The Originals Recap

The Originals Recap: A Beautiful Mind

Elijah’s death may not have been the ideal excuse for a Mikaelson family reunion, but that didn’t make me any less excited to see Rebekah and Kol back in New Orleans on Friday’s episode of The Originals.

And I use the word “death” loosely. Sure, Elijah was no longer among the living — his entire sire line dropping dead in the episode’s awesome cold open was proof enough of that — but his soul was alive and (mostly) well inside Freya’s pendant. It turns out he was just hiding out in one of his old memories, and after Freya failed to connect with him, it was up to Hayley to put her man’s pieces back together, Humpty Dumpty-style.

Hayley’s journey down the rabbit hole brought her all the way back to Elijah’s hut-dwelling, animal-wearing days, reminding her just how savage her lover used to be — and how he still managed to look like a million bucks, even while donning that damn flashback wig. She put in some solid work on her own, but were it not for Hope’s 11th-hour interference, Hayley would have ended up in his belly for sure. And even though Elijah condition is still considered “not alive,” it was nice to see him standing alongside Hayley and Hope in his subconscious. (I’ll admit, however, I had to keep reminding myself that she’s Klaus‘ daughter, not Elijah’s.)

In other news, The Hollow turned out to be just as dangerous in person as foretold, though far more fashionable. (Come to think of it, how does she know how to walk in heels? Had shoes even been invented when she died?) Marcel received confirmation of The Hollow’s formidability firsthand when he tried to snag some of her blood for a spell to save Sofya, an encounter that ended — as scenes on this show so often do — with Marcel puking up a whole bunch of goopy black acid.

Then came an unexpectedly emotional twist: Rebekah detected the passion with which Marcel was trying to save Sofya, inspiring her to lend him a hand. “There was a time when you’d have gone to these lengths for me,” she told him. Turning to Klaus, she added, “I know that look well. He’s fighting for love.”

And speaking of fighting for love, the final moment of Friday’s episode found Kol heading out of town — that is, until The Hollow approached him with a pretty damn good reason to stick around. She’s now linked to Davina, so as she explained rather plainly, “If you want to keep her safe, you belong to me.”

Other thoughts…

* I was not expecting to see Danielle Campbell again this week, nor next week (according to that promo). Davina is always a sight for sore eyes.

* On that note, let’s get another Cami scene up in here!

* I loved Klaus’ speech to Elijah’s corpse at the top of the hour. No matter how many times these brothers say goodbye to one another, I’ll always get emotional.

* I’m here for Marcel and Josh’s unlikely friendship. (And has anyone heard from Josh’s boyfriend? I was here for that relationship, too.)

Your thoughts on this week’s Originals? Any particular hopes for the final episodes of the season? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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  1. Liz says:

    I am mind blown at how Andy could make this episode sound way more interesting then it actually was. Seriously, I know this is a tv show, but these people should never look after a kid. The child is 7. She shouldn’t be doing major spells. Yes I know, she is suppose to be this all powerful witch, but she is a kid.
    The Elijah and Hayley parts were underwhelming. I really had high expectations for these particular scenes, but it left me with a serious case of eye rolling. The red door Elijah was okay, but I expected a major Elijah and Hayley moment with some feels. The Marcel and Rebekah scenes were okay, but I did enjoy the Klaus and Rebekah scenes more. Kol and his desire to save Davina will now put him against the family. Yes, once again the writers go for the easy story. Kol vs the family. Sure they gave him a reason, but I have a feeling that the sacrifice will be Kol, bc who else would the writers go for. I am a little annoyed with how this is playing out.

    • Gilded Lady says:

      A couple of weeks ago I called Kol as the death so he could be with Davina, so I’m probably not far off.

    • Tina says:

      Lol so much truth to all of this! I am so tired of Kol being used as a prop to make Hayley the savior all the time though. For once, can the show actually be about the originals? And someone send that child to magic school before these people get her killed.

      • Guesty says:

        Absolutely right. These writers need to bring back the entire mikealson family back as series regular including Hendrick

  2. Uno says:

    Kinda boring episode… Once again hope saved the day… Yawn… Always nice seeing Rebecca… Do wonder how the show plans to break hers and/or Marcel’s heart this time… Cuz I’m sure it will happen. 

  3. Rachel says:

    Always here for more Davina. They made a big mistake killing her off. But we don’t need Cami…ever.

