Reza Aslan Fired CNN Donald Trump Tweets Believer Cancelled

CNN Drops Host Reza Aslan After Vulgar Anti-Trump Tweets

CNN has axed another contributor after their criticism of President Trump went too far.

The network announced Friday it has severed ties with author and religious scholar Reza Aslan, the host of the documentary series Believer. Aslan attacked Trump in a series of tweets last week following the London attacks, calling Trump a “piece of s–t,” “an embarrassment to humankind” and “a man baby.” He later apologized, saying, “I lost my cool and responded to him in a derogatory fashion. That’s not like me… I apologize for my choice of words.”

Believer, which followed Aslan as he traveled around and explored different religious traditions across the globe, premiered back in March, and a second season was already in the works. But CNN now says it has “decided not to move forward with production” on any future episodes. Aslan was also a consulting producer on the just-wrapped HBO drama The Leftovers.

Aslan tweeted out a statement responding to CNN’s decision:

The news follows CNN’s very public removal of comedian Kathy Griffin from the network’s annual New Year’s Eve coverage, in response to Griffin’s controversial anti-Trump photo shoot, where she held up a fake severed head meant to be Trump’s.

Should Reza Aslan have been fired? Or was his apology enough? Give us your take in the comments below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Simon says:

    Remember Trumps reaction to the whole Ted Nugent extreme anti-Obama rants. Something along the lines of it just shows how a lot of Americans are angry at Obama. Well same can be said here. Except in this case it’s not just most of America who’s angry with Trump but also most of the world. And in this case with Trump the anger is apt.
    However when you have a cushy job mind what you say in twitter.

  2. Joey says:

    While it is CNN’s decision, and, to me, the “piece of s-” comment was technically over the line, the other comments aren’t even as bad as anything Hannity has ever said over on Fox News.

    • Annie Sisk says:

      It’s the hypocrisy, for me. I’d just gotten to the point where I was willing to give CNN another chance after some seriously messed up coverage of the campaigns. But I don’t see them tossing professional Trump apologist Jeffrey Lord out the door, so – yeah. Done with CNN for good now.

      • Dawn Fleming says:

        I as well have been done with CNN since the Presidental Campaign. To bad , used to watch them several hours a day:(

    • Mike Boileau says:

      He should not only be fired but he should be banned from any communication system on Earth. Why does He, and all the rest of these fake news people, not accept the results of the election. There were 62,000,000 American’s who voted for him. Don’t they count? Must CNN and others continue to destroy America?jjb.

      • Joey says:

        Ignorance or trolling? Who’s to say?

        • Karen says:

          I’d hope trolling. It shocks me that people are still so ignorant about Trump. It’s not about anyone not accepting the election result, it’s about the fact that having an incompetent as president is unacceptable. Now we have Paul Ryan and Chris Christie excusing Trumps bad decisions because he doesn’t have any political experience. Duh. That’s the downside of having a non politician in the highest elected office in the USA–especially one who has never been accountable to an outside stakeholder.

      • Ernest says:

        Has absolutely nothing to do with accepting results of election, but everything to do with Trump’s ignorance, lack of knowledge on the world, his racism and thinking he is above the law. Trump has demonstrated he lacks integrity. USA is laughing stock of world!

      • Hannah says:

        Yeah, it’s definitely CNN that’s destroying America 😂😂😂

  3. Mary says:

    He is getting fired for that. Seriously, I thought Trump and his minions like it when they don’t use PC and speak their minds. Lot of hypocrisy going around these days. I understand with Kathy G but this is totally idiot. I guess speaking the truth does hurt, and they call the other side snowflakes.

    • Jerri says:

      Trump can dish it out, but his fragile ego can’t take it.

      • MMD says:

        Exactly! He needs total adoration from the masses, Sadly to most of the world he is a joke to be ignored.

    • Anne says:

      Ya, like I’m a bleeding liberal and I thought Griffin went a little far, but Aslan’s comments were fine

      • Karen says:

        Same here. I wasn’t disappointed in that firing. This one I am. His comments are nowhere near even the level of Trumps own–especially during the campaign.

    • Ben says:

      The PC police fall by their own rules and impossible standars ’cause they are just regular people after all. If you break your own rules there is nobody else to blame. And about hypocrisy… well… you know… practice what you preach.. or change your speech.

  4. Ron says:

    I really applaud this guy for not apologizing. I guess CNN did what it felt like it had to do, but if it were up to me–which obviously it is not–he would still have a job. The Kathy Griffin firing was most certainly deserved. But saying Trump is a POS is so massively mild compared to what people said about Obama. Really, one need not look much further than some of the extreme Trump followers actually employed by CNN, like Jeffrey Lord. Based on everything that Trump has said and done, Aslan makes an apt observation and gets fired, while people like Hannity continue to promote dangerous and debunked conspiracy theories on Fox, yet still has a job. Yes, obviously they’re different networks, but if one cable news station is going to allow its hosts to do something like that, then CNN shouldn’t be too concerned about what Aslan did. It’s fine, though. I’m sure there will be several places that will happily welcome Aslan’s social commentary.

    • DaPimpster says:

      He did apologize

    • Amelia says:

      I don’t think because Fox does it then it’s okay. I think we, and it appears CNN, should strive to be the bigger people.

    • Brynn says:

      Hannity states his opinions. He never called Obama a POS.

