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NCIS: Jennifer Esposito to Exit

Jennifer Esposito‘s tenure at NCIS has come to an end.

The actress is leaving the CBS drama after one season as a series regular, our sister site Deadline reports.

Esposito joined the show’s cast in last fall’s Season 14 premiere, playing NCIS Special Agent Alexandra “Alex” Quinn. An instructor at the Law Enforcement Training Center, Quinn was lured back into field work by Mark Harmon’s Gibbs.

The character of Quinn was conceived by former showrunner Gary Glasberg shortly before his death last September. According to Deadline, the show is going in a new creative direction for Season 15. During last month’s finale, Quinn received two unexplained calls from her mother, which might account for her absence next season. 

Esposito — who previously parted ways with CBS’ Blue Bloods after two-plus seasons, amid a dispute about a reduced schedule due to her Celiac disease — called her time on NCIS “a great experience. I could not have asked for a better opportunity than to work with the NCIS cast and producers.”

NCIS returns for Season 15 on Tuesday, Sept. 26 at 8/7c on CBS.

NCIS fans, will you miss Alex? Hit the comments to share your thoughts on the departure.

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  1. DuniaMartínez says:

    I like Exposito a lot. Judging Amy, Blue Bloods (so sad the way she was treated by producers) and I was enjoying having her in NCIS. What a pity! Why is she leaving? Diabetes and schedule?
    All the best for her!

  2. Jess says:

    They should leave the show alone. Jennifer was one of the best additions to the cast. Liked her character better than Bishop

    • Ann says:

      I completely agree.

    • Patsy says:

      This really a great remark. I dislike the Bishop character. Still miss the real,star.

      • Linda Rigg says:

        Jennifer Esposito was the real reason I started watching NCIS. Never cared for the show before then. So this is the 2nd time she has been dropped by a CBS show. I’m not happy with the network right now.

      • Linda Rigg says:

        Agreed About Bishop. Need to have her character “go in another direction”!

    • Marilyn says:

      I have never liked the Bishop character! Too bad they didn’t get rid of her instead of Esposito!

      • sunny says:

        Yeah I was hoping bishop’s character would be cut I even stopped watching after she came in and only with Esposito it seems more lively, and the other new characters, but I do not understand why Bishop is still there she is just a bad actor.

        • Orca Pod says:

          Thank you for saying it out loud. Never did like Bishop……I was told she became less annoying, so I csmed back to NCIS snd found Esposito and Valderama – both are great characters (and actors).

    • Paula Kirssin says:

      I agree. The show needs a “Tony” like character. Jennifer seemed to fit the bill. Bishop is ok but rather dull.

    • Ann Marie says:

      Me too. I have never been a fan of Bishop.

      • cassie says:

        Me either…I was hoping Bishop would improve but so far nothing….but honestly after Ziva no one could hold a candle.

    • Vicki K says:

      LOVED Jennifer and her character Alex. She was my favorite all season, and I’m really disappointed that she won’t be back. Might really dislike the “new direction.” Alex was smart, funny and tough, and I loved it when she and Bishop teamed up. I liked Bishop’s character more at the beginning of her run, when she was quirky and sat on the floor with her laptop. Vilmer’s character is annoying, and Tim’s relationship with Delilah seems forced. I hope they aren’t adding yet more men. I did like the British guy (and his name escapes me right now).

    • Lorna says:


    • Karen says:

      I completely agree. Jennifer Esposito brought solid acting and subtle nuances that Bishop’s portrayal does not. The show’s going “in another direction” doesn’t hold weight and I’m very disappointed this decision was made.

      • Claudia says:

        I’m very said Esposito is leaving. Last season I was really happy to see her on the show. “Soli acting and subtle nuance.” And those scenes with Mercedes Ruell, who is FAR too rarely seen, as she is a fine actress, were outstanding — mature, outside the usual story line, and could really have benefited in the move, “in another direction.”

        Big mistake!

  3. Jeanne says:

    If a character had to leave it should have been Emily Wickersham. Jennifer Esposito is a much better actress.

  4. shana says:

    Bummer. I really liked her. She was good on Blue Bloods and hilarious on Samantha Who.

  5. Kevin Tran says:

    Jennifer Esposito’s departure on NCIS isn’t going to be the same. At least they still have Emily Wickersham.

