Doubt Cancelled CBS Katherine Heigl Dule Hill

Doubt Update: CBS to Air Cancelled Drama's 11 Remaining Episodes

We know you had your Doubts, but CBS is doing fans of Katherine Heigl’s quickly-cancelled legal drama a solid  by scheduling the series’ unaired episodes.

Exec producer Tony Phelan announced on Twitter that Doubt‘s 11 remaining episodes will air Saturdays at 8/7c beginning July 1. 

The Heigl-fronted procedural was pulled off the schedule in February after two terribly-rated episodes. The Feb. 16 premiere only drew 5.3 million total viewers and a 0.8 rating, placing below timeslot predecessor Code Black‘s sophomore average. (TVLine readers gave the legal sudser’s launch an average grade of “C+.”)

In Week 2, it dropped 25 percent, to 4 mil and a 0.6.

The impressive ensemble also included Laverne Cox and Dule Hill.

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  1. LK says:

    Thats good… Hate to see the cast and crew’s work remain unwatched forever…. Hope they had time to craft a conclusion to the storyline.

    • Brian says:

      The creator said “We are beginning to knock around what we could do in Season 2. We leave Season 1 on a great cliffhanger, and the ability to deliver that to the audience and coming up with a satisfying way to move on from that cliffhanger and seeing where everybody’s lives are going to go beyond Episode 13 would be fantastic. We hope that the audience is going to be as invested in the people and the work that they do as we are.”

      • PatriciaLee says:

        Hopefully, they were smart enough to film a windup, just in case.

      • Michael Axelberd says:

        They need to finish up this series, not right to leave fans of the show hanging on her last words is he really guilty or not. Most of us suspected all along he was guilty but I really hope they do the right thing by fans of the show and finish the story line.

    • DuniaMartínez says:

      They are airing previously filmed ones. In Spain have alrededor been aired. No way they could changes the end.

  2. N says:

    Yay! Loved that show

  3. Rebecca says:

    now hopefully Time after Time will do the same!

    • Lynn says:

      Pretty sure all episodes aired & it was cancelled after season file aired.

      • LK says:

        You would be wrong.

      • Brian says:

        I think you are confusing Time After Time (which was pulled from the schedule after only 5 episodes) with Timeless.

      • Kathleen Barlett says:

        Are you homophobic too?it’s a lawyer show not a sex show! Transgendered people are just as important people as you are and aren’t after You! When did you become straight and know what you we’re? Be happy you don’t have to fight for your rights to be free to live as you do! They can’t and the dumb ass and vice ass are undoing all our rights Obama gave us! We are after straight people nor pedophiles! Our divorce rate and love towards our children do not end in child abuse either! That’s a straight people’s problem! We just want to be us, love our kind and have rights as you do without having to fight for them! The cheeto head and his puppeteers will only be there 4 years or less then all his crap will be undone as he has undone our rights that President Obama gave us! Also don’t inch when you have no insurance or bullcrap insurance you will be paying out your but for! He will have what he wants n won’t care one kids about middle or lower class people. Mark my words…

        • tracy edwards says:

          I feel sorry for you and other transgender people, but why can’t you just live your life as a gay man (transgender women) or as a gay woman (transgender men) why mutilate your bodies and face so much hate? you are still a man…no matter how many dresses and wigs you put on. but once again i do pity you all.

          • Maisie Gems says:

            Hopefully you will broaden your horizons one day Tracy. The transgender people out there deserve understanding and allies. The hate comes from people who don’t care enough to try and understand feelings that are different from their own and think throwing “pity” out there as some kind of consolation.

        • Lucy Jones says:

          This show was also an insult to real black women. All of the white women on the show are people who were born female. The only black female character on the show….is a man in a dress and wig. i am a gay male and I also hate transgender people, especially the men who turn into women. why can’t you live your lives as gay men instead of mutilating your bodies. you are not WOMEN! YOU ARE STILL BOYS IN A DRESS WITH A WIG!!!

          • John says:

            There is no way you are a gay anything talking that way and if you are shame on you. It’s people like you that brings so much hate into this world.

      • Regina Moore says:

        No they only showed 2 episodes I was invested in the show put it in a different time slot don’t just cancel it 😪

  4. Maisie Gems says:

    I liked this show. Wish it could have been a Summer series. May have fared better.

  5. Ray says:

    Oh good. Haven’t watched it yet, but I haven’t cancelled my season pass either in hopes that the remaining episodes would eventually air. Thanks CBS.

    • Heather says:

      I know right!!!!! Pure awesomeness when a network as big as CBS listens to us fans. Especially for people like me who pay to watch CBS on my phone. I am now going to be a loyal app fan! True colors are showing

  6. Glory B. says:

    Glad to hear we can finish watching the remaining episodes of Doubt. I remember thinking Judith Light was in it and doing a great job.

  7. Nikki says:

    I liked this show so I will be watching the rest of the episodes. Shows on other networks get multiple seasons with those low ratings. Too bad it wasn’t on ABC like Quantico, etc.

