OITNB Season 5 Finale Recap: How Did the Prison Riot End? Who Died?

Warning: The follow recap contains spoilers from the Season 5 finale of Orange Is the New Black. If you’re behind on your binge-viewing, bookmark for safekeeping and return to discuss at a later time.

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who thought Piscatella was going to make it out of Orange Is the New Black Season 5 alive. But what binge-watchers probably didn’t expect was, shall we say, the unceremonious nature of his death.

Following his decision to take Red and her prison family hostage in Episode 9, it would have been more cathartic to see Red (whose hair he ripped from her scalp with a knife) or Alex (whose arm he broke to show who’s boss) put a bullet in his head. And if not them, then Taystee, who nearly pulled the trigger when she finally came face to face with the man who incited the violent protest that led to Poussey’s death.

Red knew better, though, and released the barbaric CO from captivity at the end of Episode 13. It didn’t have to be said aloud: She knew full well that killing him, though perhaps justified, would take away a piece of the shooter’s humanity. And so she let him go, only for him to be accidentally shot between the eyes by a trigger-happy member of the SWAT team who assumed he was a non-compliant inmate. It’s ironic, though, isn’t it? Piscatella was ultimately freed by the very inmates he despised most and was shot dead by the type of no-nonsense officer he always aspired to be.

It could be argued that the Piscatella storyline was far too over the top, but that might have been the point. Coupled with the inmates’ irreversible decision to riot in the first place, OITNB is almost surely heading towards a major reset in Season 6. As Season 5 came to a close, the ladies of Litchfield were forcibly removed from the prison after a three-day revolt and loaded onto buses to be taken elsewhere.

As for the even bigger cliffhanger? A newly engaged (!) Piper and Alex stood hand-in-hand with Red, Nicky, Gloria, Taystee, Cindy, Suzanne, Blanca and Freida, waiting for the inevitable entry of armed officers and unsure if they’d make it out alive. Right before the scene faded to black orange, a smoke bomb went off, leaving us an entire year to guess what happens next. (Who ever thought there’d be a more stressful cliffhanger than Daya holding Humphrey at gunpoint?!)

Should Piper survive — and let’s be real, Piper is going to survive — it wouldn’t be a surprise if her prison sentence was extended beyond the three months we know she has left. This in turn would give the writers the leeway to pick up the pace in Seasons 6 and 7 without having to worry about writing out their lead.

Other notable happenings…

* Leanne and Angie set fire to all of the inmates’ records — though we can’t imagine there aren’t digital copies stored somewhere… right?

* Cindy and Taystee were able to wake Suzanne from her lithium-induced slumber, but that probably goes without saying (see photo above).

* After a pep talk from Nicky, Vince turned up at Litchfield, leaping past security to tell pregnant wife Lorna that he’ll be there for her every step of the way.

* Linda attempted to tell the SWAT team that she was not a prisoner, but in fact an employee of MCC. Still pissed about being lied to, Boo made it impossible for anyone to believe Linda, telling an officer that she, too, worked for MCC. A bunch of desperate prisoners subsequently followed suit.

* Gloria, who was unable to escape through the hole in the fence and get to her son, learned that he made it out of surgery alive.

* Pennsatucky, on the other hand, did manage to escape, taking shelter at the CO house in the woods. Unfortunately, she ended the episode willingly in the arms of Coates.

* Chang also escaped through the fence, but not before bidding Litchfield a proper adieu.

What did you think of the Orange Is the New Black finale? Grade the episode, as well as Season 5 via the following polls, then drop your thoughts in a comment below.

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  1. ? says:

    So at the end of last season we had to wait a year to see what was going to happen as a result of the prisoners rioting, and how things would change with Poussay’s death, and get resolution for the entire storyline with MCC and the austerity measures and everything. And now, after this season, we have to wait a year to see what happens as a result of the prisoners rioting, and how things will change with Poussay’s death, and to get resolution for the entire storyline with MCC and the austerity measures and everything. Awesome. Couldn’t even have shown some resolution in the last episode? Needed to spend all 13 episodes on three days and a drawn out riot that achieved very little narrative purpose? All of a sudden I’m reminded that this show is from Jenji Kohan, the creator of Weeds, and what happened to that show in later seasons . . .

    • I was just happy to see Season 5 after the cliff hanger of Season 4. All in all, I was satisfied with the end. It was worth it to see Piscatella get his come uppance.

