Shadowhunters Recap

Shadowhunters' Newest 'Ship: Is It a Perfect Pairing or a Major Mistake?

Warning: This article contains spoilers of a most sexy nature from Monday’s Shadowhunters. If you haven’t watched, return from whence you came.

The final minutes of Monday’s Shadowhunters introduced a curious new pairing — and we have a feeling you might have some feelings about their feelings. You feel?

Jace and Maia, having spent most of the hour at each other’s throats as they clashed over the Inquisitor’s new arrest-innocent-Downworlders policy, ended the hour at each other’s… well, it’s not clear how far they went, but if you’re willing to start undressing in the middle of a back alley, there’s a good chance you’re willing to do a lot more.

So, let’s talk: How do we feel about this naughty turn of events? My gut tells me that Maia and Jace are just sort of “helping” each other while they wait for the true objects of their affection — aka Simon and Clary, respectively — to become available. But is any relationship ever that simple on this show? Did Maia really mean it when she told Jace that their encounter doesn’t mean anything, or was she also lying to herself?

And if they are just helping each other out through times of loneliness, how do we think Clary and Simon will feel about that? I’m genuinely unsure how I should be processing this, so please drop a comment with your take below.

Elsewhere this week…

* Jace was appointed the new head of the New York Institute, a title he almost immediately passed along to Alec.

* A bottle of whisky and a night of reminiscing with Dot nearly led Magnus into temptation, but he was delivered from cheating by his feelings for Alec: “I’ve always been a one-soul-at-a-time kind of guy.” (In other news, can we get a flashback from Magnus’ sexy times with Freddie Mercury?!)

* Simon’s daylighting ability has turned him into something of a vampire rockstar; he’s not into the idea of being a leader, but he doesn’t mind the affect its having on attendance at his concerts.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Sara says:

    Episode was pretty good till the last scene. F no, that was stupid, stop diverting too much from the books, enough already.

    • Paula Burke says:

      Maia has been flirting with Jace for several episodes. It is definitely a fling as Maia says you are still in love with Clary. That is true but Clary needs a reality check that will be coming in the next episode. Did anyone think it odd and missing Sebastian? I felt his lack of presence not in this episode lacked continuity of his place in the story. He is a great addition to the shoe]w. He was riveting. How does Maia and Dot get so much airtime? Both those characters should not have a large role in the show. They are supporting actors. I feel like we are in an inverted world again. The episode for me was fair. I did enjoy Simon singing and that bar scene. Simon is great just not for Clary. He was building a nice friendship with Izzy. They have great chemistry. I vote out Maia and Dot with main characters and hope this plot does not stay long winded.

    • Rif says:

      Too true she’s a stupid storyline. Clace 100%%%%

  2. Karen says:

    They do have chemistry I will say that

  3. Uno says:

    Those two pop off the screen with each other which is more than I can say abt Jace and Clary which always came off as boring and inevitable. It prob won’t last long.. But I like it… Anything that isn’t jace and Clary is a plus… And if Simon comes to his senses and dumps Clary he should see what’s up with Izzy… Seeing as Raphael will be abstaining

    • Chiiz says:

      Gosh THANK YOU ! Finally someone who thinks like me !
      I mean, I really feel that they have a lot of chemistry, and it’s clear for anyone that it’s just a fling, so let it be !
      He already had other flings since he’s known Clary, so let’s at least make it interesting… And I think this relathionship would make him some good in understanding the Downworld’s position. Maia’s such a strongwilled girl, I absolutely love this character anyway.
      So, right. I’m all for those two ! :D

  4. tmj213 says:

    No way in freaking hell! Big mistake, Clary and Jace should be together, that’s it, end of story

  5. Detective Sanvers says:

    Jace and Clary have no chemistry. Maia and Jace do so I’ll enjoy it while it lasts. Let’s hope we actually get something out of it cause the promo for next episode make it seem like the climon relationship is going to be tested.

    Well done writers, I’m in for the ride. Just actually do something with this and don’t make it
    one episode thing.

    • Paula Burke says:

      The writers are deliberately reducing the Jace and Clary relationship for a future cliffhanger. We want the theme of the books to stay fluid not too out of reach. Ms Clare is a brilliant writer and this is why we all enjoy the story so much.

    • Sara says:

      The lack if chemistry is due to poor writing. Read the books and you will understand.