  6. Bellswebster says:

    Sad to read, I really liked her and I favoured her over ‘Torres.’ Hopefully she can return at a later date.

  7. Lisa says:

    I really like Jennifer Esposito, but I didn’t like her NCIS character. In fact, I don’t love Wilmer Valderrama’s either… I wish they’d just keep the MI6 guy to round out the team? I dunno. It’s not the same without Tony. I know he’s not coming back, they move on, blah blah, but it’s definitely a different dynamic that hasn’t quite gelled for me.

    • CF says:

      I think Tony brought a lot of humor and irreverence that they’re missing now.

      • PatriciaLee says:

        No doubt it was the subtext of the actor, Michael Weatherly, and it can’t be duplicated. Did you ever see him on Dark Angel? He brought that same mood to a rather dark show, and he was delightful. Hmmm…maybe they should let Weatherly pick the next actor?

        • claudiagail says:

          Oh please no. I know Tony was a popular character, but I personally never cared for DiNozzo – although the character improved after Ziva left. And I found plenty of humor in this past season. For me, I was willing to put up with a character I wasn’t particularly fond of because there were so many other characters and things I loved.

          • Elaine Radu says:

            The character of Tony DiNozzo (NCIC) is the reason I do not watch BULL…. I could not stand DiNozzo; he poisoned my attitude toward BULL.

          • AptLifeView says:

            Same. Couldn’t stand him.

        • Lillian says:

          My favorite Tony seasons were 1 and 2, where he was smart AND funny. He used to explain things to Kate and did more running & physical action. His character started to go downhill when someone decided he should be the clown but didn’t offset that with his street smarts and general knowledge of Naval terms, etc. I stuck with him for many seasons, though.

          • Jeanne says:

            Kate didn’t do anything but belittle him every chance she got.

          • Eyerollcommencing says:

            And DiNozzo teased and taunted Kate every chance he got–and your point is?

          • Lillian says:

            I’m talking about Tony, Jeanne, not Kate. I think I was clear, Eyeroll, made my point in my first and second sentences.

          • Ncisfan says:

            Lillian, I don’t believe Eye rolls commentioned was aimed at you.

          • Ncisfan says:

            It looks like a direct response to Jeannes reply to your comment.

          • Ncisfan says:

            Am I the only one who remembers Esposito being on Spin City, or the show Related about the 4 sisters? She did good work. I hope the leave is because she is doing other projects, and not because she had a rift with producers.

        • Corrie says:

          Have you seen Weatherly in his new show…Bull? Still that great humour.

      • Carmela says:

        I don’t know I think Valderama has brought in some of that humor. Yes not Tony, but do you really want characters to be exactly the same in replacing others. No. Each one brings something new and their own. But I am pissed about Jennifer leaving. Seems like there was a storyline of a past between her and Valderama brewing. 😕

      • Barbara Castro says:

        Tony did add humor to the show and I miss that.

    • Maria says:

      I started watching NCIS years ago after I saw a rerun on USA Network. I watched the episode “Frame Up” and once I saw the scene where Tony interrogates himself in a jail cell, I was hooked. Fell in love with his character. So now that he’s gone I barely pay attention to NCIS. It’s just background noise while I wait for Bull to come on.

    • Sarah says:

      I agree, I like Jennifer a lot, but they didn’t really do much with her character–in fact it seemed odd that they made her a little ignorant when she was a supposed to be a highly trained agent and instructor. Wilmer’s character has grown as an agent and he’s gotten to interact with every character on the show. I think he’s a great substitute for the crude, unprofessional Tony (although I like having Robert Wagner around).

      Still I’d rather they kept Jennifer around and just give her more to do than the MI6 guy whose storyline doesn’t really make a lot of sense. But the NCIS staff doesn’t have a great track record with female characters/actors, except for Abby.

    • mary says:

      Lisa, you nailed it! The humor is gone. We all know Tony isn’t coming back, but soooo missed. Not a fan of Torres. While I like Esposito, her character was never developed!
      Gibbs has become a caricature of his stereotyped behavior. going back to Season 1 and 2 he was so much more engaging. But I still watch….not with the same anticipation, but will watch to the end of its tenure.

