Pretty Little Liars Recap

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Who Got Married? And Who 'Won' the Game?

Marriage certificates are being handed out like candy in Rosewood these days, and on Tuesday’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, another couple got in while the getting was good.

Just one week after (sort of) popping the question, Caleb surprised Hanna with a private wedding ceremony at City Hall. And as she pointed out, it’s actually a “twofer,” since married couples don’t have to testify against one another in court. #Romantic

Speaking of heartfelt surprises, Alison presented Emily with a sexy moonlit picnic — so sexy, in fact, that they decided to throw caution to the wind and literally have sex in the middle of the woods (yet another crime these girls are committing, not that I’m judging).

Come to think of it, every PLL couple, both former and current, was taking advantage of what could be the end of their collective freedom; Spencer also visited Toby’s house, where she proceeded to bone the beard off of him. (Not to be that guy, but is Yvonne’s body even cold yet?!)

And if you thought the Rosewood P.D. was going to ease up on their investigation into Archer’s death, you were in for a rude awakening this week. Not only are they going all in on the girls, but good ol’ Detective Tanner — who talks a big game for someone who has proven herself utterly useless thus far — is back on the case! 

Meanwhile, Aria’s stint as a member of the A.D. Team came to a screeching halt when the girls caught her red-handed black-hooded in the middle of a secret mission (thanks to a tip from Mona, of course). But even though she technically “won” the game, I don’t think Aria appreciated finding her prize — Archer’s body! — in the trunk of her car.

And in other suspicious-activity news, could Mona really be the one behind the #PLLEndGame, as the final scene suggested? (It feels a little too obvious to me, but I also said that the first time we found out that Mona was A.)

A.D.ditional thoughts…

* Question for the group: Which of Toby’s style accessories do we like more, his glasses or his grief beard? (And before you tell me that second one is too insensitive, let me remind you — he’s clearly moved on.)

* I’m troubled by Hanna asking, “Did anyone else notice something different about Mona this morning?” Is she the one with a twin?!

* Spencer seems awfully judgmental of Aria for someone who, unless I’m remembering incorrectly, also wore a black hood. And it’s not Aria’s fault that Spencer’s parents are getting a divorce; that marriage has always been a train wreck. #TeamAria

* I’m not sure how I should feel about Ezra and Aria’s relationship. For a while, the show was ignoring the shady circumstances around which they first got together, which made it easier to root for them. But I was cringing during their whole pre-sex chat about how she had every right to fill out a statutory rape report because he was lying to her from the beginning. Those are going to be some real interesting wedding vows.

Your thoughts on this week’s episode? Any new theories as we head into the show’s final two weeks? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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  1. not sure how you cringe at that he was being Honest about it and he thought maybe he still did deserve their even though Aria says no you don’t

    • Jessica says:

      Exactly I didn’t cringe I still love Aria and Ezra at least he was being honest so much he told her he did care or blame if she turned him in I know their relationship started off kind of gross they are both adults now nothing can be done anymore

      • WS says:

        He was stalking her and she was underage when they hooked up… that whole relationship is cringe worthy. As to “nothing can be done anymore”… i’m sure the statue of limitations hasnt expired yet.

  2. Renee says:

    Anyone notice that spencer at toby’s was wearing a leather jacket and dress and remarked on the long drive there. The skip to spencer showing up in jeans, black shirt, and a striped blazer to smash the phone after the countdown. Twins?!?!?

    • Andy Swift says:

      Well, now I’m IMMEDIATELY rewinding.

      • stevie says:

        Also, the bruise on her upper chest near her shoulder that Toby touched as if to say…where’d this come from? Anyone think yes…twins…that maybe Spenser went into Radley, but the twin came back home? And maybe the real Spencer is toying with them?

    • Stacey says:

      I’ve been thinking that too! It was such a weird scene when Spencer was with Wren at the airport. Didn’t seem like her at all.

    • Felicia Bowman says:

      Renee I noticed that too…but aria also had on different clothes maybe they don’t like putting on the same clothes after sex lol but I went back to see if spencer had on nail polish or something to differentiate between a twin Spencer which I didn’t see BUT I did notice the odd way cabin Spencer was acting but I refuse to believe inthe Spencer twin theory I say Paige or Mona

    • Nino says:

      Yes. I noticed too and she was acting weird. BUT dosent Toby take a second to acknowledge her scar from her bullet wound while they are having sex? Or was that just a scratch?? So it had to be Spencer not her twin. But I still like the twin theory’s

    • Stanz says:

      Toby even says to her “That’s not the Spencer I know”, jokingly, but could it be true?

  3. Dani says:

    I’m sorry, I know people love Aria and Ezra, but it has made me cringe from the get go. The reveal that he knew all along how old she really was just made it worse.

