Gotham Recap Season 3 Finale

Gotham Recap: Bruce Meets Ra's, [Spoiler] Dies, a True Identity Is Revealed and Other Finale Twists

Gotham‘s Season 3 finale on Monday night uncorked several twists — but not one that some fans may have been anticipating. 

Because despite some 10-month-old rumblings, given new life in recent weeks by reports from a fan convention, the villainess Harley Quinn — not even a “proto” version of her — was nowhere to be seen in the two-hour season ender. (On the “hunt” for any half-of-a-half of a Harley Quinn tease, I even surmised Barbara’s electrocution was meant to be a nod. But I have since been assured it was not, nor are there any plans at this time for HQ to surface on the TV series.)

That said, there was still plenty going on, including:

* In the wake of Alfred offing the Shaman/leader of the Court of Owls, Bruce gave the butler the cold shoulder, just barely shrugging off Alfred’s attempt to revisit warm, fuzzy memories. During some mayhem at the cop shop (caused by a Tetched-up Alvarez), Bruce slipped off to find the Yuyan building and seek out the Demon’s Head — thinking it to be an ornate secret door, and not a person. But soon enough, he met up with Ra’s al Ghul, who implored Bruce to fulfill his destiny — to be his heir, his “knight in the darkness” — by driving a sword through a captured Alfred. Still in his fugue state, Bruce did just that, only to “snap out of it” the instant he had slain his manservant. Ra’s hinted at more tutelage to come for Bruce, before suggesting the lad use the Lazarus Pit waters to seal up Alfred’s wound. And then he vanished.

Later at the hospital, Alfred was properly stitched up. In a discussion about Bruce’s wayward path as of late, the fellas got to talking about having a “true north” to guide them — and for Alfred, that is Master Bruce. Bruce in turn needs to find that which he would protect at all costs, and let that guide him. And as the hour closes, we see Bruce, clad head to toe in black, thwart an alley mugging not unlike his parents’, before clambering to a rooftop to survey the city’s dark night….

* Infected with the Alice Tetch virus, Jim did his best to dial it in so that he and Harvey could seek out 1) Lee and 2) a cure for the city’s infected. That put them — as well as Fish — on Professor Strange’s trail, but the latter found him first. In a skirmish between Jim/Harvey, Fish and her minions and some League of Shadows members, a crazed Jim fatally stabbed Fish, and the vials of concentrated cure got shattered. The only way for Strange to create more is to get his hands on Jervis Tetch himself.

That set the stage for a trade — Tetch for Penguin, whom Riddler planned to off. But in the shootout that erupted once Babs arrived to crash the party, Penguin gained the upper hand and sped off with Edward locked up in the back seat of a patrol car. Nygma picked his handcuffs and went to shoot Penguin down on the docks, but Penguin foresaw his frenemy’s compulsion to revisit that murder, and made sure the gun was empty. Freeze then showed up to turn Edward into the icy centerpiece for Penguin’s new Iceberg Lounge.

* After his first attempt to jab Lee with the cure got waylaid by some heavy petting and kissing, Jim planned to leave Gotham with his lady love. Harvey tried to stop him, leading to a knock-down, drag-out fight between the two,  during which Bullock slipped Jim two fresh vials of the cure. Aboard the train, Jim eventually decided to inject Lee, and then himself. Lee, though, wound up leaving town anyway, while urging Jim to save the city — and maybe himself as well.

* Tired of being dismissed as a sidekick, and sensing that Barbara had dispatched with her sometime-beau Butch, Tabitha had it out with her partner in this-and-that, ultimately using her whip to lob a light fixture at Babs and fry her up good.

* Brushed off by Bruce one time too many, Selina went to Tabitha, looking to claw her way up the underworld’s ladder. As a first step, she got (quickly) familiar with a whip….

* Despite getting shot at point blank by Barbara, and in the noggin, Butch appears to be clinging onto life — either comatose or braindead. But more interestingly, we learn, his actual name is Cyrus Gold — as in Solomon Grundy….

What did you think of Gotham‘s Season 3 finale?

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  1. steven says:

    Wait? What about Barnes? Is he cured too?

    • Michael Summerset says:

      That’s something they’re likely to address in next year’s season premiere. He may come back as the captain.