    • Kevin says:

      I am a fan of ABC, but they are quick to put shows on the chopping block too. Even if the ratings are good. Example: Last Man Standing. What’s up with all that???

      • Tabitha says:

        Last Man Standing was cancelled due to a conflict in political views between Tim Allen (conservative republican) and the Network (liberal democrats) and the fact that Allen was putting more and more of his political views in the content.

  8. DuniaMartínez says:

    In Spain Fox international have aired all but one which be aired next week. Let’s see if there is closure.

  9. Jerry says:

    iLike this show. Just because the 18 to 49 don’t watch it, is no reason to cancel a good show. We older people watch more TV than the 18 to 49 does.

  10. GuessWhat says:

    reality: two weeks into this plan, it will pulled again — due to a 0.0 rating.

  11. Sarah says:

    I’m glad they’re airing all the episodes. I really liked the cast, too bad the writing was lightweight and too focused on the doctor/murderer storyline instead of more realistic stories (or they could have gone for more humorous stories considering that the cast had some real comedy chops.)

  12. Sarah says:

    ABC needs to air the rest of the episodes of Time After Time now. Can someone on the TvLine staff ABC if they will be releasing them too? Thanks!

  13. Nan says:

    now that no one is interested…perhaps it may have been good if you had given a chance in the first place.

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  16. Matt says:

    I thought this show was great really happy they’re airing the remaining episodes and hoping it will gain some traction.

    • Rhokai says:

      I came into it just acouple of weeks ago because while on vacation a friend had DVR’d it and we binge watched it…i liked it so much that i was glued to it Thursday night.. And I’m not a big TV watcher at all!
      How can i get the first season???

      • Rhokai says:

        Saturday night….sorry

      • laffalot says:

        its on demand with FIOS, not sure about other cable networks. The cast is pretty awesome, it should have had more episodes air, bad timing. shame on CBS.. at least there was something decent to watch on Saturday nights.

  17. Cmark says:

    Great cast. Network owes it to them to either try a second season or end it with a decent wrap.

  18. Dee says:

    Very disappointed that CBS has still decided to cancel Doubt. It is such a well written show. The cast is superb. Of course it’s not going to appeal to eighteen year olds, far to sophisticated to that age group. Stuff like reality shows etc. is more their intellectual level. Give us all a break. I guess dumbing down to their level is easier and cheaper. What a pity! I guess it’s to late for CBS to reevaluate their decision?

  19. Heather says:

    I am so grateful that CBS doing this. It is a great service to the fans who actually Love the ENTIRE cast. It stinks that the shows ratings were bad but ty CBS you have made a fan of your channel a loyal lifelong fan forever. Very unusual and kind. I hope other stations follow. And my coworkers sister in law makes ? Per hour no frakkin idea…lol. Hope that is a good joke

  20. Bette Brewer says:

    Not sure how I missed Doubt when it aired in February. But have watched it on Saturday at 8 and 9 pm. And It is really really great!

    It’s a shame you can a show as great as this show is with a fantastic line up of actors. And yet put a stupid dumb ass show like Brothers with the lammest bunch of degenerate weirdos.

    Every time I find a good show on CBS I find the idiots in charge at CBS have canceled it.

    Love Blue Bloods, NCIS, NO, Los A,
    Miss Mile and Molly another dumb ass decision, Bull is great, Wednesday night I watch NBC because I haven’t watched Criminal Minds since Manni P was on it. But love H 5 O, and Mac Iver. Also another good one is Ransom it aired on Saturday and there is nothing on Saturday night so I’ve loved Doubt being on tonight. Not a big 48 hour or NBC’s Dateline Mysteries.
    So usually switch to PBS at 10 pm.
    Hate to spend a Saturday night watching something else like the news with 48 or Dateline.

    Sunday love Madame Secretary, to bad Killary didn’t have it to watch when she pretended to be MS. She was to busy being a crook.

    Also absolutely love PBS line up on Sunday’s. Always great!

    Not sure Nielsen knows what they are talking about in the real world.
    Cause they usually don’t get it right. Thanks for allowing me to comment!

  21. Bette Brewer says:

    Love Doubt watched it on Saturday hope they keep it on.

    Also love many CBS shows, Blue Bloods, NCIS all of them.

    And Ransom hope they keep it on enjoyed it on Saturday as well.

    Not a fan of Big Brothers!

    Wish they would bring back Mike and Molly!

  22. Christine Martin. Severson says:

    I am watching remaining “Doubt” but can tell you the background music undermines the shows credibility. It’s as if they had no faith in it from beginning. I don’t need cutesy music AND the fast talking fluff is over the top. Perhaps they really weren’t sure what they wanted to do. I would watch if renewed though. Really has great cast with LOTS of potential.

