RuPaul's Drag Race Reunion

Drag Race Reunion: Valentina's Apology and 5 Other Shocking Moments

The final four may be safe for another week, but when RuPaul opened the library on Friday’s Drag Race reunion, no Season 9 hopeful was immune to a little reading.

To that end, it’s time to break down the night’s six cattiest confrontations — the majority of which either revolved around Valentina’s lies or Trinity Taylor’s truth:

* Alexis Michelle was the first to be read, with her fellow queens accusing her of not being able to take insults as well as she dishes them out. “My body is something I’ve struggled with my whole life,” she said. “We had talked about our body image issues a few weeks before. … It didn’t feel balanced.”

Alexis thought she’d won her defense, until Shea Couleé clapped back with this damning rebuttal: “I talked about being sensitive about my teeth, but that didn’t stop you.” In the end, Trinity had these wise words for Alexis: “Girl, you’re a drag queen. If you can’t roll with the punches, this isn’t the career for you.”

* Speaking of not being able to roll with the punches, Charlie Hides was called on the carpet for “giving up” during her lip sync battle against Trinity. Charlie tried to explain that she had injured herself carrying Shea during the cheerleading challenge, but Shea immediately — and literally — called “bulls–t” on that. “Cracked rib or not, you gave up,” she insisted. (A never-before-scene moment in which Nina Bo’nina Brown reveals that Charlie purposely didn’t bother learning the words also made for damning evidence.)

* In other feud news, Eureka O’Hara and Trinity were asked for an update on their friendship status, at which point Eureka recalled the moment she was eliminated. “Trinity did look me straight in the eyes and say, ‘I’m sorry, girl, I know how much you wanted this,” which she called the “one sincere moment” she had ever experienced with Trinity. To that, Trinity responded, “I think you’re too loud, and I think you can be obnoxious — but I do respect you.”

* Then came the real fireworks, as Valentina was asked about her controversial elimination. Few queens were willing to believe that Valentina even attempted to learn the words to Ariana Grande’s “Greedy” — least of all Shea, who said, “There are seven words in that chorus, girl” — but Alexis came to her defense with a simple “the girl tried.” The focus then shifted to Valentina’s ferocious fans who have been attacking some of the other girls on social media. Though she initially defended her supporters, saying that they’re “very underrepresented in the media,” she also made it clear that she doesn’t condone any negative behavior from them.

* Up next, the queens attempted — one last time — to convince Nina that, as Trinity said, “None of us were out to get you!” Peppermint even added that whenever they did talk about Nina, it was out of concern for her. Despite all of that, and without even a shred of recorded evidence, Nina insisted that she wasn’t imagining things.

* But the most dramatic moment was, of course, saved for last. Midway through Valentina’s acceptance speech for Miss Congeniality, Aja interrupted her to announce that she just doesn’t see the title as a good fit. The other queens chimed in — including Farrah Moan, who also accused Valentina of dumping her as a best friend and only thinking about herself — and before you knew it, the title had been changed to “Fan-Favorite.”

Your thoughts on Friday’s reunion? Cast your vote for the queen you hope wins Season 9, then drop a comment with your favorite moments from the night below.

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  1. Tony says:

    Aja was right!!!

    • Stanz says:

      Aja was way too mouthy tonight. If I looked like Aja, I’d be jealous of Valentina too. That said, what Valentina did was idiotic, and she deserved to go home. Unacceptable!
      I want Shea to win, but the show is all about being topical. Folks are saying it’s past time a trans woman wins, so I think Peppermint will take home the prize. She can lip sync the pants off of all of them. We’ve only see Sasha lip sync once during the final 4 episode, so we don’t know if she has any tricks up her sleeve. I know it’s not all about death drops and twirling, but we all saw how she wasn’t the best at her choreography during the Category is… challenge. Out of all of them, I think I like Sasha the least. I want Shea, but Peppermint is the PC choice, and I don’t mind that!

      • Rook says:

        Peppermint shouldn’t win because she’s trans, she should win because she’s the best. And I don’t think she’s the best and won’t be happy if she wins. There is no way that she can’t justifiable beat out Sasha, Trinity, and Shae who have all done better than her in the competition.

  2. Jason Paul says:

    Ooh girl. I’m glad I had a couple cocktails before watching this episode. Hello fireworks!

