Aisha Tyler Leaving The Talk

Aisha Tyler Leaving CBS' The Talk — Watch Her Emotional Announcement

Aisha Tyler is all Talk-ed out.

The actress, now a series regular on Criminal Minds, announced Thursday that she’ll be vacating her seat on the CBS daytime talk show after six seasons on the air.

“Coming here is such a joy that it never feels like work to me,” she told the studio audience. “But recently, I got this opportunity to do something I’ve always dreamed of doing, which is to direct my first feature film. … It was one of the best experiences of my life. I loved directing. I loved being there every day. … I know, I think, that that was what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, that that was what I wanted to put my energy into, and I started to think about it.”

Tyler explained that The Talk shoots 11 months out of the year, and when you factor in her other shows — in addition to Criminal Minds, Tyler hosts Whose Line Is It Anyway? and voices a character on Archer — it doesn’t leave much time to pursue directing.

“This industry is really starting to give women bigger opportunities to direct,” she continued, beginning to cry. “I’m sorry, I just realized I had to let something go. It’s been the hardest decision of my life because you guys are my family, you know that. I love being with you every day. … I think what you guys at home and in the audience don’t see is that the reason this show works out here is because it works so beautifully when we’re not on stage. Our friendships are so precious to me, and the thing I’m going to miss most is all the time we get to spend together when we’re not on camera. But at the end of this season, i’m going to leaving the show.”

Watch Tyler make her big announcement below:

Tyler also took to Twitter to express how she’s feeling about the big change:

Tyler joined Criminal Minds in a recurring capacity for Season 11 (filling the vacancy left by Jennifer Love Hewitt’s one-and-done run), and this past season was promoted to series regular status (at the onset of a major cast upheaval triggered by Thomas Gibson’s firing).

Previous co-hosts who have left the show include Marissa Jaret Winokur (Season 1 only), Leah Remini (Seasons 1–2) and Holly Robinson Peete (also Seasons 1–2).

Your thoughts on Tyler’s departure? Who would you like to see fill her empty seat? Whatever’s on your mind, let’s talk about it in the comment section below.

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  1. Susie says:

    Probably because juggling the talk show and her role on “Criminal Minds” was getting to be too much. I love Tyler, her personality and her humor… and the other women around the table seemed to genuinely like her too. She’ll be missed.

    • Brian says:

      She also hosts Whose Line and does voice work on Archer. Getting upped to series regular on Criminal Minds must have made it impossible to not have to drop something.

    • Stanz says:

      These ladies have got. it. to. gether! This is how you do a daytime table discussion show. The view ladies do not support one another, they’re constantly talking down to one another and awful….but the Talk hosts really have something. They took 2 seasons to get it right, I’m not sure holly, Marissa and ESPECIALLY Leah (love her on her own, not in a group – she’s showing a streak with Mike Rinder, and that worries me) were made for this, but this group they nailed down for the past 6 years has been exceptional, and you can tell they’re all sad but happy for Aisha. Who can they bring on? It will be a challenge to find someone as awesome as Aisha, but they did really well with Sheryl and Aisha, so hopefully they can work their magic again. Jordan Lloyd perhaps?

    • Lesley Ford says:

      She also does “Who’s Line is it Anyway?”

    • Angela says:

      Well said. I admire her ability to juggle so much, but yeah, don’t blame her for wanting to downsize a bit. I like her on “Criminal Minds”, so I’m glad she’ll be able to focus more on that show, at least.

    • Aisha will definitely be missed. I really enjoy it when Carnie Wilson guest co hosts. I would love to see her at the table permanently!

  2. Kyle says:

    Good. Not in a bad way but because she takes on so many projects I wonder how she has time to commit to them all, this, criminal minds and whose line – she’s such a hard worker and I’m happy she can have a bit more of a break

  3. Judi Ward says:

    The Talk’s loss is Criminal Minds gain. She is great as Dr. Tara Lewis. Really love her character.

