Last Man Standing CMT

Last Man Standing Update: CMT Won't Revive Tim Allen's Cancelled Sitcom

Tim Allen won’t be the Last Man Standing at CMT.

The cable network will not be picking up the cancelled ABC comedy for a seventh season after all, per The Hollywood Reporter.

As reported last week, CMT and 20th Century Fox TV, the production company behind the sitcom, were in preliminary discussions to rescue the series. However, talks between the two sides fell through when they could not come to an agreement on the numbers needed to make the revival financially feasible.

Syndicated reruns of Last Man Standing already air on CMT, making it a seemingly natural fit for the network, and the channel did pick up another ABC program, Nashville, after it was cancelled. But the deal to revive the country-music soap was made possible with the help of Hulu, which shares the cost in exchange for next-day streaming rights.

After Last Man Standing‘s axing last month, star Tim Allen — who played a conservative dad in a house full of women on the laffer — tweeted that he was “stunned” and “blindsided” by ABC’s decision. Fans of the series started online petitions to save the show and threatened to boycott the Alphabet network, while the right-wing media criticized the cancellation as an attempt to silence conservative voices in a post-Trump world.

Are you disappointed Last Man Standing wasn’t able to find a home at CMT?

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  1. LT says:

    Can we let this go now? My conservative friends are still up in arms that this was a political decision as opposed to a BUSINESS decision. It’s called Hollywood’s ART OF THE DEAL. Now, let it go. :)

    • Cody Drennen says:

      Or here is a idea, dont leave a stupid comment about it. You are the one that is not letting it go but that is what stupid liberals do.

      • Thisaustralian says:

        butthurt alert 😁

      • Stu says:

        You had me on your side til you said stupid liberals. So I’m just just gonna say typical conservatives who think the whole world is out to get them, just because they can’t incorporate their bible into the laws of the land.

        • Cool Chick says:

          Yes.. You said that perfectly … Thank you.. The Butthurt Republicans are crying about a show .. That every episode made Republicans look like stupid fools… The entire family hates him for being an idiot Republican … He was being self deprecating and foolish in every episode.. He knows how to be a Stupid Republican… But these idiots thought he was representing them in a good light… No he wasn’t… They need to watch the show… Lol…Dumbasses

        • Cool Chick says:

          Stu… You are so right.. They are Paranoids and they need to push their Delusional beliefs onto everything and everyone they see… We give them plenty… we let them to Go to Church and we do not throw them into insane asylums because they choose to believe such none sense But we DO NOT need to Bow Down to them anywhere else ….

          • Kathy says:

            You “let us” do what? Ignorant, biased, democrat. YOU have NO control over what I do and don’t do. WOW. You are completely off your gourd if you think You “let me” do anything. Perhaps it’s exactly talk like that that make me paranoid…ever think of that you idiot? If anyone needs to be in an insane asylum, that’d be you. Thinking like that hurts everyone. Selfish, self-righteous, stuck-up loser.

      • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

        You do realize he was only relating back what his stupid conservative friend are still ranting on about.

      • Stephen A. says:

        Lmao. You’re one of the people he’s talking about in a more general sense. And the irony of telling someone not not to leave a stupid comment. Smh

      • chrisenforcer says:

        Ah, conservative snowflake can’t handle truth bombs? So sorry cupcake.

        • J says:

          Conservative Snowflake and that’s hilarious you stole the snowflake comment from Sean Hannity what are you listening to.

    • Iris says:

      To be honest, the ratings didn’t warrant a cancellation. The costs, on the other hand…I’m not surprised to read that a financial agreement couldn’t be reached.

      • rowan77 says:

        Ratings are only a piece of the puzzle. Overseas sales, streaming and syndication are the moneymakers for the studio. ABC’s parent company doesn’t own the show. It’s a Sony owned show. So with this show getting more and more expensive by the year, it may not be keeping pace with that the network wants to make in advertising dollars on Friday Nights. Perhaps is Tim Allen wasn’t making so much money per episode, it would be more cost effective to air. Or maybe not. Either way, if ABC was making a profit on the show, it would still be on the air.