      • Andrea says:

        Honestly, I think TPTB have tried to re-create the humor with Torres, but he comes off as Seasons 1-3 frat boy play boy Tony…which we’ve already done and which I hated the first time around. Competent NCIS Agent Tony (starting about Season 4) was much more attractive as a character. Competent NCIS Agent Nick might be a better idea.

      • marcia says:

        Gibbs character has matured along with the show. It has experienced the same process that we all humans do !!! If you pay attention to the dialog, every loss is acquainted, he is more wise now. If you are just looking for the humorous side of the show, you really missed the spirit that Bellisario had created Gibbs character with.
        Torres is not a replacement of Di Nozzo, but he could become a good character if they let it be. Show has evoluted as much as life does. And this is one of the keys for success.

    • cej says:

      Totally agree.

    • Bruce says:


    • Bzrkly says:

      I miss the Tony character, however I really don’t like the Bull character. I found it interesting they introduced 3 new members of the team to replace Tony. But 2 of the 3 have been kinda part time. Quinn was distracted with personal issues a lot (love Ruhl, btw), and the Brit doesn’t really fit in other than look good.
      The one good thing about Bishop character is she’s not the love interest of anyone on the team. Unfortunately she’s loved twice and lost. I hope her character grows into a more assertive leading member of the team.

  8. Kristin says:

    She was my least favorite of the new additions last season. I hope the rest of the cast remains intact.

    • Stefanie says:

      Agree, she was my least favorite of the new additions. I also hope the rest of the cast stays in tact.

  9. CF says:

    I was just asking last week whether NCIS would trim a regular cast member. I think they just hired too many people, and someone needed to go (although I thought the character of Reeves might’ve been the odd one out.)

    • Andrew Hass says:

      My guess is NCIS hired 3 new actors because maybe they knew one of them would have to go eventually and they’ll keep the other 2.As for the character of Quinn, the door might be left open for her to return from time to time and maybe she leaves because of a family emergency with her mother.Also maybe NCIS will hire another actress to replace Esposito because maybe they knew her character wasn’t working.

      • Ann G says:

        Or because she has a disease that impacts her ability to work for long hours. Although, by numbers, it is not a disease that is extremely common, it is very debilitating. The label of “gluten-free” on almost everything is nothing more than an advertising gimmick.

  10. Kim R says:

    I like the actress but didn’t really care for her character on NCIS. She didn’t do anything and it was one extra person to try and include in the storyline. I like the core team and I think they’ll find their own groove. Looking forward to 15.

  11. Pat says:

    I really liked Jennifer’s character on this show. I am wondering if she is having some health problems? I like her on Blue Bloods, but there again she left and that stunned me. I wish her the best in whatever her next adventure may be.

    • peterwdawson says:

      Doesn’t seem to be a health problem, or at least something related to Celiac, as she was pretty quick to rip into CBS before about what happened with Blue Bloods.

      • Sarah says:

        Being fired for having an illness is a pretty good reason to be vocal about the firing. I haven’t watched Blue Bloods since she left, partly because Donnie Wahlberg’s character had become insufferable and unbelievable, but that didn’t help.

        • Elaine Radu says:

          Agreed… Wahlberg’s, character, is very unlike his siblings and father (Frank)… He is like a cop who shoots first and asks questions later…. Although I love Blue Bloods, I am afraid Danny’s abrasiveness toward his family (especially Erin and Jamie) puts me off and I find myself watching other programs. Family congeniality is important.

          • MJ says:

            Wahlberg’s character is also the only one in the family with that rough New York accent. How do you grow up in a family with that many people and are the only one with an accent?

    • Paige says:

      She says on twitter she is not ill and her NCIS character was not meant to be long term.

  12. Judi Ward says:

    I will definitely miss her, she was a wonderful character. Sad to see her leave. :(

  13. Haz says:

    I wish they would have never cancelled Samantha Who?…Esposito was great in that show. I will say I wouldn’t have minded seeing Bishop go but I hopefully they cut at least one more cast member because they had way too many. I’m curious to see what direction they go in before I decide if I’ll pick it back up. I dropped it right before the Palmer-centric episode. I’m not sure what needs to happen but this season was just way too far off the rails.

