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Criminal Minds Season 13 Henney

Criminal Minds Adds Beyond Borders' Daniel Henney as Series Regular

Beyond borders… continued employment awaits.

CBS has announced that Daniel Henney has been added to the cast of Criminal Minds for Season 13, bringing over the character he played on the two-season spinoff Beyond Borders.

Henney’s hire comes on the heels of Damon Gupton being released from the role of Criminal Minds‘ Agent Stephen Walker after less than a full season, followed by the re-signing of series vets A.J. Cook and Kirsten Vangsness.

Formerly with the International Response Team, Henney’s Special Agent Matt Simmons will join the BAU, with whom he has consulted in the past (including helping with the release of Dr. Spencer Reid upon his arrest in Mexico last season).

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders was cancelled last month after Season 2 averaged 5 million viewers and a 0.8 rating, down 28 and 33 percent from its freshman run. Henney’s previous TV credits also include Revolution, Hawaii Five-0 and Three Rivers.

Criminal Minds opens Season 13 on Wednesday, Sept. 27, now airing an hour later at 10/9c.

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  1. Joy says:

    God forbid the women outnumber the men!

    • Iris says:

      I agree, CBS strikes again. But at the same time, Asian actors don’t get enough representation on network TV so I’m glad for this choice.

      • Stacy says:

        This. I think Hawaii Five-0 is very similar. They’re great at racial diversity, but they’re one of the worst shows for casting or writing for female characters.

    • Yes, but on the giant sausage party that is CBS, an equal number of men and women is amazing. At least half their shows are a bunch of men with girlfriends/wives whose sole function is to be eye candy.

  2. Dominique says:

    oh wow. did not exptect this, but i do LOVE this! i really liked his character, one of the mroe fascinating characters from the spin off and i like that he’s coming to the mothership! i just hope this isn’t at the cost of alvarez.

    • Patricia Angelica says:

      I would actually LOVE if they got rid of Alvez… boring character… Stephen Walker (the one they fired) was much better!

      • Cas says:

        Disagree. Every time Stephen Walker was on screen I fell asleep. Besides, Penelope and Alavez have great chemistry.

      • wvugirl2007 says:

        Totally agree, but maybe Alves can go and they can get Gary Sinise’s character from Beyond Borders instead.

  3. Patricia Angelica says:

    OMG! Dreams come true! One of the things that really got me upset about the fact that they canceled CMBB was that I wasn’t going to see Daniel Henney on TV anymore. And now he’ll be on CM!
    To be a perfect season 13, it would be great if they fired Paget and put Gary Sinise as Unit Chief! Hahahaha

    • Sheryl Jones says:

      You got life messed up. Paget is CM and I love Gary but not at the cost of Paget

    • toddvandell says:

      I was glad Paget returned. It seemed very unfortunate it appeared to be at the cost of firing Thomas Gibson.

      I liked Aaron Hotchner and thought Tom did a marvelous job with the role. I guess he had a hissy fit with the writer and got himself fired. Shame.

      I was very disappointed Beyond Borders got the axe after only two seasons. I liked it far better than Suspect Behavior which I never enjoyed.

      That cast bickered way too much and made watching Suspect Behavior torture.

      Beyond Borders might have been a bit xenophobic but I liked the team dynamic. I liked how well Gary Sinise and Alana de la Garza seemed to work together.

      Some of the dialogue seemed a bit overly forced on Beyond Borders sometimes but the cast at least appeared to get along.

      I would have been very interested to see either Gary OR Alana move over to Criminal Minds.

      I could picture Gary becoming the new Aaron Hotchner/chief. I think he And Joe Mantegna’s David Rossi would work well together.

      If Beyond Borders had to die after two seasons, at least find Gary or Alana both a new home, ideally with Criminal Minds.

      But not at the cost of losing Paget Brewster again.

  4. Nell says:

    Goodness he is gorgeous

    • Patricia Angelica says:

      Finally, someone to put some good and satisfying levels of men gorgeousness on the show! Now I am in peace with the fact that Shemar’s not coming back… haha

    • DryHeat says:

      Oh, yes, indeed, he is quite the hottie! ;-)

  5. Angela says:

    I liked him on “Beyond Borders”, so good news in that regard-will be interesting to see him working with the cast full time. And for his sake, yay for getting more work in general :)!
    But this makes the show’s letting go of Gupton all the more odd. To say nothing of the strange decision both last season and this one to have an eight-member team all of a sudden, when seven had been working just fine for the eleven seasons before that. Since this guy will be in season thirteen from the get-go, though, maybe they’ll have an easier time writing him in and juggling all eight characters as a result? Here’s hoping.

    • Amy Wegner says:

      I do agree that adding him makes Gupton’s firing look even more odd, but they did claim that they were going in a different creative decision, so we will see.

      • Angela says:

        I wonder if their creative change will involve moving away from the Mr. Scratch storyline? Walker was brought in to help the team catch him, but if he’s leaving, then maybe that means they’ll wrap that storyline up pretty quickly and focus on something else? There’s still a couple inmates from the season eleven prison break they’ve yet to catch, if I recall rightly, and since Simmons went down to Mexico to help the team deal with everything with Reid this past season, that could be a good way to explain bringing him in, and would give them the basis for story arcs to further explore and continue next season.

  6. Steven says:

    It should have been Alana de la Garza, but I’m ok with this. And it might offer some closure for Beyond Borders.