      • Detective Sanvers says:

        No. I really just think that Kat and Dom don’t click like that. You can’t write chemistry in my opinion, not between two living people. A pair just has it or they don’t and I feel like Dom x Alisha have chemistry.

        Chemistry between two characters in a book , it’s all something different because it’s not being acted out and its clear going by the reaction that s2b is getting from Clace fans that the show is telling a story that is DIFFERENT from the books. I can’t know for sure because I have not read them but the Clace fans aren’t happy. lmao.

        But hey if the writers actually do end up telling stories that you believe to be ‘better writing’ and I see a change then you’re right. I highly doubt that will be the case though.

        • ninergrl6 says:

          I don’t think Kat has chemistry with anyone.

        • Bracken says:

          Clace fans aren’t happy because they’re brilliant in the books. There’s a reason they’ve been bestsellers for ten years. There’s also a reason this show has some of the worst ratings and reviews on TV. I just don’t know why we’re pretending there’s a plot here, or characters who behave consistently that we’re supposed to have an opinion about. This is just formless soapy sludge for tweens.

    • Heather A says:

      Have you read the books jace and clary romance and chemistry and in tje book simon dates mia and ends up with isabel this show is nothing like the books at all clarys mother never died she ends up with luke very agravated with this show its going a whole other direction then the actual books

  6. Makayla Lewis-McCann says:

    They are probably not just helping out eachother but maybe they are but i do know is that clace is definitely happening in the next episode and that i can’t wait, not that i have abything against maia but clary is suppose to be with jace just like isabelle is suppose to be with simon and magnus is suppose to be with alec

  7. Mlaey says:

    Clary and Jace should be together she knows she still has feeling for him she is just trying to foul her self and others I think Simon knows it as well deep down

  8. Ibifuro says:

    There not right for eachother when have and clary first met there was an instiny connection and now you guys are just ruining it with adding this new girl to and day jace even though simon and clary have known eachother for a long time it’s not the same with clary and jace

  9. Susannah Maughan says:

    jace and clary r meant 4 each other. simon and maia belong together.

  10. Jiani Olomua says:

    OK, this what I think. Jace has never fell in love and the moment he sees clary he REALLY was in love like he said (excuse me if I’m wrong but yeet) “…It was worst then that..I wanted her). He said that tot alec. Don’t believe me season 1 malec episode. Then here is Simon, Clary’s so called boyfriend. UHG. He and Clary has been bestfriends for 18 years. So he had 18 years to fall in love with clary. BUT, the moment he sees Jace in love with her he starts to have feelings for her too. What the hell Simon. I alway’s think he is a MUNDANE. I am a CLACE shipper al the f****n way guy’s. comment if you agree. It’s ok if you don’t. IDFC anymore.

  11. Jiani Olomua says:

    oooops. Sorry I ment to not tot.hehehe: )

  12. Nellie says:

    As a book fan, the pairing makes no sense on the surface…. but in the context of this show, it absolutely does.

    Maia and Jace have a TON of chemistry, much more than he and Clary do. I’ve always seen a spark; if I hadn’t read the books, I would have thought they might be endgame. The conflict inherent between them just has more potential than Jace and Clary.

    The show has diverted so much from the books, in fact, with the Simon relationship, that Clary and Jace don’t seem to make much sense. Clary and Simon fit in a way they never did in the books — she was clearly in love with Jace the whole time in the books. Her relationship with Simon was so obviously awkward and wrong, but the show didn’t go in that direction. That, and the more ensemble feel overall, gives the show a much different feel.

    In a lot of ways, the show has just taken a different path. While I sometimes wish I could see a straight adaptation of the books, I’m actually pretty OK with the show forging its own way.

    • brownvirue says:

      I totally agree.

    • Sara says:

      The problem is they keep changing from the book and then go back to the book and also change the order of events as well. If the Writing team had made a clear decision from the beginning to either follow book or not it wouldnt be an issue i.e. Vampire Disries, or Pll, but since they can’t seem to make up their minds, they end up pussing peopke eho are fans of both the books snd show off.

  13. Jiani Olomua says:

    Ok am sorry I am not done.

    People have been wan CLACE back since they were sibs. WOW JUST TO AWESOME, DIECTORS OF THE FREAKIN YEAR. (sarcasm). First you got climon in a bed scene then you have jace OUT WITH MAIA. Thanks to these directors i’m not even sure I want to watch this bs anymore. Did they even follow the books. Book readers were you at talk to me PLZ. I’m begging.

