Fall TV Preview

This Is Us Scheduling Twist: NBC Will Not Move Hit Drama to Thursday

This is… a curveball.

After announcing earlier this month that it was relocating breakout smash This Is Us to Thursdays-at-9 pm next season, NBC has opted not to fix what isn’t broken: The acclaimed drama will stay put on Tuesdays-at-9 pm, where it will once again follow The Voice

As a result, NBC is going back to a four-sitcom lineup on Thursdays from 8-10 pm, with Superstore kicking things off at 8, followed by The Good Place (at 8:30), Will & Grace (at 9) and Great News (at 9:30).

The This Is Us reversal is also impacting the 10 pm slots on Tuesday and Thursday. Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders, which was originally slated to follow This Is Us on Thursdays at 10 pm, will move with the show to Tuesdays (at 10). Chicago Fire, meanwhile, will shift from Tuesdays to Thursdays at 10 after the comedies. (Scroll down for an easy-to-digest snapshot of the new Tuesday and Thursday skeds.)

Chicago Med will take over the Tuesdays-at-10 timeslot after The Menendez Murders completes its limited run.

As originally scheduled on Thursdays, This Is Us would have gone on hiatus after about seven weeks, to make room for NBC’s Thursday Night Football coverage. However, on Tuesday, the heavily-serialized show will air as many as 10 episodes without interruption.

8 pm The Voice
9 pm This Is Us
10 pm Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders

8 pm  Superstore
8:30 pm  The Good Place
9 pm  Will & Grace
9:30 pm  Great News
10 pm  Chicago Fire

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  1. Steven says:

    This seemed unnecessary. This is Us would have done fine in Thursday.

    • Brian says:

      I think this had more to do with ABC, NBC, and Fox all having comedies scheduled on Tuesdays from 9-10.

    • Mary says:

      Probably so, but I am glad they kept it on Tuesday. I watch ABC on Thursday so this way I don’t have to pick which one to do live.

  2. Alyson says:

    Will Chicago Fire stay on Thursdays, or is that just until the Law and Order show is done. It’s only like, 8 episodes or something, right?

    • LaDonna says:

      From the article above: “Chicago Med will take over the Tuesdays-at-10 timeslot after The Menendez Murders completes its limited run.”

  3. Tasha says:

    Thank you NBC!!! Didn’t want it up against Scandal’s final season. Excited for both!!!

    • Daniel says:


    • Daniel says:


    • Ram510 says:

      This Is Us would probably double Scandals rating anyways. Don’t get me wrong I love Scandal but it ended with a 1.3, TIU ended its season with more than double that. ABC/Scandal is the one that should’ve been nervous about TIU

      • Ann says:

        I’m not sure. I think Scandal is heading into it’s final season. I see the ratings improving slightly from lapsed viewers coming back to see how the series ends. I think it’ll have a strong season. It would definitely have taken away viewers from This Is Us, which will probably see a drop in it’s sophomore season anyways. NBC doesn’t need to mess with the show and move it to a new night when it did perfectly fine on Tuesdays. NBC has screwed up so many shows by doing this…most notably Blindspot, which was moved to a new night and earlier “family-friendly” timeslot despite how violent and unfamily-friendly it is.

        • Cheyenne says:

          This is one lapsed viewer who has no intention of coming back, and I predict there will be many more of us. The last thing people want to watch is a reprise of B613 and Shonda is hell-bent on shoving that tired storyline in everyone’s faces. No thanks.

          • Lauren says:

            I might come back to watch the series finale, but I won’t be watching the whole season. I’m sad how over the top it became, I tried to keep going but they made everyone so awful.

  4. officesandy says:

    Yes! NBC is bringing back their comedy Thursdays! Though I think Trial & Error should go in place of Will & Grace. Superstore, The Good Place, Trial & Error, Great News seems like a good lineup. It’ll be like when we had The Office, Community, Parks and Rec, 30 Rock. Those were great times.

    • Brock says:

      Will and Grace is a limited run series, as is Trial & Error. They can share the slot.