  2. A.D. says:

    Barbara shouldn’t have died…she’s hilarious! Love that Grundy is Butch

  3. jason says:

    I hope to get some confirmation that Barbara is really dead because people have a habit of coming back to life on this show.

  4. Karen says:

    Is Barbara really dead? Wtf!!! I’m done with this show!!! They don’t know how to write any female character.

    • PatriciaLee says:

      I feel with you on this. NCIS whacks Vance’s wife, Hawaii 5-O whacks Chin Ho’s wife, NCIS-LA whacks Sam’s wife, and on and on. I stopped watching 24 when they whacked the wife at the end of the first season. So many women characters I grow to love get whacked. Are they trying to get us to stop watching TV?

      • Michael Summerset says:

        NCIS has a history of killing off wives, if not major characters. Gibbs had lost his wife when it started. He also lost another along the way. NCIS is accused of killing off women but they’ve killed off just about as many men. Sam’s wife in NCIS:LA seemed out of place for the show. Hawaii Five-0 started with the killing of Margaret’s father. And every other episode seems to involve a family member in danger (which is the bigger problem with the show).

        • PatriciaLee says:

          That’s right! I forgot they whacked Fornell’s happy ending when he was going to get back with his former wife, Gibbs 3. I felt so furious with them getting rid of that character and actress. And you are right on, then they whacked Michelle in such a callous way to the fans. I feel so betrayed by that, I can’t find adequate words…left stuttering, here.

    • Walkie says:

      What are you talking about?
      So no female character should be killed off?

      • Karen says:

        A lot of females on this show are used for man pain. Do u need a recap

        • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

          In fact killing of women just for man pain is such a common trope in superhero shows it’s gotten a term, “women in refrigerators” of just “fridging”, after Green Lantern Kyle Rayner came home to find the corpse of his girlfriend stuffed in a refrigerator.

          • TJUC123 says:

            What do you mean “man pain.” That has nothing to do with the situation. Your acting like some feminist who just wants to give men a bad name.

        • pretendernx01 says:

          There’s still Selina and now we get her trained by Tabitha who killed Barbara so I’m not sure how that counts as “man pain”.

        • joseph says:

          What is ‘man pain’?

    • Angelfan says:

      And for an alternate view, glad Babs is dead.

    • TJUC123 says:

      No one ever confirmed that Barbara is dead for good, and no one ever confirmed that Harley Quinn wasn’t coming to the show other than this website. I’m sure Barbara is still alive and she is probably going to be Harley Quinn. Also, you’re seriously using that excuse. Just say you like Barbara. Don’t say the show doesn’t know how to writs female characters because that has nothing to do with the argument. That’s not even what writing the characters mean. Writing the character means their personality. Not if they are killed off or not. And it’s not like it’s the first time the show has killed female characters.

  5. John Corbae says:

    I don’t think Bruce brushed off Selina, so much as she has proved untrustworthy.

    • Jared says:

      They both have been through so much the last few weeks. I think they just need a break, but they’ll come back together soon I think.

      • psicomenace says:

        Obviously they will will together again soon enough with that proposal happening this week in the comics, usually I hate the synergy between tv/movies and comics (like Marvel usually does) but I just love the BatCat so much.

  6. Elizabeth Banko says:

    Hope Barbara isn’t truly gone, love to watch her go over the top, she is so entertaining. Great season ender though.

  7. aaron says:

    Barbara better not be dead

  8. Amanda says:

    Loved the finale and still can’t believe Bruce is Batman!!! Really thought they would save that for the series finale but I’m glad next season we’ll get to see him be Batman and take on the villains. Sad we didn’t get Harley Quinn and hope that’s not the end for Ed. Great twist with Butch being Grundy too.

    • joseph says:

      Technically Bruce isn’t Batman yet as he hasnt donned the ‘bat garb’ yet.
      As it stands he has become………………. Balaclava Man. :-)

    • Chas says:

      Bruce isn’t officially batman. That’s still a long ways off. We are just seeing him take on the role , embarking what’s to become his future. Don’t expect the show to just jump into the movies and share those storylines. Gotham isn’t about Bruce becoming batman , it’s about the life of a young Jim Gordon while working at the GCPD .

      • JMark (formerly JM) says:

        You’re absolutely correct. Gotham is about Jim Gordon, a character I love. And we get to see all the villains origin stories, which is also fascinating. If I want to see Batman, I have a host of movies to choose from–I don’t need him on my TV, too.