        • Iris says:

          That’s pretty much what I implied with “the costs, on the other hand…” :)

          • Patrick says:

            Given the tone of this show, I bet it didn’t make squat overseas. Fox should have aired this show from day 1.

        • ME says:

          The show is produced by 20th Television not Sony.

        • Debbie says:

          Rowan77, you are spot-on correct! When all is said and done, just like any other business, it is all ultimately about their bottom line. And the television production landscape is more complex than it has ever been because streaming services are now major players in the production of original content, so if production costs overshadow the the revenue a show takes in, the show will get axed. It’s simple free market economics.

          • J says:

            the bottom line didn’t seem to make any sense is the second most popular comedy on their Network behind Modern Family and the third most popular show on their Network….. and while there other programs were losing viewers LMS gained more

    • Bill Garrett says:

      I am really disappointed “A” that last man standing was canceled to begin with! It is a very entertaining show,of course has some right-leanings, but with everything we are inundated with from the left, why pick on this show? I am Sooooooooooo tired of political correctness! “B” Put the show back on the air! End of story!

  2. pharruda says:

    Netflix cancels Sense8: “ugh, the sjw and pc crowd must learn that tv is a business and they can’t expect a show to be renewed just to cater to their agenda it was a business decision #MAGA”
    ABC cancels Last Man Standing: “This is clearly a witch hunt on conservatives, the liberal media is set to spread fake news and replace every conservative performer for sassy lesbians or something, this was the best thing ever since Bradley Cooper held that fake baby on American Sniper I shall send a tweet to Fox and Friends”

    • Thisaustralian says:


      Love this so much 👌🏼

    • anon says:

      Haha! I wish I could like this comment. But careful, now you’ll have 10 more replies accusing you of being a “brainless liberal who needs their hand held all the time.” Because which party does most of the whining again? Oh that’s right.

    • DryHeat says:

      “But Bradley Cooper is a traitor because he portrayed the American Sniper, and then he went to the DNC! Waaaaaaaaaa, I don’t know the difference between acting & real life!”

    • Tom says:

      For the record though, sassy lesbians make everything better

  3. B says:

    Boooo. This is a great show. And I’m a liberal if it even matters

    • Patrick says:

      It was a good show (fellow lib here), but, my God, it must have been expensive. The mother probably cost more when this show started than some actors earn on middling hits that have been on the air for years. And she’s way more expensive now. Tim Allen would have cost the world from day 1. The other adult male would have been expensive. And the regular cast was huge with a minimum of 7 regulars, with 3-4 recurring beyond that. Seinfeld had 4-5 regulars in any given season, with a few more recurring characters. Friends had 6 regulars. It was just too expensive.

    • Patrick says:

      It was a good show (fellow lib here), but, my God, it must have been expensive. The mother probably cost more when this show started than some actors earn on middling hits that have been on the air for years. And she’s way more expensive now. Tim Allen would have cost the world from day 1. The other adult male would have been expensive. And the regular cast was huge with a minimum of 7 regulars, with 3-4 recurring beyond that. Seinfeld had 4-5 regulars in any given season, with a few more recurring characters. Friends had 6 regulars. It was just too expensive.

  4. Thisaustralian says:

    One less right-wing nutter off the air,thank you lord.


    • Kathy says:

      The one and only conservative show goes off the air, not one less but the only. When will all 1700 of the left wing nutters be off the air? May have to stop watching TV with the liberal agendas in damn near every TV show, news program and special interest show being liberal biased.

  5. ellajasper says:

    I’m still very sad about this decision. We loved this show. A nice show without filthy language.

  6. Tony says:

    Cmt is the liberal media!!!! Its obama fault!!!! Global warming…

  7. Lauren says:

    Tim Allen acting shocked but I can’t help but assume his enormous paycheck was a big part of the problem. If he really wanted to get the show back on, he could have taken a pay cut.