      • a_lex89 says:

        Will & Grace being limited and Great News most likely to bomb, I think Chicago Med will just be back at 9 after the Olympics. And Rise premiering after This is Us come midseason. Otherwise, it wouldn’t make sense to move Chicago Fire for no reasons.

        • LaDonna says:

          Great News is hysterical! It started a few weeks ago for a short spring time run. I believe next fall is being billed as its Season 2.

  5. Tennisnsun says:

    Good idea. There’s virtually nothing I watched on Tuesdays last season except TIU so it works for me instead of messing with Shondaland on Thursdays.

  6. fernando933 says:

    I understand This Is Us and comedies moving but Chicago Fire too come on, so will MED be on Tuesday after L&O finishes

  7. Wrstlgirl says:

    Not sure that’s good news for Chicago Fire.

  8. Brandon says:

    So much for the return of “must see tv”. ABC is probably breathing a sigh of relief.

  9. westwingwolf says:

    I liked having Tuesdays at 10 for watching Chicago Fire, but oh well. I thought the original move of Superstore/The Good Place was off for Tuesdays. I had scheduling issues for all of these shows anyways so it does nothing really for me. All a matter of prioritizing. Though it would be nice if they moved This Is Us to 8 because it gets better ratings than The Voice anyway. But there was never much reason to move it in the first place since it does so well where it is.

  10. Matt C. says:

    Yay! So happy about this. Now I can watch Scandal AND This Is Us live!

  11. Sam says:

    This is very surprising and interesting.

    So This Is Us will then probably take a break till after the Olympics and air through April/May meaning just one break instead of 2.

    It makes sense though. Let the show grow where it is and move it later.

    I wonder if the full 1st episode of Will &a Grace came in weaker than expected…,

    Either way it’s good to see NBC back to 4 comedies on Thursdays.
    ABC Must be relieved that Scandal will have less competish.

    • a_lex89 says:

      This is Us will probably have a few episodes in the fall and a break, then a few episodes in winter (due to the fact that it got the post Superbowl timeslot) and a few episodes after the Olympics. Then, Good Girls could replace it? Comedies just don’t work after The Voice.

    • Ann says:

      I don’t think the Olympics is airing until 2018.

  12. Karen says:

    Wow good to hear‼😎 Perfect day and time I’m so pleased ‼

  13. Jordan says:

    Wow. I think this is the right move. But what does this mean for Fire and MED? Will MED take the L&O Tuesday slot in November? I can’t imagine Fire moving back.

  14. Sam says:

    NBC might as well release a completely new schedule. Those are major changes.

  15. Lauren says:

    I think the four sitcom lineup on Thursdays makes more sense anyways.

  16. Lyndy says:

    I don’t watch Chicago Fire but I think it’s going to be fine & will def dominate HTGAWM

  17. Michael says:

    I like the Thursday schedule a lot. These are all great comedies.

  18. Christy says:

    Wait, does this mean Chicago Fire gets interrupted by football? That would bum me out.

  19. Pia says:

    I’m fine with this – even with Chicago Fire moving to Thursdays – except for Chicago Med moving to Tuesdays. I liked it on Thursdays, and it will be weird in the Fire spot.

  20. Hipper says:

    Imagine the same comedy block and then ‘This Is Us’ at 10p. It worked for them in the 90s, with the comedy block and ER.

    • dan says:

      The difference is Thursday Night Football on CBS (as competition during the first weeks of the season) and then on NBC (which preempts the regular schedule for several weeks). It isn’t the same tv landscape as the 90s. This makes sense by keeping This Is Us secure on Tuesdays where it has done well in the demo against Bull (which has more total viewers).

    • Spigner says:

      I was about to say they should stick Chicago Med in the Thursday’s at 10 slot to parallel the Must See TV lineup from the 90s!

  21. Guy says:

    I was actually looking forward to seeing the final season of Scandal get buried by This Is Us. Oh well.

  22. Good! Liked it on Tuesday’s. I also likes Chicago Fire where it was 😊

  23. Joey Padron says:

    Glad the show is staying on Tuesdays. Hope Chicago Fire will do well on Thursdays.