      Here’s what has me wondering: It was reported to Caputo that “all but 10 prisoners were accounted for.” There were 10 in Frieda’s bunker. There’s no accounting for Pennsatucky and Chan who escaped through the fence. Perhaps that will either be corrected in Season 6 or that will be a separate story line.

      • Kris says:

        The lady from the MCC was in with the prisoners, but the count still should have been off by 11 unless there is something else I forgot.

        • I forgot about Linda (MCC lady). I can see Caputo losing his sh!t when he realizes that they couldn’t even do a head count right.

        • Molly Archuleta says:

          The count should have been off by more because Pennsatucky and Chang both escaped!

          • Kim says:

            I noticed that too! LOL I was counting in my head last night at bedtime thinking, wait, it should have been more than 10 off.

        • Bman says:

          Since they never realised that Linda was not an inmate, the count would still stay as 10, incorrect as it was. If they had realised she wasn’t an inmate the count would have been changed to 11.

          The correct count should have been 12, but in reality 13 prisoners were unaccounted for.

          10 in the pool area.
          Whichever unknown prisoner was replaced in the count by Linda Ferguson.

          • Sky says:

            I have an idea. Maybe Bursette never got counted when she turned herself in the confusion.

      • Michelle says:

        That’s exactly what I was going to say. It was really 12 inmates missing but then again Linda was in that final head count while they were waiting to be taken away by bus. Therefore it would have been 11 inmates missing if we were to keep count.

      • Vicki says:

        I was thinking the same…although it would only be off by one, not two cause they have the chic that works at mcc counted as a prisoner. I hope they didnt do that as a mistake cause that would be ridiculous.

      • zee zee says:

        They said 10 prisoners were missing. We know 10 were in the bunker and that Pennsatucky was with the guard. Chan also escaped. Linda (the MCC employee) was included in the prisoner count, but should not have been. That would account for how they would have counted 10 missing inmates instead of 11 (the 10 in the bunker and Pennsatucky). Maybe Chan was captured after her escape. That would account for the missing head count of 10. If she wasn’t captured then the missing head count should have been 11 (because Linda was being counted as a prisoner).

    • Sarah says:

      I agree with you 100%. I was kinda angry all the episodes were the riot. I wanted to see the after math. They should do a season every 6 months or at least give us 20 episodes. Sheesh.

  2. John036 says:

    I absolutely hated the finale. The women fought hard to be treated like human beings but in the end got treated like they were in Season 4.

    • xomylifexo says:

      Isn’t that kind of the point, though

      • John036 says:

        I think you’re right, to an extent. The two major things that made me hate the finale: the guard punching the prisoner in the face after she thanked him for not shooting her and the guard hitting the other prisoner, in the chapel, in the shoulder with the baton after begging him to not hurt her. THAT made me hate the finale

        • Jessica says:

          That’s funny you say that! Those two things made me HATE the finale too. Like those guys that came in, were complete jerks. It felt completely off from the rest of the season. Idk, maybe it’s just me,

          • I think the whole point of those moments were precisely to make the viewers feel revolted, to illustrate the violence and abuse of power that inmates can come to be inflicted.

          • I agree with both you and John I hated the finale~~ I hated that this season pretty much was a continuation of season 4 with no real resolution again. I wish Tasty had agreed to the terms , however, then I guess they would not “Drama” for next year. I wonder if they are going to Max, will they be sent to three different prisons? That would be crazy or they are going to get rid of many characters? Seems like Sophia might be written out she is in Maximum, Chan is running and it’s hilarious that Pennsatucky ran away to the guard house to be with her “man”. :) Now what happens when his roommate comes home?

          • xomylifexo says:

            I felt like that was the point a little bit. They tried so hard to fight for better treatment but at the end of the day, the system has such downfalls that life will probably get much worse for them.

        • The Beach says:

          What I hated was how relatively unscathed Leann and Angie got off considering how disgustingly horrible they had been all season. I really wanted some bad karma to come down on them.

          • John036 says:

            Agreed! They are easily my least favorite characters. They were fine being seen every once and a while, but are getting unbearable the more screentimr they get. Although, I do like LeAnn (she’s the former Amish one right?) when she’s separated from Angie. Together they’re horrible.

          • The Beach says:

            Yep, they did indeed seem to have had a much larger role this season, unfortunately. I can find a bit of sympathy for most of the other characters but certainly not them.