  8. ncmacasl says:

    hopefully it can find a home elsewhere (but it was outgrowing itself since the daughters had married off and moved on for the most part)

  9. Craiger says:

    That sucks. However I think it might have had maybe only one season left anyway. Eve was going off to the Air Force Academy so she wouldn’t be on the show that much.

  10. Joseph M Upton says:

    Crushed! Devastated. Best show on television right after The Big Bang Theory. Excellent writing, superb acting, excellent story lines, funny, good moral values as we cling to our guns and religion, those values Obama hates.

    • Travis says:

      I really can’t tell if this is sarcasm or not.

    • kmw says:

      Last time I looked Obama isn’t our President anymore and the decision to cancel it happened under our new one and clearly from this story again was not even close to being politically motivated only money motivated. Tim Allen was never going to take a pay cut from any network

    • I am very disappointed ABC canceled Last Man Standing and was Happy to hear CMT might be picking it up, but now that’s not gonna happen so it’s a double disappointment, I mean come on I will pick LMS over that Nashville bs any day! SMH

      • Mary says:

        Well everyone has different taste I guess. I didn’t like LMS and actually don’t think Allen is that good of an actor. Nashville obviously had the followers and was beneficial for CMT to pick it up where as LMS wasn’t. No need to smh, it obviously wasn’t a fit.

    • I love Big Bang Theory too and am gonna be really sad when it comes to an end because I am sure it’s getting close to that happening, LMS was my second fav show and I really didn’t know what else it would be about anyways Eve was going to college and so was Mandy so there wasn’t much more left for them to write about anyways, just hate to see it go it was a great show and the reruns will be enjoyed too!

  11. Lyndy says:

    Money speaks louder than politics…this was financially motivated from the get go. Tim Allen is def not cheap.
    Shows like AoS, OUAT & Quantico must be making ABC lots of international $$.

  12. NP20 says:

    AM I the only one who didn’t really see this as a conservative show? Yes, Mike was but he was consistently proved wrong/outnumbered by those around him

    • Tony says:

      I called it a middle of the road show. He even dinged people on poor insurance coverage and grown men playing army at subway.

  13. Elizabeth says:

    I don’t understand why we can’t have one show on that honors traditional family values and appeals to a lot of people in our country. Must be time to just turn off the cable and go back to family time, table games and being together outside. This cancellation is ridiculous.

    • Tony says:

      Watch blackish, traditional family

      • MMD says:

        I just started watching Blackish part way through this season and it is an excellent show. While I can never truly understand being Black, family, parental, teen, career and home life challenges are universal, no matter who you are.

      • Becky says:

        Just in case you’ve NEVER paid attention…Blackish IS TOTALLY RACIALLY MOTIVATED!! NOTHING AT ALL NICE TO SAY ABOUT WHITE PEOPLE!! I can hardly believe that THIS is acceptable, but heaven forbid if ANYONE says anything negative about it!!!

    • Ryab says:

      Tim Allen probably cost more on his own than half the cast of any new show. It’s simple dollars and cents. And Tony’s right. Black-ish centers on a traditional family and the grandparents are fairly conservative. So unless by traditional you mean white, you have at least one other option. There’s also Speechless, The Middle, and The Goldbergs all on the same network.

    • Derek says:

      Who says you can’t? This show went on for several seasons, and it was renewed a number of times even tough ratings barely warranted it. But people really want that kind of show, they need to watch it. It was an expensive show and Tim Allen wanted a big raise on top of a hefty salary to go on. If not enough people watch it, they can’t afford it.

    • Stephen A says:

      It ran for 6 years. That’s longer than most shows. And it didn’t appeal to enough people.
      This wasn’t even a cable show, so I’m not sure what that has to do with anything, there’s Hallmark, Up and several other family friendly networks.