    • Josh says:

      Yeah seriously that relationship is so gross he stalked her for YEARS and that is not sexy not to mention he’s a pedo

    • Jec says:

      It’s soooooo gross. I really hope they don’t get married. It’ll be a huge insult to Aria’s character. Also a bad commentary about creepiness, stalking, etc. Bleh

    • Dani says:

      Agree!! Not that I was ever into it, but I’m completely over creepy stalker types being built up as romantics heros who are either misunderstood or have a hard time communicating how they feel. Lies, they are not misunderstood and they are not romantic

    • sorry but everyone has betrayed everyone on this show lets not forget Spencer kidnapped a kid yes i know nothing happen to him but its still kidnapping regardless

  4. Mike says:

    I really hope the Mona thing is some last minute misdirect. She’s been A before. If she’s A again then it’s repetitive and boring.

  5. Dani says:

    Look, a lot of people find #zaria cringeworthy… But I’ll be honest the feelings I got watching those first episodes years ago…. Those sexy unexplainable feelings made me want to be with all of my sexy teachers from high school … It wasn’t like she didn’t know it was wrong … They both continued. But in reality I’m thinking that there are still too many secrets that haven’t quiet came out yet.. Spencer showing up in completely different clothes?? Maybe a twin … Not sure yet, but always expect the unexpected in PLL. Mona is always Ganna be A in my opinion… She was so upset about Hanna not telling the girls she knew about the board game saying “when am I Ganna finally be part of the group” she clearly wants them to be as devoted for her and she says she is for them… This sort of jealousy is too familiar.

    • Andy Swift says:

      This reminds me a lot of Gossip Girl — how Dan wasn’t part of the cool group, so he wrote himself into it through the blog. Is that what Mona’s doing with all these games?

  6. Felicia Bowman says:

    Is everyone forgetting Ezra and Aria met in a bar…where she alluded to the fact she was at least 21 but yet he’s the only one getting the backlash. Yes they didn’t have to go any further after he knew but let’s be real he already had banged her in the bathroom so what was done was already done

    • Cornelius says:

      Hopefully I remembered this correctly but he did know she wasn’t 21 since he was writing the book about Alison and knew about the girls back then so hooking up with a friend of the dead girl your writing the book about is just gross, then said girl turns out to be a student that you STILL hook up with makes it even worse.

  7. Ronnie says:

    I think Mona is secretly tapping into all the A.D. Info to track down who it is to cover herself. Its looking more like the twin theory is most likely the scenario

  8. Caitlin says:

    They already did this twin stuff with Alison’s mom. If it’s another frickin twin swapperoo I will be so disappointed. Boooooooring.

  9. Caitlin says:

    Did anyone else get a weird vibe from Toby? If Mona isn’t Uber A like theyre making it seem I can definitely see Toby being A.

    • Abbey foley says:

      I agree Toby looks very likely! And definitely a weird vibe! I don’t think they’ll use another twin thing, but who really knows. I like Mona and I’ll be very surprised if she is A.D.

  10. Jackie Schatell says:

    Why didn’t Toby remember inviting Spencer to the cabin and how did she know where it was?

    Aria left a burning phone on the floor of Ezra’s apt., she didn’t even put it out.

    While I don’t think Mona is AD bc it seems contrived, in her E interview she said we’d find out who AD is this week … and it seems to be her.

    That didn’t seem like Spencer at Toby’s (could the twin theory be right? Or maybe he’s the twin (bc he didn’t remember inviting her over). Also, in an interview, people have said there would be another Spoby kiss – so maybe one was the twin).

    Loved Hannah and Caleb getting married.

    Never thought Toby was AD, but was the with Jenna when she was blinded by the girls. Maybe that’s the motive. He or Jenna have the greatest motive for hating all the girls… in an interview, he said AD would not be who we expect. It’s been said AD and the story of why would be heartbreaking… and we know he and Spencer don’t end up tog.

    There was a pic that said Dead in a cast party — over Ezra’s body.

    I still think AD is Ezra .. that lair … the book, the obsession with Ali… “He’s coming… all those “trips” to see Nicole… but he was in scenes where AD was elsewhere… unless it was the minions.

    • I noticed the phone still on fire as well. I guess it was a Samsung?

    • So… I hope they’re going a more interest way with the odd Spencer.
      I believe Spencer got so traumatized she developed a dissociative disorder, and is living with two separate identities. The Spencer we know, and an vengeful Spencer, who is out to get what she wanted, no matter the cost. The vengeful one is the only one aware of the condition, so she’s toying with the girls and the “weak” Spencer. Maybe the vengeful Spencer knew about being adopted, and being Charlotte’s sister, and was mad about Charlotte’s death. Maybe she learned in the doll house, maybe Charlotte was the one who told her. It would be so much more interesting than the Twin theory, it would explain why she looks the same except for clothes (different personalities, different tastes), how A.D. knows all about the girls, and it would be heartbreaking to realize that Spencer was trully scarred for life.