          • Angie is leanns puppet and they are meth heads so they arent thinking right. Who puts their head in a bucket to sniff ammonia? Penn should shoot them for disrespecting her in season 6.

    • Renee says:

      When is season 6 going to be coming out!!!In season 5 it stresses you out thinking when is this riot over , will they ever realease the guards( hostages) I don’t feel they had enough of Pussay getting killed and getting Justice!! Some things didn’t make sense like there were some parts of characters story’s that went back in time but were not concluded

    • The Beach says:

      Most of the fault for this though rests with Taystee and Gloria. After doing a masterful negotiating job, Taystee threw it all away when she refused all the concessions unless they prosecuted Pousse’s killer. And Gloria gave away their biggest leverage by releasing the hostages for her own benefit.

      • Matty says:

        Although to be fair Gloria never got the release them.l. That other chick did. cant’t remember her. Some. She should get some blame too!

        • Matty says:

          Although to be fair, Gloria never go to release them… the other chick did. Can’t remember her name. She should get some blame too!

        • Lisa says:

          It was Maria Ruiz who let the guards go. After telling Gloria to fight for her kid, Maria stole her plan and then tried to get herself released. She remains in prison.

      • ITA I am a bit upset with Taystee for not seeing they had a good deal and things might have gotten better which would have been a great memorial to Poussey.

        • Morgane says:

          Poussey only died a few days before that… So it’s understandable that Taystee is still not back to her normal self (that and she hadn’t slept since). It explains why she didn’t agree, and I get it, it’s sad though…

          I feel like the season was a bit useless. Everything gamechanging happened in the last episode. It was disappointing IMO

      • Hedo says:

        There was still a dead gaurd that would probably have ruined the negotiations even if Tastee had agreed to the terms. I kept wondering what would happen once they found him.

    • cantooread says:

      Poussey counts as missing since no update since riot , right?

  3. Nate says:

    The finale reminded me of the season finale of Weeds when Agres… Majestic was burning to the ground.

  4. Tee says:

    My question is this: if the guards kept coming up 10 short, and they have Linda, how are they still short 10 people if Pennsatucky and Chang are also gone?

    • Perhaps all the guards are coming to the same wrong count? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      • Tee says:

        Multiple times? That CERT guard made it sound like each of them counted numerous times and always came up 10 short.

        • maltru says:

          There was a throwaway line in one of the episode about how Nicky found a never before seen random hot chick to hook up with, the joke being that it was being said in front of/to Linda, so maybe Linda wasn’t the only outsider who decided the best way to stay safe was to blend in?

    • Matt C. says:

      I was thinking that Linda being included in the count made up for Pennsatucky’s absence, but I totally forgot about Chang. Apparently the writers did, too.

      • Grey's Fan says:

        Well Linda is being counted for Pennsatucky and wasn’t Chang’s character always the “forgotten one” that no one noticed so she could get away with whatever… I say it’s the last time we ever see Chang – nice ending for her and the character served her purpose.

        I’m worried the “sweet” TV watching couple (Penn and Coates) is going to unravel badly with a gun (loaded?) in the house – I fear a murder/suicide situation since Penn is obviously suffering for a major depression. The question is: Would the writers actually do a murder/suicide plot?

      • L. says:

        Not necessarily, that everyone forgets Chang has been a running joke since the beginning. This could just be a nod, possibly the last one, to that.

    • Penny Barrington says:

      They probably were counting Poussey too. Since she only died three days ago, they probably didn’t update the records yet.

    • Kayfabe says:

      I think they were counting someone else who should not be there maybe. Are we sure the pool still contained ten people? I thought it had nine once the first people left and the new ones entered with Suzanne? They also never showed Lolly who is locked up in Psych. Did the riot not include the psych areas and the prisoners who are in there? I wanted to know why Maureen was in prison. I wanted to know why several others are too they did not ahow. I loved Freidas flashback. It explains a lot. We already were told why shes there back in an earlier season anyhow, but to know why she is how she is and how she knows so many survival skills is cool, Freida is my favorite character equal to Suzanne. I am happy shes been elevated to main character status now. I want to know where Chang went, and why did the escapees not put on civilain clothing first? I was hoping another main character would be shot maybe, or die. I now wonder if anyone in the pool bunker might be murdered at the start of next season. Also, I might be the only person watching whos NOT very bothered about Pennsatuckys relationship with her rapist. Relationships vary far more than most people think. And true forgiveness DOES exist in life. They seem to have an agreement that she forgave him as long as he lets her dictate what they do sexually from then on. and a year is too long to wait on 13 episodes! They really need to start releasing this show twice per year- Spring and Fall, maybe. So less waiting. And have more episodes. Maybe, 20. If you have the time or days off, it only takes 3 days and 13 episodes are done.