  14. Rachel says:

    I like her but I am starting to wonder why she cant stay on a show long term…

  15. JoAnn Moss says:

    I liked her OK but it’s not a major loss. I kinda felt they were playing around with extra characters to see which ones worked. I like Emily a lot — she can hold down the female role — it was a bit crowded. I’m also wondering if she was asking for more money than they were willing to pay. The other new ones should also be in contract negotiations. Time will tell. I’m happy as long as Mark Harmon hangs in there (hoping he will go for a 16 after 15, which was secured a while ago in a two year deal.

    • kalli says:

      Excuse me, “the female role”? Why should there only be one female out in the field? If it’s crowded, why can’t Reeves, whose presence had to be justified each time, or Torres, who was a walking wall of machismo, be the one to go? Why do they need two MEs?

  16. Vi says:

    Didn’t care for her character. Won’t miss her.

  17. Sarah says:

    Quinn was easily the best of last season’s new additions. They should have turfed Torres instead.

  18. Christy says:

    I like her in most things but she rubbed me the wrong way on NCIS. I didn’t like her or Torres all that much so I’m not mad at this. And hopefully it will allow her to finally find a long term project where she can really shine.

  19. PatriciaLee says:

    I liked her and the husband did not, the same as with Blue Bloods. I’ll miss her character and interactions with the team.

  20. Jalil says:

    Love her wonderful actress will be miss 😔

  21. claudiagail says:

    Ironically many people liked either the Quinn character or the Torres character, but usually not both. I think in the long run Torres seemed to fit in better, especially in the second half of the season when the new show runners were really moving beyond what the late Gary Glasberg had planned. Personally I preferred Torres, since I thought he brought a good dynamic with McGee and Gibbs, especially in the finale. I do wonder what other changes are in store for the new season.

  22. Phil says:

    Well yeah – guess Les finally got around to watching the shows on his network in summer reruns and decided it was NCIS’ turn to have a female actress fired summarily.
    See also: CBS’ history of firing actresses for little reason and barely hiring them in the first place.

  23. Ron says:

    We will miss Agent Quinn! A delightful character! I hope she changes her mind, or the producers change theirs. I just hope that “going in a new direction” doesn’t ruin the show as has happened to so many others

  24. Patricia Wilson says:

    I liked both of them, though Valderrama more. I especially like Tim’s new take -charge attitude. Tony was a bully who tormented Tim (and others ) and was a TERRIBLE roll model in this day and age. He was a TOTAL JERK and I’m delighted he’s gone.

  25. Derek says:

    At this point, why cast her on regular roles, if she can’t commit long-term?

    I get she has health issues, but then, perhaps, it would be better even for her that she remained in film, where commitments are shorter and can be paced with considerable breaks between them.

    • Jacob Taylor says:

      Was it her health or did they just trim the character, it doesn’t say so.

      • Derek says:

        She’s known for being unable to handle the very tough and demanding schedule of a network series, saying her doctor says she needs to work part-time, which has led her to take series projects and then either ask out or be let go because her health stops her from keeping up.

        • peterwdawson says:

          Food that’s gluten free can be shockingly hard to get on sets, so longer hours of filming + food you can’t eat = either starve or risk adverse allergic reactions (which thanks to Celiac can be a massive wild card). I don’t know what a TV set is like but I did grip work on a Lifetime movie last year and I remember their food service basically being sandwiches and drinks.

          • kalli says:

            By now you would think networks could afford to provide GF food, but then the risk of cross-contamination or someone else taking it are rather high.
            It seems you have to be a name actor on a show (or be on the CW) to be able to have personalised demands of that nature in a contract. But by not providing it, or making an environment where it’s harder to get, technically it’s discrimination, which I doubt anyone would try arguing that given how hard it is to get on a show, let alone how easy it is to lose a role, and the power imbalance between actors and networks (and the hazy application of ADA where they say actors are contractors…). People say like ‘just have a lettuce cup’ and think that’s okay, but salad alone can’t sustain you, and if everyone else has food provided, you shouldn’t have to bring your own! Another problem on set is that it has to be edible in a short time and not result in requiring makeup/costuming redone. And it’s not just bread in sandwiches; many premade or freezer snacks have wheat/gluten as a filler, like frozen potato chips, pizza, etc, cakes, wraps, pasta. A lot of craft services food is purchased or pre-made like that, rather than made from scratch, to cut costs. And GF food is markedly removed from other common dietary requirements, for some reason – e.g. most GF bread has milk/egg and/or soy in it, making it unsuitable for people who are vegan, dairy free, allergic to soy etc., so if there are any other dietary requirements (even as simple as the doctor saying less fatty food), then it’s rather impossible without making everything oneself, which, with 14-hour days, plus travel plus sleep plus preparation, one doesn’t have the time or energy to do, and assistants aren’t always in the budget or allowed to help off-set. Which, again, if everyone else is getting food provided, you shouldn’t have to do.
            It is really sad that they either can’t or won’t accommodate what is now a well-known dietary restriction, especially for people who have it diagnosed and can document it.

