Twin Peaks Episode 7 Recap

Twin Peaks Episode 7 Recap: Audrey's Fate (Finally) Revealed

Twin Peaks stuck (mostly) to the facts this week, and the payoff was a gorgeous bounty of desperately sought information, correctly placed puzzle-pieces, and giddy fan service. Part 7 had me bouncing off the walls with joy, anticipation and deep Lynchian tension. Very surprising considering how little actually took place, and how “normal” (comparatively) the narrative was. Yes, a miniature version of the “Tree with a Brain” did pop out of a sidewalk to instruct Coop/Dougie to “squeeze the hand off” (?) of the little-person assassin. But otherwise there wasn’t too much kookiness getting in the way of good, solid plot.

LADIES | David Lynch and Mark Frost rewarded long time Twin Peaks nerds by doling out details on three of the original series’ sirens. (No, we didn’t actually see them. But now we have a slight idea of what happened to them.) Although she was completely scrubbed from Frost’s book The Secret History of Twin Peaks, and Heather Graham didn’t make the cast list for the revival, it turns out that Annie (“How’s Annie?”) Blackburn has not been retconned out of this world altogether. In fact, her dreamy midnight message to Laura Palmer (delivered in Fire Walk With Me) actually made it into the missing pages of Laura’s secret diary. Mission accomplished. Hearing Frank read her words aloud (“The good Dale is in the lodge”) 25 years later was a gift from TV heaven. As for Josie, it would seem her soul is still trapped in the wood of the Great Northern Hotel (where she died and got transported into a drawer-pull). You will remember that both Pete Martell and Ben seemed to “experience” her in different spots around the hotel back in season 2. Now she seems to be manifesting as a deep hum outside Ben’s office, troubling both him and his secretary Beverly. (Look, we may never see Josie at all and this may be the end of it, but that was wonderfully rewarding nonetheless.) As for fan favorite Audrey Horne, Frost’s book told us she survived the bank explosion, but now we know it put her into a coma. And in a dark, horrible twist, we learned from Doc Hayward (rest in peace sweet Donna’s Dad) that Evil Coop may have “visited” the comatose Audrey in the intensive care unit. Did Evil Coop actually rape her? (Awful! It’s Audrey!) But it seems likely. Naomi Watts wasn’t kidding when she said we were living in a “dark, dark age.”

IN SOUTH DAKOTA | In the jet on the way to see Evil Coop in prison, Gordon Cole lets Agent Preston in on a little secret (code). Not only are Evil Coop’s fingerprints a tad suspect, but his greeting to Cole back in Part 5 was out of whack (rewatch that scene and notice how Evil Coop says the word “very” twice: backwards and then forwards). Diane tells off Agent Preston (delicious) and then breaks down after her one-on-one with Evil Coop who, back in the day, likely assaulted her as well (horrible!). Then Evil Coop blackmails his way to a prison break and takes Ray with him. Back at the morgue, Lt. Knox from the Pentagon discovers that the headless body is in fact Major Briggs (despite being 25 years too young). And remember when Bob crawling over the couch to get Maddie in season 2 was one of the scariest Twin Peaks scenes ever? Might we add “All-Blue Bum” idly sauntering down the hospital corridor to that list? Who is he and what does he want?? I am already terrified and we have 11 parts to go.

IN LAS VEGAS | Dougie is still lost in dreamland, but those special agent skills kick right back in when “Ike The Spike” makes an attempt on his life. Also, Janey-E (now a powerhouse to be reckoned with) quickly shut down the cops who came to inquire about Dougie’s missing (exploded) car. (BTW hello to Tig Notaro’s wife Stephanie Allynne as witness to the murder attempt!)