      • Cassandra Banks says:

        If you’re a General Hospital fan from the 80s Luke raped Laura and they ended up getting married.

      • Dysturbed says:

        ” Are we sure the pool still contained ten people?” I don’t know if it was there when you made your post, but there is a pic included in this article that shows the ten that were there at the end.

      • Psych unit is in the max facility. That’s why it’s not featured in the riot.

  5. xomylifexo says:

    This is the first season of OITNB that I’ve really liked and thought was smart and insightful in quite a while.

  6. Loyda says:

    From the sublime to the absurd.

  7. Matt C. says:

    I personally loved this season, and the finale was one of the most stressful hours of TV I’ve watched in a long time. I kept waiting for someone to die, but I never expected it to be Piscatella, at least not in that way. But the saddest part of the episode for me was “Flaritza” being separated! That was so hard to watch…they better be reunited eventually!! But I’m definitely curious to see what the layout will be in season 6, with all of the characters (supposedly) being separated to other prisons. Will some characters be written out, or will the show split focus between multiple prisons? It’s gonna be a LONG wait for next season, that’s for sure!

    • Kayfabe says:

      I loved this season also! I do not like understand other viewers issues with it. Sometimes I think, just as when a band makes an album of a different style than it is usually known for, and everyone complains, it is that with a show too. Peope need to embrace change fully and stop always expecting the same old thing every time. My only issues were with Lolly and others in Psych not being released by prisoners during the riot to join in, and so we have no clue what is up with Lolly, or if shell be back. With Maureens reasons for arrest still not being told. And with no one dying on screen, who is a prisoner anyhow, in the riot. It was abusive and violent but everyone survives? Not realistic. In reality white novice SWAT guys would be shooting blacks left and right, then claiming self defense.

      • Teela says:

        Color obsessed much? Tired ass card.

        • Color, like it or not, was key to what eventually happened because Taystee, citing several real cases, didn’t believe Bayley, who is white, would be brought to justice for the death of a black person, Poussey. That rejection negated the other demands and brought in the storm troopers.

  8. T-dad says:

    I was a bit shocked that despite Ruiz technically “releasing” the hostages, that they would sit so calmly with her in the media trailer, especially considering that she escalated the riot by gathering every hostage in the chapel, forcing them to strip, and then having another inmate cavity search them.

  9. Crystal Cosme says:

    This show was my life and im truly upset that it is over. The ending had me in tears but yayyy that piscatella got what he deserved.

  10. Mads says:

    I paid Netflix for this! I was expecting a bit more. I even forgot most of their names over the past year. Now another year to go…too much man!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    The show is crap, tbis season wsas crap. The plot is crap and the production is cheap.

  12. patricia flowers says:

    Wish we don’t have to wait a full Year for the next season to come on!!

  13. Big Mike says:

    Spoiled by a headline again.

    • tstephen51 says:

      Seriously!! And like two days after the season was released! Of course, they’ll just say something like “well you should’ve known someone would die on a show like this”

      • DV says:

        The answer could have also been no one so stop crying…nothing was spoiled

        • Big Mike says:

          Knowing that an event DOES INDEED HAPPEN — as spoiled in the title headline — is a spoiler. It may not be ALL of the information, however it is enough to SPOIL a surprise/event for someone not already in the know.
          What would it have hurt TVLine to post something to the effect of “OITNB Season Finale Discussion/Fallout”, rather than “Who Died?!?”
          And to those who say “well you shouldn’t come to this website at all until you’ve seen the show”…that’s just silly. I could easily scroll past a spoiler free, innocuous headline to click on other articles about other shows.

  14. Heather says:

    I noticed an error… they mentioned that they were missing 10 people when they counted the inmates. However 12 are actually missing…
    There are 10 in the pool….
    But Pennsatucky and Chang escaped!
    12. ;)

  15. The Beach says:

    I disagree with the reviewer’s description of Piscatella’s shooter as a no-nonsense officer. He was a hot-headed rookie that didn’t even know how the pepper bullets worked.