  4. Lucy says:

    For starters, how is no one questioning the fact that thousands of people dropped dead at the same time? Surely there must be some secret government agency focusing on the supernatural. Secondly, they need to stop killing originals because of the sireline, they are determined to make vampires extinct, this means that most vampires will likely be Klaus’ or Rebekah’s – more likely Klaus’ because that’s how the writers work. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rebekah dies so only Hope and Klaus have sirelines (Klaus’sunlinked of course).
    I didn’t like Hayley saying that she’s the closest to Elijah, his family are, Klaus is, Rebekah is.
    This episode was so hyped up by the writers and Daniel Gillies himself, I was underwhelmed. I only enjoyed the Kol/Klaus/Rebekah scenes. I thought Hope saving the day and shouting for her mother was cheesy and unoriginal – and for a family that’s determined to keep Hope’s innocence and safe and out of danger, they sure love putting her in danger. They can’t make their minds up with Hope. One minute she’s not allowed to do magic and needs coddling, the next she’s doing magic, putting herself in danger etc.

    Sorry, this sounds to negative, but it feels like the writers keep flip-flopping on certain aspects instead of following through.

  5. Are we ever going to see the really vindictive Klaus again? This softened version of him just isn’t that great. I thought it was going to be harder for Hayley to find Elijah and bring his mind back together.

    • Gift says:

      I’m fine with the way things went with bringing Elijah back but I have alot of complians about the soft Klaus. How come hope growing up make him so soft, with all this threats, this should be him at his best. Forgetting that he went through misery for five years and came back so wick. Please change the tale and give us a real Klaus Mikaelson.

      • Jane says:

        Yeah, he went from “Kill her and the baby” in S01 to being a perfect daddy, feeding Hope beignets and patting sad Hayley on the shoulder “there there”

        • Esther A says:

          it’s actually funny. I didn’t ever think that character Klaus would change. In the history of TVD, he is feared but in TO no no he’s because all about Daddy Klaus.

          • Jane says:

            Well on a plus side, him getting softer makes him of a relationship material

          • Esther A says:


          • Jane says:

            *has been. But it might be that who is JP’s fav and who’s more popular also played a role, when the writers were deciding who’s getting the girl, and later on, a happy ending. Does JP like Klaus and JM? I don’t know really

          • Jane says:

            Yes, I think so. Damon got slightly better than he was in the first few season and it was enough for him to get Elena after all. And yes I do think Klaus and Damon are comparable, Klaus just being a bad guy much longer, that’s all

          • Esther A says:

            I wasn’t a fan of Damon at all. I preferred Matt to all of them. I wanted both brothers​ to die while Elena ended up with Matt. Yes I could agree with you comparing Klaus to Damon but only by their anger. Damon does hurtful and awful things to innocent people when he is angered or in a bad mood such does Klaus. I, wanting Klaus to be as before does not include the part where he hurts people for no reason at all, Back then he had a way of going into battle, being steps ahead and having backup plans. I just enjoyed that part of him. That’s what I want to see.

      • Guesty says:

        Rather badass klaus even kol I really rather he stays evil even if Davina was alive & I really don’t want klaus to b with Caroline cause he gonna end up beening good

        • Esther A says:

          being good and badass can go hand in hand.

          • Jane says:

            I actually think with Caroline the writers did a brilliant job with showing Klaus’s sensitive side but still keeping Klaus true to himself, with Cami he (1000 year old bad guy) became way too soft. With Caroline he cared about her, risked his life to free her from Alaric-the Original, etc, but still got in his own way and killed people close to her and even stubbed her. This is totally toxic relationship, but bad guys and vamps simply don’t love the same way good people do. You don’t want this toxic relationships in real life, but they make good entertaining drama in a tv show.

          • Esther A says:

            agreed 100%

  6. Riana says:

    Could Danielle be coming back next season?

  7. M says:

    I liked the episode, and its visuals–different and engaging. That one line about Hayley being closer to Elijah than anyone was a bit much, but I did think she had a better chance at finding him than Freya, who really doesn’t have the shared history his other siblings do, or the emotional connection that comes from his love for Hayley. Interesting that he didn’t really recognize her until he heard Hope and connected Hayley with her. Or, that’s how it looked to me.

    Not sure what to make of Kol and Davina. He has died so many times, it seems, and it does look like they’re setting it up again. What would be unique is if in the end he does let her go in order to destroy the Hollow, and out of loyalty to his family. He’s seemed only marginally connected in that way, and it would be a different choice. –Glad we’ll apparently see him and Rebekah for the last 3 episodes.

