the haves and the have nots recap midseason 4 premiere

The Haves and the Have Nots Midseason Premiere Recap: Bloody Hell

Blood, blood everywhere! The midseason premiere of The Haves and Have Nots began with not one but two characters wearing red — Q, collateral damage in War’s vendetta against Candace, and Melissa, who slit her wrists in the wake of her father’s death. Did either or both of them survive? Read on…

‘MY NEPHEW DIED’ | Picking up where “In Pursuit of Prey” left off, “The Fallout From War” began with Hanna emerging from the hotel bathroom, an unconscious Q in her arms… saying that it was too late to help the little boy. As Mitch called for an ambulance, Benny and his mother collapsed in anguish. At the hospital, a tearful Benny borrowed Hanna’s phone to call Katheryn. “Where’s your mother? Is she OK?” Mrs. Cryer asked. Through sobs, Benny told her what had happened, sending her racing to be with Hanna. Afterward, Q’s grandma lamented how hard a life he had had, how much brigher a future she’d wanted to give him. “Life is a loop, Benny — it’s all gonna come back around” — something Candace never understood, she noted. Benny tried to calm her by suggesting that they pray. But she said she didn’t have anything left to pray for. “You just stay right here,” he whispered, unsure of how to reach her. (Katheryn couldn’t get there fast enough!) When Mitch came down the hall, Benny threw himself into his arms, crying that he was going to kill War. Just then, Rose arrived, announcing, “I’m in this,” and asking who’d shot at Mitch. As soon as Benny offered up War’s name and info, Rose made a call, ordering the D.A.’s body dug up and put in his trunk. “Unleash all hell on wherever he is!”

the haves and the have nots season 4 episode 12 midseason premiere recap‘WAKE UP, BITCH!’ | At the Harringtons’, Jeffrey called for help for Melissa, then when she passed out, turned to his mother for assistance. Big mistake — obviously. After telling her son to “put some bass in your voice, please,” Veronica complained that “that damn bitch” was “bleedin’ all over my $1,100 sheets” and attempted to slap her back into consciousness. (How wrong is it that I cracked up every time Veronica smacked Melissa? Pretty wrong, right? Anyway… ) Informed by Jeffrey that his fiancee’s father had died, Veronica was characteristically unsympathetic.

‘HERE I AM WITH NOTHING AGAIN’ | At the fancypants hotel, Candace, unaware of the tragedy unfolding across town, dropped in on Erica and lied that she hadn’t hooked up with anyone that evening, much less Charles. Naturally, Erica was surprised to learn that Candace was staying there rather than at the Fountain Drop. When Benny called, his sister sent it to voice-mail, then waxed nostalgic about when she’d had millions. While Candace borrowed a dress, Erica texted War and found out that he’d killed Q in a shootout. Busted by Candace, Erica insisted that she’d only been texting David. As Candace was leaving, Erica asked for a (Judas) hug and seemed to have second thoughts about double-crossing her.

the haves and the have nots season 4 episode 12 midseason premiere recap‘SHE HAD TO ASK YOU TO STOP MID-STROKE?’ | At the bar of the ritzy hotel, David confessed to Oscar that he feared he’d blown it with Erica. Upon hearing the details of their night, Oscar suggested that maybe Erica was playing David… maybe. Or he was moving too fast. “Watch your heart,” Oscar warned. “Take your time.” Good advice, not that David was about to listen. When Erica texted, saying she hoped he’d made it home safely, Oscar advised him not to text right back. As soon as Jim joined them, he noticed that Candace was there, too. “Oh, Miss Young,” Jim said, calling her over. How was she? “I’m as good as I look,” she quipped. Jim delighted in telling Candace that the police now had all of her blackmail photos — and blurting out to David that she’d killed Quincy and buried him in her own backyard. “What fool did you get to help you” kill Quincy? David asked. Your son, she replied. Speaking privately with Candace, Jim tried desperately to get her to sleep with him. “Damn,” he huffed upon failing.

‘I’M THE VILLAIN?’ | With Wyatt’s detox going badly, the duo from the drug-treatment center decided that they had to take him to the hospital. At the same time, Veronica threw her weight around to make sure that Melissa was getting immediate and exquisite care. And also, to kick some poor woman out of the waiting area. “You just can’t do it, can you?” Jeffrey marveled. Do what? she asked. “Not be a bitch.” As if she hadn’t already proven her son’s point a hundred times over, she called and ordered the maid to come to work, never mind that it was 4am and she’d have to take a bus. Just then, David reached Jeffrey and learned that Melissa had attempted suicide. Upon hearing that her ex was on his way over, Veronica was delighted. Less so when Katheryn arrived… !

