Sense8 Cancellation: Netflix Not Reversing Its 'Hard' Decision

Netflix will not be bringing Sense8 back from the dead, Timeless-style.

A little more than a week after cancelling the ambitious drama, The Powers That Be at Netflix reached out to grieving Sense8 fans on Facebook to let them know that, after crunching the numbers again, they were not able to make the stars align for a third season.

“We’ve seen the petitions, we’ve read the message… we know you want [us] to #RenewSense8,” read the message. “The reason we’ve taken so long to get back to you is because we’ve thought long and hard here at Netflix to try to make it work, but unfortunately we can’t.”

No doubt motivated by NBC’s decision to do an about-face last month and un-cancel Timeless, Sense8 acolytes launched numerous campaigns to save Lana and Lily Wachowski’s sci-fi drama. Co-star Brian J. Smith assured those same fans that their efforts, even if ultimately unsuccessful, did not go unnoticed.

“You can all rest easy knowing that even though the show won’t continue you’ve made a difference,” Smith said in a message posted on Twitter. “You put up a good, hell no, a… great fight. I will forever consider Sense8 to be a kind of Unfinished Symphony, a reminder to never take the things we love for granted. I’m going to miss the show and I’m going to miss Gorski, but I’m going forward and I’m never going to be the same.”

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  1. katy says:

    OK then how about a “movie” to rap it up? Aka an episode that fixes the loose ends?

    • Wordsmith says:

      The logistical/financial problem with the show’s concept is the constant globe-hopping. Shooting a movie, you’d still need to be in a dozen different countries, so you might as well just shoot a whole new season at that point.
      A cheaper version of the show, with the characters all in one place, just would be the same.

      • Katherine215 says:

        Season 2 ended with all the characters in one place, so that doesn’t apply here. Long term, maybe that was part of the problem. For a wrap up or a movie, nope.

      • boy bye says:

        this is also up to the Wachowski’s scripts. If they had optioned a movie, they could’ve limited the global scenes, had all cast in one place (based on season 3 ending) like you said. I guess the sisters don’t want to alter their vision just to give fans a product.

        I’m not over this cancellation. it just sucks. period.

    • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

      Maybe have Ice-Cube in a cameo to rap up the wrap up?

  2. Temperance says:

    Ah, well… there is something I’m not renewing then. Ever.

    • Riley says:

      Seriously? Their service isn’t a charity. Why get mad with them and threaten a boycott because they aren’t willing to make a show at a loss?

      • Temperance says:

        Yup. First – has criticizing another adult’s opinion ever worked for you (you’d actually have to make a point)? Second, they’re idiots if they couldn’t figure out how to make the show cheaper. Bye, Netflix!

        • Lyndy says:

          “Second, they’re idiots if they couldn’t figure out how to make the show cheaper. Bye, Netflix!”
          Spoken like someone who’s never had a NF subscription ever….
          Lol pretty sure Netflix is not throwing a tantrum (the way you are right now) over a few dollars it lost over Sense8 when they make billions every year…so yeah, BYEEE to you!

        • Temperance says:

          Wow, Lyndy – you have a 100% of saying idiotic things. Months and months of pointless… and wrong. Assumption always makes you look like assumption always does. Netflix runs on public opinion and subscriptions, so they care about every single one.

          • Lyndy says:

            “Netflix runs on public opinion…….”
            Hahahahahahaha, how much in revenue do make from public opinion exactly??

        • Ada says:

          It’s too unfair to close this show. Especially with such an ending of the second season. We want to know what will happen next. We fell in love with these heroes. If you do not want to continue the show, give fans something. A book, a script. We want to know how it all ends.

      • Temperance says:

        Oh, and I didn’t ‘threaten when with a boycott’. I dropped a vendor for being idiots or not being in line with my interests. Same as everyone on the planet does everyday with their dollars.