  4. Anne says:

    I lovvveeee Aisha. It’s a shame I can’t handle Criminal Minds (just too disturbing for me) or else I’d be right there watching. So I enjoyed seeing her on The Talk. She’ll be missed. Thankfully I can still watch her on Whose Line and her podcast.

  5. TV Gord says:

    Hmm…not sure if I will stick with The Talk without her. I love Sara, but it’s often painful to watch her navigate the often ridiculous celebrity-focused topics they discuss. I’ll have to wait and see who–if anyone–they find to take her seat.

    I don’t watch Criminal Minds, but I am delighted she didn’t choose to leave Archer (which couldn’t take up nearly as much of her time as The Talk does). Archer is the one show I cannot imagine without her.

  6. Boss Ladii A says:

    My Mom And. I Can’t Stop? CRYING Were Gone Miss You Ms.Iesha Taylor It’s So Hard To Say Good bye So We Want We Will Say Good Luck And Much Success And Allow God To Continue To Do Amazing Thongs In Your Life You Really Deserves It God Bless You😓😓😓😓😘

  7. webly3 says:

    The dynamic that the five ladies of The Talk have is probably my favorite of female panelists on television that I’ve witnessed. Each one of them is so radiant, and they all have great chemistry. Aisha Tyler is a great part of The Talk, and I can’t really imagine it without her, but I think this was absolutely the right decision for her career-wise. I hope that The Talk will find a good replacement for her, and that this will not signal other hosts leaving.

  8. Thomas says:

    What about Erinn Hayes, who was recently fired from Kevin Can Wait. She’s being replaced by Leah Remini, so her going on the show that fired Leah would be justice served…

  9. I love Aisha Tyler, she’s always so sweet and funny. I still remember watching her on Ghost Whisperer and remember being so upset when they killed her character

  10. Melita L Craine says:

    I’m sad. I watch the talk everyday. I think they all work well together. I will miss her. I hope Aisha has continued success.

  11. Mark says:

    Maybe I can watch the Talk now. I’ve always found her irritating. I stopped watching the show after season 2. Maybe she’s gotten better?

    • Mel says:

      A woman of color is leaving replace her with a woman of color, that’s only fair and right.

    • Barbara sampson says:

      The show don’t need anyone else,like Aisha but she drained a person,recorded the show to fast forward her,let us hear now what the others has to say before getting anyone else. Agree

  12. Jessika says:

    I liked Aisha even though she talks too fast …. Its too bad she is leaving.. It’s just really a shame that Sheryl Underwood is still on that show….. Sheryl Underwood needs to go too because she is too loud, not funny at all and some of her comments are just plain ignorant. The show would be better if it was just Julie, Sharon, and boring Sarah and it would be nice if they hired a Latin woman or just have guest cohosts. The show is just not diverse enough. Viewers want to see women who they can relate to.

    • ChicagoDan says:

      The show is not diverse enough? Seriously? Three women of color and a lesbian? Only Sharon isn’t so-called diverse.

      • The Rookie says:

        For me Sharon has also a diverse viewpoint since she is a grandma. It’s not like she is a 22 year old model that has not lived

      • Hannah says:

        Sharon’s also an immigrant (albeit a wealthy and privileged one), but that’s still a diversity point in her favor.

    • Diane says:

      I agree with you!

    • grazelled says:

      So diversity doesn’t include white women anymore? Btw, there are so many Latina women who are white, it annoys me that we aren’t counted as Latinos because we aren’t a specific skin color. We don’t have anyone we can relate to either. This looking at a skin color for diversity is getting ridiculous in the melting pot we call America.

    • Mel says:

      I relate to Sheryl Underwood she talks fact when she does open her mouth her voice is calm when she is making a point, you leave our Sheryl alone PERIOD…take her and watch the rating decrease. Better leave well enough alone.