  24. Kevin Tran says:

    Happy that This Is Us is staying put on Tuesdays @ 9 now that NBC is bringing back its two hour comedy block this upcoming Fall.

  25. Lani says:

    What did the Timeless team do now?

  26. Pam says:

    I don’t watch This Is Us but I think it’s a smart move keeping This Is Us on Tuesday given how popular it is. I hate the idea of Chicago Fire on Thursday though. I now have six shows I watch on Thursday night. I have a DVR but come on. This is ridiculous. I now have nothing to watch (live) on Tuesdays.

  27. TV Gord says:

    Now, all they have to do is move The Blacklist out of its 8pm time slot, which seems absurd to me.

  28. Jeselnik Fan says:

    Switching Med and Fire for no apparent reason makes no sense to me.

  29. So, When will the Thursday night new lineup will be shown? Because, NBC have the 2nd half of Thursday Night Football.

    I don’t like “Chicago Fire” being moved to Thursday night at 10:00 pm.

    • Ginny says:

      I cannot support the program . The Menendez Murders. It’s an awful thing they did to their parents.

      And REALLY??? The mindless Superstore actually got renewed? Ya got me at 10 Thursdays, and most of Tuesday. Comedy you’re offering isn’t that funny.

      • Ally Oop says:

        I think it’s despicable that a TV show is getting made about it. Really, how can anyone think it’s okay to make it into entertainment television?

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          Right? Next thing you know there will be an O.J. miniseries.

          • Jayne L. says:

            Yeah, and then Dateline will focus on other real life murders every week. Gasp!

          • Ally Oop says:

            I never watched that either but the O.J. miniseries was a bit different in that it was a show about the trial and the spectacle, not necessarily about the crime. Regardless, neither show is for me.

      • JoviChick says:

        Superstore is very funny… to each their own but I really wouldn’t call it mindless.

  30. parstl says:

    NBC was must see t.v. on Tuesday with This is Us followed by Chicago Fire. wish they wouldn’t have changed Fire and speculate that Fire will be back on Tuesday by February 2018.

  31. kmw says:

    Wow NBC had a chance to win Thursdays and now they are back to what hasn’t been working for quite some time. Well I guess Scandal has nothing to be afraid of now and wow really bad news for Fire fans. I guess since NBC knows it is going to win next season anyway they don’t care about their schedules. Just a dumb move

  32. I know they want to use This Is Us’ strong ratings to launch a new show, but do they really think it’s compatible with what looks to be the super violent L&O True Crime show? I also still can’t get over them moving Blacklist to 7PM to kick off the night. It’s way too early for that type of show to be on. And no, I’m not some old prude. I’m 32, but I just think comedies should kick off Wednesday night and Blacklist should be on at 8PM on Thursdays after the 1 hour comedy block.

  33. Laura Moser says:

    My guess is the issue was scheduling episodes around NBC Football Thursdays – They probably didn’t want to take their best drama and put it on hiatus for 7 weeks. Will & Grace only has 10 episodes – so it can afford to be moved around. Plus other than Will & Grace return – Thursdays aren’t exactly must-see tv anymore.

    Either way – I DVR all my stuff – so it doesn’t matter what day these shows air on…

    • MMD says:

      Will & Grace episode count was increased to 10 as per an article on this site. I tried to post the link but it wouldn’t go through.

      I dvr everything or watch on demand as well – it’s so much simpler.

  34. K-h-123 says:

    What date does This Is Us come back on?

  35. JBC says:

    Good news for me. I enjoy it on Tuesday. Glad it won’t be interrupted by football on Thursdays. This is Us is such a great show, can’t wait for it to come back.

  36. Suzanne pron says:

    I do enjoy this show I can’t wait until it comes back on It’s the best show ever . Thank you to the producers and the awesome cast.😀

  37. Ginny says:

    I cannot support the program . The Menendez Murders. It’s an awful thing they did to their parents.

    And REALLY??? The mindless Superstore actually got renewed? Ya got me at 10 Thursdays, and most of Tuesday. Comedy you’re offering isn’t that funny.