          • Sarah says:

            Crafty on every TV set I’ve ever worked is mostly carb and very little choice – especially if you have dietary restrictions (even in L.A., where so many non-celiacs are “gluten free” because it’s trendy). I’m allergic to eggs, and had a really hard time eating on tv sets – they rarely bring in lunches that aren’t pre-loaded with mayonnaise… Film sets, in my experience, tend to be better – but, like any job, the higher up the ladder you are, the more you’ll be accommodated. I find it hard to believe they wouldn’t provide special meals for a series regular, but you would also likely have to eat on their schedule or bring your own food (they accommodate the meals, not the all-day craft tables).
            The bigger issue is that you get an undeserved reputation for being difficult whenever you need that special treatment. Even if it’s a legitimate health issue, you can’t get away from it – especially as a woman. If you accept the special meals, someone wills say you “demanded” it; if you offer to bring/pay for your own requirements, someone will start the whispers that you think you’re too good for what’s being provided. Don’t eat what they give you and you’re anorexic, but eat it and have a reaction then you’re really SOL… Any way you slice it, you can’t win.

      • Carmela says:

        She said on twitter it was not long term to begin

    • claudiagail says:

      It had nothing to do with her health. According to the article the show is going in a different direction.

      • Derek says:

        “Different direction” and “creative differences” are the terms used when they want to play down the real reasons.

    • Sarah says:

      You’re right, people with health problems shouldn’t be able to work regular jobs. But they shouldn’t have health insurance either if they have pre-existing conditions. If they want healthcare then they should just get jobs. But people with health problems shouldn’t be able to work regular jobs…

      Now I get why they want to get rid of the Affordable Health Care Act, thanks!!

      • Liz says:

        What a truly horrible way to discriminate against people with health issues and people with pre-existing conditions, What insulated world do you live in that you would condemn people with health issues? You must be the epitome of health, with perfect genes with no hereditary factors to consider and live the perfect life to have such a blatant prejudiced disregard for those that do have health issues, most not of their own doing. People can have regular jobs even with health issues and pre-existing conditions that don’t affect their performance of the job. I can guarantee you that a high majority of people in the work force have health issues they have no control over and perform their jobs. To say someone shouldn’t have a job because of health issues is callous and prejudicial. As to the issue of pre-existing conditions, that is a phrase coined by the for profit insurance industry to purposely exclude people from getting insurance coverage that would negate their desires for overblown profits. Pre-existing conditions was not a factor until profits over peoples health was the guiding factor. BTW, I am one of those who was very active in life and watched what I ate and regardless of that, but due to hereditary factors, have several conditions that are considered pre-existing conditions that I never asked for and did not intentionally allow to happen and I find your comment offensive. Hell, my being pregnant was considered a pre-existing factor so that the insurance company didn’t have to pay for having my first child. So because of having a child and being considered a pre-condition I shouldn’t have been allowed to have the regular job, with employee covered health insurance I had, to support that child, according to you? Just being a woman is considered a pre-existing condition in the anti-woman bias of today’s political world, so women shouldn’t have regular jobs are you saying?. May God have pity on you for such a narrow minded view. I hope you never suffer from any serious illness that you so casually condemn others for having.and be denied health insurance coverage because of it

        • Derek says:

          If you can only work select days and select hours, then you are not the person for the job.

          • kalli says:

            If you can do the same work as everyone else with an accommodation from your employer that doesn’t impact them, then you can be. For example, if they’re providing food for everyone else, they can provide food for you. If you need a wrist rest for your keyboard warrior position, they can provide that too.
            That’s kind of the entire point – people with medical conditions shouldn’t be automatically excluded because of them, especially when they can and will still do the job. Jennifer needed to be part time for a while when she was diagnosed so her body could heal from the damage. She was fired instead of accommodated, from a job that involves not only long hours, but many of those hours being consumed by waiting around. Now that is part of her reputation, and it should not be.