    • I feel you. I understand going off the books a bit, but they are going so far off the books it’s going to be hard to sell the actual story. Simon and Clary just had a few awkward kisses and that was it. Now they jump it up to a whole new level. And Jace and Maia? They barely interact in the books. I feel like at this point the show is just like, let’s pair every single character with every possible alternative and see how that goes. If I didn’t know they might be righting the ship in this next episode I would for sure stop watching right now.

  14. Jiani Olomua says:

    Nelle I am actually glad you said that I have officially made my mind up that I do not care that jace goes out with anymore. I am malec all the way now. 50% malec and 50% to just watching the show.

  15. Jiani Olomua says:

    SRY I think I spelt your name wrong

  16. Big mistake! I couldn’t even watch, at this point they are just pairing every single character combination possible and getting so far away from the books it’s ridiculous. I get diverting some, but for two characters who barely interact in the entirety of the series this is just lame. It’s just all very forced and serves no purpose. If they keep it up I’m dropping the show.

    • brownvirue says:

      I’m a big fan of the show but last night’s episode sucked. It would have been better if they cut all the scenes related to Clary and Jace. Malec was the only relationship I cared anything about. They should have done more with the shadow hunter murders/downworlder tensions. I mean, Clary was attacked and the Institute was after downworlders but not one scene with Clary and Luke? Why not more Izzy?

  17. Rif says:

    THE longer this whole jace getting with clary gets strung out the more boring it gets I want to see a strong leading couple and that is Jace and clary so come on get on with it. No Stupid Maia hook ups she’s rubbish

    • Karen says:

      Girl BYE! Maia is awesome. An do a far better actress than the clary girl.

      PPl keep focusing on books with clary when on the show they are rushed and dull

  18. They shouldn’t have gone there. And it was especially jarring after the Malec kiss in the scene before just faded into black, followed by full-on Jace/Maia boinking in a dirty alley. So, Malec gets no screen-time whatsoever to deal with their actual issues, but we get an eye-full of a meaningless hook-up. Nice.

  19. Mo says:

    I read all the books multiple times because they are AMAZING for several reasons. The version of Jace in the books has much more spunk and his sarcastic and dry humor always cracked me up. The verbal battles between him and Simon, even Clary were just priceless. Whoever watched the movie that came out in 2013 will get a glimpse of what I am talking about. I actually liked the movie a lot because it was very close to the first book, almost identical. And while I was not particularly crazy about the actor who portrayed Jace, Lilly Collins as Clary was a great match, even Simon’s portrayer was more believable. Honestly, if the writers would have followed the books, the series would be much much better. It’s hard for anyone to understand who did not read the books – but for those who did, of course this show is a huge letdown. Some of the storylines make no sense. The Mortal Instruments series is basically an epic love story between Jace and Clary and it made the books so good that I did not want to put them down. While I do not insist on having the show play out the stories of the books exactly as they were written, I think that there is way too much diversion from the books which makes this show not even half as good as it could be. I don’t know where they are going with their storyline, but honestly, this show is super boring which is a shame as the writer have the best scrips all laid out for them in the books. And Clary in the show is just annoying… all I can say is, read the books, then you will understand and you will be glad you did because they provide class A entertainment.

    • Mo says:

      In addition, I want to point out that I am not the kind of person who believes that the books are always better than the adapted movies or series, but in this case, the TV show is complete and utter nonsense, unnecessary changes were made that make the viewing experience stale, even for those that never read the books. Maia for example has a completely different storyline in the books, one with a very cool backstory which resolves in another love story. I was never particularly fond of her in the books but in the show she just makes me cringe. In the books, Clary slowly grows into being a shadow hunter – in the show she is oh so experienced and kind of a know it all after being a shadow hunter for what, 5 minutes?. I also think she is very shallow. Her mother died in the show which takes away from a very good storyline that happened in the books. Luke’s character is so completely different as well..Don’t even get me started on Sebastian. I don’t want to ruin the viewing experience for those who enjoy the show, I just wished the writers and producers would have not tried to make something perfect better because that is impossible.

      • steffiwinkle says:

        I loved the Simon in the film, and totally agree about Lilly Collins being spot on for Clary! However… I think the film version was close enough for the differences to be glaringly obvious and that’s why it bombed. This tv version has been so wildly different that it might as well not be based on the books!