      • heisenberg says:

        I think people who subscribe to netflix deserve to get what they want because they paid for it. its not like netflix’s subscriber watch for free.

      • Derek says:

        If their service isn’t charity, the more reason for people to cancel it if the shows they watch are cancelled without an ending.

    • Lyndy says:

      First and foremost Netflix is a business and it makes sense for them to cut dead weight. Even if they do not release their numbers, I’m sure this had a lot to do with the show’s numbers/views from paying NF subscribers…..I wonder what % of the Sense8 fan-base actually have a subscription with Netflix. Pretty sure the passion shown by the fans on social media was nowhere near the viewing numbers on NF.

      • V.J. says:

        I wonder that all the time with Netflix subscription in general. Just as an example: the new House of Cards season isn´t released on Netflix Germany although it was already released in the U.S. so I could bet a lot of passionate HoC fans streamed it elsewhere and did not wait for the season to air weekly on Sky 1 (which is, of course, pay-tv). So there are potentially a ton of fans who will see the series or have seen it already but won´t matter much for the viewing figures on Netflix.
        And I think you can use this on tv series in general: there is a lot of passion on social media from viewers who don´t matter anything to U.S. viewing figures and stream it somewhere but can make a lot of noise nonetheless so you probably always get a murky picture.

      • Temperance says:

        I’m more aware of the ‘way it works’ than you’ll ever be, so mansplainin’ isn’t going to get you anywhere. If Netwlicks doesn’t perceive the value of the show, or cannot manage to rein in the cost of the show using standard methods that are common in the industry, they are idiots, and I have better places to spend my dollars.

        • Jordan Strummer says:

          Just the fact that you assumed gender and used the term mansplaining (in addition to your other comments) makes me think that you don’t actually care about the reason Netflix did this and only care about the reason YOU think they canceled it. I highly doubt they caved to any conservative pressure since 1) they have other shows that would be targets (Orange is the New Black) and 2) the only hype most people have seen around this show is people upset it was cancelled. You have every right to be upset, and you cancelling your subscription won’t have any effect on Netflix but will make you feel better, but don’t shut down people (rudely I might add) just because they don’t buy into your theory

        • Lyndy says:

          Lol YOU ARE A JOKE! Stop pretending like you had a NF acct to begin with.
          Look at you throwing a tantrum because you did not get your way, it’s not Netflix’s problem if people are not watching a show, the S8 fans are the ‘idiots’ for choosing to view the show illegally instead of paying the sub to NF. No point flooding social media and making pointless petitions when you don’t have a NF sub. They have plenty of other content to worry about instead of worrying about dead weight like S8…

          • joe says:

            Lyndy your ISP deemed it was in their best financial interests to decrease your bandwidth by 50% and increase your bill by 10$ per month, guess you should be okay with that?

            Your cable company wants to make 10 of your favorite channels go exclusively to pay-per-view only and restrict them from your current cable package without lowering your price. It makes financial sense for them. Guess you should be okay with that?

            Your husband decided it made financial sense to trade you in for a newer, more easy going frugal model, guess you should be okay with that?

            If netflix really cared about keeping a great show perhaps they’d either take a financial blow and recoup losses elsewhere, or try to make the scenes less expensive. No, instead they just can the whole thing because they can churn out cheaper shows and make more money elsewhere.

            Congrats lyndy you are part of the problem.

          • Lyndy says:

            “If netflix really cared about keeping a great show…”
            A show is only great to its core audience not to Netflix. Why should NF take a financial hit for a show that is a liability to them, that kind of preferential treatment is reserved for profitable shows. For example if House of Cards is ever in trouble, I’m sure NF will be willing to take a few financial blows for it because it has performed well for them in the past.
            I have no doubt that S8 has a big following but if that passion does not translate into NF subs then it’s only fair that it was cut!
            Anyway in all honesty I am sorry to the S8 fans. I’ve had shows I love cancelled and it sucks but that’s how things work :-)

          • joe says:

            Sure, but clearly NF is not “so so sorry about cancelling sense8” and did not “do everything we could”.