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  1. Anne Johnson says:

    I think it was in poor taste to kill a child and have the adults in thst room live. I won’t watcj this dhoe again.

    • davon brown says:

      then you must not watch any shows anymore plenty of tv dramas kill off kids

    • Jasmine says:

      Who confirmed the kid is dead? Remember they are in the hospital and Tyler purposefully did not show a doctor confirming the death. Q could very well recover. Wyatt recovered after the cast assumed he was dead all last season.

    • tina says:

      it should have been veronica,do anyone know why tyler perry let lil q get killed? had me crying along with hanna,wow candance don’t even know yet,wonder what she’lldo? her friend is not her friend

    • Diann Beard says:

      Bring the little boy back. Social service could have him and put him in a safe home. Dont like children dying in violence. Keep the child safe from the drama.

  2. guesty says:

    I am just not sure that scripting the death of Q is worth it. i have had to deal with grief in real life…not sure i want to watch hannah lose her mind with grief for the rest of the duration of the show. also, can we finally find someone to put veronica in her place? surely not everyone is afraid of her. conniving is one think, being an outright bully is another. it is becoming a bore. otherwise, i felt it was an interesting episode.

    • Geraldo Droz says:

      I say the same thing. I know nurses that wouldn’t have taken Veronica’s bullying.

    • Felicia Fields says:

      Yes Veronica needs to be placed dont really care for her character

    • Jasmine says:

      Seems like Tyler is recycling wyatt’s storyline from last season partially on Q (make everyone think Q is dead while saving production costs ~ filming most of the season’s scenes in two “hospital” rooms ~ only to reveal that Q made it out of his coma last episode of he season). I agree with you about Veronica’s character. It has become very one dimensional. The only cast people that could put her in check would be either David, Katherine, or someone new.

    • Sylvia says:

      Time for V to get another good dose. Kathryn gave her some when she wacked that day and it is time for another set down.

  3. Rosa Johnson says:

    I don’t know how Q got shot, but if War was after Candace, he should have left when she wasn’t there now an inacent child is dead, that had nothing to do with the vendeta between War and Candace. Candace shouldn’t have lied to War in the beginnig. Being greedy get you nothing, but trouble, and she cause more pain to her mother.

  4. Dean Stewart says:

    I feel like her telling God all she has done and this happen, God is in control of all so don’t feel like God has to do us our a just wrong we still have a job to do.

    • Felicia Fields says:

      I understand where she at when she say i have nothing left to pray for. She is weak an in our weakness GOD is our strenght. Tyler Perry is portraying a woman of GOD losing her love one after she has stayed Faithful to GOD. This is going to be good

  5. Fab says:

    I watched and wondered if it was necessary to kill Q. Candace should reap a little instead of just coimg off as being the bully. Will continue watching, but it seems the story line is getting a little boring. It has a lot of unsolved issues.

  6. davon brown says:

    people clearly dont know good tv when they see it i prefer this show over a boring fake reality show any day this show has great drama and a great cast

    • HAHN says:

      Agreed, everything is beginning to come out. Everyone’s actions, lies, and betrayal come with consequences. I truly hate it for Hanna she tried her best to keep Q safe, but in the end this is all on Candace. Keep it coming!!!

  7. Gwendolyn Washington says:

    When do it returns

  8. Nice surprise to see a HAHN’s review on TV Line. Q’s death is tragic but I think it’s in a way a parallel for Amanda’s death. Amanda’s death was meant to humble Jim and break him down. Granted, he didn’t stay down for long but the goal was to show all his evil actions will come back to him in one way or the other.
    The thing is, Q’s death will probably hurt Hannah and Benny, heck, even Katheryn more than it will Candace. Candy never cared about Lil Q and just like Jim, I don’t see the death of a child forcing her to make significant changes in her life.
    I just want to see Benny bounce back and Hanna calm down with the religious theatrics. War’s too toxic now and I was relieved to see Mama Rose 2.0 put a hit out on him. He needs to go. Mitch’s grown on me. He’s a great friend to Benny.
    The writing for Veronica is disappointing. She started off as a calculating villain whose actions made sense (kinda) and but her character’s gone completely off the rails since she lost her mind over Maggie Day. The actress is too good to be saddled with such poor material. I also need to see some growth with Wyatt. His character has been stagnant, obnoxious and useless for too long and I need him to either come out of get off Jeffrey’s back because he acts super jealous every time Jeff gets a new boy toy.

  9. Myrna Price says:

    who is Rose.