  3. Spence says:

    100% done with Valentina and her rabid fanbase. Should a Latinx person win this show by now? Absolutely. Was Valentina a talented queen? Sure. Is she immature, conceited, and stuck-up? Totally. Glad she went home when she did so she could cool off her ego a bit.

  4. Ian says:

    Was a big fan of Aja and Valentina this episode! And Sasha was classy as always.

  5. Laura Murray says:

    I love them all but Shea is the whole package.

  6. Ugh, while I live for the drama… I am legitemately pissed off at the way all these queens (except Trinity cause she’s always been real, and Miss Cucu, since no shade, but she barely spoke up) behaved. For a group that claimed so much sisterhood and kumbaya b.s…. the clawas certainly came out in the reunion.

    P.S.: I do wonder how much of it was for the cameras though.

  7. Season 9 started a bit boring. Until Aja’s elimination only the linda-evangelista read and Eureka surprise elimination were good, but after that though it went to space and beyond. And this ru-united reminded me of old ones like s2 or s4 where the tension escalated. And Farrah finally had a big moment on the show. With the show exposed to larger audience I believe 3 queens will be back to do AS3 – my initial guess was Valentina, Nina and Farrah, but I can see eiither Aja or one of the finalists going for AS3 (instead of Nina most likely).Valentina and Farrah can make some great feud as if rumors are true and they shoot AS3 this summer, they will still have that tension. And as for the winner – I believe it will be Shea – she won 4 times it’s logical, other option is Trinity, Sasha was always 2nd best so she wouldn’t fit and the only reason for Peppermint to win will be because she is trans which is not reason enough for me – if she won at least 2 challenges i can see it or was top3 more times, but she won once and was top 3 once more.

  8. bridyyc says:

    What a bunch of messy beeyotches. Going after Alexis for not having thick enough skin, then slamming Valentina because her fans hurt their feelings. So busy throwing shade they can’t see what hypocrite’s they are.

    Going into tonight, I was all Shea for the win but amazing what 1 hour of TV can do. She just seems nasty and bitter now. The only one that rose tonight in my books was Trinity. She called out, and she gave props, and was just real. Plus, she slayed the look where most of the queens phoned their look in tonight.

    It seems like Sasha will win. I just can’t with that one. I really liked her at the start of the season and thought she’d be one to watch. But she got far too much credit for her “avante-garde” looks, which, half the time, were lazy weak delivery disguised as modern, chic looks.. She got away with things that no other queen would have because she’s bald, sticks weird things on her head, and is “cutting edge” And she has one move – arms up, hands turned in and some lame claw like thing while she bares her teeth and fake-growls. Plus, she moves like she’s made of stiff cardboard. She needs stage movement classes.

  9. Deanna Gallegos says:

    I think trinity should win! or shea.!! and valentina is def not the next selena!! or ms congeniality.!! i was with her the first part of season 9 until she just gave up! straight up! she didn’t no the words cuz she didn’t think she would be In the bottom . def not a selena… you a fraud! Ms V.

  10. gringocita says:

    Valentina should be an option in the poll. She could still be a surprise winner and she obviously did the best. Eve the reunion was all about valentina.

    • RV says:

      Hmmm. Buckling that hard under pressure does not make a queen “the best.” I went in a fan of Valentina, but let’s be real. She did not do the best, and that’s why she was eliminated.

  11. JJ. says:

    this was a GREAT reunion, funny how people will complain that a season is boring when everyone gets along but when things get explosive its queens acting immature…. I think shea will (and probably should) win based on her performance throughout the season but nevertheless i’m excited for the finale!

  12. Hope43 says:

    I was most annoyed and perplexed at the way they treated Charlie. So what if she gave up? If a broken rib wasn’t reason enough to just stand there I don’t know what is. Of course she did. Good grief. I don’t believe she made it up. Perhaps in future, they should consider not having such physically demanding challenges.
    The part that interests me the most is always the runway. Because most of the time the skits are nothing but sexual humour (which is tiring when repeated) and cringeworthy moments.

  13. Stephen Valmont says:

    It’s really funny to me how many people online have criticised Valentina for being “fake” simply because she got pissed off after so many queens attacked her at the reunion. She was justifiably angry and I admired her for being able to control it. If anyone was fake it was the ones who were doing the whole “supportive sister” act during the whole season only to be nasty during the reunion.

    I was very disappointed that RuPaul didn’t moderate the queens who got out of line. He basically sanctioned the bullying and the “let’s drag Valentina down” campaign.