        • Temperance says:

          Yes, you are a joke Lyndy – and it trills me that you are so upset! And Jordan – that’s your incorrect) assumption: mansplainin’ isn’t gender bound. It’s the best word for when a simple idiot tries to explain to someone much better informed about a topic they really understand nothing about from entitlement and ignorance.

          • Lyndy says:

            Can I ask you a serious question…do the comments you type actually make sense in your head??

          • TheDuck says:

            “Mansplaining” is a sexist, derogatory term and should not be used. It’s not “perfect” for anything.

      • joe says:

        The dude is paying for a service to watch the shows he wants to watch. When that service cancels the show he wants to watch, he has every right to cancel. Why are you taking Netflix’s side based purely on their financial motives? As you said, netflix has billions of dollars. Maybe they should take a small dent of a loss to please their fans for once?

        • joe says:

          Lyndy you seriously have loser mentality.

          • Lyndy says:

            Insults are not arguments….
            How about you use your brain to come up with logical arguments, Yes!

          • Temperance says:

            You’d have to make an argument to say that. Your posts are generally content-free insults which makes them completely pointless. You replied to my posts fairly often, and have zero impact… as empty words always do.

      • Meredyth Watts says:

        Ok, first and foremost, Netflix and their decision to not renew the series for another season had very little to do with the viewers and a hell of a lot to do with filming on location IN EIGHT LOCATIONS AT ONCE. Just as a ballpark figure, to rent out a major street in London such as in the final scene of the final episode, costs nearly $10,000 USD per hour he car chase in Seoul probably cost 10-12 times as much, just due to potential damage, then throw in the jet setting and equipment cost for 8 on location sets, all on top of typical business expenses, contracts, and permits for explosive ordnance operations, the show had very little chance of a third season even if the show had a 90% following of current subscribers. It’s quite sad as I found the show to be more real and had more substance than other shows and movies of this variety(heroes, jumper, next, etc) as it not only confronted socially acceptable topics, it straight up told the board of censorship to do like the character Kit did, and shove an oscar up their arses. Full disclosure I’m a Caucasian heterosexual male in his 30’s and not one single scene of this series was anything short of phenomenal. And while I’m sad to see it go, my hope is that they will at least revive it in another media(comic, novel, anime, don’t care just hope for more.)

  3. J.B. says:

    Sorry Netflix but I’m not buying your BS. I know the show was expensive to make and they claim the viewer ship was low, despite never releasing ratings for ANY of their original series, but a wrap up special/movie could have at least been an option. I can’t say for certain but I highly doubt the cast and crew would turn down an opportunity to provide some sort of closure. Bloodline, an apparently low rated show, was given a final season. I feel the CEO of Netflix just isn’t interested in pursuing any options to bring it back in any way, shape or form. If anything his comments about Netflix not canceling more shows and how they need a higher turnover rate pretty much proves that point.

  4. T.W.S.S. says:

    Christmas special?

  5. jen says:

    The EP has tweeted that no one at Netflix contacted them about options or discussions. So clearly Netflix doesn’t care or there is some bad blood there. Really disappointed. Netflix is supposed to be the new era of TV. I get that shows may not get the viewership etc. But the point of a stream/binge site is they could get viewers NOW. It’s not one and done for original airdates. They should at least allow a closure episode/movie, if not I just won’t watch any original content shows until further seasons are confirmed in advance.

    • Temperance says:

      It looks very much like they knucked under to heavy con political pressure – hence, no future dollars from me.

  6. Susie says:

    (Censored) them. Keep tweeting, emailing and sending support for the show.

  7. GK says:

    There must be some truly, truly dark things happening over there at Netflix original programming executive unit. This is one of the worst cancellation stings. Was the show that expensive that they ran out of money for marketing?