  11. When did Caleb and Ezra team up? I thought Ezra didn’t know about the game, so I was surprised.
    Also, did anyone else notice that Allison didn’t agree to not blame anyone when the other three did? I still don’t see her and Emily as a couple. More like Emily is in love, and Allison is trying to make her happy because she feels bad about the eggs.
    I don’t think Yvonne’s body is cold yet, but I guess the growing the beard was all Toby could manage.
    Spencer was very judgy of Aria for doing the exact same thing she has done.
    I thought Marco was a better detective than Tanner. And again with the people not having a lawyer meet them at the police station.

    • i notice this to i’m wondering if Aria feel him in but they took the scene out or Aria never did tell Ezra and Caleb filled him if thats the case Aria could be upset he was filled in

  12. Spencer had on another shirt/sweater/dress with a cutout. The back. Maybe the scar is different than it is supposed to be?

  13. Kepler says:

    That was definitely Twincer with Toby. She says a few things about being the outsider, without friends or family, but Spencer has always had both of those. I know they showed the gunshot wound, but I have suspicion that she shot herself to match Spencer.

  14. Red Snapper says:

    I don’t think Mona is A.D. It seems too convenient and they’ve already done that. It better be Toby and Spencer in the cabin and not some sort of switcheroo. They’re the only couple I’ve been rooting the entire show. I’ve mostly been on board with Hannah and Caleb but there has been a few times when I thought Caleb would be better off and Hannah took him for granted. I like the place they’ve been at this season and fully support them getting married. Also, now that it has been confirmed that the document was a report Aria made about her and Ezra’s relationship when she was underage, it seems like a big oversight of the writer’s for them to say that there is no statute of limitations. For statutory rape in Pennsylvania you have 12 years to press charges after turning 18. So, if someone wanted to press charges they could but there still is a statute of limitations. I don’t know why it bothers me that they overlooked this. I blame years of watching SVU so when A.D said there was no statute of limitations it was glaringly obvious that that was wrong. Maybe I am way overthinking this and A.D was just trying to scare Aria?

    • yea but regardless of the statue of limitations its not like Aria or the liars our going to come forward to give the police evidence with the case anyways they can’t stand the Rosewood PD anyways

  15. Vishi says:

    I think the whole mona thing at the end is just to mislead the viewers.but I think mona knows who AD is and ahe knew it all along that she invented the game for the girls to play it and findout who AD is.

    AD has to be ezra. Because its said that its heartbreaking to findout the the identity of AD. There has been something odd and off about ezra from the begining.also it was his idea to force aria to be on his side because he know her well enough to know how she will play it and maybe he felt a soft corner for her after all.

    But after episode 18 the whole spenser at the tobys was wierd. There is a bigger twist than it seems her.

  16. Brennan says:

    They should just give everyone on this show a twin and say that A is an alien that’s been cloning every resident of Rosewood and AD is Mrs D who’s been an alien this whole time and Charles was her alien offspring. #AisforAlien
    Tell me what they actually come up with won’t be 10x more ridiculous and make less sense

  17. shawn says:

    definitely in the “mona is AD train” – is has a suspicion a couple episodes back but last night really made the case

  18. Sarah J says:

    I know! The Spencer at the cabin was acting “off” and they made her up to look more like Mary, with the dark stick straight hair and the weird way if talking, like she’s giving hints you’ll never understand. Plus, it wouldn’t surprise me if it wasn’t Spencer. Mary tricked Peter into thinking she was Jessica, and they had a baby. Maybe the Spencer is trickingToby. But if Spencer’s not a twin, then a different personality?

    • stevie says:

      Maybe Spencer has multiple personality. She WAS locked up in Radley right. Wren could be trying to control it, which is why he’s around her. And Spencer could be completely unaware of what her other personality is doing; which is why she can play the game, and still be AD. She’s definitely smart enough right? Not only that, during season 4, Spencer’s mother said she would go into uncontrollable tirades. It would also explain the different hairstyles and clothes. Tell me what you think.

  19. stevie says:

    I realize this is wild but…could Paige be Spencer’s fraternal twin? Remember in season 1 when Spencer got Paige in trouble for the homophobic slur against Emily? Paige could have been adopted. And Spencer acting weird could just be another red herring by the EP’s. And Paige…is AD.

  20. Weggy says:

    I have never been more excited for a show to end. I’ve been hate watching PLL since day one…I cannot stop – I’ve tried.

    • deb says:

      as in… this is me, I’ve tried too, I can’t just wait for who A.D is and the lame story they would cook up

  21. sherry says:

    I think aria & Ezra have good on screen chemistry.

  22. Did I miss something? How did Ezra know about the police report? He found it while Aria was sleeping?

  23. We really need to stop talking about this Ezra and Aria relationship h re choice need to move onto a more serious issue like who is AD and Aria getting caught working for Team AD

  24. Kelly says:

    I think Spencer is the one with the twin! They still never explained the Wren situation.