      • STAEDI says:

        You’re right. That’s how Gotham started and how it’s supposed to be, but it is turning into a show about Bruce becoming Batman. Each season he gets more scenes and storylines. The villains are mainly future Batman villains.

        I wish the show could stay on the GCPD, but let’s be honest here. They’ve already changed the premise of the show and it’s basically about Bruce and Gordon. Expect plenty of bromance once Bruce is nearing adulthood.

      • It’s very similar to how Matt Murdock took those first steps becoming Daredevil

    • AnnieM says:

      It’s going to be like watching Clark on ‘Smallville’ as the Blur. I’m okay with that. I don’t need to see Bruce in costume to call him Batman. But I do hope that we’ll get to see him suited up by the time the series ends, even if it’s in the last episode.

  9. jrex says:

    So many apparent deaths with Fish, Barbara, Butch, even Alfred (sort of) but as Harvey pointed out a couple weeks ago in Gotham no one seems to stay dead. Erin has been terrific as Barbara this season so hope they find a way to bring her back.

  10. Jared says:

    This finale was epic! So many twists and turns, I could barely keep up. I think Bruce as this new vigilante is going to run into Selina now that she teamed up with Tabitha and it is going to be great! I cannot wait for next season, it is going to be so good!

  11. James D says:

    Solomon Grundy! Heck Yeah :) and Proto-Batman is pretty cool as well. I’m curious to see if that shock that Barbara took was like electric shock therapy that reset her brain. it would be pretty cool story arc to see her try and redeem herself after all the crazy things she has done, and try to get back with Jim. Probably not, she seemed pretty dead, but seeing as this is a Jim Gordon and Batman origin how are they going to explain Jim jr with out his mom? Great Finale.

    • Purgatori says:

      Not only that but how does Jim have his daughter Barbara who is batgirl with out her mother.. I’m just hoping they don’t make Lee or Barbara Harley Quinn because that would be stupid on their end

      • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

        In some versions Barbara Gordon is Jim’s niece. So Barbara Kean being dead doesn’t prevent Batgirl from existing.

        • Michael Summerset says:

          There’s little clear indication of ages in the show, but Gordon is maybe around 30 at most and he seems to be around 50 or so when Barbara starts being Batgirl. That’s around a 20 year difference. And considering how this show seems to have Bruce and Celina starting around 15, then it would fit that Batgirl would have to be around 15 when she started being Batgirl. That would make a roughly 5 years to go before Barbara is even born. So they could go through the whole show without her. If we do see Barbara being introduced it will be somewhere around the end of the show, but we could still go through the whole show without her.

          • The show has played fast and loose with some of the ages. Like Ivy. But then again, strict Canon isn’t a hallmark of the show, and as long as they’re close, they’ll find a way around it.

    • George says:

      She had the thousand yard stare. That’s TV for “dead as a doornail”, usually.

  12. Fish is finally dead? I might start watching again next season.

    • Gern Blanston says:

      That’s what I was thinking. I gave it two or three episodes after she came back but, it was excruciating. I had to stop.

      • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

        So you pretty much missed the whole season of Fish not being in it.

        • Gern Blanston says:

          The show isn’t good enough for me to withstand even the possibility of her being in it. That’s how grating I find Mooney to be.

    • SkyDome says:

      I would’ve never watched Gotham season 1 if it wasn’t for Fish. In the later seasons her role was minor but she was great. I loved her. She’s a very strong character.

  13. joseph says:

    Im glad Barbare got fried, her ‘crazy’ face really did nothing for me.

    But dont let Lee go, that dress and the dark eye makeup! Stunning.

  14. Degra says:

    This show is a hot mess and this finale exemplified it.
    Why bring back fish just to dispatch her before anything worthwhile happened? Kinda pointless.

    There’s way too many characters to properly service. Plenty of useless characters like tabitha firefly jervis tetch mr freeze. The tetch virus was just stupid. And for a season finale it was extremely underwhelming and anticlimactic.

    • But there were no real new characters like the first season, except for a shot of Ras al’Ghul in the beginning. The rest were coming back to clean up the plot lines and to provide bodies to end the season. It’s not like they threw in a bunch of Red Shirt types just to kill them off. It’d be a complain if they resurrect Fish again, but Jada said earlier this was only a one-shot deal for a handful of episodes for this season.