    • Karen says:

      I liked his statement. He admitted he was wrong and took the decision like a big boy. If only Trump could do the same. Funny that POTUS can use his personal twitter account as a bully pulpit but others with broach each on social media are shut down, that’s a bit of censorship. CNN can set any standards they want for their employees but when other networks (fox) do not, Trump is controlling the dialogue–or trying to.

  5. Jason Stinnett says:

    That last line though, I wish CNN all the best… ha I think they will be just fine…

  6. Jon Kramer says:

    Help him up on his camel and point him to the east….and you might have him take all of his MUSLIM TERRORIST followers along with him

    • Stu says:

      Yup just what I’d expect from a Trump supporter. I weap for you

    • David says:

      If you assume that all Muslims are terrorists because a few of them are, I’d assume all old white men are idiots because you are.

      • Joey says:

        If you follow his thought pattern, both he (and I) are terrorists as well since I can name dozens of white men who are terrorists.
        But, he is, like you said, an idiot.

    • Louise Dahl says:

      Troll. How much are the Russians paying you?

  7. Mare says:

    Wow. Trump controlling the media in all kinds of ways. While Trump pushes many to hatred they never thought they were capable of, if you represent a company that is trying hard to be a reputable news organization you have to be extra careful. That said, I can’t help feeling somehow this is all about Trump controlling the media to make sure no one crosses him or deviates from his manipulative storyline

  8. readenreply says:

    CNN has become garbage and Anderson Cooper should be ashamed of himself.

  9. H50fannie says:

    It seems CNN is super pro pro pro Trump´. They cant accept anyone saying a bad criticism against him, not even a bad joke, cause everyone who do that while working on CNN he/she will get fired. CNN has become a trash of new journalism, like they are untouchables or something the journalists.

    • KCC says:

      What Aslan said was name calling not criticism. There’s a big difference. Anyone that’s progressed beyond grade school should know the difference. I understand CNN severing ties with someone that either does not know the difference or cannot restrain himself from behaving like an eight year old. Aslan’s firing does not show CNN as pro anything but having professionals work for them.

  10. Lyndy says:

    Trump is a piece of SH**….he was just saying what most of US and the world think and feel right now! He has nothing to apologize for.

  11. Babalooo says:

    And yet Jeffrey Lord still has a job at CNN. huh?

    • MMD says:

      Boggles my mind! He will stick up for absolutely anything Drumpf says and somehow will manage to bring Ronald Reagan up in the same sentence. No wonder Anderson said that there was nothing Lord wouldn’t support Drumpf on as well as roll his eyes.

  12. Anne says:

    Seriously?!!!!! That’s ridiculous. Y’all elected a man who actively insults women, people with disabilities, veterans, and people of colour. Kinda like throwing rocks in glass houses.

  13. Derek says:

    There goes to prove wrong the theory that “but if a liberal had said that, nothing would happen”. It happens equally to both sides.

  14. Paul says:

    Reza was a fox in sheeps clothess. He had a hidden agenda to dig up fringent negatives of other religions but his

  15. Temperance says:

    No criticism of Trump can go too far in any arena.

  16. Spence says:

    So.. we are holding a “D List” comedian and a news anchor to higher standards than POTUS. Interesting.

  17. DARLENE HAYES says:


  18. Tony Lang says:

    Nothing that man said is false. Trump himself keeps screaming that we have to stop being politically correct. So Aslan did EXACTLY what the U.S. President expects of his fellow Americans.

  19. kmw says:

    The only person who wont get fired for his tweets is our narcissist in chief

  20. Shellbie says:

    That’s a shame. I really enjoyed his Believer series. I am a non-believer but am fascinated by all religions and especially by their origin stories.

  21. Kevin says:

    no loss, the guy is a complete idiot.. the air is a little fresher over at CNN now

  22. No no no says:

    Trump IS a man baby. He has obvious traits of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, the root cause of which is an inability to mature mentally. Inside, on some level, he has a mental age of around six years old. Is it any wonder then that he acts like a child?

    We need more people like Reza to speak up and call this idiot on his sh**, not less.

  23. Jack Steel says:

    You can talk crap and get paid for it! Where else can a person disrespect the POTUS and get away with it. We are so hypnotized, we don’t see! Put the damn glasses on!!!!

  24. Mike Boileau says:

    He should not only be fired but he should be banned from any communication system on Earth. Why does He, and all the rest of these fake news people, not accept the results of the election. There were 62,000,000 American’s who voted for him. Don’t they count? Must CNN and others continue to destroy America?

  25. Ernest says:

    Donald Trump has used his platform and power to belittle groups /people, make derogatory comments, lie, state his feelings of how he feels about women, lie on Pres Obama! No, he should not have been fired!

  26. Dawn Fleming says:

    As an Avid Trump Supporter , I fully accept Mr. Aslan’s apology. I truly believe CNN is being too Harsh.

  27. Jimmy says:

    Good for CNN in getting rid of Aslan, Jeffery Lord, Kathy Griffin all equal opportunity firings. CNN has a set of rules and is abiding by them. This shows class on the part of CNN and makes the stench coming from Fox even stronger. CNN will not allow itself to lower itself to hiring disgusting people like Hannity or Bill O’Reilly and others. Just another sign that Democrats have pride and class while Republican values have no shame and will stoop to lies, conspiracy theories and back stabbing. Now if we can only walk into the WH and just say, Mr. President…you are FIRED!