    • jbj says:

      I agree that the visuals and staging in this episode were really good, some of the best scenes had very little dialogue. I think that Elijah finally breaking when he heard Hope is supposed to be connected to his innate role as family protector. I suspect it is the writer’s way of creating some slight conflict in his relationship with Haley. He loves her, but she is not blood, so she may never truly come first. To me, that is not a deal breaker, since it’s fairly consistent with his character. He was the first Mikelson to embrace “Hope” and Haley because of Hope…that is his feelings for her evolved from his urge to protect the baby inside of her. Even before Elijah and Haley got together I would refer to him as Hope’s Uncle-daddy.

  8. JordynS says:

    I honestly really hoped for more Hayley and Elijah sentimental scenes. I think it’s dumb how Hayley got so freaked out by the red door, I mean he is an original. I really hope this isn’t the end for them, but Hayley also has a duty being a good mom. But can’t we send Hope to witch school? I think it would be better for her. This episode was really hyped and the outcome was ehh.. how Hope had to save them was really annoying. I was also looking for some more emotion with the whole Rebecca and Marcel scene. They deserve that kind of real closure.

    • jbj says:

      There is a difference between knowing a person is dark and violent and witnessing his darkest moments then coming close to being one of his victims. I rolled my eyes when she first skipped the Red Door, but she did explain later that she was trying to be optimistic. She is shaken, but I think the key to their relationship was reflected in the recreation of their reunion in the season premiere. She can go pretty primal herself in defense of family, so they need each other and Hope to maintain their humanity, especially because their instincts to protect bring out their worst.

    • vidah Paz says:

      Thank you soo much. Its just dumb. Wat happened in there wasnot even a lick compared to what elijahh has actually done. I love originals..most of the time am herevfor haylijah but if this is how they are going to write them its going to make me hate it. Hayley aint no innocent and for Gods sake hebis an originals. Not everything should be sunas and roses and if hayley is too dumb to see that then can Elijah get a new girlfriend

      • Jane says:

        I agree that it wasn’t that shocking, I mean after Jackson’s death Hayley was killing dozens and then sitting in a bathtub covered in blood and all. Even Elijah felt the need to call her out on this, because she was spiralling and turning into darkest version of herself. She also brought a brutal death on 11 remaining hybrids. I think I would be more shocked if Elijah did something like Kol when he forced people to perform Shakespeare’s plays but kill each other for real while doing so. I mean it probably didn’t cause so many deaths, but it was so freaky that I remembered it for years now

  9. Gift says:

    This episode was emotional in most ways. Rebekah always complain about her brother which in fact he tells her the truth about Marcel, how silly. I’m glad Marcel is beginning to see the light, he isn’t all powerful. What was Hayley expecting to find, a Saints Elijah oh please sit up girl! Good Klaus told her you know what we are. I really hope kol isn’t going to put his family at risk just for Davina, as long as he doesn’t turn against his family just for a girl I’m fine with it. He is one of my favorite Mikaelsons​, I don’t want to start hating him for that reason. Very good episode and once again. Hope you are an amazing little actress I’m ur fan. I wish to see more of you and your power. Love u.

    • Alex Davenport says:

      His family are sick people who killed a teenage girl wgo was trying to svae the lives of the people SHE cared about. While siding with the hollow is stupid, everyone who sides with the Milaelsons are the bad guys. They kill children, rip families apart, consign people to endless suffering, and party in their blood, and justify it with family. Blood isnt enough to drown out all the bloodshed. How can anyone love people who would kill someone just like them forno reason at all. I think thats what Hayley saw when they were in Elijah’s head. He isn’t a hero or even a man, he is a disgusting monster who is incapable of true empathy. If Hope wasn’t the only way for him to have his family line go on, he’d have had Hayley as another addition to his list of collateral damages. Where is tge love in that. How are people supposed to root forthe Originals when their enemies are right. They deserve the pain they incessantly and cockily inflict on others.

      • zed says:

        You are right. That is the pictures the writers are painting – namely excusing and justifying their killings they do and suffering they brought onto so many in the name of the family – it is wrong. No killing can be justified and should not be justified at all- and the writers and the EP should address in the next season. And ultimatively, the Mikaelsons must pay for their misdeeds.

