Elijah should stay strong. I hope this is not s3 final all over again. Does this writers have an objective to make all the originals wick and pointless?

    • oluwazoe says:

      Hayley can’t.. Cos that will break Elijah the more

    • Stacey says:

      Marcel can’t, he’s not a blood relative. Probably will be Klaus, Elijah, Kol, and Bex. Bex will probably leave Nola with Marcel, Kol with Davina, and Hayley most likely will take Hope to Mystic Falls.

      • Esther A says:

        All the more why this upset me, I don’t want them separating. This time, they should all come together and be stronger​. I still don’t see what makes Hayley so important, Klaus will do better at parenting and yes Elijah will be heartbroken if she dies, but he will move on. He’s lived a thousand years and fell in and out of love serval times. Love will come again.

        • Joy Mikaelson says:

          What is wrong with you people hating on Hayley? Some of you must have mommy issues or never grew up with a mother at all. Hayley isn’t useless, and she’s done a good ass job raising Hope. If Hayley sacrifices everything to save Hope, then that’s the motherly thing to do (just like Klaus did for Hope which was the fatherly thing to do.) but don’t ever call Hayley useless. Y’all some haters.

  7. Tina says:

    I am wicked excited for this reset. The whole season kind of bored me. Can we get back to murderous Klaus now?

  8. Shawny says:

    Wtf were the writers & producers thinking when they thought of this plot? You can’t separate these cast members it will kill the ratings forever! Hope is suppose to be the strongest witch the world has ever known we’ll have the hollow forced out of her and have her perform a spell to destroy the artifacts (bones) and turn the hollow over to the ancestors. What ya know that’s a better plot!!!

  9. Sharon says:

    This is just ridiculous! This child was so supposed to bring the family together and now the opposite is happening. Klaus spent 5 years away from his family ( and daughter) and now he can never see them again!?!? Stupid

  10. Jane says:

    Where is a picture of Alaric or smth? They said there will be two tvd related appearances, we had one and there is only one ep left. I expected them to use it to promote the final ep. Not that I’m a huge Alaric’s fan but still, they usually make a big deal out of crossovers

    • Esther A says:

      I expected to see someone from TVD too but I’m guessing​ it’s in the time jump we get to see Alaric or anyone else.

  11. Renota Johns says:

    I’m really upset about this season’s storyline on the originals period to break up the mikaelsons family to get rid of the hollow they could have thought of something different than breaking them apart. Why is the world making it so difficult for family to stick together everybody’s taking about family breaking apart no matter what you’re going through family should always stick together.

  12. Lupe says:

    Great show. Shocked it is really good!!! Keep up the great job!!!!

  13. oluwazoe says:

    Why do yall think Marvel’s power should be taken away.. He isn’t an enemy but rather a friend to the Mickelson. His power should be used rather than destroying him.. I like Marcel. Atleast he’s more matured than Kol

    • Gift says:

      That power was given to Marcel out of a prophecy by the ancestors who wants nothing more than the downfall of the Mikaelsons. They can repeat in every episode that he is not an enemy or a threat to the originals but that is a lie. The wouldnt have an advantage of Marcel’s venum wasn’t a dead sentence to the originals. Klaus treated Marcel like a prince, of cause Klaus in his own ways most times push people to the wall but the only thing I’ve seen Klaus do to Marcel is not letting he and Rebekah be together which he later granted his approval while they betray him. Marcel always, time and time again stood, betray, conspired and blame Klaus in the end at every turn. Klaus has never punish Marcel the say he does Kol or even Elijah when they stand against him. That power given to Marcel is wasted and he doesn’t deserve it but I do agree with you when you said they should put the power to good use and that could kill him or take the strength away either way I’m gamed

    • Ben says:

      To have those powers during season 3 was a good plot trigger… but i found lame how he was able to keep it without a pact with the ancestors this season (specially considering that he work with those who betray them). The ancestors should have removed those powers right after they come back. I don’t care at all about the Mikaelsons as a family, ’cause they are all evil psychos… but this show used to have an interesting redemption plot for Klaus.. i really hope that they don’t waste all the construction maded in previous seasons turning the show into another boring TVD fiasco (IMO the writting this season haves benn really boring and disappointing in comparison to the shocking/exciting season 3).

      • Oke says:

        I thought s4 was good upto a certain point where they have the originals threatened by any Dick and Harry and made weapons​ all around town that can kill them. I get really pissed when I see Marcel talk down to Klaus or Elijah without fear or how he brags and call Klaus a trophy really? I just dislike him on many levels there. And since when is sofya so important that her life or her safety has to be a priority in the show wasted time. Yes the Mikaelsons family have done or created havoc in their time but it’s survival now and who doesn’t deserve a chance for redemption and yes klaus had a pretty interesting redemption plot story in the beginning of this show.

  14. zed says:

    When this season was filmed they didn’t really know if they will be renewed or not , so I guess they made an ending that would be kind of cliffhangerish- I am excited to see how it will all pan out- and what the season 5 will bring. Can’t wait for some spoilers about season 5- :D

  15. Bob says:

    Relax People, the writers will find a way that keeps them all together, even if they go their own way it won’t last for long, at least not for us accept maybe a summer. The show is expected to time jump again by 5 more years so when it returns the first episode or two wll see see them come together again.

  16. Aref says:

    why the originals and the vampire diaries has really sad ending, we watch these serials for years, every weak. it is very depressing for us.

  17. edyn says:

    Sad….I love Elijah and for him to be reduced to playing piano at a bar? I would want him to do something better than that. I know Elijah wanted it done, but I would think it would be Klaus because he goes on rampages, wants to be with his daughter, but cannot. What better way to not be with your child than compelled when there is a ancient spirit inside of you who wants to come after your daughter? Everyone gets a happy ending, but Klaus and Elijah. Klaus cannot be near Hope because the Hollow will want to come after her. If Kol did not come back, would they have used Marcel? Hope will need some father figure in her life and I thought it would have been Marcel to check on them, just like he was with Davina. I thought each one would have left her something as a remembrance.

  18. chantall meyer says:

    when i saw the end it looked like the show was ending forever, but the part where Hope was at magic school, looked very promising due to the fact that i was hoping she would meet the twins and we could get a spinn off with them as Teens can someone say “power of three”