        • Ann G says:

          Think you over reacted. His comment was sarcasm saying how bad the system is. You do however, have some valid points.

  26. annieo53 says:

    I’m not surprised, in that there were plenty of ‘hints’ dropped, re the character’s mother, etc. I know others liked her character on NCIS but over the course of the season it seemed like the character’s initial enthusiasm waned. By season’s end, her role on the team had diminished quite a bit. I’m a McGee, Gibbs and Bishop fan, I wasn’t thrilled with what seemed like a ‘cast of thousands’ suddenly crowding the bullpen this past season and figured not all would return. I wish Ms. Esposito all the best and I can’t wait to see in what direction George and Frank (the new showrunners) take NCIS in season 15.

    • Irene says:

      Hey I agree,totally love McGee ,bishop, and Gibbs fan,seems they want to bring in new faces,on the show which is nice but,watching the show after tony left,to me there has been some areas where there’s not been a conclusion of why this character stay only for a short time,I like tores,he reminds me of a younger tony,never could get ziva character,didn’t enjoy Kate which I can see didn’t last that long,there been a few other females show up over the last few years like Bourne character I could see coming back which I would have enjoyed seeing her character more! Not sure why Reeves keep popping up so much,what exactly does he do for the show,no offence by the Real person playing this part,it’s just to be why put people on the show that does not really show their true Witt like Gibbs,McGee ,Bishop,even Torres is a good guy ,like his part..like to see more of his past and his strengths come out! Looking forward to watching the next episode of NCIS season 15 ! Been rewatching Season 11 too 14 over and over again,tried watching the early Season with Kate and ziva in it,just only fast forward them although ziva did kind of want to watch more especially when u see how her and Tony got along! Glad McGee got married in this last season,and will be a dad,will this I wonder have him appear less now in the next upcoming season 15 I wonder?
      Looking forward to what NCIS season 15 has in store for us fans!

  27. Tina Williams says:

    …and yet another female character disappears from NCIS. I’m not really surprised,

  28. Torrie Tower says:

    No. She meant nothing to the story lines.
    I liked her in Blue Bloods. It was sad to see her leave that show. I hope she finds just the right show to be on. I’m not keen on Torres either. I’m not into his story line.
    I really like the MI5 character. I hope they expand his story line.
    I also love Dr Jimmy Palmer. I hope they expand his story line also.
    I miss Tony DiNozzo. He brought a kooky humor to the show. Love love Miss Abby Schuto.

  29. DinoMan says:

    Will miss her interaction with Wilmer Valderams

  30. Coop says:

    Not surprising since the visionary for her character is no longer able to chart her arc. I actually liked her character and would have preferred Clayton Reeves to go instead if they were forced to get rid of someone.

  31. Rex the Wonder Dog says:

    Didn’t really care for her anyway. Wilmer Valderrama plays a much more interesting character. He was all that was needed to replace Michael Weatherly.

  32. Walter Hutcherson says:

    Will not miss. Added nothing to the show. It has gone downhill with all this soap opera garbage. Need Ziva back . The show has run its course, let it close.

  33. Sonia Lott says:

    Didn’t like it when she left blue bloods n will miss her from ncis.

  34. dragons3 says:

    Good. I like her as an actress, but the character didn’t add anything to the show. Now, if they’d ditch “Torres”, who is just obnoxious.

  35. Susu says:

    Big fan of Jennifer’s. She advocates for those of us with celiac. Hope she finds a great spot to keep for a while.

  36. sherry says:

    I grew accustomed to Quinn but I won’t miss the character. I don’t know how true this is but I read that there might be a Tony and ziva reunion next season, even though she is supposed to be dead, I thought they said there was no body found. Wasn’t David mccallum supposed to leave the show because he wanted to retire, does anyone know if he is staying or leaving the show

    • rumor mill…….stop listening to all the fake news stories and then passing it on

      • Jeanne says:

        Not a rumor. Reported by all legitimate sites, and Jennifer tweeted about it.