    • Gypsy says:

      She is the “clean up” Boss Lady if you will for Jim/David— Mob Boss!!! Correct me if I’m wrong in my explanation…

  10. Asil says:

    Too much of the same old stuff. Veronica character needs to be taken down several notches. Her flame 🔥 has been burning too hot for far too long ….Everything is too much and predictable . It’s like cooking everything you like all in one pot .

  11. Essie Young says:

    Think it was bad to let the baby died, he was the only happiness Hannah. Wyatt was kept alive for days, but the baby died too quickly. Too much homo sites, need to cut back on that. family watching.Candace gave Warh what she promised, how can he seek her to kill , he got what she promised to give. Bad writing. Veronica getting away with too much. she needs to slow down

  12. Jessica says:

    I enjoyed the return of the HAHN. Sorry lil Q had to be killed off. That Veronica… Lolol she is something else. She plays her role to the fullest. No apologies she is my favorite. I am a true fan.

    • Hazel Alfred says:

      I luv the show again lol Q was a sad part its time for veronica Candace war to get there’s and to many breaks in the shows 10 to 12 more commercials then show it needs to be on hour and a half really

  13. Q should not have died he needs to be put back that was a bad move i might stop watching

  14. Deborah Brown says:


  15. Felicia Fields says:

    HAHN came in with a bang! It was so sad to the point i cried . It was so intense and good when Rose stepped in , i was glad to see her and the gang War can lose his name cause its going down. I just love Tyler Perry each actor plays a significant role its all good👏👏👏🖒🖒🖒

  16. Carla Switzer says:

    I agree with some of the comments, Veronica really her story lines need to be changed Jeffery and David need
    to have some backbone watching African American men act so weak makes me sick to my stomach. The storyline is just really gotten bored Candance also needs to have that smirk taken off of her face.

  17. Emma Cannon says:


  18. Janice Neloms says:

    I love this show! It had my emotions on a rollercoaster ride! Lil Q being killed was sad. When Mama Rose and her entourage showed up, I was happy again! Thanks Tyler

  19. Elaina Stevens says:

    Can’t wait 4 next week n when Grandma Mob Boss get War Ass N Trouble By Planting The D.A. N His Car

  20. Guest says:

    I love this show , great soap opera. I’m never depend..

  21. Jayvonn Jamison says:

    Who is this new mama rose malone?? This is not the same one from before

    • SapphireLady says:

      That’s what I said Jayvonn Jamison!!
      When she walked in I was like noooo she’s not the same Mama Rose.
      It would have been nice if she walked over to Hannah and Benny and gave her condolences. She said her peace and was out… Benny is Mitch’s friend.

  22. Era Butler says:

    I love this show, Tyler you write what ever you want. Still watching.

  23. laura says:

    Where are the cops. Haven’t seen any doctors or cops

  24. Why did Q have to Die ?
    let MaMa Rose take war out.

  25. Texas Solo Traveler says:

    It continuously keep you glued to the series! Way better than Criminal Minds CSi and Murder She Wrote..all in a different category Have and have note are too close to reality tv called Live and Learn

  26. tina says:

    it should have been veronica,do anyone know why tyler perry let lil q get killed? had me crying along with hanna,wow candance don’t even know yet,wonder what she’lldo? her friend is not her friend

  27. Me A P M says:

    I love the hahn it’s number 1 in my house look forward every Tuesday night.

  28. Sylvia says:

    I just get soooo tired of the adlib. So much repetitive stuff.

  29. Sarah Stephens says:

    I have watched since the beginning, but I have had enough. I cannot watch a show that has far more evil and immorality than good and spirituality. For someone like Mr. Perry, who professes his beliefs, to allow this to be shown to many children as well, I do not understand? I am sure some parents do not know what their kids are doing for various reasons. Some of the scenes are disgusting. I can imagine the comments against me, ex., it is true to life,etc…But I know how impressionable kids are!

    To me, Hanna is the only decent character, other than the kids, in the entire script. Being human, it is not easy to give it up but I have to stand for something.

  30. Emma Cannon says:

    Very very Good !

  31. Don’t understand why Q out of all the cast get kill. At least that’s what is shows. My heart goes out to poor Hanna. She worked so hard to give him a better life. Veronica is out of control. I can’t wait to see either Jeffery or David put her in her place. She is so uncaring it makes me sick! Candace has put her guards down too low.

  32. Jean Price says:

    I can’t believe how this show drags anymore. We are now three episodes beyond the shooting and Candace still doesn’t know that her child has been killed. Are you kidding me.

    • Lesha Jackson says:

      Yes!!!!!! I thought the same thing. Three weeks no funeral yet. Mom doesnt know yet. U kill people on the show faster than this!!!