    • Mickey love says:

      I’m sure there is a reason Sheryl is still on the show! Lol….you people make ignorant comments when u can hide behind words! Sheryl is anything but ignorant!!! Beautiful black educated woman! And hysterically funny! If you don’t like her, I’m sure she couldn’t give a rat’s azz lol! Let her leave and see how fast the ratings drop!!!!

  13. Irma Molinar says:

    I wld rather have Carni Wilson than Lisa Gibbons, she’s not seem to be the type to fit in with the others. Too prudish, I think. Or Leah Remni ( however u spell her name). I love Aisha with the other ladies, they make a great team together. She is a hard worker and very ambitious but I wish her the best and love and will miss her a lot . Take care beautiful lady and may you find ur love mate somewhere out there. A beautiful person like u deserves a soul mate.

  14. Cherry Boyd says:

    Shari Headley the actress from Coming To America and The Haves and The Have Nots would be an amazing replacement on The Talk! I have seen her in many interviews-She’s smart, funny, and engaging!

  15. Mary says:

    Replace Aisha Tyler with Carnie Wilson

  16. Linda Phillippo says:

    I’d like to see a Latin woman

  17. Rose Marie Perez says:

    I love the show and would like to see a Hispanic lady.

  18. TV Gord says:

    Cristela Alonzo was a guest host on Monday, and I thought she was great! Funny, animated. She would be a good choice, in my opinion.

  19. Carnie Wilson is always fun when she is at the table. I would love it if she took Aisha’s place.

  20. DeeLynn says:

    Would love to see Christina Farrara I have always enjoyed what she had to day.

    I also like Melissa Gilbert. Would be fun to see how both her & Sarah would see problems & answers to questions presented.

  21. Christine says:

    Carrier Wilson please to replace aisha she is so swwet

  22. Christine says:

    Carrier Wilson is so sweet she should replace aisha

  23. Maxine Malkinson says:

    I would love Carnie Wilson to be the next co-host

  24. Viniana says:

    You will be missed Aisha! But it’s time to move on. So Good Luck! I love all of your fast thinking & fast talking. Just know that You & the ladies of THE TALK make us laugh & cry (whatever the topic). You, Sheryl & Mrs O are so funny. And when Sarah & Julie throw in something out of the Blue just make me laugh so hard. I would really like to be eating @ Restaurant when guys r there. I’m sure you guys have so much fun together. Whatever you do I’m sure you’ll b very successful & loved by all those around you. I’ll personally miss you @ The Show. Good luck!!!

  25. Robin says:

    I really like Aisha, she is such a nice person. She will definitely be missed but I see why she had to let something go with her busy schedule. I wish her much luck and continued prosperity in all her new endeavors especially directing.

  26. Tammy calvert says:

    Glad to see Aisha Tyler go, would love to see her replaced by Carnie Wilson

  27. SUSAN SPANG says:

    Would love to see Carnie Wilson as her replacement.

  28. Beverly Battiest Overstreet says:

    Candy Farah Instagram would be a great replacement for Aisha Tyler.

  29. JayZee1955 says:

    Bye Bye Felicia! Although I like her somewhat, am glad to see her, her big mouth, her controlling ways and such gone, gone, gone. She tried to dominate all the time and you could see her frustration when she could not. She thinks her opinions don’t stink. Sorry Felicia. Need to leave set vacant and have rotating guests until the right one comes along. Maybe a man next time? The Talk was not the Aisha show, but the whole group of folks at the table. Sometimes I tire of hearing “I think” all the time. Can’t you start your comments without those two words? I am a fan of the show and wonder when a panelist is absent, why the commentator does not tell the fans why? Or at least make mention of the missing person. Seems like Sharon gets away with whatever she dishes. She is the spoiled brat on the shoe.

  30. Pam says:

    Ayesha will be really missed. I have always loved to listen to the 5 ladies. The only co-host that I don’t care for on the show is Carnie Wilson. I like her just not on the show.

  31. Kim meeler says:

    Ali wentworth would be a great addition.