  16. !!!?!!! says:

    I personally think that with the guards coming up 10 short…the fact the riot came right after poussey’s death they are way off because 1) They counted Linda in count 2)Pensatucky and Chan said devices 3)The 10 is already accounted for in the bunker 4)Burset went to the SHU find sister and 5) I personally think they are still counting poussey in the count!!! So there count is all sorts of messed up!!

  17. Ben Bergman says:

    Total reboot next season but reboot back to season one with added time. All the cameras at the end…there will be a public outcry, the prison will get redone with many of the demands met but new things will come up.

  18. Alicia says:

    I thought it was very good this season made me laugh,cry,get mad! I think if a show can do all that but deserve 5-stars, only thing I don’t like is waiting a year for the next season!!!!

  19. LucyD says:

    I just finished watching this and saw the link to this recap on Fb. After the emotional devastation of the last season, I enjoyed that this season was laugh out loud funny at times but also talked about the real issues facing prisoners.
    I really hope that next season they end up in the same prison again (due to overcrowding or other real life problems) and the storytelling stays as strong as this season. I hate that I can binge watch this because it’s a long wait until next year :-).

  20. Denise I Marzetti says:

    At one point the head swat guy tells higher-ups that 10 inmates are unaccounted for…when actually 12 are – the 10 in the pool, Chang and Pennsatuckey! Just sayin…

  21. Bonnie says:

    I hope that there will be a season six and on I want to know does the show have extras in the filming

  22. Chris B says:

    OK,season 5 Ep13 finale :
    Stated prisoners short on count(10?)
    What about the two who walked via the fence?
    Doesn’t add up.
    Do the pool room count.

  23. Sunkist3030 says:

    Only reason I finished watching this dumpster fire is because I invested so much time with seasons 1-4. 13 episodes and we still have all the same questions from the end of season 4. Seriously a whole season on a three day riot. In the end virtually no story line progressed.
    Maybe Jenji Kohan should do a 20 episode mini-series​. “Weeds” petered out in the later seasons as well and was only watchable towards the end because of how much time you already had into it.

  24. Simone says:

    The season finale was good but left unanswered ?’s the count came up wrong, where are the ladies being carted off to, What’s happening with the ladies in the pool? Also is it just me or was too much time spent on the riot?I love this show but I hate we have to wait a year for the return.

  25. Pam says:

    So… 10 were missing but 2 got out through the fence. According to this article there were 10 including red. How did they discount? Do the 2 get away forever?

  26. John Pisorek says:

    Told myself I would take it easy and not binge the whole season in one sitting.
    I held out for 2 binge sessions.
    Good work everyone.
    Waiting for season 6, so many cliffhangers. 👍👍

  27. Kyn says:

    The count was 10 short. What about Chang and Pennsatucky?? Should be 12

  28. V says:

    The riot squad searched the jail twice, he said? But they didn’t find the dead guard in the closet?? 🤔

  29. Jenny says:

    Oh boy. Just watched this season over three days and maybe I should comment on each episode individually, but that would take too long. Biggest takeaway, Taystee is an absolute moron. Just completely stupid. Several times throughout negotiations and coming up with the list of demands, she had to be reminded, even threatened into realizing that the needs of 400 women were as important as justice for Poussey and it had been made clear by everyone that Bayley would not be charged until an investigation was concluded. She was so diligent about budgets, etc., could she not have made some more educated requests when it came to that situation? Ask for an independent investigator, the SBI of their state, or the FBI to investigate instead of IA for MCC? Again, it doesn’t matter because she truly, truly ruined everything for everyone. Poor Gloria, but Maria deserved to be smacked in the face. I knew as soon as she started lecturing about doing what you have to for your kids that she was going to pull something and it is not going to help her at all most likely. One thing about this season is that no matter how civil some inmates attempted to be, once they became angry, frustrated, tired, hungry, or horny, they devolved to the lower lifeforms that they truly are, so you can watch literally almost everyone lose their humanity at some point in the season. Pensatucky and her rapist are pretty sick, but, and this is a large but, she comes from worse and he was genuinely surprised and remorseful about what he’d done, leading me to believe that his life hadn’t been much better. Takeaway from the season, who’s to blame for the madness? Human nature? Corporations? Lack of education and any sense of a moral compass? What? They did a great job of showing the convoluted mess that is reality and how one event can trigger another. I don’t remember their names, but the two women in charge of the guards paralleled Angie and her cohort as well as the two skinheads. Lots of mirroring of ignorant violence just for the heck of it. The miscounting of the inmates at the end, the cliffhanger, and the way Linda has been overlooked at worrisome for me. She screwed up with Boo, but if I were her, I would have gone ahead and made them assault me enough to have to go to medical and then sue the pants off of MCC.