        • Eyerollcommencing says:

          Then by all means, provide links to these “legitimate sites” and also the link to her tweet.
          We all will wait for you to respond…

          • Jeanne says:

            Duh, you’re reading it on TVLine. Doesn’t get much more legitimate.

          • Jeanne says:


          • Jeanne says:

            Link won’t work. You can look it up on her twitter account.

          • Jeanne says:

            You’re the delusional one. Jennifer Esposito is the only rumor I addressed. I said it wasn’t a rumor, and it was mentioned on this site. Also, that she tweeted about it. The comments about Emily Wickersham not not being as good an actress is my opinion. Also, the comment about Kate is my opinion. I stick by both. I never said anything about anything else being a rumor. I just said Jennifer Esposito’s wasn’t a rumor. I said nothing else about rumors. You’re trying to start something out of nothing. Get over it.

          • Eyerollcommencing says:

            Sorry, I suggest you get over it–you keep replying as if you are the only one here making clear and concise statements–which you are not. If you reread your statement above–someone else (Amber, said “rumor mills” and she was replying to Sherry) You jumped in with ” Not a rumor. Reported by all legitimate sites, and Jennifer tweeted about it.” At no point did you state that this was only pertaining to Esposito. So if you now are backtracking and claiming not to have allowed this to continue on–perhaps next time you should think about what you are posting and be specific. The delusional comment stands. I am not starting anything, I am pointing out your comments were making no sense, especially when others challenge your facts.

        • Karen says:

          None of the sites that have been reporting the ‘Tony and Ziva’ reunion are credible. These are the same sites that are claiming Mark Harmon’s health is in steep decline. If you are to believe them, he’s at death’s door! They took a quote from Michael saying that Cote might be willing to guest on Bull and turned it into a story that says there’s going to be a reunion of Tony and Ziva on NCIS. That’s a very large (and incorrect) leap of logic.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Thank you for saying that. The super-sketchy non-news sites out there that distort and report really do the “fans” of TV shows more harm than good, treating them as rubes. (I hadn’t even heard of this latest, ridiculous rumors, that’s how strongly I filter out illegitimate “news” sites that prey upon vulnerable viewers/’shippers.)

          • Eyerollcommencing says:

            Thank you Karen and Matt–my point being, I do read “legitimate sites” on a daily basis and have NOT seen any of the ridiculous items mentioned above. Anyone can find some site that is not accredited and reputable and post made up stuff to their heart’s content–doesn’t mean it’s true. It boggles my mind that people believe them…

        • Karen says:

          “there might be a Tony and ziva reunion next season”
          “Wasn’t David mccallum supposed to leave the show because he wanted to retire”
          Quotes from your original post Jeanne – those are the rumors that keep popping up that are perpetrated by the so called ‘news sites’ which are just click bait. Yes, Jennifer Esposito is leaving. It was reported on legitimate news sites such as TV Line and she confirmed it. The other things you had in your post are all fake.

          • Jeanne says:

            The only thing I was referring to not being a rumor was about Jennifer Esposito. The other things are my opinion, and I stick by them. Doesn’t make them fake, because you, or anyone else doesn’t like them.

          • Eyerollcommencing says:

            Seriously? Your “opinion”? You state confidently that this is all suppose to happen–NEVER once stating that this is “your opinion”. Let me remind you, “Not a rumor. Reported by all legitimate sites” now it’s your “opinion”–but, it “Doesn’t make them fake, because you, or anyone else doesn’t like them.” Wow, either you are overdosing on cold medicine, or very confused or just delusional–yikes!

          • Nancy says:

            I totally agree with everything you just posted. Some people actually do not know how to post true facts vs. “their opinion”

          • Nancy says:

            Yeah yeah! For eyerollingcommencing’s last comment to Jeanne.

          • Jeanne says:

            I never mentioned any other rumors. I’ve said nothing about Tony or Ziva is that’s what your getting at. I said you can even go to Jennifer’s Twitter account to see she confirmed it. You and the others are reading things into it I did say.

          • Karen says:

            Jeanne – I apologize. You didn’t write the original post with the bits about David leaving and the Tony/Ziva ‘reunion.’ However, by replying as you did with a blanket statement – “Not a rumor. Reported by all legitimate sites, and Jennifer tweeted about it” – seemed to imply that you agreed with everything in the original post. The only thing that is real news is that Jennifer is leaving. The rest has been made up by the gossip rags for click bait. Not one legitimate source has ever reported the other things.