      • Fish: Unlike a lot of folks, I rather liked Fish as a character – but whether you hate or love her, she has to be written off. So far, she’d been left alive. This time, I think she stays dead. I wish it had been a bit more dramatic, to be honest, but there’s some emotional weight to her death.

        Death: In spite of the feeling that characters don’t stay dead, that’s typically within the scope of what certain characters know. Gotham’s been pretty consistent: characters that are declared dead onscreen stay dead. Not “characters that had something happen to them that could kill someone” and especially not “characters that fall into the Gotham River” (Falling into Gotham River is practically a DC origin trope at this point. It often serves as a temporary storage shelf for villains.)

        Harley: We saw her. I don’t know why folks are expecting her to be someone 15-20 years older than Bruce. Harley’s not 20 years older than Batman. David said she was going to be in the finale – he didn’t say in what fashion. I think David was clever: Most likely, that was the Quinzel family that Bruce saved in the alley. (I’m theorizing that this was not, in fact, a robbery – but rather revenge. Harley’s father was a con man.) This event, though, sets up some childhood trauma which helps make her later susceptible to Joker’s persuasion and forms the basis of her playful affection for Batman.

        • If you really have to kill off a major character, Fish is one of the prime candidates because she’s a created character for this show and not a part of the Batman Universe. That’s why you push a minor character into a more major role so you can eliminate them eventually without killing off a Canon character. You know that none of the main Canon characters will ever get killed. I think the only Canon character that was killed was Sal Maroni. And he was sorta minor at that.

        • Gary Feldworth says:

          I like this harley quinn theory for sure

    • George says:

      She was an interesting character, but you know she was going to die eventually. Batman has never mentioned her and she has never shown up. Her story began and ended before he arrived in Gotham. What she did, though, was shape the Penguin, and for that alone she had value.

  15. Joey Padron says:

    Season finale was so good, intense, & surprising. It was crazy to see the city going mad cause of everyone being infected with the virus. Glad Harvey got thru to Jim & that Jim give Lee and him the curse, figured that Lee would leave again once she was normal again. Penguin got Riddler good with his trap. Good to see Selina with the whip. Good ending with Bruce at the end. Can’t wait for season 4 in September!

  16. Beth says:

    I hate the writers. They hardly used Barb all season and the episode where she finally gets more than 2 scenes they kill her off. Hope she really isn’t dead and the writers use her more.

    • Walkie says:

      She was used a lot during the season. Not sure what you were watching.

    • JDonovan says:

      I am convinced that Barbara is going to end up as Harley Quinn. She basically has already been HQ in actions, just without the costume. Whether they SHOULD do that, I’m not sure, but I think they will do it.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Zero plans for Harley Quinn on TV series.

        • JDonovan says:

          Plans change.

        • Chris says:

          If this is the case then I am super pissed. I was promised Harley Quinn in this finale in some way by producers and a star of the show. So what? They lied? That’s pretty messed up. It’s the reason I got into this show at all. Lying to your viewers is never a good idea.

      • Ron says:

        She’s too old to be Harley. The girl Bruce saves at the end would be a better fit.

      • George says:

        Not unless they completely change the character. Her name, age and background are entirely wrong. Plus, she’s not insane enough. :)

        • STAEDI says:

          They are not above completely changing characters. Look Ivy Pepper. Name and background completely wrong. And as far as age, well her 2nd transformation took care of that. I wonder what she’ll be next season. A talking tree.
          But I do hope Barb is not also Harley Quinn. Once Upon A Time did they multiple characters in one trope. Just a terrible idea

  17. erased523 says:


    Please for the love of god let the death of Fish Mooney stick. Never in my life of watching tv shows have I hated a character so much. I don’t like Jada Pinkett Smith one bit. Never have. Never will.

    • Stanez says:

      Shut up I love fish she is so ligit with penguin

      • Stands says:

        Why does no one care about fish caus I like the idea of fish and penguin teaming up again

        • STAEDI says:

          Well its not Fish per se, he admitted to hating the actor so that’s ehere his animosity comes from. Not everyone hates the character. Jada only signed on for the 1st season but she’s a fan favorite so they begged her to come back for appearances. But I think this is the last one.
          I like her cuz she’s an original character so there’s more you can do with her. But let her RIP of you’re not gonna give her a decent story arc.