    • flowerduh says:

      I agree! But I think next season they are going to find out their mistake and Lindale is either going to get PAID or she’s going to learn a valuable lesson from this.

    • By the end of this season, I hated Taystee. She put her personal grief above the lives of every woman there. She ruined everything and I was so pissed at that character that I don’t care where she ends up. Since Daya turned herself in for shooting Humphrey, it would seem that issue would not have halted the deal. Daya was like a trade so negotiations could continue. Taystee made a stupid, selfish call without considering 400 other people. Overall, this season was just not as good as others. 3 days lasting an entire season just seemed lazy.

  30. AlKa says:

    Um hello why did you not mention Flaritza being split up! That’s the main reason I cried.

  31. There’s an error with continuity in the script. The SWAT guard tells Joe Caputo that they keep coming up “10 short” in the body count – but that is totally wrong and the writers, producers and everyone else didn’t notice. Dogget escaped through the fence and Chang escaped through the fence. Therefore, if counting correctly, they should really be 12 short.

    • C says:

      Do people even bother to read the other comments? This error was noted at least 15 times previous to this one. We get it, they messed up. Or maybe the swat team decided they didn’t care and lied about doing multiple counts. Plus theIr count wound only be 1 off, as Linda from MCC was being counted as an inmate, as has also been mentioned multiple times previously.

  32. miaou says:

    i don’t believe piper “has” to survive. she isn’t the essential lead character anymore

    • Hoppy Poppy says:

      I agree 100 percent. I have never been a fan of her character and there are other characters that are much more compelling than her.

  33. zee zee says:

    I liked this season overall but i think it was wrong to stretch 3 days over 13 episodes. Next season they will really have to mix things up because many of the characters won’t be back. They all got split up at the end and the same characters won’t end up back at Litchfield together. It’s Ironic that they were protesting the overcrowding at Litchfield because in the end they are temporarily or permanently (we don’t know) hauled off to stay at other prisons that are undoubtedly overcrowded too and will now be even more overcrowded. I also imagine that every inmate’s sentence will be extended to some degree because of the riots.

  34. sara says:

    Did I miss something when they were counting the prisoners and said they were 10 short? Yes, there are ten in the pool, but Chang escaped through the fence and Pennsatucky is at Coates house. Linda being counted as a prisoner makes up for one of those, but it seems to me that after they found the 10 in the pool, they’re still short one.

  35. Zee Zee says:

    re: the writer’s comment ” it would have been more cathartic to see Red (whose hair he ripped from her scalp with a knife) or Alex (whose arm he broke to show who’s boss) put a bullet in his head. And if not them, then Taystee, who nearly pulled the trigger.” The writers couldn’t let any of that happen because then those characters/actors couldn’t be back for Season 6! Anyone killing a guard this season is going to maximum risk prison for a very long time and won’t be back for Season 6. It’s a shame that the inmate who shot the guard is going to go down for his death when it was actually the inmate in the hospital who blew bubbles into the guard’s IV who caused him to die.

    • Hedo says:

      They should have just wheeled him out the front door after he was shot. I felt that there would be no resolution this season because there was a dead gaurd in the closet. Evan if Tastee negotiated a great deal, I flet that it would fall through as soon as they discovered that he was dead.

      • Zee Zee says:

        I agree. Whatever deal they negotiated would have been voided once the the cops found the dead guard. To her credit, I don’t think Tastee knew that the guard was dead until the very end after things went south. However, if she had agreed to the deal, the riot probably would have ended peacefully without the riot police coming in and the prison wouldn’t have gotten trashed and the inmates wouldn’t have been moved to new prisons.

  36. Anna says:

    Love this show. The one I only bibdge watch til 7 am. Wtf if going to happen?!