  14. kmw says:

    Its too bad it couldn’t work out, not surprised but its too bad. ABC made a bad decision here and what they have scheduled on Friday wont do the numbers LMS was pulling demo or otherwise

  15. Jim J. says:

    Really sad for “Last Man Standing” fans. But I guess this must clear the way for a TBS lifeline for a “2 Broke Girls” pickup, a la “Cougar Town” and “American Dad”.

    • Meg says:

      How does CMT not picking up Last Man Standing translate to TBS picking up 2BG?

    • One has nothing to do with the other and it dosent seem like WB is shopping 2BGs around nor that there are even preliminary talks for another network to pick it up.

      • Jim J. says:

        I mean, I was just so disheartened that WBTV will not even consider a move of “2BG” to TBS (which airs its reruns), and they (WB) would just give up on the sitcom like that after negotiations for another season of it on CBS fell through. I was even more hurt by all the “thank you” messages from its cast members, as well as Kelly Kahl’s statement about its end. I will not get over the “2BG” cancellation anytime soon, especially with CBS replacing “2BG” with the stupid “Young Shelson” spinoff of “TBBT”. Plus, I wonder how successful the “2BG” reruns are for TBS?

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          Seeing as how Young Sheldon is 1) single-camera, 2) not airing in any time slot 2BG has occupied and 3) of course had the upper hand as a spinoff of TV’s top-rated comedy, not sure how one relates to the other. Your grievance might be better directed at Me, Myself & I or the multi-cam 9JKL, both of which actually are taking up Monday time slots.

          • Another Poster says:

            My opinion is that the pickup of Young Sheldon indirectly led to the cancellation of The Great Indoors. The Great Indoors aired after The Big Bang Theory and when Young Sheldon got the post Big Bang Theory time slot, the Great Indoors was moved to Monday to see what it did in it’s new day and the ratings dropped to very low levels. Low levels that often occur when a CBS show moves from the post Big Bang Theory time slot to another day of the week.
            In 2016 CBS cancelled Mike and Molly and Person of Interest because they did not own them and did not make enough money from the shows to renew them.
            In 2017 CBS cancelled Two Broke Girls and ABC cancelled Last Man Standing because they did not own them and did not make enough from the series to renew them.
            It’s a shame that Last Man Standing will not return to TV via the CMT network, probably because it was Too Expensive to bring it back), especially when the last show, (season finale), was just another episode. It did not get the series finale it deserved after six seasons on the air, (similar to the series finales of Mike and Molly, Person of Interest, Two Broke Girls, Dr. Ken, The Great Indoors, Code Black: Beyond Borders, etc.).

          • Jim J. says:

            I also want to put the blame on “Man With a Plan” and “Superior Donuts” for the “2BG” cancellation, not just “Young Sheldon” (which was a totally stupid idea to begin with). Why did CBS renew “MwaP” for a second season if they’re just going to bench it for midseason, air a shortened season, and then cancel that? And “Superior Donuts” bumped “2BG” out of its 9:00 anchor slot while, logically, “SD” should have aired after “2BG”, not before it. Also, “Mike & Molly” got advance notice to do a proper-wrap-up episode, and so did “Person of Interest”; “2 Broke Girls” never did.

            Plus, why did WB decide not to move “2BG” to another network after the CBS cancellation?

        • I liked 2BGs too and am upset it wa cancelled and am suprised WB isn’t shopping it around seeing as it got the biggest comedy off network syndication deal.But I’m not suprised CZbS cancelled it-it was low rated,not owned by CBS and they had moved it everywhere,shortened seasons ( by two dos for three seasons)& it not getting a early renewal and ended I g the season before May Swerps this season ,I expected its cancellation.
          I agree it makes me sad to see the messages the cast put on Twitter,Evdn a few days ago,Beth posted a pic of her and Kst in cupcake costumes saying she loves her and all that.