        • Gift says:

          There is no way killing is ever justified,This story is told from the villian side and so far the story that have been told, they did not choose this life, to be monsters, to be chased by their father and hide for over a thousand years.someone made them who they are and perhaps they get to pay for their misdeeds someday but now I don’t think the hallow is anywhere right making them pay when she herself is the worst of the worst. Elijah over the years did everything to protect his family, his brother now his niece. Yes he did horrible things in the name of family but you’ve got to admit some of those people tried to kill them too. No one is ever perfect but I don’t think this the way he should pay for his sins. Well I root for the originals because the story is told from their side and how long they’ve lived it’s impossible to keep sane. It always goes this way, a Mikaelson will always protect a Mikaelson except the writers change this code.

      • Esther A says:

        Alex if by that girl you mean Davina, you should know whatever happened to her was brought upon her by herself no one ever goes against the originals and live to tell a good story. Even the human of the Mikaelson family (not mentioning HOPE yet) is a nightmare to keep close. Davina made her decision and it’s the ancestors who are the author of her death. what Elijah and Freya did was destroying the chance she had to come back to save Klaus, when it comes to family, it goes without saying. Elijah, Freya even Klaus would do anything to put and save their family first. And are you really comparing the hallow to the Mikaelsons? she kills without no cause or reason. Now sometimes the originals abuse their powers and act heartless but they have a off switch. Everyone pays for their deeds just like in TVD but apparently Damon whom also kills for no reason was awarded his true love what a load of crap! The only way the originals should pay for their sins is sacrificing them selves for a good cause. Klaus already made an effort. They also went through hell in their life, they were powerful beyond reach but are very very unhappy. They also deserve justice

        • AGW says:

          Esther A, The Mikaelsons have killed plenty of people and it had nothimg to do with family.

          Klaus’ speech to his sire-line during the mock trial is proof of that. The things Klaus did to those vamps had nothing to do with saving his family.

          If Davina brought her fate upon herself. Didn’t the Mikaelsons do the same thing by sacrificing her and killing Marcel? By making enemies of everybody they come in contact with.

          Why should they be happy and safe at the expense of others?

          Esther and Mikael made them monsters and they made monsters of thier own.

          Technically, they aren’t much better than the Hallow.

          • Esther A says:

            I believe that speech was Klaus way of getting in their heads. A way to stay alive and keep his his family alive by linking them to him. He basically made them think it was their idea to keep him alive while he suffers unbearable agony. I’m not justifying their terrible deeds and in time they will pay for their horrible actions. And yes whatever they get by making enemies of others is brought on them by themselves. If Davina had stayed away from the Mikaelsons instead of finding ways and seeking spells to bring Klaus down she would be fine now. She put herself​ in the middle of everything making her a Target for the ancestors. What Elijah and Freya did to her was awful but it’s was her or Klaus and you know how that went. Even now she is dead she still wants to harm Klaus who was in the first place against what was done to even after what she did to him. The originals use family to justify their actions that is the point I’m making, not everything but lately what they’ve done is for family.

      • AGW says:

        Thank You! Justifying, the terrible things the Mikaelsons do with the “Family First Motto” is wrong.

        As if, every heinous act has been committed in the name of family.

        That simply isn’t true.

    • oke says:

      They are who they are but this is the first time Hayley is seeing this side of Elijah, it’s pretty scary. kol loves Davina, the only woman in his history he’s ever cared​ for. It’s expected he chooses love this time because that would be the only thing that is completely his. This girl went as far as bringing him back to life when his family didn’t even try much. She had his back. I don’t think kol will ever take that lightly.

  10. Angelfan says:

    Still think they are moving towards Klaus/Hayley endgame. OK with Marcus/Sophya. Rebecca is my favorite original, sometimes even more than Elijah, and Rebeccca/Marcus has gotten tiresome. Want Rebecca to get her humanity and her child..

  11. Annette Morgan says:

    I can’t wait to see more from Hope. She is a powerful witch and to be so young, she will bring anyone and anything down who hurts her family. Always and Forever

    • Lucy says:

      So basically you want a child to become a killer? Also if she kills a human she actives her wolf gene. And she could kill a human if they are compelled or under a villain’s thrall to hurt her and her family.

      • Esther A says:

        this is what I’m on about.

        • Lucy says:

          Ah, the problem I have is many want Hope to save the day, but she is just a child and it contradicts with what Hayley wants – to keep Hope’s innocence, even at times Klaus talks about how people will bow before her and how Hope will kill the vampires coming after him.