    • S says:

      I’ve seen it said a single season cost $100 million.

      • Temperance says:

        And there are plenty of easy, cheap ways to fix that. They didn’t have to actually film every scene in multiple nations around the world every time.

        • Someone says:

          That assumes that you have very efficient, capable and knowledgeable team like Soderbergh’s and very efficient, capable and knowledgeable director and producer who can plan the whole season in advance as one long movie and organize the shooting schedule for maximal efficiency and have exceptional cast that can orient itself and play well with excruciatingly fragmented production flow. It’s easy to just say “it can be done because someone has done it before” and very hard to actually do it. It’s even questionable whether anyone but Soderbergh can actually pull it and whether he’d do it again and whether he’d be able to do repeat it year after year. In this case it also assumes that you (as a producer) have been thinking frugally from the day one and have assembled good library of establishing scenes and have already built studio replicas of locations with enough variety not to become easily noticeable. A lot of work and a lot of assumptions and none of that is distributor’s job to do. So if you want to complain from the point of view that it can be done “cheaper” complain to Wachowskis and ask them why have they been splurging on tourism for two seasons? Even HBO doesn’t go that far to actually provide production teams, services and financial management to their shows although they do get involved much more than other channels. It’s very rare that a distributor will spend any time or effort on a show they bought beyond deciding to can it or not. There are such cases but only when there’s a high ranking insider who’s a good friend with top producer or has some personal or long term PR interest. For example Fox was helping “Fringe” production a lot because a top official liked the show, and wanted to establish Fox as a go to broadcast channel for Sci-Fi and wanted to have J.J. Abrams attached to the channel as a name. And J.J. accepted draconian budget limitations and knew how to work with and around them.

  8. Joey says:

    This is, by far, one of the dumbest decisions that Netflix has ever, and possibly will ever make.

    • Riley says:

      Since you have only your opinion, and they have rock solid financial information about expenses and income for the show … I think they’re better placed to make that call.

      • Joey says:

        Then I say put up or shut up. If they say it was too expensive to produce compared to the total number of viewers, prove it.

        • Lyndy says:

          No need to prove anything, Netflix is like all the other TV networks, they do not give a c*** about individual tv shows or the viewers, their main & only concern is the bottomline, and if that is not met then there are not two ways about it. Since they are Ad-free, their revenue is from subs…..if a show is not delivering the numbers, it makes sense for them to cut it.

      • Temperance says:

        And, since you have zero idea about the subject, perhaps you shouldn’t discuss things you don’t know. Assumption does what assumption always does in your case. The issue is always cash, and there are ways to manage that they didn’t even try. Mostly, it looks like they caved on a ‘gay’ show under conservative pressure in the (brief) Age of Orange Mussolini. .

        • jj says:

          You try to portray yourself as so much smarter than everyone commenting, but your comments are so illogical. For example, you claim it’s always about money, but then claim they caved to conservative pressure. If it’s always about money, it’s not about conservative pressure. Maybe instead of criticizing what other people have to say, you should focus on producing a logical argument.

        • Lyndy says:

          And which specific “cost-cutting methods” exactly didn’t they try…how about you enlighten us??!
          You blame others for assuming yet you too are making assumptions. So how about you don’t discuss things you don’t know either, because from all your comments, you have done nothing but shown staggering amounts of ignorance.

  9. M says:

    I also call BS on this. There are ways to make it work, including at least a movie to complete the story. They could also give the rights back to the creators and let them try other outlets or methods. The lack of promotion (not even on the list of original productions on the streaming site), the cancellation after barely releasing the second season, announcing on the first day of Pride month… there’s been a lot of disrespect, and I have trouble believing they went back at all to reconsider the decision, despite the flood of calls, signatures (nearly 500K and still going on one petition) and ongoing tweets (their statement has initiated another flood).