IN TWIN PEAKS | Jerry Horne is stoned in the woods, and Beverly goes home from her humming workplace (and casual flirtation with Ben) to deal with her very sick husband Tom (but you’re not alone if you thought she was going home to Harry Truman, also very sick). Deputy Andy is on the trail of the hit-and-run truck, and it seems to belong to a nervous farmer who pleads with Andy to go away (note that Andy wants to meet the farmer later near “Sparkwood and 21”, the intersection where Laura first disappeared). That night, a man shrieks into the RR Diner “Has anybody seen Bing?” (I’m taking that name from the closed captions). My guess is that the nervous farmer is Bing, and that he is now dead, courtesy of literal devil-spawn Richard Horne (again, can you believe Evil Coop may have raped Audrey Horne? My heart can’t take it!). At the Road House, a man sweeps the floor for a good long time (nerve-wracking nothingness is a Lynch specialty. See: Dell Mibbler in the basement of the Bank). And then the phone (finally) rings. Jean Michel (4th brother of the evil Renault clan) is indeed still running hookers out of the “Bang Bang” (get it?) Bar. (Let’s hope it’s not Elizabeth and Charlotte following in Laura and Donna’s footsteps to the Pink Room). And over at the Sherriff’s station, Frank Truman is getting caught up on all the details of the Laura Palmer case. Her father Leland likely hid those pages in the bathroom stall door. Probably because Laura all-but-implicates him therein as her molester and eventual killer. But what will that still missing 4th page say?

BONUS POINTS | I was proven wrong about Dougie’s storyline taking place in 2003 when the hotel key popped up, back in Twin Peaks, courtesy of Jade and the US postal system. So this means that Dougie’s world is (apparently) not a dream, or the afterlife, or some strange netherworld. Like Dougie’s wedding ring in Briggs’ stomach, the key is (probably) a sign that Good Coop is back in the honest-to-goodness real world, he just hasn’t “woken up” yet. OR… there are more bizarre twists and turns to come! (Recapping a show like this will teach you a thing or two about making presumptions). Finally, remember when the Giant told Good Coop back in Part 1: “Richard And Linda” and “It is in our house now”? He’s probably talking about Evil Coop sowing his oats and bringing bad spirits (like BOB) into the real world. If Evil Coop assaulted Diane and Audrey (I still can’t process this), then maybe he assaulted Annie too (she exists!). And maybe Annie’s offspring is “Linda.” Or maybe Linda is Good Coop’s child. Annie and Dale did sleep together, and we heard last week about one Linda, the injured war veteran. So much to think about. So many plotlines. Such a wonderful episode. And too many days until Part 8. (Written by M.T. Wentz)

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  1. Dima Peredni says:

    In ep. 7 was Gordon whistling “X-Files” main theme before Albert entered?

  2. J says:

    That episode was so fantastic. The diary payoff was incredible. Diane was fantastic. Like Jerry Horne, I was high.

    • M.T. Wentz says:

      I’m right there with you J! After Parts 1-6 I was sometimes struggling to feel the love. But Part 7 was deliriously good. I am so happy! High as a kite!

  3. Stanz says:

    Did I miss the part of the episode where it was confirmed that Richard Horne is the spawn of Audrey and Evil Coop and that Evil Coop raped Audrey in her coma? We’re going with this now?

    • M.T. Wentz says:

      Listen, nobody is more upset about this than me. After Richard Horne appeared in Part 5, there was massive fan speculation that he was Audrey and Evil Coop’s son. I rejected that idea. I hated it. It hurt me to think it was true. But then Doc Hayward tells us in Part 7 that Evil Coop slipped out of his hospital room to possibly check on the comatose Audrey (after the series finale 25 years ago). Why else would that detail be dropped? It seems awful but so far all the signs are pointing to it being true. I for one am hoping that it’s not true. But the tidal wave of Twin Peaks theories are going in that direction. Awful!

      • J says:

        I agree it’s awful (we love Audrey and good coop), but not out of line for the themes presented in Twin Peaks and FWWM – and I hate to admit… deeply, deeply compelling.