          But Hope is still a kid, by having her ‘save the day’ she is going to lose that innocence and likely become more dark and have a killer side. She still has an untriggered wolf gene which means that she’s prone to get angry easily. If they are going to put her in danger and willingly do stuff that puts her in harms way or harms other, then they are going to make her more likely to become a werewolf at a young age and kill people.

          • Esther A says:

            Not necessarily, you saw her save her father without hurting anyone. Yes she is part werewolf and could get angered easily but how long are they going to protect her from the horrors that hunts her family constantly , her kind of family has always been odd, different and messy. This child grow up with coffins around her, a highbrid mother, uncle’s and Aunts who are old powerful vampires and witch. A father who was held captive by his adopted son whom she believes is the strongest in the world. There is nothing normal about this family or her life and childhood. Yes, it’s fair for Hayley to want to protect her innocence but soon her powers would start acting out, that won’t be enough anymore. The best thing is to give her understanding about everything around her and one day when they are not there anymore she already learned and saw enough to be able to fight back and better.

  12. zed says:

    I loved the visuals- and definitely Elijah as his viking self- oh, yeah- he looked ike a billion dollar babe! The whole episode was good. I was a bit underwhelmed nevertheless. And I have a bit of a bone to pick with the writers- regarding Elijah and TVD/TO mythology. Daniel, I guess he could not have his say in the script- one thing that bugs me is that he said he so knows about the whole mythology,and the character he plays- which is true- and I question why there was no reference to Tatia at all- that red door had to do a lot about him killing her as well. She, who is his one true love (I believe she is) should have been shown. Him killing her and Esther bringing back that memory had a huge impact on him and him becoming super monstrous again. The doppelgangers play a huge thing in his life, as we have been shown thus far. The only thing that I can see that being skipped is that he has once again buried that horrific deed deep in his subconsciousness.
    Love the way they showed that in actual truth Hayley doesn’t know Elijah at all, and that they actually don’t have a connection. If it wasn’t for Hope, she would have been a goner. She is not his soulmate and vice versa. Hope saving him made complete sense. Hayley has been infatuated with Elijah from day one and she could not and actually didn’t want see clearly who he was. Now her eyes are a bit more opened re Elijah,but she will excuse his actions and justify it- because it is done in the name of the family. And she will go with it. And then she will forgive him, too. Haylijah has always been contrived, and I don’t think much will change there. Her real soulmate in my opinion was Jackson and it is a shame they have written him so badly. But, since other ghosts come back maybe this one can too
    Last, but not least,Jospeh Morgan is a marvellous actor- that speech and the delivery when he was with Elijah in the coffin- stole the episode.

    • Esther A says:

      well, who can ague the fact that Jospeh Morgan is an excellent, amazing actor and his speech with his brother in that room was a master piece but what got me was his talk with Hayley and that look hahaha wow that was excellent in my book. True they should have showed something about Tatia, she was the start of that red door but he also choose to hide his worst sins in that door. so while they thrived at what was done with the red door they forgot the point, the mean point. it’s still a good episode hopefully.

    • jbj says:

      Given that Elijah didn’t speak a word during that sequence, I don’t know how Tatia’s name would come up. That said, it could be argued that Hayley’s presence took the place of Tatia’s. He loved Tatia, yet killed her anyway…it further justifies Hayley’s shakenness.

  13. zed says:

    other thoughts-
    Kol and Davina- can’t wait to see more of them and what will happen next

    Nice seeing Bex back – she and Marcel = huge chemistry- bring it on in season 5. Claire Holt should be regular in season 5- Julie should talk her into it! lol

  14. Orchard Lilly says:

    Ima not a series watcher, however ‘The Originals has surely put their magic in me.
    I’ve been compelled by the great ‘Klausey’ I don’t miss a beat and can even watch it back on demand.

