Fall TV Preview

Kevin Can Wait: Leah Remini Returning as a Series Regular in Season 2

Leah Remini is staying put on CBS’ Kevin Can Wait.

After guest-starring in the comedy’s two-part Season 1 finale last month, Kevin James’ former King of Queens leading lady will be rejoining him on the sitcom this fall as a full-fledged series regular, the network announced on Friday. 

Remini will reprise her role as tough, wise-cracking police officer Vanessa Cellucci.

James and Remini played house for nine seasons on CBS’ King of Queens.

News of Remini’s return (and promotion) comes three weeks after NBC passed on the actress’ comedy pilot What About Barb?

Kevin Can Wait will kick off its second season on Monday, Sept. 25 at 9/8c.

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  1. LK says:

    This makes me very happy.

  2. Tatiana says:

    Hot damn. Now I will have to tune in!

  3. justsomeguy says:

    Holy smokes didn’t ever think this would happen. Leah and Kevin are comedy gold together. I have no idea how she will fit into the show, but let’s do this thing.

  4. Gina says:

    Yes! The two episodes Leah guest-starred were the funniest of the season. I tried to like the character Donna, but I just don’t see the comic chemistry between the actors. Would love to see Patton Oswalt make a guest appearance.

  5. laurelnev says:

    Am I crazy, or does anyone else remember this too? I seem to remember Leah getting her start in a spin-off of Who’s the Boss that centered on young models, living in NYC. Anyone else remember that or what it was called?

  6. Susie says:

    Well darn, now I’ll have to start watching.

  7. JBC says:

    Great news! I will check out the show now. Love Kevin and Leah together. Good job CBS!

  8. Morris says:

    That’s Incredible now let Mott and Kevin’s Neighbor join the cast those two are funny

  9. chadcronin says:

    Love this! Been upset ever since CBS let her go in 2011 from The Talk. About time they offer her a regular gig again!

  10. LLA says:

    This is good news! They have really great chemistry. I think they are in the top 10 all time of tv sitcom married couples.

  11. Rex the Wonder Dog says:

    So I guess Erinn Hayes turned out to be a big dud and they really want a King of Queens reboot.

  12. Liz Lemon says:

    People are acting like this was a good show. No actors can make this worth watching. It was the worst new comedy of the last season.

  13. Bozo says:

    I much rather would have had Bas Rutten joined the cast full time!

  14. James Ward says:

    The biggest problem for me was, Kevin James New show, had many episode very similar to his old show, Kings of Queen, I love that show, and the cast. Kevin show Kevin can wait was not funny. There was no chemistry. The children, had no place in the show., the show was center around Kevin most of the time. and having his oldest daughter have her boy friend move in, didn’t help. and that situation wasn’t funny. I love Leah Remini. I think that should throw out the whole concept of the old show Kevin can wait, and start over. with him, not having a family. If he is going to have a family, His character needs to change and have the show center more around the children. If yo like I would love to pitch a pilot for Kevin and Leah. I like to show Kevin playing more of an adult/serious role. I like situation comedies, were the situation is funny and not the actors trying to got a laugh all the time. Bob Newhart was good at this. LEah and Kevin have great chemistry together. It showed in the last two episodes. Love her on Exes.

  15. Claudia B. says:

    So glad that they made this change. I really felt the actress they chose for his wife just did not work, and really ruined the show. When they had Remini return for the last couple of shows at session end the magic returned also. Kevin and her together are just magic. I hope eventually they become man and wife on the show. Now THAT would make another hit TV show!!

  16. Diane says:

    Replaces the actress Erinn Hayes who places his tv wife Donna with Leah is a big mistake. The current actress is great in her role and compliments Kevin very well. To have Leah come back in this sitcom as a tough cop or a tough wife DOES NOT FIT. Producers should leave well enough alone. When you have a good thing – keep it – don’t change it.
    I will miss the characters that are in place from Season 1.

  17. Martha Cole says:

    Erin Hayes is so much better than Leah Remini. I feel CBS and Kevin James are both making a huge mistake by letting this happen. It’s just plain wrong. They had the perfect combination already.

  18. Pat says:

    YES!!!!!This will be the number one show AGAIN!!

  19. Jody says:

    I liked King of Queens but I liked the characters on Kevin Can Wait just the way they were. Don’t want Erinn Hayes to leave.

  20. Robert Caminiti says:

    Now all they need is a Scientology thread and that will finish off this stink bomb by mid-season!

  21. Denna says:

    Kevin and Leah need to have the same chemistry as a couple as they did in the King of Queens to make this work. I’m very excited to have them back together but it needs to be as a couple. The finale episode I thought was way too cheesy in those new roles as ex partners. I really want to see a King of Queens REBOOT of them in the future raising their own kids they left off in their original finale. Now that would be Gold!!!

  22. Paul says:

    I like Donna better. Tired of seeing Remini and tired of her attitude. Donna is way better. The show was good, why screw it up?

  23. Nancy says:

    Please bring back the old crew from Kings Of Queens. It would be good to see ALL of them on Kevin Can Wait.

  24. Andrew X says:

    I will definitely watch this show….CBS should have just done King of Queens – 25 years Later. No brainer idea.

  25. Sharon Gross says:

    Bad decision to not have Erinn return. She’s the funniest one on the show. Very disappointed.

  26. SP says:

    so is this King of Queens part 2, so obnoxious Remini gets what she wants and doesn’t care about anyone else. She’s only there because her show wasn’t picked up. Sloppy seconds!

    • CYNTHIA says:


  27. How did this show even get picked up for a second season?

  28. Nicole says:

    I’m calling a Backdoor Revival. In the closing minutes of the season two premiere, Remini’s character will kiss Kevin. Match-cut to Carrie Heffernan kissing a comatose Doug Heffernan in a hospital bed in Queens. He wakes up. Turns out season one of “Kevin Can Wait” was all a dream…

  29. Angela Lang says:

    Just cancel the show and reboot King of Queens. The new Kevin Can Wait will be stupid and cancelled anyway.

  30. Sandra says:

    Love her and the magic they are together! Happy Birthday Leah we share the day but not the year with Janet Lennon!

  31. Luz says:

    Well, will not be watching Kevin can wait!! Thought it was iffy at best, now you get used to cast, and you bring in worst!!!

  32. Mary Willig says:

    Happy to hear that Doug and Carrie are at last reunited.

  33. lonieedd1 says:

    I like leah remini, but come on enough is enough

  34. Nancy says:

    Changing wife and mother, destroying (another)family, and ruining a perfect show….terrible idea!!!!!! What are you thinking????!!!

  35. Super Cat says:

    A wrong has been righted. Now they just need to write out all the kids and bring back Arthur!

  36. robert says:

    Id be thrilled if Leah returned as his wife. Better yet, they should re-activate King of Queens…..

  37. elaine lombardo says:

    I absolutely love Kevin. And I love Leah love them together. I’m sad for Erinn

  38. Pat P says:

    Fantastic, looking forward to seeing Leah back on regular tv series. Chemistry between those two works. Definitely will watch more!

  39. C Staples says:

    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I enjoyed the show as it was. It was good to have a new actress to watch. I have watched the first season over and over. I will be done if the wife is killed off. It does not work to bring a wife in from a show that nothing to do with this one. I love watching Kevin James but will be done if Leah is brought in as his wife. No! Absolutely not!

  40. James Davis says:

    Ill watch it now!!!!!!

  41. lu says:

    Glad Leah is coming back on Kevin Can Wait, we all love the show BUT if
    there could be VERY little background
    laughing or no more of it ever, the
    show would be the BEST !!