  23. Beth McCabe says:

    Please rethink other shows don’t do as well in the beginning but they get a chance. Please put it back on the air. This show i s so good. It needs another chance. If CBS doesnt want them can you find another net work.
    I think this show is great.

  24. Michelle Lee Jones says:

    I am so glad and excited that CBS decided to run the last 11 episode of Doubt. I hope this shows CBS that they should keep this program. It is a great show. Thank you CBS

  25. mboz1963 says:

    Thank u 4 doubt. Now do adverts

  26. John Wilson says:

    I just started watching Doubt and I am hooked. These executives should give more time for new shows to catch on. The show has great storylines and the acting is superb. Change your mind, CBS!!!

  27. DJC says:

    So glad they are showing 11 more shows. If this show had been advertised, it would not have been cancelled. Bring it back, please.

  28. Ann says:

    Maybe “Doubt” could find new home”

  29. Tammie A Pelosi says:

    I cant believe they cancelled this show it is one of the few shows that I have found worth watching in a long time. Its unbelievable the shows they keep that are painful to watch and remove or cancel the few that are actually worth watching this being as one of the top rated tv series at least in my opinion though what is 1 persons opinion worth apparently not enough. I will greatly miss this show and I am highly disappointed that it was not given the full shot it deserved.

  30. Kathy says:

    Don’t cancel a program that thinking adults can appreciate. We love it

    • Mary Bedrossian says:

      Just watched Episode 8. Looking forward to the next one…… don’t want to spoil anything for anybody.

  31. Angel Morris says:

    This is way a good show, I just don’t understand the shows ppl like they take off for some other show thats not good at all.

  32. M . Pia says:

    I don’t quite understand the reason this show was cancelled!!! The remaining episodes have been very good!! Give it another chance …I see a cliffhanger coming and that would be pretty sad!!!


    So glad you decided to show all of the episodes of Doubt. It’s really a great show and I hope it will somehow be renewed fop a season 2.

  34. Deana dietrick says:

    i enjoy this show love love everyone on it

  35. Lisa P. says:

    I absolutely love this show, it funny, it’s warm & heartfelt, it’s realistic. I think u r doing this show a terrible injustice by canceling it. I hope that u will reconsider the cancellation. Thx.

  36. Lisa P. says:

    I really love this show, it’s warm, it’s heartfelt, it’s funny & it’s realistic.! I hope u will reconsider canceling this show. I think it’s a keeper ! Thx.

  37. Potter says:

    Thank goodness that I didn’t delete it from my DVR ! You didn’t give this series a chance! You had no faith in the actors and writers that this could be a great series. You were just running scared !!! This is an excellent show and you should be ashamed that you did not give it a chance……

  38. I just discovered this show and have binge watched every episode. It is amazing and I want more. The network would be foolish not to renew this show. They need to put it on when people will be home to watch it. Saturday is not a good night. Anyway love the show, hope they change their minds about cancellation.

  39. Barbara Beyer says:

    I do not understand why this show was abruptly cancelled. It had a good cast and should have been given a real shot. Hiding the series on a Saturday night was a terrible idea. It could have replaced some reruns. I actually began to enjoy it

  40. Kris says:

    I’m bummed this is being cancelled. Maybe they can get it into Hulu or Netflix. I really liked All of the characters.

  41. Alexa says:

    Loved this show and all the characters wish they not cancel!

  42. Kathleen Barlett says:

    Doubt has been a great show since repairing it’s last episodes of seasons 1. It’s pretty sad that the real reason it was let go was because of Laverne Cox, who has been a fabulous actress actress in this series. If you didn’t know her, you wouldn’t even know she was a transgendered person! Have balls and stand up to put it back on but on a different time slot not in a popular set show time! Go DOUBT YOUR FANS!!!

  43. Constance says:

    I have really liked this show Doubt from the start. I love the diversity in the ages of the characters and the personal and professional interplay. I would love to see it continue…

  44. KarenB says:

    Please make a season 2! I watched the first two episodes and wasn’t really impressed, however, it got better and better with each episode. I look forward to watching it on CBS All access every week.

  45. Deborah Whitacre says:

    Doubt is a Fantastic show. As always networks put good shows in crappy time slots. Katherine Heigl is great and the story line as well. What can we do to keep this show on the air?

  46. Kathy says:

    Why would you cancel Doubt. One of the best shows on TV for a very long time. We were really excited about up coming episodes.
    Please don’t put another stupid reality show on in its place.

  47. TLS says:

    Doubt is an extremely well done and thought provoking drama. It was not given a chance to create a following which is a shame because it it one of best written shows with stellar acting portrayals. Big mistake to cancel !!!

  48. Lucy Jones says:

    The show would have done better if they had hired a real black woman instead of laverne cox….black women cannot stand him/her..even having one of the black guys on the show being gay and having sex with the cute white guy would have been better.

  49. Holly Bolinger says:

    The powers that be at CBS didn’t give it a chance. This show is very good. The least they could have done is try it out as a summer show. You guys jumped the gun on this one.