  16. Marilyn Seyfried says:

    I really loved the Tim Allen, Last Man Standing show.. I thought it was as funny as his other Tim the tool man show. All he characters were in perfect roles. The writer and producer were right on the money when this show came on… Please don’t cancel it…We definetly need more comed
    Thank you for your time in reading this. Marilyn Seyfried.

  17. Master_K says:

    What I don’t understand is why everyone assumes you had to have been conservative to enjoy this show. I’m liberal and found the show funny! Some people can separate entertainment and politics.

  18. Tom says:

    Here’s a thought. Put it on Fox News. Or one of those channels that like “traditional family values”

  19. bummer, now we’re gonna have to hear conservatives cry over this more. gotta feed that victim complex

  20. Rob says:

    I love how conservatives complain about the same thing liberals do but in their mind it is a liberal conspiracy to undermine their morals and push scary new ideas into the American mainstream. But the thing is, that capitalism they love so much also applies to TV, if a show isn’t making money then guess what happens… cancellation!!! It’s about the bottom line people and let me add that the longer a show goes on the more money the cast asks for and once the money for the talent outweighs what the show makes for the network… now I’m repeating myself.

  21. I am very disappointed ABC canceled Last Man Standing and was Happy to hear CMT might be, but now that’s not gonna happen so it’s a double disappointment, I mean come on I will pick LMS over that Nashville bs any day! SMH

  22. Mary K. Pfeiffer says:

    Well CMT can join the list that ABC is on. I will continue to watch Netflix for all the Last Man Standing shows. Can’t believe a bunch of harpies cancelled a great show. I wish I had an emoji blowing a raspberry.

  23. Eva Robinson says:

    Can’t believe it. One of the best shows on tv. I looked forward to seeing it every Friday. Tim Allen is one of my favorites . They leave some shows on tv that aren’t worth watching and take one show off that people enjoy. What a rip off.

    • Gina says:

      While they might not be worth watching in your opinion TV is a business and those shows must be bringing in more money than they cost to make. That is the standard for TV. If it doesn’t make more money then the cost to produce it it goes. Whether you liked it or not doesn’t really matter to Hollywood. Money matters.

  24. Roger says:

    I’m a middle aged gay man bleeding heart liberal and “Last Man Standing” is my absolute favorite show right now. I watch it several times a day in reruns and was shocked that it was cxld. It is def in my top 10 all time favorite shows and carry my Fire Stick to hotels with me and if I can’t find anything to watch I can always watch LMS. I have signed every petition I’ve seen and will continue to do so. It’s hard to believe in an era of reality trash that so few people actually watch and invest in that someone wouldn’t pick up one of the great ones. This show will be in reruns for decades to come. Huge stream of lost revenue never to be seen. Do you think anyone will be watching housewives, Kartrashians or nakedpeople in the Woods in a year from now? No. But LMS will be on a TV set somewhere. 2 words; lost revenue

  25. Stephen A. says:

    Now, did CMT do this for political reasons? Are those folks who want to conspiracy theorize this going to ignore the reason cited?

  26. Guess they found out how much Allen wanted in salary and extras……

  27. Jane says:

    The show was canceled because aging sitcoms get more expensive (cast) with diminishing returns. It wasn’t cancelled because Mr. Allen is a white supremacist. Perhaps he can find a nice coal job now that he’s out of work.

  28. MMD says:

    I simply don’t understand the uproar over this show, especially coming from Tim Allen. He has had 2 highly successful series that have run for over 5 seasons each, which is rare in itself for any actor, male or female. At one time he was making $1.25M per episode on Home Improvement. He does movies, is a voice actor as well as stand-up. I also think he has a production company. I’m pretty sure that he is set for life financially and this was purely a business decision and not political.

    Geesh, I bet there are a ton of actors who would give anything just to get on one series. Tim Allen could show a bit of appreciation to his fans and a piece of humble pie wouldn’t hurt.

    I am not singling out Tim Allen here. I would say the same about any actor in the same position, especially one who has other projects on the go.