    Seems Lil Wolf is always the toughest Bea around except for this last one, were Elijah tries to eat her…no pun intended. Lol

  15. Marsha darrington says:

    Haylijah love them

  16. Jane says:

    Overall a nice review, but Cami human and then a newbie vamp, didn’t belong in this supernatural fight among the strongest creatures before and doesn’t belong in the storyline now. Kol and Rebekah, who are actually the Originals, barely get any screen-time, and you’re talking about brining back a mostly irrelevant character. She was a LI and helped Klaus to become a better version of himself, for Hope and, hopefully, for Caroline, Cami’s job is done. Davina’s return (temporary I guess) makes sense, more or less, as she’s a witch, the whole ancestors storyline has always been connected to her and plus she actually makes Kol relevant (unfortunately it’s not the other way around, because they really didn’t use Kol’s character properly). I mean I never expected Kol’s character, “the wildest Mikaelson”, to be all about his romantic relationship with a teen witch. But whatever, at least I get to see him for a little while, otherwise they might’ve not use his character at all.
    Another promo is about Hayley and her being on a dangerous mission and all. She’s now like Elena was in the first few seasons of tvd. Only tvd started as a love triangle, while to is about family. Why not use Rebekah more if she’s around for these few episodes? But all and all I liked Phoebe’s acting when she was running away from/fighting with Elijah, I felt for her. Klaus now apparently has “his old self”, I guess we can officially wave TVD/TO S01 Klaus goodbye! Bye-bye, I’ll miss you, charming psychomaniac!

    • Lucy says:

      This is how the writers work, they disregard TVD and it’s now The Hayley Show, if you look at their cover photos on Social media, Hayley is represented as the lead, no hint that it’s Klaus’ show and about him and Elijah. It is basically TVD though. As soon as Claire left, the Mikalesons were just the Salvatores and they have morphed Hayley into Elena but worst.

      I saw an interview from a recent con and even Riley and Nate voice how TVD portrayed them as stronger (Gillies told Riley about it) and Nate agreed saying “and so much more”. –The show is not what they expected and the writers are not going to change their minds.
      Thankfully though Narducci has left and Julie Plec is at the helm and according to Gillies there is a lot of new crew (many have left) so hopefully Plec will make it about The Originals again, make them the leads and make it about this strong powerful family and make it like S1 but different and better. Season 1 wasn’t awful and I believe that was the only one she was heavily involved in.

      • Esther A says:

        it’s sad, really sad what the originals family and the show have reduced to. But if we keep complaining like this, we might not get other seasons. let’s find a way and make it better.😊😊😊😊

  17. Esther A says:

    Lucy you know that’s not what she means. Let her have her excitement.

  18. Karissa Jones says:

    I feel that the michaelsond will have to chose between davina or kill the hollow.

    • Jane says:

      Haven’t they already made a similar choice in S03? It’d be too repetitive, it might be Kol this time

      • KLS says:

        Agreed. Trade Kol (who has become quite annoying) for the Hollow.

        • Lucy says:

          Kol’s fine when he’s not moping about Davina, the problem is the writers don’t know how to write for Kol. After Davina died, it could have been a great opportunity to revive that dark, fun, reckless, wild side that he had in TVD and flashbacks but instead his stint consists of him being good and hung on Davina. Would have been more interesting to see him lash out at the world more and bring back those Powerful, ruthless, evil Original Vampires.

  19. Karissa Jones says:

    I feel that the michaelsons will have to chose to either save Davina’s life or kill the hollow

  20. MsV says:

    This is a TV show a story of the Originals ! We all have a love hate of the stories but it is what it is .. Let’s enjoy our wonderful cast and hope it last cause you never know when the ax comes! I love this show boring it’s not! It’s more adult than TVD. Though I liked that one as well. I just want to say Long live Originals . You all are Great! And Elijah .. hmmm that’s another story . It’s nice to see Krause living up to Cami wishes . Being human . He has a daughter now he has to make some change. Rebecca I love her!! As well as Marcel . Those are my favs. I will continue my support and hope alll goes well.

  21. rk says:

    I’m pretty much sure that if something happens to Haley hope would be worse then Klaus and go on a killing spare and she old be way stronger then the whole family

  22. rk says:

    I have been saying long live both shows for alot longer then anyone here leaving comments on this page !I’ve said it on u tube
    Long live both shows and yet only one freaking survived !

  23. Guesty says:

    Kol better not get killed off! These writers took away Finn & mikeal, wish they can return as series regular

  24. edyn says:

    I was thinking about the Red door and only Klaus and Hayley know about it. It is the only odd door there and I thought Freya would have some sense to open, but doubted he would recognize her because she was not there in the family. It was 4 or 5 of them for centuries. Hayley is recent, but share more of a bond than he and Freya. I thought it would be great for them to have a tender moment rather than just “forgive me”. She knows what monsters they are and have seen them kill numerously, why is she surprised when she went into the door? Freya warned her of the horrors, but everything he does is for family. He became the patriarch.