    They will continue to have ownership of the two seasons they produced. They might even make something off of releasing the rights back to the producers to let them finish the story on their own (streaming event? PPV? Direct to DVD? New outlet?) — but Netflix has gotten way too full of themselves. Most of their original programming is uninteresting, put up as quantity rather than quality. They’re losing existing network/cable series, and the movie selection continues to be mostly low quality as well. I don’t know if there will be a mass exodus over losing Sense8 (it would certainly send a strong message), but it’s getting very easy to consider canceling *them*.

  10. Wiz says:

    Funny how they don’t explain why they couldn’t do it. I don’t know what’s up with Netflix as of late. They’re turning themselves into a tv network that tries to hard. They take off a lot of popular shows to add their original dramas. I feel like this was a vendetta. They cancel Bloodlines and Hemlock Grove but still give those final seasons. I’m already one foot out the door with my subscription.

    • Riley says:

      That’s probably because Bloodlines cost around $20m per season, Hemlock cost $45m per season, but Sense8 cost over $100m per season… and since we don’t know the viewing figures, you can’t say that the first two didn’t scrape a meagre profit.

  11. Susie says:

    Also interesting that all the white shows like “Bloodline” and “Hemlock Grove” get that final wrap up Season whereas “The Get Down” and “Sense8” are the ones cancelled.

  12. Joel says:

    Whatever. I’ll just avoid Netflix original programming so that I don’t get burned again. It’s the same as how I stopped watching Fox programming and never looked back.

  13. Shaun says:

    Isn’t it in Netflix interest to give a better ending?Give us a final direct confrontation.

  14. Paula Pofahl says:

    Please don’t cancel Sense 8. We will miss each and every character. So well written and the sense of love and caring is so needed now in this world.

  15. Why wont they give it a proper ending? Do a Christmas special or something? I think what people are most upset about is the cliffhanger ending.

  16. Bark Star says:

    We are not your family, we are your customers. If you dont sell the product we want, we will go to the competition.

  17. Oded says:

    It was one of the best shows ever, so sad!

  18. Vicki Waddy says:

    To Netflix and The Wachowski’s,

    You asked us to watch and get hooked on a series you told us was breaking down stereotypes, it was inclusive and diversified, it had something there for everyone and was just dam entertaining. We did as asked ! We watched and loved that we could relate to one of the eight characters – All of us in the spectrum of diversification cheered as one of our eight become a super hero to us – How great we felt that you were making a show that included us all in a positive way and now……..
    You cancelled the show without an ending – why did you all bother to invest time, money and creativity to let the show fall into the wasteland of cancelled shows.
    If you had the respect for what you created you would have given the show an ending – You did not need to announce a cancellation, you belittled the series and as always the people who are in minority groups feel let down that they / we are not a good enough audience for the show to be treated as it should have been.
    All you needed to do was give us a couple of hours that closed off questions and left us happy that we invested our time watching your creation. Twin Peaks only ran for two years but had an ending and became a legendary for David Lynch.
    What will we be saying about Sense 8 twenty years down the track…….. NOTHING !

  19. Brenda says:

    I find this very disappointing, I guess I will just have to imagine my own end of the story for each character. Sun definitely gets her company and her detective in the end.

    • skyebright8 says:

      Wolfgang is freed and meets Kala in Paris, maybe her husband has legal issues due to his friend and ends up in jail for a while. The cluster brings down BPO and all get their happy endings with their prospective partners and careers.

      • Dee Aditya says:

        Meets and Nomi get married and have a great little beach wedding and the whole gang attends and they all have a great time. Will proposes to Riley, Caphius gets elected to office and makes great changes for his people.

  20. Billy Bob Johnson says:

    “Please, FXX, save this series!”

  21. JoAnna Worley says:

    Heart broken…seriously heart broken. There are no words just empty space 😢

  22. Jeffrey says:

    I would pay good money to subscribe to a season three sense8. $50? Same as Legion or some of the other series you have to pay to see. If you get a few hundred thousand to sign up, would that make a difference? I wold love to see the story continue and be resolved in the third season.