        • Mo says:

          Agreed. Well, I guess we just have to wait and see how it all plays out. Last weeks episode was not bad so there is hope :-)

  20. Katelynne says:

    Omg! That just royally pissed me off! Ruined the episode in my opinion. If the series takes the books seriously and plan on honoring them, (meaning Jace and Clary’s love for each other) what was the point of this union? I get that you want to throw viewers off with plot twists and such, but that was completely unnecessary. Why make a complicated situation (Clary and Simon)even more complicated with a Maia and Jace hookup? Makes no sense. Jace with PLENTY of admirers. Why an important character such as Maia? Sorry for the negative feedback, but that ending almost made me want to puke. Just my opinion.

    • Brownvirtue says:


    • Brownvirtue says:

      I love the books but I’m OK if they don’t follow them exactly,
      Luke’s a cop? Cool.
      Younger looking Hodge? Cool Cool.
      So and So is dead and Such and Such is still alive? Alright.

      BUT Jace with Maia? uh… no. (even though they were kinda hot)

      Unfortunately Clary is the least interesting character on the show and she’s supposed to be the main character.
      Change your actress or change the writing but don’t change Clary and Jace.

  21. Isabelle says:

    Ok like I said I am done with this jace hooking up with chicks thing but I was really interested with Dot and Magnus. Book readers were you at!! tell me did jace really kiss maia in the books. I’m curiouse that is it the book or the directors. cause if it was the directors then fool atleast not change the book. But like again I don’t give a crap who jaces ends up with.

  22. Isabelle says:

    You know what I am fine with them changing a bit of the book but I am NOT again NOT FINE WITH THE FACT THAT THEY GO TO A WHOLE DIFFERENT LEVEL BRUH. who the hell would do such a thing. The series is based on the book series so it should kind of be like the books. NOT GO A TOTALLY DIFFERENT LEVEL. I ain’t putting up with this s*** t if they start the next episode with jace and maia in a stupid bed. But idc anymore. Who thought Magnus and Dot were to kiss. Cause if they did I Probably would have ship them but MALEC is #1 right now cause clace will probably just be a discrace.

  23. Brownvirtue says:

    I love the books but I’m OK if they don’t follow them exactly,
    Luke’s a cop? Cool.
    Younger looking Hodge? Cool Cool.
    So and So is dead and Such and Such is still alive? Alright.

    BUT Jace with Maia? uh… no. (even though they were kinda hot)

    Unfortunately Clary is the least interesting character on the show and she’s supposed to be the main character.
    Change your actress or change the writing but don’t change Clary and Jace.

  24. Heather A Maxwell says:

    This is so far off from the book clary never slept with Simon clary mother never dies all of this is way off base from the actual story very disappointed

  25. Heather A says:

    This is so far off from the book clary never slept with Simon clary mother never dies all of this is way off base from the actual story very disappointed

  26. Bryan87 says:

    TV show Jace and Clarly are beyond boring and the chemistry that defines them in the books never made it to the screen so I’d be fine with them finding love elsewhere in the show. I mean I loved them in the books, but the show never managed to bring that magic alive in their episodes so I’d be happy to enjoy them as a pairing in the books and enjoy something else while watching the show. The actors jut don’t have the chemistry they need to sell the pairing and if they have better chemistry with other actors I’m fine with the writing not forcing Jace/Clary and just going with where the chemistry is.

  27. Bhuvana Shankar says:

    Why would Clary and Simon have anything against it… when Clary can do what ever she wants then why not Jace? Atleast Jace and Maia have chemistry but Clary and Simon??? It’s always awkward when they try the forceful chemistry.. Clary doesn’t even seem to care of Jace.. Writers have pretty much messed up on #clace…

    • Mo says:

      Right, the way the writers are having this go one can really ask, why would they care? Maia and Jace are basically acting the way Jace and Clary did for a while in the books. But in the books Clace had this invisible cord that attached them, this pull that they could not fight, not matter what, they loved each other from the get-go all they way till the end. I truly hope that the next episode will be similar to the book.. but I don’t know how Kat will be able to play it in a believable way since she seems so indifferent towards Jace. Her acting is just not good…

  28. Isabelle says:


    Did y’all see the #clace kisssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    All I see is the engines powering back up and the boat for #CLACE will soon take to sea.

    The kiss was wayyyyyy longer then the one with simon. Then (I believe I ain’t wrong but) She was the one who stayed on jace . it wasn’t jace it was clary.
    And the moment she knew, she just knew that she still had way more feelings for jace then she thought she had over him.