    • Rebekah says:

      Tony (M. Weatherly) has his own show, the best they can do is Cameos.

  37. robin says:

    They did explain why her mother called and I liked her in the show. She’ll be missed.

  38. Larc says:

    Esposito’s character added absolutely nothing of value to the show, IMO. If they had developed Quinn as they should have, I would be sorry to see her leaving. But as it is, I’m not. Now they need to trim the male cast.

  39. I’m okay with this. I never really liked her character.

  40. Mart says:

    Please stay.

  41. Debbue says:

    She’s a great actres with a lot of issues. Pray she gets help.

  42. Rob says:

    Yeah, this was probably for the best. I like Jennifer Esposito but they underused the character and something never quite gelled. I found the two male characters (Duane Henry & Wilmer Valderrama) they added this season to be much more compelling. Hopefully they can find their way in creating a really good female character in the vain of Kate, Ziva, Abby, and Bishop. We need more strong women on NCIS.

  43. skrable2a says:

    Thinking of characters in more than single episodes
    Kate … killed off
    Jenny … killed off
    Jackie Vance … killed off
    Cassidy … killed off
    Agent Lee … killed off
    Ducky’s mom … killed off (this one’s understandable)
    Ziva … left to “find herself,” then killed off
    Boren …disappeared after Diane Neal questioned safety conditions
    Dianne … killed off
    Quinn … reason for departure TBA

    Backstory deaths
    Tony’s mother, Gibbs’ mother, Ziva’s mother, Abby’s mother … all dead when series began
    Gibbs’ wife and daughter … dead when series began
    Ziva’s sister … dead when series began

    Major recurring male characters have died as well (Mike Franks, Gibbs’ father, Dornaget, etc), but seemingly not with the frequency of the women

    • ragnar51 says:

      Thanks for the tally. I knew that the female characters seemed to die with much greater regularity then the men did. I for one really enjoyed seeing Jennifer Esposito again. Really enjoyed her character on Blue Bloods, to tell the truth, I was very surprised to see her on NCIS as I kinda remember that her exit from BB was a bit acrimonious. Hopefully we’ll see more of her on The Affair.

    • Smalltwngrl7 says:

      Sasha asked to leave as did Cote, but really hated them killing off Cassidy & most of all Diane!!! I would have liked to see Diane Neal (Boren) take a spot on the team😦 I also loved Dornie!

    • Michael Summerset says:

      If you work it out then men have died just about as much as the women, it’s only the women who seem to get noticed. And you can’t count pre-show deaths. Kate’s death had such an impact that everyone started noticing when the female characters died.

  44. Cindy Sparks says:

    Losing Ziva = heartbreaking
    Gaining Bishop = whatever
    Losing Tony = are you kidding
    Gaining Quinn, Torres, Reeves = totally awesome recovery
    Losing Quinn = no! No! NO!

    • Song4Ten says:

      Crap. I liked her character. The Torres character is so, so irritatingly cocky and annoying and they’ve made Bishop so broody and unlikable, that the show has become a shadow of its former self.

      • kalli says:

        Thank you for this. I only started watching for Jennifer because I liked her on Blue Bloods, and seeing Bishop so broody and clueless made me wonder why she was even there or what she was meant to add. You’ve highlighted that her character wasn’t always like that, so I understand it a bit better now.

  45. Em says:

    Really didn’t think she’d las long after illness on Blue Blood. If I’d had a choice though I’d have taken her over the new guy. He’s just to arrogant for my liking

  46. Jim J. says:

    If the producers of “Blue Bloods” let Jennifer Esposito go because of her celiac disease, then why did she even sign on for another series-regular role four years later? I think her celiac disease means that Jennifer Esposito will never be a regular on any TV series again. Also, I bet the “NCIS” producers let Ms. Esposito go to trim the show’s production costs.

  47. Bark Star says:

    Real shame.

  48. Karen Etters says:

    I’ll miss her character alot she fit in so well and complemented the show.

  49. Consuelo Topacio says:

    Sad about her leaving the show. She has good chemistry with the cast and her character is great! Never expected the decision.

  50. Consuelo Topacio says:

    Sad she’s leaving the show. I like her character Quinn! She has good chemistry with the team!