  32. Vanessa says:

    Congrats are in order! I am watching Aisha this very moment in her role of Andrea in Ghost Whisperer. Watching Aisha on the series prompt me to google…find out what was happening in her life. WOW, What a surprise to learn she’s leaving the show,but for wonderful reasons. I agree that life is about change. It would be great if you all would give an unknown individual a position ( shot) at the table, and, it happens I am available.

  33. Ange says:

    I would like to see Niecy Nash replace Aisha Tyler because Niecy is likeable and I believe she can do the job. She is versatile and opinionative when needed. She has a very good sense of humor and very intelligent. We want Niecy

    • Mel says:

      Yes Niecy Nash would be perfect. She smart, funny, classic and just down to earth. Plus she has a pretty smile that would delight the talk.ijs

  34. Dee says:

    Please do not add Carnie Wilson. I just don’t like her.

  35. Mel says:

    I’m glad she going she was boring to me, stuttering her words often made me just sick of her, trying to out talk her co-worker at time was annoying, Bye…

  36. Sazzy says:

    I love all the ladies, will miss Aisha. Carnie Wilson would make a great permanent addition.

  37. Sue Roth says:

    Aisha will be hard to replace, but I feel Carnie Wilson does an awesome job! Wishing Aisha nothing but the best! She will be missed on The Talk.

  38. Patt says:

    Bring Leah Remini back👍🏻She is so funny & would be an asset to the show.
    It was a dumb reason she was let go in the first place😳Something about her Mother parking in wrong place. Really‼️

  39. Carrie says:

    I am happy she is leaving. She would often talk so much she didn’t leave time for others. She also comes across as condescending.

    • TV Gord says:

      I disagree with that. Everyone had their turn to speak. This show is so rehearsed, there’s not really any room for anyone to hog any more of the spotlight than they had planned beforehand.

  40. Catherine says:

    She will be HARD to replace. So cute and smart and funny and love hat she’s in mid 40’s 😜

  41. Shirley Eads says:

    I love Aisha on The Talk and Whose Line. With her apparent work ethic, I’m sure she will be a great director. Good luck Aisha and as they say “you go, girl!!”

  42. Carrie Redington says:

    Will miss u best of luck in what evere u do

  43. Loved her in Ghost Whisperer =)

  44. Wish her all the best! I only wish I could have such a loving group of friendships such as this!

  45. sarah Brumley says:

    I think they should replace her with candice camron she would be a great fit I think.

  46. Maurita Riley says:

    Im a big fan of The Talk & Aisha will be dearly missed.i wish her the best of luck in the near future.

  47. Jessie says:

    I found Aisha to be a very classy person and reguardless of the issue rather it be on race, sex, religion , or what ever it be she almost always tried to speak fairly of both sides . She did not let topics and issues be so personal that she couldn’t be fair for all involved . That’s very rare in today’s world . I wish her nothing but the best and I will miss her.

  48. Dolores says:

    Joan Chen and Aisha Tyler are truly sisters. I did not take that kiss as anything as being sisters and not lovers. Be strong and courageous for Jesus Christ. All things are going to work for your good. Praise the Lord!!!!!

    • TV Gord says:

      What kiss? What are you talking about? This makes no sense (into the sacramental wine a little early, aren’t we?). Also, it’s Julie Chen. Joan Chen was on Twin Peaks.

      • Patti says:

        Julie kissed Aisha on the lips on the show today to say good bye. It was sweet 💕They’ve been sitting side by side for 6 years! Julie also stated she was never a huggy kissy person but wanted her to know how much she’ll miss her.
        Did you watch the show today?

        • TV Gord says:

          Yes, I’ve watched it now, but I’m still puzzled by Delores’ comment about this kiss. I don’t think anyone else suggested anything about the kiss (lovers?), so it just seems odd to me.

  49. Kathleen A. Strahota says:

    I Would like to see random a guest from the audience not in the entertainment industry. Aisha will be missed!

    • Lisa Purvis says:

      I love Aisha and will miss seeing her on the talk. I love all the woman of the talk but she was one of my favorite.