        • M.T. Wentz says:

          So deeply compelling, and yet so deeply awful. I’m going to give some more thought to Johnny Tuttle’s theory down below here – that Evil Coop was going to see Annie and get the ring. I don’t want to believe that Evil Coop raped strong, powerful Audrey when she was comatose. It’s so ugly and terrible. But it does seem like a plot threat from the giant narrative web that is this show. God what an episode! And while we’re talking about it – wasn’t it fantastic to hear so many old names brought back into the light? Harold! Annie! And mention of Leland being interrogated for killing Jacques Renault. This episode (unlike Mark Frost’s recent book) was all about Lynch telling us “I remember.”

    • Johnny Tuttle says:

      Dark Cooper may not have gone to visit Audrey in intensive care – he may have been going to see Annie, who was shown to be there in “The Missing Pieces” from “Fire Walk With Me.” Annie’s nurse had taken the green owl ring from Annie’s finger, and that ring was also seen on Dougie’s hand. Since Dark Cooper somehow “made” Dougie, it follows that he might have gotten the ring back from the nurse in order to use later. This is conjecture, of course, but it at least provides for the possibility that Dark Cooper did not rape a comatose Audrey Horne.

      • M.T. Wentz says:

        I’m basing my assumptions on Doc Hayward’s assumptions. (And didn’t you hope just for a moment that Eileen, Gersten, Harriet or our BELOVED DONNA would pop into that Skype window?) You could be right. Doc Hayward could be wrong. I will hope and pray that Evil Coop did not rape Audrey.

      • M.T. Wentz says:

        And I like your thinking about the ring!

  4. A says:

    I’m loving GoodCoop/Dougie arc though initially I wasn’t a fan of it but now it’s my favourite. It’s funny & also sometimes touching specially with Sonny, Coop & Janey-E. Janey-E is my favourite character now, Naomi Watts is so good in this role. The assassin scene(both in ep 6 & 7) was so funny.

  5. Harris says:

    the guy was screaming has anyone seen Billy at the diner

    • M.T. Wentz says:

      Closed Captions say “Has anybody seen Bing?” And in the credits – Bing is listed as Riley Lynch. But it seems that Riley Lynch is also the guy yelling into the diner. AND if you watch to the very very end of the show – it looks like Riley Lynch then saunters up to the cash register from one of the tables. No idea what is going on!

      • J says:

        Also, the patrons at the counter completely change before and after that moment. Either crazy continuity or something is up.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:


          • M.T. Wentz says:

            Curiouser and curiouser! I’m guessing that this whole scene at the RR will never be explained. It might just be a thematic grace note. Riley (as Bing) is looking for himself. Just like Cooper is looking for Cooper. Things are the same, but different.

          • Almost looks like a 25 year time jump, man at the counter seems like the same person. And that red circular surface is completely grey 25 years later…

          • M.T. Wentz says:

            I think the red circular thing is just reflecting Heidi’s sweater (and then not). Also – you will notice that one woman on the left is in both shots – just moved down one seat at the counter. She has a brown hair bun and she’s wearing a blue fleece with some white patterning on it.

    • M.T. Wentz says:

      Turns out you are right, Harris. Producer Sabrina Sutherland has confirmed that the CCaptions are incorrect. The character is named BING and he is looking for BILLY. My money is still on BILLY being the nervous truck owner – and on his being dead.

  6. Rebecca James says:

    So rape in only awful when it’s Audrey?!?!

  7. Brock says:

    Best ep to date and I theorised Richard was Evil Coop/BOB’s son, from the Audrey rape. I didn’t think “Josie”, now I do. Love the finer details. HATED the long sweeping. lol

    • M.T. Wentz says:

      I was so tense during that sweeping. Lynch was playing us like a fiddle. The anticipation was terrifying.

  8. Smullie_1138 says:

    That gum you like is going to come back in style.

    Does anyone else thinks that the tree’s head resembles some chewed piece of gum ?

    • M.T. Wentz says:

      Like a very gross melted gumball, yes. David Lynch has said that it’s not a “brain” – it’s just a “head.”