  37. Angie says:

    I’m not AS impressed as I have been w’it – a little redundant & predictable borderline boring – COULDN’T WE ALL GUESS WHAT WOULD’VE HAPPENED N A RIOT & -IDK IF IT WOULD’VE BEEN THAT BORING! Having no rules there would’ve been more chaos REGULAR MED NEEDS WOULD HAVE STILL BEEN SOUGHT & RECREATIONAL 2!! Commissary would’ve been pillaged & the kitchen would’ve been used by inmates on their own@some point I’d think of course w’o organization so it wouldn’t b a meal but if I were an inmate I’d make myself a sandwich or SOMETHING!! -IF I were 1 of the guards. I’m Think’n I’d been TRY’n 2 negotiate w’some 1 & THEY ALL KNO WHICH 1 OF THOSE WOMEN 2 “WORK”on 4 best results! They knew which 1’s were more likely 2 do what 4 what-! Just Overall UN impressed tho- look’n 4ward 2next Season & HOPEFULLY it picks back up mmm? 2a Higher caliber of entertainment, pardon the pun.

  38. J says:

    I’ve got a problem with the later seasons..I didn’t really enjoy season 5 bar the last couple of episodes, I had the same feeling about season 4 too, see I enjoy a more shocking, realistic story where things actually happen, season 1,2&3 really delivered on this; the prison felt so big and it was very piper vs the world esque, I really enjoyed the storyline of piper struggling to fit in and get by, I just seriously hated the insanely rapid character shift from shy to a total badass, I would of been fine if there was some decent into madness approach but it just.. happened, I’m glad they realised there mistake and shut her down because it just felt a tad forced? I remember when piper thought she was getting a transfer, and how that story line really had me fearing for piper, I just hope with this reset in the story jenji can find some of that old feeling

  39. Jen Moore says:

    Why did they miscount the inmates? There were 10 missing prisoners. 1 extra prisoner (mcc) exec. 2 escaped. So….there should be 11 inmates in the bunker….

  40. cantooread says:

    Seems close to private prison futures, how can it get worse?

  41. Rita says:

    They actually made an error in the last episode. When counting inmates, they said there were 10 missing. Well there are still 10 left including Red in the pool area. What about Chang and Pennsatucky? That makes 12 missing.

  42. Wayne says:

    What everybody below is saying. They screwed up the head count.

  43. SK says:

    Enough about how the powers that be couldn’t count the prisoners correctly – what about the guards? At the point where the governor’s office was celebrating the hostages being released at least 4 guards and MCC employees were still inside the prison (or otherwise unaccounted for): Luschek. Coates. Piscatella. And good old “Linda from Purchasing.”

    • Piscatella snuck in. Nobody knew. Coates probably checked with someone on the outside after getting out. He had changed clothes and even left his house to go to the store? to eat? They probably knew he was out. But yes, why did Joe not tell them about Linda? And the guards should’ve mentioned Luschek’s whereabouts.

  44. The ending of season 5 was really expected, and it’s such a classic representation of the human so valued ego.

    From the very beginning all the characters were shown from two different perspectives, a good one and definitely a bad one. Lets take boo for example, she dumped her supposed bestfriend dogget the moment she found linda.

    They might have the right to be treated a bit better, but we can’t forget that they are real criminals. We saw many flashbacks of the inhumane acts they’ve done, yet how can they ask for a 5 stars prison?

    Nothing justifies their unlawful acts, but they wan’t to be treated like people. We all do mistakes, however we should suffer the consequences. Karma is always around, we can’t keep a blind eye on that. They should suffer in jail, isn’t that point of being their in the first place?

    However Poussey’s death was definitely tragic, And surely an accident. As a response, the prisoners reacted ragely and never thought of it as an accident. That’s classic right? Wanting your pain to leak out, through your unjust judgement.

    Moreover, Capputo even after all the good he’s done, proved to be self-centered as well. Which was showen when he thought of himself the moment he had the chance to be supposedly in charge.

    All these facts mentioned above lead to one conclusion. This series is sending us a message that implies: unjust governments and treatments will always exist, and it’s true. Since there is always a person who is in power, and he will have no problem to do whatever it takes to remain there. The message was planted deeply, at the core of every episode you’ve watched.

    We can just expect the inmates to walk out of this, they should be punished and so does the guards. But that’s really eveything.

    In fact, we are the prisoners of lichfield, and the guards are our governments. Such an inspiring message, that motivates us to ask for a change. Yet we need to be carefull, since we will never be satisfied. And Thats actually what made us survive this long, our narecisissitic thoughts.

    Very good series, enjoyed watching it.

    All of the Prisoners are so self-centered,