          • They brought back the other fan favorite, Jerome Velaska. That ended up with the face thing that sorta wasted him, but there wasn’t much future for him in any real meaningful way.

  18. Well, that was immense. Wrapped up a lot of things and set up a bunch for the new season. Looking forward to the fall premiere, and where the stories go from there.

  19. Jessica says:

    What’s with everyone saying they want Barbara back? Yeah she was fun but if they keep doing that they might as well stop having death scenes altogether.

    Also I didn’t know Harley was supposed to be in this episode, but I’m glad she wasn’t. She gets more than enough time in other mediums compared to other Batman villains, and it’s too early for her anyway. She’s a fair bit younger than the rest of the rogues – so in Gotham she’d be what, five? There’s nothing they could do with her.

    I’m glad they’re apparently bringing Jonathan back next season though, finally. Loved this finale, the twist with Butch was great!

    • AnnieM says:

      We want her back because she’s entertaining. In S1 she was so boring, and they had no idea what to do with her. Making her a villain and a nutcase to boot was a stroke of genius, as she’s been hilarious and fun to watch ever since. We love her. :-)

    • Purgatori says:

      Thank you someone else that knows Harley Quinn shouldn’t even be thought of at this point in time she is way to young

    • I think somebody else mentioned it as if she dies, then that messes up the Jim Gordon-Barbara Gordon/Jim Gordon Jr. Canon. The whole Canon thing is already messed up as Gotham seems to be rolling along the lines of “Alternative Earth III/IV/V/whatever”. But there are limits and I’m of the mind that they’re not going to go completely off tangent to it.
      Like we know the Riddler will be back; he’s a major villain so him inside a block of ice won’t be the end of him. Not like the other frozen folks that Freeze froze. :)

      • George says:

        It was established last season that people Mr. Freeze freezes can survive the process. His chemical formula contains some sort of preservative, doubtless made from unobtainium or some other comic book element. Certainly a story at some point will discuss who would thaw him, and why.

  20. Muffy says:

    So all that talk of HQ but no HQ actually shows up? Lame. I doubt Barbara is dead.

  21. tstephen51 says:


  22. Nelly says:

    Harley Quinn was the girl on the tv

  23. Rex the Wonder Dog says:

    I thought it was the woman at the bank wanting her money and then shooting at the teller.

  24. Adam says:

    commit to something on this show or i’m out.

    • PatriciaLee says:

      They have committed to Alfred teaching Bruce, the way. I just fast forward through all the other scenes. It works!

  25. Hollie says:

    This was one of the best episodes ever, in my opinion, an amazing finale. The most exciting thing though was finding out that Butch is Grundy! :D

  26. Walkie says:

    Phenomenal two hour finale. Best season they show has had.

    I still wish they would figure out a way to get the Joker more involved.

  27. JDonovan says:

    The thing that I am wondering about is they made a point of mentioning that the antidote had a 90% cure rate. They wouldn’t have said that unless someone was KEEPING the virus. It will probably be Barnes, but could it be Lee?

    • ndixit says:

      I think that’s more to leave a minor pandemic as a starting point for the GCPD to deal with in season 4. I don’t think Lee will have the virus. It sure felt that they wrote her off the way she ended. I don’t expect her back for a while.

  28. I quite literally squealed with eternal delight when Fish got gaffed. Pun intended. ding dong the horrible actress and character is dead. I hope they cremate her so their is no chance of a return.

  29. Brian Wilson says:

    I would like to see ghosts town. Western outlaw cowboys. With Gotham new season 🤠

  30. Brian says:

    Great finale. Loved the fact that I didn’t predict most of what ended up happening.

  31. chuckiechk says:

    I tried to enjoy Gotham, but the writing is all over the place. The kid who plays Bruce (David Mazouz) is horrible. Last week a lot of comic fans were upset when it was reported that Barbara was going to become “Harley Quinn”, so I’m curious to see what happens in S3. I’m actually ok with Butch becoming Cyrus Gold/Solomon Grundy. I want someone to chop off Fish’s head so we don’t have to see her come back in S3, shes freaking horrible in the role and the character is annoying as hell.