  38. Jim J. says:

    Does the “Will & Grace” special-attraction season being shifted to 9 pm, away from “The Big Bang Theory”, mean no “Battle of the Cuties”? #KarenVsBernadette

  39. Here’s how I would’ve done their schedule:
    Sunday: SNF (LBS, Timeless, Shades of Blue at mid-season)
    Monday: The Voice (The Wall / Game of Games in between seasons)
    The Brave
    Tuesday: The Voice (Trial & Error/new comedies in between seasons)
    This is Us (move Rise up to this time slot after TIU runs its course)
    Rise (Reverie after TIU wraps)
    Wednesday: L&O: SVU
    L&O: True Crime (replace with Chicago Med at mid-season)
    Chicago PD
    Thursday: Will & Grace / The Good Place (replace with Great News/Superstore at mid-season)
    Chicago Fire
    The Blacklist
    Friday: Dateline
    Blindspot (shouldn’t have been renewed)
    Taken (shouldn’t have been renewed)

  40. Carol says:

    When is THIS IS US returning? I thought I saw sometime in June.

  41. Volcfom says:

    I’m glad The Good Place is moving. Now I can watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine and DVR The Mayor.

  42. Ally Oop says:

    I doubt This is Us viewers will want to stick around for The Menendez Brothers…totally different shows. One is a heartwarming serial drama and the other is a grisly murder procedural.

  43. Ally Oop says:

    Though I opt for 100% PVR/onlineviewing (except for sports of course) my revised viewing schedule for network TV next season would be:
    7pm Heartland (CBC)
    10pm Ten Days in the Valley (ABC)
    8pm Big Bang Theory/9JKL (CBS)
    9pm Valour (CW)
    9pm Alias Grace/Frankie Drake (CBC)
    10pm The Brave (NBC)
    830pm Fresh off the Boat (ABC)
    9pm This is Us (NBC)
    9pm Kim’s Convenience (CBC)
    9pm The Mick (FOX)
    930pm The Mayor (ABC)
    10pm Gospel of Kevin (ABC)
    8pm Empire (FOX)
    8pm The Goldbergs (ABC)
    9pm Dynasty (CW)
    9pm Star (FOX)
    10pm Designated Survivor (ABC)
    8pm Grey’s Anatomy
    8pm Big Bang Theory/Young Sheldon
    830pm The Good Place
    8pm Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
    9pm Jane the Virgin
    *19 hours of network TV but of that, 8 hours are new and may not stick on my viewing schedule. None of the new shows, except maybe Alias Grace and Frankie Drake, excite me. Both Valour and Dynasty show potential but I have my doubts either will find enough viewers to get renewed for a second season.

  44. Vanessa says:

    The Chicago Fire move sucks. It just makes no sense and on top of that it will be disrupted by football in the Fall so when will it actually air?

  45. J. Norman says:

    A good move by NBC and a rare instance where a network looked at the overall schedule.

    Moving This is Us back to its cushy 9:00 Tuesday slot it will most likely continue to do well. It avoids the much tougher competition on Thursday night.

    Also, it enables them to give their restart of Will and Grace a better shot, by getting it out of the way of the Big Bang Theory by opening up the 9:00 Thursday position

  46. Madeline Korb says:

    Why do you have to mess with a good line up? It was good the way it was, you will now lose lots of fans!!!!! Is that what you really want ?

  47. G. says:

    Whoever’s in charge of NBC right now is a moron. First cancel Chicago Justice and keep Chicago Med then this debacle. When their pilots crash after 2-3 episodes I hope they wake up and make changes.

  48. Iakovos says:

    NBC wants badly to revive the MUST SEE TV Thursday comedy tradition some bonehead killed off a decade or so ago. And I hope it works. The WILL & GRACE revival will be fun and I think GREAT NEWS has potential. We need more buzzy laffers tho as W&G and THE GOOD PLACE are limited runs.

  49. Michele Dalier says:

    They should have left Chicago Fire on Tuesday where it was cause it’s probably going to mess it up and it will end up cancelled and I’m not going to be happy about that!

  50. fiberlicious says:

    You make “as many as 10 episodes without interruption” sound unheard of. Remember when season were 26 weeks and pretty much ALL of the episodes ran consecutively?