  23. Jeffrey says:

    What about subscription? I would pay good money to see season 3 of sense8. $50? Same as Legion or others…How should a few hundred-thousand subscriptions do? It would be so satisfying to see the storyline resolved, for a change, in a third and final season.

    • Someone says:

      Heh, you’d have to find just about 2 million people willing to pay $50 each just to cover the price producers are asking. Try KickStarter :-))

  24. JNM says:

    I just cant understand how this show is cancelled??!?!!!! Does Netflix not want to make history and have a show that people will still talk about like the Matrix movies years on!!!

  25. Kety says:

    This show just made me realise that love is just love it shuldnt have to be between jus two opposite gender, i never thot i can understand the emotion of same opposite sex fallin in love but i literally did and it change my whole prespective on LGBT community cos commin from a society totaly againts homosexuality this show has made a huge impact on me n besides tat it showed the diversity n culture of diff countries but how ppl were connected in someway or other….some mite say tat it just a work of fiction but for me i got the message the show was tryin to give n m just hopin for more so please continue the show dont left us hangin..

  26. dr3yec says:

    This disgusting sick show is why I cancelled my netflix account.

  27. Patricia Garlett says:

    I demand another season! Love this show!

  28. Brittiny says:

    How are you going to cut seance8 the story is not over!!!!!

    Btw did you guys really think we would not notice the new van dam? Like let’s just give him a heir cut and he will look like every other black guy… No one will notice???!!! Just saying

  29. Roy says:

    I just finished binging on season 2. One of the best tv shows I’ve watched this year, if not the best, and now its cancelled…Its at times like these that I consider whether its worth watching tv at all. Whats the point of getting so invested in a show, if the rug is going to be pulled out from under your feet? As mentioned the whole point of Netflix is that this is not live TV, you can watch it at any time. Reviewing whether I should cancel my netflix subscription. Whats the point.

  30. denise liberman says:

    sense8 never been anything like it the message, the beauty, the music, conceptually the best show ever made. my husband and i are late 60’s and have been enthralled from the get go. the viewer becomes a sense8 without realizing it. brilliant beyond description. ray bradbury times infinity

  31. Randy says:

    I am so saddened by Netflix decision to not renew Sense8. Unfortunately petitions did not work. I understand their decision, from a financial standpoint. The series looks like it’s very expensive to produce, given the locations, and production quality of the product, which clearly costs a lot.

    I’m surprised fans didn’t start a movement where subscribers signed a pledge to cancel their Netflix accounts for one month in protest of the shows cancellation. If a financial decision was made to cancel the show, fans could make a decision to protest which would give Netflix a financial reason keep it.

  32. Abdul says:

    Canceling the series isn’t the best idea for you guys because everybody mind is on this show and you complaining about the budget just doesn’t make any sense. just think about.

  33. Coogan says:

    Honestly hurt.
    The show has so many varying levels as to what’s stimulated my attention to binge watch the two seasons over and over. The unknown turned into an unease and spiraled into chaos. Chaos of action and comedy and passion and love…. A true rollercoaster of emotions. Hats off to the creators for a brilliant plot and story.
    I’ve personally marketed the show amongst my circles of friends and family (of age) and even business aquaintances. The need for closure is unbearable and I would at least hope for a final episode or a possible movie in order to ease our pain. I understand that if the those figures $$$ don’t agree, it’ll be bad business, but the Titan called Netflix must understand that it’s millions of subscribers who long for those mini vacations called Netflix originals, desire necessary closure of the time’s spent falling in love with a show as this one.

    Ease our pain

  34. Linda Anderson says:

    Unbelievable!!! Best series ever on Netflix. Are they idiots?? I agree with the comment putting them all in one country. . Did they give that any consideration, the whole concept of the show lends itself to that scenario.