  32. Can you provide any clarification about having been told Barbara is not going to be Harley Quinn?

  33. Gary Feldworth says:

    I’m still hoping Bruce will actually be Owlman

  34. Danny Harmon says:

    Very good, but despite the claim of some reviewers Batman & Catwoman do not appear.. yet. That’s for the future and probably final season. Also no Joker’s H.Q. as promised by some. But overall a good final, can’t wait for the season to come.

  35. Brian Wilson says:

    I would like to see. Rick and carl Grime. With Gotham 🤠

  36. Chevy says:

    Maybe it’s just me , but I thought I heard Harley Quinn’s voice on the train… when Harvey was trying to stop Jim.

  37. Stan says:

    Why does no one care about fish caus I like the idea of fish and penguin teaming up again

  38. Brian Wilson says:

    I would like to see i know what you did last summer. Fishermen on Gotham 😀

  39. Brian Wilson says:

    I would like to see Seelpy Hellos. Ghosts British soldier and also Headless horse men on Gotham 😀

  40. Brian Wilson says:

    I would like to see. Shredder. On. Gotham 😀

  41. Brian Wilson says:

    I would like to see bring original and also vampire diaries. And also games of thrones. And also classic movies and also angent carter and also the 100 on Gotham 😀

  42. JMark (formerly JM) says:

    Loved the finale! So happy that they are introducing the real Ra’s al Ghul, and that he is being played by Alexander Siddig, from DS9. He’s such a good actor. Really happy that Bruce isn’t Batman yet, as well. Great show, and I’m looking forward to next season.

    • Angelfan says:

      I love Alex but in their attempt to make him look exactly like the comic book, his makeup looked incredibly fake

  43. Angelfan says:

    I enjoyed the finale, but watching the ending, wondered it they should have called it. It was about the most upbeat ending Gotham has ever had.

  44. N says:

    Im curious , did the writers include so many reference to Batman Returns this season because of how the season would end, with Bruce essentially Batman, or were the Batman Returns references unintentional/ a coincidence. Id like to think the writers did it intentionally. For those who don’t realize, the film Batman Returns had Oswald running for mayor, Selina falling out the window, etc. As soon as i started to see a series of reference to the film, i thought of Batman Returns and said hey what if Batman’s returning by the seasons end.

  45. lrdslvrhnd says:

    “Tired of being dismissed as a sidekick, and sensing that Barbara had dispatched with her sometime-beau Bruce,”
    Well, that’d be kind of a creepy relationship even if Tabitha’s brother hadn’t kept trying to kill Bruce *g*
    I figure Bruce and Selina will patch things up in about episode 3. By the time of the season premiere, Bruce will recognize that he was an ass to her, and realize that with the entire city in utter chaos, she 1) learned that Alfred had gotten injured, and 2) came to Bruce to help. But it’ll take a couple of eps for him to properly apologize, and explain about his mental state, and for her to forgive him. I suspect rooftop run-ins with lots of black leather will be involved.

  46. kirads09 says:

    By far, and I don’t say this lightly: One of the best season finales I have witnessed in a long time. So good. My only gripe is – why does Lee run away from Jim and Gotham. I realize Gotham is difficult and Jim Is of course, in the thick of it always. But if you love him so much Lee, stay and fight for your love and be a support to him. He needs you! You could find ways of keeping yourself safe (to an point) I think. Ok – off my soap box about that. Oh how this long time Star Trek DS09 fan was delighted by Alexander Sidding. Felt his talent was pretty much wasted (sadly) during GoT.

  47. Casey says:

    OK- am I the only one confused here? Sorry in advance, I’m not the most comic-literate. I love Batman from movies and the cartoon when I was little, so I jumped on this show when it premiered. But I don’t keep up with the DC comic universe. Doesn’t Barbara end up as Jim’s wife, eventually? How can she be dead?

    • Probably not. I read the comics when I was a kid years ago, but checking the various Wikis, the universe has expanded quite a bit. So, one answer to your question could well be ‘depends on what universe you’re talking about’. It’s not, but I’d say check the Wikis and then remember this TV show isn’t exactly following all the Canons out there.

  48. BerserkRL says:

    “Shaman” — I think you mean Sensei?

  49. Maria says:

    The only reason the finale was disappointing is because we were promised Harley Quinn, promised, and then NOTHING. Not a nod, not a hint, not a foreshadowing… nothing.