  29. Sherry says:

    Does none of these TV stations care about what the fans want that is really sad

  30. Dane Leister says:

    More than disappointed. I was hoping one of the streaming services would get involved in the deal to help with the costs. Not a fan of ABC anyway, but would have more respect for them if they just acknowledged it was for political reasons.

  31. Mary Neumayer-Stolle says:

    Why not try Hallmark for Last Man Standing. They have shows with moral d and values

    • MelodyAZ says:

      They have short seasons and something else you may not be aware of…most of their shows are filmed in Canada.

  32. Lorraine Pelletier says:

    That’s to bad I love that show. I don’t watch ABC any more.

  33. Nancy says:

    I have always loved this show and many other people have also, wish my favorite shows would take the place of other dumbing down shows!

  34. funny says:

    Forget about the political comments….the show was FUNNY!!! The actors were so great and never looked like they were acting….so real. One of the best shows on television. I will miss them all.

  35. Cheri Closs says:

    Yes I am disappointed. We like Tim Allen and his humor.

  36. Bobby says:

    It had six seasons. Tim Allen is rich as hell and he doesn’t give a flying F about politics, just more money. Let it die.

  37. Television says:

    Please keep this show on air. It is a great show and I can see it still is fresh and enjoyable to watch.

  38. Gee Giordano says:

    I want someone to pick up last man standing. It’s one of the great shows on right now! Please someone pick it up!

    • G. A. Thompson says:

      Yes, yes, someone pick up LMS as is best TV show on air! Our family enjoys our evening with LMS’s excellent humor, good values and funny situations. Let’s hope our Friday’s continue with Tim Allen!

  39. Marlene Camputaro says:

    Last Ma. Sta ding was the best comedy I have seen In a long time. Why doesn’t Netflix pick it up.

  40. Colleen says:

    This was by far the best show on
    Please find a new home. I looked forward to Watching Tim Allen every friday.

  41. Marie says:

    There are so many lame and idiotic programs that should not be on at all, and they are renewed and Last Man Standing is a superb and intelligent program with a great cast that should be renewed indefinitely. Who are the MORONS that make these decisions!

  42. Jeffrey abeyta says:

    As😇 a disabled veteran , and true blue Republican I I upset last man standing was cancelled, why should I watch ABCs shows with show gays marrying and Democrats being sore losers, obviously the head man is prejudice also, for shame ABC for shame.God bless Tim Allen & his great TV family. They rocked,

  43. Virginia says:

    I love this show and his conservative ideas need to be said. The liberals are squelching anything on TV that goes against their views. There are a lot of conservatives who like shows like these. Bring back Last Man Standing.

  44. MelodyAZ says:

    Tim Allen obviously was not willing to take a Price Cut in order for the show to return

  45. jackthetvman says:

    bad news ,,looks like the show had its last stand,,i hate abc . sorry to lose the show it was a staple for my friday nite ,,last family based intelligent shows left on cmt and whoever else passed on the show you are making a mistake..just pissed what can you do life will go on hope they get back to work hate to not have the talented bunch creating .

  46. Carolyn Johnson says:

    Last man standing is one comedy I enjoyed watching, don’t understand why shows with good ratings get axed when there’s so many shows out there that should have been axed years ago

  47. parstl says:

    I just discovered this show on the Hallmark channel. I tried to watch on Netflix but the jabs at Pres Obama have gotten too frquent to watch. I don’t mind the conservative view but bashing the only Black president like that when he was one of the classiest presidents ever and broke barriers in society is just uncalled for. cant watch anymore.

  48. Pamela DeShazo says:

    Yes, very upset!! I really love this show!! Haven’t watchedABC since and will mitt be watching my other shows that will begin in fall.

  49. Roxie says:

    I am going to miss my favorite show!! I hate that people can’t enjoy a good, humorous show without getting up in arms over it.
    Bring it back!!!

    • Daniel wright says:

      any show that trashes Obama is well worth watching and the libs can not take it!! LOL in HA HA!!!!