  7. A says:

    Congratulations, hyung! Way to represent! You’re not only representing Asians and South Koreans, but mixed Asian children! As a Korean-Mexican-American, I thank you!

  8. I stopped watching Beyond Borders after s1 because I couldn’t stand how xenophobic it was, but Henney’s Matt Simmons was definitely the best part of the show. I’m glad he’s coming on Criminal Minds: Mothership. Plus, how will he do without his motorcycle? haha

    P.S. Too bad Criminal Minds never brought Janeane Garofalo’s character from Suspect Behavior.

  9. Jessica says:

    When is CBS going to realize we DO NOT WANT ANYONE ELSE on the team! They are trying so hard to make sure the women don’t outnumber the men. We don’t need anyone else on the team. the show has gone 11 seasons with 7 members. All this is doing is taking away screen time from the characters we actually care about

  10. Once I heard speculation about a replacement for Damon Gupton, I was expecting it to be Daniel Henney. And I’m good with it. I found his character more interesting than Stephen Walker.

  11. april-ann says:

    He is HOT.

  12. Cas says:

    Not sure this is needed. The show felt cramped after they tried to add Stephen Walker character.

  13. Amy Wegner says:

    Why is everybody so obsessed with a Men vs Women thing on this show? So men outnumber the women, Big Deal, who cares. Why can’t people just watch the show and enjoy it, no matter the ratio?

    Also, if people are so obsessed with the ratio of Men to Women, how come they aren’t as obsessive about it concerning Hawaii 5-0? I mean, there is only really 1 woman to 4-5 men and nobody seems to make a peep about it. Not that it bothers me in the least, but I just find it interesting.

    Maybe people aren’t making noise about Hawaii 5-0 because it’s a remake, so they understand the lack of women.

    • Eureka says:

      Is today your first day on the internet?

    • Joy says:

      As someone above said, CBS is a giant sausage party and most of their current and upcoming shows are all lead by men (and arguably geared towards men). On a show that is already bloated with cast members, they seem adamant in adding unnecessary male characters for some reason. That being said, I liked his character on CM:BB, so I’m hopeful that he isn’t a giant snooze like I found the last guy that they hired for no reason and then let go. Cheers.

    • kalli says:

      Because representation is important and if people campaign towards a single target their voice is louder than if they campaign towards many small targets.
      Because CBS didn’t try to fire two female leads from 5-0 and call it ‘budget’.
      Because CBS didn’t insist on adding a male character to 5-0 because there were 4 lead female roles.
      Because Criminal Minds has the reputation of being particularly sexist because most of the female guest roles end up as ‘mutilated dead body’.
      Because it’s still CBS and the hope is that making them improve their practices generally will affect all their shows, including 5-0.

    • Stacy says:

      Then you’re not reading many sources. Get on twitter and start following the #H50 hashtag. I promise you you’ll start finding a lot more tweets about roles and writing for women. Not to mention, as of right now it is presumed (not confirmed) that Grace Park won’t be returning for Season 8.

  14. fatalsin says:

    I really liked the cast of CM BB… so Im not mad at this

  15. dean says:

    WHY are they doing this? The cast felt so crowded last season after Gupton came on. Wasn’t that the POINT of getting rid of him? Ugh.

  16. Lena says:

    Wow they really can’t have more women than men on the team, jeez.

  17. mary says:

    Why are people still complaining about the number of cast members? Do any of you realize ER had twice as many(actually a little more) at all times. They managed quite greatly to be one of the best tv series for many, many years(yea, I know some will disagree). Not to mention on cases like the ones CM shows, there’s usually more people working on them than what CM shows.

    • Joy says:

      You’re not comparing apples to apples. Some shows can handle a large ensemble cast because there are multiple concurrent story lines in a single episode. On a show like CM, they typically tell a single story per episode and all of the characters do the same job (to some degree, I know they all have their nuances). It’s akin to every single doctor on ER working on a single patient every single week. I don’t think 7 vs. 8 people is a huge deal personally. The conversation is more about why the network/producers felt that it was necessary to add in Damon Gupton last year in the first place (and then subsequently fire him and replace him with Daniel Henney).

  18. TanyaLeigh says:

    This is a disappointment , I wanted to see a strong anchor actor take over when Hotch left. Someone such as Don Johnson or David Caruso.

  19. Ella says:

    Gender casting issues aside, I’m happy about this – he was the only reason I watched Beyond Borders. That and the occasional appearance by a member of the Supernatural family.

  20. Sandra Nash says:

    I think he’ll be a great addition to this show, why didn’t they make Joe Montagne the lead character after they fired Aaron Hotchner? I love Joe!! I agree with the girl who said Gary Sinise should come on the original Criminal Minds, that would be perfect!

  21. terrysagirl says:

    I really liked Damon Gupton and felt they were just finally giving him a backstory! His character wasn’t given a chance to resonate.

  22. devylann says:

    i’ve very excited to hear about Daniel joining the mothership! criminal minds need a muscle man since shemar moore left.

  23. I think this works. This character is more open and already is a proven BAU-type operator. Damon, on the flip side, seems more closed and taciturn. It was like he was there to be the new Hotch type strong, silent type without being the leader. That really didn’t work. While Damon was OK, he didn’t really add much other than another BAU body. Henney should fit right in, given his history with the show and the spinoff.